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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  July 27, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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consumer might be impacted. fueled by high consumer demand from any goods and services and is still sluggish supply chain both of which aggravate inflation. the federal reserve raised interest rates and other three quarters of a point to tamp inflation down. so far, the effects have been, uh, constrained mostly to the real estate market. we've seen a dramatic slowdown in home sales and home construction. perhaps even a little bit of softening and home prices, looking at just the last two rate hikes in may $500,000 home purchase with 20% down required a monthly payment of twenty two hundred $9. today that payment is 25 94 in may of five year $35,000 car loan plus tax required a $694 a month payment now it will be 730. in
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may, a credit card with an average $6200 balance with the old interest rate meant that the monthly interest cost alone was over $84 a month now the interest charge is 88 50. even before today's increase. the wharton school of business at the university of pennsylvania says due to inflation, the average american household is paying $3500 a year more now than in 2000. but having said that, not including today's interest rate, increase the price of some things big and small, have actually come down. we are already seeing signs that the federal reserve's monetary policy making is starting to slow down the economy. so far, it's been in a gentle way that we would hope they area regular gasoline prices have dropped 15% since their mid june all time highs. today's new car prices are 20% higher than pre pandemic 2019 and used car prices 30%
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higher, though they have fallen from their peaks. there's still 12% higher than a year ago. most of the effect has yet to be felt , uh and there's still more interest rate increases, probably coming between now and the end of the year. two households think gas prices lately. have you checked the interest rates? absolutely were in a recession. we're not currently in a recession and we possibly could be heading to one, but i think that's yet to be seen third straight month. consumer confidence has dropped . tom baker, ktvu fox two news. well on wall street stocks closed higher today. gains following the fed's announcement were led by rallies in microsoft and google's parent company, alphabet stop now gained 436 points. excuse me. the nasdaq was up for 69, the s and p finished the day up. 102 points
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. well, speaking of money, the mega millions jackpot has now surged to more than $1 billion. no one matched all six winning numbers last night, so this jackpot will roll to more than one billion for friday's big drawing. this huge jackpot has rolled over now. for 29 consecutive drawings with no one winning since april 15th. this will be the third largest price and people who don't normally buy a lottery tickets are rushing to try their luck. it's just, uh it's a big jackpot. see? maybe i could hit. maybe not. don't you know you would never know. never know if i hit now there was one california ticket that had all five of the regular numbers last night, but did not have the mega number in the drawing that ticket worth $2.9 million was sold in the town of baker in san bernardino county. well, the nfl off season is officially over today, the 49ers kicked off training gap fans gathered at the practice
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field there in santa clara to watch the team decked out in red and gold fans held signs and cheered as the unofficial start of the season is now underway. to be up close and personal with the players, um, carrying their conversations there, spit you could feel their spit and sweat. all open practice tickets cost $5, with proceeds going to the 49ers foundation. helping area youth. joe fonzi was at camp today and coming up in just a bit in the newscast will have the latest on the 49ers starting quarterback trade. lance got to get to some breaking news in san francisco. people are being told to avoid the area of market and front. this is in the financial district due to police activity . we just got this video into the newsroom from the scene and you can see a couple of vehicles here involved in a crash. including that truck there that it flipped on its side. so far, we don't have any word on injuries or the circumstances around this incident. our crew is there and we'll bring you more information. as soon as we get it into the newsroom
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certainly looks like a serious crash there in san francisco. well it was a day of action in east oakland today aimed at providing resources to local residents. the event happened along international boulevard between 80 seconds. and 90th avenue starting this morning, the community safety task force offered a whole range of resources from meals to housing , job training, senior care and even free haircuts. the organizers, including district seven council member and mayoral candidate trevor reid, said that they hope to transform not only the eight blocks that were focused on today. but all of east oakland. we believe with this collective support this ongoing support that we are launching today that we will see this corridor transformed. and as we see this quarter transform , we will take what we are doing here and model it throughout the city that we will see not only east oakland rising and thriving , but our city rising and thriving more with showing up and meeting our community where they are. that's what community
