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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v . >> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now at 11 o'clock, mangled metal, that's what's left of a limo bus carrying actor tracy morgan and 6 others. 1 person is dead, morgan and 2 others are fighting for their lives after a multi vehicle crash on the new jersey turnpike. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining you. "eyewitness news" was the first to report that morgan was indeed involved in this
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deadly chain reaction crash. it happened about 1 o'clock in the morning on the new jersey turnpike near cranbury township in middlesex county. morgan was returning from a comedy show in dover delaware. authorities have charged the driver of a wal-mart tractor-trailer who they say caused the pileup. now, this cell phone video was taken right after the crash happened. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live outside of robert wood johnson hospital in new brunswick with the latest for us tonight. matt. >> reporter: natasha, it was late saturday afternoon when prosecutors here in middlesex county announced they have charged 35-year-old kevin roper, a truck driver from georgia. they've charged him with 1 count of death by auto and 4 counts of assault by auto for the role he played in this morning's accident. meantime tracy morgan and 2 other men remain in critical condition tonight here at the hospital in new brunswick, new jersey. this exclusive video shows how devastating this crash was. that is the limo bus that
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tracy morgan and 6 others were riding in early saturday morning on their way back from a standup comedy show at dover downs delaware. they were driving on the new jersey turnpike near cranbury township around 1:00 a.m. when a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of their limo bus. middlesex county prosecutors said the truck driver failed to notice traffic slowing down in front of him. the ensuing crash overturning the limo, morgan and 6 others were inside. 63-year-old james mcnair, a comedian himself was pronounced dead at the scene. another comedian ardie fact what june was cytocrit cally injured and forty three free malea. both remain in critical condition along with tracy morgan. a fifth man was treated and released while 2 others weren't injured. 6 vehicles in total were involved in the chain reaction crash. only those inside morgan's limo were injured. and we have seen several friends and family members of tracy morgan come through the
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hospital throughout the day today. we're told by a representative from the family that they do not expect the comedian's condition to change overnight. we're live in new brunswick, new jersey, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt, thank you so much. wal-mart's president released a statement this afternoon. it says in part: "we are working quickly to understand what happened and are cooperating fully with law enforcement to aid their investigation. if it's determined that our truck caused the accident, wal-mart will take full responsibility ." now, numerous celebrities and others are tweeting about this crash. here is what some of those celebrities had to say today. ?uestlove tweets strengths and speedy recovery to tracy morgan who survived a massive car crash this morning. fellow comedian steve martin says sending best thoughts to tracy morgan injured in an auto accident last night. a real? and hilariously funny. sean diddy combs says sending prayers to tracy morgan and all involved in the accident. we never know what can happen
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at any time. you can also share your thoughts and comments as well. connect with us on the cbsphilly facebook page or send us a tweet at cbsphilly and of course our coverage of the turnpike crash does continue for you online. you can get the latest any time at meantime a memorial service in camden today for 1 of the victims of the lewis katz plane crash. family and friends gathered at katz academy charter school to honor marcy dalsey. she was cofounder of the charter school and president of the board of trustees. she was remembered as a compassionate leader with a can do spirit by lewis katz's son drew. >> if you don't know what's impossible, you can do almost anything. and that was marcy dalsey. she didn't know what she couldn't do, so she made it
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happen. >> dalsey was killed along with philanthropist lewis katz and 5 others near boston last saturday. the cause of the plane crash is still under investigation. and now turning to your weather tonight a beautiful day followed by a lovely night around the delaware valley. so what's in store for the second part of the weekend? meteorologist justin drabick joining us now with the first forecast. hey, justin. >> hey, natasha, that's right, warm temperatures with low humidity a-great combination to have on the weekend. looks like we'll finish off dry once again. another pleasant day on sunday. it was warm, though. normal high temperature for this date, 80 degrees. we did make it to 84 at philadelphia international airport. the record high 98 degrees set back in 1925 and so far this year we have not reached 90 degrees yet here in philadelphia. we got up to 89 earlier this past week. 70 right now at the airport in philadelphia, still 72 in wilmington, some mid 60's across south jersey. comfortable 55 up in mount pocono tonight. 63 in quakertown. 65 in pottstown.
