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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 5, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> little soggy weekends headed our way. details, and we'll time them out for you coming up. >> good morning, everyone, talcony palmyra bridge now up, traffic has been stopped. if you plan to travel 73 you definitely want to keep it here. we'll definitely let you know it goes back down, nick snow. >> vittoria, thank you. breaking news right now, from west philadelphia. firefighters are battling rowhouse fire, on south con stole a street. they got it un control in about a half hour we're told one person at the hospital with a medical condition not related to the fire. "eyewitness news" h.u.p. date the story throughout the morning. >> police say the driver veered off off bunkhour road, hit a pole two, parked cars before bursting into flames in another yard. the man was pronounced dead at the scene.
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work to go find out what caused this crash. >> well, shooting outside west philadelphia bar sends a man to the hospital. police say a 30 year old man was talking to a woman at 40th and market in university city when another man shot him in the thigh. after the shooting, the victim ran into a bar where he works as a bartender. we're told he's in stage condition. police continue to look for that gunman. >> scrapped jury decision not to indict white nypd officer seen in a video applying a fatal choke hold, to an unarmed black man. cbs news correspondent don champion more from new york. >> steady stream of protesters, disrupted traffic on new york city's west side highway for a second night. >> peaceful demonstrations took time, others rallied for eric garner as site of the staten island fer any march, down city street. >> enough is enough. people are getting murdered every day, and i'm just sick
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and tired of it. >> anger not to indict nypd officer daniel, in garner's death, continues to spill over to other cities across the nation. >> thousand it is of people of all races push for change at boston christmas tree lighting. >> needs to get the message across to people own though people that don't think this directly affect them. >> officer testified before the grand jury, for two hours, about what happened here in july, when he took garner down, cameras rolled, he maintains it was not a choke hold he was using, but a maneuver, he learned, at the police academy. >> is that, in fact, within the framework whatever we teach our officers in terms of how do you take down a person you're tell to go area necessary. >> in a interview with cbs scott pelle, new york city police commissioner, bill brat on, says the department is investigating, the nypd will also retrain thousands of its
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officers in using less force when possible. don champion, cbs news new york. >> in philadelphia, more subdued scene inside this church on north broad street where a group discussed future plans for hostess. earlier thursday, student at temple university staged a die-in, sending a message that they stand with michael brown. >> feel aren't going to be quiet any more, different err a we need to treat it like it is a different era. >> now, action may come in the form of a civil rights case. the officer involved in garner's death is the subject of a federal investigation. >> right now, 5:03, a check on the forecast, some rain headed our way? >> certainly some rain headed our way. but not yet. so you will not need to walk out the door necessarily with a umbrella today. specially if you're only going to be out until the early afternoon, and a loft delaware valley like lick gets in moles of the day dry
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>> granted we do have some clouds, very high in the atmosphere, they won't mess with your visibility issues here this morning, rather, you won't have any issues i think seeing out in front of you here on the area bridges, the highways, 36 is the current temperature, but notice, you do have some clouds funneling in here, from the south, and also few little signs of green popping up here, too. so, this is the beginning of first the warmfront, by tomorrow, we will be tracking the cold front crossing through, and generally speaking, it is a rain producing system, but you can see, that there is enough cold air just north, where there is some pink and some purple showing upment looks perhaps if you are traveling the i80 interchange, you may see some of that, too, here. so 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, winter weather advisories take effect for carbon, monroe county specifically for maybe freezing rain, sleet, snow. it would not be much accumulation, rather modest coating up to inch absolute max before it turns back over to rain, meantime back in the city talking about temperatures back in the mid 40's again today with the rain starting to approach it, as
