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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 15, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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found six victims shot dead so farrah cross three different locationness montgomery county. all of them believed to be family of the suspected shooter. the shooting spree started just before 4:00 this morning at an apartment at the pheasant run complex in lower salford where police found two exterior bullet holes and one dead inside. neighbors say that stone's ex-wife, lives inside of the apartment, and told cbs-3's steve paterson that the couple had an ongoing custody dispute. >> i heard, four gunshots, and i heard the kids screaming mommy, i want my mom. >> i opened up my window and canned was everything okay. he looked at me and just said she's hurt. she's hurt bad. we have got to go. >> when he was bringing kids outside they were kick and screaming. he was dragging her. he was pulling youngest with the fire in hand, and threw him in the car and took off. >> reporter: half hour later police received a call at this home in the hundred block of west fifth street in lansdale,
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inside, two people were found dead. >> then around 8:00 police found more victims a at a home near far field and franklin streets in souderton. it is not yet clear how many people were killed there but we do know a teenage boy was flown to the hospital. now, lets take another look at this suspected gunman who is at large and considered armed and dangerous. we are talking about bradley william stone from pennsburg, he is described as 5 feet ten, 195-pound with a red beard and mustache. authorities say that he is men to use a cain or a walker for assistance and he is believed to either bewaring green or sand color fatigues. if you have any information about his whereabouts you are asked to call nine # one. live, i'm charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". live team three coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson live in pennsburg tonight, and steve, right now police believe stonies there. >> reporter: jessica, from early this morning until moments ago, a flurry of
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activity, and that continues, behind me right now. >> unaudible. >> reporter: demand from police, aimed at 35 year-old bradley william stone. identified as the shooting suspect that has so far killed six. monday, police in swat gear, not taking any chances. weapons drawn, tear fast, flash bangs, riot gear and armored reek also surrounding a subsection of homes down fourth street. shawn holster lives there. police evacuated him this morning. >> i saw you two snippers over here on the roof, swat guys running around yelling if you get too close they are yelling to get back. >> reporter: police are not saying if they believe stonies hiding inside, holster says he has seen the suspect several times and called him a friendly neighbor. >> he seemed like a normal, average guy just saying hello in passing, saying hello,
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friendly, that is about it but nothing like this i would expect. >> reporter: you can see just moments ago swat team has deployed a spotlight on the home that they believe their suspect is, at this time. no word if they have made contact. so far. reporting live from pennsburg i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for to. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at souderton shooting scene tonight with the very latest from there, justin. >> reporter: ukee we have watched crime scene team go in and outside have of the house throughout the afternoon, police are not telling us much about this house but we do know that in fact, it factored heavily in the mass shooting investigation this afternoon. also, this afternoon a swat team went inside of this home where they found a at least one person inside injured. in souderton monday morning a scrapple tomorrow save a life, crews raise to go get a victim inside a medical helicopter. the scene unfolding as residents followed order to east vac wait or stay inside, not knowing a hut was on for a
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mass shooter now identified as 35 year-old bradley stone. >> i said can you tell me is what going on? >> he said no, i cannot. i have returned for a couple hours. >> reporter: on the ground police from several agencies, what the teams and armored trucks stationed near 146 penn avenue where perhaps that shooter was held up. >> i saw all of the officers, go in the house, looking in the house. >> trying to get in touch with somebody and trying to make entry to make sure that everything is okay. >> reporter: but that would not be the case. >> they went inside, they did the splash thing and they brought somebody out and they said it was a teenager. >> reporter: from across the street neighbor kendra heartly says word spread quickly that at least one neighbor was found inside that home with gunshot wounds. >> they are my family. the boy, and the girl. >> reporter: she says a boy and his mother and sister have lived inside that home for more than a decade and never a problem. and that has made this such a shock for residents who lived on this block never seeing any trouble from this home behind me here, the operation from
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top to bottom took about four hours. we are awaiting official details about just what happened here, how many were injured and what their conditions are right now. we are live from souderton, i'm justin finch for cws3 "eyewitness news". of course we will take on top of this breaking story throughout the night and we will bring you very latest details as soon as they come in. you can follow us at cbs hostage situation in australia comes to an end as police storm a cafe in sidney. three people killed, gunman and two hostages. the 16 hour siege took place at the l int chocolate store. seventeen people were held against their will, two groups managed to escape during the standoff, and at one point australia tv showed hostages holding up an islamic flag. cbs news reports that the suspect was 50 year-old man moones, an iranian refugee. president obama comes to new jersey to thank troops for their services to the country and acknowledges the
