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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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access that they need to save their lives for a very long time. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth state lawmakers in bay area leaders making their case for governor gavin newsom design legislation legalizing supervised drug consumption sites. welcome to the four i'm cristina rendon jana katsuyama. the calls to create these consumption sites have been a hot topic in ktvu christian captain joins us live now from san francisco, where many of those pushing for these facilities say it would make a big difference for the community, christian backers of the safe injection site. legislation say that people are dying on the streets of san francisco and elsewhere and say that these safe you cite the safe consumption sites will save lives. the drug crisis on the streets is clear. lawmakers passed senator scott wiener is legislation sb 57 earlier this month, which would allow supervised consumption sites to operate in san francisco,
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oakland and los angeles. treatment advocates say the site would save lives. we asked for the governor to allow us to care for people and treat people with dignity and bring them to health and care. and, most importantly, to prevent death, senator weiner says sites elsewhere have already proven to save lives, but they can also be an important way of reaching addicts who want to get clean. we know that these sites have a strong track record of connecting people to treatment. some people say. well we shouldn't do this sites. we should do treatment. no, we should do. both senate republicans have urged the governor to veto sb 57, saying it would create state sanctioned drug use facilities with no requirements for treatment and that it would distract from real long term solution. as to the drug crisis, including state funded and operated drug treatment programs in san francisco's police officers association released a statement saying they were skeptical that safe consumption sites would consumption site legislation.
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his desk and that the governor's office does not comment on pending legislation. we also reached out to senator weiner's office. they tell me that that legislation should have just reached the governor's office today. he now has 12 days to decide whether he's going to sign it, which means we should have a decision from the governor's office on how he's going to work on this before the end of the month. we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox. two neighbors, definitely a hot topic and certainly will be keeping an eye on that. thank you, christian. the search intensifies this afternoon for 16 year old girl who vanished near lake tahoe. kylie rodney's believed to have been abducted from a party she was at this past weekend, the team texted her mother, saying she was headed home but never returned. rodney's car has not been found, either. the fbi is among the agencies involved. they're now calling for people who were at the party to come forward with information. foxes do bonny lee. she joins us live from truckee tonight with the latest on the investigation,
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giovanni christina. those agencies just came together about two hours ago to provide more information on where they stand with this case, and as of now, they haven't made much progress at all. but they do have dogs on the ground boots on the ground more than 50. fbi agents are trying to figure out piece together what happened along with other law enforcement agencies from northern california, but as of now we do know that she was last seen at this campground saturday morning . that's when she went missing just hours before going missing . rodney texted her mom saying she would be leaving the party. the party had about 200 to 300 people there, and investigators are asking anyone who was at that party to come forward. they are concerned that people are not coming forward out of fear that they might get in trouble. but police officers say that that's not their concern. underage drinking is not their number one priority. their number one priority tonight is getting this 16 year old missing girl back home with their family volunteers from all over
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northern california are gathering here. hundreds of them are out searching, trying to find any signs of where she might have gone to we just want to do what we can to help local family and i think we all hope that if it were our sister or daughter or cousin or niece that the same people would turn out for us. and the plaster county sheriff's department did release more information. today she was wearing a hoodie that she was loaned out the party and she was also wearing black tank top before she did go missing, so those are those are the last known images of her as of now, but once again, they are asking more people to come forward and they are just concerned that they don't have enough to go off at this point. for now. here in truckee. giovanni luigi ktvu, fox two news. thank you. an abortion rights protester is suing san francisco. she says that paramedics injected her with a sedative after she was dragged out of chase center
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during the war years playoff game. our crime reporter henry lee is live now in the newsroom after hearing from her, henry, what did she say? we've heard about protesters being pepper sprayed or forcibly removed, but this might be the first time someone exercising her first amendment rights has been injected against her will. but the drug okay? cell phone video shows abortion rights protester kareem mcknight being dragged out of chase center during a warrior celtics playoff game back in june, she says the san francisco police sergeant threatened to have her sedated and that that's exactly what happened. the emergency paramedic came with a needle and injected me into my shoulder ignite, says she was stunned. she took this video of herself with medics, people drugs, and you don't even know if they're gonna be allergic. and if they have an allergic reaction well, bad news. there was no concern about what would happen to me. afterwards he injected a needle into my skin. to sedate me. they didn't like the fact that you continue to protest and they wanted to shut her up. civil
