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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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county. 86,000 of them return to school and a lot of them will walk. coming up, we'll show you the right and wrong ways to walk your child to school. and a handful of days left in the rio olympics. cheryl and matt still there and check out this really, really cool mountain. [ laughter ] sugar loaf mountain. >> a mountain. if you'rene colorado and need to register to vote for up coming election, we have good news. the process is just a text away. >> oh, man. good morning, everyone. corey, gary, and colleen here with you today. becky ditchfield is in for marty. we have known it was coming and later today we will feel the change. >> it will come by winds from the north behind a cool front and first we'll see showers and thunderstorms around 2:00.
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difference. beautiful skies over the denver metro area, not a lot going on. we have to look north and northwest to see the rain and that is where the cold front is hanging out to our north it moves through with showers and storms. it will get gray to the west this afternoon about 11:00 to 12:00 where we're see scat foothills. after 2:00, they push east of i- 25 and while they're not expected to be severe here, we could see some stronger storms on our eastern plains. kids are headed back to school today. we heard tarhonda talking about it at the bus stop. we'll be in the 60s and by resays, warm. it should be great to play outside, 83. watch out for shower and storms
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we have to watch out for the rain and drivers. >> it's that time of year when the forecast comes back into play there. i brought up a side street, cdot camera, to tell you about the extra traffic as kids head back to school and reminded you of the school zones. tarhonda will have detail in a moment but areas of fort pollen will see additional traffic so just keep it in mind and give a second and third look extra caution. across 270, an easy beginning throughout commerce city, no major concerns anywhere across town. it looks like a new problem across lakewood drive so we'll check side streets with another update in a few but overall, a really nice, easy start. guys, i love this picture here. these little guys with their faces pushed up against the window -- watch out for this because we are headed back to school. >> aw. [ laughter ] >> it's that time of year again. thank you, amelia.
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one by one, metro school districts are getting back to school and it's jeffco's turn. tarhonda, drivers need a refresher course and lots of little ones out there. >> reporter: they absolutely do and drivers aren't the only one who need a refresher course. how about walkers? there's a right and wrong wray to walk your child to school. steve davis with the lakewood police department joins us. >> hi, tarhonda. >> reporter: it may seem obvious but there's a right way to walk kids to school so le pretend i'm the mom, you're my son. >> you probably want me out just a little bit ahead of you so you can see me. >> reporter: okay, i'm going back a little bit. >> yeah. you want me out here where i can be seen by you and your vision, you know. want to be towards the street. >> reporter: the parent toward the street. >> right, keep the kid inside, keep an eye on him. kids are gonna bolt. kids are gonna run. and then when we get to an intersection like a curb here,
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when we were kids. look both ways before you cross that street and you got to get that message into the kid and have them know that when you're not around. >> reporter: they get so excited, they just want to run. >> they do, they see their friend, it's the first day of school, that's exciting, and that will happen, but mom and dad have to be aware keep an eye on them. >> reporter: speaking of being aware, officer dave hoover is with us to hand turn for drivers look for pedestrians. it can be tricky. >> absolutely. drivers need to pay attention to the left -- because that's where the vehicles come from when they're turning on the roadway. many times they forget to look right where a lot of the times the kids will be coming from. hopefully they're paying attention if we're not, but -- you know, you got to pay attention, look both directions, and always look for the pedestrians because you're
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all summer long and they're usually shorter than most other pedestrians which are taller at the malls, but at schools, they're a lot smaller so pay attention. >> reporter: 4 feet. >> be ready for them. >> reporter: thank you for those. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: weep give you tips throughout the morning so you can make sure you and your children are safe and even if you're driving through a neighborhood, we want you to be aware. we don't want you to get a ticket for speeding through a school zone. stay tuned because we're going back to school. ready or not, that's for sure. >> tarhonda, thank you. it's throwback thursday and time for school so dig out the old yearbook photos for us to see. we did and posted them on our 9news gaysbook page #beon9. share them with us so we can get a little laugh in.
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to know why it's black and white. >> everyone wants to know where the mustache was. >> i was 14. teachers will ease into the homework routine. now kids have a new tool to study for those tests. >> reporter: some apps focus on specific skills. >> this app helps you with, like, learning new words that are really big for, like, each grade and goes from k-12. >> reporter: as she haves fifth grade, 10-year-d penmanship is perfect. >> it teaches you how to write in cursive and cool things you can write with. >> reporter: her 8-year-old sister uses an app to study on math in a fun way. >> it's a game where, like, you can buy stuff for, like, a house and stuff but it haz-mat on it, like, all these games you try to play but you have to finish the math >> dylan robertson likes to study the canvas app.