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the afternoon progress he is, for the city specially toward evening that the first raindrops likely begin to fall. >> got to get the raincoat. good morning, everyone, you know, traveling right now, still an easy, easy, easy ride. doesn't matter where you are. all of the bridge ores looking great. the one little snag that we have is talcony palmyra bridge now up. so, if you plan to travel 73, you cannot. we will definitely keep you updated however when it is put back down. so probably good idea to use the betsy ross bridge, talcony palmyra, again, out of business, at least for right now. as we move now to the schuylkill expressway, no delays in either direction, not only around center city this shot not too far from girard, moving well within your western suburbs, as well, only 50:00, a usually don't see rush happen until at least as we approach 6:00. speed censors, still high up in the 50's, 55, 95, same on the schuylkill, same on the blue route, and mo major delays on the northeast
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extension, the pa turnpike, so on, so for the. so talcony palmyra not on stand by, it is up, so keep that in mine. as we continue however we do have an accident closing girard avenue at 37th street. best alternate, lansdowne driver. things at the philadelphia international airport, look great. so overall nice way to start your morning, ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank up. bill cosby firing back against california woman's sexual abuse lawsuit. comedian is counter suing the woman claiming she tried to extort him for hundreds of thousands of dollars before filing the suit. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is in our satellite center with the latest on cosby's legal woes. good morning. >> good morning, yes. in court document, cosby's lawyer calls his claims patently false, the lapd says they've no records of complaints against cosby yet but the chief says the agency could still lou into claims that exceed the statute of limitations. >> speaking to the press thursday, charlie said his
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agency is prepared to investigate sex assault claims bill cosby. >> now, they could be used in civil recourse, or you come to us, especially with now sexual allegation, you know, we will work with you. >> the lapd would not elaborate on the chief's comment, but, former la county prosecutor, steve mizer says the move is unusual, unlikely, and possibly illegal. >> it is lapd takes taxpayer dollars, and uses them to basically function as the private investigator for a private plaintiff, that should be construed as enough gift of public funds, tan should be barred. >> that would apply to the woman who filed suit against cosby, tuesday, she claims the comedian sexually assaulted her in 1974, at the playboy mansion, when she was only 15 years old. cosby's attorneys are working to dismiss the suit, calling her story false, and saying
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she tried selling it to tabloids a decade ago, and, made extortion threat to mr. cosby about criminal penalties, coupled with demand for six figure payday to keep quiet. and offering at proof, copies after letter dated december 1st, reading: your demand for money from mr. cosby is rejected. now, in that latest suit, cosby did hit back saying the accuser tried to extort him for $250,000, and you mention, he is counter suing, and also there is week, we saw cosby's death down from trustees at temple as well as an us navy revokes his honorary status. live in the sat sent, justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you will. happening today nasa hopes the weather cooperates for this morning's launch of their newest spacecraft orion. this is live look at cape canaveral, unmanned test flight scheduled to take off at 7:05 this morning, gusty winds, some minor technical glitches forced engineers to scrub the launch yesterday.
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orion nasa's first step toward manned mission to mars. >> incoming pennsylvania governor tom wolf heads to the white house today to meet with president obama. wolf is one of six newly elected governors who will talk with the president and vice president about ways to improve the economy. takes office in six and a half weeks on january 20th. >> now, before, that the president is expected to nominate abington native ashton carter to be the next defense secretary. carter is 1972 graduate of abington high school and he used to be the deputy defense secretary. if he is confirmed, cart we are take over for chuck haague hole resigned last week. >> a 09:00. shocking video from inside a philadelphia school. you'll see it coming up next. also, where's shane. the key information the fbi wants now that the college student has been missing for more than a week. >> also, burried by mud. this is what three days of downpours will do. see the mess left behind by that drenching rain. >> and katie says part of our weekend could be a wash out.
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she'll let you know when the rain arrives when we do traffic and weather together, we do at any the -- we do we all got together and we are we had a free weekend. having a great time. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families.
