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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 6, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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and, we've got an eye on the storm this morning, storm scan three shows us a wet start to the weekend. meteorologist carol erickson is tracking rain coming up next. new this morning an accident investigation is underway after a pedestrian is kill on the roosevelt boulevard, overnight. plus we will have this. a third might of demonstrations in new york city and a around the country protesting the eric garner grand jury decision. i'm marley hall in new york with the latest coming up. it is at day december 6th, good morning thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock. let's check that forecast. i noticed a little rain. is that the trend, throughout the day.
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>> yes, except a lot more. we have the easy part right now, nicole, we have light showers but they will get heavier as we get in the second part of the day. it is glummy looking in every location, 40 degrees, but it is mild. 40 degrees in reading a at this point. you can see wet roads in that location. we will move on to our storm scan three and this is a wide view of what we're dealing with this morning. there is a lot of moisture to the west and that is coming in the area. we're dealing at this point with the lighter amounts of precipitation and you can see that coming into philadelphia a. we will get closer and just get closer down to the ground and you can see upper providence we are looking at showers, watched them go through doylestown, west goshen a and more to come. not everybody fining the rain at this point this morning but we are watching for this rain coming in especially touring the afternoon and evening hours, today. our temperatures are mild, though. we have them in the 40's a
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above freezing in every single location. forty-three in philadelphia. 40 degrees trenton. forty-two wilmington. 34 degrees, above freezing in poconos where we had icing problems overnight and that is over because those temperatures have come up. our readings this afternoon will show a wide range, we will be in the 40's to the north to almost 60 degrees well to the south and we are watching for that rain, starting to move in the picture. by the time we hit noon time hour expect to find that rain moving in at that point and continuing for much of the rest of the afternoon and evening. we will talk more about that in the next system to follow, coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning a pedestrian is struck and kill on the roosevelt boulevard, it happened just after 12:30 at boulevard and bennet road in the somerton section of north philadelphia. authority tell "eyewitness news" that the driver did stop at the scene and accident is currently under investigation. identity of the victim has not been released. search is on for a gunman who shot a man 14 times, in
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point breeze. authorities tell us that the victim was shot while trying. his car then careened in the house on south cleveland street. no one else was injured in that crash or the gun fire. the victim was rush to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, where he was pronounced dead. police are investigating. we're following some breaking news for you, there are reports luke somers, an american photo journalist being held hostage by al qaeda in yemen has been killed in the failed rescue a attempt. somers sister tells the associated press she learn of the death by fbi agents. al-zawahiri kada posted this video of somers on thursday, threatening to kill him if their demand were not met. we are working to learn more details about the alleged rescue attempt but so far no comment from washington. and developing, overnight, lapd has formally opened an investigation into sexual assault claims begins comedian bill cosby. it comes as detectives spent
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much of friday questioning an accuser who filed a complaint. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live from the cbs-3 satellite center with new developments, steve, good morning. >> reporter: investigators say if you come forward with the sexual accusation they are taking an open door policy on this. after hours of interviewing this latest accuser, they are stick to go that stance. >> we don't turn people away because things are out of stat the out. you come to us with a sexual allegation, we will work with you. >> reporter: lapd police chief charlie beck is making good on his promise. jidith huth is late's alleged bill cost bye victim to speak out publicly through her attorney gloria alred. friday she met with lapd detectives who have opened an investigation into her claims despite statute of limitations expiring on the time period , for the alleged crime. >> they are inviting individuals to file a report that is to meet and provide
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any evidence that they may have and we have accepted an invitation. >> reporter: earlier huth filed suit alleging sexual abuse when she was 15 years old at the playboy mansion in 1974. she said these are pictures of the pair, together. in response to hut h's suit cosby's attorney filed for a dismissal claiming hut h had been trying to extort hundreds of thousands from his cosby. the comedian has been a accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct ranging from accusations of doping to drugging and raping. he has never been charged with a crime and his attorneys have denied these allegations. alred said there are many more with similar claims. >> i have many, many women who are contacting me. >> reporter: prosecutors cannot try a criminal case that is outside of the statute of limitations, it bears asking what is the point of all this then? investigators that have findings from this case can use that in a civil suit.