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rights attorney john burris joined his client and supporters outside chase center to announce the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and its police and fire departments can't inject someone with a sedative. without having more facts for you to justify it. there was no safety issue that relates to her or anyone else says she later learned she'd been given verse set a drug that's used to help someone relax and become less anxious before minor surgery or dental work, and they said i was resisting which i was not. i was on the floor. i was in a handcuffs. i was just saying, i'm doing civilized obedience did nothing to justify her treatment that is chilling. that is a chilling attack on civil rights. she said she felt the effects even after being treated at a hospital. when i got back home, i was just tired and groggy. i had a headache. i felt, um kind of listless, you know, i guess how you feel after you've been injected with a sedative san francisco police
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and fire referred to the city attorney david chu. we have not been served yet with papers in that lawsuit. as soon as we do, we will review and we will respond. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and does not name any individual police officers. paramedics live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry any idea how quickly this might get to court the first court date? first we have the way for city attorney david should file an answer to the complaint. and then they'll set up some coordinates after that, alright henry lee in the newsroom thanks so much. a corner. facebook reportedly played a role in charges being filed against a woman from nebraska who helped her teenage daughter have an abortion. investigators requested private facebook messages between the mother and daughter were the two reportedly talked about how to obtain abortion pills after reviewing those messages, authorities added a felony abortion related charge against the mother according to the ap. a spokesperson for facebook defended the way it responded to the request from law enforcement, saying quote court documents at the time indicate
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that police at the time we're investigating the death of a stillborn baby who was buried and burned, not a decision to have an abortion. joining us now for more on this is karen mcsherry, legal director at the electronic frontier foundation. thank you so much for joining us. we know that your organization's a big advocate for user privacy. what do you make of what happened here with facebook turning over these private messages to law enforcement. thank you for having me. um and obviously we're deeply concerned about about what's happening here. it's really quite dangerous. um and unfortunately, it is also what we've been predicting for months. the reality is we live in a world where we are surveyed all the time where information about us as being collected by all kinds of companies, often without our knowledge. and then what that means is that sooner or later, law enforcement might be coming for that information. and really, we need far more legal protections against that, and we also need for companies to stop collecting all that data
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so that they aren't in a position where they might be getting their users in trouble, given the fact that we don't have legal protections right now , how do social media companies kind of balance protecting user data versus navigating requests for information in criminal cases from the from police? you know, there's a fine line here. right and the reality is that very often, you know, in the general case if you get a valid warrant you have to comply with it. now there are things that companies can do first they can make sure that they warrant is in fact valid because they're not always valid at all. secondly um, they can decide whether they might want to fight back if there's some legal grounds to do so another thing they can do is notify their users unless there's a gag order which may have happened in this case. but really, the first thing they need to do is they need to help their users protect themselves. they need to adopt, for example, and encryption for messages. um and then encryption basically means that company
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doesn't have access to the to the messages so they can't turn them over. that would be sir. job one. and that was gonna be my next question in terms of could having these messages encrypted changed anything in this case, because we know that, for example, whatsapp. those messages are encrypted and to end and so what? formacion like that be protected from law enforcement. largely. yes there was actually a lawsuit about this some years back involving apple and the fbi was trying to order apple to break to build a tool to break into an encryption and apple refused to do it just shows you it's not easy to do, and i will not be something that can be automatically turned over to law enforcement. so really, the best thing companies can do is set themselves up so they don't have the information in the first place. what about users? what's the takeaway for them from this case? so the big way for users, um, number one is if you have access to a service
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that provides and then encryption, which most users do via whatsapp or something else, or, um, apple's imessage, make sure you if it's an encryption is not on by default. turn it on. so that's a step you can take right away. i'm usually the companies don't make all that hard for you to do it. you can also do things like using private mode when you do searches if you're searching for abortion related material. um that's often very easy, and that means that there's yet another service writer that doesn't necessarily have access to your information. what do you think? go ahead. sorry. go ahead. the core thing is as long as you are providing information to a third party in any way. that means you have lost control of that information. and that's always going to be a dangerous thing. my last question here was just about where you think this this goes forward from from here. we've already seen this case play out. the criminal charges have been filed in this abortion case. do you think this is going to be the tipping for the
