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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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six families involving a dozen people are out of their home here in wilmington, this morning. you can see how defer stating this fire was. you can see almost all the way through some of the units here, now, three people from this location, also, had to be taken to the hospital. this was the second of two serious fires just miles away from one another, here in new castle county, delaware on sunday. meantime, as fire investigators look for a cause, an autopsy will be performed today, on the person who was killed, over in claymont. >> two fires, in new castle county, delaware sunday. one person dead, and dozens homeless. both fast-moving fires leaving only a shadow of what once was behind. >> i was looking from here, my apartment was burning, everything is burning. my tears came out, you notice it is very tough. >> close to 40 others are displace from the their homes, here at the harbor house ants on harbor drive in claymont. this fire started around 2:30 sunday morning in a third floor apartment.
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by the time fire crews arrived, the building was engulfed in flames. >> we definitely were engulfed before we got on location. >> took crews three hours to control the fire. one person was found dead inside after apartment. and 72 year old man, had to be rescued and taken to the hospital. later sunday night, around 9:00 another fire. this time, at the apartments on butter nut court in wilmington there is fire sent three people to the hospital for minor injuries. including a paramedic and firefighter, and here, 12 people, are now displaced. >> it is amazing how resilient people are after a fire. and these people will be resilient. >> but it is a determination many are finding hard to muster, the loss so much harder to take this close to the holidays. >> it is right before christmas, it is tough. tough to believe. >> we're told the damage will exceed $1 million, in these fires, and the red cross is helping those families who are displace in the morning. reporting live in wilmington, jan carabeo, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. new this morning, a main line 7-eleven clerk roughed up during a overnight robbery. it happened just after midnight on the 5300 block of city avenue. investigators tell us, that two men walked in, demanding cash. one of those suspects had a gun. the suspect got a which with cash, lottery tickets, and cigarettes. the store cashier was taken to the hospital for a back injury, after getting pushed against a wall by one of those robbers. >> meanwhile, police finds some new evidence in the case of the missing west chester university student shane montgomery. >> new jersey dive team assisting with the search found his keys in the schuylkill river yesterday after searching for hours. the 21 year old last seen 25 days after leaving kill dare's bar, in manayunk. resuming their search next weekend. >> coming up on 03:00, over to carol for our traffic and
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weather together, good morning. >> good morning, clouds rolling in, temperatures today like they were yesterday, 40 degrees, but without the sunshine, today's the first full day of winter, and doesn't it look like it temperature wise in reading at 23 degrees. no winds this morning or not much winds. so, the temperatures up 23, feel like 23, not that much colder. our storm scan3, shows the clouds that are starting to roll in here. we will find more of these, as we go through the day, and also some shower chances start to pop up as these rain showers moving in. 30 degrees out at the airport right now, in philadelphia, 34 in trenton, 26 degrees in wilmington, cold start to the day. the finish of the day, though, will be about 40 degrees. notice this. if you are headed to the poconos, 6:00 through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, just be aware of the possibility of some dangerous travel, that's the area of the freezing rain advisory. you are maybe going to be encountering a trace of ice in that location, in the poconos, as go through tonight and very first thing tomorrow morning, for everybody transitions over to rain.
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now, around here, just going to be rain showers with temperatures well above the freezing mark, 40 degrees, for our temperatures today. let's check on these roads right now with jessica. >> thank you, carol. good morning, everybody, i'm not too much really going on on most of the rage ores, everything pretty much moving along rather smoothly so far this morning. we go outside, show you exactly what i am talking about on 95, around broad, everything moving great here, southbound, headed toward the city, looking -- where the taillights are, looking great there. northbound lanes no problems, there as well. over on the schuylkill expressway, starting to build little volume around conshohocken, everything moving great westbound and eastbound. but we do have some problems, for septa, the route 13 trolley, having some wire problems, now, they're shuttling buses from mount moriah to yeadon road, yeadon, excuse me, over on 422 eastbound, from oaks into 202, still clear there, that's going to take but seven minutes, and 12 minutes on 202, headed northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway. still some emergency construction on easton road near fitzwatertown road.
