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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 10, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> i am always glad to join you. >> it is friday, july 10. steve paulson is here as well. we are keeping an eye on the weather. it is warming up for the weekend and fire crews are concerned about the winds that you had mentioned to steve. >> when i got into this business, fire season, it was september and october. i was a long time ago, but things have changed that much. now, we hardly ever talk about it june or july. sometimes, but it is mainly august. it is here now. it is very dry and very hot for inland temperatures. 90s-100 degrees. 53 degrees and santa rosa. it is a hot stretch inland. until sunday, it will look a little bit cooler on monday. we will be 90s to near 100 degrees almost every day going into monday for inland areas. it is really warm.
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67 in concord. 52 and pacifica. the oakland airport, they have clouds. a bigger fog bank near the coast. 60s, and 70s inland. it will be 90s and 80s. over to sal, we will see if he focuses on 580 now. that is right, we have slow traffic on 580 and 205 this morning. westbound 580 and 205 had an arrow because of an earlier grass fire here, that was slowing traffic. it will also be slow again in this area. eastbound 580 is open. it looks like the lanes are open westbound. you will be seeing slow traffic as you drive through. the lanes are open after an earlier grass fire. here at the bay bridge, it is light. lightly traveled into san francisco. traffic is moving well all the way into the city. let's go back to the headlines.
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interstate 580 is open, at least it is opening at the ultima pass after an overnight fire near northglenn and carol road, in the livermore area. before midnight, a pickup truck crashed into the center divide and had burst into flames. the flames had spread to brush that was nearby, closing interstate 580 and both directions. the firefighters have been busy. they have been making progress against the flames, and the lanes are reopening as sal has told you. it is slow in the area. no injuries have been reported. we are following a developing story, three sheriff deputies were hurt after being shot by a barricaded suspect who was later killed. this happened in a community that is northeast of brentwood. alyssa harrington is here now with the details, and the conditions of the deputies. good morning. as you mentioned, three
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were injured, two of them remain in the hospital. all of the deputies were members of the s.w.a.t. team. the incident happened around 9:00 last night, at greenacres way. deputies were called to the scene hours earlier before 10:00 and the morning on a domestic violence call. the victim said the suspect was holding her hostage. this turned into a lengthy standoff. the suspect barricaded himself inside of the home, s.w.a.t. and hostage negotiation teams responded to try to get the suspect to surrender. at one point he came out and opened fire on deputies. the deputies had returned fire, killing the suspect. a woman who was inside of the home was able to get out safely, the sheriff's office is expected to release more information later today, at this time they have not released any names. alyssa harrington, mornings on fox 2. today, demonstrators and antioch will gather tonight to honor the members of police, nine men recently killed them
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police shootings. a candlelight vigil will happen after several weeks of protests against allegations of police brutality, and racial injustice. it is also a response to the hiring by the police department have a former san francisco police officer who was involved in the deadly shooting of a homeless man four years ago. in berkeley, traffic stops may soon be made by unarmed transportation workers, not police officers. the nation's first city to do that. the proposal is part of a nationwide effort to redefine law enforcement. the berkeley city council is due to debate the issue next tuesday. more questions and alejo about a fatal police shooting a month ago. on monday rosa was shot and killed by a police officer who fired a rifle shot from the backseat of an unmarked police truck. the latest incident where local law enforcement officers shot and killed a suspect from inside of a police vehicle. any police officers say it is
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very dangerous if they get out of their vehicle during a tense situation. civil rights attorney john perez had this reaction. >> shooting from the inside of a car is a potentially very dangerous event, you can create danger for the driver of another car, danger for yourself. you could have a car be out of control. >> i don't think it is best practice, because the class will splatter back, but if you think there is a threat to yourself or someone else, then, i do not think that any policies cover that particular aspect. >> the past three years, there have been three deadly bay area shootings where officers have fired at suspect from inside of their vehicles. all three cases are now under investigation. a judge in minnesota