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leaders who spoke said that they want to stop the violence by touching as many lives as they can with resources and services in san francisco. more than 250 tenderloin housing clinic workers went on strike today over pay issues. this strike is a last resort. we will fought for the last eight months and contract negotiations and good faith. the city funded workers support 24 of san francisco's single room occupancy hotels they keep people house do otherwise would be homeless. these workers do plan to strike for 24 hours. they say they have been struggling with years of turnover, burnout and short staffing because of low pay very challenging our wages have been stagnant for years, while prices have been going up all over the bay area. so many of my co workers are working two jobs 80 hours a week. it's really difficult. they're having a hard time feeding families were having a hard time paying our own bills. medical bills may
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report from the san francisco comptroller's office found that quote low wage levels have led to difficulty hiring and high turnover impacting client services and service providers. stability the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing has not commented on the strike. police chief is under fire tonight for what the police officers association is calling a community crisis. they announced a no confidence vote today, saying the top cop does not care about officers working conditions and is just paying lip service to transparency. crime reporter henry lee joins us now from the newsroom with more on this clash between the union and the police chief, henry heather attorneys for the police union, save alejo chief shawne williams talks the talk, but as alienated officers lied under oath and lacks transparency they see under his watch sworn officers have gone down from 111 to just 87. citizens of the city or not safe. under the leadership of
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shawne williams, and something has to be done. police union attorney michael rain says chief shawne williams has unfairly disciplined officers and hired friends on this command staff. last december, the union issued a vote of no confidence against the top cop. they are sick and tired. of being maligned. by a police chief who is incompetent , who is unethical? who does not support them? the chief fired lieutenant hermann robinson, a 48 year veteran for allegedly improperly sharing information without their officers. but robinson, a former officer of the year, was recently reinstated with back pay. his attorney, julia fox, says the chief is all fizz, but no gin chief williams oftentimes vomits award salad of the quote unquote. 21st century policing pillars. the chief declined to comment, but instead referred to an annual report that touted the department's progress with reforms and technology. like in car cameras. the top cop has the backing of city manager mike malone. in a statement, malone
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said, in part, the city council and i continue to express our strong support for chief williams and the transformational reform initiatives being employed to create a department that serves the needs and desires of the whole community. outside the news conference, citizens and a council member made their displeasure. with a union clear that the police union has been putting out this propaganda against our police chief who has been really, really trying his best from the community standpoint, we see him doing the things that we have. we have asked the city to do. michelle manu rosa said she supports the chief because he wants to fire the officer who fatally shot her brother sean family right now there's an alignment with the chief, you know, our overall goal is to terminate, um, jared turner to not be put back on the force. the city manager is also asking all unions, staff and the community to work together for the betterment of alejo live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios. okay, so boy, this internal clashing really bubbling up to the surface now, henry. so what happens after
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this vote of no confidence is all in the city manager's court. he's made clear in a statement that he supports the police chief, so time will tell. all right. henry lee reporting live for us this afternoon, henry. thank you. details in a court battle over efforts to clear a homeless camp along the joe redonda trail in santa rosa federal judge has extended a temporary restraining order against the move until friday. the judge also asked county officials for more information before moving forward. the judges original order said that sonoma county and the city of santa rosa were planning an eviction without providing shelter options as required by federal law. the county tells ktvu that they are hopeful the judge will see that they have complied with their legal obligations. they say they're working with about a dozen residents still at the camp to get them into shelters. hundreds of goats are grazing here in this field at chabot park, brooks jarocz. we show you the efforts the east bay regional park system is doing to try to reduce fire fuels and historic
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rainfall in the midwest, turning roadways into rivers and more, maybe on the way. and a very of weather another summer like day out there in the middle of summer, with some fog out toward the coastline, some warming temperatures inland, and this trend will continue on your thursday forecast the update coming up but first why st jose's mayor says continuing to live with certain covid era precautions is actually harming public safety. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores
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so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. getting two separate shootings. a man was shot and killed just before 1 30 this morning on west street, not far from the intersection of san pablo and west grand avenues.
