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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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seriously because there are too parking lots at all 280 state many lives that are being taken parks are closed. governor gavin newsom's office by this evil virus that does released a statement saying despite closing some of the not care about your class, your popular parks last week race, your religion. visitation surged yesterday making it impossible for people >> an oakland family is to practice social distancing grieving tonight after losing a loved one to the coronavirus. and physical distancing. the state parks department has already shut down all museums, the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 campgrounds and visitor starts now. the number of coronavirus centers. in a marked shift in tone, cases along with the death toll climbing higher each day. president trump today acknowledged the possibility of far more deaths from the hello again, everyone. coronavirus pandemic and i'm julie haener. expended nationwide social distancing guidelines to the end of april. fox news jacqui heinrich tells >> to address the growing us about other measures taken by the federal government number of coronavirus cases, including an expansion of here are the headlines from testing. >> reporter: the federal tonight. president trump announced today he is extending the national government implementing new steps to help bolster the social distancing guidelines an country's physical and economic extra 30 days to april 30th. health as the number of covid- 19 cases in the country also a u.s. navy hospital ship that is docked in l.a. continues to climb. >> we're unleashing every tool saw their first patient today. in our nation's vast arsenal. >> reporter: president trump and the coronavirus task force the ship is taking non- updating the country from the coronavirus patients so that rose garden sunday discussing
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other nearby hospitals can the latest measures taken in handle the increase in the fight including the food and drug administration authorizing a new rapid test. coronavirus patients, this as >> the fda authorized a new santa cruz county has death fro test developed by abbott labs coronavirus. that delivers lightning fast ktvu's greg liggins here now results in as little as five with the story of a bay area minutes. >> reporter: with 50,000 tests family coping with the loss of expected to be delivered each a loved one from coronavirus. day -- >> the deployment of rapid >> reporter: yeah, frank. testing will vastly accelerate with the number of sick and our ability to monitor, track, dying growing day after day contain and ultimately defeat after day, it's easy to forget the virus. we have will defeat the . that behind every number there is a person and one of the people to hit the casualty count recently is a woman from virus. >> reporter: fema is building additional hospitals in new york, new jersey and louisiana, oakland named barbara hopper. some of the hardest hit areas and providing personal adrienne williams is showing us protective equipment to keep those in the front lines of the the beautiful grounds her mother would tend to at her fight safe. president trump also announcing parents' oakland hills home, he's expanding his mitigation the gardening shoes of 81-year- old barbara hopper sitting guidelines to april 30th. still by the front door never >> the better you do, the to be worn again. >> none of her friends or family would imagined faster this whole nightmare will end. >> reporter: to help the economy and impacted americans that she'd be gone right now. get back on their feet >> reporter: barbara johnson president to law friday, but so hopper died l but not
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terrible she went to the hospital on a saturday. >> three days later ys later sh mccarthy tells fox it's not necessary. >> i'm not sure we need a it happened very fast. >> reporter: hopper had wanted fourth package. before we go to start drafting to go home for hospice but a fourth package, eyelid like never made it because her these three packages we just health declined too fast. put out, remember, it's more than $2 trillion, the largest her husband, dr. hopper, is now cherishing the love of his life we've ever seen, to take care and get this economy moving. of 55 years, a vibrant woman >> reporter: president trump who once owned her own real asking insurance companies to estate business and was still waive coronavirus deductibles planning on doing deals just a to ease the financial burden week before her death. during the outbreak. in new york, jacqui heinrich, >> an incredibly beautiful, fox news. the nation's top infectious vibrant, achieving person, you disease doctor, dr. anthony know, that i was just fauci, says extending social distancing guidelines is crucial to keeping infection rates down from the absolutely grateful to have shared 55 years with. coronavirus. he says the united states could >> reporter: in a facebook eventually see more than post adrienne williams delivered a heartfelt warning about the coronavirus. >> we have to take this >> reporter: while it's easy 100,000 people die from seriously because there are too to feel claustrophobic stuck at many lives that are beinrace, y home, health officials remind coronavirus and he says millions of others could get us we're doing it for ourselves infected.
