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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. with his release on humanitarian ground president obama announced a sweeping change in policy to normal ice relations with cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. >> neither the the american nor cuban people are well served by a rigid policy that is rooted in the events before most of just born. >> reporter: are u.s. plans to open up a embassy, ease travel and allow for more business between the two countries. but in a phone call to cuban president raul castro president obama says a moon is in country needs to end the abuse of the citizens and allow freedom on the island. several in congress said that should have happened first. >> i'm in favor of normal icing relations with cuba but for that to happen cuba has to be normal. cuba has to be a democracy. >> reporter: only congress can completely even the embargo against cuba in place since 1961. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia's cuban community has a milk reaction to the president a's historic action. the as our pat ciarrocchi
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reports, for many, this is personal. >> it is fantastic. >> reporter: chef of philadelphia's cuba libre, became emotional his wife is cuban with her family still there. >> my wife, i think that she would be very happy; i'm hand i for her. >> reporter: lifting some restrictions some political, some economic, president obama opened a door that has been closed for 50 years. >> he got in travel to cuba anytime she wants because obama lifted the visa restrictions. >> reporter: the chef watched the president a's historic noon time announce. live right here at the cbs broadcast center. >> the the island needs it. you have to see the the poverty that these people live through. everything that they suffer for. with no reason whatsoever. it wasn't their fault. it is not of their doing. it is castro's doing. >> reporter: for jimenes, a
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school reform commissioner whose parents were born in cuba, the president's opening of diplomatic relations was surprising. jimenes says cuba's economy isn't a free economy. >> it is still a place where people don't have freedom of expression, for individuals don't have a true democracy process where people are restrict in how much they can earn because the cuban government determines what everybody's salary is. >> reporter: not on the table lifting of the embargo that has cut off trade to cuba. >> these changes, all those controversial. >> reporter: still the chef hopes that this becomes a first step for the cuban people. >> it will not affect it immediately, unless the united states of america is able to travel to cuba freely and cubans are able to travel all over the world freely. >> reporter: for the chef he is making frivolous but very enthusiastic because some new financial rules will permit cuban cigars to be brought in the u.s., legally.
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live from the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat, thank you. cuban american law makers in new jersey are speaking out begins u.s. plans to restore diplomatic relation was cuba u.s. senate foreign relations committee chairman robert jimenes, whose parents came from new york from cuba just before he was born chrisized the deal. >> it is a falsecy to believe that cuba will reform because an american president opens his hands and the castro brothers will suddenly unclean much their fist. >> be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, and coming up 59:30, we will have a full report from miami on reaction there. also we want to know what you think about the the move to restore ties with cuban. you can connect with us a at philly. you can end is us a a tweet at cbs philly and join the on line conversation. a community is mourning the loss of a high school student who was hit and killed as she walk to her school bus today. she was crossing the street at
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intersection of bridge water road and bensalem boulevard in bensalem. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us from the the police department there with more on what happened, syma. >> reporter: well, chris a 16 year-old girl was crossing the street to get on her bus when she was struck and killed by an suv driven also by a teenager. now we have talk with the victim's friend who could not stop crying over this loss. >> unaudible. >> daniel madeo is devastate todd learn her friend, mennet z eka was struck and killed, happening on bensalem boulevard near bridge water road around 6:30 this morning. chopper three was over the scene. police say the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> i spent every day with her. >> reporter: that move will haunt madeo, she says zeka saved her life at the bus stop
