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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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be south of cedar rapids. we are tracking another chance of light snow for late tuesday afternoon into early wednesday morning. high temperaturrs warm iowa's senioio senator chuck grassley works hard in washington. you may not know he's also helping investigate d-c area crimes -- breaking at least one of them wide open. scott macfarlane from our affiliate in washington, d.c. has the story. you won't see him in the video. geer stood in the doorway of his home. [[sot - stewart 0.39 "i was close friends with john for over 25 years."
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as the investigation into the shooting continued.. for months.. and months.... without resolution [[sot - stewart 2.26 "i wrote a lot of nasty letters to a lot of people that didn't get a lot of response." to fairfax county leaders... to members of congress.... ... askinnthem to urge ocal [[sot - stewart 3:19 "the only person that got back senator charles grassley represents iowa. and had never heard of the shooting of investigation into the case, [[sot - grassley 1:48 "i wrote a letter asking a lot ofof questitins and eventually the family had to go to court to get these personnel records opened upup" soo thereafter, a judge ordered fairfax county to release the name of the officer involved and handover factor. [[sot - grassley 4.59
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within the government are gonna be more responsible.. this isn't the first local case into which he's intervened. [[nat - police siren are accused. henry dominguez-vasquez and juan aguirre-zelaya are charged as accessories in the murder of a loudoun county high school salvador. he's asked the feds investigateehy they hadn't been deported. and face trial in a few weeks. they told news-4, they'vfound the young men skipped immigration hearings on their legal status in august. a month later.. just after the murder... the feds say they ordered the two be deported.. once the trial ends. and - the case o o jose reyes- punchinn the deputy during a traffic stop. grassley says reyes- reyes..also an undocumented immigrant.. was recently released byyus border protection. [[sot - grassley 7:57
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when he was a danger to society, would not ansnser specific questions on their handling of reyes-reyes case, saying instead they're committed to "smart, effective immigration enforcement" grassley is just one year into his cairmanship of the powerful senate judicairy committee, which oversees law enforcement in the u-s ... he says he will intervene again locally.. when he sees a need. [[sot - grassley 12:33 "because you only need 1 vote to do oversight, your own vote. if yoyo want to passsa bill you gotta have 51 votes! that was scott macfarlane reporting... all of the cases being reviewed by senator grassley are scheduled to go to trial in the next six months. an eastern iowa woman could face animal neglect charges for housing 45 cats in her home. it happened in the town of beaman in grundy county. heres a look at the home -- this
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clearly a hoarder home situation two local animal rescues have taken all the cats from the home and the tenant has since moved. kwwls olivia mancino actually saw the house in person...she joins us now live the two women who rescued all these cats took me to the home today they have the cats in their posession now, split between the two of them they have been able to adopt some out but a lot of the from the outside, you can see there is trash everywhere but it doesn't even compare to the inside.. when we opened the door, the smell knocked me off my feet... and take into consideration the cats were rescued in october.. the home has been empty for months but the home is destroyed a very sad situation thats been weighing
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'ive seen some pretty bad things, some hoarder cases, some dead animal cases, but this is horribly" heres some pictures from when they rescued the cats haasgray says it took a while to get t l the cats out of the house there is garbage a foot high so it was very hard to walk through i'm told this house is going to haasgray and her friend have completely taken on all the costs of rehabbing these cats, and because there are so many of them their shelters are full we're going to put information on our website to their rescues if you're interested in adopting one of the cats they can use all the help they can get we've got you covered in the newsroom olivia macnino kwwl news...kwwl news. the grundy county sheriff says they're still investigating this women,
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in continuing coverage... police now confirm a shooting that left a toddler with a facial injury was, n fact, an accident. dubuque police say they think two-year-old jeremiah horsley accidentally shot himself inside his family's home earlier this month. the investigation continues -- the dubuque countyyttorney will ultimately decide if criminal charges should be filed. a kwwl follow-up - educators and experts call it the best way to move forward with a new waterloo career center -- all while improving west and east high school buildings. kwwl's macleod hageman joins us live in the newsroom to explaa how the income surtax would pay for the project. mac? typipially -- school districts rely on property owners to pay
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income surtax takes the burden off them. here'es an idea of what the propossd 35-million dollar career center would look like -- built on land the district already owns near central middle school. instead of taxing property owners -- four percent of what you owe the state every year would pay for the oject. waterloo schools chief financial officer michael coughlin says it comes out to be less than your "in the case of doing an income surtax, it now takes the burden off the property owners, and it spreads it to every person who pays iowa income tax." according to coughlin -- the average person would pay less than 55 bucks a year for the new project. and again -- people on a fixed income would pay much less -- regardless if they y wn propertyy ron -- back to you... the waterloo schools refrendum is the topic of this sunday's stee;e report. with guests mike young, robert