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alternate to get around that for the time took take york road. that's been out since friday. expect that to be therefore quite some time. currently, no delays at the philadelphia international airport. diana being back over you. >> police departments across the nation on high alert this morning following the weekends ambush killings of two new york city police officers. >> many union leaders are warning officers to wear bulletproof vests, and be minds full of their post on social media. don champion joins us now, live at the crime scene in brooklyn where a vigil took place last night. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, over my shoulder you can see the memorial for the officers that continues to grow, even into the we hours of the night. people were coming here, bringing candles, and flowers, as the nypd mourns fellow officers running told to stay alert, and work in pairs. nypd officers stood alongside members of the public in brooklyn sunday, to pay tribute to two officers who were ambushed. >> the asomugha nation of
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members of our family, of our community, we all mourn together. >> forty year old rafael ramos, and 32 year old wenjian liu shot and killed as they sat in their cruisers saturday. moments later the gunman, 28 year olds ismaaiyl brinsley took his own life. moment of silence was held for the officers at madison square garden sunday before the new york rangers carolina hurricanes game. wenjian liu, seven year veteran, married only two month, ramos, father of two, joined the nypd two years ago. >> i hope and pray that we can reflect on this tragic loss of life that has occurred so that we can move forward. >> hours before the shoot shooting here investigators say brinsley shot and wounded his exgirlfriends in maryland. they also say he posted threats on social media against police in retaliation for the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. the shooting happened a mid growing outrage over police brutality. >> today is about changing the system. >> this weekend hundreds marched in philadelphia, while
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others shutdown street in downtown cleveland. and the wake of this weekends' shooting, officers in new york city have been advise today work in pairs for their safety and in an effort of bringing the city together, later today, mayor bill did diblasio s set to deliver a speech, we are told that that speech will folk just on strengthening the bonds between the community and the police. erika, diana, back to you. >> all right, don champion reporting in new york city for thus morning. >> president obama calls new york city police commissioner bill bratton to offer his condolances. >> police commissioner charles ramsey, who also co-chairs the president's task force on 21st century policing, weighed in. >> it wasn't like a high risk operation or something, where you know you are putting your live at risk. just sitting in the car, maybe just looking out of the window, and then all the sudden someone comes up and just murders you, i mean, ya, that's enough to make you angry. just doesn't make any sense at all. >> philadelphia mayor michael
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nutter released a statement on the killings saying in part, we americans must acknowledge that we have a clear problem with violence in our country. we must all commit to a pathway of non-violence, citizens, and police officers, alike, as we participate in the civic life of our communities and nations. police in florida say fugitive trying evade arrest shot tampa area police officer then ran him over. authorities say officer charles condabbing responds today noise call sunday morning, at apartment complex in tarp end springs. he was returned to the hospital where he later died of his injuries. officer condabbing previously served in the new york city police department. investigators do not believe that the officer's death had anything to do with the killings of two new york city police officers. hundreds of demonstrators take to the streets of philadelphia. they took part in the black-out philly march calling for racial equality in the us. protesters started at 15th and arch last night, they circled city hall, and then continued down the parkway ending at the
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art museum steps. police say the protests were peaceful. a local motorcycle club will ride today in honor of fallen fire lieutenant joyce craig. craig was the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty in philadelphia. the 11-year fire veteran died while battling a fire in west oaklane earlier this month. warriors watched riders will meet this evening at the home depo on roosevelt boulevard, and rising sun avenue, at 6:30, they'll hold moment of silence for craig and then hit the road. >> well, 6:09. coming up on "eyewitness news", new development in the sony hacking scandal as the obama administration considers its next move. >> and boxing legend muhammad ali hospitalized. what the 72 year old is being treated for and what doctors are saying about his prognosis we'll
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>> leopards bernards forced his ways into 576 year olds, and left with almost $10,000 worth of jewelry. police issued search warrant at the home of brianna mitchell. they say mitchell is bernard's girlfriend, and the victim's former in-home caretaker. >> we went in. there was nobody there. we went into the master bedroom. and all laid out on the bed was all of the victim's jewelry and everything. >> authorities say both suspects will face kidnapping, burglary, and other related charges, anyone who knows where they might be is asked to call the west white lands township police department. president obama says north korea's hacking attack on sony pictures is an act of cyber vandalism, not war. >> north korea repeatedly denies any involvement.