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we will see how this plays out moving forward. alred make nothing comment on the counter suit from the cosby camp. it is latest from the satellite center, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. crews spent the day friday cleaning up cosby's star on the hollywood walk of fame after it was defaced. someone wrote the word rape is in three places. chamber of commerce decried the vandalism of a california state landmark. a preliminary hearing for accused trooper killer eric frein is delayed after one of his lawyers withdraws from the case. frein was supposed to be in court this tuesday, and that hearing has been delayed until january the fifth. the the defense asked the judge for more time to get a new attorney up to speed. prosecutors had argued against the delay, frein was originally scheduled for a preliminary hearing back in november. he is charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper, and wounding a second trooper, back in september. well, it was another night of demonstrations all across
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the country, protesters are calling for change in the wake of grand jury deiss that have prompt claims of racism in the american justice system. cbs news correspondent marley hall has the latest on the new round of demonstrations. >> i can't bleathe. >> reporter: protests played out for a third night across the country on friday a as people expressed their anger over recent cases involving the deaths of unarmed black men, during confrontations with police. the the protesters method was peaceful, their weapon is convenient. in boston demonstrators staged a die in the the middle of the major intersection. in philadelphia high school students laid down in silent protests, and in chicago, demonstrators blocked famous lake shore drive. in aurora, colorado high school student marched on city hall. the outrageous in response to recent decisions by grand juries in new york and missouri not to charge white police officers in the deaths have michael will brown in ferguson and eric garner in
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new york. >> they died for the cause. we are out here today because of them. >> i can't breathe, i can't breathe. >> reporter: group marched across manhattan to stage a tie in at apple's flagship store near central park a popular tourist shop. protesters left the apple store and proceeded to march down 55th avenue to continue their demonstration in the streets. >> so this is first day of protest, how much longer do you you feel you need to do this? >> until black people in this country around the world get justice. >> reporter: protesters say they won't stop until they see results. in new york, marley hall for cbs three "eyewitness news". here at home temple university students expressed their anger about grand jury decisions in ferguson, and new york city. students marched with their hand up in north philadelphia "eyewitness news" at broad and cecil b more here. they staged a die in shutting down broad treat for five minutes. as we saw in marley hall's
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story philadelphia high school student also joined the many protesters around the country. "eyewitness news" was at september rally with high school, science leadership academy and masterman where students staged a die in. students marched peacefully through neighborhood streets. well this morning police are waiting for rapper beanie segal to wake up for surgery at an atlantic city hospital so they can question him. the philadelphia native was shot at a home on spruce avenue in pleasantville atlantic county on friday morning. his real name is dwight grant. segal's brother-in-law was also injured in that shooting, police say there was an altercation at the home around the time gunfire erupted. shell casings, and ammunition found out side but when we got to the house, mr. grant was in the house, we don't know if the shooting took place outside and then he went in or if the shooting actually took place in the house. >> segal was just released from prison back in august after serving two years for
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federal tax evasion. in 2006 the 40 year-old was shot multiple times during a philadelphia robbery. rolling stone magazine is backpedaling issuing an apology for a story it public about a woman allegedly gang raped at a university of virginia fraternity party. it turns out the story may not be true. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt had has more on the controversial article and connection to the area. >> reporter: this story called a rape on campus created an uproar, not just at uva but across the country. a female student who went by the the name jackie told rolling stone magazine seven men gang raped her inside the phi cap a house on the university of virginia campus in september 2012. uva stopped all greek life activities because of the article an an independent council also got involve. now this woman philadelphia based author sabrina rubin early has tough questions to answer after rolling stone began backpedaling on the story friday afternoon.