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once before and wished she could have have return the favor. >> she grabbed me a couple weeks ago and prevented me from being hit. i was than the there for her today. >> reporter: grief counselors were at bensalem high school where zeke was a sophomore. >> very, very dedepressing, everybody looks so sad. >> reporter: driver of the suv is an 18 year-old high school student at a technical school. he ran past the the bus's stop sign arm and hit the girl as she crossed the street work four other students. >> both lives, one is gone and family is ruin, you know, and the other one's life no matter what happens to him he will not get that out of his head. >> reporter: parents say today's accident should be a remainder for students to pay attention when they catch the bus. >> teaching them to stop and look both ways because they think they are going to a safe place, the bus. >> reporter: police have not released the identity of the driver, so far, no charges have been filed. now coming up at 6:00 hear what school officials are
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considering, to prevent subsequent like this one. we are live from bensalem, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thank you very much. in delaware county tonight a person is dead after being hit by a freight train. this happened in darby. chopper three was over the scene there as police and paramedics surveyed main and sixth streets. the medical examiner's office has not yet released any information about the victim and it is not clear just how that person wound up in the path of that train. well, mild day to day but it is not going to last, there is some cold air moving into the region. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with a first look at the the forecast, and it is pretty windy right now, kathy. >> yes, it is, what do you say, chris, wind gusting to 30 miles an her right before we went on the air, this huge gust came out of no where. we are still seeing wind across the area but we are also seeing very cold temperatures being ushered in as well. look the at the high today, we did make it up to 52 degrees,
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we will get the official number in the next half an hour. average high for this date, 44 degrees. well above average. storm scan three you cane mostly cloudy skies, we have some snow showers well to the north in new york, new england, we will stay dry, just cold, right now in the city, 48, 44 in a allentown. thirty-six in the poconos. forty-three in reading. temperatures falling fast because we have some cold air moving in. gusting to 31 miles an her in wilmington. right new gusting to 29 in trenton and center city gusting to 30. first forecast shows temperatures falling through the 40's through the evening period, less win by 11:00 p.m. and temperature of 38 degrees. so, coming up we will talk about the much cooler weather coming our way, it will be seasonally cold and more sun at last, we have in the had a sunday yet this month. we're still waiting. our next snow chance is in the forecast, two storms to talk about before christmas. kate and i will be back with more later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank you. a gun was found inside a
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high school in northeast philadelphia and tonight a student is facing charges. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at samuel fels high school with the latest, on the investigation, david? jessica, police charged an 18 year-old student with bringing a gun on campus, he is in police custody answering tough questions about why he brought the gun to the high school, meanwhile things are quiet now but police want to know how he was able to get a gun through metal detectors. >> he just started seeing policeman come by, swat. >> reporter: brian king says he was on his way to the front office when he got wind, that there was a gun inside of fels high school. >> terrifying, just thinking about how there was somebody who was inside school and they could not find him afterwards. >> reporter: the big question was where was the the gun and was it loaded. after several hours of searching police found the silver revolver inside a trash can inside the school's weight room. police say the gun did not have any bullets inside.
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>> there is metal detectors, video surveillance of the entrance, so right now we are reviewing northeast detectives and they are doing an investigation and they are reviewing video of each entrance and exit. >> reporter: police were on the scene minutes after a student took a cell phone picture of the gun inside the building. detectives spent hours questioning students as parents anxiously await add cross the street. >> i'm scared to death, i'm worried that my daughter and son are in there and i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: after swat team and police took gun away, will school opened again but parents still have have plenty of questions. >> you go to will school, everybody ought to get searched. how did a gun get inside of the school. >> reporter: police promised a full review to find out why the metal detectors, did not work. there the was a fight on the school's campus. we are told there was also some kind of a threat made on monday about a weapon on campus but that turnout to be a bogus threat. a lot of activity, this week. at the high school.