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imposes a gag order in the murder trial the case had recently gave interviews to the media. the judge had said that pretrial publicity and the case will increase the risk of tainting a potential jury pool. it will impair all parties right to a fair trial. former minneapolis police officers are charged in the death of george floyd. we are monitoring the fire season, california fire will fully contain the cruise fire by next thursday, they say, the fire started along cruz road east of gilroy. flames are no longer spreading. the fire was 8 1/2 square miles wide. it is 80 percent contained. one home was destroyed, but there are no other evacuation orders were road closures at this time. the cause of the fire is under investigation. california fire says we are in peak fire season. the state agency had responded to more than 600 fires just last week. authorities say due to the dry and windy conditions, this is the time of year when wildfires are bigger and harder to
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control. the status pending one half $1 billion on block -- blackhawk helicopters, hiring more firefighters and buying more fire suppression technology. >> if we can keep the fire small, we will do everything we can to do so. it will reduce the impact on population, with help and everything that goes along with it. >> the pandemic is a changing firefighting operations, crews will be structured like a family, eating and traveling together. they will wear face masks, have firefighters. they graduated from the academy last night any ceremony that was held at the pleasanton fairgrounds. there were two recruits for the orinda fire district. despite protocols for the pandemic, graduates were able to share happiness with loved ones in attendance.
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>> i am so overwhelmed with joy, i am very proud. there is a lot of hard work and sweat that goes into our academy. >> members of the firefighting class range in age from 21 to 43 years of age. they come across the country as far as west africa during the pandemic, the recruits helped administer coronavirus tests at senior care facilities and at homeless camps. the power of the arts, bridging the divide as people continue to practice social distancing. in today's trip, we will show you how virtual platforms have replaced the stage and what local musicians do instead to reach out to their fans. >> we said, let's give this weird time some structure, and give people something to look
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forward to every friday. >> the craft makers that you are used to seeing at outdoor events are working hard to stay in business during this pandemic. we will let you know how one woman is keeping her business alive while helping other women make a living overseas. do not forget to join us this morning at 9:00 for another trip, this time we will celebrate the arts around the bay. >> it should be really interesting, pam, we all missed the great talent that has always been so readily available to us. we miss it. there's not much that we can do, but we miss it. >> we will never take it for granted again. >> i know. same here. >> there are a lot of things. there are a lot of things. >> i know. i will not miss your weather forecast. >> don't go anywhere. >> you need to step out soon. all right, thank you dave and pam. we have a bigger fog bank.
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it is defined as being along the coast. we have low clouds in the vicinity. it is warm for many inland. there are 60s to 70s. it will be cooler, but that is really the only impact. 100 degrees inland. high fire danger will take us into the weekend. temperatures will be 90 to 100. thank god we don't have a breeze. there's a possibility of a light one. by monday morning the temperatures will start to come down a little bit, but monday looks normal with temperatures. 60s for many here, or 50s in pacifica, san francisco, sfo, 52 and 53. from concord to livermore, hayward is also warmer. oakland in half moon bay is cooler. 37 in tahoe. 94 in phoenix. oh my god. the monsoon moisture is holding the temperature up, and
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southern california, keep an eye on that. the fog is making a move coming down the coast. much more fog exposure on sonom 60s and 70s around the water's edge. slightly cooler on saturday. warm too high. it looks like it will hit the peak on saturday. it will look cooler by tuesday. now, people get it. no one is dying, that is misleading. it is fundamentally untrue. >> a serious message from governor newsom, the virus cases keep rising. also, we have a little girl that is on a mission to save the oakland zoo, how she raises thousands of dollars for the zoo in a time of need. power through your morning, when you wake up with mornings on fox 2.
