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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  KTVU  January 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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know how she's going to recover. >> it was painful i had to have the sound turned down. to hear somebody go through that , i would be very upset. >> reporter: we showed that video to doug parrish who had his moving truck broken into. he said that crime is common, but not armed robbery. this video shows a man walking in the area when a car drives up , man hops out and robson. oakland city council and said he lives just down the street from where the woman was robbed at gunpoint. he said he has heard from residents who said that enough is not being done to curb crime and catch the culprits. 2 we are working with police to
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make sure that these concerns are being elevated to the highest level. so that there is a strong response. >> reporter: taylor will address the concerns during a crime prevention council meeting. >> i am confident that they are pain strong attention to what is going on and developing responses and working hard in order to identify the robbery crews that have been active in the area. >> reporter: the councilman said that they've launched several initiatives, residents will get a chance to learn about those initiatives tonight. the meeting begins at 6:30 pm and runs until 8 pm. >> those videos are frightening. thank you. now to livermore where
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police shot and wounded a man. he drove his car towards them as they stood on the side of the road. here's more on that story from henry lee. drug it started as a dui traffic stop , police had pulled out this white toyota corolla near interstate 580. officers were conducting a field sobriety test when they saw a black kia soul make the turn. the car then sped towards them. >> he drove his bill towards the direction of the officers. >> reporter: the key and made a beeline towards them. >> the officers took immediate action and discharge their firearm. >> reporter: the driver was shot in the thigh. the police brought in a swat am he was handcuffed to a
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stretcher and taken to an ambience. they wondered if the dui suspect knew the driver of the kia , there was no connection for whatever reason the driver aimed his vehicle towards the police on purpose.  >> it's intentional to make that turn and to approach the vehicle at 3:30 am. >> reporter: the dui suspect did runoff come but only to escape the gunfire. he was not arrested and is only considered a witness. the suspect is facing several counts of assault with a deadly weapon. the names of the officers involved have not been released. the shooting is under investigation by livermore police. in livermore, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a 12 hour standoff ended peacefully with the suspect being taken into custody. contra costa county deputies were called to a home on
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o'toole way . investigator said a person barricaded themselves inside a home with a gun and fired. the sheriff's department called and the swat team just after 8:30 am. officers went to clear the home and found the suspect and took the person into custody. the and identified 30-year-old resident was taken to the hospital for evaluation. a new police chief considering adding officers to stations where theft happens most often. balboa park station reported the highest number of theft followed by the oakland coliseum bart station. west dublin, pittsburgh, and millburn were reported the least amount. chesa boudin says whether someone remains incarcerated will no longer be based on
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wealth or poverty but risk. people were deemed safe will be let go. those who pose a serious threat to public safety will remain jailed no matter how much money they have. he said that cash bail system was slanted against the poor. let's go live to capitol hill warehouse democrats are laying out their case in the impeachment of president donald trump. this is congresswoman zoe lofgren. they said president donald trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe and hunter biden. the democrats are scheduled to continue arguments through friday. here's more on that story from greg lee >> reporter: the senate
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impeachment trial entered opening arguments, the 24 hours arguing for the presence removal from office on charges of abuse on power, trump ski with millions of dollars in aid to a strategic partner at war with russia to secure foreign help with reelection. in other words to cheat. >> reporter: at issue the allegation the president donald trump leveraged $400 million in aid and the white house a visit to pressure ukraine to announce an investigation into hunter and joe biden. >> president donald trump's abuse of his office and obstruction of congress will permanently alter the balance of power. >> reporter: under the rules
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congress members cannot speak only listen. they say that present should not be removed because he has not been accused of a criminal act. >> it looks like they will take all 24 hours. and we will make the determination based on what we are responding to. >> we are doing very well, i thought our team did a very good job. we have all the material , they do not have the material. >> reporter: president donald trump spoke as he prepared to leave switzerland. he entered that executive privilege. >> i would rather interview bolton , and a lot of people, the problem with john, it's a national security problem. >> if this body is serious about a fair trial. one is fair to the president and the american people. we urge you to allow the house
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to call eisenberg and bolton and other key witnesses. >> reporter: it's unknown whether house managers will take their old 24 hours.greg lee , ktvu fox 2 news. china is severely restricting travel in the area hit by the coronavirus that has made more than 500 people sick. central china is shutting down all outbound flights, trains , and bus service. it's linked to 17 death. the world health organization put off a decision on whether to declare the outbreak a global health emergency. saying that it's time to declare an international emergency. >> we need to better understand the disease and that coordinates to an international response. >> one person the united states has become ill. that man is in isolation at a
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hospital in seattle and is doing well. eight more cases have been reported in thailand, japan, taiwan and macau. several people shot in the heart of downtown seattle. the shooting happened one hour ago near the westlake shopping center. that's less than half a mile where plea shooting happened hours earlier. police have released very few details. they said officers are searching for the gun men. the monorail has been taken out of service due to safety concerns coming up, an optional surcharge to help diners pay for climate friendly dining option. rain back in the forecast.