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we are live, in northeast philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, david. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we have new insight in the man behind killing spree that left six people dead in montgomery county. >> they say it was a tragedy they never saw coming, i'm justin finched in pensberg talking to those who knew bradley stone. >> they got in but they could not get out. how some local burglary suspects got trapped in the target. then we will get an inside look at the terror threats against movie theaters, that screened sony's the interview. there is breaking news on this we will have monther w
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investigation into the montgomery county killing spree, continues tonight, the suspect bradley stone found dead in the woods, near his home, just about 24 hours ago, tonight, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us some people who knew him didn't know he a had a troubled past. >> reporter: helpful, friendly quiet, all words used to describe bradley stone by those who knew him. >> i don't remember him ever having a temper even, i don't remember anybody having a problem with him at all. >> reporter: john gillmer commander of the american legion post in lansdale recalls meeting stone ten years ago when stone was in charge of the post bar. >> when i saw him in 2011, he was drinking, he had different prescriptions for a antidepressants. >> reporter: adam stone served under stone in the marine core, when he last saw stone, he was struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, coupled with years of fighting
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with his years of fighting with his ex-wife nicole hill. >> wow yell on the highway and they go back and forth yelling at each other. >> reporter: fast forward to early monday morning, detectives say stone, killed his ex-wife and five members of her family, across three montgomery county neighborhoods. after shooting and killing his ex-wife authorities say that stone left their two young daughters with the neighbor, before taking his own life, in woods near his pensberg home. the killings new believed, have been sparked by an ongoing custody dispute between stone and hill over his two daughters. back on stone's block so many unanswered questions. several of stone's neighbors and associates tell us they never thought he was capable of hurting anyone. they say all they can do now is rally around the families now grieving six of their own. in pensberg i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, stay with "eyewitness news" for our continuing coverage of the killing spree, for very latest, around the clock just check out cbs police say two would be
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burglars got trapped in a target in somerton early wednesday morning. authorities tell "eyewitness news" that the two men sawed a hole through the the back door of the store but then they tripped a silent alarm. police arrived, mid burglary and after a three hour search, including a k-9 unit, officers found the pair inside an air shaft one lying on top of the other. >> did you really think you could getaway with that, honestly, okay. tis the season to give, bless others, not take. >> had the scene been successful this would have been seventh burglary in the target store in the philadelphia region in just one month. philadelphia police are investigating the possibility that road rage led to this crash, of this taxi cab in center city. chopper three over 19th and spruce just before 8:00 this morning. one person was taken to jefferson university hospital, no word on their conditions. police are looking tonight for a bike rider who was caught on tape attempting to
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burglarize a home. take a look at that tape right now. you can see suspect removing a window screen from the home in the 400 block of catherine street and then riding off. minutes later though he came back, and jumped through the window. an alarm sounded and scared that person off. nothing was taken in the incident that happened back on november 21st but if you recognize that man, you you are asked to call the police. saving on gas, in 2015, coming up, we will crunch the number to see how many hundreds of dollars might go back into your pocket. >> sound good. >> also ten penndot workers and contractors are arrested, they are accused of scheming taxpayers out of more than a million-dollar. leslie. eagles continue to prepare for washington and the injuries list grows longer and nick foles back at practice today but just how close he to playin
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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santa made an earlier appearance in the 17th police district in philadelphia for annual christmas caravan, about 100 kids received gifts and a visit from the big man himself. that is important. students, from the philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts also helped out. a reminder to you our joy of sharing campaign is now underway, you you can be apart of it buy a new unwrap toy at 1555 hamilton street in philadelphia. we will be here from 6:00 a.m.
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to 8:00 p.m., all day, for a list of other drop off locations go to cbs, and give us a call at 215-977-joys. kathy's back in from a windy sky deck, i thought you might take off like a flying nun. >> it was, yes. gusty all day. it will be gusty tomorrow. still some wind. but tomorrow, even colder. we are talking about wind chills tomorrow, that at least we will see some sunshine. something we have not even that much this month. only two partly sunny days the entire month. outside we also have some snow in the poconos, looking good, this little mild out there, we are looking at cold temperatures at jack frost big boulder and here comes a skier, hey, down the hill, looking good good mountain dew himself. >> that is how i like to go. >> lets look at our live neighborhood network and our temperatures are mild, in magnolia temperature 46.