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welcome back to mornings on fox 2. there is word that sonoma county has been added to california's growing list of coronavirus watchlist counties. the press democrat reports that health leaders have been notified about the official declaration from the state is expected sometime today. follows three days of talks between state and county experts about how to slow down the number of virus cases, that have spiked in sonoma county in recent weeks. the state will reimpose restrictions on bars, tasting rooms and indoor dining and restaurants for the next three weeks. the health department will
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host an online form to discuss the current coronavirus situation, and the county's response. the area has seen a big surgeon cases, causing the county to be added to the state watchlist. are in county will not allow indoor dining for three weeks. you can join the call by going to the web link section of, the event starts 19 4:00 this afternoon. situation inside of the prison. they took part in a rally yesterday just outside of the facility. 1600 of the 4000 inmates have been infected. there were only a dozen cases one month ago. seven prisoners have now died from the virus, thursday's demonstration included an activist reading letters from inmates and people who were just released, speaking about the conditions inside. >> it is scary, dangerous, uncomfortable. unpredictable. >> i am begging you, see how we suffer. i am begging you to open up your hearts to compassion and not politics. i am begging you to hear us. please, save our lives.
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we are dying in here. >> the governor says that the state will plan to work to reduce the population, tents were also set up to provide more distancing. the governor is also talking about california's record death toll from the virus, saying that we had better take it seriously. >> for those that think that now people are getting in and no one is dying, that is very misleading. it is fundamentally untrue. california's numbers are reporting over a seven-day period, averaging 149 death yesterday. this disease is deadly and devastating, and it will continue to be. >> the governor says that california is especially focused on getting help to four watchlist.
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tulare and kings county in the central valley, also los angeles and imperial counties in southern california. 302,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus here in california, and yesterday seven thousand new cases were reported statewide. 149 people had died, and the death toll is now 6700. in the bay area, 32,000 cases had been reported, up have died people at zuckerberg hospital have been infected, cases went up by 50 percent in just 10 days between june 27, and july 6, according to the chronicle. in a memo the hospital ceo believes that most of the cases may have come from communities
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spread, rather than inside of the hospital. still, the hospital is reportedly increasing safety efforts, including opening a new break room to allow for more physical distancing. san francisco mayor london breeze says she has tested negative for coronavirus. she says that she will be tested again next week, and until then she will continue to follow the advice of the san francisco health department. on wednesday she had said that she recently went to an event that was also attended by a person who had tested positive. you are going to like this. today, the fair is giving you a taste of summer to go. officials offered drive through fair food day. it is today through sunday. it is at the parking lot of the veterans memorial auditorium. fair food favorites will be available from 11:00 to 8:00, including cheyenne corndogs, funnel cake, lemonade, much more. the menu will be available on the pairs instagram and facebook pages. the booths will be back again next weekend for the drive-
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through, and i will say that that is one of our fair favorites, this fresh squeezed lemonade that they have. it is amazing. >> pam, i was looking at the video, i was seeing my food, i wonder what the other folks will have. i am going in. >> you don't go for the fried food, is that what you are saying pam? >> you know me. >> i would be shocked if you did. okay. a good fog bank for some. again. that favors the coast, not the inland areas. temperatures and then continue to be rather toasty. a cool coast, hot inland. nothing new here. a bigger coastal fog bank. it is a hot stretch here. it started wednesday, as we head into thursday and friday, by monday, we will have it come down a little bit.
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tuesday and wednesday look cooler. i am putting my neck out there on this one, but it looks a bit cooler for tuesday. just a little bit for some. inland temperatures, it probably will not matter. 50s and 60s. 46 degrees at bodega bay. how about that? petaluma is at low 50s. napa airport is at 60. there is no breeze kicking him. the fog is there. phoenix was at 10. they are looking at 116. the high that has parked itself on the four corners builds northward, and that is what gives us the warm to hot humid temperatures. it looks like it will hold all the way into sunday. most of california into the weekend, we will see 60s and 70s, near 100 degrees for some. it will be above average on temperatures. forecast models will see a
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slight cooldown. it may not make a big impact for those people that are inland, but the hottest day, it will be warm on monday. >> look at those numbers, wow. another popular san francisco tourist attraction will soon disappear. the calls for the public to help save the aquarium of the bay, still shut down. covid-19 keeps shaking up the world of sports, i had, we have a major football conference that is affected for the coming season.
