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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 14, 2014 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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i was getting looks. i know when something's up, so i asked around. found out handsome put five gs on my head because... because i shot his boy, i guess. no, no, no, handsome put five gs on your head because you stood up to him. i don't want to be anyone's hero. i just want my life back. no, we've got a cop outside, and we'll arrange for protective detention. oliver: (scoffs) protective detention? for how many years? oliver, look, we want to get this k okay? so i know we've been over this already,s? but is there anything you can remember, anything they said, or did, when they got on the train? handsome didn't get on. id. what do you mean? i saw him in the last car at 42nd street, he jumped off one car and got in another, clocking the platform for cops. i knew he was trouble, so i went up to the front of the train to avoid him. he was alone? you know what's messed up? i play it over in my head. i think if i'd just sat tight, let it all happen... i'd be home right now.
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handsome rides the train, alone, into brooklyn. yeah. he calls up his crew, tells them which station to wait at. they meet up, do the robbery, and handsome fades away again. we've been hunting him all over flatbush 'cause that's where he hits, that's where his boys keep getting collared, but he could be anywhere in the city. an north of 42nd street, anyway. after that video, he's got to know we got the two train covered. i mean, there's no way he's going to hit there tonight, is there? yeah, but there's no way he's not going to hit somewhere. 26 lines, 468 subway stations.e i read it somewhere; it stuck. let's attack this from a erent angle. danny: handsome's also got a farebeat arrest in april on west 4th street and a discon summons in june diff at 31st street and northern boulevard. is that all? that's it. every police contact, every known associate and relative home and work address for handsome for the past six months. now we have to find a pattern to his movements. so, what do we got? manhattan, queens, brooklyn-- he's all over the place.
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looks like someone fired a 12-gauge shotgun at the map. yeah, but they missed the bronx. you know, lee cranston's cousin denise said that that's where lee went to hide, right on the two line, and handsome found him there. think it's a coincidence that's the one place handsome's never been in trouble? what about staten island? there's no subway in staten island. see if you can find anything on the other perps in the bronx. hey, denise. this is detective reagan. yeah. where did your cousin lee hide in the bronx? he was at a bar at 147th and willis. thank you. dante vandos, lee's friend. and denise's bnd. he wasn't as careful when he went to the bronx. a farebeat summons from 149th and third on the number two, and a stop and frisk from westchester and courtland. oyfrie looks like we just made the choke on the shotgun a little bit smaller. still doesn't tell us where he's gonna hit, though. yeah, but we don't need to know where he's going to hit if we know where he's getting on the train. call the 51, have them assign uniforms to every station, north and south, and have anti-crime watch the 149th and third station. that's where he's getting on the train.
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see sunday's newspaper.
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(train approac (brakes squeak) hing) hey... haven't i seen you in the movies?
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come here! hey! hey! hey! come here! put your hands up! shyour hands. show me your hands! (handcuffs clicking) you really are a good-looking kid. come on. (liquid pouring) ow me (phone ringing) (sighs) anything i should know about? (phone buzzing) you have to go? no. you? no.
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so... what are we goto do aboute when my girlfriend gets back? find someplace closer than new jersey. i don't kning there's something aboutoser the long drive out here,sey. the anticipation. hmm? you'ow. at me. i'm not mad at you. we've never brought our work with us when we see each other. re madi'm not sure that didn't e when you walked into my office. we can't change who we are, frank. i mean, we can turn it off, sure. well... it's on my mind. i don't want to cost you your job. i have a different theory. do you? mm-hmm. so, this morning, sitting across the table from each other, the two of us knowing what no one else knows... (quietly): was dangerous.
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then there's that. anderson: didn't know if you'd show. jamie: don't know why i did. maybe you want to find out how your brother died. joe died being a good cop. and your story about the blue templar... it's not a story. you heard the recording. joe was working with the fbi. is his pin. joe was a blue templar, but he learned that some of the templars were doing very illegal things. we need you to help us catch them. this i'm a rookie. i'm just figuring out how to be a cop.