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fifty in lumberton. drexel hill in the upper darby high school wind north/north east at 13 miles an hour and temperature right now 44 degrees. plymouth meeting and colonial middle school 47 degrees. wind west/north west at 8 miles an hour. as we look ahead on storm scan three you can see on snow showers, up through, new york, and also through new england. for us we have a mostly cloudy sky, that will give way to some clearing overnight. forty-eight in philadelphia. forty-four allentown. thirty-six in the poconos. you can see where this cold air is from western pennsylvania through the midwest and columbus. it is 29. nashville 39 degrees. little rock 41. here is all of the mild era head of it. today last mild day for a while, because winter will return tonight. you can see wind out of the west/northwest generally between ten and 15 miles an hour, higher in the atlantic city and dover, sustain at 17 miles an hour. still gusty out there. we will be seeing our area of low pressure impacting our weather moving farther north
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and east, cold high pressure builds in but different in pressure between these two systems will still create that wind for your thursday, and as we go into early friday. but then friday things beginning to settle down. lots of sunshine. temperatures will be cold but seasonably coal in the 40's. we have talk earlier in the week about a saturday/sunday storm but that storm system will stay to our south and it looks like we will be dry over the weekend. take a look at that forecast overnight, turning colder with a few clouds, low temperature 33 degrees. still seeing gusty winds for your thursday, it will be sunny but wind chills will be in the 30's with temperatures in the 40's. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, thursday 43. same for friday with more sun, could be our first sunny day of the entire month and then by saturday the clouds move back in, the the temperature 41 degrees. the there is another storm brewing for christmas eve, kate will talk more about that next half an hour with the seven day, for
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eagles getting ready for washington, big changes on the defense. we will get to that in a moment. nick foles was back in practice as that broken collar bone continues to heel. he is 70 percent. he will in the play this saturday. he did throw more during today then he has in weeks. chip kill difficult not rule out foles returning at some point but not right now. >> he didn't do anything, we didn't throw at all, it was kind of a walk through. so, he threw it around today. bonus not healed. biggest thing i think nick can throw. you will not see anything. he cannot have any contact because if he gets hit he can be reinjured. the that is the biggest concern. >> eagles will be without, trent cole, this saturday, he had surgery to repair a broken bone in his left hand injured in sunday's game with dallas.
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brandon graham will be taking his place. you can watch eagles game right here on cbs-3. we have a full day of football action, first we will get you ready with toyota kick off special a 3:30. at 4:00 we have nfl network pregame show followed by eagles/washington game at 4:30, that will be followed by chargers and 49ers and it is all right here on cbs-3. >> we have you taken care of. >> we all know what we will be doing saturday afternoon, bring it on. >> leslie, thank you. still to come here in the next an hour we will follow developing news. president with a historic announce. restoring diplomatic relation was cuba we will have a full report from miami where there is a lot of reaction tonight. that is coming up. then a terrifying u.s. bound flight as violent turbulence forced an emergency landing, more than a dozen people were injured. then new at 6:00 a local police department for a second pair of eyes, we will tell you where home, business owners are urged to join the crime
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i'm chris may, here is some of the day's top stories for you, release of american hostage allen gross in cuban hurleds the historic day to day. president obama announced steps to restore diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba for the first time in half century. shock and sadness in bensalem after this high school student walking to the
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bus, is hit and killed today. and fels high school in the northeast has been put on lock down after report of a gun. officers did recover an unloaded revolver in the trash can in that school's weight room. we are told an 18 year-old male student is now facing charges. kate? thanks, chris. good evening. lets take a look at our weather headlines. we had a mild day as temperatures rose in the 50's but those temps heading back to normal as we get in the day tomorrow. we will keep the chill a around in the weekend. it looks generally dry in the weekend but we are keeping a close eye on christmas eve as storm moves into the northeast bringing rain, and perhaps snow in a few spots. we will look closer at that in a bit, jessica. >> kate, thank you. corruption investigation involving penndot leads to ten arrests and multiple felony fraud charges. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tell us at rest are part of the larger investigation that stretches beyond philadelphia. >> these defendants are
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accused of being involved in a massive overtime scam. >> reporter: scam that cost taxpayers at least 1.2 million-dollar, according to cheap deputy attorney general eric olson, nine of the ten defendants were arraigned wednesday morning. here's how at alleged crime breaks down at the top, penndot manager alexander marron and william rose set i on the right, underneath them eight different penndot highway inspectors. they would put in for overtime that they didn't work. marron and rosety would approve the ot and get paid by each inspector. >> it sound war than what it is. >> reporter: brian collins is the attorney for christopher, one of the accused inspectors. he a said his client is innocent. >> i think what you'll find out when this case revolves itself is that mr. louch acted honestly. >> reporter: or contractors who work for outside companies. prosecutors are not sure if these companies will be charged.
