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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 5, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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police say the driver somehow veered off of hill dale and bombtour road, and burst into flames in another yard. the man was pronounced dead at the scene, work to go find out exactly what caused that crash. >> good morning, bill cosby's lawyers are firing back at one of his accusers in court. the comedian claims the woman tried to extort him out after quarter million dollars before filing lawsuit, lawsuit of her own, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins just our satellite center to tell you more about it, good morning. >> work at the lapd could look into claims against bill cosby despite the statute of limitations, have capped off what has been a long week for the comic. soon after he broke his silence, to thank his celebrity supporters new york you claims came down, a california woman filing suit tuesday, claim that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her, when she was 15, at the playboy mansion back in 1974. now, cosby is counter suing her, claiming she has tried to extort him for up to $250,000,
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then wednesday, three more accusers came forward, the same day he announce the he step down from trustee duties at temple university. and then, on thursday, the us navy revoke honorary chief petty officer stat us a mid the growing allegations. now, the accusers against cosby, now stand around 20, and the lapd chief says it is worth looking into these claims, though experts say the move, it is unusual, possibly illegal. >> we will obviously regardless of statute investigate, if they're brought to us. >> lapd takes taxpayer dollars, and uses them to basically funs as the private investigator for a private plaintiff, that should be construed as an unlawful gift of public funds and it should be barred. >> now, the lapd hat not gone into detail, and so far they do say they've no record of complaint against bill cosby. live in the sat center, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". >> all right, justin, thank you. well, for the second straight day, demonstrators demand change and call for action. this, after decision by grand jury not to indict a white new york city police officer, who applied a fatal choke hold on an unarmed black man. thousands joined the protests in new york last night, from streets to bridges, people blocked traffic, and showed their emotion over the death of 43 year old eric garner. the protesters remained largely peaceful. garner's daughter says the issue goes beyond race. >> this is not a black and whitish ooh this is national crisis, i believe a crisis. >> tensions also remain high in chicago, protesters halted traffic along lake shore drive and marched around the sit he's main loop. demonstrators chanted i can't breathe in support of garner. at least two people were arrested as police tried to control the large crowds. >> we are coming up on 5:33, the big question, do we need that umbrella, katy?
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>> casino of depend when you are leaving the house here today, nicole. if burr ready to lever right now, you don't need it, specially coming back home sometime into the afternoon. that's about the first time that we begin to see any raindrops actually falling from the sky here. but we are starting already to see some signs of life firing up here, on storm scan3, let's go ahead, start things off. you can see certainly some clouds beginning to build in obviously some little hints evergreen, that have bubbled up just to the south, as well. this is just the beginning every it, moisture needs little more time to actually move in, and actually twig err -- trigger any rain showers. one thing to notice, it is not just green showing up on the radar, also got some pink showing up, far enough northeastern seeing signs of the purple. so some frozen precipitation in other words, is also a possibility. not for philadelphia. really the only spot that you might find any frozen precipitation would go up to the poconos, carbon, monroe county. here is a look at your area temperatures, basically flirting with freezing, or, you know, within five-7 degrees on either end of that number.