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good morning, on 2. just got paid. yes.
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it is friday. thank you. a beautiful picture there as well. my goodness. all right. so, if you want to send me a request, go ahead and do just that. use the hashtag #ktvu on facebook, twitter, and instagram. >> now you have the party going. a little girl and the bay area is trying to help save the oakland zoo. her name is andy seward. she was sad to hear that the zoo will close permanently after being hit hard by the pandemic. she started a facebook fundraising campaign last week. 100 percent of the money that is donated is going directly to the oakland zoo. she is also making bracelets for every donation over $25. so far, the beautiful six-year- old has raised more than $91,000 . the aquarium of
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pleading to reopen its doors. they were forced that they have lost 4 1/2 million dollars because of the pandemic. even though they have been closed for business, the operating costs are still very high, because they have thousands of animals in the care of the aquarium. the aquarium was due to reopen, and the last week of june, but three openings have been delayed as you know, and now they are asking to be allowed to reopen with strict safety guidelines. >> we would like the city to look at it as an essential risk, the san francisco bay zoo and the aquarium. our aquarium holds 24,000 animals, 186 species. we need life-support systems. we need diapers. veterinarians. we need staff that supports and feed the animals. >> the aquarium is asking the support of the public, they ask
5:26 am
you to visit online, buy merchandise that will help them financially, and the aquarium of the bay has set up a go find me campaign, they want to raise $500,000. so far, $8000 has been raised. park bathrooms in santa clara are open again. the city has put in place new cleaning and sanitizing procedures to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, and park visitors will see signs in front of the park bathrooms with covid-19 protocols. >> i am not opposed to it, i think we should be open for the people that need it and have no other options, and if you do not want to use it that is your choice. no one is forcing you to do it. i think it is a good thing. >> the public bathrooms that city parks have a capacity limit of one person, dogs, children, or to members of the same household. when you visit the parks, you will have to follow the
5:27 am
protocol like social distancing, use a facial covering, and sanitize the before and after you visit a park. do not forget, you can check the county by county information on reopening with the ktvu news app. there is a running list of what is open and where on the front page. it is still not clear at schools around the country will be reopening this fall. coming up we will tell you how bay area school districts are positioning themselves to deal with this complicated issue. plus, the latest black lives matter mural sends a direct message to president trump. we have how he responded, now that the mural is right outside of trump tower in new york city. well many people have such a misunderstanding as to how a reverse mortgage works.
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a wine bar cited for employees not wearing face masks. why the owner says that there is nothing that he- >> we need to stand together, americans and every city, we need to take to the streets. a >> a couple places hate crime charges because they had to face day black lives matter mural. you will hear why they think they are being treated unfairly. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. good morning to you, thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on fox 2. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. it is friday, july 10. i have a song stuck in my head. it is friday night, just got paid. very fun. all right. let's check in with steve paulson. you probably remember that song, stephen. >> i go way back, pam, i remember a lot of things. >> thank you, pam and dave. we have a decent fog bank, barely hanging out of her by
5:31 am
the coast. a little bit has moved inland. there are warm temperatures if you are away from the coast, so, it will be cooler today by the coast. hot inland. a bigger fog bank, yesterday, today, 52 and the city. that is two degrees below average for the average low, this time of year, i am going a little bit cooler for a few of you. oakland and vallejo, down a few. inland temperatures will have no problem getting into the mid- 90s to upper 90s for many. this is just for those that are anywhere near the bay. it is already 60 degrees in concord. brentwood is 68. walnut creek is 68. by the coast, it is cooler. inland temperatures will be well above average for this time of year. it translates from 60s to 90s. there will be a hot one and the weekend. over to sal, anything new that
5:32 am
you want to update us on? >> we are looking at some of the commutes, we do not see a lie. the bay bridge looks pretty good. we are showing you this picture. sometimes we get a little bit of a break from the first four days of the week. here we go. traffic is looking very nice. we have been watching 580. it is very slow because of earlier grass fire activity. winds are open, but people are distracted about what was going on in that area. let's go back to the headlines. we are hopefully enjoying summer, but believe it or not, it is supposed to be back to school in a few weeks. it districts across the bay area scramble to put together a learning plan in light of our covid-19 world. ktvu's frank mallicoat joins us now with oakland unified, finalizing their reopening plans. frank, what can you tell us?