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rolling stone's managing editor wrote the following on the magazine's web site. because of the sensitive nature of the jackie's story we decided to honor her request not to contact the man she claimed orchestrated the attack on her nor any of the men who participated in the a attack for fear of retaliation against her. he continued, we were trying to be sensitive to the unfair shame and humiliation, many women feel after a sexual assault and now regret the decision to not contact the a alleged assaulters to get their account. students on campus reacted to the magazine's doubt of jackie's story. >> we should justin this, because it is an issue that pertains to everyone, not just this. >> reporter: we went by an address connect to early, a woman answered and said early did not live there. we e mailed and called early, no answer there. uv a president teresa sullivan released a statement telling the community that the school's focus is to stop
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sexual violence on campus. she said news about the rolling stone article should not stop that focus. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and one small step to mars, coming up next on "eyewitness news", nasa tests next generation of american spacecraft, we will show you how it went. orion. and president owe back a picks a pentagon inside eras the next secretary of defense. i'm mark albert at the white house with more on nominees chances for
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and lift off at dawn. >> it was a flawless test flight of nasa's new spacecraft on friday, the orion capsule blasted off from florida and deep space, three hours after lift off orion reached peak altitude 3600 miles above earth. after four and a half hours orion made a splash landing off the coast of baha california. nasa says orion could one day take humans to mars. pretty exciting. 5:15. president obama nominated montgomery county ashton carter to be the next secretary of defense.
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carter graduated from abington high school in 1972. if confirmed he will lead the pentagon for the final # years of the obama administration. cbs news correspondent mark alberta has details. >> reporter: president obama says ashton carter is the right man at the right time to take charge of the pentagon. >> he knows the department of defense inside and out which means he can hit the ground running. >> reporter: cart served as deputy defense secretary from 2011 through 2013 and says that experience has prepared him for this new challenge. >> if confirmed in this job, i pledge to you, my most candid, strategic advice. >> reporter: secretary chuck hagel resigned just after thanksgiving after a face-to-face meeting with president obama. thursday he denied allegations that he was forced out. >> there was just two of us in the room during these discussions. we both came to the conclusion that i think the country was best served with new leadership. >> reporter: ashton carter was not the only person considered
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to replace hagel, several candidates withdrew their name but carter's past pentagon experience may make it easier for him to be confirmed by the senate. >> he is a fine man, he certainly is qualified for the job. >> reporter: despite republican concerns about president obama's foreign policy, senators on both sides of the aisle expect carter's nomination to be approved. at the white house, mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. 5:17. we saw a little rain on the way in and you said it will continue. >> yes, it is, it will be a wet first half of the weekend, nicole and everyone and then a sunny but windy and cooler part of the day, tomorrow, so if you are going to the eagles game or if you have something you want to do outside and not do it holding an umbrella in one hand tomorrow is your day. tomorrow that umbrella could be blowing inside out because wind will be that strong. we have mild temperatures. i'm trying to find a silver lining here. we have 43 degrees though. this isn't bad to start the
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morning. 40 degrees in trenton. forty-two wilmington. it is 34 above freezing in the poconos. so all of the icing problems thaw encountered early last night and during the overnight time period, that has ended. we are looking, right now at storm scan three. we have showers around. this is probably the most dry part of the day and it is not even totally dry. we will pick up heavier precipitation as we move into the a afternoon. we have periods of rain. now heavier rain will be coming in the afternoon and evening, and generally, anywhere from three-quarters to maybe 1 inch of rain, obviously that will lead to pond ing on the roads and the temperatures will be, mild. if it were just the temperatures that would be great, it would be in the 50's but there is a lot more to it. this computer model says by 6:00 p.m., we will see a half half inch of rain in philadelphia by the time it is all over about an inch of rain and maybe more to the south. so these numbers will change a little bit but that is the general trend. this isn't just a spotty showers, you'll get some rain