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off to the south, though, your a currently at 60 warming ham. some of the warm air pushing our way, won't hit the 60s, but going to see the temperatures generally just sort of stay level. as the day goes on, up in the poconos, like i mention, there may be some freezing rain, if not even some light snow or sleet that fires up, toward this evening as the temperatures will just be marginal enough for that to take place. it is strictly rain for everybody else, and i would say, you just need to be ready for some soaking rain to douse you here throughout the day. really any time on saturday. we clear out for sunday, which is good news for the eagles, but next week, we might be tracking another storm, so we'll have more on that a little later in the show, vittoria? >> yipee. awesome. not really. thanks, katie, but love your dress. >> thank you. >> i have to say i've been admiring it all morning long. >> anyway, let's talk traffic, shall we? i guess i mean really not too much to say right now. we're still waiting on things to happen. the 42 freeway, looking great, southbound traffic you can barely see, because barely
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anyone out, there that's your tail light. traveling northbound, that would be your headlights nothing maple or will sit back, waiting on the rush, waiting on t as we take a look now at 422, same story, used to seeing that eastbound delay, grow, from oaks all the way down to 202, but, not right now, at least, eastbound and westbound, moving extremely well, on 422, really all of the majors, speed censors are in the 50's, on the schuylkill, the blue route, 95, all of them looking great. not only in pa, it is jersey, delaware, however do have very serious accident not too far away from cents berg. jerry ville pike closed as a result of it, at route 663, your best alternate route 29. we have gotten word that a medical helicopter, was en route to that location, so very serious there. and watch out for this fire location, as well. closing connestoga street. we head back to the desk, nicole? >> thank you, health off initials new jersey say a suspected second case of
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hepatitis-a is in fact a false alarm. "eyewitness news" at a clinic where help tight a vaccinations were offered to resident of hamilton township. officials say anyone who ate at rosa's restaurant and catering between november 10th and monday, should get the shot if they've never been vaccinated for hepatitis-a. this morning, restaurant worker remains hospitalized, after getting sick. >> your time now 5:36. in business news, this morning, frozen inspired products aren't just for kids any more. wall street watching this morning. jill wagner joins us liver. >> good morning, ukee, nicole, invest remembers watching as the labor department releases november's jobs numbers holiday hiring and deliveries could give numbers big boost. economists predict unemployment rate, six-year low. yesterday, the the dow fell from record highs, dropped about 12-point, the nasdaq fell
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five. starbucks stock, though, way up after the company told investors what's brewing for the next few years when the coffee maker will be serving wine and beer, also going high tech. let them place their coffee orders on line and pay in advance, which means, people can skip the line when they pick up their latte, some locations, starbucks will even start delivering. amazon getting into the diaper business. starting today, customers can buy amazon's own line of diapers and baby wipes, only available at this time for prime members type ers 19 cents cheaper than competitors. >> disney hoping not just little kids that seem to not be able to let frozen go. company's debuting a frozen make up line for adult, glitter, nail polish, lipsticks, showing roller bar eye shadows inspired of course
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by the characters. so elsa's colors are cool tone violet, anna's are warm, and earthy. ukee, nicole until. >> wow, else a kicking back on some island somewhere, yeah. >> they got it made, for sure. >> they do. thanks, jill. >> they are raking it in. >> how about it? indeed. talk to you later this morning. other news this morning, new jersey lawmakers robbing the george washington bill scandal, showing no evidence governor christies tee was part of it, investigated politically motivated traffic jams near the bridge last year. the final action say, two of the governor's aids acted with little regard for public safety, when they authorized the lane closures us attorney's offers is investigating, no one has been charged. happening to the, wreath laying ceremony at the battleship commemoration. ceremony begins at 10:00 this morning, sunday is the 73rd anniversary of the surprise attack on pearl harbor. more than 2300 americans were
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killed, prompting the us to end area world war two. >> your time now 5:39. updating breaking news including the latest on an overnight row home fire. also this: >> all i want ... cat stevens, that's all i wanted to do tonight. >> ticket trouble over shadows cat stevens first concert in the united states in almlmost four decades. only "eyewitness news" find out why some fans were left out in the cold, right here, in that philadelphia area. >> i'm nancy odel. receipt wister spoon comes alive. jillian moore faces heart breaking illness, still alice, coming up. >> before you head out the door keeping an eye on the roads for you, we'll have back tomorrows avoid when we do traffic and weather together. we do at any the t
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>> investigators searching for the cause of a row home fire in west philly. the flames broke out just before 4:00 this morning, on connestoga street near 56th and marketment one person was taken to an area hospital for a medical issue unrelated to the fire. and one man was killed, when his car went out of control near hill dale and bonn core roads in cheltenham, montgomery county. the car hit several parked cars, overturned, and burst into flames. the man was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. >> live look at nasa's orion spacecraft on the launch pad for the second day. unmanned test flight was scrapped for weather and other issues yesterday. it is set for lift off at 7:05
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this morning. >> "eyewitness news" execution, music fans are nearly shut out of legendary singer's return to the stage as cat stevens launches his first us tour since 1976 in upper darby. more than 100 people bought tickets for thursday's sold out show at the tower theater on third party seller, who issued the tickets in the form of a gift card. buyers were told they only needed that gift card and a drivers license to get in. >> stopped honoring for security tickets, leaving fans outraged. >> have no problems getting in the door, the tickets are on the gift card. >> these particular rhett all scams. just awful. everybody up there is heart broken. so many people. it is terrible. >> all i wanted was to see cat stevens. that's all i wanted to do tonight. >> fans with the gift cards
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with base ticket, and many had left due to the ticket trouble. >> cat stevens responded when this between to "eyewitness news", quote, sad to hear some fans had been scammed. it is disheartening. hopefully we'll come back to play for them soon. >> all right, it is 5:43, is it trivia time, katy? >> certainly s and actually we bring it back to the idea of the orion launch here and talk about a little bit of trivia when it comes to rocket launches and weather. so wind is one of two important factors in postponing rocket launches as we saw yesterday. what is the other up? is it, a, heavy rain, is it b, excessive heat, c, lightning, or d, excessive cold. vittoria is looking very student just right now. i'm going to let her go first. what do you think, girl? >> i'm going to go with excessive cold. >> excessive cold.