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president obama said he's weighing whether or not to put north korea back on its list of terrorism sponsors. meantime, sony may still release the film at the sent of the controversy after all. the company's ceo says the studio has not given in to the hackers, and they're still considering ways to distribute that film. well, listen to. >> this a lightning strike sends nearly dozen people to the hospital in tampa florida. officials say a lightning bolt struck a car, in the parking lot outside the tampa bay buccaneers stadium. football fans had just left a buccaneers-packers game when they heard a loud boom. officials say no one was hit directly, and the injuries do not appear to be serious. but still? >> 6:13, we want to get our forecast, and carol how is it looking out there. >> well, it is cloudy right now, erika, but will be a little bit rainy later on. we have temperatures that are trying to warm up. 30 degrees, out at the airport in philadelphia, out of the 20's, finally, though, 34 in trenton, 26 in wilmington, and just about everybody below the freezing mark.
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soap, it is a cold start, the winds is not extreme this morning, at all. so the temperatures feel fairly close to what you are seeing right there. maybe couple every degrees cooler. storm scan3, i've been talking about the clouds all morning, you don't have them everywhere. harrisburg, got some clear skies right now, but his will be filling in, and we will be watching for clouds as we move on through the rest of the day. it is a great day to get around and travel, though. because just couple of showers later on this afternoon. tuesday, some showers are around, as well, and just know that in the poconos, starting tonight, at 6:00 through 4:00 tomorrow morning, there is a freezing rain advisory for trace of ice. so just remember that on your travel plans. then everybody gets the rain on wednesday, and maybe even some heavy rain and it will be breezy that day, as well. christmas eve looking to be the most troublesome day of trying to get around. so, we watch these rain showers starting to move in, little bit later on this afternoon. now, here's what i want to tell you about. about text alertsment you can text cbs philly weather to
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84816. you will love your cbs weather. jessica? >> thank you, carol. good morning, everybody, it is 6:15. we're going to go outside, check out how things are doing on the schuylkill expressway. looking fine so far around south street, headed west, starting to gain little bit of volume, but still looking great headed into the king of prussia area. over on 95, as well, naught delco, around 420, northbound lanes starting to gather just a little bit of volume there. southbound moving just fine. currently some problems out for septa's route 13 trolley. due to wire problems. they're dealing with shuttle buses from mount moriah to yeadon, currently we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning. easton road near fit watertown road, some emergency construction popped up thereon friday, due to gas main break, water main break, so dealing with that, your alternate to get around there, for the time being, is to take york road. everything looking great so far out in new jersey, things not really starting to slow up yet for 42, 55, or 295, they're all great in the north and southbound lanes. currently no delays at the
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philadelphia international airport, diana? >> thanks, jess. a look at today's headlines on cbs-3, investigators searching for the calls of two apartment fires, just miles apart, in delaware, that have left dozens homeless, this morning. one person was killed in this apartment fire in claymont, early sunday morning, and three people were hurt in this multi alarm blaze in wilmington. >> also, seven p-11 store clerk hurt during armed robbery overnight. police say that one of the two suspect shoved the clerk against a wall, before the men got away with cash, lottery tickets, and cigarettes. >> and divers recover keys belonging to missing student, shane montgomery, in the schuylkill river yesterday. shane disappeared thanksgiving morning, after a night out with friend. it is monday morning. cbs-3 is coming right back. stay with us.
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>> boxing legend muhammad ali in the hospital this morning for treatments for pneumonia. his spokesperson says his prognosis good and expected to go home soon. erika, eagles play their final game of the season against the new york giants next sunday, no playoffs this year, blame the cowboys. tony romo through four touchdown passes, dallas beats indianapolis, 42 to seven. clinching the cowboys first nfc east title in four years. just three weeks ago, the birds were nine and three, and were fighting for the top seed in the playoffs. game two of the eight game
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road trip for the flyers, in winnipeg, 33 year old rob making the nhl debut, goal for the orange and black, the game went into over time, claude giroux forced the turn over and jake voracek scored his second goal of the game. four to three the final. they go to minnesota to face the while tomorrow night. tomorrow, game six of seven for sixers in their rope trade start in the orlando, on the right note, michael carter williams scored 21 points, hounded out six assists. know hell 13 points, as the sixers beat the magic, 96 to eight. sixers next stop is miami where they take on the heat tomorrow night. >> let's keep it going, guys. all right, right now, 6:20. have you ever hit a hole in one? coming up this morning, on "eyewitness news", we'll introduce you to the 103 year old golfer who did just that, where he hit that amazing
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shot, and also, how long he plans to continue playing the game he loves.