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sacrifices of military families. the the president visited the joint base maguire dixon lakehurst a couple days after u.s. and nato entered their operational command in afghanistan. new jersey governor chris christie, a republican, was a among those in attendance. our cleve bryan will have a live report from the base coming up 59:30. dramatic video from southern kalas a worker is pulled from underground. take a look at this video from san gabriel, l.a. officials say injured man was working for a subcontractor on a railroad project when he fell down a hole in the street. the the worker injured his leg and had to be pulled to safety but he is expect to be okay. florida highway patrol says a 29 year-old woman was killed when she ran a red light when making a turn and pulled her suv in front of the disney bus. this happened overnight near the entrance to the cover inadequacies owe springs resort outside orlando. no one on that bus was injured. car traveling behind the bus was also damage but no one inside that car was hurt.
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well, philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson heads back to court today, that is coming up on bs3 "eyewitness news". eagles fans are upset about last night's loss, that is for sure but something else they saw during the game that is also angering them today. a school scandal, several educators faced charges in chester county a after a year long grand juries investigation. kathy? well, the skies have cleared and temperatures will warm, but we will expect some rain with our next storm moving in, we will take a look at that coming up with the forecast as "eyewitness news"
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a year long grand jury investigation find form er superintendent and athletic district, in chester county stole money that was supposed to help educate children. >> "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter went face-to-face with the suspects as they surrendered to police. >> you air accused of stealing from students in the poorer school district in chester county, what do you say to the people who trusted you? >> reporter: former coatsville school superintendent richard cuomo refused comment on charges he stole from the financially struggling district to line his own pockets. >> this investigation, was a battle for the heart and soul of the coatsville area school district. >> reporter: you are a accused of ripping off the poor school district in chester county, do you have anything to say to those people. >> reporter: also charged former athletic director tomorrow did not owe who left the district in 2013 with
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cuomo, after d.a. says racist and sex is messages were found on their cell phones. what do you say about the allegation that is you basically in the words of the d.a. looted this will school district. >> reporter: did not owe the grand jury found took a $5,000 cash pay off, to allegedly settle his gambling debts, money intended to go to the school district, as well, for a track meat. >> you had a superintendent and an athletic director who were running the school district like it was their own personal kingdom. >> reporter: while cuomo and done not owe were stealing for years, authorities say the the school board failed to take action that might have broad their crimes to light. >> we had a school board that was asleep at the switch and allowing all of this to happen. >> reporter: both suspects are free, after each being a allowed to sign a quarter million-dollar bail, their attorneys declining comment, under a new superintendent who took office in june, district
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officials now say they are making major reforms been given damage it is going to take time. coming up at 6:00 with the district desperate for cash, the grand jury details how a former superintendent, who was busy buying jewelry worth more than $20,000. we will have that story at 6:00, live, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good evening, everyone. we wanted to piggy back off of our breaking news story today as they continue to search for the suspect involved in the montgomery county shooting spree. traveling around the pennsburg area we have some affect roads, as police continue their search. so route 663, route 29, fourth street, pottstown avenue, traveling in that area, do you want to be mindful of that. a as we continue now to rush hour, it is difficult to see this shot here, but what you are looking at is kelly drive out bound at the art museum circle. traffic is almost at a stand still here. we have a disable vehicle out there. it is compromising the right-hand lane and it is
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adding to delays. that is where you are heading you will run into that problem. speaking of problems, i9 a southbound it is rush hour, delays from 420 down to 320, so traveling in delaware county will not be fun and really rush hour will not be fun on the schuylkill expressway, 95, heading between northeast philadelphia and center city and that is on both sides. thirteen is your average on 95 making your way in delaware county and schuylkill looks like a a a the schuylkill today. take pennsylvania mass transit. ukee and jessica. >> vittoria, thank you. still ahead tonight, do you feel your age. new research shows that might not be a good thing, that is coming up on the healthwatch. plus this little girl makes this designer dream come true. meet j crew's youngest fashion is in to. >> eagles need help after dropping biggest game of the season to dallas that forces that led to defeat and kept the birds from controlling their playoff future coming up in sports.
