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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 9, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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next at 11:00. >> two deputies have been shot and a suspect has been killed following a long standoff in eastern contra costa county. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we begin with breaking news this hour. the contra costa county sheriff's department confirms two deputies have been wounded by gunfire tonight and a suspect is dead. it happened in knightson and gunfire involved a person who had been barricaded in a home for several hours. we don't know what led up to the shooting or condition of the two deputies. another is a large police presence in the area of kyte hawk lane and eden plains road. it's a rule area with a lot of horse ranches. we are looking to learn were
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more about what happened. you can find the latest developments on our homepage of california could top 300,000 total cases when new numbers come out tomorrow. as of yesterday there were another 7000 new cases of the coronavirus statewide and 149 more people died. that's the highest number yet. the death toll is more than 6700. in the bay area more than 32,000 cases have been reported. that's an increase of about 1000. and 636 people have died, with 11 more deaths reported. health officials say fraternities and sororities are to blame for a jump in the number of coronavirus cases at uc berkeley. the university is urging students to change their behavior, or plans to return to campus could change. ktvu's greatly joins us now. the parties have led to instances of secondary spreads and small household and
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gatherings. >> reporter: that's the biggest concern. the students would go to these parties, get infected with covid-19 and spread it to their homes and communities. the university is simply saying , don't go to parties. uc berkeley is grappling with a major spike in coronavirus cases tied to fraternity and sorority parties. and a message to the campus community, university health services noted 23 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic. in the last week, 47 new cases have been confirmed, more than tripling the total. >> these students weren't wearing masks or social distancing. they were indoors at large gatherings. all the basic rings you know you're not supposed to do. >> reporter: signs posted near greek row remind people to take precautions. health officials connected most of the cases to parties in the calgary community, which consequently led to instances of secondary spread in household and small gatherings. >> it would probably be better
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not to have parties right now. if they were potentially spreading covid that would be a bad thing. >> reporter: concerns about frat parties in the age of covid are not new. this was a crowded beer bash in may. the upward trend could now impact the fall semester. >> if things continue at this rate, can we imagine going forward with the plan we had envisioned? or would we need to adjust that somehow? >> reporter: uc berkeley announced most classes would go online with most in-person classes limited. >> people are being really inconsiderate and hosting parties and all of that. i just think it's somehow unfair for students who want to be on campus. >> the fraternity houses are off-campus, so they are technically in the city of berkeley's public health jurisdiction. the office did not return our request for comment.
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despite criticism from president trump, the cdc said today it is not revising federal guidelines for reopening schools. that president had called the rules quote, too tough and expensive. the head of the cdc said the agency will be issuing additional documents for parents and schools next week. recommendations include placing desks six feet apart and having children use face coverings. also, the closing of cafeterias and playgrounds. bay area school districts are struggling to figure out what the upcoming school year will look like and whether school can safely resume. sonoma county's largest district, santa rosa city's rules, is considering a mix of in classroom instruction and distance-learning. the school year is scheduled to begin on august 17th, but the board doesn't expect to make a final decision until july 22nd. fire season is here and even though california is
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better equipped than ever, we also have to fight a second threat, the coronavirus. hellfire crews responded sure to look a whole lot different this year. >> reporter: cal fire responded to more than 600 brushfires just last week, knocking them down fast and keeping them small is the goal because the pandemic complicates everything. >> i would not know where to go right now if that happened again. >> reporter: frederick tannehill lost his home when the tubbs fire roared into santa rosa. he evacuated with his grandchildren to a packed evacuation center. >> we sat down and got more crowded as we sat. there were a lot of people there. we only stayed about four hours. >> reporter: a scenario that won't work now. >> it maytuation. we may be putting you into hotels. >> reporter: hotels, dorms, scattered locations.