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i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
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>> video from businesses in manayunk could be the key to finding shane month good morning i21 year old disappeared after leaving manayunk bar early thanksgiving morning. fbi investigators are specifically interested in video in the area bounded by the schuylkill river, green lay, henry avenue and lincoln drive. the reward for information about montgomery's disappearance now stands at $40,000. >> philadelphia police have arrested five student at fight at martin luther king high school. this is video from that fight which started yesterday morning in a hallway. now, it is unclear what sparked the brawl or if anybody was hurt. we know there were no teachers or faculty involved. but very disturbing to watch. >> all right, coming up on 5:13, let's get a check on the forecast, and little rain
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headed our way, kate. >> just little bit. yes, looks as though we may get soaked out there, guys. looking ahead to our first half of the weekend, even as early as later on today, we start tore seat signs of life firing up on local radar with the system moving in. so another time, little less than ideal, if you had any big plans to go cut down your christmas tree, or want to go to one of the outlet malls, do you have walk around outside. you want to be ready for. >> this that's where i come n let's get you out there, show you what's going on, storm scan3 at the moment locally pretty guy -- quiet. clear sky, just couple of clouds building in. obviously there is something going on to the west and south of us, and that's the combination of the warmfront. now, notice, just because it is a warmfront, doesn't mean it is warm enough everywhere that you will only see rainout of t obviously got some pink, purple showing up where it is cold enough to support some mixing of that wintery and frozen precipitation. so, essentially what happens here, storm isn't completely organized yet. warmfront lift north first, then you get the actual storm center sort of rolling on through here, and the cold
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front gets dragged through. >> this will have, i would say, a moderate impact on us, i don't necessarily want to call this a major storm for our area, but will provide big nuisance for the first half of the weekend. out to the live neighborhood network, finding temperatures generally right around freezing give or take to up say four, 5 degrees, on either end here, berwyn right at freezing, and kutztown, gladstone, in the 20's. no wet weather throughout yetment expect to start picking up as early as this afternoon for the central pennsylvania region moving on east with time, tomorrow just looking like an all-out wash out. there may be break along the way specially early in the morning, i would say, but i would just expect that could you get wet at any time. come sunday, left over shower, then it is clearing out of here, and it is certainly good news for the eagles game, skies clearing, but keep in mind the winds will kick in, too, and that means, that colder high of 46 will probably feel that much colder. vittoria. over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. still, great news in traffic land. no delays on any of the majors. it is still very quiet.
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let's get outside, and take a look shall we? ninety-five through the construction zone at cottman avenue. you will notice moving southbound, which would be the tail light moving beyond you without a hitch look great. traveling northbound on 95, also no major problems. and like i had mentioned earlier, we usually don't see too much of a rush until little bit later on approaching 6:00 a.m. so, still in the clear. ninety-five, not only looking great, around northeast philly, but even as you make your way out through to bucks county, maybe towards the trenton train station, 95 straight shot out tore toward that way, and vine street expressway, speaking of straight shot, whether headed to 59 or heading to the schuylkill expressway, no delays just how we like it. speed censors still high up in the 50's, 95, schuylkill, 476, pa turnpike, northeast extension, list goes on and goes on and goes on. how much, do have fire location, if you are traveling connestoga street, it is closing that street, between market and ludlow. so 56 is your best alternate. i would say just try to avoid
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that area at least for right now while you can. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. updating breaking news, one person is in the hospital after a row home fire in west philadelphia. firefighters struggle against smokey fire on connestoga street just before 4:00 this morning, that's near 56th and market. so far, there is no word on a cause of that fire. >> and police are investigating a deadly accident in montgomery county early this morning. it happened a little after 1:00 at hill dale and bonn core roads in cheltenham township. one car hit several parked cars, overturned, and then caught fire. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. >> nasa's orion spacecraft sits on the launch pad for a second morning, lift off was called off yesterday. it is scheduled to take off just after 7:00 this morning for a test flight to prepare for a trip to mars. >> well, wilt chamber lent set dozens of nba records, and another first for the big dipper. special tribute happening for the philly legend. >> and ticket trouble for cat stevens ace first concert in the united states in almost 40
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years. why some people were turned away at the door right here in the philadelphia area. we'll explain.