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>> carol, do we need the umbrella? >> i think probably not bad idea, not just today, erika, but over the next couple of days, because each one of these days today, tomorrow, and wednesday, christmas eve, we have some shower chances. i'm going to start with the seven day forecast, if you normally don't look up at this hour until at the end of the weather cast, look up right now. because here is the seven day forecast, today, we have temperature of 40 degrees, the clouds roll in, we get some showers, tonight, we drop down to 38 degrees, tomorrow,
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50 degrees, for the high, but some scattered showers, by tuesday night, it is 45 degrees, we start the day pretty mild on wednesday, and we get even more mild at almost 60 degrees, and there is a chance we could be even into the lower 06 off's wednesday. but that's the day of the heavier rain coming in here, so, that big travel day obviously, lots every things going on, could be wet one. if you have a chance to do any of the preparations, before that day, take advantage of it. by christmas day, maybe early in the morning, we pick up rain shower, not early, but otherwise looks like it will be partly sunny, with breezy conditions, and mild, at 52 degrees, then friday, looks 49 degrees, when i'm returning all of the things that jessica has bought me. >> you agree? i've not done 1 ounce of christmas shopping yet? so i'm going to be trucking on through in the rain the entire time. it will be awful, not looking forward to t over on 95, around bridge, starting to gain in some volume here, you can see in the southbound lanes, headed toward center city area, also, losing out the left and right hand
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shoulder due to ongoing construction, been out there for quite some time now. 422 around trooper road, eastbound delay here, starting little bit early here, as you can see, everyone kind of crawling headed toward the king of prussia area there, as well. now, some small problems for septa's route 13 trolley. they're shuttling bus frost mount moriah to yeadon due to some wire problems. but the rest of the majors, not doing too bad on the schuylkill expressway, if you are headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine. starting to gather little volume. everything moving nicely. will only take but 15 minutes, 12 minute on 202, from route 30, into the schuylkill expressway. if you're headed northbound, currently no problems out in new jersey, on the 42 freeway, at 55, or no problems on 295, if you are headed north, or southbound, and currently no delays through the philadelphia international airport. diana, erika, back over to you. >> thanks, in your health watch this morning, consumers are making healthier food choices that's according to journal in the academy of nutrition and diet innings. it found that purchases of pre-packaged baked goods, dropped by 24% in recent
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years. however, researchers say, the consume kearse still make changes, to stay away from empty calories, sugar and saturated fat, always hard this time of the year, though. >> sure is. and researchers are he can g nationwide standards in sport exams for young athlete. study in pediatrics says sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death in young people, playing sports, the authors say all young athletes should go through a comprehensive physical for heart conditions and other health risks before taking the field. 6:26. coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", an update on our top story. one person is dead this morning. a fire fight is her injured. dozen of people are homeless after a pair of fires just miles apart in delaware. we'll have the very latest coming up in a live report. >> also, a scare in the sky, flight bound for newark, forced to make an emergency landing. what happens to that plane, where the pilot had to put
6:27 am
down. >> and jessica, carol, back with a live look at your traffic and weather together. this monday morning, here is a hint, you may need the umbrellas, although doesn't look like it right now. knack just two minutes, stay with us.
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>> two apartment complex fires in delaware break out less than 24 hours apart just miles from each other. >> good morning, now investigators are looking for a cause. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in wilmington where the red cross is work to go help those families who lost everything right before the holidays. jan, good morning. >> good morning! >> erika, diana, good morning, a devastating lost for many families, here, in new castle county, delaware, both of these fires happening yesterday, both of them just miles away from each other, you can see, all of the destruction left behind, now, here in wilmington, a dozen people are out of their homes this morning, three people had to be taken to the hospital, and you can see, that these aoun rid completely burned out. but this was actually the less serious of the two fires, over in claymont, close to 40 people are homeless, and that
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fire was also deadly. this was a scene in claymont, early sunday morning, the fire breaking out there, around 2:30 a.m. now, by the time fire crews arrived, the harbor house amounts were engulfed in flames. we're told the fire started in an apartment on the third floor, and quickly spread, it took firefighters three hours to contain the flames. they found one person dead inside after apartment, a 72 year old man was also rescued, and taken to the hospital. and on top of that, 17 apartments were badly damaged, leaving 40 people without a home. then, last night, here at this apartment complex, on butter nut court in wilmington, another fire, this one, sent three people to the hospital, for minor injuries including paramedic, here 12 people displaced their homes badly damaged and all of this just days before christmas. >> i was like speechless. i was just looking and crying right before christmas, tough.