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came vas and you do the work. >> reporter: 11-year-old braylon uses an app for technical subjects. >> when was notable where like, i got my math and science note in one place. >> reporter: kids know whether they're helping. do you think your grades are better because of them? >> yeah. >> cute kids. >> like that. >> 5:37 right now. rio olympics are coming to an end but certainly aren't winding down. evy, medals, upsets, and victories for countries around the world. cheryl and matt joins in rio, halfway up the sugarloaf mountain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we just got off the cable car. there's a stop halfway up so that everyone can take pictures because the view is spectacula . we want to show you here because what you see in the cast right under this tree is christ the redeemer. >> reporter: right about there
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>> reporter: and you see the port and the city below. it is spectacular. >> reporter: we have been talking about it and you can see just crawling its way up the mountain above those big financial buildings. >> reporter: yeah, and then you can see the ocean here, as well. >> reporter: actually, if you were part of the first broadcast earlier, that's where we were live right down there -- >> reporter: on that beach. >> reporter: we came up the cable car to of sugarloaf mountain. we're about 722 feet above sea level right now, sugarloaf mountain goes up to 1299 feet so there's two stops. we're al the halfway point and then we have to go onto another cable car to get to the top. >> this would not be gary's dream because he does not love heights and we noticed you have a whole bunch of gentlemen working on the side of the
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when we come on the cable car, two guys were washing it. it's like a moving cable car wash in the morning so that is an adventurous job. our next stop is up to the next -- 700-something feet to get to the top. >> reporter: what you can't really see where from where we're at -- because a building is in the way -- the rest of sugarloaf is on the other side and we'll try. lines are everywhere. we got caught in one already but we're doing all right. it's not that crowded, a beautiful day, better weather. >> reporter: isn't that a gorgeous view? >> looks like a great day and i would be okay where you are -- maybe not so much cleaning the cable car. [ laughter ] man, oh, man. >> reporter: those guys got the short end of the straw this morning. >> i'm telling you. oh, my goodness. all right, thanks, guys, appreciate that. >> be careful. >> we'll check back in with you. go stand in line now.
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some gymnasts for sure, signing up new ones and veterans like j.j. marshall have gold in their eyes while watching their idols in rio. >> i want to become a 2020 olympian because i just put what it takes in my gymnastics and i stay confident and i just push myself because i know i can do it. >> she is so good. she's -- you know, we could have an olympi >> she started gymnastics when she was 5 and practices twice a day so 34 hours a week and because of the interest in gymnastics, more classes will be added to keep up with everyone. becky, i think you can do some of that, can't you? >> you know, i don't think the video would be really pretty or anything like that. hey, guys. today we're looking at still warm temperatures but will see changes coming into colorado. over the last several days,
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80s and low 90s. 89 saturday. we hit 90 on sunday and hung out in the low 90s through yesterday. today will be a smidge cool in the middle 80s. the cold front doesn't arrive until late this afternoon -- really, into tonight. ahead of it, showers and storms so it will get cloudy to keep us in the middle 80s today, an isolated shower and thunderstorm will begin just after 2:00. we'll talk about that big cooloff, coming up. >> big cooloff nine more medals for a total of 93. that is dominant. boy, 30 gold, 32 silver, 31 bronze. china is in second place with 54 total medals and great britain has 50. russia, 41. japan back in the top five now,
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a denver police office
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on paid leave today after shooting a carjacking suspect. on tuesday, officers found a volvo stolen over the weekend in arapahoe county. they stopped the car at the denver community credit union off federal. police said the driver had a gun. there was a chase, and one person was shot in the leg. police said, actually, all three people in the car were underage and they all had warrants for their arrest. we're learning more about the man who died in an industrial accident earlier this month. this is video where the accident happened in denver. 64-year-old rick seimer died on august 99 after being caught in a machine. the investigation with osha could take as long as six months. the company works with aluminum and steel coil. registers to vote is as easy as sending a text message. send "colorado" to 2vote with a link to the voter registration website. those already registered to vote can use the technology
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status of their ballot after they voted. >> sounds pretty easy. >> yeah. >> pretty nice. days of flooding have left thousands of families without homes. coming up, we'll talk about some help on it way to louisiana. but first, let's check in with becky and amelia. good morning, guys. we're talking our weather and rio weather with the olympics going on. 73, humidity at 69%. our winds are out of the south- southwest at 2 miles per hour so not too windy of a day there. as we he the afternoon, we'll hang out in the low 80s, upper 70. there's a chance of showers today. we'll clear out into friday with high in the middle 80. we don't cool off until after the olympics are over sunday and monday of next week, upper 60s and low 70s so a nice chance of decent weather to close out the olympics. amelia? >> absolutely. it's 58:45. be we're seeing the first indication of a slowdown building in the southbound and
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270 as well as highway 7. to the north end on southbound 25, a few extra cars loading in and then pretty view across the city as we look east, sun in the picture and start to see those first brake lights moving through towards york, kickoff around the 76 interchange coming straight off i-25. drive time-wise, we're really look nice, 8 or 9 minutes across eastbound and westbound stretch between 225 and i-25. coming up, we'll look at
