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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 25, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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gather in oakland tonight and leave behind a message for drivers. 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now evening everyone and mike mibach julie julie haener one intersection in oakland is the scene of three separate, fatal hit and run crash is this year alone, the most recent death that 60th and bankrupt avenues happened just yesterday. ktvu is elissa harrington joining us live in oakland. after speaking with protesters who gathered there at the intersection just tonight, alyssa. that's right. those protesters said that their neighbor was killed and they never want this to happen again . they got drivers to slow down along this stretch of bancroft avenue and handed out flyers encouraging people to contact the city to make changes for crosswalks. concerned residents and neighbors gathered on 61st avenue and bancroft in east oakland, where just over a week ago, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. this is video from that sunday
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night post. did on the citizen app. police found a man in the street pickup truck was seen driving away. we believe that that's not acceptable. that should never happen, and these deaths are preventable. tim courtney is with a group called the traffic violence, rapid response team, he said they formed to raise awareness about pedestrian and cyclist deaths and planned this vigil to highlight what happened and to call for safety changes. we need traffic calming safety improvements on our streets, and we need that done now soon, not five years from now, 10 years from now, whenever um, you know, we need it done before another person is killed by a driver. people aren't stopping like they used to. it's really hardening disheartening. neighbors say they want a lighted crosswalk across bancroft to better protect people crossing at night in a joiner, who regularly rides her bike down the stretch, says drivers go way too fast. it's a drag strip for sure it is it is , you know, so if people are
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going to go fast, this is where they're going to go fast. you can see some of the markings in the street is basically you know, sideshow. territory but you know cyclists here people live to walk here. this is devastating that we have to come out as frequently as we have at different intersections here. in east oakland city council member lauren taylor joined neighbors at the intersection where they were passing out flyers. he said he contacted opd and the department of transportation to emphasize the urgency to make improvements. we have to respond more quickly make the changes that are necessary across the entire spectrum from design, how we design our roadways to, yes, ensuring that we change the culture with enforcement as well. this latest death marks the third traffic fatality at that spot this year. a woman was killed in a hit and run back in may and another pedestrian killed in january. live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. all right,
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alyssa. thank you. new at 11. a woman was critically injured this evening when she was hit by a car in berkeley. it happened just before five tonight at telegraph avenue and derby street. police say the woman was in the crosswalk when she was hit. berkeley police shut down telegraph avenue between ward and carlton streets and derby street between dana and region streets. they say the driver of the car remained on the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. police say they don't suspect impairment as a factor. the victim was taken to highland hospital in oakland. her condition has not been released tonight. firefighters are investigating a fatal house fire in antioch contra costa county firefighters arrived at a home on the 3300 block of serpentine way. this was just about eight o'clock tonight a few hours ago. they did find one person dead inside the home. no other injuries were reported. the home's garage sustained much of the damage and it did take firefighters just about 30
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minutes to get that fire under control, turning now to that large wildfires burning in mariposa county firefighters now have the oak fire at 16% contained. that's up from no containment at this time yesterday, but there is a jump in the number of structures destroyed some of those being homes. count fires has 55 structures have been destroyed and more than 17,000 acres have burned in all. earlier this evening, we did speak with cal fire's jonathan pierce about what firefighters are facing. this fire is exhibiting extreme fire behavior, and that's due to a number of factors. the terrain in this area is deep and rugged and semi remote, but you also have high fuel loading due to tree mortality, in addition to low humidity, high temperatures and that's all stressed and compounded by years of drought, so you're very dry fuels that are ready to burn. and we started seeing smoke from the fire moved into the bay area tonight we did capture these images of a hazy sky over the