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beginning of what? we continue to see happen? moving forward. unfortunately yes, i think we're going to see this is just the first. it was not really the first, but it is one of many, many warrants and subpoenas that all kinds of companies that surveil us are going to receive and what we're gonna be watching us to see who applies and how and who fights back. all right, kareen mcsherry with the electronic frontier foundation. thanks so much for taking the time and joining us this afternoon. my pleasure. thank you. vice president kamala harris is planning to visit the bay area. the white house president fits announced that harris is in town for a series of events over the next two days . tomorrow she's scheduled to hold a roundtable discussion with state lawmakers in san francisco. the conversation will focus on reproductive healthcare . then on friday, she'll be in oakland for an event on the commercial space sector and later highlights efforts to support students. the report indicates inflation is cooling off coming up at 4 30. we're
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going to break down the latest consumer price index report. and scientists have recorded the shortest day on earth since the invention of the atomic clock. we'll speak with the berkeley planetary scientist about why the earth is spinning faster. and a barrier. whether another nice day out there. it looks like some warming temperatures as we head into the weekend. we'll have the update coming up we'll have the update coming up afte i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time. flex alert! flex alert! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, a power outage is looming. that's just alert, he's always getting worked up about something. flex alerts notify us of preventable power outages. that way we always know when to help stop one. okay, flex, just drop some knowledge on me again. oh okay, i will. i'll turn our thermostat to 78. i'll unplug the blender. the hair dryer. - my blankie? - yep! - let's taco 'bout it! - nope. ohh, we can save the laundry 'til the morning. yes please. oh, little things like this help save our power
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my 100% all-white-meat spicy chicken strips are back. look at them sitting there. just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. they have recorded the shortest day on earth. the planet's rotation was about 1.5 milliseconds shorter of our normal 24 hour day, according to the atomic clock, a single rotation of the earth on its access is about 86,400 seconds. this happened on june 29th and joining us now is anton your makov planetary scientists at the u. c berkeley space scientists lab. thank you so much for joining us today. hey how are you? hi i'm fine. so first of all i want to ask you. how are scientists able to
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detect such a small change in the earth's spin rate? well we can use astronomical observations to look at the positions of objects in the sky and then compare them with another system, which we have on earth, which is the atomic clocks. so you're using the atomic clock and then looking at the positions of the sky? um how long has this been recorded? and why is this significant? well we have observations of the earth rotation rate over many hundreds of years with different precision, but it is with the invention of the atomic clock. approximately since the meat maybe middle cinch middle last century, we have very precise measurements over the earth rotation rate. is this something that is of concern? what could be causing this this change in the rotational speed? well, basically everything, which most on earth in the earth's atmosphere in the earth core in their mantle. kerry's what's called kendra momentum, and it's a lot of physics that the total amount of fungal momentum is
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conserved. so if you take angular momentum from somewhere , let's say from the atmosphere, different parts of the earth would need to gain the same amount of anger momentum and in this case will spin faster. at this point, it's hard to exactly pinpoint their cause over the recent spin up of the earth, but it all has to do with the exchange of angular momentum between different parts over the earth system, so i'm sure that we will see many new science papers interpreting this recent observations. sure, we will. and when you're talking about that momentum, and that change in the speed has this happened before in, you know the course of our galaxy in the course of our our planet. do you see this in other planets as well? well that's an amazingly great question so because we need to clarify, clarify over the longer time periods, let's say hundreds of years, thousands or even billions of years, the earth actually slows down over for billions of years ago, when the moon formed the earth would have
4:18 pm
been spinning with a period as short as three hours and what we see right now it's just a tiny, tiny fluctuation on top of this overall trend. of the decrease in the rotation rate, and that decrease is primarily due to the tidal effect of the moon. and when we're talking about how this might impact, you know us as humans, or you know our ecosystem. do you think that this will have an impact on weather patterns on our ecosystems? well this effect is pretty small to affect any weather pattern directly. it's likely the better patterns which produced this effect. what's more important, maybe is the technological, uh, consequences of this. so, basically, um, be at some point in the future. if this trend continues, maybe a few years into the future. we might have to add what's called the leap second. and these sleep seconds would be in this case. negative so it didn't okay. what does that mean? basically means that if you years into the
4:19 pm
future at the end of the year, we would need to skip the last second of that year, so the clock would go from 23 hours minutes, 50 seconds. straight the midnight. and this is important for every application that needs precise timing from navigation of spacecraft. two high frequency trading. all of those applications the software would need to be checked for compatibility with a negative lips, lips second, and but we still have a few years to let the mentality and it's also possible that the current trend would reverse. hmm interesting, fascinating that such a small change could have such a big impact. anton your macaw. thank you so much for joining us today professor at the planetary sciences center at uc berkeley. thank you. massive wildfires continue to wreak havoc in southwest francis video here showing a wall of fire seeming to touch the sky in the village of hostage police have been