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i we'll see you back here without. a man who embodies the meeting of 49 faithful. seven years later he is gearing up for super bowl liv. here is what the golden gate bridge it looks like. traffic appears to be heavier than normal. right now 40 minutes from mill valley. ktvu fox 2 news at 6 pm will be right back. my money should work as hard as i do. so i use my freedom unlimited card to buy all the latest tech stuff. today, i'm earning on a charger. so, just the charger then? ummm... ♪ ♪
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the 49ers are heading to the super bowl with fans of new and old. they are faithful including a man who is been cheering the team for almost 70 years. here's more on that story from joe fonzi. >> reporter: since first season in 1946, the 49ers have called three stadiums home. is hard to find a fan that is equally as a passionate as the years. martin jacobs is that rare person. san francisco native who was taken to his first game as a nine-year-old by his dad in 1952. one player caught jacobs eye. >> i did not know a forward pass from a lateral. he gave me hibinoculars and
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said look at this running back name mac illini. i saw him do a sweep and he ran 40 yards for a touchdown. his straight arm and hip movements. is high-stepping. it was amazing. they were missing him left and right. and there was hope from that day on. i got a job and became a vendor for 15 years. >> reporter: his uncle also worked there and he looked the other way as his nephew headed to the field. >> i got to talk to players, i picked up jerseys, mouthpieces, whiskey flasks , and other things left be hind at halftime. and i started collecting. >> reporter: he saw the last of
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the glory days, and the first of their losses to the dallas cowboys that ended san francisco's super bowl hopes. he was one of the last fans who saw dwight clark make the catch. >> i seldom ask god for favor. i said god i never ask for favors. could do this time just let his score and beat dallas. and god came through, we did it. >> reporter: he opened retail stores in the 80s selling and manufacturing 49er artifacts. >> they had lines around the block. they also brought a a jersey and a t-shirt. i was so busy printing t-shirts it was unbelievable. >> reporter: eventually close
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to stores. and he still very much in the buying and selling business. his analysis of the super bowl liv? >> i expect us to win i expected to be a close game. >> reporter: i know where you will be on super bowl sunday. >> reporter: martin jacobs has lived the line of making your passion your job and never feel like you're working. from the time he was nine years old to the present day the 49ers have been part of his life. and it's a fresh new chapter to be written on super bowl sunday.joe fonzi , ktvu fox 2 news c you can watch super bowl liv right here on >> we used to go when i was a kid. my grandparents were in irving. we would go and watch the
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thanksgiving day games. a lot of memories. it was an amazing place. temperatures today and the '60s. warmer than we were. even mid-50s. here we are 65 degrees in fairfield. the highs tomorrow will be down a few degrees because of the cloud cover . we will be back into the mid to upper 50s for the most part. the plan is to enjoy the sunshine. the next few days clouds back in the forecast. rain returns it's more of an overnight thing. in the meantime a lot of clouds to get through. there may be a little drizzle at times. for the most part it's the
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wheelhouse for the next system that could produce significant rain. current temperatures when i return . we will setting up of the 5-day forecast. a chemical release of the plant in kern county forced an evacuation. they set a large container shipped from overseas was leaking. 9000 people live in the city. officials stop the leak, identified the chemical which is used in the preparation of polyurethane. a new program in california offers those dining out a way to play for climate change. participating restaurants will add a 1% surcharge to fund
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carbon farming projects like composting and planting crops. if you do not want to pay the 1% surcharge it's optional and diners can have it removed from their bill. new information about the financial sustainability, of the city college of san francisco. the college spent $40 million more than they took in at the end of the last fiscal year. tomorrow college trustees will hear the auditors full report. they said it's a validation of the hard decision that the college needs to make. a woman honored with one of the highest public service awards during the deadly camp fire >> it doesn't seem like work it seems like just participating in life as we should. >> how she led a small army of
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and east bay woman was honored for helping victims of the last years a deadly camp fire. here's more on that story from tom vacar. >> reporter: white pony express is t charity that provides food and clothing for people down on their luck. that camp fire was raging when the groups carolyn connor marshaled volunteers to respond. over the next 300 days they made 91 300 mile round trips to
