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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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very proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result, i have tendered my resignation, from temple university board of trustees. temple university has this following response, the board of trustees accepts doctor cosby's resignation, from the board and thanks him for his service to the university. all of this breaking late this evening. of course, bill cosby has been on the board of trustees for temple university for more than 30 years. he has been under growing pressure since allegations resurfaced from numerous women claiming to have been drugged and or sexually assaulted by cosby over the past several decades. as i mentioned before, cosby has never been criminally charged with any crime and repeatedly denied these allegations. but it is clear that the scandal is not going away anytime soon. folks we spoke to here at temple university say cosby's resignation is probably in the
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best interest for everyone. >> even though he has not been charged with anything, it is understandable he had to resign from temple. bringing all that attention to this university. i feel for his family. i feel for victims as well. >> i have seen the allegations and stuff. i'm not sure what i believe and what i don't but i mean i guess disappointed i guess you can say. >> kind of sad to hear all these allegations against him, so i guess in a way kind of embarrassing. >> reporter: the 77 year-old actor, comedian graduated here from temple university and has been on the board of trustees since 198 two again, late this evening bill cosby announcing he has resign his position from the board of trustees here at temple university. reporting live tonight from north philadelphia, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. we also have some breaking news out of newark, delaware a car slams in the home causing a gas explosion, several homes
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caught on fire on lower valley lane, two of them destroyed, four others are damage, and "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt just spoke to homeowners and david, what do they have to say. >> reporter: jessica, they are testify stated, thinks devastating for other resident in newark, delaware. we have been on the scene a few hours this happened five hours ago and crews are still on the scene working to clean up this mess that will be going on for another few hours. i spoke to one fire fighter who said this could have been worse. he is surprised nobody was seriously injured but people that live inside the house they tell me this is their personal nightmare. intense flames poured out of the knew washing delaware town home after police say on one drove a car into the gas meter in front of the home. the fire, quickly spread to other homes. no one was home when the fire started, but "eyewitness news" spoke to two men who lived there. they came home to find everything that they owned, gone. >> i was than the expect to go come home to see that.
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>> pretty much gone, you know, hopefully we were able to salvage some stuff in the house buzz that is a lot of stuff gone. my mommies distraught. i know the talk was in there, thank god they got the dog out. >> reporter: there was one woman lived next door machine toward for smoke inhalation, and we're told that dog, dog's name mickey, is going to be at the vet's office for the evening just to be monitored but that doggies expect to be okay. luckily nobody home here new castle county police they are investigating this and any updates we will bring them to you. we are live from newark, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much, david. is there breaking news stemming from the civil unrest in ferguson, missouri. >> philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is one of two people name by president obama to chair his task force on 21st century policing. the creation of the commission was spurred by the shooting death of michael brown and violent protest that followed in ferguson. in philadelphia today protesters hit the streets
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peacefully demanding change. president obama a says he wants to make sure that police are not building a militarized culture, mayor michael nutter at the white house today spoke just moments ago. >> if you get is an experienced law enforcement who understands the challenging in a community. he is an african-american himself, he has a son, and he knows the feeling of people in communities and will bring both law enforcement perspective but also the reality of what takes place on the ground. >> reporter: president obama today promoted the use of body cameras as part of the 253 million-dollar spending package to help police departments improve their community relations. taking a look at weather now we are enjoying a mild day for first day of december but tomorrow brings big changes. meteorologist cat i orr is live from moorestown new jersey with the first look at the forecast, kathy. >> well, good evening, guess contact the rain has stopped just in time to get ready to
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light the holiday christmas tree. it is second annual celebration here in moorestown. right now we are looking at a break in the rain. look at storm scan three because we are getting lucky here. we have a break right over the delaware in south jersey but it is north and west still seeing heavy rain and to the south and east. high did make it to 65. still mild in philadelphia at 51. we are seeing cool rain in trenton at 46. allentown 43. atlantic city mild at 61 degrees. you can see during the evening we are going to cool down with the rain, 50 degrees at 7:00. forty-seven at 9:00. breezy conditions, at 11:00 o'clock were 44 degrees. coming up, we will talk about snow in the forecast for on tomorrow morning, rain for others and then, of course, mild weather, that will continue for december. you cap see all these people behind me are you ready to light the tree? >> yes. >> well, there are a couple thousand people here waiting and we are going to light that
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later on in the broadcast. i will be back. for now back to you. >> on a rainy night it is great to stay a ahead of the weather. down load weather app on your phone or tablet available tonight. tunes or google play. well, reward is up to $25,000 in the case of the missing west chester university student. he disappeared early on thanksgiving after leaving a bar in manayunk. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the the latest. >> three people to go to chestnut hill with this man. >> reporter: searching for shane on day five of four days of disappointment. >> what we really need is someone to give us a tip so we can start heading in the direction that will lead to us shane report are report monday shane's aunt maryann organizing about a hundred volunteers assembled in roxborough responding to a ocean media push to help distribute fresh flyers where needed. meanwhile in manayunk, police
