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tv   KWWL News at Six  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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"i am not going onto the court once there, scalia became one of its most outspoken conservatives, an author of fiery dissents ... ... and a steadfast opponent of affirmative action in hiring and school admissions ... ... and of abortion rights. the landmark case of roe intended: ((sot)) "abortion, homosexual conduct, what -- nobody ever thought that rights." scalia said judges should be bound by the words of laws they interpret, not the ideas behind them: ((sot)) "we're not governed by the drafter's intent. we're governed by laws. and what the law is, is unsympathetic to criminal suspects ... ... he led the expanding the rights of defendants to confront their accusers in court ... ...and limiting a judge's power to use evidence in sentencing unless it was proved during a trial. guarantees an individual's right to own a firearm, the in sentencing unless it was proved during a trial. that said the second amendment guarantees
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firearm, the court's most important gun case ever. scalia was an advocate for conservative causes off the bench, too, helping to establish the federalist society, which encouraged the appointment of more right-leaning judges. ((nats)) he met his future wife, maureen, on a blind date when both were in college. they had nine children -- five boys and four girls. two became lawyers, following their father in a profession he clearly relished: ((sot)) "i like thinking about the law. it's sort of the top of the heap for a lawyer who has those interests." and in the process, he became one of the most influential justices in the court's history. pete williams, nbc news, at the supreme court.
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snow moves into the area this weekend. let's check in with storm track seven meteoroligist kyle kiel for a look at your first 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl the kwwl viewing area from 9 o'clock this evening through 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. we are expecting two to six inches of that forecast. two to four cusp of two to four and four to six. everywhere else we are expecting 4 to 6 inches of fluffy accumulation. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. not much going on now. there is a band ground quite yet. but as we head throughout the evening that will change as showing the snow tracking in between 9 pm and midnight. the snow will continue through the morning hours tomorrow, and start to wind down a bit later in the day. here's the storm track 7 live weather network camera. here are the current temperature sin the single digits and teens. we'll have a full update in just a few minutes, and talk about a warm up. mac? a waterloo man is dead -- following an apartment fire. the fire happened in the 16-hundred
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around 11-45 last night. authorities confirm 53-year-old ray reed was inside the apartment -- and died from injuries. kwwl's olivia mancino has been following this tragic fire -- and joins us live with the details. olivia? firefighters say they saw heavy flames coming from the window when they arrived. they had to remain on the scene for several hours into the morning saturday to contain the fire, and make sure it didn't spread to the apartments next door. piles of soot lay in packed snow outside this waterloo apartment saturday morning. this tarp covers the rest of the lynne hodge lives in an apartment across the street. her grandkids were sleeping in the front room when the apartment caught fire. "my son told me about it this looked and said oh my goodness" rescue crews fought the fire well into saturday morning...
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he suffered severe burns. "thats terrible i feel sorry for nearly four years ago. she says everyone who's lived here, including reed, is very friendly. "i talked to him every once in a thankfully, the fire didn't spread to neighboring apartments--they seem to be undamaged. but it's a scary sight for lynne hodge and her grandkids to see out their front window. hodge says she's praying for the family and her community. i spoke to waterloo firefighters earlier today and they said battling bittlerly cold temperatures causes issues when they're responding to these calls they have to make sure their hoses don't freeze, which takes time away from fighting the actual fire. we've got you covered -- olivia mancino -- kwwl news. thanks olivia. authorities say the fire does not appear to be suspicious -- but the cause remains under investigation.