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city of mountain view and air quality advisory is in effect for the bay area and the bay area air quality management district says it does expect smoke will affect us through wednesday, ktvu meteorologist roberta gonzalez will join us later in the newscast with a breakdown of the current conditions. two small fires kept firefighters in the north bay busy today in pope valley. at least one structure was lost in the vegetation fire near larry. create street that fire started at about 7 30. firefighters did not say what type of structure burned. overall two acres were charred. firefighters are still monitoring hot spots out there. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the other fire to hit the north bay burned five acres of brush in geyserville time lapse video shows how the night's fire put out a lot of smoke around two this afternoon. firefighters got the flames contained within a few hours, and this evening, they say they expected to stay in that area or, they said, rather, they expected to stay in that area for several hours. we have no
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reports of structures lost in the fire again. the cause is under investigation. 11 san francisco supervisors are working on a compromise plan to give police more access to those live feeds from private surveillance cameras. with certain restrictions. the rules committee drew up a modified plan today it would allow for temporary live monitoring of cameras, but only during significant events with public safety concerns or in the course of a specific criminal investigation. the compromise would also establish a one year trial period. the board will take up the issue once again in the month of september, the new police chief in los altos will take over next week. angela avery will make history with this new post ktvu s amberleigh sat down with her new tonight, avery. it opens up about her priorities and what she brings to the job. i'm so excited. i'm like bubbling over with excitement. um i actually started monday august 1st avery will be lost alto's first black female police chief. the san jose native brings 24 years of
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law enforcement experience to the job, bringing some diversity and some culture awareness, maybe even to the city. the 48 year old started as a records clerk for hayward police and rose through the ranks to become lieutenant. she went on to work for bart police and was promoted to deputy chief. what you see is what you get, and it's important for me to say that because a lot of people in this profession women in particular, we feel like we have to change or we have to fit in someone's box or someone's category in order to move ahead, and that's just not the case anymore. avery. it tells me her priorities are promoting community policing and building a relationship with los altos unified school district forbid we ever have any sort of high profile incident like an active shooter, that we know what the game plan is that we know that or that the school district is comfortable knowing that the los altos police department will know how to handle that. avery tells me she was a 21 year old working as a baggage handler for united airlines when she went to work at hayward police to earn money
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to pay for flying lessons to become a pilot. but she became hooked during a police ride along. amberleigh ktvu, fox, two news firefighters battled a large fire at a vacant warehouse in alameda this afternoon. it broke out shortly after three p.m. and a former naval air station building on west ranger street firefighters say they arrived to find a lot of smoke and the roof partially collapsed . there were no reports of any injuries. san francisco supervisor has joined the calls calling on school board member and shoe to resign. in a statement, supervisor hillary ronen said. in part i recognize that commissioner shoe has offered in unconditional apology and an acknowledgement of the harm that her racist comments have caused a black and brown families. however as we face major challenges at sf usd, we need school board leaders who have a deep understanding of both the causes of unequal outcomes in our schools and the best ways to serve the students who struggle most. members of
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the san francisco branch of the naacp voted unanimously to call for shoes, immediate resignation . their vote comes after the cops executive board met with her last week. she ignited a firestorm earlier this month when she said, unstable family environments hinder the educational progress of black and brown students. naacp issued this statement, saying her comments indicate a profound disconnect between shoe and the black community and blame the effects of systemic systemic racism on the targets of that racism, and san francisco unified superintendent matt wayne addressed an audience that mayonnaise and san francisco tonight, however, we were told that he did not address the controversy. surrounding shoe. an investigation is underway in san rafael tonight after anti fa downtown neighborhood. police did not release pictures of those flyers. but anti semitic flyers have been found recently in palo alto, danville
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and san francisco. the flyers in san rafael, were discovered last night on driveways in the city's west and neighborhood. police say that the flyers were distributed in plastic bags. they did not make any specific threats to harm anyone or a target or target a specific location. detectives are now working to track down residential video footage, which may lead to an arrest. scientists apply lessons learned from covid-19 to the fight against monkeypox tonight still to come what they say they believe will help track the virus. look ahead to what's happening tomorrow. that should help give you an idea of what to expect next from the u. s economy.