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out of this thing. here what he go with our computer model that says around noon time we are looking at the heavier rain starting to move in. a at 1:00 in the afternoon it is still there. we're still looking at rain at 3:00 o'clock. we're still looking at pockets of the heavier rain. do you get a drying slot here or there, that is possible, that is 6:00 o'clock tonight, heavier rain along the coast this computer model says at 8:00 o'clock tonight and as we move on through time you will see the trend starting to pull away and by the time we get to tomorrow you'll probably wake up to clearing skies, and windy conditions, these wind will be gusting especially along the shore up to 40 miles an hour and then what is this? what? well, there is a coastal system that is coming in here and we will have to watch for the possibility of a variety of impacts out of this. it could be bringing some rain, some wet snow to some locations, and win, beach erosion, this would be on the tuesday, early wednesday, timetable. so watch out for that starting late monday night, on into early wednesday morning, there
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is no guarantee where the track is, what the intensity is but we all should be thinking at least that time period is going to be a problem, that tuesday, early wednesday time period. today 53 degrees, we will get showers, shore gets showers. poconos some showers, 42 degrees. these temperatures showing a wide variation today. just know it is wet and wet this afternoon and evening, as well, and you'll keep yourselves, i'm sure with an umbrella or a hoodie or something. make sure your pets are kept dry today and tonight because it is even in the 50's when you get rain it gets cold. now tomorrow the wind pick up. we will find 30 miles an hour wind gusts, 42 for the actual temperature. monday starts fine, it could end wet. tuesday is the the day we will watch for the possibility of some coastal action around here and early en wednesday, still to be watched. and then should be drying out by thursday and friday. you know, you can get the updated forecast in the just here but nim time with the cbs
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philly weather app. check live radar and share your storm pictures with us. town load app on google play and itunes, nicole. >> carol, thank you. it was a tribute to the military and first responders. they were treated to a wonderful concert at the kimmel center. >> ♪ >> there you go, that is the philly pops performing their i'll be home for christmas spectacular. crowd enjoyed a lot of the holiday favorites, of course, cbs-3 is the the official media partner of the philly pops, "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean and chris may were privileged enough to be there. great event. it is beginning to look like christmas across our region. christmas tree is now lit at blue cross river rink in penns landing. a 43-foot high and weighs nearly 5,000-pound. and, well, holiday lights are certainly starting to go up. we want to see pictures of your who will will day display on social media just use the hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights
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or e-mail them to holiday lights at if you send them into us and we like what we see we may even come to your home later this movement. coming up next a potential oscar contend are hits theaters this weekend. >> i'm nancy odell and reese whither spoon's journey of self discovery comes alive in wild and julianne moore faces a heart break
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well, at move thinks weekend receipt weatherspoon is on a journey to fine herself in the real life story and julianne moore family struggle with the devastating diagnosis. nancy odell from entertainment tonight shows us the movies people are talking about right now. >> what is it like? what does it actually feel like? >> oh, it is the same, i have good days. bad days. >> reporter: julianne moore is alice a woman with early on set alzheimer's. as the the disease progresses, her one with her family including her young daughter, played by kristin stewart, is put to the test. >> on my good days, i can almost pass for a normal person. on my bad daisy feel like i can't find myself. >> that is horrible. >> thanks for asking. >> reporter: it is a heart breaking story but one its
5:26 am
star is very proud of. >> we're so thrilled that people are responding to this movie, the fact that it is out, people are seeing it, they like it, i'm thrilled. >> and, in wild, based on memoirs by cheryl, reese weatherspoon brings author's personal journey to the big screen pulling double duty as star and producer. >> around the the same time i read cheryl's book i was really just seeing a real deficit in the marketplace of strong female roles and women in the lead in films and i realized if i was than the going to start creating some of these opportunities for myself, and other women, in one was going to do it. >> reporter: reese does it all including recreating tough moments from the 11 hundred mile hike. >> it has been so physically challenging, whether it is, you know, climbing on the side of the mountain or balancing, or crossing a freezing cold river or hiking through the snow, i had no idea, it was
5:27 am
going to be so hard. it has been very rewarding. >> what if i forgive myself? what if all those things are the things that got me here? >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm nancy odell now back to you in the studio. lots of great movies out there but be sure to join entertainment tonight, ape stay up to dayton weeknights at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. all right. 5:27. we're tracking some heavy rain this saturday. meteorologist carol erickson will tell us how much rain we will sianni how long wilt it last, coming up next. now an arrest made in the torching of a detective's home and police say the the arsonist is a neighbor with a grudge what they said led to that fire. sixty-eight recruits about to graduate and become police officers in camden county. i'm cleve bryan. i'll speak to those new officers about how well prepared they are at a time of
