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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 22, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --
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audra mcdonald. musical guest daryl hall and john oates. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 422, we're back! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody! glad to see you. that's what i'm talking about. new york city, please, please, please. everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] this is it.
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hearing. [ cheers and applause ] there's nothing like this. there's nothing like -- come on. oh, my gosh. so happy to be back. good to see you roots. good to see you higgins. good to see everybody here. thank you for being here, thank you for watching at home, and now let's get to some stories so we can make fun of everybody. here we go. [ laughter ] after doing poorly in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, jeb bush announced on saturday night that he is dropping out of the race. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] of course -- [ laughter ] of course, that means marco rubio and ted cruz are both hoping to pick up jeb's supporters. yeah. and jeb was like, "joke's on you. i didn't have any supporters. ah! [ laughter ] i got you!" [ cheers and applause ] that's right, jeb bush announced that he is dropping out. it was bittersweet, but i have to say, his concession speech really clarified what jeb stood
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>> republicans can win the white house and we can get back to being in the verge of having the greatest time to be alive. and that's what i honestly believe. and i know you do as well. i look forward to working you to make that dream come true. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well if he's not qualified to be president, maybe he's qualified to be miss america? i don't know -- [ laughter ] i don't know how to help him. i'm looking forward to working you towards the urge of the verge. [ laughter ] to be fair he had been drinking since noon. [ laughter ] you know george w. bush was off to the side going, "perfect, just like i wrote it. yeah. he nailed it!" [ cheers and applause ] after jeb bush dropped out, many sources are reporting that his super pac spent about $100 million on the campaign. that's a lot of money. so we thought we'd break it down on how it was actually spent.
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members who could smile no matter what the polls said. [ laughter ] [ applause ] $1,200 was spent on a golden retriever puppy meant to cheer up jeb during the campaign. [ audience aws ] [ applause ] $65 million was spent on someone to cheer up that puppy after hanging out with jeb. [ laughter and applause ] and this -- that puppy was devastated. and then $2 was spent on a a powerball ticket so jeb actually had a chance at winning something. [ cheers and applause ] pow -- it's the biggest one yet. [ applause ] the other big news is that donald trump won all 50 delegates in saturday's south carolina primary. >> yeah! [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: so if you're paying attention -- this is the official point when people go from saying, "oh, this was kind of fun" to, "oh, my god. this is really happening." [ laughter ] oh, lord. [ applause ] when asked about the
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not agree to pay for his border wall -- [ laughter ] donald trump said, "the wall just got ten feet higher." [ laughter ] people in mexico were like, "okay, well, our tunnels are exactly the same. so it doesn't matter what -- we're going -- [ laughter and applause ] it doesn't -- ah, forget it. not worth it." did you see this, too? while donald trump was speaking at a rally in atlanta the lights suddenly went out and trump said he actually liked it more in the dark. [ laughter ] then melania trump was like, "join the club." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> trump. >> jimmy: that's right, the lights went out while trump was talking, but people were still able to keep watching him. take a look at this. >> they were probably sent here so that we'd put them in our jails, because to put them in our jails -- they didn't pay the electric bill. they put them -- oh, i like that much better. >> jimmy: hair glows in the dark! >> steve: we knew it had some
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>> jimmy: who knew that? that's so cool. >> steve: like hulk hair. >> jimmy: that's so cool. [ laughter ] who knew, man? that's awesome. of course, the oscars are coming up this weekend, and i saw that there's a new online game called "leo's red carpet rampage" where you play leonardo dicaprio running down the red carpet trying to catch an oscar. [ laughter ] when you win, leo gets an academy award, but it's actually harder than you think. just check out this game. >> aaargh -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: theat bear follows him around everywhere now. >> steve: no matter what. >> jimmy: can't get rid of that bear. >> steve: yeah. steals his thunder. >> jimmy: this is kind of crazy. the actor who plays chewbacca recently tweeted images from the original 1976 "star wars" script, which was called "the adventures of luke starkiller." which raised a lot questions, like -- why does the guy who played chewbacca need a script? [ laughter ] aaargh -- aaargh?
