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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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inside the raid. dramatic video obtained by nbc news appears to show the hostage rescue mission at an isis prison that left a u.s. commandoo dead. three people killed and more than 30 injured after a suspected drunk driver plowed tprough a parade at oklahoma state university. > and grand slam. the father and son duo who joined eded forces on the softball field is in a leaef its own. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. we begin with two major weather stories tonight. hurricane patricia that barrelled ashore along mexico's pacific coast is the strononst hurricane ever recorded.
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sustained winds of 200 miles per hour. first fifit, a separate weather system bringing catastrophic flooding to texas. flood watches extend from texas into louisiana effectively putting more than 15 million people in the south on high alert. we have the latest in houston. >> reporter: off the rails, a freqght train overturns in texas after the track is sub submerged in flood waters near corsicana. >> corsicana just got inundated with so much rainfall. >> reporter: more than 18 inches turned roads into rivers. traffic at a standstill for 12 miles. some feared for their lives as flood waters swirled around them, trapping t tm in their cars.. >> the car was being pushed by the wind and the rain was so heavy. and we cannot even see and we can't control
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the car. >> reporter: even with every resource on the road, first responders could barelel keep up with the calls for help. >> i have a female and her 3-year-old daughter. she's advising that the water is in her vehicle. >> i've never seen it like this. i couldn't begin to tell do you how many high water rescues we've performed today and how many stranded motorists because they've been washed off the roadway. >> reporter: making travel difcult and dangerous. and more delays at texas airports tonight afafr hundreds of flights w we cancelled friday. >> rainfall starting to pick up with some intensity. >> reporter:everal funnel clomds were spotted this morning. >> take a look at this damage. this is t t roof and this is some heavy-duty metal. >> reporter: now the focus is austin, san antonio, houston, and the texas coast as the remnants of patricia move closer. >> we know there will be some high water incidents. we have, of course, all of our first
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responders on notice that they may have to dedeoy. >> r rorter: as much ten inches of rain is predicted for south texas, which could trigger another round of flash flooding. the worst of the weather and the greatest potential for ash flooding comeses in the next 12 to 14 hours when it's dark. and when authorities fear that drivers may not see the rising water or the baicades that are ossing off roros. back to you. >> thank you. what was once hurricane patricia has fallen apart after proven proving it had a larger bark than bite after leaving behind what is a little path of destruction. >> reporter:urricane patrtria plowed intoo mexico losing a little
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165 mile an hour winds, a record for if country -- the country's coast. >> it was like banging on the windowow the windows started to get foggy. it was just one of those moments where you're like, okay, okay, it's coming. we got to go. >> reporter: this is what hurricane patricia looked like from space and this is a look from a aime lapse camera where we observed weather from the system. >> reporter: the storm is huge spanning a 170-mile stretch of mexico's popular coastline. morerehan 7 million people in this storm's path. the storm's strongest punches landed to the south of puerto vallarta. this mananays part of his house was destroyed but he's grateful his family survived in a fishing village. a school was torn to
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pieces. >> this is the highway. you can see the damage was pretty extensive all the way out here too not just from the wind, but look at what the rain did. you can see an asphalt and concrete structure caving in from all of that rain. >> reporter: still mexico's president says the destruction is not nearly as catastrophic as many had feared. >> it kind of landed between those two populated areas and the two populated areas to the north and south really dodged a bullet. >> reporter: the storms winds accelerated from 85 miles an hour to 200 miles an hour, unprecedented growth fueled by el nino waters. the storm quickly weakened broken up by mexico's mountainous terrain. now the country is breathing a sigh of
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relief. airports have now reopened. officials say they are still no reports of any fatalities. they are urgingeople to remain cautious because of the risk of flooding and mudslides. >> we can see people already returning to enjoy themselves on the beach there in mexico. this is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded. thankfully very little damage from this, but explain the remnants of patricia, how that's going to impact the already soaked state of texas. >> it's moisture still has to rain itself out, but take a look at some of the records. the strongest hurricane on record. theeowest pressure er recorded in the atlantic and the pacific and it is all because of el nino. within just 24 hours, ittrengthened from a tropical storm up to a cat 5. just as quickly as it strengtheneded it weakened as it moves
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terrain of mexico. there is a tornado watch along the coast. we already have in rsicana more than 200 inches of rain have been falling. now the focus is going to shift to more of the coast in galveston as the remnants of patriciaove through. we could end up with 10 inches of rain. monday and tuesday the biggest threat stretches into the louisiana where up to 7 inches of rain is possible. that could lead to flash flooding. >> thank you very much. we have obtained dramatic new body camera video of this ek'sostage rescue missio at an isis prison that left a u.s. commando dead. >> reporter: the footage appears to show this roint u.s. -- kurdish raid on an isis prison last week.