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today it is a saturday, december 6th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:30. lets check on that forecast. a little rain this morning, carol and we will see a lot of rain. >> a a lot of rain is coming but it is mile. that is the got news. we will start with the good news. it will also be a wet day
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especially second half of the day. even though we are in the dry now first half of the day, lets take a who at storm scan three and see what we have out here we have a large area of precipitation off to the west but that is where we will be fining these rain showers coming in the area. we will get closer, note that is they do look more scattered here, it is just a solid wall of green, state college, and points to the west of that. we will be getting into that, with the steady rain later this afternoon, closer zoom we can see a lot of it is to the north of philadelphia but we will have a light rain shower possibly making it to the ground through winslow in south jersey. otherwise just watch for the rain showers that will be getting heavier as we move through the rest of the afternoon. our temperatures, right now are mild, they are in the 40's in a lot of locations, everybody above freezing, including the poconos, even though temperature there just dropped 1 degree to 33 degrees. our readings this afternoon will be showing a wide range
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from about 53 degrees through philadelphia, to the north, maybe stopping in the 40's, and well to the south, you could be fining temperatures in the upper 50's, almost 60 degrees. let's time this out and this computer model is not totally right to start which means it is off a little bit on the timing but general trendies heavier rain starts to come in as we hit that noon time hour and we will watch this to continue as we move through the evening. we will talk about this system time it out and then next one that may be coming on tuesday, nicole. >> carol, thanks. new information in the torching of a detective's home in montgomery county. police say arsonist is a neighbor with a grudge. the the fire happened on commons drive-in lower pottsgrove township. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones tells us how police captured the suspect. this fire investigators alleged was set by the next door neighbor, court records indicate five two-year old donna krup had an ax to crime with her neighbor limerick police detective ernie morris and now detective's home he
5:33 am
shares with his wife and two teenage daughters is destroyed just weeks before christmas. >> it was just something i have never seen before and would in the like to see again. >> reporter: investigators alleged surveillance cameras from the detective's home show a woman, believed to be krup walking right across the the front lawn here and using what appears to be a gas grill lighter to set the christmas decorations on fire. just last month, the detective had the cameras installed after someone poured carmel in the gas tank of his personal vehicle, causing just under $3,000 in damages. were you protecting your son? >> reporter: according to pennsylvania state police the 59 two-year old woman blame didn't morris for her son's incarceration on unrelated charges. morris and his family were vacation nothing florida when the fire was set early thursday morning no one was injured. krup is lock up facing numerous charges including arson, her bail was set at one million-dollar n lower pottsgrove township, todd
5:34 am
quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". volunteers hit the streets again in search for a missing west chester university student. family and friends of 21 year-old shane montgomery posted flyers along south street in philadelphia. they also talked to bar goers hoping to find some information on montgomery's disappearance. he was last seen leaving kildare's pub in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. >> we're just saturating the city, we're all over the place where college kids would go trying to hit happy hour. somebody down this way may have been in manayunk that night. >> the reward in the disappearance of montgomery has listen to $40,000. well, no charges will be filed in the central bucks west hazing scandal. district attorney david heckler announced his office had received no evidence that would call for criminal charges. the allegations surfaced in october and forced the school to cancel the rest of the season. head coach brian hensell was fired and an assistant was
5:35 am
suspended. more police officers will be hitting the streets in south jersey. new jersey reporter cleve bryan was there as top law enforcement officials welcomed dozens of recruits to the force. >> reporter: walking their final steps as officers in training 68 recruits graduated from the camden county college police academy friday. some 31 officers heating to the metro department like timothy parnel are exited to pennsylvania a troll the same streets where they grew up. >> just being able to protect them and be a strong positive element from the city and being in the city. >> reporter: recruits join a profession surrounded with tension nationwide after deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and eric garner in new york city. >> let's face it, it also is a challenging time. it will rely upon you to balance vigilance with a respect for the dignity of everybody. >> reporter: emphasis in camden and surrounding towns
5:36 am