4:20 pm
going door to door, telling residents to get to safety as those fast moving flames move closer. dozens of wildfires are burning through other parts of france ceo excessive heat and severe drought. the intense fires have destroyed many homes and forced the evacuation of at least 8000 residents here at home. the u. s forest service has announced no containment changes to the state's largest wildfire the year, officials say the mckinney fire in siskiyou county remains at 60% the fire is still nearly 60,400 acres. that's nearly 93 a half square miles. firefighters are closely watching the weather with strong winds expected across the ridge tops through early afternoon. a search and rescue team from oakland is an alpine county today to help prepare for the possibility of flash flooding. the swift water flood team is helping out because of the threat from monsoonal rains leading to flash flooding in burn scar areas. the tamarack wildfire last year burned nearly 70,000 acres in alpine county. recent storms in the town of
4:21 pm
nearby markley ville said rushing water and debris into highway 89. forcing officials to temporarily closed part of that road. and of course, we have the flash flooding for that portion of the state last week, but today, actually not too bad. we actually have some sunshine over portions of the sierra sunshine for us as well in terms of fire danger, most of the state not under a red flag fire warning, although you can see up to our north, once again up in extreme northern california, the red flag of fire warning continues across this portion of the state. it's kind of been a very quiet a weather pattern. it's going to be nice to forecast for tomorrow. although it could be a little bit warmer inland. that means we could see a few more nineties out there. still some pockets ofg first thing tomorrow morning. here's a satellite, though it's picking up on some of the cloud cover from earlier today than increasing sunshine. this afternoon, you'll notice out toward the sierra. there's not a lot of thunderstorm activity for today. but just partly cloudy skies if you will cloud buildups, so right now, most areas reporting lots of
4:22 pm
clear skies. clouds just like the past few nights will do their thing and push back into the bay overnight. current number is a nice 70 in san francisco some eighties up in the north bay walnut creek, 83 in san jose, lower eighties. also a bit of a breathe out there, you could see a westerly breeze out toward oakland airport 17 miles an hour. fairfield southwesterly 18 miles an hour and a stronger brief here. you see half moon bay and sfo westerly at 24. miles an hour here is our live camera looking out toward mount diablo this afternoon, clear sky up above and still a nice day inland. we're not talking about any major heat, but still some cloud cover tomorrow morning and tomorrow could be a little bit warmer than today. that means a few spots will be approaching the lower nineties so partly cloudy for the beaches, lots of sunshine around the bay and warming up inland. here's your thursday afternoon. forecast for tomorrow. looking pretty good. as you can see here and tomorrow we begin a little bit of a warming trend that will carry over into the weekend, especially for the inland neighborhoods. we'll have more on that and more on your weekend
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outlook. coming up in just a few minutes. justice department faces growing pressure to comment on the fbi search of former president trump's florida home. i'm jonathan in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business
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side of the biden administration following the fbi search of former president donald trump's florida home. trump appeared in the new york courtroom today for a deposition in a separate investigation. foxes jonathan siri has more former president donald trump, invoking the fifth amendment in new york as part of a civil investigation into his business practices. on wednesday , he sat for a deposition but refused to answer questions under oath. he defended his actions in a statement saying, in part quote when all the peope in your orbit have become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated witch hunt , supported by lawyers, prosecutors and the fake news media, you have no choice. the new york probe is one of several
4:26 pm
trump is facing. on monday, fbi agents searched his moral lago home. according to the new york post report. they spent several hours looking through trump's private office as well as melania trump's wardrobe. the search warrant reportedly focused on presidential records and evidence of classified information that was potentially stored on the property. they've obviously collected a great deal of material, and that is itself concerning the department of justice, now facing mounting pressure to comment on the raid , republicans are vowing to increase oversight of the biden administration and the doj. calling the fbi search politically motivated everyone in this country should be concerned. when the department of justice has been weaponized against american citizens. democrats say that's not the case. the person that was appointed to the fbi was a donald trump appointee. many of the judges that are looking at that donald trump appointees. trump's team says the cooperated all summer with the doj to
4:27 pm
produce any missing national archive documents in palm beach, florida johnson siri fox news. vice president kamala harris says that a new era has begun for the american labor movement. she made the remarks during a speech at the united steelworkers convention today in las vegas. harris also reiterated the biden administration's commitment to keeping unions strong. like i said before everyone benefits from that work, because when union wages are up. everybody's wages go up. when union workplaces are safer workplaces are safer. when unions are strong. america is strong. the united steelworkers is the largest industrial workers union in north america and roughly 3500 registered union members and retirees attended the four day convention in las vegas. the
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latest consumer price index report shows inflation is cooling off slowly, what americans could expect prices to drop on everyday items.