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so, a pleasant overnight into the start of your sunday morning. storm scan3 nice and quiet, maybe a few patchy clouds moving through overnight. no threat of any rain. morning temperatures on sunday, lower 60's, maybe even some 50's in some of the cooler suburbs but then we see a lost sunshine sunday afternoon. this is going to warm us up much 87 now for the high temperature for philadelphia, upper 70's at the shore. looks good in the mountains, low its 80's but the humidity still low. now we're going to track some rain for next week. i'll show you those. details coming up in the 7 day in a few more minutes. natasha. >> justin thank you. be sure to follow the eyewitness weather team while you're out and about this weekend. our meteorologists sends out daily forecast updates for you on twitter and facebook. it's all at a pennsylvania state trooper has been cleared now in the shooting that killed his pregnant wife. a 3 month long investigation found that joseph miller's gun went off as he was cleaning it inside his east norriton home. the bullet struck 34 year old joanna miller in the head and
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she died along with her 22 week old unborn child. the montgomery county d.a.'s office concluded the march seventh shooting was negligent but accidental. and a man is shot and killed in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. "eyewitness news" here on the 5400 block of hunter street. police say the 25-year-old victim was slot in the back about 1 o'clock this morning. he was rushed to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania where he was pronounced dead. so far no suspects have been arrested just yet. the search is on for the cause of an apartment fire in pennsauken, camden county. flames broke out on the 5500 block of highland avenue about 6:30 this morning. 1 person was overcome by smoke and taken to the hospital. there's no word on a condition just yet. the cause of this blaze is still under investigation. and fire also badly damages a flower shop shop in glassboro gloucester county. it happened at rose bud floral on the 200 block of high street just after 1 o'clock. firefighters were able to gain the upper hand but not before
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that blaze reached 2 alarms. investigators are looking into a cause. luckily, no 1 was hurt. philadelphia police meantime, they're now asking for the public's help trying to identify 3 robbery suspects caught on tape in pennypack. 1 of the suspects entered the bluegrass pharmacy on welsh road pointing a gun. police say he was followed by a second suspect who helped him steal prescription drugs. the third suspect left the store as his accomplice entered the store. if you recognize these suspects please contact police right away. cameras are recording as a car slams into a gas pump and then bursts into flames. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, we're going the tell you what led to this dramatic scene. and some of the biggest names gather to remember maya angelou. we'll have more on the service memorializing the renowned poet and civil rights acts 50. justin. >> more sunshine and even warmer temperatures on the way for the rest of the weekend. i'll let you know how long that lasts in the 7-day forecast.
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>> straight ahead in sports california chrome with the chance to make history at the belmont stakes, a full break down of today's big race. that
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>> a dramatic car crash caught on tape in westchester county, new york. a car slams into a mobile gas station in the town of harrison. this crash happened tuesday but police have just now released this is video. police say the driver suffered a medical emergency before hitting the pump. the man who was at the pump before the crash was a new york state trooper and he was able to run back and rescue the driver from that burning vehicle. an ominous storm clouds looming over the nation's midsection. this video was taken in garden city kansas where severe weather produced funnel clouds and hail. that area of the country has been dealing with heavy rains and storms for the last few days or so. the world continues to
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mourn the loss of dr. maya angelou. today loved ones admirers and celebrities all gatherd in winston salem north carolina to admire the poet and civil activist who passed away. from former student to notable name. >> she was my anchor. maya angelou's loved ones joined together at wake forest university to celebrate her remarkable life. former president bill clinton delivered a moving tribute. >> great gift in her action packed life was she was always paying attention and she did it way clarity and power that will wash over people as long as there is a written and spoken word. >> reporter: clinton and angelou shared a special bond. he asked her to write a poem for his first inauguration in 1993. oprah winfrey also remembered the woman she called her queen