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no? aaargh. like, maybe -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] i'll come over here. i'm like, aghh. way. just give me one take for me before we wrap, because i think it would be kind of -- i'm just saying -- i'm just saying -- can you get me a cappuccino? [ laughter ] i'm just saying, chewbacca wouldn't probably aaargh around there. he probably went aaargh -- or, you know? right? anyone? mark? [ laughter ] harrison? anyone with me on this? you guys are cool. you know what, screw it. let's just do it. let's do a take. you know what, i'm in a bad mood. give me five minutes. i can't take this. i mean, out here i'm working [ applause ] >> steve: aargh? >> jimmy: i changed -- >> steve: aaargh? >> jimmy: who's -- yeah. i like that. you mind giving me one? george? george, just give me one take. >> steve: rolling. beep.
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>> jimmy: you put it in post? cool, man. take it -- take five. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: finally, the creators of "friends" recently said that a reboot of the show will never happen. [ audience aws ] and that quote, "you don't want to see them hanging out in the coffee house now." well, that's bad news. but i think they might be right. in fact, they actually tried to film a reunion, and i guess a a lot more time has passed than i thought. check this out. no one told you life was gonna be this way your job's a joke you're broke your love life's d.o.a i'll be there for you for me too >> jimmy: aw! [ applause ] we have a great show!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you excited? >> questlove: yes. >> jimmy: i'm excited. guys, it's monday. we're so happy to be back home in new york, and we've got a a great week of sort of -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you, l.a. that was so fun. but there's nothing like home. we got a big week of shows ahead. tomorrow night, academy award winner kevin spacey will be here! [ cheers and applause ] then later this week -- oh, my girl. taraji p. henson will be here. >> steve: yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: gerard butler. nathan lane will be here. [ cheers and applause ] plus performances from kygo and fka twigs. it's a good week. [ cheers and applause ] but tonight is fun. yeah, yeah, yeah. we got a good show tonight. they are the stars of the new movie "eddie the eagle." taron egerton and hugh jackman are here! >> steve: yeah!
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>> jimmy: it's -- it's great. it's a great sports movie. true story. a true story, and it'll make you cry. yeah, it's a great one. i love it. it'll make you laugh as well. it's one of those sports things, you're like -- come on -- yeah, i know. it's just cool. yeah. later in the show, higgins and i are going up against taron and hugh in a fun game of "catchphrase." so stick around for that one. [ cheers and applause ] plus, she is a broadway legend. six-time tony award winner, friend of the show -- we love her so much -- audra mcdonald is stopping by to tell us about her new show, "shuffle along!" [ cheers and applause ] she's phen -- >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: phenomenal. and then, we've been wanting to have these guys on since we start -- >> ever. >> jimmy: forever. >> steve: mm-hmm. i need a drink and a quick decision [ laughter ] now i can see love's taken a toll on me she's gone oh why we better learn how to face it she's gone
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i'd pay the devil to replace her she's gone oh why what went wrong [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: darryl hall and john oates are here tonight! >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] come on! >> jimmy: darryl hall and john oates. >> steve: i love them. >> jimmy: woohoo! it's so fun. guys, one of my favorite things to do on the internet -- [ laughter ] is to go on yahoo! answers. >> steve: sure. yeah. >> jimmy: i do love that. >> steve: you love it. >> jimmy: it's this website were you can post a question and then you get answers from other normal everyday people. and you guys might not know this but i'm actually part of duo called the yahoo! answers lounge singers. and we sing real yahoo! answers submitted by real people. if you don't mind, i'd love to sing a few right now. but first, please welcome my partner, six-time tony award winner audra mcdonald, ladies and gentlemen.