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investigators say this scene is near homeless in camera, but have not yet released any details about the victim or possible suspects. and then around 7 30. last night there was a shooting on foothill boulevard. a man was wounded and transported himself to the hospital. police arrested that man who was in stable condition after determining that he was involved in that shooting political battle is pitting san jose's mayor against the santa clara county board of supervisors. the issue releasing nonviolent criminals from jail with the goal of reducing the jail population, all due to covid. interviews jesse gary live tonight in san jose. with more on this story, jesse good evening. my good evening to you, mayor liccardo says, continuing this covid area policy harms public safety, but critics, including the county's top executive, say this isn't about policy or it's not about public safety, but rather politics. wednesday san jose mayor sam liccardo lashing out over the practice of what he calls a
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revolving door at the county jails and we are looking for a return. to exactly what the california constitution calls for a mandate in article one machine public safety and that release decisions be made by judges presented two high profile cases dating back to 2020. the alleged criminals were arrested and released multiple times as part of a santa clara county effort in jail populations due to the spread of covid, one of the men is accused of committing to homicides after being let out. the mayor says hundreds of people have been arrested and released or just cited without going to jail. the problem is when the objective of depopulating the jail. is taken with such singular focus. that it neglects the purpose of the jail, which is the community safety points to some business owners who complain of being victimized by the same criminals over and over again broke in and took catherine sister second time in march. they burn our ali
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. he doesn't have any evidence that this practice is what causes people to be released. we're working with the court and the public defender and the d a. and any time there's a release, they all have to agree that this individual is low risk, santa clara county executive jess smith says the mayor's beef is with other county offices, not his and smith adds. this issue is being raised now in an election year. he's trying to make a vagrancy issue into a safety issue. that's just not true, but i think he's trying to play the law and order game for his friend matt mehan. and matt mehan is running for mayor in the fall. speculation that is that the mayor is supporting him. the mayor liccardo says he's directing staff to reach out to county officials to establish a dialogue about this practice of releasing. criminals, even though they are nonviolent. we're live in san jose this evening, jesse gary
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ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. jesse. thank you. fire investigators there in the south bay are looking into what sparked a restaurant fire early this morning that firebird at the holder's country inn restaurant in san jose on south de anza boulevard. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke pouring out of that restaurant. it appears that it might have started in the back. corner of the restaurant, possibly talking with the owners. that sounds like it might be the kitchen area. it sounds like the last person that was here last night was a manager left around nine o'clock. and that's all we know so far. on the fire captain says the building is most likely a total loss. no one was hurt. at least four people were killed and dozens of others injured after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the philippines video posted to facebook shows the social welfare and development secretary there surveying the damage. the major quake was centered in a mountainous area in the northern part of the country and was felt in manila
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some 200 miles away. the earthquake set off landslides and also damaged buildings. the government satellites captured these images of storms that brought record rainfall in historic flooding to st louis, missouri and surrounding areas, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration posted this footage to twitter. the images are from yesterday's big storm that killed at least one person and caused widespread damage in those areas. a state of emergency has now been declared in st louis, and officials and residents are now starting to assess all of the damage there. dozens of partial roof collapses have been reported and homes are flooded. the storm hit the area yesterday. more than 12 inches of rain fell in just a few hours , prompting dozens of water rescues by first responders, and it's not over yet. forecasters say more rain maybe on the way. just dramatic images there with over a foot of rain fall now for us. we're talking about still some hazy skies here in the bay
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area. of course, we have been watching the activity around the oak fire in the mariposa county and you could see the smoke forecast model is keeping most of the smoke out of the areas. we take this into your thursday, but you may have noticed a little bit of some haze in the sky. and with that the air quality advisory we have been talking about has been extended through thursday. with that upper level smokes on that hes still a part of the barrier. the forecast is still not completely in the clear for tomorrow. showing you the satellite here is a typical summertime pattern , with low clouds and fog, once again, right near the immediate coastline is becoming closer still looks like some foggy conditions out toward the coast for pacifica ocean beach portions of the marine headlands as well. current numbers that fog pattern is having a huge impact on temperatures only in the upper fifties in half moon bay, but some eighties well inland toward concord, walnut creek and in livermore was back at the satellite that we're showing you this, in fact, that the overall pattern some record heat to the north of the bay area. places like reading could