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superintendent of schools, dr. jane lindaman. sunday after meet the press and on new at five... concerned people coming ouou to meet waterloo's new mayor -- quentin hart. about 50 people showed up for the meet and greet at the waterloo senior center. it was an opportunity for them to get to knowwmayor hart better. many also asked him questions on issues they care how to make neighborhoods safer. "and i did have a national night wanted to take our neighborhood map cause our neighborhood map was lassified as s igh crime because of everything that's happened since april and we're not getting any support." mayor hart was asked about was not raising property taxes and keeping roundabouts out of the city. hart says its only been two
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the best days for waterloo are ahead. coming up... the coast guard, navy and air force are searching for a dozen marines who went missing after two helicopters collided. and... oil prices are dropping -- good news for drivers, but not for everyone. that's coming up in just a few minutes. here's a live look at the sttrm track 7 7live doppler raraar. chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg has your full forecast next. --------- ---------
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well advmoving into iowa. wind chills the coldest wind chills (20-40 below zero) will o ocur saturday night through monday morning. avoid prolonged periods of time outside if you can. there is a chance of light snow saturday night. any accumulltion will be lightt a trace to one inch mostly likely. a very small chance of 1-2" and if this were to happen it would
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we are tracking another chance of light snow for late tuesday afternoon into early wednesday morning. high temperatures warm back into the 20s by the end of next week. the well advertised cold is now moving into iowa. wind chills are dropping below zero this evening and will remain elow zero through tuesday mmrning. the coldest wind chills (20-40 below zero) will occur saturday night through monay morning. avoid prolonged periods of time outside if you can.
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saturday night. any accumulation will be light, a trace to one inch mostly likely. a very small chance of 1-2" and if this were to happen it would be south of cedar rapids. we are tracking another chance of light snow for late tuesday afternoon into early wednesday morning. high temperatures warm back into the 20s by the end of next week.
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afternoon into early wednesday morning. higig temperatures warm back into the 20s by the end of next week. coming up... why the big drop in oil prices is good news for drivers, but bad news for investors. then walmart is closing dozens of it's locations in the united states - will the store in your hometown be closing? you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in waverly, tripoli,
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coast of hawaii... the helicopters crashed shortly before midnight last night. marine officials say their were six soliders in each helicopter. the coast guard has helicopters on scene and is coordinating with some navy and air force aircraft. the price of oil falls to the
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point in more than a decade. a barrell of crude oil falls to just over 29 dollars a barrell.... the lowest price since november in 2003. the price fell below the symbolically important 30 dollars a barrell mark earlier this week. this may be good news for drivers -- but it's not such great news for markets. bell sound at closing bell today -- the down was down 391 points... leaving it down an increadbiel 14 hundred points in just the first two weeks of the year... of course oil prices driving down the market - but also big concerns over china's economic standigs are fueling the market's decline. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are down as well. closures are coming to different farms in france -- to help stop
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spread of the avain flu... french officials say the disease is primarily hitting large duck and geese populations. experts say the disease could cost the foie gras (fwah grah) industry over 250 million dollars. iowa's turkey and chicken populations were hit hard by the bird flu last year. 17 days until the first in the nation caucuses... the democratic presidential candidate are honing up for a debate in charleston, south carolina this weekend... former maryland governor martin o'malley will join hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders on the stage despite his lagging poll numbers - he risked not qualifying. it airs at eight on nbc news and on youtube on sunday. .
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news at five... a drug trial goes very wrong - leaving several people in serious condition and one brain and... walmart says it's closing --------- --------- ---------
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walmart annowhich are in iowa. walmart is closing 154 united states locations. the company says they're closing most of their "walmart express" locations which debuted in 2011 - they now plan to focus on super centers, neighborhood markets and online commerce. thousands of united states employees are impacted by the closings. one person is braindead - several others in the hospital - after a drug test goes wrong. it happened at a clinic in france - scientists were testing a molecule on patients by a private laboratory and something went wrong. again, one is brain dead - five in
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the governor of michigan is asking president obamafor an emergency and major disaster declaration over the on-going water problems in flint. the tap water supply became contamianted with led after the city switched to manage it's own water supply in 2014. the actor-- known for bringing grizzly adams to the small screen-- has died. dan haggerty lost his long battle with cancer friday. he was best known for his role on the n-b-c show-- "the life and times of grizzly adams." haggerty was 74- years old.
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a final look at your forecast. thanks for watching the kwwl news at five.
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we want remind you, we're "always on" with news and weather when you want it, on kwwl-dot-com. she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. tonight, market plunge.
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the dow dived 400 points, extending the
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