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>> they profited immensely from this. that i can say is part of our ongoing investigation. we are no where close took done. >> reporter: wednesday's arraignments are just a part of what the attorney general's office calls an active, wide ranging investigation into penndot's district. officials say they have uncovered over five million-dollar worth of fraud so far and as the chief deputy attorney general put it every time one door is opened, it leads to two more. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". overnight fire in west philadelphia, leads to the evacuation of a row home, unit where is called to the 5400 block of west girard avenue just before 2:30 and found a fire on the first floor. no one was hurt. cause of the fire not immediately known. delaware county doctor is charged with operating a pill mill out of his baltimore pike office. doctor says doctor lawrence wean wrote prescriptions for cash and was essentially a drug dealers. >> may pictures of those drug
5:33 pm
dealers as scruff i individuals selling in corner a and neighborhoods and playgrounds but we also attacked those drug dealers wearing white coats. >> reporter: doctor wean's arrest comes after a three month investigation, he is being held tonight on $500,000 bail. in pakistan they continued to mourn tonight, and hold funerals for the 148 victims of tuesday's school massacre. as special prayers services in peshawar, students and governmental officials gathered and remembered the dead. most of those killed were school children. the government is now declared a three day mourning period, and pakistan's prime minister is promised to go root outer wrist. severe turbulence leads to an emergency landing in tokyo, cell phone video captures the chaos, flight 280 was on its the way to dallas fort worth when it ran if to turbulence so severe, anything that wasn't nailed down went flying into the air. some of those injuries were
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serious. >> all on the plates and everything flew up and plate a across his head, had a nice bump and a little gash on there. >> the flight attendants i knew one flew up and hit exit sign on the top of the plane and another almost passed out, there were lots of calls for doctors and nurses. >> the boeing 777, 200 was carrying 240 passengers and 15 crew members. fourteen people on board were hurt, five had to be taken to the hospital. officials say most of the passengers were able to complete their journey later in the day. well, there is breaking news rights now, sony has canceled the chris in mass release of the controversial new film the interview, in the face of threats from hacker group responsible for recent cyber attack is a against sony. decision comes after a major theater chain had scrapped their plans for premiers. this film centers around plot to kill the north korean dictator kim june un. in a statement sony says quote
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we stand by our film makers and right to free expression and extremely disappoint by this outcome. it is unclear who is behind the attack on sony but law enforcement sources tell cbs news there is evidence that points to hackers either inside north korea or outside regime working on behalf of that communist government. good afternoon, we will start off, where we're seeing pretty typical jams here on i-95, a approaching betsy ross bridge here is southbound lanes, really crawling and same story heading north bound into northeast philadelphia over on the schuylkill expressway, near the boulevard, most of that jam is head ing eastbound toward center city area we can see break lights in the westbound lanes as well. a few problems in new jersey, one here on the new jersey turnpike involving an overturn vehicle southbound at exit 7a, so that pushed us over in the shoulder for time being so you can use caution when traveling through there. out on the black horse pike in runnemede, new jersey at
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haverford road and another crash, police activity on the scene, so just use caution there. 422 westbound heavy from 202 into oaks, 19 minute, 22 minutes out on 202 into the schuylkill expressway, to route 30 southbound, that is a a little bit slow there. in problems here for september, new jersey transit and dart and currently no delays at philadelphia international airport. jessica, back over to you. still to come on "eyewitness news" just how many hundreds of dollars drivers are expect to save on gas next year. it is biggest criminal case ever brought in the u.s. over contaminated medicine, deadly medic guys out break led to the arrest of 14 people. when two political pundit brothers were bickering on live television a surprise guest called into settle the spat. hear how their mom tried to settle family feud, kate. it almost felt like a taste of spring today but we are heading back toward late december kind of weather tomorrow. sun returns for next few days but we will talk about a
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potential storm heading in to christmas travel next week. i'll have all that