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>> and back out here on scene, in wilmington this morning, just a lot of devestation left behind. many of these people have nothing to come back tonight on top of that, a very cold night, a loft water here on scene, is frozen solid, very icy. now, both of these fire scenes remain under investigation, and the autopsy is in that deadly fire that happens today, as well. reporting live in wilmington, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, jan. new jersey governor, chris christie, has sent a letter to president obama demand that a convicted cop killer be returned to the u.s. before talks with cuba move forward. joanne was convicted of killing new jersey state trooper, warner forrester in 1973. she escaped prison then fled to cuba where she was granted asylum. there is $2 million reward for information leading to her return. coming up on 63:73 -- 33:00, let's get our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, we have temperatures cold this
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morning, but they do start to moderate over the next couple every days. wills the good news in the weather story, at least for those who like milder weather, we certainly will be getting it. 34 degrees, that's the temperature at the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, looking across the delaware, to the light of philadelphia this morning. storm scan3, i've got this on wider view, notice we have clouds in our area, but notice to the south, some showers, and we are going to be finding some showers creeping in here as we go through the afternoon and evening hours. we have other showers arriving on tuesday, and another batch on wednesday, temperatures, 30 degrees right now out at the airport, 31 allentown, a lot of temperatures in the 20's this morning, it is a cold start to the day. >> we see the shower scattered going through this evening, definitely out there. by the time we get to tuesday, still looking at these showers scattered around, and wednesday, i think, probably, heavier batch coming in with maybe inch of rain coming on wednesday. today, 40 degrees
6:34 am
philadelphia, 44 at the shore, the poconos, 38 degrees. and we are going to get milder every single day. tomorrow 10 degrees warmer than today at 50 degrees, and remember the showers and christmas eve, almost 60 degrees, christmas day look to be dry, at 52 degrees. let's check on these dry roads at least at this point with jess. >> at least they're dry, that's also a good thing, thanks shall carol. we go outside and show you why we say. that will starting to pick up volume, starting to gain little bit here on the schuylkill expressway, so we know if it was raining it would have been an absolute nightmare. but everything headed westbound, into the king of prussia area, still moving along great around city avenue. you can see the eastbound lanes back there moving great, as well. now, over on the blue route around mid-county, everything looking great here, also, headed southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, no problems, no problems on the northbound lables, as well. we do have some problems for septa on the route 13 trolley. they're doing shuttle buses due to wire problems from mount moriah up into yeadon. now, currently 95 southbound starting to be a little slow here, from woodhaven road into
6:35 am
the vine street expressway, that's going to take but 22 minute, currently no problems on 202 if you are headed northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill schuylkill but 1e trip still. everything starting to slow up in jersey just little bit. that's pretty typical this time of morning. forty-two northbound, 55 northbound, just little slow. currently no problems on 29. and no problems at the philadelphia international airport. erika, back over to you. >> all right, thank you will, jess. happening today, a new route to escape winter. frontier airlines is starting non-stop flights from wilmington to tampa. it is using a airbus for mondays and friday's, first departure, well, in about three hours at 9:27 this morning. well, as you mentioned earlier in our newscast, the eagles season is effectively over. the birds face the giants on sunday, but they'll be playing more for pride than anything else. >> a lot of people in mourning today, as dallas clinched the nfc east yesterday crushing the indianapolis colts, and the eagles playoff hopes all at the same time. paul joel gel from sport radio
6:36 am
94wip is here. good morning, joel. >> i good morning, can i take that airbus? >> no kidding consideration we all go back to tampa to forget this lost? we were just nine and three, cruising towards post-season. >> thanksgiving turkey tastes good and christmas -- >> not so good. >> thirds team to go nine and three and miss the playoffs, just all came crashing down with mistake after mistake, so many different ways. the desean met a for, and then dallas yesterday. >> where do you think this started? isn't a -- sanchez stepped in for foles, looked so good, then goes and throws something like 13 interceptions. >> reason the letters dna mean what they do. mark sanchez un for the slive turn over prone. and at the worse times. and it just keeps biting him. and penalties keep biting him. and bill davis not double, and mistakes, and just codey parkye. everything jump ups to bite
6:37 am
him. sanchez, sack ertz wide open, missed him by country mime. just the inaccuracy, saw the turn over. here is another one. you just see, you know, roll around and they weren't vertical at all. eagles didn't go deep at all. hail mary in the first half. the only time they went vertical the entire game. when they absolutely had to. >> right. >> and at the ten of the game, first half, but rg and the redskins shouldn't be celebrating. here are the penalties. this is on third down in the first half third and long. cary williams gives new life for no reason. this is bad call. this is -- you can't touch the quarterback. >> so many dumb penalties it seems? >> dumb penalties, bad calls, but, i agree, this shouldn't have been called. couple shouldn't are been called. penalties, 13 penalties over 100 yards we're watching three, you can see it adds up. that's how you lose to a team that lost six straight games. you just give it away. and the other team is playing here. you see here desean, bradley fletcher covering man on man for reasons unknown to me.