5:33 am
>> i think you will agree, it is a brave new world when it comes to schools. especially in fall, parents and teachers alike will have a better idea how the oakland unified school district's plan will look. they will unveil it today. starts in four weeks. 31 days away. the summer went by fast. august 10 is opening day and oakland. oakland unified has been working through a number of scenarios for how the first day will look, not to mention the rest of the year. their top priority is the safety of the students. we have distance-learning the entire school year, or staggered enrollment with learning from both home and school. we will also find out about meal plans for kids, face coverings, and other ppe options in school. holly will keep the classroom sanitize. parents are no doubt very concerned. some of the parents and district staff members held a car caravan demanding that schools remain closed during
5:34 am
the pandemic and oakland. 37,000 students should be the top priority, they say. kyla johnson said the budget is the worst reduction to education since the great recession. there are other issues there. $35 million need to be cut from the budget. there are a lot of moving parts to consider when they put out this plan. it is all subject to change, if things change in alameda county, the state of california, in terms of cases for covid-19, the preliminary plan will be unveiled a little bit later this morning and we will be having that for you as soon as it comes out. i am frank mallicoat, mornings on fox 2.
5:35 am
thank you, frank, the largest school district in sonoma county has moved closer to approving a roadmap to reopening. santa rosa city school trustees say that the plan allows flexibility to address quickly changing life amid the pandemic, and sonoma county. and now it appears likely that these coolio will start next month with the district 16,000 students learning from home. the antioch unified school district has made a unanimous five person decision, to switch to a traditional school schedule with september 1 start dates. the plan calls for a mix of in- person and distance learning for antioch students. the cdc is also expecting to release federal guidelines for reopening the nation's schools next week. the announcement comes shortly after the head of the cdc had said that health officials will not be able to revise guidelines despite criticism from president trump. the cdc's current guidance recommends that teachers of students wear a mask, spreadout tasks, and that physical barriers between bathroom sinks.
5:36 am
in berkeley, several employees at the berkeley bowl tested positive for the coronavirus. store officials have not said how many employees are affected but they say it is a small amount. they work at it both berkeley bowl locations. berkeley bowl says the employee self isolated as well as others that have had close contact with them. the stores have been deep clean. they say the employees cannot come back to their jobs until they test negative for the virus. the owner of a wine bar is speaking out after he was cited for violating the state's order that employees would have to wear face coverings. as mornings on fox 2 tells us, the wine bar owner believes he was following the state guidelines. >> reporter: jason, the owner of the loft wine bar says face covering policies are taken straight from the state website. he showed two agents from the california department of alcoholic beverage control,
5:37 am
when they stopped by his restaurant on sunday. the >> i questioned every one of my employees, they had demanded the ids from all of my employees. really intimidating. >> the spokesperson for abc says the agents were there to check for face coverings after receiving a complaint from the community. the agencies has no employees were wearing a mask. four out of five employees did not have masks on, they have health exemptions under the state's mass quarter. >> i was told that i am not allowed to ask, as an employer, there's a many great things i am not allowed to ask employees. if they feel they fall under that exemption. they have to sign up on it. >> a 15-year-old dishwasher was questioned as well. >> they cannot come into a business and interviewing minor without the parents consent. >> employees wanted to record the interaction but were told they could not.