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the priority will be social distance. box meals instead of buffets and a temperature check upon entry. >> separating positive folks from negative covid folks. we will cohort keeping families together. >> reporter: firefighters will work in cohorts, like a family. eating, traveling, working together, mask most of the time. big fires require a big turnout of mutual aid. they want fires kept under 10 acres. >> we will do everything in our power to do so. that will reduce the impact on the population, health and everything that goes along with it. >> reporter: the governor notes a half billion dollars is being spent on suppression, technology, full and part-time firefighters and it doesn't blackhawk helicopters. the public must do its part, prevention and defensible space. >> if you haven't gotten to that, please do so this weekend. >> reporter: this tubbs video
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was shot by a fire official , whose own home was burning as he tried to warn others. the 2017 disaster ushered in widespread improvements and readiness. and now there is even more reason for residents to map escape routes, have a destination and a bag packed. >> right now with the pandemic and some uncertainties, we absolutely encourage people to have those plans in place. we don't want to see that again. what we saw that night was upwards of 100,000 people wanting to evacuate. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: you will recall rain faded early this winter, so the fuels are drying fast. so far this year cal fire has put out some 4000 fires. but the average size was just seven acres on each one. we sure hope it stays that way. now to san jose where dozens of people have been displaced after a two alarm fire. the flames broke out just after five today at a 10 unit apartment building on south willard avenue and scott
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street. none of the 39 residents were injured, but to pet dogs were killed. the red cross is helping tenants find a place to stay. the fire started on the second floor. the causes under investigation. also in the south bay, a horrible discovery in a creek bed. the sheriff's office said human remains were found near a homeless encampment in unincorporated san jose. crime scene investigators went to the area after getting a call from someone who located the bones. the sheriff's office said it's too early to determine whether they belonged to a male or female. deputies say the remains were found in the area of richmond avenue and santa teresa boulevard. anyone with information is asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's office. facebook says they are falling short when it comes to civil rights. coming up, the findings of a two year audit and how advocates hope the company can create change. and a six-year-old girl determined to help the struggling oakland zoo survived
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the pandemic. how she has managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars. for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. an independent audit of facebook found what activists call serious setbacks for civil rights. advocates hope the company will use the criticism to spark some real change. >> reporter: when it comes to addressing civil rights concerns, facebook is falling shortmmission by the company.
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it's also the conclusion nonprofit color of change reached after repeated meetings with company executives. >> which is its approach to civil rights is incremental and often times counterproductive. and reading the platform only becomes a priority when there is a pr crisis. >> reporter: the audit looked at everything from hate speech to voter suppression. it honed in on several recent posts from president trump. saying the decision to leave them untouched has established a terrible precedent for others to emulate. >> there is no mistaking if the president posts something, they are going to notice it. a lot of these white nationalist hangout in private groups. they claim they're getting better at it, but they still have a long way to go. >> reporter: the audit calls facebook's approach to civil rights reactive. coo sheryl sandberg responded saying quote, what has become increasingly clear is we have a long way to go. the company's plan for action
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includes hiring more civil rights experts and directing users to a voting information center with accurate information. >> facebook used to have the motto, move fast and break things. at this point i think facebook is moving slow and maintaining the status quo. they need to get back to the nimbleness and react more quickly to the situations that are being pointed out to them. >> reporter: color of change has been organizing and advertising boycott of facebook, but simultaneously working with the company. they say now is the time to turn words and action. >> it is incredibly important that we don't allow a company that is this powerful and hold so much of people's personal data to erode democratic norms and civil rights norms that leaders have been fighting for, for generations. >> reporter: according to color of change, more than 900 companies are currently participating in the boycott. in marin county, tensions
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are building between a group of neighbors and a man who says he is opposed to the black lives matter slogan. dale austin has been sitting with an american flag in the bell marine keane's never had where black lives matter slogan was once posted. neighbors accused him of tearing it down, which he denies. he does criticize the movement. >> they are a communist organization. they are anti-american, they are anti-president. so let's get this country on the right track and stay that way. >> neighbors said they are surprised to hear that type of sentiment in their neighborhood. a group of them have been standing across the street with black lives matter slogan's and american flags to show their opposition. golden state warriors' eric paschal spoke out on social media about his incident where he says he was racially profiled by a white woman in the complex where he lives in san francisco. and its week yesterday he wrote, i just had a white lady