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mother. angelou was a frequent guest on oprah's show and the 2 were very close friends. >> the loss i feel i cannot describe. it's like something i have never felt before. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama spoke about the impact angelou's words had on her own life. >> words so powerful that they carried a little black girl from the south side of chicago all the way to the white house. >> reporter: maya angelou may no longer be present in body but her soul lives on in every word she left behind. that was the message mourners took away from her memorial service. maya angelou died in her sleep on may 28th. she was 86 years old. ukraine's new president promises peace as he took the oath of office today. vice president joe biden and senator john mccain attended the inauguration in kiev. petro poroshenko also called
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for dialogue with the country's east. that's where violent separatist insurgency left more than 200 people dead. rebel leaders are dismissing the speech saying this statement "doesn't concern us." pope francis invited israel's president and palestinian president to join him at the vatican this weekend. it's the first time such a meeting has ever taken place in the vatican. the invitation came during the pope's trip to the holy land. they will spend about 2 hours at an intricately planned service of prayers and meditations. and it is broadway's biggest night. right now final preparations are being made for the tony awards. this year's show features several big performances in addition to some closely watched races. cbs news correspondent susan marquez has a preview from radio city music hall neil patrick harris' performance makes him front runner for
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best actor in a musical and 1 of sunday night's featured performers. the 4 time tony awards host says he's looking forward to the return of hugh jackman as master of ceremonies. >> i'm excite d to see what hugh is going to have in store for us all. he's such a talented guy and he's such a great choice. >> reporter: 1 of the tony's biggest races is best actress in a musical. >> ♪ >> reporter: idina menzel who won her first tony in wicked is nominated for her starring role in if then. >> you never can sit back and relax 'cause you have to perform. so, that's always weighing on you. >> ♪ >> reporter: men sell's main competition is said to be jessie mueller the breakout star of beautiful, the carol king musical. she's also performing sunday. >> ♪ >> reporter:. >> people are feeling like i've done her justice. that's a wonderful thing.
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>> reporter: among the other big name performers taking the stage are sting, patti labelle and gladys knight. host hugh jackman tells us in addition to the scheduled performances you can expect a few big surprises. in new york, suzanne marquez for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and you can watch the tony awards live tomorrow night starting at 8 o'clock right here on cbs3. all right justin i'm liking this weekend weather. >> yes. >> lovely. >> of course it's nice 'cause we're working. >> of course it is. >> that's how it always works out. >> exactly. >> we'll continue this streak of nice weather on the weekends. little bit warmer tomorrow but somewhat comfortable with low humidity and the shore is going to be another popular spot tomorrow. live look right now at atlantic city. mostly clear skies. comfortable temperatures in the 60's this hour and no threat of rain over the next 24 hours. so, here we are still 70 degrees in the inlands spots here in philadelphia, 72 wilmington, 67 in trenton, mid
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60's millville and in wildwood this hour. now we talked about the humidity levels being still on the low side. we look at the dewpoint temperature which measures how much moisture is in the air, gauges how much how that humidity is around. right now the current dewpoint 57 degrees. if you step outside it's not that bad pretty comfortable. tomorrow's dewpoint again not much change, in the mid-50's so that's pretty good for this time of year. so that ranks us pretty much in the pleasant category. once you start getting to 60, 65-degree dewpoints that's when it starts to feel a little bit more uncomfortable and humid. we're not quite there yet. but it looks like over the next few days we'll start to see more humidity returning to our forecast. we're dry, though. high pressure over the region right now keeping us nice and quiet, just some few fair weather clouds passing on by. this wet weather out over in chicago rate now, that's going to impacts us late tomorrow night into monday and tuesday. so, the high pressure still dominating our area tomorrow. so expect mostly sunny conditions. little bit warmer though. we'll get into the upper 80's for the inland spots.