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>> pulled the plug on the almost $2 million deal after city council re nice dollars to hold a hearing on the sale. mayor mike nutter held a meeting, blasting, asthmas i have failure in leadership. >> all right, right now, 5:19. time to check your philadelphia job market report. here's cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger. >> reporter: gone are the days when finding a job meant pounding the pavement. today job seekers pound their keyboards, surfing websites and apps designed to pinpoint the perfect gig. indeed career builder and monster. com allow you to focus your geographic search to finds your dream job in the philadelphia area. aside from provide ago data
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base of job listings, many of them also host your resume, making it advice tonight employers. career experts say, companies are now increasingly using their own workers to find new hires. referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview, have 40% better chance of being hired, and are 15% less likely to quit than other applicants. that's according to the federal reserve bank of new york. that means, that your on-line job search has to start with identifying major employers in the philadelphia area, like comcast, or lockheed martin. then try to network with employees in person or through social media. one thing is clear: the digital age hats not yet replaced the human touch. i'm jill schlessingeger, for
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>> check out the muddy mess left by downpours in southern california. cars are burried in 4 feet of mud after record rainfall drenched the area this week. rescuers also saved dozens of people trapped innocent their cars and inside their homes by the mudslides. that's wild weather there, katie. luckily, we're not going to see anything to that extent. >> more after big headache when it comes to any outdoor plans you may have scheduled, any holiday errands you have scheduled for the weekend, because time is ticking away here before christmas. now under three weeks away, but we've got storm system to deal with regardless. let's start it off, quick check on urination wide map. where you can see things have calm down at least little bit here for california, but, we've got new system really just starting to get its act together. big blob of green smack dab in the center of both kansas and missouri. and that's going to be the next system that affect us here. if you have maybe some skiing
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plans, here this weekend, i would say try to get them in sunday or maybe as early as you can today. because by tonight, tomorrow, most of the day tomorrow, we will be stuck with some rain. may even be frozen precipitation that mixes in for short time here later into this evening, and overnight. so, winter weather advisories by the way, guys, taking effect for dash on, monroe county. 55 degrees tomorrow afternoon. by sunday it is all starting to clear out thank goodness, but it does leave behind not just chill but also a chilly breeze to make it feel that much colder. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. you know, traffic wise not dealing with any major problems or obstacles, which is good news. few incidents that we mention, but take a look at the roads, shall we? ben franklin bridge, no major delays in either direction, sort of pretty pink shot. 309, around the pa turnpike, also everything moving well. only notice few vehicles, really in the area, really the
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case all over, 55, your average speed censors on 95, 76, 476, and really the rest of our majors, no problems in new jersey, things in delaware, shaping up to be just fine, however, we do have a very serious accident not too far away from pennsburg. jerry ville pike closed as a result of this at route 663. your best alternate is route 29, also, told, medical helicopter, is en route, as well. so we continue to keep you updated on this, ukee? >> the sixers go for win two tonight in south philly. they will gay home, the city under this nerve town, bolt kevin did your and the and russell west-brook, expected to play. out much of the season. let's go sixers, shock the world. one of the greatest athletes to ever wear a professional uniform is the first nnba player to appear on united state postage stamp. two stamps featuring philadelphia's own wilt chamberlain, big dipper will be formally dedicated at half time of tonight's sixers game.
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stamps longer than regular stamps, just like wilt was taller than everybody else. he's wearing both philadelphia and los angeles laker uniform, on the stamp. we will be talking about this throughout the morning with a kim of very special guests in our studio. >> eagles linebacker connor barwin is the nfc defensive player of the month for november, second in the league with 12 and a half sacks. eagles and defending soup boar l champion seattle seahawks sunday in south philly. we will talk about the game in our next hour with merrill reese the voice of the philadelphia eagles. the cowboys bounce back from lost to the eagles last week with convincing win in prime time last night. demarco murray 179 yards, and a touchdown. tony romo through for more than 200 yards and three touchdowns, as the boys beat up the bears 41 to 28. >> the cowboys are nine and four, half game behind the eagles in the nfc east. the cowboys play of course at lincoln financial field a week from sunday night, first things first, seattle, this sunday, let's go birds.
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nicole? >> go birds. thanks, ukee, coming up in the next half hour eye of "eyewitness news", new information about the hepatitis scare in a local community. plus, protests sweep the country for the second straight day. growing outrage over police officer getting cleared for killing an unarmed man. >> also, for month, governor christie has denied any role in the george washington wash bridge scandal. now learning what lawmakers uncovered about that traffic mess. and, vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll be back in two minute.
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>> knowledge breaking news from west philadelphia, firefighters battling row house fire on caught con stole a streets. they had it under control in about a half hour, we're told one person is at an area hospital, with a medical condition, not related to the fire. >> and, new this morning, a driver is killed in this single car crash in cheltenham township montgomery county.
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police say the driver somehow veered off of hill dale and bombtour road, and burst into flames in another yard. the man was pronounced dead at the scene, work to go find out exactly what caused that crash. >> good morning, bill cosby's lawyers are firing back at one of his accusers in court. the comedian claims the woman tried to extort him out after quarter million dollars before filing lawsuit, lawsuit of her own, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins just our satellite center to tell you more about it, good morning. >> work at the lapd could look into claims against bill cosby despite the statute of limitations, have capped off what has been a long week for the comic. soon after he broke his silence, to thank his celebrity supporters new york you claims came down, a california woman filing suit tuesday, claim that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her, when she was 15, at the playboy mansion back in 1974. now, cosby is counter suing her, claiming she has triedo


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