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isn't this great. >> yes. >> and the sun. >> i love seeing that today. >> yes. >> how about that. >> that was something different. >> what is that thing up there. >> sobriety. >> right. >> justin and i were going back through when we had a partly sunny sky day, it was last sunday. week ago yesterday. we have not had a sunny day yet this december, and we're
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looking for one. we could get lucky coming up this week but it was nice to see the the sun, today. take a look outside where we have a beautiful evening, in the poconos, jack frost big boulder, and, we do not want the sun or warm temperatures. we want the cold in the poconos to keep that snow pack. looking good, still some really good skiing conditions there and there is a skier trying advertise luck. going backwards there. lets go down the shore where we have a beautiful sky and sunset down the shore in atlantic city. temperatures on the mild side, pretty much every where, in philadelphia, a temperature of 46 degrees. forty in allentown. forty-two in the poconos. getting down in the 20's overnight tonight. good snow making weather. forty in reading. 47 degrees in wilmington. to the north and west we have had 40's and 30's to the south, some 50's, warmer weather will actually be working our way. price we have to pays will be the rain, we have a strong storm system out through the the the northern plains, you can see this comma shape in the precipitation showing strength of that storm, on the back side some snow, through
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the dakotas for us we will stay on the warm side and still a warm front with some shower activity. this is how it will play to the north. we will see showers moving in mainly tomorrow afternoon with temperatures around 50. cool front swings in behind it, wednesday though, not so cool. temperatures will still be around 50. we will wait for cooler weather until thursday with a breezy northwesterly wind and temperatures will be cooler by that point but we are expecting that day to be sunny. here's a look at that particulars of tuesday's rain between noon and two, rain will move from the west and temperatures will be around 50 degrees. not a lot of rain. a quarter inch or so. between 2:00 and 3:00 even ponding on area roads. after 3:00 o'clock a few scattered showers. it will be more nuisance then anything else and by the evening rush it hud be scattered showers, that is just about it. overnight tonight, low temperatures will be in the upper 30's, partly cloud which an easterly win. during the the day tomorrow mostly cloudy, a afternoon showers move in, high temperature is 50 and, of
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course, tomorrow sun do i hanukkah begins. temperature 46 degrees. a few scattered showers around, sunset at 4:37. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, 50 touring the the day tuesday. bed 52. cooler air moves in on thursday with a temperature of 42 degrees. of course, holiday lights are shining bright. meteorologist kate bilo is live in spring city, chester county with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. hi, kate. >> hi, kathy, yeah, it is so festive out here right now, in spring city. what a beautiful night it turns out to be. i will talk to probably the owner of the most festive house here in spring city area this is bruce, thanks for having us out tonight. >> no problem, kate good we will look at your lights. tell me when you started doing this and what makes you want to do it every year. >> i started this on veterans
5:20 pm
day. i love doll it. it is christmas times. something special. always has been. >> that is fantastic. you have been doing this for ten years. you make it bigger and better every year this year probably biggest and best yet. >> yes, this is the best i have done so far, yes, and i just plan on just with the space i have to keep building on to it. >> great. start from the top and work your way down every year. >> yeah. >> people can drive by and tune your radio tour music. >> that is correct, yes. >> people circle the block. >> they circle the block, i have had them pull up on the sidewalk on the other side of the road. >> that is fantastic. >> we will have much more here at wentworth house in spring city with holiday lights on cbs-3 coming up in just a few in minutes but for now we will send it to break and we will