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>> jimmy: the hand -- the hand paint i love it. yeah, yeah, yeah. no, i didn't -- i didn't plan that. i didn't set anything up. [ applause ] i think they're so happy to see me behind the piano. haven't done it in a long time. [ clears throat ] >> you're ready. i feel it. i feel it. you're ready. >> jimmy: hey, audra. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: i got some questions i need answering. >> oh, i'll see what i can do. is the video game character mario
10:49 pm
i'm 90% sure he's based on tom selleck [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like that answer. >> yeah. i -- i like that question. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, well, how about this one? >> all right. my eyes hurt when i move them side to side or up and down what should i do remove your eyes [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that sounds messy. >> oh, jimmy, it's real messy. truckin'. >> all right. toot-toot. toot-toot. [ laughter ] where in the
10:50 pm
she settled down with waldo in boca raton, florida [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm happy for them. >> jimmy: well, you really know your stuff, don't you? >> well, i'm not one to brag, but, yeah, yeah, i do. >> jimmy: well here's another doozy for you. >> all right. should i tell my parents i'm adopted no wait till they're older >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what would i do without you? >> i don't know, jimmy. you'd probably have a whole lot of questions without me. >> jimmy: you mean like this one? to ja rule look in the mirror
10:51 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that just blew my mind. >> yeah, well, you know, i have that effect on people. >> jimmy: i got one more, if you got time. >> i'm not going anywhere. when will this country wake up [ laughter ] at 6:32 a.m. [ cheers and applause ] we have for yahoo! answers lounge singers. my thanks to audra mcdonald! stick around, we'll be right back with taron egerton and hugh jackman, everybody!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guests are both extremely talented actors starring together in a new movie called "eddie the eagle"
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ladies and gentlemen, please welcome taron egerton and [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] they love you. it's hot. >> it's a hot crowd. >> amazing crowd. >> jimmy: they're feeling the eagle right now. yeah. yeah. no more wave. no one's doing the wave anymore. everyone's doing the eagle now, yeah. welcome to the show. hugh, you've been here numerous times, but we always loving you back. >> good to be here, man. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. he was here a week once. he didn't leave. >> yeah. [ light laughter ] come back anytime. >> jimmy: absolutely. yeah, yeah. but hugh, you sent me something, because you're doing press all over.
10:57 pm
you were just in texas. >> yes. >> jimmy: and you got to fly in an f-16? >> f-16. >> jimmy: how? >> how? how? [ light laughter ] how did you -- >> jimmy: how many people can fit in an f-16? >> mainly -- usually one. but they have one that is a two seater. so i sat in the back and it is like nothing i've ever experienced before. and i'll admit to you i was a a little nervous. a lot of talk about puking a a lot of talk about passing out. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> you have to clinch your legs as you're pulling gs, that's what we call them. [ light laughter ] pilliung gs. >> jimmy: we knew that. duh, yeah. >> so as we pulled up to 5-g's, which i thought it was cool. then he goes, try nine, buddy. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: is that right? >> so what's nine like? he said it hurts. it literally hurts. this is bush, tanner, rudy, [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: you made up those names, but that's all right. >> i made them all up. >> jimmy: no, yeah. >> maverick, iceman, they were all there. [ laughter ] >> but it was literally like nothing you've ver -- because i thought it was going to be like a roller coaster. right? >> jimmy: yeah. >> and by the way, it is fast. incredible. but when you're pulling the gs,
10:58 pm
your stomach and everything. >> jimmy: the training and everything for the -- >> yeah, yeah. they take it really seriously. like, okay. now we're going to go over the thing, when the pilot, like, he's unconscious and you've got to press the ejector -- i'm like, whoa, whoa, i don't know! [ light laughter ] do that. yeah. >> i'm an actor, please, don't leave that man's life on me. >> jimmy: and where were you? you tried as well? >> yeah. my feeling is, i'm best suited to the ground. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not for you. no. >> i sat in the control room and made a show, sending you up into the air. i gave him, like, clearance to leave the airport. >> yes. >> jimmy: crazy. >> a very, very important job. >> jimmy: i know you're from "kingsmen secret service." >> yes. [ inaudible ] >> jimmy: well done. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] you're actually from a small town, a small town in wales? >> i am, yeah. i am. >> jimmy: the name of your town, you sent me a picture of your home town. the sign from your home town. >> right. that's by the train station, yeah. >> jimmy: and i thought this was either a typo or a fake or something. but it's not.