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be over 110 degrees over the next few days. we're also watching some monsoonal moisture that's likely come to form of some high clouds. off and on through thursday and into friday . here's our live camera this afternoon, looking above san francisco, and there's that fog bank. this is a classic summertime pattern. no big changes in our forecast, maybe a little bit of some warming in at least four tomorrow. so once again some low clouds and fog tomorrow morning, maybe some drizzle out there and then into the afternoon hours, some fog coast side a few high clouds paying us a visit and temperature is a big time. summertime temperature range here in the bay area, you can pick your temperatures lower sixties for the beach is seven. is around the bay. lots of eighties to right around 90 degrees. well, inland. this is for you thursday. but what about your weekend? we'll have the full update. coming up in just a little bit. alright mark. thank you. well the san francisco 49 ers are back out there on the field today as training camp is underway and today actually marks the first day with quarterback trade lands in charge of the offense. joe fonzi was in santa clara, where it's
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always a ritual this time of year with a twist. the excitement to be back on the field is always there on the first day of summer camp, but so was another element. change the 49ers first day of camp was witnessed by a healthy gathering of their fans who are transitioning to the team's current state, while still wearing the reminder of a well liked former player who's jersey , is destined to join the ranks of the sixteens and eights. developing chemistry with new starting quarterback trade. lance will be a priority for everyone on the 49ers offense, but especially someone who figures to be as important as receiver brandon aiyuk, who trained with lance this offseason. he talked to me all the time. i guess, he said. i used to never talk to him. i stand giving dirty looks apparently, but i was just being i was really i don't know what he's talking about. but every time you get in the huddle, and then you go away, and then you work and you get better, and you come back. and you go away and
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come back in each time you get more and more comfortable, um, just based off, not only the work that he put in a way, um, but just um, having some success in the in the spring and then coming back, you know, some guys just hang around the quarterback, so people write articles about it, and they can get brownie points. but that's not how you style so i liked i liked where he was before he left in the fact that he was with three for so long makes a lot of sense, because, um, he seems pretty determined. so while the quarterback situation is now settled one major goal on the summer checklist remains to be accomplished. tebow samuel is in camp. but he won't be in full practices until he gets a contract extension. i just had a good talk with devo. i know there's we all know there's a lot going on with devo right now. his representation and tory with prague and john and hamp. they're talking nonstop right now. so we'll see what happens. hopefully we can figure something out soon. elsewhere on the personnel front, the 49ers parted ways today with edge rusher dee ford, who has been plagued by injury. last year starting corner jason barrett, not yet healthy enough to
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practice but on the positive side, starting tackle mike mcglinchey, who had midseason surgery, was a full participant . in practice. the change is inevitable, but they're truly good organizations in all of pro sports stay competitive. despite that. the current challenge for the 49ers make the postseason and consecutive years for the first time in the john lynch kyle shanahan era. in santa clara joe fonzi ktvu fox two. south bay officials announcing when more doses of the monkey pox vaccine can be distributed, plus what a san francisco lawmaker is calling for it to slow the spread and coming up tonight is six. uc hastings has a new name as administrators grapple with the past of the law grapple with the past of the law school's when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members.
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taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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they opened the county fairgrounds expo hall for monkey pox vaccines, with a total of 380 appointments booked today and tomorrow. the vaccine needs
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to be given for someone with a known contact like after their exposure. but also to people who are most likely to be exposed before they get exposed. the county says it is partnering with lgbt community groups to get the word out to make sure those at high risk get appointments. they say 700 more doses are on the way, but it's not clear yet when those doses will arrive. officials also released new details on the 39 confirmed monkeypox cases there in the south bay. they say nearly half of those are among latino men state senator scott wiener is calling monkeypox a public health crisis, saying that it needs to be treated as such more than 200 cases have been detected in san francisco. in a statement, senator weiner released today he is asking for a state of emergency to be declared that statement reads in part state of emergency declarations will create significant flexibility around testing, contracting for services in administration of
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vaccinations. it will allow us to use all the resources in our power. or to contain the outbreak. after weeks of delays , nearly 800,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine will soon be available for distribution. us health officials say they will announce their allocation plans tomorrow, but we do know tonight that at least 4000 of those doses will come to san francisco , california is receiving millions of dollars from the usda to help local food banks all across our state. us agriculture secretary tom vilsack announced the funding this morning in your local county. it will be used to purchase locally grown products that will be distributed to people in need through feeding programs, including food banks. this is indeed going to help. hundreds of thousands of families here in california and millions of families across the united states. it's also gonna link hundreds, if not thousands of local producers. historically underserved producers small family size farming operations
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to a new market opportunity. the funding is authorized through president biden's american rescue plan, which invested $400 million to make food more affordable and to help stabilize agricultural supply chains. 12 help from the herd. hundreds of goats are being utilized in the east bay to control one piece of fire behavior. also the commander in chief now out of isolation and issuing a new plea to americans.