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and loved ones, people like >> yeah. the number i gave out is based barbara hopper whose last words on modeling and i think it's according to family were i want entirely conceivable that if we to live. do not mitigate to the extent that we're trying to do that you could reach that number. barbara hopper is survived by her husband, her three children >> president trump cited those figures when he extended the and two grandchildren. guidelines to april 30th after with social distancing still in saying last week that he wanted place it's effectively to open up the country impossible to have what we hopefully by easter. the president now says he is would consider a normal funeral. so the family is still trying hoping that the country will be well on its way to recovery by to figure out exactly what to june 1st. the epi center of the do. frank, julie. >> greg liggins, thank you. outbreak in the united states right now is the state of new the. the u.s. navy hospital ship york and today unfortunately mercy is docked now in the port they passed a grim milestone. of los angeles and taking on their first patients. more than 1,000 people in the mercy is there to ease the load state of new york have now died on hospitals in noncovid-19 from coronavirus. more than two-thirds of those deaths, 776, are in new york patients so that other area hospitals can handle people who city. the entire new york tri-state have the coronavirus. area has been hit very hard. los angeles county announced new jersey has more than 13,000 332 additional new coronavirus cases today bringing the total cases and 161 deaths and number in that county to more connecticut is dealing with almost 2,000 cases and 34
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than 2,100. there have also been five deaths in the county from coronavirus. deaths. in maryland health officials news tonight that shelter in place orders here in the bay have confirmed 66 coronavirus area could be extended several cases in a nursing home. that's more than half the more weeks past the people living there. unfortunately one person has april 7th deadline. also died. he was a man in his 90s. the mercury news is reporting bay area public health officers today the governor of maryland are discussing potentially said the situation there is extending the current order to likely going to get even worse. may 1st. the first orders went into >> the washington metropolitan effect mid-march and are set to expire april 7th. area has maryland, d.c. and the president of the santa virginia, quadrupled in the clara county board of past week and we see that continuing to grow exponentially and we think in supervisors says, "in all two weeks around easter we'll likelihood we'll have another p be looking a lot more like new york. >> there are more than 3,000 cases of coronavirus in the d.c., maryland and virginia april 30th. officials in santa clara area and sadly, more than 20 county are at people have now died. homeless shelters to slow the still to come here, keeping spread of the coronavirus. spirits high during these very ktvu's elissa harrington shows unusual times, how teachers and students around the bay area us the measures taken to allow are working to make connections for social distancing among the tight knit homeless population. while still keeping their distance. >> reporter: these buildings and tracking the shelter in at the santa clara county place order, coming up the new
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data that ders. north bay. fairgrounds are typically packed with people or booths for different events, not anymore. >> but nothing's going to be darn nice. day will be pretty we talked about that. packed any more. >> reporter: cindy chavez, now we'll talk about the warm- president of the clare santa up coming our way in the five- day. it's about taking care of each other. clara county board of supervisors says this will be it's the small parts that make a big difference. used to healther the homeless at chevy, we promise to do ours. with cots spaced six feet a we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. apart for social distancing. >> we're trying to make sure if you need a new chevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - the shelters don't get so crowded other people get the virus easily. with deferred payments for 120 days >> reporter: the plan is to remove people already staying on many of our most popular models. in the busy shelters and bring you may even shop online and take delivery at home. them here instead. they will have access to clean it's just our way of doing our part... bathrooms to wash hands and a second building will be used for overflow or a place to sign my money should work as hard as i do. so i use my freedom unlimited card up for benefits. if someone does get sick, they to buy all the latest tech stuff. will be sent to one of these today, i'm earning on a charger. state-provided trailers for so, just the charger then? isolation. ummm... >> i know people are ♪ ♪ frightened. i know that 25 families lost
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loved ones in our community and ♪ ♪ i'm so sorry for those families who are suffering and for those families who on yeah! (sarcastically) fantastic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy have family members that are with freedom unlimited. sick. i want people to know we're working really hard to make chase. make more of what's yours. sure we're doing everything we can to fight this virus and stop its spread in our community. >> reporter: officials will begin setting up the cots monday. there is also a testing center on the grounds for anyone showing symptoms. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. here's a look now at bay area numbers. santa clara county announced today they have 55 more cases for a total of 646, the mateo h 277 cases and six deaths. marin has 74 cases and one death, sonoma 58 cases and one death, napa county 10 confirmed cases. there are 34 in cases and at churches and temples around sacramento, they are
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streaming services to let three deaths. alameda county, 270 cases and people know they are not alone. six deaths and san francisco more than 180 parishioners now has 340 cases with five watched the pastor's service deaths. this morning. church leaders say reaching out police in santa cruz say their officers are actively enforcing the city's shelter in even through technology helps place order. the department says it keep them connected to each other and to god. >> you can facetime like you're generally relies on warnings but is prepared to issue a representative of heaven citations if it sees right now. you, you can skype like you're nonessential businesses a representative of heaven operating or people outdoors right now. gathering in groups. >> for people who don't have this weekend the chief posted a youtube video thanking people technology church leaders are using the telephone to call who are complying with the church members to see how order but issued a stern they're doing during this warning to those who are not. public health crisis. the stay at home directives >> we will find you. placed huge challenges on many we will arrest you. homes, but it also has provided we will prosecute you. so please do your part. some uplifting opportunities to display acts stay home. shelter in place and help us flatten this curve. >> the police department has those who are shel added patrols to increase staffing at night. the chief says officers will check on ♪ don't stop believing ♪ >> reporter: in some cities people sing, others howl. in martinez residents cranked up the music sunday night.