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>> 5:49 now. families are trying to clean through debris after flood waters affected louisiana. one midland family lost everything. the house was filled with almost 6 feet of water. >> [ indistinct ] it really is. we worked so hard for that. >> heartbreakfo are coming together to get through the tough times. this week's flooding to blame for at least 13 deaths in louisiana. the secretary of homeland security will have a first-hand look at flood water in louisiana, set to visit baton rouge. a news conference will be held to talk about recovery efforts that will be sent their way. another threat in the south is being dismissed, zika virus. west nile, not zika is the
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in louisiana. flooding and storms often boost the mosquito pop lake, but those aren't the type that transmit viruses like zika. the cdc is keeping a close eye just in case. let's check the forecast. partly cloudy to start. this afternoon, we'll see rain and then tonight, the cold front moves through with big change in the forecast for tomorrow. outside, really pretty views downtown with a couple of high clouds on the horizon. we're in the 50s and 60s across the front range. 61 denver, fort collins, 58. eastern plains, you're in the 50s and 60s with 30s and 40s in the mountains. now, we're very dry across the state. the cold front is still well off to our north but as it pushes into the state, we're going to see showers increase and we'll get a chance of rain in denver. showers senator the mountain and that will be as early as 11:00. by 3:00 p.m., awfully dark to the west, then cross i-25,
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thunderstorms possible between 2:00 and 9:00 this evening. storms not expected to be severe here in denver but we could see some strong storms near sterling, holyoke, julesburg in northeast colorado that produce damaging hail, wind, and rain. we are not expecting to see severe weather in the denver metro area. that is northeast. the cool air will arrive tomorrow because the front pushes through late tonight. highs a big difference from today in the low 70s. 87 collins, hot in eastern colorado, middle 90s, 60s and 70s for the mountain, wind today will shift out of the north. those storms come late this afternoon, last until this evening, mostly cloudy tonight, lows will drop to 56. tomorrow, 73, good chance of scattered showers and storms. we're drier for the weekend with 70s and 80s. >> a little cooldown there. we'll see our drive kick up
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seeing side streets crowding with new problems and unfortunately, both of them are affecting the drive on alameda. we start with our side streets to alameda and holly. further west, as we jump to lakewood, we're also seeing a crash across kipling and alameda. this is the busier of the two intersections so because it's still the 5:00 hour, we should be okay in terms of volume. as prompted, we want to go to the south end and look at your 25 camera around county line road in all the way towards the spring, an hour and ten minute drive, and if you're heading northbound towards fort collins, a nice, easy beginning all the way towards the wyoming state line so coming up in a few, we'll talk about your drive to boulder and your commute out to the airport. >> all right, amelia, thank you so much. it's rigged. it's rigged -- or is it? that's what one lawmaker is trying to figure out about those [ indistinct ] that's
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>> welcome back. 5:55 now. mcdonald's is temporarily pulling the step it trackers over concerns of skin irritation from wearing the band. no word on how many customers have been affected but one parent complained on facebook that her child was burned by the happy meal toy after playing with it for eight minutes. >> hmm. >> wow. best buy is hosting a special sales event to celebrate its 50th anniversary.
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spotlight 50 deals for 50 hours. the electronics retailer said special rice prices will be available at stores and online. deals include a $1 iphone 6s with a two-year carrier with sprint or verizon. >> very good. in an effort to lift taxes to pay for more parking in vail that will shut down the idea by the city council there. a council member wanted to double the tickets tax that made it almost $5 million in ? projects, but council members cited their relationship with vail resorts as a reason to not rush into any new tax proposals. i'm sure the skiers appreciate that. >> oh, sure. the washington monument is closed for repairs so crews can fix the elevator after a cable broke loose wednesday. the national park service said 84 people had to walk down the stairs. the monument was close over the weekend and closed in july
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>> it is. i have done that walk. the second oldest marathon in the country could face winter-like weather. on saturday, runners will take in pike's peak in the ascent. sunday they will do with the round trip and the forecast for both days calls for possible snow near the summit. >> of course. >> mid-40s, much warmer at the springs. >> i don't know why i giggled about this. good luck, everyone. here's a look from sky 9 and a beautiful shot of the moon this morning. skyline launched to get a look at the driver and we'll check in with amelia in a few seconds. >> beautiful. oh, my goodness. >> it's glowing out will. >> um-hmm. >> that's all for 9news at 5:00 a.m.
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>> stick with more.
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hillary clinton? donald trump? the choice may be difficult but getting registered can be as easy as sending a text. ryan lochte said he was robbed at gunpoint but saying it's not quite true. how the olympic swimmer is changing the story and why two teammates were pulled from the plane on their way home. >> so we have a lot of school, a lot of kids. it impacts us all. it's not just to school but back to early mornings. the refresher course as district school starts today. tarhonda thomas is talked to police, parents and kids about


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