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took to the skies to continue their search, while words of clarification came from the place that shane went missing. >> shane's family and friend stated had shane was not intoxicated when he left the restaurant. we have found that in our investigation in the past four days consistent with those statements. >> reporter: after posting $10,000 reward money to aid in the search management at kildares irish pub broke their silence saying montgomery was likely not drunk thursday morning and gently asked to leave at closing time by an employee who was also a relative. >> he was respectful and polite young man. >> reporter: montgomery was bar hopping with friend in the early hours of thanksgiving originally it was reported montgomery stumbled in the dj booth and was thrown out of the bar. kildare officials did say shane caused the incident but left politely as the bar was closing. he went south on main and vanish. mar your and says they will stop at nothing to help find their boy. >> there are no word to tell you how much i love him and
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miss him and we will not stop until we find him. >> reporter: as we are learning the fbi heavily involved in this case today interviewing friend and family. sorting through shane's bank and phone records and searching for any surveillance video here along main street anything at this point that will lead them to shane montgomery. it is day five, live from manayunk, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good we will continue to follow it steve, thanks very much. it is cyber monday. that means many shoppers are forgoing the stores and hitting the internet. still to come here if you are among millions ordering gifts on line today we will tell you how to protect your money and get exactly what you pay for. they call it miracle on cooper street how an old building is expect to change lives and transform a neighborhood, kathy in. we're getting in the holiday spirit listening to the night before christmas, we will be back were on rain, sleet and snow and also some warmer weather, and lighting
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christmas tree here in moorestown, we will be right back, hey beasley. >> another honor for me in a davis. i'll tell you what is next for most celebrated kid athlete here on earth. next up for birds defending world champion seahawks and very mobile quarterback russell wilson. hear from coach chip kelly
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here's advice from friend at c net, use a credit card, not your debit card. hackers can clean out your bank account a abe while you are able to recoup that money later on, it can take a while f they run up a credit card bill that isn't coming out of your bank account. and beware of phantom web sites, you may want the best price a railable but you have to make sure you are buying a item from a reputable remember site. we have more information on cbs camden charter school is
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expanding, planning a big renovation of an empty building, but as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan find out, not everyone is thrilled with the idea of a school betting bigger. >> reporter: it is symbolic ground breaking for leap academy k through 12 charter school system in camden is expanding by purchasing and revitalizing a city's first sky scraper. it is school's first property on cooper street. >> it is a miracle. >> and previously empty wilson building had high tech classrooms, health clinic, and fitness center and health clinic cafe. jose santiago is excited for future students. >> i don't know if me or other family members would be in college or going through college if it wasn't for what we get right here at leap. >> reporter: some have concerned with leap expanding, camden's teachers union is a against expansion of charter schools. researchers find that camden charters have disproportionately low numbers of special education and
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english as second language students. >> as leap expands, assuming that its population stays different, that concentrates more challenging students in the camden city school. >> reporter: frank moran says leap has hundred percent graduation rate for ten years. >> if we can educate our children and get them in college and have them come back and be productive citizens of our community, we will support that. >> reporter: as leap academy decides which grade levels they want continue on crease, plan toys span their classroom space in other facilities, and move them here in to the will son building starting in the spring. in camden, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are alone in the studio right now because our weather team has fanned out, covering not only one but two big holiday tree lighting ceremonies tonight. it is good they are getting them in, today. >> yes good because, you know, it is nice, warm but big changes on the way. >> big changees meteorologist kathy orr is in moorestown,
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new jersey but we will start with kate bilo live from rittenhouse square, hi kate. >> reporter: hi jessica and chris. what a beautiful day it was, unfortunately just as we pulled up and started to get on stage for tree light nothing rittenhouse square rain started to come down but you did not keep crowds away. we have tons of people. now things have cleared out because we have heard santa is over at the bank here taking pictures with the kids. take a look at this beautiful christmas tree. it looks fantastic. and, philadelphia department of parks and recreation who helped make this park so beautiful for holidays. they do it every year. it just looks amazing. and unfortunately the weather is not so great. santa was here helping us light the tree and santa blew that cold front with him from the north pole because temperatures have dropped about 14 degrees from the daytime high which got to 65. it is now barely hanging on to the 50's. the lets look at how things are shaping up on storm scan three. you can still see rain moving through, generally light but we are looking at temperatures generally dropping through the
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rest of tonight, and it is going to stay very chilly outside as we drop into the 30's overnight, and then only 40's tomorrow. temperatures here, on rittenhouse square have dropped 10 degrees since we got here. rain is falling now but as we come back, later on this afternoon, later on tomorrow afternoon i should say some spots across the area could be seeing a few snow flakes. one of the reasons we came out here tonight and something very important across the the a area is the joy of sharing campaign. we do it every year. partnering with the philly pops and salvation army. we have toy receptacles, people brought their new unwrapped toys and donate a number of ways. go to cbs also call 215977 joys, or text the word joy, j-o-y to 41444 to make a $10 text donation and really just help make a kids holiday a little brighter then it may otherwise have been. we do it every year. it just makes holidays that much more special for all of