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well, good news here
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motorist are up this holiday. u.s. drivers will save an additional $550 next year, according to the government. the average price for gas, nationwide is now down to $2.51 a gallon. and gas and oil prices dropping steadily over the last few months due to lower tea manned in europe and asia. the last time pricees were this low back in 2004. arguments between democrats and republicans are nothing new but when two brothers began bickering on tv, their mom decided to call. >> i am your mother, and i don't think all families are like ours. i don't know many families that are fighting, at thanksgiving. >> look at their faces. they are so dejected by the phone call. >> she told her sons that she expects them to resolve their difference so they can have a peaceful christmas. >> mom, how embarrassing. come on, mom. well, listen, you have to
5:41 pm
listen to your mom even if you are on national television. >> even if you air grown up, they can still call and tell to you straighten up. >> they always reserve that right, yep. >> we will be
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fourteen people are under arrest for selling tainted steroids linked to amening guys out break that killed 64 people in 2012. authorities swooped in early this morning as they arrested two co founders of a defunct laboratory in massachusetts the new england compounding center. the other 12 arrested were employees. they were accused of running a filth i lab that left
5:44 pm
hundreds of people infected with a rare fungal form of meningitis. new research says that smokers who use electronic cigarettes more than doubled their chances of stopping smoking. the study followed 650 current smokers, researchers found nearly 10 percent of people who used e cigarettes were able to stop smoking within a year. philadelphia police department is honoring some of its finest officers today, commendation ceremony was held at fop headquarters. four officers there received a medal of valor for extraordinary acts of courage. seventeen others received medal of heroism, 24 received a medal of bravery for making outstanding arrests and 38 officers received the the life saving award. well, more on today's historic move as the u.s. and cuba plan to restore diplomatic relations, first time that has happened in more than 50 years. the move was announced after release of american allen gross who had been a prisoner in cuba for the last five
5:45 pm
years. president obama says it is time for a new approach. >> making she is changes because it is the right thing to do. today america choose toes cut loose the shackles of the past, reach for a better future. for the the cuban people, for the american people. >> the president hopes to open up an embassy in had havana, he will also ease travel, restrictions, and allow more business between the two nations. many lawmakers and many cuban americans are not happy with this today. reporter nationally zia from wfor in miami has more from little havana. >> reporter: only punches that were scheduled to be thrown outside cafe, in little havana were for promotions even for a cuban born boxer but jabs here are verbal and political. outrage towards obama administration's spread through the the crowd of cuban americans, gathered when they
5:46 pm
learned about the new sweeping policy changes towards cuba, reestablishing diplomatic ties between the two nations. >> i think it is a betrayal, for the cuban is here in miami. these every people that lived here their whole lives, they sacrifice todd try to get things change in cuba. >> for the last six years this administration has been talking to cuba, everything in exchange for nothing. what have they done for the the cuban people. >> reporter: one man spent most of his days condemning decision speak nothing spanish throughout the streets have of little had van a others used old fashion face-to-face confronttation. >> unaudible. >> reporter: george has a minority opinion in this crowd supporting the obama's new policy. >> cubans and americans can interact, when americans can fly to havana as easily as to cancun, and paris, that will
5:47 pm
cause the cuban regime to become less and less relevant in the lives of every day cubans. >> reporter: it was in the long before an argument broke out. >> it is epitome of absurdity. >> have you asked people in cuban what they think of the sanctions. >> yes, but nobody cares about cuban prisoners. >> reporter: edwin gonzales says to support cuba and travel to the island would be an insult to the previous generation. >> i would view it as a betrayal to him and what he left cuba for. >> reporter: there are plenty of police officers out here to keep the peace as the crowd swells. they have the miami dade police helicopter in the air making sure everything stays safe. miami's mayor encouraged protesters who want to come down here to make their opinions heard. in little had van, national least zea, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". this story has generate add lot of attention on social media we want to know what you think about the move to restore ties with cuba connect with us at