10:59 pm
that's the name of your town. [ light laughter ] can you do it? >> i don't even know if i can i can try. >> give it a go. ready? >> jimmy: littlenberg -- gillen -- robin williams -- soliloquy -- go. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] i can't. >> pretty good. >> jimmy: it's not good? you want to try? we have it on the back as well. you can try. you know, we've been hanging out. [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hey, you're a pro. you are a pro. [ cheers and applause ] robin williams' name in there. what is the correct pronunciation? >> the correct pronunciation is -- [ mumbling ] [ cheers and applause ]
11:00 pm
i mean -- did a cat crawl over a keyboard or something when they were like, typing this out? [ light laughter ] >> i think that must be it. yeah. >> jimmy: that must be it, yeah. is there meaning behind this? >> maybe, there is. but i've forgotten what it is. >> jimmy: yeah. i feel like there must be. it must be the longest name. >> it's certainly up there, i think. yeah. >> jimmy: i can't believe -- i mean, as a kid, how would you even remember? >> like, kids would just be passing out. >> jimmy: where are you from? [ light laughter ] like -- couldn't tell you. yeah. did you know about "eddie the eagle?" no, you're too young. right? >> i was like, i was still a a twinkle in my dad's eye, i [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. >>it was about a year before i was born. yeah, yeah. >> he didn't quite know yet. >> matthew wolnoff used to call me and said what do you know about "eddie the eagle"? and i got a bit confused. evil kinevel. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> so, i had to do like, some yes. and learned quick. >> jimmy: it was eddie edwards? is that what it was? >> eddie edwards. >> jimmy: i remember eddie the eagle.
11:01 pm
>> i remember it. >> jimmy: you remember it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was a big deal. he was like this cool -- it almost was kind of like an evil kinevel. he came out of nowhere and everyone was -- what is -- it was a sensation. >> he'd be the top of that and now made a jump. the camera's always there with that moment of preparation. look straight into the camera and go, hello mom, how are you? [ light laughter ] don't look down. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. and he's got these glasses. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you realize -- i don't know who thought of you for casting this, but you look like this guy. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i mean, i have to confess. when i first saw a picture of him i did wonder, but really -- he's got like -- he has quite a a prominent under bite. >> correct. >> yeah. [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: i'll cover your eyes. i'll cover your eyes. and you give me the mouth. >> here you go now. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: can you see it there? yeah, that's kind of what he does. there's that underbite there, yeah. if you google the real guy and then look at who you're playing, it's just crazy. almost identical. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and it's a great story and it's true, and you
11:02 pm
things that just makes you feel good if you watch it, and you play the coach -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: who has a little bit of a drinking problem. >> we wouldn't call it that in australia. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no. no, no, no, no. for this time, in this place. yeah, yeah, yeah. in this film, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> it is. >> jimmy: and just like, you guys get together and it's like, to do the impossible. and i just -- i loved it, and whoever played your mom in the movie. >> jo hartley. >> jo hartley. >> jimmy: incredible. she knocked me out. i think of my own parents rooting for me or whatever and -- i hope he does well. >> thanks, man. >> you did a brilliant job. >> jimmy: my parents -- have never been proud of me, but they're thinking about it, yeah, yeah. and this guy. yeah. >> you did an amazing job. you got to do "kingsmen" and then this. >> no, but -- >> go on, man. all right. [ light laughter ] >> no, you were amazing too. >> jimmy: yeah. you know. >> too slow. >> sorry, i'll be quicker next time. >> jimmy: you know the one? there's that one scene though, where you -- it's nighttime. i don't want to spoil it, but you know what happens. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you know how to do it.