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>> rather than doing anything that everyone else was doing, let's do something different. let's fill the air in our town with music. >> reporter: car stereos blaring the classic don't stop believing by journey driving by the hospital, police station, fire station and grocery stores on main street with a message. >> we really need to give our healthcare workers some hope and belief to keep pushing themselves and people that are admitted into the hospital to keep believing, keep fighting, tonight give up. >> reporter: they aren't the only ones spreading cheer on sunday. second graders from our lady of angels in burlingame surprising their teacher ms. hardy at her home in san francisco, students with their families parading in a line of cars visiting her from a distance, some with handmade signs that read we love and miss you, a way to say thanks. >> thank you for being amazing and i hope you like this. >> it just melts my heart. i feel so blessed to be at such
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a great school with a wonderful community. >> reporter: teachers like ms. hardy haven't seen their students in person in weeks, virtual instruction not the same. >> it's been very hard not to see them. teaching is not supposed to be a job where we're on a computer screen. i'm used to my chit-chats with them every day and checking in with them and walking around the classroom. i love all of them. >> reporter: in martinez dozens of teachers and staff from murillo park elementary school caravaned through their students' neighborhoods. >> it's a way to see our kids and show them we love them and miss them and we want them back in school. >> we miss you! >> miss you guys, too! >> reporter: parents and kids smiling and waving back, the feeling mutual. >> it's really hard being stuck at home and not getting to see our kids and be in our routines. it's been a lot more emotional than i anticipated. >> reporter: in a time of isolation, opportunities to connect and show we're all in it together.
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>> what a great oking for more positive sto during this pandemic. do you know someone who is making a difference or providing hope in your community? ktvu wants you to nominate your local hero. here's how it works. e-mail your story along with pictures or video of that person in action to and each weekday we will highlight some of those stories. people in california appear to be complying with the stay at home order from the governor. according to the technology company unicast people in california reduced their average travel distance by 48% from late february to march 22nd. tourist spots saw the biggest decline including napa county which saw 74% drop. unicast also found that heavily populated counties did better than rural counties in staying put. back to the weather as we head into the workweek here or
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for many the stay at home week, i guess, the weather will be a lot better to get out especially tuesday, wednesday, thursday and beyond. taking a look at this system here, you can kind of see that. it's kind of going to trim the north bay tomorrow morning, might be a few sprinkles or a little drizzle along the coast, not really a big deal other than we'll see a few clouds from it in the north bay on and off all day. tomorrow's partly sunny, partly cloudy kind of a day, not bad. tuesday it will be sunny all day, same with wednesday and thursday, really nice. the take-away here is rain is pretty much done, the real rain, the stuff that slows you down, and we'll get into a pattern here that's going to be very spring-like. as a matter of fact, you might even notice allergies this week as we get into tuesday, wednesday and thursday when temperatures get near 70 degrees or around 70 degrees, maybe mid-70s down towards
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morgan hill. so tree pollen, right? just look out the window. there's a lot of stuff blooming right now. there's the forecast sky for tomorrow, partly sunny to mostly sunny by the end of the day, so a nice looking monday, very similar to today, but a little bit warmer, should be a little more sunshine, especially down in the south bay. so there's tomorrow morning. there's that system. see how it wobbles up there. there is tomorrow afternoon, tuesday morning, clears quick tuesday afternoon. that's good. this works out real well for you folks trying to figure out when to do recess. it's not an issue this week for the home schooling of the kids. even tomorrow you'll be d get s legs. the five-day i got to put it in, but i'm not sweating it. there's the five-day forecast. i got to pop the weekend in. we'll see temperatures into the mid-70s. it's sort of interesting now it is around here, goes from
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winter to spring pretty quick or winter to summer pretty quick or what have you. we'll notice that. i think you'll notice the tree pollens and tree blossoms the next 72 hours or so. >> it will be nice to get a little sunshine. we need some sprinkles, but the sunshine will feel kind of not so gloomy. we need something not so gloomy. >> yeah. >> bill, we'll see you tomorrow. still to come here we've got sports up next, the pledge that new raiders hometown of honoamid this coronavirus crisis. to connect. to keep customers and employees in the know. to keep business moving. comcast business is prepared for times like these. powered by the nation's latosecurity you need.ork. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere.