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philly or tweet us at cbs philly and join the on line conversation. well to day was almost a little taste of spring as temperatures rose into the 50's, almost 10 degrees above normal, normal high around 44. we got to 53. according to our weather watchers colder air is moving in. lets check in with a few of these people, we will start off with lou in norristown reporting 43 degrees. mostly cloudy. he says wind are getting gusty. we are seeing gusts up to 30 miles an hour right now, we will move over the border in to new jersey where bill herlock is in cherry hill reporting 47 degrees. mostly cloudy conditions. lets take a look at these win reports, all across at witness weather watcher network, dave in reading reporting 20 miles an hour, bet home we have keith reporting 16 miles an hour wind. connie in philadelphia reporting 16 miles an hour wind. middletown delaware 15 miles an hour. but we have beautiful sunset pictures tonight. lets focus in on this one from jason and looking nice there in middletown delaware despite
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the clouds this evening. so if you have weather, you too can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs again a very mild day outside today and in the best news for the ski resorts that are looking for cold to make the snow to day was above average in the poconos. lights are on. we have plenty of snow on the slopes here in jack frost and big bold inner carbon county and more for at least poconos as we head into next week there could be a chance for nature made snow. quiet through rest of the week and we are keeping a eye on christmas eve. everything is quiet. lets zoom out and take a look what is happening across the eastern part of the country at least north east and we will see upper level storm spinning over great lakes, cold air lock up within the system but you that is starting to be unleash here tonight and tomorrow. it is not extreme cold. temperatures right back where they should be but will be a change from today. here's our next system, it will stay south of us as we head into sunday.
5:50 pm
we have been looking at chance of showers or snow showers sunday it looks like that will move away. question is how will that impact our next system heading our way into next week. temperatures right now starting to drop a bit but still comfortable, above average. forty-eight at the airport. forty-six in trenton. forty-eight in at atlantic city. colder 35 in mount pocono and cold your air that a has already arrived across northern plains, great lakes and upper midwest where temperatures are in the mid 20's in chicago, 27 inialpena and 30 in cleveland. that colder air is heading our way. i showed you win rorrer from weather watchers. current wind all across the region are pretty gusty right now. current sustain wind 15 to 20 miles an hour with gusts as high as 25 or 30 miles an hour. we are heading back to normal. we were at 48 monday. two days in the 50's. mild for this time of the year. notice our average high for today is 44. we were at 53 today. tomorrow and friday temperatures fall right back down to where they should be, for late december. forty-three is the average for
5:51 pm
tomorrow and that is where we will be. overnight tonight a few clouds, it is breezy, turning colder as we drop close to freezing in the city. down below freezing in the north and western suburbs certainly winds westerly at 15 to 20 miles an hour. still gusty wind as we get into tomorrow and you will feel the chill. temperatures back where they should be but will feel colder after a few days in the 50's. tomorrow's high 43 and chance for winds to gust to 30 miles an hour in the afternoon. lets take a look at this potential for christmas eve. as of right now this is european model showing this system is staying to the west. if this is great lakes, storm, we're a on the warm side and this would be all rain. here's christmas eve. you can see the green. any snow is lock up to the north, on christmas day that moves up into canada. chance of a few flurries. that is what we are looking at. it does look like a rain maker on christmas eve but regardless most of the computer models have some sort of storm signal for middle of next week. whether it is rain, snow, gusty winds, there may be travel disruptions for next wednesday. you may want to start planning ahead, get travel options in place as we head toward the
5:52 pm