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it is difficult to control, three offense i have dangers in football, the eagles needed extra resources on dez bryant, jason witten and along the line to stop dallas's running game. darned if you don't, darned if you don't, defined the night. eagles moved resourcees from problem to problem but quarterback tony romo read their intentions and found single coverage. >> he doubled dez early a lot in that game and then witten hurt us. going to help on witten and then they fine de z. because they had weapons outside, inside and rubbing game it makes it difficult going up against a good team like that. >> bryant is a pro bowler. romo is a well seasoned vet. he was healthy this time. we got the best of all of them. they made more plays then we
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did. we got to score tight again and then, they made a couple more plays. they had a better night. >> calvary is not coming, nick foles was in the cleared to return to action, recovering from that broken collar bone so you will see mark sanchez right here on cbs-3 saturday taking on the redskins and eagles nation will be pulling for indianapolis sunday in dallas. >> he looked good stretching for that ball there, did you see that. >> yes. >> he is throwing, running, but he cannot be hit in mr. and falling on top of him. >> ouch. >> you have to wait, we will wait,. >> to have loss sent the only thing that had some upset today. take a look at who is sitting close to cowboys owner, jerry jones. that is new jersey governor chris christie. christie is a long time dallas much, much to dismay may. we are hearing on some of you from facebook. jim writes it bothers me very much so, i will never vote for
5:25 pm
him if he does run for president. but steve didn't seem to mind, why would it about on the er anyone. last i heard new jersey doesn't have a pro football team unless you count giants and jets playing in east rutherford. people talk about when city councilman jim kenny said, he tweeted says hey fat blank christie kiss jerry jones his box in dallas. you are just a creep. >> tough. >> got through that. >> yes, you did it good wow. >> president obama visited the area, and to thank troops for his services and that is coming up in our next half an hour. plus a twist in the case of former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson we will tell what you happened in court today. deadly end to the hostage crisis in sidney when armed police officers storm a cafe 16 hours after the the ordeal began, we will have the very latest 59:30.
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hello, i'm ukee washington. here are today's top stories, breaking news out of montgomery county where a gunman is on the loose after killing six people. it is believed he is a decorated veteran identified as bradley stone. police found the body of a woman in lower salford township, from there, the investigation has spanned three other communities. right now manhunt is centered
5:29 pm
around pennsburg where stone lived. >> that is right, ukee. swat teams are in pennsburg right now, they believe stonies in the home, there. we will go now to steve paterson on the scene right now, steve. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, it has been close to nine hours since swat team has had this home in pennsburg surrounded. i want to get your eyes on the scene back there you can see the the spotlight on the second floor of that home. they are attempting to make contact with 35 year-old bradley stone. they believe he is inside. they believed he is armed. they believe he is dangerous. that per been trying to push that on the swat teams when remains train on the front door as well as the back of the home. earlier we saw video swat team using arsenal of tactics an equipment from flash bangs, gas, mega phone, even calling stone by his name to come out and walk out of that front door. several times we have seen them circle, around the home, using a riot shield, slowly
5:30 pm
march up to the front door and then back in and out of the home, again, we believe they have been deploying gas all night long, this evening, and again, police have formed a perimeter around that home. they have pushed a lot of the crowd back that has been watching across slowly gathering and watching the the home with you again, police have the spotlight on the home and they have been attempting to make any sort of contact, with stone at this point. they have been calling for him by name and they continue to do that, this evening. no word yet on if they have made any contact, and as soon as we hear anything, any updates we will come right back to you. live from pennsburg, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for the update. president barack obama visits new jersey to personally thank members of the military for their services. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us that the president acknowledged the sacrifice of military families. he is live with that story tonight, cleve. >> reporter: well, since 9/11 there have been numerous deployments to afghanistan from the joint base maguire