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showers after midnight monday morning and really any time through the day monday we could see some off and on showers, maybe a thunderstorm. the humidity also increases. temperatures upper 70's to low 80's and then still on tuesday, we'll keep the forecast unsettled because this storm system is just going to lang out over the area. still warm, humid, temperature in the 80's with a threat for some afternoon showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. very quiet, though, overnight into your sunday. lots of sunshine in the forecast. another great day to be outdoors. clouds roll in tomorrow night. then we'll start to see showers arriving after midnight and then really any time through the day monday we'll see some showers maybe even a thunderstorm. not an all day washout but have the umbrella around just in case. same deal on tuesday afternoon. we should see another flareup of some scattered showers and storms. temperatures again tomorrow inland spots going to be the warmest, mid 80's maybe some upper 80's. cooler near the immediate coastline with that flow off the chilly atlantic. temperatures in the 70's. on monday because of the clouds and the showers we'll bring the temperatures down a little bit, plid to upper 70's, maybe some 80-degree
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temperatures return depending if we see any peeks of sunshine but it is comfortable overnight. mostly clear. here in center city, low temperature 62 degrees. so that means some 50's in the cooler suburbs. your sunday forecast, mostly sunny skies. it will be warmer, 87 degrees for the high temperature. average high for tomorrow is 81 degrees so well above that. some relief at the shore. upper 70's for the air temperatures, plenty of sunshine. have that sunblock. water temperature up top 67 degrees. here's the extended forecast: into monday we go. upper 70's to around 80 degrees with more clouds, some showers, maybe a thunderstorm. still the threat for a few showers and storms on tuesday. we'll keep it in the 80's through the rest of the week. dry on wednesday, sunshine and clouds and then by thursday and friday, mid 80's return. still the threat for some showers and storms and we'll dry it out for the weekend. >> oh, not bad, though. >> yeah. >> thank you, justin. appreciate that. california chrome, i'm anxiously awaiting the word. >> it was close but unfortunately california
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chrome did not make it into the history books. we'll tell you exactly what happened. plus the phillies in cincinnati again. ryne sandberg getting into it with the umpire here. disputing
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>> and the phillies back in cincinnati tonight for game 2 against the reds. the team hoping to keep up that momentum after last night's 8-nothing blowout. bottom of the first jay bruce at the plate for cincinnati hits the pop fly to left field. that sends a man home putting
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the reds on the board. marlon byrd on the plate just enough to get over the fence. that's a 2 run home run for byrd. that gives phillies the lead. sixth inning dom brown hits a shot to the gap in right field. marlon byrd comes throw. ryne sandberg says uh-uh, the catcher was blocking the plate. now this is a new rule this year. the umpire not having any of it. he gets tossed out of the game. first time in his career as a manager. top of the temperature seventh reds up 6-3 j. roll showing us how it's done. a 2 run shot to right field. that brings the phils within 1 and that's where it would stay. reds hold out for the win 6 to 5. both teams back at it again tomorrow. first pitch at 1:10. to the belmont stakes now. california chrome with a chance to become the first triple crown winner in 36 years. let's get to the action. >> they're off in the belmont stakes. >> now as we look at this california chrome with a good jump out of the gate but it will be commissioner who quickly takes the lead around the first turn and coming
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around the back end california chrome still in the front of the pack. can he pull it off? here's the call down the stretch. >> there's california chrome he's a furlong from immortality. he is up on the outside of commissioner. here's wicked strong in the center of the track. commissioner, california chrome on the outside. tonalist commissioner. it won't be a triple crown this year. it's going to be close. it's going to be very close and tonalist got there. tonalist has won the belmont stakes. >> and that's that. california chrome falling short of that triple crown finishing fourth and reports coming out that he sustained a gash on his right hoof during the performance. tonalist taking first place. after the race steve coburn complaining tonalist had fresh legs because he did not run in the derby or the preakness. >> it's all or nothing because this is not fair to these
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horses that have been running their guts out for these people and for the people that believe in them to to have someone -- this is the coward's way out in my opinion. >> the philadelphia union in action tonight. they're back home hosting the vancouver white caps. vancouver to get on the board leading 2-nothing after the first half. don't count the union out. they put up 3 goals in the second half. the final score a draw 3-3. to tennis, women's final in the french open today. maria sharapova second championship win in 3 years. an emotional victory for the russian star. now it's on to the men's finals. that will be held tomorrow morning. >> i was rooting for california chrome. >> we all were. >> i know. >> okay, maybe next time.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. alex scott stand for hope it's living on as the annual lemonade days weekend does continue and hundreds of folks visited the original alex's lemonade stand at penn wynne elementary school in wynnewood. that's where little alex was a student. it's the 14th anniversary of her first fundraiser to fight childhood cancer. our own pat ciarrocchi was out there and our chris may as well taking a cbs3 selfie here
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with alex's mother liz scott. and you can see how it all began, our documentary alex scott, a stand for hope airs tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. right here on cbs3. also again at 7:00 p.m. on our sister station cw philly. we're back with in you just a moment. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> well, that's "eyewitness news" for now. i'm natasha brown. for lesley, justin, all of us here, we appreciate you being with us. if you're up early join nicole brewer and carol erickson. they'll be with you at 6:00 a.m. remember, we're always online for you, criminal minds is up next, everyone. have a great night.
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