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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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some flooded streets... good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. let's send it over to les drier air starts to move back into the las vegas valley tuesday after a good dousing of rain monday night. hardest hit areas were in the
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according to the clark county flood control districts rain gauges. meantime at mccarran international just a trace of rain was recorded. we still have rainfall chances in the forecast for tuesday but most of it will be limited to our local mountains. temperatures will remain below seasonal again tuesda index for tuesday is 9 or very high.
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here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps back to the news desk two of the defendants in the armed standoff at cliven bundy's bunkerville ranch-- are expected to plead guilty to federal charges. gerald "jerry" delemus of new hampshire is expected to enter his plea today. blaine cooper of arizona is due in court thursday. a judge says she has signed plea agreements for
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among 19 defendants currently in federal custody in the 2014 bunkerville standoff. jerry sandusky continues to fight for a new trial... the former penn state assistant coach-- says he was not properly represented by his legal team during his 2012 trial-- the defense also claims grand jury leaks tainted that trial.. wisconsin police will not prematurely release any findings into the deadly officer involved shooting in milwaukee. 23-year old sylville smith, was in milwaukee after a foot chase following a traffic stop. wisconsin's attorney general says body camera video worn by two of the police officers will not be released now... despite pressure from the public to see it.. they say it could compromise the ongoing investigation. "we do not want to create the worst- case scenario that the da determines that charges might be appropriate, and then cannot complete a successful investigation,
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investigation get compromised. we will not do that." " smith's death sparked violent riots across milwaukee. the damages could amount to several million dollars. a california barber shop settles a lawsuit... after denying a transgender man service. "we commend rose for his courage to step forward and end discrimination against women and those perceived to be women. arbitrary discrimination by businesses is always wrong " rose trevis says he walked into hawleywood's barber shop and shaving parlor in march... trevis --- who was born a female but identifies as a man --- asked for a haircut but was turned away and told quote: "we don't cut women's hair." it's unclear how much trevis settlement is worth. new details are being released into the investigation of a deadly alligator attack at walt disney world. the florida fish and wildlife comission says little could be done to prevent
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the report says the gator acted in a "predatory manner" and that 2-year old lane thomas graves.... did nothing to provoke the animal. the report says the gator grabbed the boy when he bent down and that the boy's father tried to pry open the gator's mouth that was clamped on his son....but the animal broke away. the report also says a man alerted staff to gators about 45 minutes prior to the attack- and was on his way down to warn families when he heard a woman scream. another mishap at an amusement park in pennsylvania. the sidewinder roller coaster ride at hershey park... got stuck in the air. rescue teams say the ride was coasting down when the incident occured crews were called in and carefully walked 27 people off the ride. park officials are now trying to figure out what went wrong. a new jersey teen suffered serious injuries after a rollercoaster ride at the six flags park in maryland over the weekend. now she wants to make sure this doesn't happen again. reporter van tieu
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(captioning will resume shortly) six flags released a statement about
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they say that while they don't have information on what the object was... they're confident it was a loose article from one of the other riders. some of the prescription pills found in prince's home at the time of his death... were mislabeled. " bring says: "i think
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was taking hydrocodone- vicodin. which is what he had been taking for many years. and he unfortunately, like so many others, bought this illicitly, probably off the dark web, or one of his people did, and it didn't contain what it was advertised to contain." " investigators say pills labeled hydrocodone, were actually fetanyl -- a powerful painkiller that a medical examiner identified as the drug responsible for the singer's overdose. prince did not have a prescription for fetanyl -- a drug described as fifty times stronger than heroin and one-hundred times more powerful than morphine. after lying about being held at gun point in rio.. ryan lochte has lost all his sponsorships. as jeanne moos reports, the swimmer is now singing the same old tune, so to speak. the sorry refrain... (natsot / bieber song): "sorry" sung by everyone from justin bieber to brenda lee. (natsot / brenda lee song): "i'm sorry."
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swimmer ryan lochte. (al roker on nbc): "he lied. he lied to you. he lied to matt lauer." but when travelers departing the olympics were asked to leave a special message to rio at the airport, "sorry about ryan lochte" was one of the more popular ones scrawled on the board. apparently embarrassed americans felt the need to apologize. (jeanne moos, new york / standup bridge): "but you know who seemed to say sorry even more times than the message board?" lochte himself... (lochte on nbc/tv globo): "i'm just really embarrassed. (butted to) and i'm really sorry. (butted to) how sorry i am (butted to) i'm just really sorry (butted to) how truly sorry i am." he's paying a stiff price for saying he and his teammates were robbed and he had a cocked gun held to his head. "do you lie a little or a lochte?" was one meme. on john oliver's "last week tonight" they said farewell to him... (natsot / "last week tonight" show): "ryan lochte america's idiot sea cow. what defines ryan lochte? ryan lochte (crowd
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and now he's being stripped of his endorsement deals. (lochte ad): "i am speedo fit." (jeanne moos, new york): "not any more. on monday speedo dropped lochte." tweeted one columnist "ironic to lose a speedo endorsement over an inadequate coverup." a mattress company dumped him, even his gentle laser hair removal sponsor cut off lochte. ralph lauren refused to renew his contract. (natsot/ralph lauren ad): "i can be having the worst day of my life but as soon as i step into the water everything disappears." better dive, ryan. natsot: splash and make that one worst day of admitted intoxication disappear. (natsot/ brenda lee): "and i was too blind.." drunk (natsot / brenda lee): "to see. so sorry." jeanne moos (lochte on nbc): "i over exaggerated.." cnn (lochte on nbc): "i overexaggerated that story" new york across the internet people united.. all to find a pink,
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cami skousen has autism.. and has been attached to this shirt since kindergarten. now ten years old.. she doesn't fit in it.. and so her mom turned to the web.. asking if anyone had the shirt or knew where she could get a new one. well.. her post blew up.. she recieved messages from people as far away as tokyo. but the most important call she recieved was from the original maker of the shirt -- target. moved by her story.. they tracked down the original fabric.. and are making shirts in almost everysize.. so cami can wear her favorite outfit into adulthood. when dave was 14 he was worries about sports, his mullet and girls. this young girl puts us all to shame... at just 14 she's headed off to college! we'll introduce you to the math genius after the break.
