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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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i'm jerry gallagher... lele's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temps this morning have ranged anywhere from the teens to around 30, but are mainly in the 20s. wind chills are mainly in the teens, however, despite light winds from the west... they will pick up a bit
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today. we ve mostly clear skies this morning, too, and will keep most of the clouds away today, although a few may track into he northern counties this afternoon. it will be mainly sunny wiwih highs slightly below average in the mid 30s to low 40s. this will melt more snow, but it may also lead to fog minutes. with the first big storm behind us, many of you are now focused on thanksgiving. if you're flying -- be ready to wait. the airline inustry expects this to the busiest thanksgiving we've seen i iseven years. this morring, airlines are trying to untangle the backlog of passengers left by the weather delays and cancellations over the weekend. but with thanansgiving juss a few days away, there may be another reason for long lines. with all the travel warnings out there -- after the paris attacks -- just about every airport has heightened security. the t-s-a says shows up at least twtwhours before your flight. here's another tip: follow the rules. a southwest flight was diverted after several passengers
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apparently did not. the plane was heading from indianapolis to l-a when the airline said some passengers "did not follow crew instructions and continued to act suspiciously." k-9s searched the plane and luggage. "i was really scared..i didn't "everything was pretty well hush hush. they had a lot of police presence out in the lobby of the airport, police dogs, and all kinds of things. it's unclear what the passengers were doing that had the airline suspicious. the flight landed in l-a about an hour behind schedule. if you're hitting the road for thanksgiving -- here's one thing we're seeing the lowest prices at the pump since 2008. an average of 2-15 a gallon across the country -- down 65 cents from a year ago. gas buddy -- says the lowest price it can finn in iowa right now is 1-81 in mount pleasant. here's more good news: prices could keep falling into december.
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the power is back on this morninggor about two--thousand people in waterloo. they lost power when a car hit a pole. a viewer sent us this picture from the area of hillcrest and ridgeway. waterloo police tell us it happened around 11 last night midamerican energy had the power restored after about two hours. at this point, police don't know why the driver lost control and hit the pole. remember when you see news happen -- just like the viewer did who sent us that picture -- you can connect with us by going to our stay up to date on breaking news and weatherrnformation. new this morning: a double homicide investigation in iowa: des moines police say two people were shot to death. police say it happened last night on hull avenue. they're not saying much more than that right now. we don't know anything aout the victims -- or if there are any suspects. this would be the 15th and 16th homicides in des moines this year. two groups start shooting at a block
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party in new orleans. 11 people were unded. it happened last night. police say as many as 500 people could've been in the park at the time. donald trump's controverisl idea to monitor muslims in the u-s is shaking things up in washington and on the campaign trail. tracie potts tells us this comes as republicans - and some democrats - are dissatisfied obama is handling the fight against isis. "we will not accept the idea that terrorist assaults on restaurants and theaters and hotels are the new normal." president obama arrived from asia just after midnight... ...back to washington where even democrats are questioning if he's sending enough troops in syria to fight isis: "a group cf 50 is fine fo what they're doing so far, but it's not going to soove the problem." republicans want moo boots on the ground: "this is not a return to iraq. we're not talking about 100,000 people or 50,000 armed soldiers." the most controversial ideas... from donald trump: waterboarding... a database to register syrian
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refugees and monitoring muslim mosques.. here in the u-s: "we have no choicee we have no idea who's being sent in here." "we should monitor anything -- mosques, church, school, you know, shopping center where there is a lot of radicalization going on." republican presidential candidates disagree on how far to go: "should we target mosques and have a database of muslims? absolutely not." "the idd that we're ggng to repel an entire group of people on the basis of their religion? it's nonsense." and it's far from settled - in washington... or on the campaig trail. in fact, marro rubio's first national t-v air debuts tomorrow. his focus: isis. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. 16 people are now being questioned in belgium after several raids overnight. brussels has been a focus by investigators after the paris attacks. the terror alert is at its highest level in that city right
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hundreds of people say their good-byes at a funeral for the american killed in a terror attack. the large crowd showed up in massachusetts toopay their respects for the teen killed when a palestinian drove into a crowd in the west bank and started shooting. a friend says he was in israel doing charity work to support the military. it's now been one year since the death of a 12-year- old -- shot and killed by police in cleveland. dozens came together over the weekend to remember tamir rice. an offfer shot and killed rice moments after pulling up to a rec center where rice was holding a pellet gun. two reports found the officer's actions were justified. "don't take lightly the job of the police, but come into aaec center and pull up recklessly, and just start to shoot is just unforgivable for us." the family wants the officers involved to be indicted. 52 years ago today, the nation was in mourning. remembering a president.
