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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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east third avenue and holly street is back open this morning... a water main break caused quite a mess yesterday. we shot this new video overnight to see the progress... the intersection is pretty clear... but we did see some construction equipment nearby and street sweeper was there cleaning the roads. denver water had to shut off the water to fix the pipe. welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. happy friday eve. marty is in the happy friday eve.
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weather center. good morning a former weld
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due in court this afternoon for a motions hearing. tom fallis is set to go on trial for his wife's murder in just over a week. fallis was arrested in november of 2014... nearly two years after his wife, ashley, died in their home in evans. the investigation originally found ashley took her own life in 2012. then in 2014.... previously unheard witness accounts that claimed the evans police commander mishandled the case surfaced... and that's when fallis was arrested. fallis was released on a 500-thousand dollar bond on february 9th.
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husband at work her - she did not survive. the driver did not stop greeley police say woman was walking across the street... right outside the swift meat packing plant...when the suv hit her and drove off. police say the victim was wearing all black clothing... so the driver may not have been able well. two people who were killed in a plane crash in el paso county early yesterday morning. the cornor's office says it will take several days to identify the victims. with the federal aviation administration says the single engine plane crashed near palmer lake yesterday- between larkspur and the air force academy. the impact sparked firefighters were able to get it out pretty quick.. this morning a two year old is safe thanks to a denver mail carrier who did not hesitate to do what he needed to do to help. robert batley says he found the
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wondering in the road. the littel girl was standing on the median of zuni street yesterday batley told us several cars passed the toddler... no one stopped... but he did. > bratley scooped up the girl... and called 9-1-1. deputies had to go door to door to find her family... the adams county sheriff's office says the girl's grandfather was watching her and he didn't realize she was missing. the grandfather was cited for misdemeanor child abuse. today former g-o-p nominee mitt romeny is going to talk about the 2016 presidential race. romney is not expected to endorse anybody or announce his own candidacy... instead he's expected to go after republican front-runner donald trump. this as we look ahead to tonight's gop debate -- nbc's
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dr. ben carson - the first post super tuesday casualty: his campaign confirms: he will not be at tonight's debate, and his public schedule ends after a speech tomorrow. ted cruz tells carson supporters: presidential candidate :14-:17 "we welcome you on our team." presidential candidate :18-:20 "i'm looking forward to that debate. are you looking forward to the debate?" marco rubio's already in michigan.. hoping to put the brakes on donald trump. presidential candidate :25-:29 "everyone get together so we can keep this frontrunner from winning and destroying the republican party." but efforts to stop him maybe futile "so if 56 percent of the party doesn't want him, then why is he winning?" john kasich's predicting a brokered convention. presidential candidate :38-:43 "and it would be likely that we would have one of the most interesting times in cleveland that we've seen in modern political history." trump's tweeting about mitt romney's speech today. romney's expected to criticize trump. trump calls it "another desperate move by the man who should've easily beaten barack obama." meantime the democrats are raising money... ready to take on whoever emerges from the other side. audio outcue: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. so far about 30 big-name
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lawmakers in washington d-c , have come out publicly against trump. astronaut scott kelly is back on home... after taking the longest "road trip" ever. he spent nearly a year in space. and what scientists discover from his trip... could help them take an even longer journey in the future. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is in the information center with more. tarhonda-- kelly reunited with loved ones early this morning. that's right, gary. here he is-- greeting close friends and family in houston. one of the people he couldn't wait to see-- his twin brother, mark kelly... who is also an astronaut. that's a big reason why scott spent a year in space... scientists can
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genetically- identical twin. a year in space has already made scott two inches taller than his brother. scott kelly spent more time in outer space than any other american astronaut. during that time, his photos from on-board the international space station fascinated people on social media. after his long trip back to america.. he made jokes about the plane ride to texas... and the number of times the i-s-s went around the earth while he was up in space. by looking at the effects that a "year in space" had on scott kelly, scientists can plan for a bigger space mission. they think it will-- eventually-- help them prepare for a trip to mars...