11:03 pm
>> i was jumping jack flash in my mind. that was what was running through. >> jimmy: so cool. i won't spoil anything for you guys if you haven't seen it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: everyone watch the clip. here's taron egerton and hugh jackman in "eddie the eagle." take a look at this. >> working on telemark landing. ready? began top play oh yeah well well you >> whoa! you make my dreams come true you you ooh-ooh >> look at -- i just -- >> little more difficult than i expected. >> good. good. one, two, three -- yes, yes, yes! >> no. [ horn beeps ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i was rooting for you the whole movie, it's so fun. i love you, as always. you're the best. >> thanks. >> jimmy: taron egerton and hugh jackman, everybody. now "eddie the eagle" in theaters friday. [ cheers and applause ] it's in theaters this friday. go see "eddie the eagle," and
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, everybody. i'm here with steve higgins and the stars of the new movie "eddie the eagle," taron egerton and hugh jackman! [ cheers and applause ] now, we're about to play a game of "catchphrase." here's how the game works. huey will start the game by pressing start on this buzzer. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this guy right here. now -- and then you draw clues from the top of the pile, you get your teammate, taron, to quickly guess the clue as quickly as possible, then hand the buzzer off to the person on your right. >> got it. >> you make any physical gesture, you can say anything, but you can't say any word in the actual clue. if you're holding the buzzer
11:09 pm
loses that round. >> okay. >> jimmy: first team to win two rounds wins the game. let's take our positions. huey, you go there. higgins, you're over there. taron, you're here. [ applause ] >> you ready? >> jimmy: press start when your ready, and then -- and best of luck, man. >> all right. >> jimmy: good to see you, man. [ laughter ] >> let's do it. >> ready, set, go! you wear 'em to hold your pants up. >> braces. >> jimmy: what? braces? >> steve: woops! i accidentally called you on the phone. i sat on my phone? >> jimmy: butt dial. >> steve: boom. [ light laughter ] >> ah! okay, so it's what you trap a a rodent in. >> jimmy: a -- rat trap. >> yes. [ buzz ] oh! >> jimmy: was that the buzz? >> oh, i think it was. >> jimmy: what does that mean? does that mean i keep going? when you're going on a fun get whole time. >> steve: staycation. >> jimmy: no. [ light laughter ] tap dancing! >> yes!
11:10 pm
stinking. >> jimmy: morning breath. >> steve: boom. >> okay. so it's what james bond did when he orders a drink. >> might be shaken up good. >> yes, yes! [ cheers ] >> ooh -- [ buzzer ] >> oh! [ laughter ] >> steve: ching chong chong. ching chong chong chong. >> technically -- >> jimmy: i was gonna say it, but i think as he was saying nicolas cage was in your -- "'cause i didn't know where it was going to be. [ light laughter ] i didn't know where it was gonna end up." >> steve: no other human -- >> jimmy: no other human would get that reference. i love it. alright, here. >> round two. >> jimmy: round two. this is good right here. >> you ready? >> jimmy: okay. now we understand the game. here we go. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> go. >> ooh, i laugh when i get -- i'm very, very -- >> ticklish. >> yes! >> jimmy: he's good. >> steve: shut your -- >> jimmy: pie hole.
11:11 pm
[ laughter ] >> like a puppet, you stick your hand up, but what is the job of the person that sticks his hand up -- >> oh, puppeteer! >> no, it's another one who >> ventriloquist! [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh. the ranger. >> steve: boo-boo! >> jimmy: yeah, there you go. [ laughter ] >> cute. >> no, no. >> kinky. >> yes! >> jimmy: ah! >> steve: wrong! that was a move! that was not right! everybody calm down that was a -- >> steve: almost. it was a -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was a true -- >> steve: no, no. untrue. >> jimmy: it was a lie. >> steve: it's the opposite of true. opposite of true! >> jimmy: true, false. >> steve: yes! >> jimmy: lie, false. >> steve: ee -- ee -- ee. >> jimmy: buzz. >> steve: no, i'm looking at when the clock goes off my -- >> jimmy: alarm! [ buzzer ] yes! >> steve: oh! [ applause ] >> 1-1. >> jimmy: they got my -- they got in my head.