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mountain communities surrounding the paradise burned area to bring relief, supplies, and cash needed for gas, bills and other necessities. >> we gave away 58,000 pounds of food, and 1800 articles of clothing. we gave away thousands of dollars in cash , for necessities and to put gasoline and vehicles. >> reporter: that gave assistance that staff cannot render. >> they stopped and try to understand people, and make a connection. they fed them in ways that was more than just food. >> it was so creative , it was something from the heart with a lot of compassion and caring. and really good organization. >> reporter: though her name was on the award, karen accepted on behalf of the staff and volunteers who came in day in and day out.
6:25 pm
>> that's the important thing, not to talk talk talk. it's the doing and the contact with others. >> reporter: despite grueling schedule long days, work continued unabated. >> it doesn't seem like work. it seems like life. participating in life as man should. >> reporter: the award was accompanied by a $1000 check to that white pony express., tom vacar , ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is up next. what a driver said happened moments before he was attacked by a group of 10 people? coming up later in sports, kyle shanahan on the biggest comeback in history.
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the governors association discussing in the structure, economy, and climate goals. my money should work as hard as i do.
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house impeachment managers made their opening arguments. democrats say the president abused the power of his office and then obstructing the investigation. president trump's legal team is expected to make their arguments starting on saturday. police shot and wounded a man in livermore earlier today. officers say he drove his car directly toward them as they stood on the side of the road after stopping another car. the officers drew their weapons and fired, shooting the driver in the thigh. he has had and by that is matthew kelly. it is not clear why he appears to have targeted the officers. an armed robbery was caught on a doorbell camera.
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open city councilman lauren taylor says he has been hearing from people in the oakland hills area about their concerns about robberies and break-ins and he will be on hand along with opd for previously scheduled crime prevention meetings tonight. two are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a young man said he was attacked yesterday at a homeless encampment in oakland, after he stopped his truck following a minor traffic incident. the around the many homeless camps that dot the city. >> there was definitely a moment where i was scared for my life. >> reporter: 21-year-old matt zimmer showed his bruises on his back, and the smashed windows of his pickup truck. the visible damages of what he says was an attack near a homeless encampment. >> still a little shaky. >> reporter: he says he was driving home to alameda from
6:31 pm
his perception job tuesday afternoon when he got off at the high street exit in oakland. but he took to tidy turn on alameda ave., not far from the home depot. >> it was raining, one of my tires popped up, the truck kind of kicked out sideways. >> reporter: he was confronted by several people who had come over from this homeless camp. one of the men told him he had run over there about the plants that they were selling and wanted $300 for it. he says he gave them the few dollars he had on him, and he says he then found himself surrounded by at least 10 people in the some with sticks and two by fours. >> i started getting beat on, and that is when i kind of, i was in the fetal position for 30, 40 seconds. >> reporter: he ran back to his truck and that is when they started busting out the windows. he says he called 911 and his mother who says she came immediately. >> by the time i got there, he was seen chased by a guy with a metal baseball bat. there was another guy that was swinging some sort of pump with
6:32 pm
a cord. >> reporter: she saw police arrested at least one man. >> reporter: the city did clean up the campus near the home depot last year, but some camps remain. >> i like at this point, oakland is kind of letting that behavior and that mannerism run wild. the city councilman unanimously appeared -- it prohibits and inlets from rejecting a prospective tenant from an apartment because of a criminal conviction. the band does not apply to in law units, single-family homes, duplexes and triplex is. the berkeley city council is expected to vote on a similar measure next month. the governor was in san
6:33 pm
francisco hosting the national governors association. christian tells us that the governors is it at the new transfer terminal to discuss infrastructure, and working across party lines. >> reporter: gavin newsom along with the governors of maryland and montana toward san francisco's latest major infrastructure project, the trans bay transit center. he said major products like this are critical to stimulate the economy and meet mobile climate change goals. >> this is what we should be doing in this country, this is what we used to do a lot of, and we talk a lot about this. these are nonpartisan things, these are things that transcend politics. and if you want to do well in the future you have to invest in the future. >> reporter: despite their differences in party, state population and size, the governors all agree that political divisiveness is slowing critical projects. >> i think most governors whether they are republican or democrat, in small states or big states, you know, we've got to focus on rebuilding some of these infrastructure buildings, building new infrastructure to accommodate the needs and