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peopleeame togetherrn dallas over the weekend on the anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy. signs and pictures were posted around dealey plaza honoring him. on november 22nd, 1963 president kennedy was shot and killed. this is a pretty traumatic moment, i think, in america's president assassinated on the streets of a major city like dallas, texas is shocking. it's just shocking . a moment of silence was held at the exact time he was shot. as we honor and remember him -- we are also right in the middle of the race to see who will next president. doctor ben carson campaigned iowa over the wwekend. he shared his ideas about lowering college debt. he says the problem is -- schools keep admitting students and students keep getting loans -- with interest rates higher than they for the principal and the colleges and universities responsible for the interest.
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doctor carson was also asked whether the "no child left behind" act shhld be re- auttrized. he says he would want to look at results. carly fiorina is among the candidates with a lot of catching to do -- according to recent polls. a new national n-b-c news poll shows her tied for sixth -- with iowa over the weekend as well. hillary clinton -- also in iowa. the former secretary of state's focused on education during a stop. she said she plans to make community college free -- and would make all levels of higher education more affordabb. be ababe to start and but to can't get on with your life. so now a big question is how
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would she pay for it? one idea would be to cap tax dductions for wealthier families. now to a shakeup in ames. iowa state's football coach is out... even though he will be on the sidelines on saturday. paul rhoads is being let go after sevvn seasons. he went 32 and 54 with the cyclones -- including three and eight this season. he signed a 10- year, 20 million dollar deal before the 2012 season. he's owed four and a half million under a buyout. he'll coach his final game on saturday at west virginia. the athletic director and rhoads will speak to the media today. iowa is moving closer to the top of the college football world. the hawkeyes are now number three in both the a-p and coaches poll. iowa is eleven and oh after satuuay's n over purduu. the hawks clinched a spot in the big ten title game in two weeks. first up is friday's game -- a big rivalry game -- at nebraska at 2-30. also -- the u-n-i football team is in the playoffs. big news for the panthers -- we'll have more about that later this
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a man stands outside for hours asking people to trust him and give him a hug. krystyne brown found him opening his arms to promote peace following the attacks in paris. she shows us how people reacted. " it kind of gives me hope, by. but his eyes were covered, doesn't know what people are going to do to him. it's just brave of him." alend is muslim. he's lived in the upstate with his family since he was a child. "i moved herrwhen i was 5 with my parents in hopes of better opportunity." after the recent attacks in paris, alend says he saw a lot of backlash for islamic faith. that is until he saw a video of anothhr muslim man blinded, being hugged by strangers. he knew he had to do the same for his home. "i didn't expect that much positivity, but i had faith in greenville," said alend. "ii's something ttt shows love, peace and acceptance and that's what this is all about." as he stood there, for two hours chilly anddat some points in the rain, response was better than he expected. many
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passed by but many also accepted his embrace. "especally in that first hour, i mean it was just back to blindfold." "i'm not about the negativity. i always try to spread the positive vibes." he hopes those who didn't take the free hugs will at least keep an open mind to the muslim community. "some of us just really want better for the world." for now, at least he knows that he and many strangers can still put their trust in humanity. "you should just treat people like they are people." he says he only expected this to be a one-time event, but after the positive response, he says he we still have a lot to get to this morniig: including some shoppers trying to beat the black friday rush. plus -- a law of motion after a winter storm. an objecttt rest may tend to stay at rest... unless you get a
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police tell people they need to move their cars so they can mostly clear skies this morning will lead to plenty of sunshine and melting snow later today. however, more clouds with rain will track into the area by the middle of the week and may affect your thanksgiving
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: plenty of sunshine today and ligg winds tonightt will lead to areas of fog
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morning. then rain tracks in for wednesday. no worries about rain on our stormtrack7 live weather network cameras this morning. they will be dry and more of that snow will be melting today. there is a wide range of temps out there this morning... teenen to the upper 20s with some 30s to the west. wind chills are in the teens ovvr much of our viewing area with light west winds here, bu they are a bit stronger to the west.
