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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 17, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> very hard to grasp what actually happened here. i mean you just can't believe it. >> now at 11:00 o'clock, a community comes together. comforting one another and remembering the victims of a killing spree. this happens hours after the manhunt for the killer ends with the discovery of brad stone's
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body. well, good evening. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. now that the body of the suspect has been found, the focus has shifted to those he killed. six members of an extended family, dead are stop' ex-wife nicole stone, joanne gilbert, nicole's mom pat hill nicole's grandmother. stone attacked nicole's nephew anthony flick who survived. he killed nina flick anthony's sister and nicole's niece. trish flick nicole's sister and aaron john flick nicole's brother-in-law. we couldn't to follow all of the developments in this story and we have live team three coverage tonight. we begin with todd quinones at a vigil in souderton, montgomery county where those victims were remembered tonight. todd? >> reporter: and jess cash the mr. immediate thoughts and prayers here tonight of course are with annie flick who remains hospitalized in serious condition. ♪ >> reporter: the devastating
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loss being felt here is heart to calculate. there were tears, hugs and questions. the murder of 14-year-old nina flick and the stabbing of her 17 year old brother anthony who fought to protect her more than some can take. >> our hearts are broken. our communities are broken. >> after my lunch i would go upstairs and see nina there and we'd sit there and talk. but now that's not going to happen. just depressing. >> reporter: outside nina and anthony's souderton home more gathered to light candles and lay flowers down on the front porch. early monday morning police say 35-year-old accused killer bradley stone entered the flick's home murdering their mother patricia and father aar aaron. >> standing here in front of this place it's very hard to grasp what actually happened here. you can't believe it. >> reporter: many of her classmate wore batman symbols tuesday at souderton high scho school. >> she always said she would be batman some day and to me she always has been. >> reporter: at the vigil tuesday night at the emmanuel lutheran church all six victims
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were remembered. >> we know that god is with us and he's going to get everybody through this. it's just going to be a long haul. >> reporter: many are struggling with why stone would kill. >> we know friends that have been friends for him for a long time and this because not him. >> reporter: beyond the grief and sense of loss there is purpose many of his flick's friends started online funding page for anthony hoping the money will help when he comes home. so far tonight that gofundme site for anthony has raised more than $10,000. and also tonight there's an evident by the souderton telford wrote tea to establish a memorial fund for all of the victims. reporting live tonight in souderton, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd, thank you very much. let's go live now to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt. he is outside the suspect's home in pennsburg with new information tonight. david? >> reporter: chris, all is quiet in pennsburg tonight. the woods were bradley stone's body was discovered and his home. let me back out of the way so you can see. police bored up his front door
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just a few hours ago. nobody is home. they had to board it up after frantically going inside yesterday trying to find him. for the first time in two days, the streets of pennsburg are quiet. a candle on the front porch is the only light coming from bradley stone's house. >> we're really numb from what we've had to go over through over the past two days. >> reporter: montgomery county district risa vetri ferman laid out the and tire killing spree a few hours after police found stone's body in these woods. ferman says he stabbed himself to death a little over half a mile from his home. >> to have an event like this really shattered the peace and tranquility of the community is very disturbing. report roar after searching on foot in pennsburg for most of the morning, police quickly taped off the wooded area off schoolhouse road. neighbors watched from their front porches. >> now people can kind of relax a little bit more knowing they're not as in dane very any more. >> reporter: just before sick the coroner left with stone's body and police cleared the
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scene. we spoke to stone's neck door neighbor who says he had many encounters with the former marine. >> he said he had some issues that with his ex and the children were here for awhile and i guess she took them back. >> reporter: now those children are without parents and officials say a top priority is protecting them. >> most importantly they are safe and they are secure. >> reporter: until about 30 minutes ago there was a marine corps flag hanging from stone's porch. somebody came up quickly and in a car took the flag, left, they did not identify themselves. they didn't want to be on came camera. they just said the flag is coming down. investigators plan to go back inside the house tomorrow to investigate more. to fine out the big question why. we are live in pennsburg tonig tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you very much. brad stone did have a history of trouble both in and out of the courtroom. "eyewitness news" investigative reporter charlotte huffman doug through court records to learn more about the man behind the