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amid the sounds of gunfire, theostages emerge, terrified and barefoot. their hands held up to show they're unarmed. bullet holes in the walls suggest there's been a gunfight. a voice in arabic yells for the hostagess to keep moving. they do in filthy prison gowns. some appear stained in blood as they move to safety. the commandos inspect another r rm with a large isis flag. what sounds like american voices can be heard. an adjacent hallway is lined with whatt looked like prisoso cells. the troops move with skill and have american-made weapons. much is not shown in the footage, including the moment when american master sergeant joshua wheeler was shot. the first american to
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die in the war on isis. a warar now fought like this, room to room, with americans engaged with kurdish fighrs. aenior u.s.. militarar official told us tonight he is aware of the footage and the successful rescue of so many hostages it shows is testament to master sergeant wheeler's bravery. >> thank you. d late word back here at home tonigig a suspected drunk driver plowed through a crowd at oklahoma state homing university killing three people d injuring more th 30 others. >> all available units, all available units. we need you to respond. >> reporter: first responders found a chaotic scene. >> i need aunch of help. >> reporter: witnesses say the car plowed
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into a parked police motorcycle and then into the crowd sending spectators flying. the driver was taken into custody charged with driving under the influence. >> the police department's accident reconstruction team is on scene. we treat these like we would any homicide investigation. >> reporter: on game day, tens of thousands of fans and their families converge onstillon on stillwater, especially for homecoming homecoming. >> it is probably one of the most wholesome happy events in the country. this is a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: this afternoon the oklahoma state cowboys face off against the kansas jay hawks, who took to twitter to show their support. our thoughts are with oklahoma state and those involved in the tragic accident this morning. of those injured, at least eight are critical.
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many of them were participating in today's parade. tonight, the democrat field of presidential candidates has converged for an annual fundraising dinner in iowa. it is hard to believe we're only 100 days to the io[a caucuses. two democrats dropped out and then donald trump losing some steam in the polls to gop rival ben carson. we have two reports tonight from the campaignrail and we begin in des moin. >> repepter: good evening. this is one of the most important days for iowa democrats in the entire election season. a political contest between campaigns to show how many supporters and how# much enthusiasm they can turn outight now 100 days before the caucuses and by tradition that tells us that tonight's big speeches can make or break the candidates. with a line winding through downtown des
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to show campaign spirit. not your everyday rally. hillary clinton's team is going allll in for star power, saving for this day husband bill clinton's first campaign stop here in iowa. >> i want to thank katy perry for coming here to sing. i want to thank all of you for showing up and for supporting her. >> reporter: to maximize crowd size, invited superstar hit maker, whose song is her campaign theme. that's katy perry. clinton has hit a high note from vice president biden's decision to stay out of the race to great campaign debate to
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testimony on capitol hill. >> this is the wealthiest country in the history of the world but most people don't know it. >> reporter: to show off the grass roots strength that has made him a force in the race. trailing clinton and sanders, but still in the race is fmer maryland governor martin o oalley who made his own music. all three democrats seek tonight at iowa democrats premier event known as the jefferson-jackson nner where in 2007 it was barack obama who shined overtaking clinton. that history only raises the stakes for this year's big show. kelly o'donnell. donald trump is taking target practice. >> you've got carson. i don'know what the hell is going on ththe. >> reporter: truru flipping to second in iowa. >> carson is lower energy that bush. >> reporter: carson is surging to t top
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spot there and telling chuck todd he won't engage in mud pit popotics. >> in terms of energy, i'm not sure there's anybody else running who has spent 18 to 20 hours intently operating o o somebody. >> reporter: carson eclipsed the rest of the gop field kpromt prompting a courur direction by jeb bush. >> i've got a lot of really cool things i can do than sitting around miserable and demonizing people. that is a joke. ect trump if youou want that. >> reporter: bush's frustration echoed by establishment republicans mystified by this race, inuding his own father. the former president tells friendsds i'm gettinggld at just the right time. >> for a lot of these folks, it just doesn't make any sense. it doesn't make any sense because in many ways the party h h