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people forming long lines again tomorrow to get vaccinated for monkey pox. the monkey pox vaccine clinic won't reopen tomorrow because the hospital is out of shots and as cases of monkeypox continue to rise in the bay area, local scientists are using techniques used to detect the coronavirus to also detect monkeypox ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peter shows us how they're pulling it off. wastewater testing is incredibly important scientists at stanford or testing wastewater for monkeypox, just as they did for coronavirus. since last month, monkeypox has been detected and 10 of 11 sewer systems tested by the sewer, coronavirus alert
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network or scan, including palo alto and other bay area cities. democratic state senator scott wiener from san francisco, says wastewater testing will help with detection. regular individualized testing is very limited right now and so, you know. in a few 100 people are testing positive for monkey pox . that means a lot more people than that actually have it and the wastewater will allow us to more scientifically track. um what the trends are and how prevalent and actually weiner also sent this tweet monday, saying the monkey pox vaccine has run out at san francisco general hospital, and it will be closed on tuesday with no known date for getting more vaccine supply. weiner says he and the community are frustrated francisco keeps running out of monkey pox vaccines we have a lot, one of the largest populations of people with monkeypox in the country. um it's spreading and we need to get people vaccinated, believes
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it will be months before the federal government can get an adequate amount of the vaccine where it's most needed. on monday, the white house also talked about monkey pox and its efforts to get a handle on the spread of the virus. to date, we have distributed more than 300,000 vaccines. two jurisdictions around the country. we have procured more vaccines than any other country in the world. probably more than every other country in the world combined, weiner says. right now he's working on getting an emergency budget appropriation so that he can expand testing vaccine sites and outreach, he says. in the meantime, people should continue to take precautions and learn as much as they can about monkeypox. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. u s. senator alex padilla hopes joining forces with 22. other senate democrats will put pressure on the government to address wha . the senator sent a letter to the cdc and health and human
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services, expressing concern that the lack of available vaccine appointments continues to fuel anxiety anxiety about a virus that is generally unfamiliar to americans who are urgently looking for solutions, especially those who identify with the lgbt. eq plus community . the senators are urging the biden administration to ensure distribution of the vaccine is equitable. san francisco's department of public health says the latino population is being disproportionately affected by monkeypox. right now, the department is working with community groups. to help latinos take further steps to protect themselves. the latest data shows. a total of 215 confirmed cases in the city that data also showing a disturbing trend. latinos make up 15% of san francisco's population but comprised of 30% of the city's monkeypox cases. we know that health disparities, social disparities, economic disparities hit our communities first, right, so here we are again with monkeypox emerging in
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our community. the latino task force started during the pandemic as the latino population faced a disproportionate impact from covid. well, the group is now using its outreach programs like food distribution to inform the community. a small, family owned bakery in pittsburgh is hoping someone will recognize the man who attacked workers and damaged property. last week video shows that man, causing a ruckus at star bread bakery on harbor road . he shoves the register, throws the credit card machine and then smashes the donut display. then he came back, punching one employee in the head and injuring the owner who suffered a fractured hand and broken finger. managers say they have told him in the past to stay away, but he claimed it was his twin brother, who could not follow covid rules. i'm not sure if he has a twin brother or not. um but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. and we even offered a refund. some regular customers coming into the bakery to buy boxes of baked goods also
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brought flowers and well wishes , all hoping that someone can identify this man. so far. pittsburgh police have not made any arrest. some people economists out there say it already feels like we're in a recession coming up what to watch this week that could signal what's up next for the economy. also find out what's forcing one south bay park to make campgrounds off limits to visitors. two stories to talk about tonight with their weather forecasts. first of all the smoke, and secondly, the thunderstorms. you got the complete breakdown. as the news continues, we'll be right back.
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let's bounced back in june from its lowest level in a year. also tomorrow, google's parent company, alphabet, and microsoft , will release earnings today. president biden work to curb recession fears my hope is we go from this rapid growth to steady growth and so see. we'll see some coming down, but i don't think we're going to god willing. i don't think we're going to see a recession. thank you all. on wednesday with the federal reserve decides to do with interest rates will be watched closely. most economists expect the fed will hike short term rates another three quarters of a percentage point to help curb inflation that would likely lead to higher rates for consumers on credit cards, mortgages and other loans . if the short term rate jumps that much, it would mark a second consecutive hefty increase something the federal reserve has not done since the nineties. state park officials announced today that campgrounds