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the clock battling california's largest wildfire so far this year, and they continue to gain control over the oak fire there in mariposa county, near yosemite national park. the oak fire says. excuse me, officials say that the oak fire now is at 32% containment. the wildfire has grown several 100 acres, though since yesterday and is now scores nearly 19,000 acres. although some evacuation orders have been lifted, most remain in place. this is the third time for me. so i had stuff still in boxes. i'm in the process of writing a book, and i didn't want to leave any of my work there, so i just grabbed whatever i could and got out of there. that's the best we could do more prepared next time because i put in, like one outfit one nightgown. it's not enough. because i don't know
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when they're gonna let us back in. the crews were working all night and really strengthening those containment lines. we just really stressed to be patient. we have crews from all over the state of california working on this fire. 74 buildings have been destroyed, many of them homes because of the fire remain center investigation well, with the peak of wildfire season now upon us work to reduce fire risk is really ramping up in the east bay hills. there was an ongoing effort to create fire breaks and cut back trees. ktvu brooks jarocz joins us now after seeing how the east bay regional parks district is doing its part brooks jarocz on three main factors whether terrain and fuel for the flames. now the one that can be controlled is that fuel and no tools to battle. the brush are off the table and more than a dozen east bay parks that even means getting help by the herd. mhm cutest things on earth . we love them. they have great
5:33 pm
personalities. they're here to do a job. one big bite and chew means one step closer to preventing a major wildfire. 350 goats can take down about an acre a day of average growth. sawyer zoom knows best. she owns thousands of them. and these days, our company goats are us is chronically busy. we just try to get out there and do our best meet all the needs that are requested of us. we've been we live in this community and this east bay with climate change in drought. it's just one strategy employed by the east bay regional parks district, where 65% of land is grazed, sometimes near and between homes in this field here at chez ballpark, 600 goats are grazing, aiming to reduce fire fuel. but when you have areas that are uncontained or managed by fuels reduction work. it has the potential to have large wildfires because it's going to produce flame lanes that are large in that we
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can control through firefighters using engines. the assistant fire chief says the work costs millions, but it has already paid off a recent vegetation fire near the oakland zoo spread to park property, but newly created firebreaks. help stop it from growing for us. it was a proven example. that combination of fuels management, along with a quick fire response is a proven method to keeping our neighbors safe from catastrophic wildfire. bowen along nearby trails, a new project, costing $10 million is underway. in in with eliminating brush and cutting back limbs, getting into areas where the goats can't. and a 15 person hand crew is tasked with taking down trees, many dying due to drought left standing and dangerous, otherwise acting as kindling as the first signs of a spark, so for us, we're going in to reduce those trees them out, and that'll make it so that it's not so much of a fire hazard,
5:35 pm
helping the community beefier safe, a proactive approach to keep everyone even the herds happy. for comparison and 15 person hand crew cost the parks district $1.2 million a year, but for the hundreds and hundreds of goats that cover ground in more than a dozen parks, it only costs $500,000 a year, so it's truly a cost effective way to protect against catastrophic wildfire. heather brooks, we regularly see a lot of people using goats for fire management. just curious, though, how they go about kind of mapping out where the goats are going to be. sure so the herder actually sets up an electrified fence and when the goats are done in that area, they put one of those fences down and let them into another area that they already have corralled. and they do that until all the work is done, like a little puzzle piece there. alright brooks jarocz. thank you . we'll be sure to stay with ktvu and keep us up to date on the oak fire another wildfires across our state. we have a
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special section on our website dedicated to wildfire coverage, including safety tips and air quality conditions. just had to ktvu dot com slash wildfires. a neighborhood in oakland is honoring a police officer who died rescuing trapped homeowners during the 1991 oakland hills firestorm today, the north hills community association unveiled a new bench, don, or oakland police officer john gribbin ski officer group penske died in the fire as he tried to evacuate a family from their home. authorities found his body with a woman. he was trying to pull to safety. mr good. boesky is a hero. in the oakland police department and someone that will never be forgotten. today for the oakland police department. is an important moment it recognizes the tremendous risk that our officers take every day to keep our community safe. officer group penske was among 25 people who died in the oakland hills fire on october 20th 1991 a sentences have now
5:37 pm
been handed down to the last two officers convicted of violating george floyd civil rights when he was killed. j alexander kong and two towel were sentenced to 3.5 years in prison respectively . the judge says their punishments reflect their level of blame and what happened in may of 2020, a jury found they withheld medical attention and failed to stop derek chauvin from kneeling on the 46 year old floyd's neck for nearly 10 minutes. chauvin was sentenced to 20 years for violating floyd civil rights. to be served concurrent with the 22 year sentence for his state conviction of murder and manslaughter charges. a grand jury has indicted the suspect in the fourth of july parade shooting, and highland park, illinois. the indictment includes 117 felony counts, including murder and attempted murder. police say robert cremo opened fire on people who were watching the parade. seven people were killed. dozens were injured. president biden has made a big recovery from covid-19 testing negative now he