is community engagement. >> aim to build a relationship with the people that you serve, and respect will come your way. it is not us against them, it is all of us together. >> reporter: new officers say they hope to change negative attitudes towards police. >> new with the whole ferguson and everything else a lot of people don't like us but we're not all bad cops, we're actually out there to help them. >> you want to present yourself as somebody that people can approach and talk to just so you can figure out what the problems are in the community and make things better for people that are good. >> reporter: with six months of training and now graduation complete officers began a career of learning how to serve and protect balancing toughness with fairness n blackwood i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". subaru is on the move, auto maker is moving north american headquarters from cherry hill, 4 miles down the road to camden. chopper three over the current headquarters on, route 07 in
5:37 am
cherry hill. subaru is seeking 118 million-dollar in tax breaks over ten years as part of the move to camden. the company will purchase a site near campbell's soup and plans to construction a new building there. welshing holiday shopping season is in full swing and was just a little more than two weeks left to buy we are finding out last minute savings could depend on the day you shop. here's catherine houser to explain. >> reporter: these are the irons that just about every shopper loves to see at their favorite store. >> who doesn't love a bargain. >> always good to save money we have three young children. >> reporter: dreams are often dashed when the clearance section does not have your size or the color you want. what if you could be first to that rack after merchandise is marked down. kyle james would rather be discovered that secret. he said many retail chains have their mark downs on a regular schedule. >> by knowing the day, you can go in and maximize your savings. >> reporter: if you like to shop macy's, shop on tuesday. >> they have all of their mark
5:38 am
downs done, by monday, close. >> reporter: old navy james found that wednesdays are best, according to james, mark down days are the first and third fridays of the month at jc penny and at kohl's it is second and fourth saturday. at the gap it is twice a month on monday. >> notice a ton of our stuff in the clearance section. >> reporter: when you go in james says make sure you combine those fresh mark downs with coupons and you will get real savings. james says these rules can vary from region to region but anyone can find out when their favorite stores schedule their mark downs. >> employees are very forthcoming with the information. i was polite. i noticed you don't have much on the clearance section is there a better day i can come in. >> reporter: in boston, catherine houser, cbs news. >> 5:38 right now. can an aspirin a day keep a doctor away? new research find taking a daily dose could have negative effects, that is coming up next in healthwatch.
5:39 am
plus this. >> life sized model of the young patient's heart, help doctors come up with the the best plan for surgery, before the patient was ever in the operating room. i'm bigad had ban in los angeles and i'll tell how 3-d technology is helping those suffering from heart defects. a piece of rare american history up for sale, a car that survived the attack on pearl harbor. get those umbrellas ready. carol has more on the
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on the healthwatch this morning taking one aspirin a day could cause more harm than good for women under 65 years old. researchers in the netherland say aspirin may reduce risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer but it can also increase risk of bleeding in the stomach and other parts of the digestive track. a doctor says the benefit of taking an aspirin a day out weigh risk for women over age 65. well, relatively new tool is helping doctors better prepare for complicated heart surgery. hospitals are now using three dimensional models to give surgeons an up close look inside a patient's heart before entering the operating room. cbs. news correspondent bee ban explains how it works. >> reporter: esther perez had a rare threatening heart
5:43 am
defect when her mom was six months pregnane. month long did drizzle think she would live. >> just five or ten minutes. i was in shock. >> reporter: doctors temporarily reconstruct esther's heart right after birth and now modern technology has helped give the 16 month-old a permanent fix. surgeon richard kim at children's hospital in los angeles used this life sized model of esther's heart as a guide to make repairs. 3-d company created the near replica of esther's heart using her mri scans. >> looking at the the model i know the size of the patch that i need to make, looking at this i know that there are parts in the hearty am going to have to remove or cutaway and they are readily apparent report report doctor kim says this new 3-d technology allows doctors to practice and perfect procedures before operating. do you think that results in a more safer question. >> yeah, no question. >> reporter: surgeons say 3-d models can cut down on the number of procedures the child will need.
5:44 am
perez family believes that the technology saved esther's life. >> the the technology that they use... >> reporter: esther is expect to live a whole long healthy life. began shaban for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is a good group hug right there. excitement is building over a big royal visit to the united states. prince william ape his wife cade duchess of cambridge will land in new york this weekend. meantime a piece of the couple's wedding cake is actually up for auction. invitees to the the 20 # one ceremony sold a piece of the cake to the auction house. it has peak in flavor 13 months after it is bake. it comes in the tin with a blank invitation to the wedding and it is expect to fetch around $2,000. i don't know, it seems like a mistake to put something like that up for auction after you have been invited. >> i have eaten month-old cake myself.