11:12 pm
they got in my head, yeah. they were dancing around. and this guy's got like 5g's. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so, he doesn't even know what i'm talking about [ laughter ] >> okay, ready? >> jimmy: here we go. come on, buddy, we can do this. >> steve: okay, i'm so tired of being on that plane i got -- >> jet lag. >> boom. >> it's the first one you do when you're skiing. the first one. >> the snow plow. >> the rabbit. >> the rabbit. the rabbit. >> no, it's the place -- the hill that you do when -- >> oh, bunny slope. >> yes! >> jimmy: nice. all right, you say this on a -- on a cruise ship, when everyone's-- oh, no, i'm sorry. you say this on a train. it's a train. >> steve: all aboard. >> jimmy: yeah, there you go. take it. you could say it on a cruise ship. >> sure. >> we're gonna relax and i want you to just -- >> unwind. >> with a -- >> what? [ laughter ] >> i want you to -- >> jimmy: just do it! just do it! >> i want you to just -- >> limber up! >> relax and just -- no. >> i don't know! >> just lie. just lie.
11:13 pm
i don't know! >> yes, but you gotta -- >> release? [ laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: yes! [ buzzer ] [ cheers ] >> what the hell was it? >> jimmy: what was it? >> that was terrible. >> go with the flow. >> jimmy: our thanks to hugh jackman, taron egerton. [ cheers and applause ] go see them in the movie, "eddie the eagle." i love you, buddy. in theaters this friday. audra mcdonald joins us after the break.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is an emmy and grammy award-winning performer. she's also won a record-breaking six tony awards. she returns to broadway in the new production of "shuffle along" which begins previews march 15th and opens april 28th at the music box theater. please welcome audra mcdonald,
11:19 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have the hottest audience. >> i know. >> jimmy: hottest audience in the world. >> i can't believe it. >> jimmy: thank you so much for doing yahoo! answers -- yahoo! answers lounge singers. >> i loved that doing that with you. you really need to take it on the road. >> jimmy: you've done it, three, four times now? >> i think four or five times now, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i know what the weirdest one was. >> what do you think is weirdest one is? >> jimmy: i know what the weirdest one was. 'cause i -- when it came out of your mouth i know it sound -- it felt weird. >> okay, which one? which one? like -- what happens [ laughter ] sorry, my keyboard's down here. i always have a keyboard here. what happens when you if the drink the mercury from a thermometer >> yeah, then i said -- you're about to trip balls good luck, bro [ laughter ] that was it.
11:20 pm
>> jimmy: you saying trip balls was the one. >> i don't think i've ever, i don't think i've ever sung the words "trip balls" before. >> jimmy: no, that was the first. >> and do it on national television. >> jimmy now it's a classic. yeah. >> my mother's so proud. >> jimmy: because of you, by the way, i wanna thank you for our sound in our studio, because this is true. i came to see you at lincoln center and you were doing -- it was a big night for -- >> ren levy, yeah. >> jimmy: ren levy. >> the former president of lincoln center, yeah. >> jimmy: he was leaving, and you just came out and it was phenomenal. knockout. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you know this, but you're amazing. and i go, why does it sound so great as well? like the sound in the room. so good. and then i looked at the, like, even the color of the walls and everything. all the wood, and so i actually called ren and said, who did -- who does the sound there? and so he goes, oh and he hooked me up with these people. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and that's why we have the best sound on television because of you. >> oh, it is actually. and it's -- yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're here watching, you're at home listening, it's because of audra mcdonald that we have the best sound. >> no, but -- and it feels good to sing in this space here actually. >> jimmy: it does?