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inflations. slightly in july. but for many americans, prices still remain uncomfortably high boxes medal in rivera has more from washington on the consumer price index report. despite scorching temperatures, americans are feeling some relief, a key report showing inflation cooley slightly in july, with consumer prices
4:31 pm
increasing by 8.5% over the last year, a slower pace than the 9.1% spike in june. we're seeing some signs that inflation may beginning to moderate is going to spike the ball today and talk about how this is a big win. but main street doesn't think 8.5 or 8.1, or even if it's 7.1 is a win. the overall dropped partly fueled by a decrease in gas and energy prices, the average price for a regular gallon of gas now less than $4, down from last month's average of about $4.66, but other costs remain painfully high, wiping out wage growth, which is a 5.2% over the past year. many including those with higher incomes are hunting for cheap. upper options. dying brands, the company that franchises applebee's and ihop says it's seen a bump in sales from households earning more than $75,000 a year. just like a few items from the grocery
4:32 pm
store. i'm still racking up like $200 bills, and yet i have two things to meals to make for dinner, and some economists say it's too early to tell whether inflation has reached its peak think inflation is still a major issue, uh and will be for some time the federal reserve will weigh the report, along with other economic data ahead of its september meeting when it's expected to raise interest rates again. in washington. mala rivera fox news joining us now to discuss today's consumer price index report is george necessary wealth advisor with morgan stanley george. thanks so much for taking the time this afternoon. first off your reaction to what happened today to this report, and how does this affect consumers? the stock market. sure liked it. um, headline inflation last month was 9.1% and we saw it go down about 7/10 of a percent 8.5% but that's primarily due to due to the cost of gas and oil really coming down. i mean gas prices fell about 7.7% in july and that dragged down the headline
4:33 pm
inflation. other items that fell were you know, used cars and trucks were down about 4/10 of a percent. airfares were down about 7.8% but for average americans who are renting, you know the rent. increases um, really well, well above that, and that's a stubborn inflationary that we have to get down. renters faced about 7/10 of a percent increase in costs. um you know, due to higher rent expenses, we mentioned it there . gas prices being down. do you think that trend is going to continue moving forward? it's likely to continue. i mean, we've released about two million more barrels a day from our reserves and also for increased productions here in the united states. i mean, oil is simply commodity. there's plenty of oil all over the world. it just depends on, you know, supply and demand and that price can be manipulated, so we'll probably continue to see that go down our economy slowing a bit. i think it's september. you know, people sent be finished with their road trips and you'll see less consumption of gas and oil. but it's really food prices and normal commodities that your average consumer has to buy that . we really haven't seen the
4:34 pm
effects of that. so we're really thinking, you know, it does take a while for inflation to come down. ppe report was a good start by the end of the year or inflation report will be down about 5.6% all right. what about the markets? you know, it's been up and down the past couple of months, and do you feel like now things are finally turning up. well christina, you should act like a little mouse. when you're in the stock market, you know, pick off the cheese, but don't fall into the trap of spectacular july where the markets were way up. i mean nasdaq was up about 10% in july . um, and this quarter, it's up about 16.5% overall for the year. it's down, you know, 17.8. so we're seeing a kind of a bull market during a bear market, so don't be fooled by this uptick people. you have capitulated. they want to come in and buy institutions, but you can pick out some good things at a good price. but you want to be very defensive and very careful. this market we sell a lot of
4:35 pm
volatility to go. we're not done with. there's a lot of hard work that has to be done. so people have to really, you know, protective portfolios, but you know, going forward. you know, we expect the markets to work themselves out as they always do. right, right. okay. play conservative. got it. um, what do you think about the federal reserve? what do you think that they will raise the rate next month? we haven't seen the effects of the federal reserve raising the rates as they have, you know, very quickly, but coming up, you know, this month there on vacation, which is good. let things kind of settle out. they can look at data and then they're coming back in september, and we thought there was probably a 95% probability that they'd raised uh, federal funds rate by 50 basis points, but because we have such a good jobs report last week, it was phenomenal. and we're seeing the cp. i go down now as of today. it's likely that they could, you know, raised the rates probably even a little bit higher. maybe 75 basis points, so 50% think they're going to raise it one half of 1% the other half think they're going to raise a 75 basis points. regardless it's a cost of funds to the banks. the banks raised their rates to you
4:36 pm