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no. who takes another stab at it? >> good try, though. you never get to go first. >> thank you, appreciate. that will nicole, do you want to try? >> yes, i will go with a, heavy rain. >> a, heavy rain. ukee? you got 50-50 heat. >> got to be lightning. >> got to be. sure does. because ukee guessed lightning. >> yes, the man just can't go wrong, it seems. well, here is the reason why. rockets are full of sensitive electronics as you must imagine, right? and they're very vulnerable, so if there are thunder clouds in the area they'll never take off with that casino every weather in the forecast. we want to talk about what our forecast has in store. wet weather as opposed to lightning, basically rain system, we've got warmfront lifting through right now, here's the main storm core, then the front hine t this thing will just sort of roll on through here with time, and that does mean specially symptom soggy day, rain
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ability up to inch or so, ponding on roads, temperatures too mild for anything but plane old rain but will be sock i day, likely raindrops firing up. specially into tonight, but tomorrow, that's the big day for the wet weather. sunday start to clear out quickly other than lingering morning shower, it will be chilly breeze we experienced down at lincoln financial field. see some sunshine. vittoria, over to you. >> at least some excessive cold somewhere. >> isn't it freezing it space anyway, not like either of us have been there anyway? >> exactly. good thought. >> something to think b anyway, i don't know where it is going. 476, or any of the majors, things still shaping out to look greater, shaping up to look great. we'll see if that turns as we get closer to 6:00 or even closer, 5:45, even the roosevelt boulevard is wide open. headed to the schuylkill expressway, no problems, even into the northeast, maybe, using route one to travel throughout bucks county, head
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into trenton, i mean, really great out there. fifty-five your average speed, not only on 95, at the schuylkill, turnpike, northeast extension, so on, so for the, it is great out there. unfortunately however we do have accident closing jerry ville pike at route 663, medical helicopter, was called on scene, your best alternate is to use route 29, but i would just suggest though avoid it, completely, speaking of avoiding things, don't forget, when you're on the road, you can always get updated information about traffic backups, with the new your drive app to avoid all every those delays. you can download the app for the iphone and android devices by going to drive. >> the word is game, nomination for music biggest night announced in a few hours on cbs this morning. >> i need a redo. when the party continues with grammy theme christmas bash, here on cb.
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three. >> very fly, gets the party started on a very grammy christmas, line up for the one hour special, also, includes performances by ferrell williams, tim mcgraw, maroon five, mary marry jay blige justo name a few. >> gives the musicians an opportunity to share personal story. you get to see what your favorite artist feels about christmas, what christmas means to them, at the same time, celebrate some grammy moms, too. >> your cam him and so much more on very grammy christmas happening tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. >> good show. looking forward to it. >> receipt wister spoon and julianne moore both generating a loft oscar buzz at the box office this weekend. >> nancy odel present tapement tonight shows us the mover that's people are going to be talking about this weekend.