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killing spree. most recent photo of iraqi war veteran doesn't imply a troubled past but court records show a different record. the handful of dui's, the first if 2001. in 2003 he was back in court pleading guilty to another dui. last year, same story. stone plead guilty to a dui after crashing his car. the sergeant with the marine corps reserve served about eight years until being discharged in 2011. his service includes 2008 combat tore in iraq where he was injured. court documents also show as of last year, stone was continuing treatment at the va medical center for ptsd and related conditions and then there's evidence of a financial strugg struggle. in january, stone was unable to pay 5,000 in court fines and a physician deemed him unemployable and totally disabled as a result of ptsd. court documents also show a custody battle with ex-wife and shooting victim nicole stone in
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the week leading up to yesterday's killing spree. at stake the couple's five and eight-year-old daughters. >> just last week, he had made an effort in court to try to secure custody, emergency custody of the children. and that was denied. >> reporter: on facebook yesterday, this from stone. a man who doesn't fight for his kids is a sorrowful man. stone later marying and now has an infant. most recently he's believed to have been living at this house that swat teams stormed yesterday in pennsburg. following stone's most recent dui, he applied to a veterans treatment program and just last year the county judge accepted that application saying that a group of people believed that stone wanted to help himself and get treatment. charlotte huffman cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> there were three crime scenes in the last one was in lansdale where nicole stone's mother and grandmother were found dead. our pat chiarocchi spoke with joyce gorman a friend of nicole stone's grandmother pat hill and
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her mother joanne gill brrr. they were fatally wounded and stabbed inside their house on the 100 block of west fifth street. as a confidant gorman was privy to the family's struggles. >> nicole's ex-husband was very controlling person. and he wanted to have i guess the last say in everything and he was always taking her back to court and he was away in iraq or afghanistan she was pregnant with the second child. he was in denial that the child was his. nicky had a nervous break down at that time. gorman and hill work in the rehab unit at north penn hospital. hill was a breast cancer survi survive. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage for the latest developments around the clock. you can always check >> a rainy day made for a pretty messy afternoon commute ton night, fog is moving into the area. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the cbs3 sky deck with more on that. kathy. yes, that moisture in the air, chris is making it feel a
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little bit cooler out who are even though temperatures are in the 40s which are normal highs for this time of year. take look at what we have going on across the delaware valley. on storm scan3 a few more showers will be rotating through the delaware valley associated with a cold front. not much around philadelphia but through reading and lancaster even chester county a few passing showers and sprinkles and that will move through the city during the early morning hours. we're talking about some cool temperatures. they will be falling into the 40s and through the 40s during the overnight hours and then we will be seeing some drying conditions slowly but surely over the next couple of days as the sun makes a come back. coming up we'll talk more about what's in store this week. not just the sun but another chance of snow just in time for the weekend. that's coming up with the seven day when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy see you then, thank you. in pakistan, taliban gunmen storm a school and when the shooting is over, more than 140 children and teachers are dead. the massacre occurred in the
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city of peshawar. the attack is the deadliest in pakistan in years. funeral services were already being held on tuesday night for children who went to school and never came home. tonight their surviving classmates described what they saw. >> he says we were doing our schoolwork suddenly we heard firing and the teacher toll us not to be afraid. that maybe it was a drill. >> this is not the first time the taliban has attack the school children in pakistan. back in 2012 the same faction claimed responsibility for the failed assassination attempt on the young education activist malleal la. in the wake of hacker threats the la times reports sony pictures entertainment is allowing theaters to cancel showings of the movie the interview. on tuesday hackers threatened to attack theaters when the movie debuts christmas day. the film depicts assassination plot against north korea's leader kim jong-un.