if you hold credit card debt if you hold home equity lines. and they raised it to the to the large cap tech companies, also for heavily borrows of money so they can grow their company. so we're seeing rates go up. it'll be a while before they come down again, probably mid year. alright georgia chetty, advisor with morgan stanley. thanks for joining us today and giving us your insight on today's consumer price index report. it was a pleasure, christina. thank you. the chipotle restaurant chain, is agreeing to pay $20 million to new york city workers for labor violations about 13,000 current and former chipotle workers are eligible for a pay out as part of a settlement agreement between the city and the fast food chain. the city sued after 160 workers filed complaints accusing chipotle of violating the city's fair work week law. under the agreement, hourly employees who worked between november 2017 and april 2022 are eligible. to receive $50 for each week they worked inside that time period. chipotle also will have to pay
4:37 pm
$1 million to the city in civil penalties. the justice department revealing a foiled assassination attempt of former national security advisor john bolton. what we know about the iranian operative charged with the plot. and a barrier weather lots of sunshine today and a little bit of a warm up as we head towards the weekend will wow, look at this selection! tile, wood, stone, laminate, vinyl... and this one is...perfect. at floor and decor, our everyday low pricing on high-quality products and on-trend styles, means you can really bring your room to life. discover floor and decor today! as a business owner,
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every available resource to identify and disrupting these acts of terrorism. the justice department in newly unsealed documents says nearly a year ago , sharon poor safi offered $300,000 to a contact in the us to eliminate bolton, providing the person who turned out to be an fbi informant with addresses and bolton's travel plans. it's believed the hit was in retaliation for the january 2020 strike that killed irgc commander qasem soleimani. the doj says they believe for safi was trying to organize the murder from tehran. this is an especially appalling example. the government of iran perpetrating egregious acts of transnational violence. the murder for hire plot revealed does negotiators are in talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. the us left the agreement during the trump administration , bolton said he would do all he could to stop the us from reentering the deal writing
4:41 pm
iran's rulers are liars, terrorists and enemies of the united states. they're radical anti american objectives are unchanged. their commitments are worthless and their global threat is growing. fox has confirmed a second target in the murder for hire plot plan to offer $1 million for former secretary of state mike pompeo. in washington. lauren blanchard , fox news afghanistan war veterans are urging congress to pass legislation which would create a pathway to permanent residency in the u. s. for afghan nationals. the legislation was introduced in the senate by both democrats and republicans. it would allow eligible afghans to apply for permanent status after one or two years of us residents and clearing additional background checks. this bill lights the torch of welcome, and it is our sincerest desire that it gives them renewed hope in the american promise to those afghans that are still waiting. i want to say this. we have not forgotten you. we will not
4:42 pm
forget you and we will spend every day to make sure that this bill becomes law and america gives you the promise of welcome that you deserve after the u. s withdrawal from afghanistan last year, more than 70,000 afghans were admitted into the u. s with temporary status if the act is passed those people would become permanent residents. the barry weather forecast, not changing big time just a little bit of a bump in the numbers as we head towards the weekend. it's kind of been a quiet weather week for us. at least we're not talking about any extreme heat, no triple digits, but temperatures will be trending up a little bit as we head into thursday, friday and into saturday. in fact, if you take a look at the headline for the inland spots today, a place like concord 86. degrees a little bit warmer in your thursday and friday and that warming will continue into the weekend. if we were to add sunday here, we're probably talking about some low nineties. as well. so that's the overall trend kind of a gentle warming trend across parts of the bay area inland spots this weekend. take a look at the current numbers across the country. and
4:43 pm
right now you can see 91 in houston. we have a some, you would expect 100 and three degrees in phoenix. so still some heat out there. salt lake city 95 in los angeles 81 degrees, but for us we have that that steve breeze that's keeping those temperatures in check. in fact, we'll show you the satellite. we had some cloud cover this morning near portions of the coastline but clearing skies this afternoon and not a lot of activity over the sierra. remember last week, we had flash flood warnings to talk about. especially south of lake tahoe. that's not the case for today. just a few clouds buildups the clear skies we have we have right now, probably changing a bit as we head into the overnight because of low clouds just like last night and the night before will be moving back into the picture. take a look at the current winds out there. fairfield southwesterly at about 18 miles an hour oakland airport westerly 17 miles an hour. it's breezy to windy out toward half moon bay and sfo. you can see how the west sustained at 24 miles an hour. here's a live camera. clear skies up above. there's mount tam the right portion of your screen, then also san francisco in the left portion, and at least in the
4:44 pm