6:38 am
and you know, he cracks the ball like nobody. you know desean how that bit him. everything like everything came full circumstance nel this game. somebody said to the eagles, watch this. alfred morris here. 29 yards. touchdown. big plays. >> that one hurt. so what happens on sunday against new york? do you think they play to win or are they going to be still dragging their feet? >> i wouldn't expect a virtual performance, you start mark -- matt barkley? take a look at other people? >> but coach kelly hasn't coached a meaningless game in his live. when they were nine and three, if you had said to somebody this is going to happen, guys, people would look at you like were you crazy. and now ... >> looking ahead to next year, do you think anyone who will get cut? >> how about sanchez? >> i don't think mark sanchez will be back. we'll see about the secondary. some adjustments there, some work on the offensive line. cleary there is a team with holes, and discipline problems, and they got to correct those, because right
6:39 am
now it will hurt to watch dallas in the playoffs. >> oh, no kidding. >> it certainly does hurt. >> jolly, thank you, see you on the "cw". >> and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> all it be without the playoffs. >> a little less america. >> i yes, little bit. >> thank, jolly. >> golfer may have made history as the oldest person to record a hole in one. pga says 103 year old gust and drone scored the eighth last wednesday, at palm air country club in sarasota. and drone most likely breaks the record of the oldest person to make a hole in one. the previous record was set by a 102 year old woman, in 2007. >> jumped up and down, all excited about in the hole, in the hole. >> said that's the eighth time he's made a hole in one since 1939, and he says he looks forward to doing it again. >> good for him, 103 years old, still on the golf course. >> one hundred years old at all on the golf course, walking around, he's in good
6:40 am
shape. >> well done. >> well, i think that's a word to the wise, golfing keeps you young. >> who knew? >> yes! coming up on "eyewitness news" this morning, some tips on staying healthy this holiday season. doctor rob tells us about the do's and don't's of late night snacking. >> also ahead, elton john ties the knot. where sir elton married his long time partner and the a list celebrities who turned up to help celebrate. details on that coming up. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back, 6:43, a look at today's headlines on cbs-3, pair of apartment fires in new castle county, delaware, are under investigation this morning, one person was killed, another injured, at the harbor house and the, in claymont sunday morning. and last night, a firefighter, paramedic and resident were hurt in this apartment fire in wilmington. >> also, a store clerk suffered a back injury, during a armed robbery overnight, at the 7-eleven on city nef lower merion, suspect got a which with cash, lottery tickets and cigarettes. >> and the families of shane montgomery says divers searching the schuylkill river found the missing 21 year old's personal keys yesterday. montgomery never made it home after a night out with friends in manayunk. early thanksgiving morning. and an australian mom charged for murdering her seven children and her neice. >> the government has decided to tear down the house where the eight children were found inside. authorities made the gruesome
6:44 am
discovery on friday. they also found the woman suffering from serious stab wounds. she is now under guard recovering at the hospital. those children, four girls, four boys, range in age from 18 months to 15 years old. 6:44 right now. united flight from seattle headed to newark is forced to make an emergency landing in spokane. it happened just before 7:00 last night. officials say there was a sudden problem with the engine on flight 273. the airline won't say exactly what that issue was. no one was hurt. a different aircraft we're told was brought in to take passengers to new jersey. right now, just past 6:43. good morning, carol. >> hi, everybody, looking at tiny bit of clearing through the center of pennsylvania. generally this is the trends for the day. we've got rain showers that will be creeping in, and we will be finding them as we move on through the afternoon, south first, and then moving through the philadelphia area with these scattered showers, and that's the trend over the
6:45 am