5:38 am
no questions were asked about specific health conditions, but they had determined that face coverings could have been worn by some, so a citation was written for failing to obey a public health order. he said the citation is another roadblock to recovery, not for him but for other small businesses that have been cited as well. >> the citation is inappropriate because the order was being followed. >> solano county's health officer says that he is in a precarious situation because he cannot ask his employees about health conditions. anyone with a medical condition and a job when they were in regular contact with arthur's should wear a nonrestrictive alternative if the condition permits. >> the recommendation to wear a face shield if you cannot wear a face mask is not an order. it is a recommendation. >> i fully understand and accept that there are rules and regulations that we have to follow. with the new guidelines, we have done the best we can to comply with it. it >> the owner looks forward to fighting the citation. it typically carries a fine of $101,000.
5:39 am
starting next week, starbucks says that customers will have to wear facial coverings regardless of regional rules. starbucks also says the customers that do not want to wear a mask inside could order from the drive-through or to curbside pickup or delivery. starbucks customer mandates will affect 9000 locations here in the u.s., and it will take effect next wednesday. the big ten is the first major conference to lay out a plan for fall sports. they will only play conference games. this includes football, soccer, volleyball and cross-country. teams will play within the big ten, the conference will have more flexibility to adjust the schedules and changes need to be made because of covid-19. they will announce a decision within the next few days. i know that we have all talked about it. we all feel for these college athletes.
5:40 am
you have a little window of time, to play and compete. this is a tough time for them. >> it is tough. steve paulson is talking about weather. it could be hot for some of us this weekend. >> inland, dave, no doubt about it. by the coast it is not that bad. it is a huge difference in the temperatures, a 40 degrees spread for some. fog is making a bigger impact. going down the coast, they get help from a northwest breeze. you cannot find much fog, so, it is cool and lynn. a little bit moves over the bay. sfo is reporting low clouds. the fire danger is high. that will take us into the weekend. hot temperatures, thankfully not a northeast breeze. there are hints on sunday, but not that strong. the city is down to 52 degrees. that is two degrees below average. the forecasted high is 68 degrees. the record high as 98 and 1959. it is 52 degrees, so you might
5:41 am
want to grab a jacket. 52 degrees. in the city, pacifica, san carlos is there. at lakeport, there are also some of the 60s and 70s. clayton is 63. upper 50s and 60s for some and castro valley. 57 in hayward. 110 degrees in phoenix. that is they degrees above average. for saturday, they will be at 116. that is the big hi. as it goes northward it sends the inland temperatures to well above average. mainly 92 near 100 degrees. again, clearlake, fairfield, antioch, brentwood, upper 90s to near 100 degrees. i don't think that that changes too much. it will be slightly cooler for a few of you on saturday. it will look like a bigger fog bank will start a cooling trend. the woman accused of
5:42 am
helping jeffrey epstein is on suicide watch. how the authorities are monitoring ghislane maxwell while she is still in federal custody. a battle over the black lives matter movement is brewing , and why one man says the newman is doing more harm in the country than good. >> do not forget, you can have the morning headlines delivered right to you by signing up for the new newsletter. go to , and sign up for the daily service.