6:34 pm
washington has been failing. >> reporter: the topic is forefront for the national governors association were governors from across the country can compare best practices. gov. newsom also addressed the reality that frequently major projects including the central subway, even the trans bay project itself are with overruns. >> the biggest mistake we made is we knowingly underestimate the cost of these projects. >> reporter: they say frequently, the difficulty of projects is underestimated, the potential fix is peer reviewing projects from the outset, and ensuring better management and communication between those landing the project, and those building. >> we tend to overestimate things will be just awesome is that is rarely the case. >> reporter: he also addressed the states aging energy infrastructure. he said the state needs to make a commitment to upgrade and improve how it generates and
6:35 pm
distributes electricity. he said he will have details on his plan for the end of next week. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. ebay is cutting more than 100 jobs in the bay area. it affects several departments of engineering, marketing, finance and legal. a spokesperson says the layoffs are part of the normal course of business for ebay's long- term success. stores are scheduled to shut down in the next 4 to 6 weeks. that includes locations in walnut creek, berkeley, and san francisco. of the officials when the closures on a significant drop in the number of cards sent to the mail, and the current challenges of the retail
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industry. coming up, a court hearing for the suspected golden state color. we tell you why the courtroom broke out. i am running to defeat donald trump.
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in 2016 i warned that donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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charges have been filed in the shooting death of a 17-year- old boy in east oakland, whose son was shot and killed on 40th ave. near e. 14th st. on january 13. his family has now established a gofundme site to raise money for his funeral. 18-year-old jacoby gaines of union city is now charged with his murder. authorities did not release a motive for the shooting. the city released surveillance video from a deadly officer involved shooting last november. investigators say 36-year-old eric reed's was killed by an off-duty police sergeant from richmond. the dispute began with an argument over a parking space. the video shows him having what appears to be a short but heated discussion. then, he is seen retrieving a gun from the front of his van and walking with that gun
6:40 pm
toward thomas. as he turns his back toward his van, sgt. thomas can be seen drawing a weapon from the belt of his pants, and opening fire. that shooting remains under investigation. his family is now considering legal action. the pulmonary hearing that has been set for joseph james deangelo, the suspected golden state killer. he is scheduled to appear in court may 12. he was tracked down by dna testing and has been held in sacramento jail since his arrest in 2018. today the courtroom broke out in applause after the judge rejected the defense request to delay the pulmonary hearing. >> to finally see some movement today, to hear the judge affirm that we deserve for things to be pushed forward, it felt really good, we are really grateful. >> he is suspected of killing at least 13 people and 50 women between 1975 and 1986. investigators say the crimes took place across six counties,
6:41 pm
sacramento, contra costa, orange, santa barbara, tulare, and ventura. for people are dead after a small plane crashed this afternoon in southern california. police say it happened while the pilot was trying to take off from the corona municipal airport in riverside county, shortly after noon. they found the plane burning at the end of the runway. authorities say all four people on board were killed. the airport has been closed now to flights. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we are heading into more rain gear as we get to the five day forecast, not tomorrow, though, we will see some clouds, i will have details with the latest models, after the break. let's go to heather holmes and the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on at the 7:00 news. another ban on conversion therapy, the conservative date that has become the latest in
6:42 pm
the country to outlaw this practice. also, one credit a potential candidate is suing former democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton for $50 million. there is information we are getting about that shooting in downtown seattle, it happened just about 5:00 tonight, authorities now saying six people were shot and one has died. we will have much more on that story, and the rest of the day's top stories coming up live at seven. first after the break, combining cinematic arts with a look on valley innovation, the kickoff of the 30th anniversary of san jose film festival we will be right back. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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plans underway for the film festival. the city the 13th extravaganza will be marking its 30th year. >> reporter: in a matter of weeks, san jose will once again welcome silicon valley's annual film festival, nna quest.