5:38 pm
was back. working in the oval office foxes. jonathan serrie has details now on the president's recovery. i thought i heard him rumbling my staff saying, oh, he's back. president biden is beaten covid-19, the president's doctor, giving him a clear bill of health, saying wednesday that he's covid free and officially out of isolation . he does not have a fever and is discontinued his use of all anti covid drugs and his symptoms are almost completely resolved. symptoms were mild. my recovery was quick and i'm feeling great. the president's recovery comes amid a new surge in covid cases were still averaging about 130,000 every day in the us, with most health officials agreeing that a sense of vaccine fatigue is growing among the public, the cdc says less than 30% of eligible teenagers and fewer than 40% of 18 to 49 year olds have rolled up their sleeves for boosters, prompting a new plea from the president. every person age five
5:39 pm
and over should get a booster shot. if you're over 50 years old, you should get two booster shots i did. the president also says therapeutics played a big role in his recovery, especially with the new be a five sub variant, which is thought to be significantly more contagious than other strains, and most doctors agree he would not have improved so quickly without the use of the anti covid drug pack . slovin you've got a lot of tools on board. they're fighting this. and so that's why a 79 year old with a history of heart disease would be doing this well. according to the cdc, the b a five sub variant accounts for more than 80% of all new covid infections in the us in atlanta. john serrie fox news. okay this is not a seaplane, but it made an emergency water landing, plus i was expecting to be that's applied. joking about
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being the sixth person bitten by a shark in one florida county. the encounter did not cost that man his sense of humor.
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seattle this happened yesterday afternoon. the federal aviation administration is investigating what caused this single engine cessna 1 50 to go down. bystanders there at the beach rushed in to help the pilot as that plane started to sink. authorities say the pilot was the only person on the plane and was not hurt. it is shark week in a man in florida is on the road to recovery after his encounter. with the apex predator as foxes. stephanie buff monte shows us he's grateful to have still all of his limbs. trying to swing on my back. and then i saw the blood coming out. 33 year old brian
5:43 pm
oliveira is still can't believe he was bitten by a shark yesterday at daytona beach. he just got home from the hospital tonight. i felt like a bump. something touched me and not even a second later, i felt they bite or something that hurts. olivares was jumping in the waves with his family. when a shark bit his foot. he rushed to shore fainted and then was put in an ambulance and sent to halifax health. he had to have surgery to repair and reattach his tendons that catch you burns. and then flat like. it is like a knife. something like when you go out with a knife. so that is the feeling and burning , experts say there are typically 10 shark bites and dilution county every year and 25 in florida total with the
5:44 pm
peak months being in august and september, we spoke with the shark expert who said it's key to swim with friends. when you're in a group of people, it's harder for the for sharks to sort of pick on one individual that get confused by lots of people moving and also, if there's more than one of you and somebody gets into trouble, there's somebody there to help you. county beach safety says only viruses the sixth person bit in volusia county this year , and he has a sense of humor about it to be the top five. because for olive heiress, he is just thankful he came home hole. i feel lucky. i feel lucky and glad i'm completely like i'm not missing. any. any limbs. he tells me he was grateful that he was swimming near a lifeguard so is able to get medical attention right away. he urges anyone coming to the beach this summer to make sure they are near a lifeguard tower reporting in
5:45 pm
daytona beach, stephanie with monty fox news. well as expected basketball star brittany grinder took the stand today in a russian courtroom. but an announcement from the u. s secretary of state about getting reiner back came as a big surprise and the new drought plan to distribute water underground from one part of california to another part in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business is introducing small business savings. call now to get powerful internet for just 39 dollars a month. with no contract. and a money back guarantee. all on the largest, fastest reliable network. from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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w n b a star britney griner out of jail in moscow and back to the united states. secretary of state antony blinken says the u. s. has made a substantial proposal to secure the release of grinder and former u. s. marine paul whelan. lincoln did not offer details. but a person familiar with the matter says the u. s government is offering to exchange viktor bout convicted russian arms trafficker for the two americans about is serving a 25 year. u. s prison sentence. greiner was back in a moscow courtroom today
5:48 pm