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>> what's it like? like what does it actually feel like? >> oh, always the same. i have good days, bad days. >> julianne moore is alice, woman diagnosissed when early onset alzheimer's, as the disease progresses her bond with her family including her youngest daughters put to the test. >> on my good days, i can, you know, almost pass for a normal person. but on my bad daisy feel like i can't find myself. >> horrible. >> thanks for asking. >> heart breaking story but one that its star is very proud of. >> we're so thrilled that people are responding to this movie. the fact that it is out, people are seeing it, they like it, it is to just means the world to us. >> buzz receipt whitherspoon bridges it to the big screen, pulling double duty as star and producer. >> around the same time i read
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cheryle's book, i was really just seeing a real deficit in the marketplace of strong roles and women in film, and i realize if i wasn't going to start creating some of these opportunities for myself, and other women, no one was going to do it. >> and reese do does it all including recreating tough moments from the 1100-mile hike. >> it's been so physically challenging, whether it is climbing the side after mountain, balancing, or crossing a freezing cold river, or hiking through the snow, i had no idea it was going to be this hard. >> very rewarding. >> what if i forgive myself? >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nancy odel, now, back to you in the studio. >> be sure to join nancy so you can stay up to date on all of the news in hollywood. tonight and every week night at 7:00 on cbs-3.
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>> before you walk out the door, another check of traffic and weather together on the these. katie let you know how long the rain sticks around this weekend. >> here's a look at what's coming up on evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3. pea past
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> elf on the shelf busy visiting homes across our area, getting great from viewers showing off the elves inside of their homes. but here at cb three our cbs-3 elf, phil, he's listening to the scanners in the news room for some breaking news, take a look at i's he is just so cute. he's staying on top of t we
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want to know what your elf is up to. post it to twitter, facebook, stain gram using hashtag cbs-3 and hashtag he will fee selfie, may even show it on television. just love that little phil. such tricky little fellow. >> he is a very cutie petutie isn't he? live picture of the center city skyline. live view for you from across the river in camden. pretty quiet start to the day. there is still some cloud cover out there try, so we will give you your school day grade, chilly outside, eventually we start to see the rain moving in specially if you have maybe late after school activities, potentially you start to see some raindrops for, that but really, tonight, and specially tomorrow, it will be the sog yes, sir time frame of the pack here by sunday clearing out after lingering early morning shower, but chilly breeze starts to kick in to
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make the temperature of 46 degrees feel of course that much colder. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, so much. katie, you know, right now all of the majors are moving well, still, it is 5:54, usually we start to see a rush around 6:00. but generally speaking all of the majors and bridges look like this. we take a look now at the platt bridge, no delays in either direction. maybe headed to the philadelphia international airport, to celebrate the weekend. no problems using the platt. fifty-nine fantastic, speed censors high up in the 50's. schuylkill, blue route, extension, good news keeps oncoming. hopefully stays that way. but you got to stay with us. we'll be rig
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>> i guess you can call it beginners luck in washington state. >> probably won't be playing the lottery again any time soon because they don't need to. bought their first powerball ticket the other day and hit
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the jackpot for 95 million bucks. >> first one, very first one? >> first time, one and done, $95 million. yes, they say their first order every business making sure the family is taken care of, of course, the next, quitting their jobs. >> of course. >> wouldn't that be a heck of a friday? >> their first ticket? >> peace, i'm out. $95 million later? >> drop the mike. see ya. good morning, we'll be right back. >> that's something.
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>> a fire has damaged row home in west philly. firefighters got the call to this home, 3:45 this morning, they goat it under flow about a half hour, told one person is at an area hospital with medical condition, not related
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to the fire, fiery end to this one car crash, leaves a man dead. it happened just before 1:30, on hill dale and bummcar roads in cheltenham township. police say the driver trashed into a pole, two park cars, before flipping over and bursting into flames. the crash remains under investigation this morning, police looking for gunman who shot a man in university city. no word on what led to the shooting which happened 40th and market around 12:30 this morning. after that, the 30 year old victim ran into a bar where police say he works as a bar teer. the man is in stage. stable condition with gunshot wound to his left thigh. >> good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. also this morning, bill cosby firing back, the comedian counter suing a woman who claims he molested her four decades ago when she was just 15 years old. >> yes, cosby's lawyers are asking a california judge to throw out her lawsuit. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the cbs-3 satellite center more on this legal battle. justin, good morning.


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