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in the apartment building i live in tell me i don't live here, being profiled at its finest. he joined the warriors last year as a power forward. he is among many professional athletes who have used their platform to raise awareness about racism and police brutality. warriors' star stefan curry is urging fans to save a home in west oakland that is a celebration of the warriors. the homeowner says before his mom died in september, she was misled into taking out a reverse mortgage and now the bank wants the house. someone started a gofundme page for the $350,000 that's owed. today steph curry posted a gofundme on his instagram and a $10,000 donation from an anonymous follower soon followed. so far the gofundme has raised over $175,000. new at 11, a little girl with a big dream is taking donations to help save the oakland zoo. she was heartbroken when she heard the zoo may have to close permanently, having been hit hard by the coronavirus
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pandemic. she started a fundraising campaign last week with five dollars she had recently gotten from the tooth fairy. 100% of the money donated goes directly to the zoo and she is also making bracelets for every donation over $25. is she cute, or what? so far she has raised more than $86,000. the alameda county fire department has a class of new members. how the coronavirus pandemic has helped them learn new skills. the weekend forecast is right around the corner. heck, the weekend is right around the corner. i will have what you can expect . also ahead tonight, rents continue to drop in san francisco. the neighborhood that sought a 21% decline. well many people have such a misunderstanding
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as to how a reverse mortgage works. people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. that's absolutely 100% wrong. the home is ours. we can sell it if we want to at any time. i like the flexibility of not having a payment, but i can make the payment if i want to. you're responsible for keeping up your property taxes and you're responsible for paying your insurance on the property. for us, it was a security blanket. the value of our house, was to fund our long-term health care.
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for years, reverse mortgage funding has been helping customers like these use the equity from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security. make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind.
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a graduation ceremony was held tonight for the alameda county fire department's newest members. ktvu's amber lee was there and tells us how the pandemic impacted their training. >> reporter: at the fairgrounds in pleasanton thursday evening, 17 recruits who trained to become alameda county firefighters and two from orinda fire lived there motto, one team, one dream. >> i feel so overwhelmed with joy. i feel very proud. >> reporter: a live graduation ceremony for the class of 2020, with their loved ones in attendance wearing masks. and families sitting together in groups. >> every one of these records displayed professionalism and a commitment to the community that is rare, even among public servants. >> reporter: praise that follows action, taken by many of these records.
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during the shutdown, brought on by the pandemic, the fire chief tells me they went to places, including care facilities for older folks and homeless encampments, to test people for the coronavirus. >> we all came together as a team and comforted each other. >> what they say in the fire service, adapt and overcome. i think that's what we had to do to get through this and we are still getting through this. >> i'm happy to be in a position wracking go to work every day and make a difference in the community. >> you will see things and you will go places that most will not see in a lifetime. >> reporter: words of appreciation and advice from alameda county supervisor scott haggerty. >> these things may shake you to your car. you must not hold back. but hold the very same courage to communicate how you feel. >> reporter: family members covid-19 them with a badge, a symbol of courage and commitment. a class diverse in age from 21 to 43, from across the country
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and as far away as west africa. >> there is no better place to do that than in the fire service. we are the dynamics of a team. you are always going out and caring for somebody, seeing different aspects of life. >> reporter: in the next few weeks these graduates will be undergoing training on how to drive an apparatus and working out of firehouses. we are taking a look at the weather out there. we have temperatures that are definitely on the warm side. these were from today. temperatures tomorrow are going to be about the same. a couple of hundreds near fairfield and antioch. i think tomorrow will look a lot like this. the next few days look like this , quite frankly. there will be fog at the coast tomorrow morning. it will linger a little longer, but still goes away tomorrow
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afternoon. no fog in san francisco right now. just in there they stay. this pattern is pretty much stuck in terms of this high- pressure ridge. we talked about the high in the warm air being underneath the high. there is the cooler air and the more stable air in the trough. it's kind of confusing. act like you are looking down from the space shuttle or something and that's how the jetstream is. what do we need to know? fog tomorrow morning. it will be showing up. it's just a few miles offshore. fog will be showing up in the next few hours around half moon bay. it doesn't push too far inland. you see the sea breeze has become a little more robust. i'm just pointing out the greens. the last time i showed you this there wasn't a green coming up into fairfield and concord. it's definitely cooling inland. checkout concord, 15 degrees warmer tonight than last night. the model does this with the
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fog in the morning. there it is and there it goes. it just gets chewed up. the marine layer is not that robust. this time of year you don't expect that to happen because the fog is so entrenched with the upwelling and things we typically have in july. but that's not necessarily the case. the cold water helps the fog maintain itself. 89 in napa tomorrow, 98 in brentwood, 97 in fairfield and then these forecast ties in morgan and gilroy look a lot like today. let's today? tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday look a lot like this as well. that five-day forecast shows you that as well. especially as we get into saturday and sunday, which would be some of the warmer days. it's all the same deal. this is classic july weather and there are no surprises here, except not a surprise, but just be aware of fire in the inland spots running hot. >> you sure can't be careful enough, thank you.