5:31 pm
dixon lakehurst and president wanted everyone here to know it was well worth that effort as that conflict comes to an end and they wanted to tell thrust will be a lot of new changes in the new year. >> hello, maguire dixon lake hearst... >> reporter: addressing a pack aircraft hanger president obama gave troops a holiday thank you. >> we can gather with family and friend because you're willing to hug yours good good bye and step forward to serve. you never stopped serving. you never stopped giving. you guys are like santa in fatigues. >> reporter: president last visited joint base during aftermath of super storm sandy. this trip comes two weeks prior to the completion of america's 13 year combat mission in afghanistan. >> there are people here who have lost really good friends, patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice, including 54 fallen heroes from this base who we will honor forever. >> reporter: in january there will only be 11,000 troops left in afghanistan and half
5:32 pm
of that by the end of next year. the the president talk about the need to eradicate isis from the middle east but here at home severe cuts to military spending, in particular, phasing out refueling aircraft could put the joint base a at risk in the future. >> it is an important base to keep active and keep driving critical missions here. >> reporter: in members of the new jersey congressional delegation and governor christie met with the president. >> they were lobbying me about the base on the way in, so they are doing a good job. >> reporter: service members say it was a thrilling afternoon. >> it is nice to meet together as a group. >> i fell like it was a grace experience, outside of camden, new jersey. >> reporter: president spoke about our troop's mission busy said in regards to isis we are not just going to degrade that barbaric terrorist organization, we're going to destroy it. reporting live from the joint base i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news tonight, a hostage crisis comes to a
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deadly end in sidney, australia. three people are dead including a gunman. four others are injured, including a police officer. as cbs reporter craig boswell tells thaws 17 hour siege happened inside a check late shop. >> reporter: a dramatic and deadly ending, to a more than 16 hour hostage standoff in sidney, australia. heavily armed teams have of police luring the place where gunman had been holding 17 hostages. the police hacks came just moments after a group of hostages began running from the building. >> i made the call because they believe at that time if they didn't enter there would have been many more lives lost. >> reporter: cbs news confirms that the suspect is a ran an born self described cleric, australia media received a video with one of the captives listing the gun man's demands. >> we have specific requests and in of those have been made. >> reporter: moones could be seen in video during the standoff pacing back and forth.
5:34 pm
the 509 year-old had a lengthy criminal record and was already known to authorities. he had asked for an isis flag to be delivered to the cafe. >> it is a an isolated incident. do not let this sort of incident bring about any loss of confidence about working in our city. >> reporter: handful of hostages escaped earlier in the standoff, after it was over, others were carried out, on stretchers. two died along with the gunman. police are counseling family members not far from the crime scene. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a bomb shell announcement from former sports castor don tollefson on what should have been his sentencing day. after pleading guilty to cheating charities out of more than $340,000, he asked the judge in bucks county today to withdraw his guilty plea, a and said he wanted to represent himself. tollefson says that he has new information that could prove his innocence. prosecutors say that they will be ready when trial begins on january 5th. a traffic stop in philadelphia's mayfair
5:35 pm