6:46 pm
>> we celebrate that. >> reporter: at a pre-festival launch party wednesday morning, organizers explained 321 homes and virtual-reality experiences read over the 13 day event in san jose. the overall theme is elation. >> it is so exciting that people get together, to celebrate each other. to celebrate art, technology, and creative work, and then to connect with each other. >> reporter: this is the 30th year for the staple, initially, it was just a couple of days, cofounder kathleen powell says naysayers and critics protected a film festival in the heart of text country cannot last. skepticism produced a burning desire to succeed. >> that drove is harder. that pushed back on what has been tried before. we are very driven people.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: it spans nearly 2 weeks, opening and closing nights this year featured two films, designed to tap into the audience's emotions. >> i want people to walk away knowing they were part of something that you just don't get to do every day. >> it wants from march 3 to march 15 on multiple screens, unto cities, additionally, to maverick spirit awards will be presented this year. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. let's take a peek at the temperatures, 65 in fairfield today, pretty warm, 63 in vallejo, temperatures warmer than the last couple of days. we had plenty of sunshine as well, so that is a couple of days, say goodbye to sunshine, say hello to more clouds, very active e it is. this whole complex kind of brings the clouds to our area, the next 48 hours.
6:48 pm
that is the main thing they will do, bring clouds, maybe drizzle but overall dry, but cloudy. that is thursday, friday, saturday, you will see it in the model but it is kind of, it will be a partly cloudy, partly sunny kind of period coming up in the next 72 hours and saturday night into sunday, we get into some rain. the next couple of days will be dry, just cloudy and cooler. today was stunning, almost like a springlike day. the fog comes back tomorrow morning, you see the fog in the valley, you saw this morning and you will see it again tomorrow morning. you know the drill, especially when it is in your neighborhood. so we have a dry pattern coming, and then we've got a wet pattern coming behind that so here's how it lays out. tomorrow the clouds, mostly cloudy, and hears this next system that brings more clouds, and this next system, that is the deal out here.
6:49 pm
it is still pretty far out there but when it gets here, it brings rain and at this point it looks like some significant rain, so that is good news. tomorrow morning you see the fog, out of the valley, that is the fog, a little d partly sunny tomorrow night, monday morning same deal, fog is back, some clouds, friday afternoon, friday evening, clouds, and then this guy, or girl, shows up saturday, to the north of us saturday morning but by saturday night works its way across the bay area, so that is the plan, anyway. as you look at the forecast highs for tomorrow, they say it looks good, it will bring some significant rain. maybe a half inch of rain, maybe an inch of rain so that is good, that would be a good event. so we will see you back here at 10 and will upgrade the forecast. president trump wrapped up two days of meetings and events
6:50 pm
at the world economic forum in switzerland. the president spent most of his time promoting the american economy and highlighting his achievements but he also previewed what is expected to be his next high profile trade negotiations with the european union. he hinted at possible new tariffs of the deal cannot be reached soon. another big topic was climate change. the president surprised some world leaders when he said he believes climate change is real. >> we are clean and beautiful and everything is good but you have another continent where the fumes are rising at levels that you can't believe, i mean, i think we ought to focus on those places. >> he added that he would like to meet with teenage climate activist who he has criticized in the past. she was also in attendance. on wall street, stocks and mostly flat on continued concerns about the virus outbreak in china. the dow lost nine point, nasdaq rose 12, and the s&p gained a
6:51 pm
fraction of a point. las vegas raiders unveiled a new logo in front and almost finished stadium. kyle shanahan reflects on the lessons learned from the comeback loss of super bowl li. up next, in sports.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
? here with sports, all things super bowl leading up to that big in, it will be in variance for a lot of the players but not their coach. >> i don't know if it will be a pleasant memory for him. >> i don't think so. >> the media wanted to figure out just what kyle shanahan thought about that first trip he had to a super bowl as a coach. actually, he was the defensive coordinator of the atlanta falcons. and that was back in 2016. everything was going so great for him, against the patriots. in fact they led 20-3 late in the third quarter but then it all started falling apart and that is the owner of the falcons. than the patriots wind up
6:55 pm
winning the game in overtime, and i'm sure he did not want to rehash it too much, but kyle, nonetheless, we experienced it. >> losing a super bowl is extremely tough for everybody, especially when you have a 20-3 lead going into the fourth, i was very hard on myself, but you know, the whole narrative of if we would have ran that, i would have one, i know that's not the case. never feel good, it is nice to be able to move on and move out here and keep working and i am glad to get the chance to go back. >> it a chance to redeem himself. all right. your discretion advised, particularly if you are in oakland raider fan. this is tough to swallow, officially, as of today, they are the las vegas rangers. >> i do hereby proclaimed january 22, 2020 is a day to celebrate the renaming of the las vegas raiders.