to testify in her defense, she said at the time of her arrest, no one explained her rights and that she was ordered through a translator to sign documents. that point i got on my phone and i contacted my spouse. my sports agent and my club teams translator. i can only assume that they were about the search and the cartridges. we have to use my phone for google translate for him to be able to tell me a little bit. griner has pleaded guilty to the charges, but says she had no criminal intent. her trial was adjourned until tuesday, one year after the worst pacific northwest heat wave on record left hundreds dead, the region finds itself better prepared as more extreme heat moves through. he records have already fallen in oregon and washington state, with temperatures climbing as high as 103 degrees in some areas. fighters jacare alexis joins us live tonight from seattle will temperatures are the highest they've been all year round. good evening, jake. still pretty
5:49 pm
hot tonight. good evening, mike . it is still pretty hot tonight. we're seeing temperatures up in the nineties here in washington state for the first time since last summer. other states in the western part of the u. s are seeing similar conditions. here's some of the areas facing either heat advisories or excessive heat warnings through saturday that includes cities here in washington state, oregon, down where you guys are in california , nevada and idaho, the national weather service says the end of july is usually when we see the highest temperatures of the year in the northwest. it is going to be unusually hot, and that can have a toll on folks, especially if you don't have a conditioning or access to air conditioning. it can be kind of a cumulative night after night of warm temperatures. western and central washington saw record high temperatures yesterday, the seattle airport hit 94 degrees, breaking the previous daily record. in oregon. the governor put 25 counties under a state of
5:50 pm
emergency because of the heat. we asked a woman in seattle what she's doing to stay cool during this week's heat. going to the beach. it's much cooler at the beach. the cool marine air coming in it gets hot in the mid afternoon. most americans are domesticated. you know they're in their houses or in their cars. parts of washington and oregon could see more record highs in the next couple of days. the national weather service temperatures could start coming down by the end of the weekend in seattle. jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news. of the state department of water resources today released a new proposal for an underground tunnel to take water from the sacramento river to the central valley in southern california. former governor jerry brown had pushed for twin tunnels to deliver water from the sacramento river to southern california governor gavin newsom though scaled back the project to 1 45 mile tunnel. officials say it will help capture water
5:51 pm
during major storms that otherwise might be lost. a price tag was not released, but prior estimates pegged the cost $16 billion. and a barrier weather temperatures could be warming up just slightly over the next couple of days, but no major heat in our forecast hotspots may be approaching the lower nineties, so we kind of continue to escape all that extreme heat. you can see the highest from this afternoon sixties in san francisco, oakland, 71 bunch of eighties out there and antioch maxing out in the nineties 94 degrees. what will happen once again, it seems like the low clouds and fog has been a constant coast side. have a layer of warm air kind of settled into the region that will lead to kind of the fog becoming compressed. and with that, with the fog is, it will be locally dense and maybe another round some drizzle for tomorrow morning. here's the satellite once again, this looks like july in northern california in the bay area, the fog hugging the coastline, and then a few high clouds moving in from the sierra. as far as the current fog pattern. it's out there
5:52 pm
closer to with the coast for pacific up. san francisco's ocean beach that we're in headlands are already pushing into the golden gate. current numbers san francisco checking in 61. we have some seventies up in the north paper senate rosa napa at some eighties for one that creek and in fairfield, here's a live camera. always interesting to look at the fog pattern here, so not completely over san francisco, but it's making its move. so we'll be tracking another round of some fog for tonight into it tomorrow morning. this is the forecast seems like we've been dealing with for quite some time. and that'll be the case for tomorrow morning, maybe some drizzle as well, especially out towards the coast temperatures in the fifties and the sixties and then into the afternoon hours, the clouds cleared back to near the shore line, and there is the eventual temperature range from the low sixties, all the way to the lower nineties. so once again, we have to talk about this guy, some moisture moving in from the south monsoonal moisture. we could have a few high class. clouds pay us a visit. in terms of the showers or thunderstorms. there's a tiny chance here in the bay area, but
5:53 pm
it looks like just a few high clouds moving in and then the record heat to the north. excessive heat. take a look places like portland's and reading ready. you can see those temperatures really going up. into the weekend. in fact, tomorrow 113 degrees for us a few high clouds drifting in from the south for tomorrow and then once again into your friday forecast, maybe a few isolated thunderstorms over parts of the sierra temperatures for tomorrow , 60 seventies and eighties, the warm spots will be approaching the lower nineties could be a little bit warmer in your thursday and then it's a friday into the weekend. these are all just some minor changes a little bit of subtle drop off into the weekend with partly sunny skies. by saturday. mark. thank you. £200,000 of plastic taken out of the pacific coming up after the break. we hear from a crew cleaning up the ocean, and we're all that plastic is now headed and coming up tonight at six. the city of san francisco has more monkeypox cases compared to some states, the number of
5:54 pm
vaccines that will soon land in the city and for the first time in its company history. facebook reporting a decline in revenue, the reason behind the drop thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by $50 or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours.