neighborhood ends with police opening fire, on a male driver. our cameras were on the scene as investigators collected evidence here on frankford avenue. it is believed that the officer's asked the driver, to identify, identify him as brandon tait brown to exit his vehicle. that is when he allegedly reached for what turned out to be a stolen gun next to the center console. >> the the officer's involved in some kind of a struggle and wound up with a shooting of a suspect. there was a gun recovered from the vehicle that the suspect was in. >> police tell us that brown had four very, and two for attempted murder er. two responding officers had been on the job for less than a year. a fast moving fire rips through a house in newark delaware claiming the life of the 67 year-old man. it happened here on south faun drive, four others were also inside at the time but they he all got out safe liz. one woman was taken to the hospital for breathing in too much smoke but she is expected to be okay. no word what started the fire. another college is cutting
5:36 pm
ties with bell cosby in the wake of the growing sexual assault allegations. the historically black school for women is suspending an endowment profession or ship, this was fund by a 20 million-dollar from the entertainer in 1987. his wife of more than 50 years camille, released a statement reading in part that the manny met, and fell in love with, and whom i continue to have love, is the man you all knew through his work. he is a a kind man, a wonderful husband, a different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. it is a portrait of a manny do not know. she went on to say there appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers before stories are published or aired. in of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim but the question should be asked, who is the victim? good evening, everyone. to follow the breaking news story of the montgomery county shooting, as they continue to look for this suspect,
5:37 pm
involved in that shooting spree, you do want to be mindful that if you are traveling in the pennsburg area there are some roads where police have either block off or continue to wear their appear to be activity associated with that incident. a few of those roadways include 66 three, route 29, fourth street and pottstown avenue again, in the pennsburg area of montgomery county. as we talk about rush hour, it is out there it is in full swing. take a look at 202 southbound that is absolutely jammed, approaching the area of 29 through to 401. would i not be surprised if you felt that rush hour heat, back towards the the area of paoli. vine street expressway receiving delays making your way down toward i-95, you're jammed the length. westbound you are clay. delay. it is it is not better because speed is in the teens. fourteen is what we're tracking on the schuylkill. twenty on 476. i-95 is no pick milk at 18 miles an hour. north and southbound in and out of northeast philadelphia you are jam.
5:38 pm
we are also seeing delays making your waste on i-95 in delaware county. mass transit is in the clear. ukee and jessica. >> variety to use, thank you. still to come tonight, see the first ever 3-d dress. >> plus she's only four years old but this little girl is already a top fashion designer with j crew, we will watch her at work. on the healthwatch how being young at heart can actually help your heart and help you live longer. kate? we have in spring city tonight on what turned out to be a beautiful evening, taking a look at amazing holiday light and also the seven day forecast. jackson, send us to break.
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we've all asked the same question why do i keep getting calls even though i'm on the do not call list? well, finally some answers. the do not call registry only applies to phone calls that travel between states, mean calls from local telemarketers may be a nuisance but not necessarily illegal. the federal trade commission focuses that uses new technology like voice over
5:42 pm
internet calls that allow them to make millions of calls routinely. sony stocks have dropped more than 10 percent since at hack attack. movie footage and e-mails have been leak on line a huge embarrassment for the company. nearly every version of the script for the latest up stall have the of the james bond franchise was stolen, and the group guardians of peace, has promised an even bigger present for sony come christmas. trending now, holiday lights as you have probably never seen them before. take a look at this bird's eye view of the lights. this was taken using a drone. this display is the thompson house in richmond, virginia. this family has been lighting up their home since 1999. this year they used more than 170,000 lights, nearly 800 homemade decorations, 50 breakers, and 100 outlets. >> wow. >> that beauty, took 537 hours to put up. >> wow. >> a lot of work there.