foreground here we have a little bit from chop on the bay water, at least the estuary water, so there is a bit of a brief out there. and current number. santa rosa 80 degrees conquered mid eighties and san jose reporting 80 degrees at last check. overnight lows will bring temperatures back down kind of a mild start. fifties and sixties . partly cloudy skies, some fog near the coast and right around the bay and the king tide this week, basically an evening event right now, in fact, the tide will be increasing. the water level will be increasing as we head toward high tide. so today 10 38. this is for san francisco 7.1 ft. we could have some minor. the flooding near portion to the coast and right around portions of the bay pretty much the same story for your thursday and then that that extreme title be dropping gradually as we head towards the weekend, overnight temperatures in the fifties and the sixties and then into the afternoon hours, you can see that eventual temperature range. could be a little bit warmer than today. low sixties to the lower nineties. this area love pressure. it's been kind of hanging out offshore, keeping
4:45 pm
those temperatures in check mild to warm thursday and then this will be the story of some warming, especially by the weekend for both saturday and sunday for the inland spots, coastal spots not so much the fog nearby that will keep those temperatures in the sixties. maybe some drizzle tomorrow morning and then we'll increase the sunshine throughout the afternoon hours and forecast highs for your thursday afternoon ranging from the sixties coast side seventies around the babe hotspots inland in the lower nineties, and you can see temperatures gradually trending up as we head into the weekend warmer inland. we're not talking about triple digits, but eventually kind of getting on that hot side by monday of next week, so the heat will eventually build back into the region. alright it's coming. thank you, mark well after years of stigma around body weight and size, some health experts are reexamining the medical approach to obesity. the body positivity movement has made way for an anti fat shaming movement and doctors who specialize in weight loss are taking note. joining us now is dr david pearl logo and obesity medicine specialist and thank you for taking time to
4:46 pm
speak with us this afternoon. it's my pleasure. so sorry. i got caught in the car. thank you for having no worries you're out and about we're glad to have you here. first of all, let's start off in society. there has been a big change in the way that we are embracing a diversity of body types. from a medical perspective. how is obesity currently being clinically defined? so the thing that's changing more than anything else is, we're defining the idea of making a change. weight loss that is from one body habit is to another has a completely different project than what we thought about in the past these maintenance activities that we do calorie restriction, cleaned , eating exercise and so on, aren't the same as trying to make a change from overweight to lean that that's a different projects in a different set of rules. and when we're talking about obesity, what specific lior some of the challenges with with clinical obesity, which is in itself, a medical condition. so without a doubt, the greatest
4:47 pm
challenge is the lack of it here in the lack of ability to stick with the programs that we put forth, so we have standard of care treatments now that nobody can stick to that nobody can see through. and so for that reason people don't have options even when they come to the healthcare institution for help for science based help. we give them a program that they can't stick with. and so we're not getting anywhere. and what kinds of programs do you think are effective? or the most helpful for people, you know, certainly with obesity that is its own rey people might want to lose rate some cosmetic also for heart, health or joint health. what kinds of things are you saying that are effective? so without a doubt, the thing that has changed the most over the last 10 to 15 years is that people are realizing now that they don't have the machine. they need to accomplish this task. it's like wanting to enter the indianapolis 500 with the car. i'm driving now, right? you're not going to be successful. but
4:48 pm
if you take some upfront time, 12 weeks, six months and change the machine, you have changed the body. you have not necessarily losing weight during that upfront time. then you increase your changes of success exponentially. and when we're talking about wait, how do you define sort of a healthy weight? are there certain key elements that people should be thinking of as to you know how they feel , and also what kinds of things they should be looking for when they're having conversations with her doctor. so certainly bme is not the perfect measure and its flood by perfect body composition. but short of that bmi is the best thing we have not only for purposes of communicating with our patients , but for classifying outcomes. so when we have a new approach, like the one i described you, we need to have a way to classify who is doing well. and who isn't . and is this an effective new strategy, so we have to use it before and after variable, and that's where being my comes in. so that calculation of height and body weight is the best
4:49 pm
thing we have today. and be my meaning. body mass index doctor david per logo. thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. the white house monkeypox response team holds its first public briefing is more than 9000. americans have contracted the virus. how the task force says it plans on bringing the infection rate down, plus bring was a great student always had great grades just, you know. honestly, just a ray of sunshine. he was, you know, a friendly kid. he had lots of friends. and coming up at five how an east bay community is mourning the death of a hold on... you're a night manager and mom. and the bill payer, baker, and nightlight maker?
4:50 pm
that's a lot. so, adding “and student” might feel daunting. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, and family and finances and mental health. happy birthday. well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you.