6:56 pm
>> i realize that is kind of painful for a lot of true oakland raider fans, to see mark davis with his vegas shades on down there. look at this, raider rally down there. and of course, derek carr, all the seven he is just happy to be a las vegas raider. and with a fresh haircut, speaks up. >> the raiders were born in oakland. and played 13 seasons in la. both cities will always be part of our dna. but today, we begin a new chapter in our storied history. for today, january 22 january 22, 2020, we are now the las vegas raiders. >> good for him. meantime, a quarterback, who over the long period of his career, not always persisted,
6:57 pm
not always in the upper echelon of statistics, but guess what, eli manning was a big game quarterback. he will officially announce his retirement from the nfl on friday, he always was a new york giants, never played for another team, he's 39 years old, we will formally announce it, end of the week, he is two- time super bowl mvp, and his former coach calls him a big game performer. hard to argue with that. and ugly game last night, college basketball, kansas, and kansas state, and some of the is a plan, comes out today. this is footage that we did not see last night. check this out. this was taken from someone's cell phone, close to kansas and kansas state. silvio desousa, who actually was called the instigator for this entire fight, is suspended indefinitely by kansas. he is the guy who was holding
6:58 pm
the chair up over his head, and threatening another player before an assistant coach stepped in there. there he is. players from both teams also will get more suspension, bad news, probably in the next few days. all right, much was made of the 49ers running the ball, so many times, and jimmy g throwing only 10 passes. we will leave you tonight with a smile, check this out, this is the jimmy g official practice super bowl workout. >> i don't know who he is, but, that should do it. >> well, he's got it that, but. >> hand the ball off, win a super bowl. >> every which way. thank you for joining us.
6:59 pm
seal later. leonard, she's doing it again. i think it upsets sheldon when you play with the food. no, it upsets sheldon when she willy-nilly takes it from the containers without regard for its equitable distribution. you want me to put it back? leonard. it upsets sheldon when you play with the sheldon. what's up, my nerdizzles? raj, sheldon, i want you to meet my girlfriend bernadette. hello. leonard, penny, you know my girlfriend bernadette. yeah. hey. (chuckles) bernadette, say fo'shizzle to my nerdizzles. i don't think i can. i don't have howard's street cred. i hope it's all right-- i told my girlfriend bernadette she could join us for dinner. sure, the more, the merrier. wa-- no, that's a false equivalency. more does not equal merry. if there were 2,000 people in this apartment right now, would we be celebrating? no, we'd be suffocating.
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sheldon... don't "sheldon" me. we ordered for five people, not six. oh, come on, it's fine. we'll just put it all on the table, you know, family style. oh, sure. and while we're at it, why don't we put our hands behind our backs, have an old-fashioned eating contest? relax, it'll be fine. sit down, you guys. no! no! no! what?! oh, yeah, you can't sit there. why not? that's where sheldon sits. he can't sit somewhere else? no, no, no-- you see, in the winter, that seat is close enough to the radiator so that he's warm, yet not so close that he sweats. in the summer, it's directly in the path of a cross-breeze created by opening windows there and there. it faces the television at an angle that isn't direct, so he can still talk to everybody, yet not so wide that the picture looks distorted. perhaps there's hope for you after all. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪


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