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us in the cbs-3/cw philly. back here live at rittenhouse square rain is falling but cold air coming in. kathy will have more on what that cold will do, tomorrow, we will end is it over to cat any moorestown. >> thank you, very much kate. we have a capacity crowd here in moorestown. they have been waiting an hour or two in the rain to light the christmas tree. are you ready to light the christmas tree. >> yes. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> what about this little one are you ready to light the christmas tree. >> yes good well lets do a little weather first okay, chris. >> yes, okay good then we will light the christmas tree. >> lets go first to our weather watchers and show you temperatures around the region. it depend on where you live as far as the warmth is concerned. take a look at these numbers in cherry hill, right now cherry hill is 57 degrees. middletown delaware it is 59. wilmington 57. philadelphia is 52 and rain. we have a little bit of the break here in moorestown. you can see rain to the north
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and west and that will come in quickly, across region overnight. in philly at is 51. allentown only 43. poconos 35. expecting that snow. now take a look at this, as we work our way through tomorrow, we will have a variety of weather. snow in the poconos, temperatures only in the 40's in philadelphia but rain for us. and then wednesday we will see a few more showers in the 50's. thursday we will dry it out with sunshine in the 40's but then temperatures staying pretty stable around 50. here's what to expect for tomorrow. snow in the poconos and then some sleet. snow to rain in the lehigh valley and extreme northern and western suburbs and mainly rain in philadelphia adjacent suburbs and to the south and to the west. as far as snow accumulation in the a big deal a grassy coating and that is nothing compared to what we saw last week. of course limited to the lehigh valley and poconos. here's your forecast, overnight, cloudy, breezy work some showers, low temperatures of 35 degrees. and work our way through tomorrow, a chilly rain, snow
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to the north, and then, of course, rain for everybody else and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast rain in the forecast for most of the rest of the week but at least temperatures will be at seasonal levels around 50 degrees. back here live, rain has started again in moorestown and now we will light the tree. we will draw your attention to my left that is where the tree is and all these people here, here we go live, everyone. okay moorestown it is time to light the christmas tree, are you ready. >> you're live on cb. three, lets count down from five, five, four, three, two, one... >> merry christmas, happy holidays and we have santa soon, he will be coming down the street. santa will be coming down the street and, of course, we want
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to thanks every here. chris and jessica, even in the rain, we can bring the community together, we will send it back to you in the studio. >> nothing slows down santa, and kathy as such a beautiful night out there in moorestown. are exciting, i love the the energy. so much fun. if you would like to put on a light show for the holidays, send us your pictures of your display, send them to us using hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights, you can go to cbs philly to hair them with us and we may call to come to your house for a live report, vittoria. >> thanks, very much guess contact you know, everyone missed us in the studio freaking out when they lit the tree. super cool. thanks very much, kathy. traveling out and about in the at tree light nothing moorestown and traveling on i-95 we have just least moved a disable vehicle on the northbound side of 95 at the girard. we have string of brake lights out and about that followed behind it, from center city to the north east, that is length of your delay, traveling southbound also major volume
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around girard avenue. over to the schuylkill expressway at montgomery eastbound we are dealing with an accident situation, it was a disabled vehicle turn into an accident eastbound on the schuykill at montgomery drive, compromising a lane and notice police activity on the shoulder, expect rush hour delays still lingering all over but stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
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the eagles defense has everything but a nick name, nfl is buzzing, over bucking of the cowboys. up next defending of russell wilson. he lacks a free snap size of the payton manning and aaron rodgers but talent wise and ability to turn the normal three and a half second play into five or more seconds because of his rodent like
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built to survive in the pocket until his receivers break free. here's chip onerous he will. >> he sets his eyes down the field. he is not looking to run but if you give him opportunity he makes good decisions when he is flush from the pocket and he is always, got his eyes up, looking for open receivers. if they are not there he takes what the defense gives him. never takes a big hit. he has a real good feeling for how to play quarterback on the move. >> makes it look easy. four regular season games to go for eagles, seattle, dallas, washington and the giants. you cane washington game right here cbs-3 december 20th. kick off at 4:30. sixers back in action facing world champion but san antonio spurs will rest tim duncan and tony parker, will in the play because of bruised ribs. the inningsers have lost 16 straight games to start the the season. nba record is 18. mo'ne davis is back on the cover of sports illustrate today she was name sports kid
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of the year, she led the taney dragons as you know to the little league world series becoming the first girl to pitch her team to the little league victory. we will be right back. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. stay right there, "cbs evening news" is next. we will look at how robots are getting in the action this cyber monday. plus they will look in on the high school drop outs getting a second chance, if they make their first trips back home. here now from new york with the "cbs evening news", is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight, taking to the streets. >> no justice, no peace. >> pelley: high school and college students across the country protesting the ferguson decision as president obama takes executive action. vladimir duthiers reports. cyber monday has grown too big for humans to handle. don dahler with the robots assigned to get the packages out on time. should the president's daughters be off limits to online critics? bill plante on today's resignation over comments about malia and sasha. and michelle miller with high school dropouts getting a second chance. >> i'm in the smiling either. >> pelley: if they'll only take it. >> explain to me what's going on. you've come too far for us to allow you to give up this easy.


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