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sony pictures has told theater owners they do not have to show the movie. >> prosecutors in los angeles say bill cosby will not face charges in a decades old molestation claim. the comedian was accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl at the playboy mansion in 1974. also, today, cosby's youngest daughter supported her father in a statement she said he's the father you thought you knew. >> well, they thought they hit it big and they were going to get some money. but it was all a trap. and it was all caught on camera. accused criminals on the may line are led right into police custody. we'll tell you how next. >> and when it comes to fighting the flu, it is men versus women. new research about who gets hit harder and why. >> and a lay a way angel pay as visit to a store in pennsylvania and pays the bills to the tune of $50,000. ♪
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>> there's been a home invasion in philadelphia's somerton section. a suspect pistol whipped a man and then stole both his dog and his xbox. this happened on hershel road. police describe the suspect as about 6-foot flee, a black mail in his 20's. they say he fled the scene. we're told the victim is doing okay. three suspects accused in the beating of a same sex couple will stand trial on assault charges. philip williams, kevin harrigan and catherine knot are accused of attacking that couple last fall in center city philadelphia. one vick testimony was left with his jaw wired shut. during today's preliminary hearing his partner testified that the attack was unprovoked and started with cursing and gay slurs. defense attorneys though contend there were words and punches thrown by both sides. >> police in radnor township say eight people wanted for crimes walk right into their custody thanks to a clever reusse. officers zen the want the people
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fake letters telling them they had unclaimed money. but when the suspects arrived at the storefront address to collect, well, they were arrested. they were wanted for outstanding fines. dui's theft or burglary. some didn't realize it was all trick even after those handcuffs went on. >> they were taken into custody. we were walking out and they asked the wes if they were still going to get that check could they use that towards their bail in a very serious manner. >> out of the eight people arrested, five paid off fines. two are out on bail. radnor township police say this won't likely be the last time they orchestrate this kind of operation. on the health watch tonight, men seem to have a harder time fighting the flu. new research shows the flu vaccine is more effective in women than it is in men. when women do get the flu this study found their bodies are better at fighting off the vir virus. emergency room dr. jake deutsche says it could be a side benefit estrogen. >> the female mice who produced estrogen activate add particular
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enzyme and that enzyme was able to help them fight infection. >> doctors say the revelation could lead to new immune boosting drugs with estrogen for men. >> if you're looking for a heart healthy workout give yoga a try. a review of 40 studies found yoga may provide the same benefits aerobic exercise when it comes to lowering the risk of heart disease. researchers think that it could be related to yoga's ability to reduce stress. >> new at 11:00 o'clock a lay away angel stuns holiday shoppers in central pa. >> a man walked into a store in comer land county and dropped off a check for fiftieths san dollars. and that was enough money to pay off the lay away balances for 100 people. the donor didn't want his name to be revealed. he said he should just be called santa b. you can help make the holidays bright for kids a reminder our joy of sharing campaign is now underway. all you have to do is buy a new unwrapped toy and drop it off
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here at our studios this friday, 1555 hamilton street in philadelphia. you can do it any time from 6am to 8:00 p.m. and for a list of other drop off locations go to you can also call 215-977-joys. >> well across the world tonight jews are lighting the first candle of hanukkah. >> mayor michael nutter was at the main concourse at 30th street station as the first of eight candles was lit. the celebration including traditional music, dradle games and potato pancakes was hosted by amtrak and shabatt house at penn. it is a damp and dreary night across the delaware valley, and that moisture is making it feel a little bit cooler than these temperatures. we're mainly in the 40sth this is where normal high temperatures are for this time of year. so consider this a mild night. let's take a look at temperatures around region. right now it's 45 degrees in willow grove. no wind and barbara is saying york, there is a little bit of drugs is he. we'll go to the north and west where the temperature is
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45 degrees. bud is saying in collegeville a light wind. but we're still seeing the relative hewell at 100% and that means areas of fog across the region. in allentown, we're seeing some cool temperatures as well. it is 43 degrees in gilbertsville. eileen saying the pressure is falling, of course, that means that a cold front is moving toward the region. we take a little bit of a zoom in here i'll go up the northeast he can tension right about here to a new weather watcher. this dr. katz he's reporting in some drizzle. the temperature 43 degrees. he's saying still slight drizzle and fog happen hanukkah. happy hanukkah to be as well. if you'd like to become an "eyewitness weather" watcher. sign up now go to we are looking at conditions that are a little bit gloomy even down the shore with areas of fog. once the front moves through, the air will dry out. the humidity, of course, will lower. and we will clear out this fog across the delaware valley.
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but it is create something problems with poor visible. you can see on storm scan3, few more showers rotating through right now in lancaster county, moving toward chester county, and just be light rain during the overnight hours. but after that, we will slowly but surely be drying out. that's the good news because that means the return of some sunshine. we have to deal with poor visibility tonight in the poconos down to three tenths of a mile n allentown, reading even trenton down to a mile visibility as we zoom into our suburbs you can see pottstown visibility at 1.3 miles. quakertown a mile and a half. the same in northeast philadelphia. so really everyone seeing some type of visibility issue. temperatures in the 40s with the exception of the poconos at 37 degrees. we do have some mild air to the south. but right now it's warmer in philadelphia than it is in raleigh and atlanta and birmingham only 38 there. we are going to be seeing some warming temperatures again tomorrow. before the cold out west settles in. once the cold moves in over the weekend, it's going to stick around while.