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your weather pictures all morning long. justin barnett sent us this video of lightning from the 17th floor of main street station in downtown las
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part of
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are cleaning up--- after a tornado tears through.... leaving behind a path of destruction. the early morning twister... was a half a mile long and packed 100 mile per hour winds. trees were ripped from the ground... electric poles downed. nearly 40 homes were damaged. the fire chief cautioned people to stay in their homes until crews could take care of power lines that are tangled in tree branches. there were no injuries or deaths. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones drier air starts to move back into the las vegas valley tuesday after a good dousing of rain monday night. hardest hit areas were in the northeast. at nellis afb 1.61" fell according to the clark county flood control districts rain gauges. meantime at mccarran international just a
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have rainfall chances in the forecast for tuesday but most of it will be limited to our local mountains. temperatures will remain below seasonal again tuesday. the uv index for tuesday is 9 or very high.
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traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes
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photos for the day back to the news desk. when a regular person has an i- phone problem, we go to the apple store.. but not barbra streisand! the legendary performer noticed that siri, the i-phone voice assistant, pronounced her name "strei-zand," saying the second "s" like a "z." so the legendary entertainer
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and siri's next update, september 30th, will include the correct pronunciation. a boy makes a big move... while attending a country concert in new jersey--- 6-year old sebastian is a huge miranda lambert fan... so while taking in the superstar's show with hi family-- he popped the question. sebastian got down on one knee and asked her for her hand in marriage. he even gave her a ring. during her show saturday she told the audience that she said yes, but that he has to wait 25 years. tyra banks is going back to school! she tells the wall street journal, she'll co-teach a course next
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of business. the class is "project you: building and extending your personal brand." if anyone can teach that, it's a supermodel turned business mogul. at 14-years-old.. most teenagers are prepping for their first year in high school. but not danielle carson. she's not old enough to vote or even drive but as matt trezza explains.. this young lady is headed to college. few people of any age can solve a rubik's cube this fast... [nats of solving cube] it might not be surprising that fourteen year old danielle carson is starting her freshman year at deland's stetson university. danielle carson says: "i've always really enjoyed math. it's like a puzzle." her mom, mindy, says the math genius was solving college-level equations when her peers were just learning addition.
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"by first grade she was in algebra, and by second grade she was in college algebra." mindy was forced to home-school danielle because schools didn't know what to do with her. mindy carson says: "from third grade to seventh grade no school would take her!" until she went to stetson. mindy carson says: "it was like night and day. to have an expert to teach her, always know the answer, always knew what she needed. it was such a blessing." and it was more than just the professors that helped - but her classmates, too. danielle carson says: "it's really nice being with other students. i can finally get the education i'm supposed to be getting with other people." danielle's attending stetson on a partial scholarship. hancock says: "whether she wants to or not, she's breaking people's stereotypes of what you can do at her age. so, i think that's a great thing if we can be a part of that." and she hopes to go on to m.i.t. for her ph.d. after that - the sky's the limit. danielle carson says: "maybe engineering or physics. but i'm not really sure, anything math- related." but for now, she's right where she
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she's even talked with some of her new friends about starting stetson's first blackjack club. in deland, matt trezza, fox35 news. a dog is running for mayor... and it's not his first rodeo... why no one dares
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he just won his re-election bid. (karen nelson, resident) "i don't know who would run against him because he's done such great things for the community." meet duke...and yes...he is actually the mayor of this small town in minnesota. duke was first elected mayor of cormorant three years ago with a write-in vote.
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small town are pretty pleased with duke's leadership. he didn't have any challengers during the election over the weekend. plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... whatever floats your boat. a river party floats into canadian waters causing a cross- border headache. see what sent these partiers off-course and who came to their rescue, next. the giant, fire breathing praying mantis in downtown has new company. a live look at the new big rig art installation and the artist behind
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(nats of fire truck) another busy night for first responders as valley drivers ignored warnings to steer clear of flash flooding in the valley. last night's storm made for some incredible light shows in the sky. bolt after bolt danced across our valley skyline. "oh my god look how deep this is... this is awesome." this little lady
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happier to prance around in the rising waters. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. north las vegas and the central valley got slammed by a severe storm monday evening. flash flooding and incredible lightning shows made for a soggy drive home for many drivers. check out this scene at the intersection of lake mead and civic drivers tried their luck as they made it through the rising waters. our traffic cameras didn't capture any stalled out vehicles here. that wasn't the case for this driver at alexander and lamb. facebook viewer rory richards snapped this photo of the water rising almost up to that vehicle's windows. les krifaton joins us now with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. drier air starts to move back into the


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