5:45 am
>> no, but i mean, they have invited you, you want to stay on their good side, you you want to hold on to that stuff. >> their name may not be associated with that mold i piece of cake. >> anonymous. >> lets look at this we have clouds out there, as we look at philadelphia and rain showers will be coming ape in some locations they are already occurring. glummy tart to the day. the finish of the day, will not be great either. so as we head out to reading, 40 degrees right now. roads are wet there. the precipitation that we're seeing first thing this morning is occurring to the north. so you can see it through lancaster. we have got some through reading and north of trenton. the rest of the area at this point is dry but there is a a lot of moisture coming into the area, that is why we're expecting our heavier rain, starting, say around the noon time hour, right on through this afternoon and this evening. so, this is the look for this saturday but it does get out of here in the weather improvement, greatly tomorrow, if you like it sunny, cooler, and very windy. so 43 degrees, that temperature right now,
5:46 am
yesterday, what we got to 46 degrees. we barely change temperature from the high yesterday, to the low this morning, a and it is 40 in trenton. forty-two in wilmington. thirty-six in the allentown area, 38 in reading, 46 in wildwood. the temperatures will show that same kind of variation, they will be cooler to the north in the 40's to almost 60 degrees well to the south. and now we mentioned the periods of rain. we will be finding that especially as we move on through the afternoon hours and then the amounts anywhere from three-quarters to 1 inch, ponding on the roads, of course, that is possible, and temperatures should be mostly in the 50's, i think if we average everything out. now, as far as the amounts go the computer models are saying that by the time we hit 7:00 o'clock tonight we have seen over an inch of rain through philadelphia and you have seen about three-quarters of an inch through millville. by the time this is over and this thing should have pulled away for just about everybody by tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., maybe a inch through philadelphia, it wants to pick up some of the rain amounts along the shore to an inch plus.
5:47 am
so, don't necessarily just cap off your rain gauge and say that is what it will be because things do change during the course of the system but just general idea that we will get a lot of rain out of this, around an inch in a lot of locations. this computer model, pretty close to being right, not totally, so, we will give it a b plus this morning. that means that if it starts right it has a better chance of ending right. say by noon we have heavier pockets of the rain moving in through the philadelphia area, by 2:00 this afternoon we still have the rain here but by 4:00 o'clock we are still looking at it. 7:00 o'clock through south jersey perhaps do we find a couple of breaks in other locations? just know we will continue to see these rain showers at 1:00 in the morning tomorrow morning and then pull as way at 6:00 in the morning, wrapped clearing following this and looking at very bright and very windy day coming up for us thomas we watch another system then coming in, late on monday, tuesday, and maybe early on wednesday, a coastal system, it is a track, intensity still
5:48 am
not set but just know on that timetable if you have got things planned for tuesday, wednesday we could be looking at heavier rain, win, could there be some snow to the north, again, the track is not set on that tuesday/early wednesday timetable. the the way it is right now on this next coastal storm that is coming. today's rain and it is in the 50's, except for the poconos where it is in the 40's are wind at this point will not be a big deal about 5 miles an hour but they do pick up, we will get wind gusts tonight, 30 miles an hour, the rain ends overnight, 38 degrees, keep your umbrellas handy, keep your pets dry, and away a windy cooler day tomorrow. forty-two. it will feel colder all day long. monday 38. we will cloud it up. we will see rain. tuesday is a wet day, wednesday could start with a little will early snow in some spots but again, too early to call that by thursday, friday, we should be drying out. nicole. >> all right, thanks. as nation prepares to mark seventh third anniversary of
5:49 am
the pearl harbor attacks tomorrow at auction today a rare piece of its history. ac wilson owns this 193840's buick special convertible. according to wilson the car's original owner was on board u.s.s. pensacola in 1941 when the the japanese attack began. wilson picks up that story. >> found it where you park it on the dock with destruction all around but the car was intact. it didn't have a scratch on it. >> that convertible has 300,000 miles on it, it has gone through three engines and full restoration. wilson says it can still hit 80 miles an hour. cheers and tears as the u.s. army national guard unit finally returns from afghan stan. >> wow, wow. >> the big hug there, our cameras were rolling along with loved ones and members of the hero's welcome as part of the unit arrived at philadelphia international the
5:50 am
airport. others in the group, flew into pitberg happy to celebrate the the holidays at home. good to have them home too. still ahead in sports former philly and fan favorite is heading to jail, coming up, find out what he did that is landing him behind bars. sixers taking on the thunder at home looking for back to back wins perhaps, leslie van arsdal has highlights next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