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moved on withoho them. >> reporter: the bush patriarch meeting at a summit in texas. giving trump a yet another target. >> he's meeting today with mommy and daddy and they're working on their campaign. >> reporter: all this makes next week's debate a must watch. the question for bush can he deliver a strong performance to lift his standings? for trump, can the businessman lift up to expectations in what qill be a business and economy-focused debate? >> thanknkyou. also a must watch, chuck todd's interview with dr. ben carson tomorrow on "meet the press." what a star witness said on the stand this week in the
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who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonnnnbe a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. we are back with an infamous heist, an iconic film, and the man prosecucurs say had a key role in the film that inspired "good fellas". >> reporter: details some have been waiting decades for. >> frommhe scene of the heist at jfk, it looks like a big one. >> reporter: the 1978 heist was immortalized in the movie "good fellas, fellas, fellas,
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fellas," but before that was it was real life. >> this crew of organized crime members breaking into a vault at kennedy airport an maked making off with it, it is just a great caper. >> reporter: now some of the guys are back together, but this time on opposite siding ofside ingsides of the law. the crime capta is charged with racketeering and corruption for his alleged role in the heist. he pleaded not guilty. this week he was heard allegedly talking about the robbery in tapes secretly recorded by his cousinin who also took rt in the heist and testified against him. >> probably beyond mob betrayal it's a blood betrayal. >> reporter: the gang thoughgh they were goinggfter $2 million, but were surprised when they walked away with $6 million in cash and jewels. >> he was able to tell the government about
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we're back now remembering screen legend maureen o'hara who died after a storied hollywood film career. she is known for her starring roles in "miracle on 34th street" and the original version "the parent trap." o'hara was also known for being john wayne's favorite leading lady. the mets defeat-- kansas city hosts game two on wednesday against the new york mets. our cameras caught them working out today. up next, how one
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lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are anototr reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today. finally tonight as we gear up for the world series, we wanted to share with you another stororfrom the field of dreams. this one a tale of a father and son whose love is as constant as their love of the game. >> reporter: matt and moe go over the
5:57 pm
softball doubleheader. kind of cool because moe is matt's dad and moe is 81. the g ge has alwayss been a family passion. baseball, softball, a diamond and a bat were all that mattered. so when moe's old team folded ten years ago, it was matt who came to the rescsc. matt knew that for his father the game was something he couldn't live without. seriously, the comradery, the competition, it's what makes moe moe. >> what do you do when your own kid comes along and says, hey dad, i've got a team, you can play? >> i walked out and that first time was just like right here, right here. it was great. >> reporter: since this is a team based on nepotism, guess who is starting pitcher. >> the moe man. >> reporter: a small concession says moe for winning is all he cares about.
5:58 pm
>> it's important to me to win, but maybe i'll start to mature in a few years. perhaps. >> reporter: and the rest of the team is all in. >> moe's pitching, we play as hard as we can. >> reporter: it's softball with a family ethos. >> there's nothing better. >> reporter: nope. nothing better. rry smith, nbc ws, boston. >> w w to go, moe. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday.
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and good night. where? plus -- what has four wheels -- saves lives -- and could be rolling through your town? and -- an update from a late-night crash into a home. thanks for joining us tonight. welcome to the k-w-w-l news at six. i'm macleod hageman. an amber alert is issued for 13-year- old paige johnstone has bbn lifted. ottumwa police confiim the child is nearly five-four -- 170 pounds -- with black hair -- and hazel-colored eyes. she was last seen wearing a black- hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, and boots. policecebelive her abductor iss 19- year-old kevin ramirez. we will continue to follow to learn mmore information three people are dead and eight are critically injured ollowing a car crash during the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. witnesses described seeing people flying in the air as the
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driver of a car -- plowed


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