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so we dry the air out overnight. temperatures still in the 50's with windy conditions wednesday and wednesday afternoon. cold air filters in on thursday. a day late but we have a good deal of sunshine and that will be the bonus from these colder temperatures. friday looking at partly sunny skies highs again in the 40s. so looking pretty good. so for your wednesday here's what we expect those winds picking up gusting to their miles an hour by the afternoon. temperatures will be in the 50s. it will be sunny and of course those winds relaxing after sunset. after we get through the next couple of days of cooler and sunny weather, we'll watch a developing area of low pressure that could bring a chance of snow according to our european models saturday night into sunday morning. have to watch the track of this a new model run moves in during the overnight. katie will be talking more about that tomorrow morning. could bring some rain and some light snow but this storm is showing up weaker than it has earlier this week. keep an eye on that. overnight the low 42. the fog will lift. highs tomorrow in the 50s with sunshine. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast,
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here we go. looking at temperatures cooling down. saturday, 40. sunday watching the coast. monday and tuesday staying cool. wednesday is christmas eve. and we'll talk about a snow threat christmas eve and christmas day coming up tomorr tomorrow. of course you can track the weather any time with our cbs3 weather app. check the radar, weather alerts and share your storm pictures with us. download the app now on i tunes, google play and, of course, it's available on i tunes. wake up with katie any cages in the forecast model she'll be the first to let you know at 4:30 here on cbs3 and the fun continues on the cw beginning at 7:00. >> how about that, possibility of christmas snow? >> i shouldn't say the threat. >> no. >> the possibility. >> it's not bad. >> we want snow on christmas. >> never threatened by a white christmas. >> it's what we're dreaming of. >> that's right. >> what's up with the flyers. >> the flyers are dreaming of keeping a nice little home stand going. won the first two games a four game set. the lightning in town. gray highlights. it's all coming up in sports.
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>> the flyers host the lightning tonight in game three of a four game home stan. fly guys won the first two games by nine to two margin of victory hoping to keep it going. former flyer peter forsberg with is ceremonial puck drop for the team honored him for entering the hockey hall of fame. >> within simmons sickth goal in six games. the lightning strike back. game tied. five minutes later, mason with a safe but tyler johnson knocks home the rebound. pa beat the flyers for the sixth straight time a final of three to one. >> high checking game both ways. i thought tampa did a good job. we didn't create offense seive chances tonight. they did a good job checking us. >> fans down over the dallas loss sunday night.
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the players have to let it go and move on. opportunity lost there's still a mission. finish 11 and five by beating washington and the giants and hope for help. sports radio and dallas voted our defensive coordinator to a dubious honor. one i will not repeat for leaving dez bryant if single coverage for three touchdown. what's done is done. >> all right. you will see the eagles take on the redskins right here on cbs3 saturday he had dig of sunday kickoff at 3:30. 4:00 p.m. the pre-game show then the game. 8:00 their the chargers take on the 49ers. what day on cbs3 on saturday. eagles fight for lou comb ya burt bell awards in philadelph philadelphia. merrill and ike reece and codey park company, coach vermeil. you the emcee but the real stars the dozens he of kids fighting cancer and their courageous parents and chris of michael's way the pioneer of this group
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started the ronald mcdonald house. over 500 thus san dollars raced tonight. >> whoo!
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♪ >> santa got an early start today thanks to the help from the sal vague army. >> the community center in roxborough they distributed toys with help from volunteer. they also worked with parents to pick out toys and clothing as well as stockings for their children. >> for the third consecutive year officers from philadelphia's 17th district through a party for kids. >> the children were presented with gifts and i think those bikes were probably a big hit right now they're families got a catered meal. they also received monetary he help. the philadelphia police department says it wants to adopt families who might otherwise not get gifts this time of year. they were helped by the police district's add advisory council. what fun night. we'll be right back.
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee and erika. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next the late show with david letterman tonight's guest is anna kendrick. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >>


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