next couple of days, as well. temperatures, 30 degrees right now in philadelphia, 34 in trenton, those are the warmest spots, everybody else just about in the 20's this morning, so it is a chilly morning out there. and we are going to be looking at temperatures today that will be get to go about 40 degrees. few showers today, great day to get around, though, travel wise. tuesday, more showers around, wednesday, the heaviest rain, and the breeze coming up. so if you have got travel plans on christmas eve, just know they may be impacted by the rain that we're going to see here. but look at these temperatures, they warm up over the next couple of days, 40 degrees today, 50 degrees on tuesday, wednesday, 06 degrees, but again, remember those showers, especially on wednesday, should be out of here, jessica, by christmas morning. so, we've got weather watchers for you, and do you love watching the weather? then we want you to join our team of eyewitness weather watchers. you can sign up by going to, jessica? >> thank you, carol. good morning, everybody, 6:45, we're going to go outside,
6:46 am
check out how things are doing on the ben franklin bridge, everything seems to be moving great. starting to pack in little bit of volume here on the westbound lanes, from the jersey side. headed into the city, looking great there, so far, as well. no problems currently getting into new jersey, from the philadelphia area. starting to see some delays and back up here, on 95, around cottman. southbound lanes casino of stop and go there, also down to three lanes losing one due to ongoing construction, the northbound lanes headed toward northeast philly area, starting to slow up just a little bit as well. now, septa's dealing with some issues here, wire problems, on the route 13 trolley. they have to shuttle bus it from mount morae an up into yeadon road, due to those wire problems. now, out in easton road, still that emergency construction, near fitzwatertown road, due to there was gas main braining, water main break, combination thing that happened on friday. and that emergency construction is still there. your alternate for the time being is you want to take york road.
6:47 am
erika, back to ever to you. >> jess, thank you. well we know santa is one guy reaching for little late night snack this week, maybe some milk and cookies. what about when it comes to the rest every us? find yourself raiding the frig for late night snack? it is more about what you eat or when you are eating? family physician doctor rob dan off is here with the answers. specially with the cookies out on the counter, so he is i to go grab. >> not just one, i eat them like m and m's, not good. >> delicious. >> at love douse get hungry later at night. why is that? even if you have a full dinner. >> sometimes because we are area thirsty and don't realize it, so our stomach is hey we need something in there. but if we have water that's good. other times it might be we eat too early or sometimes we're just board, what's to do, hey, why don't i have a snack. you know what i mean? >> always sounds like fun. >> or may not be having enough protein which keeps us full, or complex carbohydrates with a loft fiber. so if we change what we eat or drink enough, we won't be as
6:48 am
hungry. >> people are so individual too. late night snaking hits all of us differenty? >> gosh yes. a loft us, biggest thing for most of us, paxson the pound specially in the belly. but the over thing is if we eat too late, it might give us more acid reflux in the middle of the night, not going to sleep that well, if we have too much sugar late at night we can wake up in a bad mood. you know why? we eat a lot of stuff to raise the sugar levels, it goes way down low, we wake up hungry, if we eat late at night not sleeping well, and be not happy in the morning, and late night bathroom breaks, you know what i mean? because we're eating too much. stowe will change us. really some people will eat late night snack. those real any good shape, heavily, really thin, sometimes good for them. for us sometimes we eat too much. little snack is okay. bye wig -- big one, no. >> when you eat or you what eating? i always hear don't eat late at night because your body can't burn it off. >> good point. kind of controversial. it isn't so much about all the time what we're eating but
6:49 am
you're right it is when we're eating. snow we're eating late at night, especially a bigger meal it, has no where to go, we're not burning it offer, where does it go? in our bellies or in our butts. you're right, erika, we have little late night snack, not one of these gourmet meals, no where to go but to our gut. >> if you are going have the late night snack, avoid the cookeries. >> right. >> what do beneath. >> little apple, fiber in there, apple with little peanut butter, protein, little hummus there, or cheese cheese sticks, that's good. >> plate of goodies? >> there is your late night snack. >> or mid-morning snack. >> real good. that kind of stuff is healthy for us, won't cause sleep disturbances, won't fill us up so it is hard, you know, for us to move around, won't cause stomach distress. so little bit of snack before we go to bed is okay. we do that for our kid. but not these gourmet meals, because that's not good. >> all right, doctor rob, thank you so much. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> thank you for the snack. i'll dig into this while i send things over to diana. >> save some for me, will you?