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you want me to go under, against other cops, take out some kind of conspiracy? i'm asking you to help us find joe's real killers. i can't push you off the fence. i know we're throwing a lot at you, and it must be overwhelming, but i know what my decision would be, if it werrother. e my b (distant siren wails) erin: the sergeant said i'd find you back here. what, no six-pack? danny: nah. trying to make the right impression on my new partner. right impression or good impression? , neither. you caught the bad guys, right? yeah. that's usually good for a smile. somehow it just doesn't feel like much of a win. eh because of oliver young? yep. think about it. make one choice... change your whole life fore
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well, there are make one choice.some that think that's true of every decision. not really the metaphysical brother, you know. ver. metaphysical? philosophical... okay. anyhow, the reason why i detoured down here is because i had a conversation with blake phelps. oliver young is already a local hero for standing up to handsome, so blake doesn't think turnthis as a career maker. oh, "blake." and i guess the d.a. agrees, so your guy is looking at probably a long probation on the gun charge. really. hmm. like i told you-- the law sometimes works these things out. yeah. and so what favor do you owe to who? and please tell me it has nothing to do with the silk blouse you're wearing. i go out there for you, and this is the crap that comes out of your mouth? i'm kidding. thank you. how did it feel? hmm? doinright.thing for that guy?
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good. good doing something for you. g some let's go have a beer. ning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captio ♪ a diaper pail. next to a sunny window. in a home with triplets. with three cases of an upset tummy. pine-sol.
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introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. the weekend insider with the top trending stories. cloony's wedding secrets is part of the good week, bad week. including iggy's sex lies and videotapes and royal baby news. >> we're thrilled. ♪ throw up your hands >> is j.lo taking a break from dating? >> i feel like i need tha now. >> we got ourselves a girl
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fight. >> did taylor swift through katy perry under the bus. >> and then lloyd bt hits the runway with the best of fashion week. >> dropping major booty tonight. >> got to know how to dress yous behind up. >> get unintimate with brittany spears. >> then, secrets from beyonce's flawless transformation at the video music award. it's time to go in style. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7 the insider. hollywood girl power gone wrong or a ploy to boost record sales. welcome to the weekend insider. >> beyonce behind the scenes, an intimate look at brittany and the best of fashion look. >> first roundup of hollywood
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headlines as we play good week, bad week. >> george was receiving a a humanitarian award at celebrity fight night. >> cloony, thank you. >> the excited groom to be revealing wedding details in the acceptance speech saying i met myely bride to be who i'll marry in venice. good news for the bachelors lov around the world. j. lo is kingsingle and loving >> i enjoy being on my own. i feel like i need that. >> jenny on the block. >> i've been on relationships back to back and i needed time, i need time to just chill and just know me. >> and boy, was it a bad week for the big booty buddy with the surfacing of the sex tape.
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>> i don't find it surprising. >> she had turn around saying it might be her but if it was, it's revenge porn and will put it out to ruin her career. if it is her, it's her before she's of a >> nick young is said to be enraged. >> she's preand suffering from severe morning sickness that left her hospitalized in her first pregnancy. >> we're thrilled, great gnant >> finally a really bad week for ray rice whose contract with the baltimore raven was terminated after a ding video emerged
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of him attacking his now wife in an elevator. >> taylor swift and katy perry. >> apparently attention there isturbn the ladies, how did this hollywood girl fight start? i was taylor whobetwee through first punch. there is a side of her she doesn't show when hanging out or relaxed. she can talk or get feisty. >> she's definitely feisty in the new issue of "rolling stone." quote, she could go to award shows and say something and walk away and i would are we friends or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life? for years, i didn't know if we were friends or sayot. is katy perry hating on poor taylor swift? who doesn't like taylor? nuse's interview, someone did
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something down right awful to her and she's over it and surprisingly, it's not about a boy, hoaka, their mutual ex john that's so 2013. she makes claims about the gal, quote, she did something so horrible, i was like oh, we're straight up enemies and its isn't even aboutmayer. guy. it has to do with business. she basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. aso now ii don't like it. according to reports, taylor had several dancers leave her tou for katy's tour. now i'm told that's just a no-no in the pop world because tour dancers are like hair rs. they know your secrets. >> when somebody goes in this industry and takes your backbone, which are your dancerow.that's really a low that's really -- >> then making the story more