5:43 pm
>> you couple be looking at the future of fashion. thinks first ever dress created using 3-d printer a 245 was built by thousands of try angles and hinges which can confirm to the women's exact measurements. they are still working it out though because it took 48 hours to print and it cost around $3,000. so, not quite something you could just pick up just yet. >> you would wear something like that. >> i don't know. >> triangles, is that comfortable in is it. >> don't ask me. >> there are logistics we need to work out. >> there are quite a few. >> we will be right
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
placed on independent mall, hon case an eight day festival of lights that begins tomorrow. and you know sights and sound, you called me bombing. >> easy to do that too. >> sites and sound are popping um all over the place. >> we will check back with kate bilo live from spring city chester count which quite a display, kate. >> reporter: that is right, quite a display in spring city right along bridge street a
5:47 pm
main drag in spring city. we have seen so many people coming by, slow down, check out this amazing light display behind me and just a minute we will talk to bruce who is the home owner about how he create this is stunning spectacle every single year. lets talk about the weather. we will get through the forecast. it is not a bad forecast this week. we are tracking rain for tomorrow, and lets start off with storm scan three which shows the system that will be impacting us, still well off to the west. call soon so some showers moving through midwest at the moment impacting us a as we get in the day tomorrow. doesn't have a ton of moisture with it, mainly scattered showers with this system. lets check with our weather watcher network and take a look at the numbers. bail layden, reporting 44. kevin kline in pottstown 42. in moorestown aj reporting 44 degrees. lou in norristown at 41 at the moment. timing out the showers tomorrow morning, starts off with clouds, but definitely dry. unfortunately another gray day for us. most steady showers coming in around 2:00 p.m. good news it is not a
5:48 pm
prolonged, rain for us tomorrow afternoon, by about four or 5:00 o'clock just looking a few scattered showers and it does clear out by wednesday morning and good news is there a disconnect between the system and the cold air that comes in behind it. so what to expect for your tuesday? showers, steady between noon and about 3:00 p.m., a quarter inch possible, some ponding on the road, and steady shower and temperatures around 50 degrees. this is all rain no snow this time for sure. overnight tonight we will drop down to 38 degrees, chilly but seasonably so and partly cloudy. for your tuesday, mostly cloudy a couple showers through midday and late afternoon time frame but again not a complete wash out and temperatures stay mild through wednesday. look at you're witness weather seven day forecast, tuesday evening at sundown we will kick off hanukkah and it is a generally damp start to that stretch of days, but much nicer weather. we have 52 degrees. low 40's, chills out again, back to 40 on saturday with
5:49 pm
the snow shower perhaps on sunday. we could use a good snow showers here because it would just add to the festivities, the mood we have here, take a look at this light display. i will bring bruce back here, and this is an amazing display, and, every year. >> late day and anticipate, really, one neighbor say, it is not there, like boom, it is there again. >> one day, it is just tough going. >> you did something in the neighborhood in the had halloween with this light display. >> we went up to our local funeral home, we put up, display, display which displays michael jackson's thriller, ghost busters, evil women and big giant pumpkin face singing songs and tomb songs all lit up a and we all said like haunted house as a walk through. >> that is great. >> it is not only christmas, that is holiday lights. >> i do holidays but this is my favorite. >> well, i can tell you put
5:50 pm
your heart and soul into this every year. we have good tips, every year that may want to do this having to do it on the budget if you want to. i would like to go on after christmas and look and try to get as many of the sales as i can, and like some people through stuff out, i pick it up, i reuse it. restring things, but use it after i get home. >> reporter: if any one has any halloween christmas decorations, you can donate, you may see it on this display, adding to it every year, and it looks awesome. thanks so much for having us here, holiday lights, bruce. >> my pleasure, very much my pleasure. >> we have friend and family here, enjoying hot chocolate, send it back to you in the studio from everyone here in spring city. >> merry christmas. >> back to you. >> all right. and, big deadline is upon us when it comes to the affordable care ago, 3:00 a.m. eastern is deadline for new customers to pick a health plan that will take effect
5:51 pm
january 1st. this is also the deadline for current enrollees, to make any changes. have been, experiencing heavy traffic. >> on the healthwatch, is what the secret to living a long, healthy life, credits say exercise, eating well are very important but so is your attitude, according to new research, released late this afternoon. health reporter stephanie stahl, explains the new study. >> reporter: maryann armage isn't letting her age slow her down she ride her bike every where. >> i just became 60 this year. i certainly don't feel 60. >> reporter: researchers track more than 6,000 senior citizens for more than a decade and found the key to living longer, may be, feeling young. >> people who felt younger than their real age, were more likely to survive, over the next eight years or so, compared with those who felt older. >> reporter: research found, that adults who felt younger had a 14 percent, death rate compared to a 25 percent death
5:52 pm
rate for people who felt older. >> somebody field younger is possibly younger who feels older, and so, they have a fewer dediseases or maybe more mobile. >> reporter: now feeling older was a a prediction of death even when researchers accounted for things that affect death rates, including illnesses, wealth, education, smoking, alcohol in take and physical activities. older feeling adults were about 40 percent more likely to die then the younger feeling adults and also more than two thirds of participate in the study felt three or more years younger than their actual age. >> wow. >> there really is something to feeling young at heart. >> young at heart. >> that is beautiful. >> all right. >> do you feel young already. >> what are you 20, 21. >> about 25. >> great. >> my hip does anyway. >> it is stainless steel, i forgot, my bad. >> thanks, steph. still ahead, on "eyewitness news", youngest fashion designer in the world. >> she's only four years old
5:53 pm
and has, just signed a deal with j crew, watch this little fashionista design her duds, we will be digging it when we come back.