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at portola redwoods state park will close temporarily. the closure is because of low water flows in peters creek that is the park's primary water source. the closure is scheduled to last through the end of camping season day use areas in the trail camp will remain open. open buyers will not be allowed and drinking water will not be available. voted journalists, eric mickum saw something in the skies today in the south bay, something he hasn't seen in quite some time. look at that right there. what is that? pollution smoke smoke from dirty air, dirty air? yeah you know, computer models are spot on saying it was gonna drift into the bay area, and this is why we have that air quality advisory in effect, at least for the next couple of days. so let's see what's going to happen with that smoke. now that was over the santa clara valley that was over the gilroy area as well. now we put our future cast into motion and you see the haze over the bay area by tomorrow morning's
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commute. we go ahead and advances through the afternoon hours and look the air quality. continues to deteriorate all the way through tuesday evening and into wednesday as well, and it's all associated with that fire. that's 202 150 miles away. the plume is lifting up to the north . it's drifted out to the west, and that's because our winds will be shifting tomorrow to the southwest 10 to 20 encouraging that hes into the bay area. we do have a marine layer. it's roughly about 2000 ft. deep and that's more of a westerly push onshore, so it's kind of be like a big fight between the marine layer and that plume of smoke, but the smoke is in the upper levels. the marine layers closer to the surface right now we have temperatures fifties and low sixties. we do have an upper level area. low pressure just off the big sur coast. we have high pressure there is causing this funnel effect and this is the second part of the story as far as weather is concerned, right there, monsoon oh, moisture. it wants to work its way into the bay area, so i've
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placed a 10% chance of a thunderstorm nicking the east bay into the north bed. i know you say, 10% what's that? anything over 5% with our dry vegetation? cation and a lightning strike could cause a fire. so meanwhile, after tonight's lows, dipping into the fifties and few low sixties tomorrow, rebounding to an outside number of 89, antioch's otherwise with the marine learn a little coastal drizzle 62 pacifica. notice the forecast status quo each and every day, mike and julie alright, roberta . thank you. well, the jackpot for tomorrow's mega millions drawing has now grown to an estimated $810 million that is the third largest in the game's history. and today, many barrier residents were out there, making sure they did not miss out on a chance at that jackpot. customers purchase their tickets at participating vendors cost $2 for a mega millions ticket, and for many $2 is definitely worth the price of being able to dream about what they would do with the winnings. you're the airport
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into the all star break winners of seven of their last nine games, and they have yet to win since then, after their four game sweep in l. a. the giants ran into a hot merrill kelly
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tonight in the first of three in arizona scoreless game here in the fifth, even with the giants make good contact the diamondbacks in the right place, josh rojas takes a hit away from tyra estrada. kelly retired the 1st 15 batters he faced. jacob jonas pitch well for the giants coming off the injured list, but he wasn't helped by the bullpen. one run already scored in the fifth and then alex thomas singled out darlene garcia perdomo scores from second the diamondbacks in front to nothing , they added on in the sixth against sam, long carson kelly times of breaking pitch sends it high off the wall to the deepest part of the ballpark. two runs come home. it's four to nothing. john bullpen would allow six runs on eight hits. and rojas keeps it going with a single to finish up the three run inning. kelly goes eight innings, allowing just three hits. the giants are shut out seven and their fifth straight loss drops the giants to an even 548 and 48. the a's lost season. is that a few bright spots of laid against the houston astros oakland trailing the astros won
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nothing. this evening at the colosseum in the third inning, the asia trailing no more. tony kemp gets into us. jake odorizzi pitch puts one over the right field fence 1911 game on fourth homer of the year. one inning later, elvis andres unties it. ramon laureano tried home from third. it's 2 to 1. then one out later, kemp's big night continues. he puts one in no man's land in center. chad pinder scores. so does andres 4 to 1 lead camp two for three on the night with three rbis and the inning would get even better sky bolt up next, and he bolts one high into the sky and write five run inning for the age. they go on to win 7 to 5. the first loss for the astros since the break, but they've lost three of four to the aid more than three weeks ago, kevin durant said he wanted out of brooklyn and wanted the nets to arrange of trade. he's still waiting. a landing with the warriors has long ago been dismissed, and the boston celtics are the new flavor of
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the week, according to reports today. jason tatum is off limits , but the celtics might be willing to part with jalen brown in the package for durant that would include three unprotected first round draft picks. durant has four years and $198 million remaining on his contract. miami phoenix and toronto have been mentioned as other potential trading partners, but no one seems to interested right now in acquiring durant. check this out time on a monday night pirates at wrigley field where krista for morale, smokes it. jt brubaker pitch to left. that should be a hit, if not for the effort by ben gamble on that find a much better effort than that, which even is appreciated . watch this by the guy who got robbed those okay? gotta give him credit 32 winners despite gambles effort on that catch it when they you know he had to give him like props for professional courtesy. good sportsmanship. brubaker i haven't heard that name. there
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