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and a team of experts - here for you 24/7. we've always believed in the power of working together. that's why, when every connection counts... you can count on us.
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good evening again. this is the time when many idled athletes are doing their best to help out in this crisis we're all facing. you can put raiders new quarterback marcus mariota in that category. mariota is joining other community education in de grab and go meals for elementary school kids who might not otherwise be fed. the program will be extended through the end of the school 29th, if necessary. if the baseball season had started on time, the giants would have been finishing up the series at dodgers stadium. today the a's would have been finishing up one at home against the minnesota twins. two years ago the a's opened up against the angels. it all came down to an 11th
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inning at bat by marcus simeon in a 5-5 game. >> and he's out driven to center. nobody's going to get it and the a's are going to win the game. opening day ends in walkoff fashion thanks to marcus simeon in the bottom of the 11th inning. >> simeon's game winning single was his third hit of the day as boot cowell came home with the winning run, 6-5 final score. it launched the a's to their first of two straight wildcard postseason appearances. that was opening day two years ago. here's what was happening on this day in sports. the colts had to sneak out of town at night. >> long time baltimore football fans will always remember this day in 1984. this was the day the colts
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owner robert ersay literally snuck out of town in the dead of a snowy night and moved the colts to indianapolis. the city said good-bye to 30 years of history that included hall of fame players, three nfl championships and a super bowl total. it was on this day in 1996 baltimore's new team was officially named the ravens. no shortage of star power in 1982 as michael jordan, james worthy and sam perkins led north carolina against georgetown's patrick ewing and sleepy floyd in the ncaa title game. it came down to jordan's shot with 15 seconds left gave the tar heels a one-point lead. then when the hoyas fred brown mistook worthy for a teammate, north carolina clinched the 63- 62 win, the school's second national championship. and on this day in 1989 the former soviet union first granted its players permission to play in the national hockey league. that's this day in sports march
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29th. well, the ravens have won two super bowls since then, but the folks in baltimore have never forgiven robert ersay for moving that team out of town. >> this was a sneaky move there. thanks so much. thank you, everyone, for joining us! stay safe. good night. when we face adversity, we find a way through it. it's about taking care of each other. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. if you need a neevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models.
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and delivery servicing. we'll pick up your vehicle and leave you with a lincoln loaner and the peace of mind that helps you focus on what matters most. that's the power of sanctuary. and for a little extra help, you can now purchase a new lincoln remotely, and defer payment for up to 120 days. you can now purchase a new lincoln remotely, especially when thexfinity has you covered. with the fastest most reliable internet. with advanced security to make sure everything you do online stays safe and secure. and with the most tv shows, movies and streaming apps all in one place. with simple digital tools you can get the help you need or even trouble shoot your services on your own. download the xfinity my account appte. we are doing all we can to make things simple and easy. download the xfinity my account app today. - [announcer] soccer is all about winning trophies.
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it cements your place in history, and sometimes, even changes the fortune of your club. but what about those who just fell short? some dazzles, but just didn't get the reward for their effort. others fell apart in heart-breaking circumstances. - [soccer player] the guy slipped. you know, bless him, he slipped over, which could happen to anyone, unfortunately. - [announcer] this time on "the short list". its the top ten "nearly" teams in soccer. [music playing]
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