6:50 am
>> delicious. >> almost 6:50. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, anthony mason joins us live from new york, with a preview, anthony, good morning. >> no cookies you guys? you know how to spoil a party. come on! good morning, diane a ahead, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will be with us, president obama talks with a co-chair of the task force on policing yesterday about the murder of two new york officers, and what needs to be done to ease tensions with police. plus, cia insider michael morrell on the president's options in responding to north korea's sony hack. and norwegian air has rounds trip flights from oakland to stockholme for just $400. find out why the company is facing criticism for its practices. the news is back in the morning, we will see you all in about ten minute. >> none from here. that's a great price. >> sure is. thanks, anthony. >> all right, we'll be right baback. >> but first, here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
judge starting to think about
6:54 am
philadelphia, they gave us a break yesterday, 40 degrees, today will be 40, but it will be cloudier, and you can see, if you look to the south, it may also and little bit rainier. we do have some rain shower chances moving in, especially as we head toward the afternoon hours. we take a look at temperatures cold this morning, 30 in philadelphia, 26 wilmington, 28 in dover, 27 in the poconos, 34 in trenton, this morning, our future weather, let's time this out, there go, few showers, showing up south, this afternoon, and then they are scattered around, not everywhere, going through this evening, tomorrow, we start to see them even early in the morning, scattered around as we go through the day on tuesday, clouds a loft clouds on tuesday, and then wednesday we start to really watch the heaviest rain come in here for christmas evening. spec temperatures to be climbing by steps of ten, 40 today, 50 tomorrow, i think we should change that wednesday to 06, it could be 60 degrees on wednesday, with heavier rain coming on wednesday, should be dry, though, for most of christmas day. let's check on these roads right now with jessica.
6:55 am
>> thank you, carol. good morning, 6:54, starting to see some delays here on 95, around girard, the southbound delay, headed in toward center city. so you can see most of that back up, the northbound lanes moving along great though so far. thirty bypass, eastbound delay, headed into downingtown, see it looks like string of christmas lights almost for lack every better word there, now, septa having some problems on the route 13 trolley, dealing with shut buses for mount moriah in yeadon due to wire problems, now, car fire out on the pa turnpike montgomery county, westbound, at willow grove, push over into the right hand side there. and an overturned vehicle, out in new jersey, on 295, northbound, just past i195. now currently no problems at the philadelphia international airport. erika, back over to you. >> thank, jest. catching. thank, jess cam. >> the word this morning, is married. sir elton john is a married man. after more than 20 years together, and a civil partnership, john and his long
6:56 am
time mate, david, officially married yesterday. this is video of the happy couple entering their poor ceremony great britain. the cup develop two children, zachary jackson, laugh on, and elijah joseph daniel. >> can you imagine how many a list celebrities this that crowd. >> oh, i know. what do you wear to a christmas wedding? red? >> i'm sure that was a big question before that event. >> we're red. >> i you guys are always ready. >> everything but the invitation. >> i know, thought less. >> well, coming up in just a couple of minute, more local news weather and traffic together over on our sister station the cw fill. >> i you can find the "cw philly" on these channels, here they are for you, comcast xfinity channel 13, hd811 also verizon fios channel 16 or hd516 or on over cn channel 1017. or hd1017. >> wow. >> and reminder err to join us bright and early, we start things off at 4:30 here on
6:57 am
cbs-3. next on cbs this morning, north korea's new threat against the us. >> to continue following your local news weather and traffic, turn now to our sister station the "cw philly" where "eyewitness news" will continue right after this break. good morning, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. it's monday, december 22nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a community mourns and tensions are exposed after the murder of two nypd officers. why many cops are turning their backs on new york's mayor. north korea threatens to target the white house after president obama vows a response to the cyber attacks. plus, 400 bucks for a round trip flight from california to europe. the airline fighting to bring cheaper fares to the u.s. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the assassination of members of our


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