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of private school students -- being held in concrete isolation boxes. six former midwest academy students in keokuk say they dreaded the cell- like rooms -- and they were forced to hear recordings of other students screaming. the f-b-i and state are investigating claims of abuse at the academy -- which was closed last month. students claim they yelled, banged their heads and even mutilated themseleves to get out. others even attempted suicide. we reached out to the academy owner and have not heard back. parents say they're concerned about transportation cuts in the iowa city school district. students who live within two miles of their school might have to walk next year. that means younger students living near busy intersections will have to find their own way to school. parents say their biggest concern is saftey for smaller children. safety, a safe way for our children to make it from and to school? and what kind of sacrifices are we gonna have to make in order to safely get them to and from school?" karpus says it will take her two
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school each day. several parents say they plan to write appeals to the district. a kwwl follow-up -- following a ten- day hunt for william the goat -- a research animal that escaped. university of iowa officals say the search cost the instituition less than 10-thousand- dollars . they say it's the first time anyone recalls the university losing a research animal. the goat was captured earlier this week and taken back to the university research park. authorities say william is in good shape. decision 20-16 -- we are a week away from the south carolina republican primary. but, the six remaining g-o-p candidates are debating tonight. chirs pollone reports. for the first time in the 2016 campaign, just six impress voters in south carolina. it's a state with a large percentage of voters who call texas
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s/ sen. ted cruz / (r) conservative, someone who has a free market principle and judeo-christian values that are the foundation of this great nation." cruz and donald trump have been sparring online and over the airwaves for weeks. each claiming an election "win" since voting started. will they attack each he gets his money!" senator marco rubio. analysts say he needs a strong debate performance. he was widely panned for his poor performance in the last debate. and now cruz is portraying him as a flip-flopping opportunist. the next democratic contest is saturday in nevada. where vermont senator bernie sanders hopes to keep the pressure on hillary clinton. s/ sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate 1:08 - 1:18 we surprised them in iowa, we
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searching for momentum. with super tuesday and hundreds of delegates up for grabs coming in a little more than two weeks. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. coming up after the break -- a few eastern iowans hit the ice to golf this weekend. "you're watching kwwl. we've
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i am meteorologist kyle kiel. a winter weather advisory is in effect for all of the kwwl viewing area from 9 expecting two to six inches of snow across the area. here's a break down elkader. new hampton, dubuque will be on the cusp of two to four and four to six. everywhere else we are expecting 4 to 6 inches of fluffy accumulation. threat tracker has us in the yellow for very late tonight as that snow tracks in between 10 and midnight. we are in the orange tomorrow, because of the snow falling and snow on the ground blowing around. travel could be tricky for valentine's day so keep that in mind as it will be a bit breezy. then on monday we will be mostly cloudy to partly sunny. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. not much going on now. there is a band showing up on radar in western
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head throughout the evening that will change as our storm system tracks closer. here's the storm track 7 live weather network cameras across eastern iowa, showing a mainly cloudy sky right now. temperatures are well below average. we should all be around 30 or in the low 30s for this time of year. we are all sitting in the single digits and teens. the good news is that the wind isn't all the bad as we are centered under high pressure over iowa, which means we also have a lot of dry air in place. that's why that snow in central and southern iowa really isn't reaching the ground. here's the storm track seven future track. it is showing a mostly cloudy sky this evening. overnight the snow tracks through the area. it will continue into the day on sunday. it will start to wind down afternoon, but we will still see scattered snow showers. by the overnight hours it will completely track through the area. monday will be partly
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mostly cloudy ahead of our next system on tuesday that could drop some more snow. here's the storm track 7 forecast for tonight. snow moves in. temperatures will be steady or slowly rising overnight. southeast wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow the snow continues. we will have highs in the 20s with a southeast breeze from 10 to 20 miles per hour, so some of that snow could be blowing around on valentine's day. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. partly to mostly cloudy on monday. monday night into tuesday we track in our next clipper system that will bring some snow to the area. could be a couple inches of accumulation. then as we head into the remainder of the week, after a brief cool down on wednesday, we're in the 40s by friday, potentially. cold weather didn't stop people in the tri-state area from from
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storm track 7's shirley descorbeth joins us live in dubuque with the details. shirley? that's right. nearly 200 people really embraced getting outside and golfing on ice. storm track 7's shirley descorbeth joins us live in dubuque with the details. shirley? that's right. nearly 200 people really embraced
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take part in the annual ice golf classic. the best part is...their efforts help benefit kids right here in dubuque. this...isn't your typical golf course. "it's a lot of's a fifty-four teams are taking part in the annual ice golf classic -- where the course is completely frozen. "and the golfers are literally standing on two feet of ice here dubuque for the event. "there's about ten of us that go drilled into the ice, so people could play golf. "which they golf ball." all of raise money for st. mark youth enrichment, which provides after-school programs for kids in dubuque.