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♪ ["i got you" by ciara] ♪ it all can get so out of control sometimes ♪ ♪ you can lose your faith ♪ you can lose your mind ♪ lose your grip ♪ get stripped of your pride ♪ till you don't know how you're gonna stay alive ♪ ♪ hey, hey i got you ♪ i will give you what you're needing ♪ ♪ i'll be right there ♪ i got your back ♪ i got you welcome back to mornings on fox 2, ghislane maxwell, the associate of jeffrey epstein is
5:45 am
due in court on tuesday, and manhattan. prison authorities worry that she will take her own life. just like jeffrey epstein. guards removed her sheets, and gave her clothing made out of paper. she is accused of luring three underage girls to be sexually abused by jeffrey epstein. if she is convicted, she will get up to 35 years in prison. the search goes on for the actress naya rivera, known for the tv show glee. she went missing inventory county. surveillance video shows her renting a boat and preparing for what should have been a fun day on the water, with her four- year-old son. her son was found asleep, and alone on the boat. rescuers say the clarity of the water and the reservoir is slowing down their search. >> we are talking about a lake that is very dirty, there is debris down there. some places you can only see
5:46 am
five or 6 inches in front of your face. they can be very difficult, in a dive operation. >> this for there is son is from her marriage with ryan dorsey. the child is now staying with family members. >> the sheriff's office says the death of an african- american man that was found hanging from a tree last month was a suicide. he was 24-year-old robert fuller, he died june 10th and a park, at the city of palmdale. his family insists that he would not have taken his own life, and insisted that authorities were too quick to rule his death a suicide. the sheriff's office says that he bought a rope in may and previously was treated for depression. his family is now hiring a private investigator to look into his final actions. police have released the body camera video that shows an officer shooting a stabbing suspect. >> please put the knife down, i do not want to hurt you. we can work through whatever has happened. >> police say they found 19-
5:47 am
year-old cody holding a knife at an apartment complex on temple drive. the police say his son had mental health problems and that he had stabbed her husband. the video shows the police repeatedly telling him to drop the knife, and surrender. instead, you can see that he ran toward an officer who had been shot him several times. he dropped to the ground and was taken to the hospital. he had later died from his injuries. >> we take use of force very seriously. we trained to de-escalate whenever possible, especially when we face a person in mental crisis. in this situation it turned dangerous quickly, and with the result that no one ever wants to see. >> the police chief says the video is being released to inform the public and the community. his stepfather was treated and released, and the santa clara
5:48 am
county district attorney is investigating as well as milpitas police. the golden state warriors are speaking out on social media about being racially profiled by a woman in the complex where he lives in san francisco. any tweet, he wrote, i just had a white lady and the apartment building i live in tell me that i don't live here. being profiled, at its finest. he joined the worriers last year, he is among many professional athletes that have used their platform to raise awareness about racism here it and marin county, tensions built between a group of neighbors and a man that says he's opposed to the black lives matter movement. dale lawson has been sitting with an american flag in his neighborhood where black lives matter signs were once posted. neighbors accuse him of tearing it downwhich he denies. he however criticizes the black organization, they are anti- american, anti-our president.
5:49 am
let's get this country on the right track. let's get it to stay that way. >> neighbors say that they are surprised to hear that sentiment in their neighborhood, one group has been standing across the street with a black lives matter signs and american flags in order to show their opposition. the couple in martinez that was charged with a hate crime for painting over a black lives matter mural is telling their side of the story. nicole anderson and david anderson were captured on video by witnesses painting over the mural hours after it was finished. if convicted, both of them will face a year in jail, but the couple told mornings on fox 2's tucker carlson and that they believe they are being treated unfairly. >> it is the double standard and hypocrisy of the whole thing, it is okay for them to burn down the country and terrorize america, and actually kill people. they have done more harm than they have done good.