christmas holiday next week. here is you're witness weather seven day forecast, tomorrow and friday are sunny and dry, temperatures where they should be for this time of the year, mostly cloudy through the weekend highs in the 40 lower 40's. cannot rule out stay shower monday, better chance on tuesday and then look for rain on christmas eve and it should clear out for christmas day, we will keep you pose todd as we head through rest of the week. now back over to you. >> we have now reached the the heart of the holiday season and so many of you continue to send in picture of your holiday lights display using hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights. lets look at new ones this one matt lombard owe in allentown parks he sent us this amazing display out in his front yard. matt the well done and thanks for send if you go that picture. lets take a look at elizabeth, who sent this picture in. she says these are her cousin's christmas inflatables. they have the train set here. a couple mickey mousees and all of the characters from rodolph, including the the
5:53 pm
abdominal snow monster. you have to love that. thanks very much. finally from george he send in this picture from easy street and south dennis, new jersey a beautiful display, we know there is nothing easy about setting up these lights but pay off is sure worth it. we want to see your holiday lights. send your pictures on social media using hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights or e-mail them directly to us, send them to holiday lights at still ahead on "eyewitness news" this weeks story of brotherly love, volunteers helping disable people have a merry christmas, that is coming up.
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get ready foat the volkswagen engineered holidsign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the precisely engineered passat tdi. ah, the gift of clean diesel. for the new volkswagen on your list this year, just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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during the holidays so many people make donations of food or money, some people like to throw a party for people who might not otherwise have one. >> we met up with volunteers at a facility run by kencrest a none in profit that serves thousands with disabilities. ukee washington has the story on have this weeks brotherly love. >> reporter: carly mcray is making new friends and helping them decorate this years christmas tree. >> these are ornament they have made throughout the years. >> reporter: most of the 17 clients in the group home, could not walk or talk. they require 24 hour nursing care. staffers and volunteers put up the tree every year. jean le partof the it was there a music therapist play is here once a week. today it is all holiday songs. >> something fun to do besides sitting and watching tv. something new and special for them.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: staffers and volunteers sing along, some play along. jean is covered by a, generous donor in memory of the former resident. another donor provided lunch. >> we had a group, a caterer, who has donated his time and food for everybody. >> reporter: members of the montgomery county development corporation, joined the party as well, including desiree miller of peco. >> the fact that we're able to communicate with these people who are still so enjoying it has been fulfilling. >> a lot of smiles they are putting on our faces, nice day overall. >> i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 friends remember a teenage girl hit and killed just while trying to catch the best. hear how this accident is prompting school officials to take a closer look at their safety procedures. plus a historic move between the u.s. and cuba, two countries a announced they are restoring diplomatic relations, it is a development drawing praise and criticism,
5:59 pm
kathy? from 50's to 30's, within hours, and it is blustery across the delaware valley, we will talk about how cold it will get, and two storms before christmas. the the possibilities in that seven day forecast. and police in new jersey town are reaping up with the community to fight crime, we will tell you where extra eyes are watching now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. unaudible. >> a tragedy at a bus stop a teenage girl trying to cross the the street is hit and killed by an suv. police say that the driver of that suv is also a teenager. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm yes, sir contact dean. the tragic accident is prompting school officials in bensalem to review, safety procedures at the district's bus stop.
6:00 pm
but 16 year-old mennet z eka was crossing at bridge water road and bensalem boulevard when she was hit. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live with more details, syma. >> reporter: jessica, friends of the zeka will be holding a vigil for her tonight, zeka was crossing the street and she was struck by an suv as she was trying to on her school bus. the friend we spoke with said she was a kind person who had a bright future. >> oh, my god, she's dead. she got hit. >> reporter: friend of 16 year-old mennet zeka are devastate todd learn she was killed trying to get on her school bus. it happened on bensalem boulevard near bridge water road at 6:40 wednesday morning. >> i don't think people see the lights or they just don't care they get past it. >> reporter: police say the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> i used to ride the bus every day with her. >> reporter: danielle


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