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missing to throw more resources on this outbreak. i'm glad infs
4:52 pm
continues to climb, the white house is ramping up its response to the outbreak, hoping to get ahead of the virus. on tuesday, the fda issued emergency use authorization to stretch the nation's limited supply of monkey pox vaccine by giving high risk individuals 18 and older. a fraction of the usual dose. it's safe. it's effective and it will significantly scaled the volume of vaccine doses available for communities across the country. meanwhile, the government has already distributed hundreds of thousands of vaccines with about 400,000 more vials ready to be sent to areas where people are showing signs of the disease and places with high risk populations. combating the monkeypox outbreak is unprecedented, and health officials advise people follow measures that prevent the spread. even if they are vaccinated, especially if they have only had a single dose. by avoiding close skin to skin contact, including intimate contact with somebody who has monkey packs because we don't
4:53 pm
yet know how well these vaccines work. they are also pushing for more testing. it's very important if you think you got it to go seek your medical healthcare provider and get tested, although only a handful of children have contracted monkeypox virus top of mind for parents as they send their kids back to school for the fall, but medical experts say the risk to children remains low schools and childcare settings appear to be very safe places to be. new york . anna iliopoulos fox news. some pet owners now are reaching out to their vets to ask if monkeypox could be spread to their animals and what to do if you or your pet test positive, the cdc says chances of spreading it to pets are very slim. pet owner is exposed or sick with monkeypox veteran eight areas have issued some guidelines. if you do have it and you do have a pet at home. before contact has occurred. it's best to send the pet away or have someone else care for once there has been contact. you don't want to do that, and you
4:54 pm
just want to be as careful as possible in the home environment, which means if you can avoid direct contact, absolutely. so far, there are no reports of human transfer of monkeypox, two cats or dogs. the u. s. is now pledging more military support to help ukraine helped them fight the russians when more american troops could be sent to be sent to for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything.
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exp. of the american military presence in ukraine. hmm. defense secretary lloyd austin, making a visit to a key nato ally, austin landing in latvia to meet with u. s troops
4:57 pm
stationed there. he's also holding high level talks aimed at expanding the american military presence as the fighting in ukraine rages on, that could include more troops as the pentagon works to ensure the war doesn't spill over into neighboring countries. rotational deployments in the region. and intensified our training with our baltic allies. further strengthen our combat. credible posture visit comes just a day after president biden authorized another military aid package for ukraine, the biggest so far more than $1 billion worth of weapons and ammunition will soon be heading here, bringing the total u. s commitment to just under $10 billion. we will continue to ensure that ukraine can push back against russia's unprovoked aggression. and that's going to be our focus. that announcement, coinciding with an uptick in fighting in the south. earlier this week, there was a huge explosion at a russian air base in crimea. ukraine's president
4:58 pm
won't confirm or deny reports that his forces were responsible presence of russian occupiers in crimea is a threat for all of europe, the black sea region cannot be a safe place while crimea is occupied. the fighting is also intensifying outside of europe's largest nuclear power plant. the white house says there has been no sign of increased or abnormal radiation levels. in kiev, ukraine, alex hogan, fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. it is intolerable. that activists that people protesting for civil rights would be treated. will be sedated would be injected to silence them at five and abortion rights activist says a san francisco paramedic went too far when he injected her with a sedative against her will, and now she is suing the city of san francisco. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage cristina rendon. that woman was dragged out of chase center
4:59 pm
during a warrior's playoff game before she was given the shot. r hearing from her, henry alison christina. we've heard about protesters getting pepper sprayed and forcibly removed by. this might be the first time someone exercising her first amendment rights has been injected with a drug against her will. right? cell phone video shows abortion rights protester kareem mcknight being dragged out of chase center during a warrior celtics playoff game back in june, she says the san francisco police sergeant threatened to have her sedated and that that's exactly what happened. the emergency paramedic came with a needle and injected me into my shoulder. mcknight says. she was stunned. she took this video of herself with medics, people drugs, and you don't even know if they're gonna be allergic. and if they have an allergic reaction well, bad news. there was no concern about what would happen to me. afterwards he injected a needle into my skin. to sedate me. they didn't like the fact that you continue to protest and they
5:00 pm
wanted to shut her up. civil rights attorney john burris joined his client and supporters outside chase center to announce the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and its police and fire departments can't inject someone with a sedative. you to justify it. there wasanyone else says she later learned she'd been given verse set a drug that's used to help someone relax and become less anxious before minor surgery or dental work, and they said i was resisting which i was not. i was handcuffs. i was just saying, i'm doing civilized obedience did nothing to justify her treatment that is chilling. that is a chilling attack on civil rights. she said she felt the effects even after being treated at a hospital. when i got back home, i was just tired and groggy. i had a headache. i felt, um kind of listless, you know, i guess how you feel


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