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new at 11:00, some parts of san francisco are seeing a sharp price in the drop of rent. the cost of a one-bedroom fell 21% in the lower pacific heights neighborhood, 19% in south of market and 15% downtown. but rents in the outer richmond were actually up 11% and they were up 16% in the baby. the company says they expect to see rents continue to fall. a san francisco supervisor is proposing a ballot measure to create a new city department to help clean up the streets. matt heaney sanitation and streets department would be split off from the public works department. sanitation and streets would handle street cleaning, sidewalk maintenance and sanitation duties. while other duties tied infrastructure would remain with public works. amy says a dedicated department would be more focused. coming up, we take a look at some sports clips that are going viral. how do these people even come
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[ laughter ] hello again, slow on the draw. hello again, good to talk to you. hey baseball tonight, boy the giants could be headed into some major problems. imagine all the trepidation with regard to how it's going anyway. and then to have your number one player, as far as well known player, buster posey indicate and always he possibly will duck out on this season. the giants met for workouts again for the second consecutive day. hunter pence is having no problems with his routine.
11:27 pm
but not everyone is on board. we have the developing story now. buster posey not in camp for a second straight day. if you've been following the giants, you know he has been kind of leery about this thing from the get go. in fact, at one point he was quoted as saying, what are we doing? basically, like a lot of people wondering, if this can even happen. >> buster is still working through a personal issue. i want to respect his privacy and cross any subsequent bridges as they arise. there is no question that when players opt out around the league, that means their teams, their managers and their players have to adjust. i think because of what we are up against right now, we are going to take a family first approach to this. this weekend up in tahoe
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they will be having the annual pro-am golf tournament in edgewood. of course charles barkley will be there, along with the likes of gary race, and steph curry. charles barkley announced his all-time nba top 10. wait until you see shaq's reaction to being left off the list. >> the problem with your list chuck, you and got me in the top 10. whatever you are smoking down in reno, you got a ticket back to where ever you got it from. chuck, i miss you and all, but i'm not going to argue with you. when you've got two options. when you get back here, you face this or you take all of your clothes off and jump in that lake, river, ocean and hold your breath. >> lake tahoe. >> if you follow nba basketball , you miss those guys on the pre-and post game show on tnt, another three quarters of a month away for that. let's check this out on a thursday night with some fun stuff to show you.
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this 49ers' wide receiver kendric born as a new drill to improve his hands apparently, catching playing cards while balancing on an exercise ball. [ laughter ] whatever works. he's got pretty good hands as it is. and this is a canadian instagram star, a professional dunker is what he calls himself. i think a lot of us would be happy to do just that. and this is casey leonard with a three shot combo here. three sports off the combo plate. football off the tee, smacks it and it goes right into the who. this is the same guy hitting the ball backwards for picking up his glove and managing to make a sensational catch rate there. you know, maybe pure boredom. he is a star in his own world. that's the sporting life, guys.
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take care everyone, good night. >> thanks for joining us, good night. (jay) as great as it is bringing a baby home from the hospital, there's one sound you absolutely dread waking up to... (women laughing loudly and speaking spanish) relatives. i really never saw these wedding pictures, mamá. how handsome and young papá looks. ay, it makes me sad. ay, i know that you miss him. no. look at my ass. there are two things in that picture i don't have anymore. ay, mamá, qué loca. sonia, can i help you? no, no, she's fine. it keeps her busy. we need more corn. gloria, where is your garden? i will harvest some. they don't live that way, honey. gloria, give me the keys. we'll go to the market. hey, you're all awake. i didn't hear you. oh, look at my two handsome men. mi niño, my little fulgencio umberto. you know, about the name, we're not entirely sure... sonia, vámonos. good-bye, fulgencio.


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