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something you might enjoy all the time can make your dog really sick. one dog owner found out the hard way... thankfully her dog is okay... but now she's warning other people about the danger. more in a moment but first lets go to marty for another check of your weather. we all know that
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good for dogs... but did you know that a common sweetener can be even more dangerous. one family found this out the hard way with their dog dancer. nbc's nicole zymek explains this family just wants other people to learn from their experience. "she found a container of gum in my gym bag and ate all the gum in it, about 25 to 30 pieces... we just kind of told her, okay dancer you're going to have belly ache." "she wasn't walk and would jeni had no idea what was wrong year old daughters reading sugar-free gum contains the which is extremely toxic to dogs. they rushed dancer to the vet... "that's when dancer started to have a really bad seizure and this was on my girl's laps while dropped to dr. raegan wells she spent two days in icu. "receiving around the clock intensive care and support for her liver." often times when dogs have xylitol poisoning, they'll also suffer liver failure. "we kind of waited for that 72 hour mark to happen and made it." 2 weeks later --
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"she's just a wonderful dog and we're thrilled that she's back home with her family." they learned a big lesson. "xylitol is extremely lethal, or extremely toxic to dogs." she now wants to make sure others are aware of the danger -- by posting this video on facebook. "we felt like we didn't keep our dog sa likave a toddler, you kee you medicines up, poisons away from same thing needs take on having a dog." get to travel around the world.. taking pictures... eating great food... and... you get paid to do it. sounds just too good... but this job is real. imagine this... you
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eating great food... sounds just too
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the retailer says data from a few thousand clients may have been visible to other users during a four-day stretch last month. wal-mart management wants to be clear that this wasn't a was a coding mistake. the error happened during a server switchover. if two customers logged in at the same time -- they may have been able to see the other person's information -- including their name, address, date of birth and prescription history. wal-mart is contacting potentially affected customers directly and offering them identity protection services. you can still bring your e-cig on a commercial flight.. but you can't use it. the department of transportation issued a new regulation that stops you from using e-cigarettes on any domestic or foreign airlines flying to, from, or in the u-s. transportation officials says this rule will protect passengers who don't want to be
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fumes. the regulation is also designed to clear up any confusion over whether the previously existing ban on tobacco products included e-cigarettes. remember while you can take an e- cig onboard a plane.... you can't pack it your checked bag. did you get a coffee mug for valentine's day... you might want to double check where it came from. target is recalling a mug because it was labeled microwave safe... but it's actually not. this recall involves the "love today" ceramic coffee mugs. it turns out that the lettering on the mugs are metallic and can send sparks flying when you put it in the microwave. if you have a mug -- bring it to target for a full refund. . amazon and brita teamed up to create a pitcher that re-orders its own filters. it's called the brita infinity smart water pitcher. instead of waiting for the you to notice the pitcher needs a new filter -- it uses built-in wifi to order new ones from amazon. the $5.99 filters last for two months or 40 gallons of water. the new pitcher is available now on amazon dot com.
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things that sound too good to be true...but this next story is reportedly very real. according to the netflix website, the company is looking for one person to spend two weeks traveling europe and the middle east...all on their dime...and you'll even be paid 4- grand. your only job is to visit the sets of popular shows, movies and netflix originals and post photos on instagram. to apply, you have to follow netlfix on instagram, and post three photos with the hashtag #grammasters3. the deadline to apply is sunday. those facebook quizzes are fun... but do you know where your information is going? those quizes may quizzes are fun... but do you know where your information is going? those quizes may not be as harmless
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have you ever taken one of those
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that your friends shared online? as nbc's lindsey mastis discovered... they look like fun... but cyber security experts call them click bait -- for a reason." "i love to know what kind of disney princess you are. or, i don't know, a lot of crazy ones i see my friends post."
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"if my friends took it, i usually do take it." but beware -- hackers can hijack accounts and use them to lure in more victims. sri sridharan -- managing director at the florida center for cybersecurity -- explains hackers just want one thing: money. "it seems harmless but you never know who's really asking you for that information." hackers will use quizzes to disguise malicious links. some will connect to your facebook account to extract data. they can even trick you into downloading malware. quiz questions themselves could be a trap. "the more they know about you, the more ways they can trick you into doing something like clicking on a link you should not click on." so how can you tell whether the quiz your taking is safe? sridharan recommends: being cautious of quizzes and polls that want you to sign in. the same goes for email address. he urges -- treat them like cash. don't click on links just because a friend posted it. and only participate in quizzes from reputable sources that protect your data. "now that i think about it, i probably shouldn't take the quizzes anymore. my computer or phone might already be in damage of that. hopefully i guess nothing happens, but maybe i should stop taking the
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now let's get a check of your morning drive with
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this next story is what nightmares are made of... a florida family found an unwanted 300-pound guest in their swimming pool. apparently the homewoner didn't immediately notice this gator just chillin in his pool... first he saw some bubbles floating up to the surface... then... he spotted the alligator. florida fish and wildlife sent a trapper to the house... and they took the gator away... there one momma in north carolina that has her hands full this morning. the new puppy parents have a large litter to feed. this momma gave birth to 17-little labradors... look at how cute and tiny they are! the owners of the dogs did some research and they think they broke the state record. it's 16 in north carolina. the world record for biggest litter
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that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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breaking news this morning.... there's been an armed carjacking in an aurora home depot parking lot. 9news reporter noel brennan is sorting out the details. new overnight.... astronaut scott kelly- who spent a


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