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will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. area rowers now record setters, 34 days, 14 hours and 11 minutes after leaving san francisco for women arrived in honolulu, hawaii. that's a full day faster than the previous record. the team wrote in two hour shifts and averaged about an hour and a half of sleep each day. breakdowns adrian smith, sofia, dennison, johnston and libby costello make up the alamo based group called latitude 35 racing
5:57 pm
, they say they aren't superhuman but wanted to inspire other people to take on their own challenges. congratulations no doubt. amazing mm hmm. from sausalito is back in the bay area after cleaning up hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic waste from the ocean. ktvu as a medic in tana shows us they spent today working to get recycled. into products that you might use screw with ocean voyages institute spent 45 days out at sea, collecting those bags and bags of plastic that you see right there. it was polluting the ocean between california and hawaii, an area known as the great pacific garbage patch. now it's all been unloaded and put into these containers to be sent off to be recycled. that is one of many bags on this recent trip. they collected £200,000 of plastic, adding up to £700,000, but they've removed from the ocean in the last four years. this
5:58 pm
includes items as small as toothbrushes and as big as abandoned fishing nets that kill marine wildlife and need a crane to remove them. the ocean is now being besieged. plastic waste. and so we have to do everything we can to change that having a healthy ocean makes a big difference to ocean life, and it makes a big difference to our own health. this is a cleanup effort that has happened every year since 2009 all paid for by donations. the ocean voyages institute has been leading the way using gps trackers to help remove plastics, and in 2020, they completed the largest cleanup in history. 340,000 we're going to try our best to collect. and try to finish all the chest that has been around there. in a trier. so we're gonna try our best to collect them all plastic moves on to the
5:59 pm
next step in the process. these big containers will be shipped to a recycler in long beach. all the waste will be turned into products or used for art projects. the good news is that none of this goes to a landfill or a dump. all of this plastic will get a new life insults. alito amanda kintanar, ktvu fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. health and community leaders grow impatient as the bay area deals with more monkeypox cases this afternoon, the federal government and the state promised more vaccines are on the way, but local health leaders still haven't been told when what we really need is vaccine. we need to get ahead of this, and the way to get ahead of it is with more vaccine and getting vaccine into arms of people who are most likely to be at risk. the us currently leads the world with the most monkeypox cases with more than 4600 nationwide and nearly 800
6:00 pm
right here in california. good evening, everyone heather holmes mike mibach today, santa clara county opened up the county fairgrounds expo hall for monkey pox vaccines with a total of 380 appointments booked for today, as well as for tomorrow. the vaccine needs to be given for someone with a known contact like after their exposure. but also to people who are most likely to be exposed before they get exposed. the county says it's partnering with the lgbtq community groups to get the word out to make sure those at high risk to get those appointments as a 700. more doses are on the way, but it's not clear yet when exactly they will arrive. officials also released new details on the 39 confirmed monkeypox cases in the south bay. they say nearly half of those are among latino men. state senator scott wiener is calling monkeypox a public health crisis, saying it needs to be treated as such. and he says a state of emergency would allow health leaders t


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