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excitement around -- the frigid everyone was worried about the cold, but it's perfect out here...the sun is out and there's not much wind, so it's great." this was definitely a different golfing experience. and its been taking place in the area for quite some time. this year was the 14th year of the ice golf classic. we've got you covered live in dubuque...shirley descorbeth... ...kwwl news. organizers say nearly 20-thousand dollars was raised through the event -- which will fund programs for dubuque students. coming up on kwwl -- we've got district wrestling action as the field is all set for the state tournament in des moines -- plus -- the uni panthers looked to become the first team in nearly 3 years to pick up a win in mark woodley is in after the
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in order to win a 6th straight -- they'd have to end the nation's longest home court winning streak -- 25th ranked wichita state came in having won 43 straight in the round-house -- koch arena -- one of the hardest places to play in the country -- sophomore klint carlson -- playing there the first time didn't seem fazed -- gets the
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up 4 -- the former waverly-shell rock star feeling it -- knock down the three -- 10 points in the first half -- panthers up 11 at the break -- second half -- more uni -- wes washpun hard to the hoop -- the hammer caps off a 16, nothing uni run -- up 15 -- but the good times would end -- fred van vleet from downtown -- part of an 11, nothing shocker run to pull back within four -- markie mcduffie -- pushes that run to 17 to 2 -- ties it up at 44 apiece -- panthers with just 3 buckets in the first 12 minutes of the second half -- but another sophomore puts the 11 huge points in the ballgame -- a senior helps put this one away -- matt bohannon from downtown -- uni's defense -- outstanding -- shockers hit just 2 of their last 17 shots -- panthers bust up the nation's longest winning streak -- 53, 50 -- panthers have now won 6 in a row
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iowa state -- meanwhile -- coming off that upset loss at texas tech -- returns to the friendly confines of hilton coliseum tonight to host texas -- and it will mark the return of jameel mckay -- coming off a 2 game suspension for a violation of team rules -- should be a big spark for iowa state -- which has beaten the longhorns in all of their last 4 trips to ames -- game tips at 7:30 -- kansas won a triple o-t thriller against oklahoma at home earlier this year -- this time it moved to norman -- buddy hield -- first points didn't come til the second half -- had the sooners up 39, 38 -- still up one -- hield again -- sooners with a 4 point edge -- 11 to go -- but the jayhawks stay close -- and regain a lead in the final 3 minutes -- devonte graham drills the triple -- graham 27 points today -- and kansas pulls off the sweep of oklahoma -- winning another thriller 76, 72 -- the field is all set for the state wrestling tournament next week in des moines -- today's districts determined the
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for one of the 42 state championships to be crowned one week from today -- part of class 1-a would go through jesup this afternoon -- 138 pounds -- wapsie valley's bryce ackerman trying to become the warriors third district champ of the day -- but fell behind tucker franklin of alburnett 3, 2 -- ackerman close to the late takedown -- but ran out of time --falling in the final -- that was part of a big run for the pirates -- at 160 -- bryce paul needed just 19 seconds to take care of mfl- mar mac's hunter fletcher -- alburnett at one point won 6 straight titles -- but didn't get one at 195 -- south winn's landers kaboushek gets a second period fall over griffin cabalka of east buc -- sumner- fredericksburg got a champ at 220 -- derrick lenz looked like he was about to pick up a fall against anthony emanuel -- but emanuel would injury default -- getting hurt on the move -- lenz is one of 4 cougars with a
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state meet -- wapsie valley also will take 4 to des moines -- while alburnett -- another solid performance winning the district with 8 state qualifiers -- and class three a districts up in waverly at 106 pounds conrad braswell of cedar rapids prairie tops dylan albrecht of wsr 10-0 to move onto state.. albrecht also advanced through wrestlebacks. at 120 pounds keegan schultschick of cr xavier tops jacob tedrow of praire 8- 3... to move on great match at 132 pounds undefeated sam uthoff of prairie nairly escapes shell rocks austin yant 6-4 moving on clint lembeck shutout reese hageman of marshalltown 6-0 to move on to des moines at 138 pounds and a dominating perfromance from zack wagenhoffer of waverly shell rock at 152 pounds he tops morgan hood of prairie 10-1 there are still 5 wrestle-backs set to be decided for spots in the state tournament -- for the time being prairie leads waverly-shell rock in the team
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qualified 7 wrestlers for the state meet -
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winter weath morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. of snow expected. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. partly to mostly cloudy on monday. monday night could be a couple inches of accumulation. then as we head
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wheel... of... fortune! aloha! aloha! and now from the hilton waikaloa village on the island of hawaii, here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white! aloha! mahalo and all that good stuff. thank you. thank you, jim. we're back in hawaii. can you tell? yes. thank you. goodbye. have a good one. hi, everybody. you all set? everybody have one? good.
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