sixers trying to make it two in a row taking on the thunder at center but sixers off from the start on this one. look who was there defensive player of the month connor barwin checking out the game. sixers may have found themselves a player in robert covington, check him out
5:53 am
nailing the three here and he a had a team high 21 points on the night. it was a huge game, however for rust are he will westbrook, weaving in and out of the inningsers there for two of his game high 27 points. the sixers, came back, had a strong fourth quarter and mcw and nerlens noel with a nice give and go here for alley hoop but sixers lose 103-91. >> the group gets where we're at, and they bought in. even if you could hear them talk after the game tonight they are proud of their efforts. they are not getting trick. they know when we play poorly or not. they feel like they have more to give. they know that we will continue to get better. we're going to sneak up on some people. >> great match up on sunday, one of the best defenses in the nfl taking on one of the best offence necessary i game that will have an affect on the playoff positioning in a few weeks. seattle coming off a big win on thanksgiving, of course, with a great win over dallas. this week pete carol will face
5:54 am
off against his former quarterback at u.s.c. mark sanchez so he was all about the offense. >> their offense does a lot of good things. they are making yard running the football, controlling the clock, lot of plays, quarterbackses are functioning really well. mark looks really quick in the offense. his decision making. are decisive. he gets the ball out. they have guys open. he is making good use of the system. >> you don't want to miss toyota sunday kick off this sunday at 11:30. join me and sports director beasley reese with the eagles merrill reese and cbs special contributor lesean mccoy. we will get you ready for eagles/seahawks this sunday at 11:30 on cbs-3. former philly now nationals outfielder jason werth has been sentenced to ten days in jail for reckless driving. five months ago he was clock driving his car at 105 in a 55-mile an hour zone on the capitol beltway. the judge asked him what he was doing. he answered, pushing his luck.
5:55 am
that is a all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. welshing philadelphia eagles are not the only eagles who will be positioning themselves for a championship on sunday. undefeated olney eagles pack up and headed to tampa, florida. they will be play in the united youth football youth championship tournament. nine and ten year-old are ten-o at this point. they have raised $20,000 through the trip through more than 50 donations, good luck to them and all of our eagles this he can we even. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will talk about a deadly accident under investigation, after a pedestrian is struck and killed on the roosevelt boulevard overnight. a third night of demonstrations in new york city and around the world and country, protesting against the eric garner grand jury decision, i'm marley hall in new york with the latest coming up. and, rain across the area and more on the way, carol is tracking latest coming up next.
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breaking news this morning, an american photo journalist, kidnaped over a year ago by al qaeda in yemen has been killed in a failed rescue attempt. also this morning, new developments overnight in the allegations surrounding bill cosby, the first formal investigation is launched into sex assault claims against the comedian. and we're talking about a
5:59 am
saturday soaker, a live look at storm scan three here our eye, of course, is on the storm as rainfalls all across our area. it is saturday, december 6th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 6:00 o'clock right now. the the big question is do you need those umbrellas, car will ol, i think i know the answer. >> yes, storm scan three provided a good answer to that,s you can see all of the rain nicole and right now you which is fairly light and heavier rain that is moving in later on today. it is dark out there as you might expect this time of the morning but it is also mild, which is a rare treat, however, that does come with some rain showers. 41 degrees at the the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey overlooking the city of philadelphia storm scan three, you can see a wide view of the area of precipitation, we have lighter part of it. dark are greens and yellow and that is still to come. expect this morning, to be probably the the better part of the day and scattered around as we take a closer
6:00 am
view into this area. it is all rain, these temperatures being as high as they are, we are looking at rain through lancaster, also you have seen some through doylestown, right the now getting a little will lull there in upper hanover seeing rain showers. primarily to the north at this point but we are finding all of this filling in as we move through the afternoon and some of that heavier rain starts to move into our area there is a lot of it out there as you can see back on that wide view. 43 degrees in philadelphia, we are backup to 34 in the poconos. thirty-seven allentown. at least the temperatures are above the freezing mark and for temperatures this time of the morning relatively comfortable. highs today getting to about 53 degrees but we will watch this rain and moving in the afternoon we will start to see that heavier rain coming in. i'll finish out that time line and talk about what could be a nor'easter, coming in here at the beginning of the week and we will talk more about that, coming up, nicole. >> all right, carol, thank you. new you this morning montgomery county police are asking for the public's help


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