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today. plenty of clear skies out there thiss morning... and not much to the west, sowe will have plenty of melting going on today and even tomorrow afternoon, but we do have a system that will track into the area by thanksgiving day. this will track farther to the north than last week'' so we will have warmer temperatures over us. rain is likely foo the holiday. temperatures will be split between the 30s and 40s to the north and 50s and 60s to the south in the midwest today and tomorrow even as that fronon tracks toward us. we are on the cooler side of the map... highs in the mid 30s to
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in the teens and low 20s. fog but computer models are trying many people have today to move their car out of the snow -- or many people have today to move their car out of the snow -- or they'll get a ticket. dar falls says its plows and trucks need a clear path -- so beginning tuesday morning at eight -- they'll starting ticketing cars that haven't moved. and if someone doesn't get movee their car within 24 hours of getting a ticket -- they could be towed. still to come this morning: cash for credit? shoppers tell us how they plan to spend this holiday season. plus -- bird is the word in one neighborhood... filled with wild turkeys. this may not be the best time for them to run wild on the streets. you'reewatching kwwl.
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toddville, dunkerton, postville
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cash is king this holiven in ten americans plan to use cash or a d dbit card for most of their holiday shopping. a new report from bankrate dot com says mobile payments aren't catching on yet -- with 14 percent of those who use a smatphone planning to u ue services liie ple pay or android pay at least once this season. t-minus four days until black friday -- but many shoppers en't waiting around. we caught up with some who started holiday shopping early... one shopper is on the lookout for a new t-v...and found a deal for a friday. well i just like to spend time with my famillon thanksgiving the national retail federation predicts holiday sales this yeer will be ssronger than the ten-year average. instead of air force one... call it turkey one for a day. the national presidential turkey will leave san francisco for
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washington. the bird will be greeted by the presidential turkey motorcade. later this week, the turkey will be pardoned by the president during a ceremony in the white house rose garden. these turkeys may not be so lucky. a gang of birds invaded a colorado neighorhood. they have no fear of the upcoming holiday -- instead, they took to the streets and strutted their stuff. they looked unfazed as they pecked around and gobbled. still to come this morning -- a today show test ahead ofhanksgiving. matt lauer shows us what not to do as we cook the big meal.
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you might be getting the house ready for friends or family... the last thing you want to think about is anything going wrong with "i blew it.. i blanked..." a few weeks ago on the today show - matt lauer showed then eating without washing his hands! viewers gobbled him up on social media: "what kind of mail do you get from this? what kind of tweets?"
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mistake obviously hurt no one - but the potential for harm from eating raw or under- cooked meat and other contaminated food is serious. "nearly 48 million people get a foodborne illness annually, and thaaresults in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths." the usda says turkey is safe to eat when it reaches 165 degrees. the pop-up timer is not as good an indicator of temperature as a meat thermometer -- because you can use it to gauge the temperature in several parts of the bird. "the temperature should be checked in the thickest part of the breast, the inner-most part of the thigh, and inner-most part of the wing." after it gets hot enough -- you have to make sure to cool down leftovers within two hours after the feast is over so bacteria don't have time to grow. your guests will thank you. erika edwards, nbc news. visit for more tips on having a safe and healthy
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thanksgiving. so how is the thanksgiving forecast shaping up -- eileen has the answer for us this
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mostly sunny today with areas of fog tonight into tuesday morning. rain is likely late and friday morning. temps will be cooler than average today and friday through the weekend. ally crutcher joins us for our
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we've gotaway, but how much will it all cost? a closer look at how much plus... security concerns after a hacker group claims a wrestling event will become the next target for a terrorist attack. and if at first you don't succeed, just fly, fly again. meet a man who wouldn't let a disability stop him from his return to the skies. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven
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