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hey, how about this, you can help make the holidays bright for under privileged, children, our joy of sharing campaign, just buy a new unwrapped toy and drop it off here at our studio, this friday at 1555 hamilton street in philadelphia from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but for a list of other drop off locations go to cbs philly dot cock, or call 215-977-joy. well, cindy kieser may be the youngest fashion designer in the world. the the four year-old recently signed a deal with j crew to
5:57 pm
help create a new line of clothing for children. >> pretty impressive. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan spent the day with sidney and brings us her story. >> reporter: to understand how sidney kieser works you have to watch her in action. every morning, the four year-old fashion phenom creates whatever comes to mind, using paper, tape and scissors. on this day she decided to first make something for her imagery sister, a man cain. >> and then she modeled off the dress sheer with for herself. >> where do you get these ideas from. >> my head. >> reporter: do you realize you have a gift. >> i do? >> reporter: those gifts were brought to light biopsied knee's mom... >> or toy interrupt but we have breaking news, out of montgomery county where six people are dead and one is injured after a man went on the killing spree. >> officials are holding a press conference at lower salford police department in harleysville let's check in right now.
5:58 pm
>> and, two women who were found in that he is residents were former mother-in-law and former, grand mother-in-law of mr. stone. the next event that occurred, was at approximately 4:55, in the morning, and, there was a 911 call, and, located in, in lower salford. they found nicole stone deceased in her residents. she is the three three-year old, ex-wife of brad stone. at approximately, 5:00 in the morning, shortly thereafter, and, mr. stone delivered his two daughters to a neighbor in pennsburg that is the last
5:59 pm
time he was, seen by anyone, so the children, i think it is a great significance that the children are safe right now. during the course of the investigation, into those two incidents, both in lansdale and in lower south ford, shortly before 8:00 in the morning, we went over to the residents in souderton, that is the residence of the sister of nicole stone, patricia flick, a very tragically we found that residence miss flick, her husband and her two children had been injured, tragically miss flick, her husband and her 14 year-old daughter were killed at the residents and a 17 year-old son was found there and is now receiving treatment at a hospital in philadelphia. it appears through our investigation that the events that took place in souderton, actually took place first at approximately 3:30 in the morning. owe while last discovered,
6:00 pm
first at time. at this point, we are searching for mr. stone. we are looking at some known locations, and i know that members of the media are at different locations right now and aware of those searches and we're also reaching out to the public to see if anyone has sighted him. as we stand here right now we do not know where he is. we do not have vehicle information, we actually recovered his vehicle a and his personal cell even if so we do not have information about how he might be traveling. in a release earlier today we indicated that he does have occasion use a cain or a walker. he may or may not be using those devices. it has been indicated to us they may not have been necessary. so it is possible if he is not in any of the locations where we're searching for him, indoors, and if he has escaped, he might be seen using a device or not. that is all we have for you right now. i'm not going to


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