5:50 am
>> a protester in martinez is set for sunday and will try a big crowd of counter protesters. the event was first planned after white power flyers were found in the city. the black lives matter mural was painted in response to those flyers, sending the city into the national spotlight. in new york, the mayor helped paint a black lives matter mural, right outside trump tower. the mayor along with his wife and the reverend al sharpton joined volunteers that spent time painting letters on fifth avenue. the mural honors members of the black community who built the city. on twitter, president trump said the mural is a symbol of hate that would did generate the avenue. >> a day of action, and a march rally and oaklands fruitvale district. last night seven marked the
5:51 am
152nd anniversary of the ratification of the 14th amendment to the constitution, getting all u.s. citizens equal protection under the law. demonstrators say the 14th amendment is a legal standard for you quality that must be defended today and for all americans. that includes immigrants. >> trump and his immigration attack dogs have been violating those basic principles, underneath the foundations of american democracy. we are here to say no more. >> the rally was organized by the group, by any means necessary, they say they will continue marching and calling for action until actual change happens and president trump is removed from office. let's get you ready for a brand-new friday. steve paulson is here and he knows about our weather. what is coming our way, steve? >> if you are near the coast,
5:52 am
it will not be bad. if you're in lynn, it will be pretty hot. a fog bank is making an impact north of the golden gate, versus the south when it was yesterday. yesterday it is mainly clear. that is not the case today. some of this makes a push in line. cool and mild by the coast. there is a bigger coastal fog bank. and 90s to near 100 degrees and lynn. at bodega bay, the water temperature is 49 degrees. that is really cold at this time of year. that is why the city temperature is 52. it is two degrees below average. the high is 68. the average is 67. as a friend of mine and the city said, if the water temperatures that cold, that is a cold wind. i understand that. it is a little bit cooler for a few with you.
5:53 am
and lynn temperatures will stay the same, they will even bump up a little bit. it is a tough forecast. 52 and pacifica. santa rosa is in the 50s. milburn is 51. five s. osa, 10 better than palo alto. monsoon moisture is working its way in. that is something to watch going forward. the end of july going into august, for us it will be the fog on the coast. temperatures near the coast will be in the 60s to the 70s. in length, 100 degrees. i have thrown in the towel. this blew past forecast expectations. slightly cooler for saturday. the warmest day will be monday. tuesday looks cooler. the first bay area pro sports team is back in action, the san jose earthquakes.
5:54 am
we will show you their first match since play was suspended four months ago. james will reopen in one bay area county. we will tell you which county is getting the green light on monday. first, san francisco takes a page from los angeles. the program that city leaders are using to offer more people on the streets a place to live.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
jeffrey warren, thank you for this on request. the smiling faces. welcome back to mornings on fox 2. i hope you're having fun on this friday. send me a song. facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag #ktvu. >> i am smiling, sal, i mean
5:58 am
it. major service changes ahead for golden gate transit. sunday, temporary restructuring will begin as some routes are cut by 50 percent, while others expand. officials hope to strike a balance between matching the service levels with low rider demand and having enough service to allow for physical distancing on buses. in the meantime, work crews started restriping a major road in order to create space for outdoor dining and shopping during the pandemic. this is being done on part of park street between tilton way and ensign avenue. one lane in each direction is close to traffic getting outdoor restaurant customers and shoppers and pedestrians more space in order to maintain physical distance. this month, the city will make similar changes to a part of webster street.
5:59 am
san francisco is launching a new program, placing 200 homeless people who are living in hotel rooms now into long- term housing. under the program, 200 people will be selected out of a flexible housing subsidy pool. those that are selected will pay 30 percent of their income towards rent. they will get rental subsidies and supportive services. san francisco housing officials say that trying to find permanent housing for 2000 homeless people who are staying right now in hotel rooms in san francisco will be done. state lawmakers introduced legislation to create a state bank, helping local governments and small businesses during the pandemic. this bill will set up a banking system that is owned and operated by the state, rather than private investors. supporters stay a state bank will cut down on the reliance on big national banks and federal funding in order to rescue local governments. three sheriff's deputies were shot and a suspect was killed, the situation that deputies found themselves and when they opened fire.
6:00 am
bringing back restrictions for half 1 million people. that bay area county that will be added to the states watch list today. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. welcome to friday, it is friday. july 10. i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook. happy friday to i love you. steve paulson is joining us to tell us how hot it is going to be. i am glad i live near the bay. it is much nicer. >> a couple years ago i lived in clayton, as you guys know. it gets hot in clayton. where i live now is 15 degrees cooler. you know, it is that big of a difference. you know what i mean, pam.


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