11:21 pm
>> jimmy: okay, good. i want it to feel good. i got -- i have to go through some of your awards here, because you've won an emmy, you won two grammys. six tonys and out of the -- first of all, that's a lot of awards. i'd love to borrow any one of [ laughter ] you're the first person to win a tony in every acting category, featured actress in a a play. lead actress in a musical and lead actress in play. congratulations. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's unbelievable! >> yeah. >> jimmy: you are so awesome. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and we love you. >> very lucky. i'm very lucky, you know, my life has kind of surpassed any dream that i possibly could have had. i'm very lucky. >> jimmy: you're too humble. and then weirdly enough i saw you at lincoln center recently. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we hang out at -- >> yeah, that's where we hang out. >> jimmy: hang out at lincoln center, yeah. but we were at some event and you told me about "shuffle along." >> yeah. >> jimmy: i'm excited about this. >> me too. it's basically -- there was a a musical that was on broadway in 1921. and it was one of the first african-american musicals to be produced, directed, and starring and written by
11:22 pm
literally changed sort of, you know, history. and it was the first time that african-american were allowed as far as, like, the fifth row from the front. the orchestra, the theater was integrated. it's why 63rd street is a a one-way street now, because traffic was so big coming up to see the show, that cops had to move it to making it a one-way street. >> jimmy: is that right? >> the first time jazz was used in a musical and it's the first time that there was a real love scene between an african-american man and a a woman. before it really wasn't allowed. so, they were afraid the audience was gonna riot, 'cause it really wasn't allowed. first time that happened and then history kind of forgot about it. and so george wolfe has put together this amazing, which not only is the actual show, but also what happened backstage and then what happened in the years after "shuffle along" first hit broadway. >> jimmy: so, fun. >> we're very excited about doing it. >> jimmy: and choreographed by -- >> savion glover. >> jimmy: savion glover. i mean, oh, my -- how's your tap dancing? >> oh, well -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i can sing!
11:23 pm
i'm learning on a daily basis. i can make sounds. no, it's gonna be fine. >> jimmy: i can make sounds. that's it. [ laughter ] >> i'm practicing all the time. i practice in my house. i'm driving my family crazy. i'm driving the poor dogs crazy, 'cause i tap upstairs and they always think someone's, you know, knocking on a door. and they're like -- it's just me trying to figure it out. and savion's amaze -- you know, the worlds greatest tap dancer. and working with him, he's so patient. but this is how he teaches you a step. he'll say, okay, you go, ah, ah-ah-du, and then he just kind of does the steps and then you kind of go -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: easy to do it with your mouth, yeah. >> right. and then he goes, huh-uh. >> jimmy: he goes, huh-uh, yeah. >> the other dancers in the show are amazing and by previews, i'll be good. >> jimmy: oh, you never let us down. come on, we love you so much. audra mcdonald, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "shuffle along" opens april 28th.
11:24 pm
theater. we'll be right back with a a performance by daryl hall and john oates! come on back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh!
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roll hall of famers, and the number one selling duo in music history! [ cheers and applause ] come on. they're gonna kick off a u.s. tour this may. performing "i can't go for that," please welcome daryl hall and john oates!
11:30 pm
easy ready willing overtime where does it stop where do you dare me to draw the line you've got the body now you want my soul don't even think about it say no go yeah i i'll do anything that you want me to and i'll do almost anything that you want me to but i can't go for that no no can do i can't go for that no no can do
11:31 pm
no no can do i can't go for that can't go for that can't go for that can't go for that i can't go for being twice as nice i can't go for just repeating the same old lines use the body now you want my soul ooh forget about it now say no go yeah i oh i i'll do anything that you want me to oh i and i'll do almost anything that you want me to but i can't go for that no no can do i can't go for that no no can do i can't go for that no no can do i can't go for that can't go for that can't go for that
11:32 pm
[ cheers and applause ] yeah i i'll do anything that you want me to oh i whoa i'll do almost anything that you want me to but i can't go for that no no can do i can't go for that no no no can do i can't go for that no no no can do i can't go for that can't go for that can't go for that
11:33 pm
i can't go for that i can't go for that i can't go for that i can't go for that [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come on! daryl hall, john oates! [ cheers and applause ] daryl hall, john oates! tickets for their tour are on sale now. we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen!
11:34 pm
11:36 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to taron egerton, hugh jackman, audra mcdonald! [ cheers and applause ] daryl hall and john oates, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] and also from philadelphia, the roots right there, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye.
11:37 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- anthony mackie, from broadway's "hamilton", actress renee elise goldsberry, comedian neal brennan, featuring the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ]


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