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delicious, katy tweeted out this mystery post. watch bl out for the george in sheep's clothing. >> that's the ugliest [ bleep ] skirt. >> i hate to see the ladies fighting. i'm about girl power. there is a silver lining here. you know what taylor mad, she writes about it in a song. so i think we'll hear more. >> maybe this is about record sales after all.gets taylor's last album sold 1.2 million copies with the song i knew you were troubled rumored to be about harrystyles. compare that to katy perry with 286,000 copies of her last copy prism. so drama boosts sales. >> i think it's about the sales. i think it is about the guy. you're right where there is smoke there is fire in your record sales. another reat example, jay-z and
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beyonce, those divorce rumors boosted sales. >> for the record, i never believed that. let's move to g brittany spears. she's hoping to boost sales for a different reason. she debuted her longeraie line as lloyd boston found out, great fashionen minds think alike. >> it's almost the exact same red. >> i >>know. how do we do ping in my closet again? >> he's front and center for brit's new labor of love. >> this is something i've been working on for two and a half y. >> your body is perfect in person. what about those ladies that don't have the perfect body, how will they fit into the vision? >> i feel this line is made for all women, all sizes, all types. >> the pop icon practically
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spent her career in lingerie. >> this one says oh-la-la. ♪ ♪ >> i think that says "slave for you." ♪ ♪ >> now this is "toxic." ♪ ♪ >> oh, wow, look at that. >> "every time". ♪ ♪ >> do you think about putting things together for yourself mostly or for kind of a fantasy? >> kind of both,fantasy and reality of what i would like and my fantasy of what i would want my fans to like and appreciate, as well. >> i think brit and lloyd coul be fashion soul mates. i was feeling the love between them. >> wonder what "oops, i did it again" looks like. >> we had to edit that out. let's talk about you, living
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your panfantasy out. >> so we had to make it count when we came face-to-face with him. >> i wore my leather pants, by the way. >> nice. >> are they bike worthy? >> yeah. >> can i get on the bike with these? >> not sure ahe shoes but pants. >> pants are okay? >> yeah, that's how you roll with the baddest boy in hollywood. charlie even shows me. >> they are like about t transfn you were a kid. >> i wasn't the only one stocking charlie on the red carpet. his co-stars want to take him home. >> what are yougoing to take from the set? >> charlie. he's worth a lot of money. >> you're about as extreme as a man gets. if you get a crush, i feel like you're doing all right. >> you're doing great. >> as a very dedicated fan, can we please have a short list before the end of the series? >> i'm trying. i'm trying. >> come on, isn't there anything. >> he looks so good now. he has to shower sometime. >> so while i wait for the shower scene, i got one last
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suggestion. >> is he a sequel? >> or a movie, something. >> a movie. i think you owe us that movie. what do you say? can you commit to it now? >> that sounds like a deal. i'll commit. >> see that. >> charlie was really digging your leather pants. must have been soft leather. >> like butter. the new season premiered tuesday. i've seen the firstew episodes, they are incredible but intense and very violent, more violent than usual, enfor that show. >> i need to get finvolved. >> incredible. new york fashion week with loyal. >> another man who can pull off a simple slip vest. >> behin the scenes with bay by onsay and baby blue. >> i break dodevidenuwn eva lon
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and protection of pampers swaddlers, all you feel is love. pampers.e blan
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a of people at my new place of employment think we look alike. >> if it's take your son to workday, i g lot you covered. >> interviewing george lopez, you two really do look alike but
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we sent you to talk to him. how did you kiss him? >> i cott resist. i love you, george. >> i agree. >> i was relaying the kiss from eva longoria who iouldn'ught up with on the set of "brooklyn's 99." she's got plenty of love. >> caally everybody is short in the industry. you need to feet in. >> i'm trying, eva, but i'm 6'4". now usut we got that out of the way. >> why do they worry you? >> latinos, you should be tha worried, eva. >> what's this? >> that was me when i was the ugly ducking. with my big hair in high school. >> what would you say to linda if you could talk to her now? >> oh, god, i'd tell her fasten your seat belt, it will be a ride. >> what a ride. a rocking ride to


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