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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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peacefully in her levittown home. late night crash changed all of that. >> how can you live with your self doing something like this. you caused damage, just stop and admit it. >> reporter: just after 2:30 a.m. jenny asleep in her home on red brook lane, when police say the person driving this red truck, smashed into her bedroom wall. her son was in the next room. >> the whole house shook, right. so i quickly got up and looked outside that window. i seen taillights go out this road right here. >> reporter: truck had backed out and fled the scene. jenny wasn't directly hit but the commotion and flood of cold air in her room, was too much for someone so sick. >> she was very fragile, she was only 58-pound in the end, you know, that is a size of a six year-old. >> reporter: she died not long after the crash, red truck was spotted by police just after 3:00 p.m. in nearby bristol boro and shortly thereafter the truck own's greed to come to the bristol township police station for questioning. family members say they hope justice will be served.
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>> this is how we expect her to have her last wishes, she really wanted to pass in her own bedroom and was not able to do that. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney's office is handling this case, while they do expect charges will be filed eventually, the the assistant district attorney hand telling case tells us he does not expect charges will be filed in this case, this evening. we're live from bristol township bucks county, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". matt, thank you. a worker was killed at cherry island landfill in wilmington this afternoon. authorities say 42 year-old jose louise garcia hernandez of newark was head by a large piece of equipment. chopper three over the scene around 2:00. investigators tell "eyewitness news" a tractor was pushing trash the in the large pile and was backing up when it hit the victim. philadelphia police are investigating a crash involving a school bus, loaded with children on the roosevelt boulevard. chopper three over the scene near henry avenue in east falls this afternoon. authorities say that the driver of the bus, suffered
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burns, from wires on the bus that caused him to lose control, none of the students were injured, and they were transferred to another bus. sun was shining on this day after christmas as we enjoyed above average temperatures, what can we expect as we head in the weekend? meteorologist kate bilo live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at your forecast, kate. >> reporter: thanks, guess contact we have another nice day to look forward to tomorrow, get any outdoor plans you want to get done in because things changed starting sunday, rain and then maybe even a few snow flakes monday and then bottom falls out as temperatures crash back to low normal levels on new years eve. lets look at what is happening right now on storm scan three no problems out there. a few clouds are lifting toward the area as that warmer air moves in with the southeasterly flow tomorrow, but we will be even milder then today. we're not talking mid 60's like we saw on christmas day but to be fair that was in the middle of the night and accompanied by storms. this time tomorrow things look beautiful. we have got sunshine to go with the mild air. right now it is still comfortable 46 at the the
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airport. forty-four in reading. forty-one allentown. our daytime high is usually in the low 40's but we are above average at this hour. the wind are coming from the south and west. you can see that wind direction there, five to 10 miles an hour, light breeze, southeasterly flow is what makes all of the difference and it will knock temperatures upward as we head into your saturday. your weekend outlook sunny and bright for tomorrow, what a beautiful day it will be, 54 degrees with some sun, clouds on sunday, better chance of the few showers in the afternoon and then on monday colder air comes in, some of that rain, those showers could mix with a few snow flakes and i'll show thaw in a minute. get your weather headlines, beautiful wet tore start weekend saturday and then watch for sunday showers and then on monday even the chance for some to see a few snow flakes. it does than the look like a big deal but then cold air comes back in. i'll have your full seven day forecast in a bit, guess contact. >> kate, it is beautiful right now too, thanks. on this day after christmas you know the drill. you either box up all of the unwanted gifts or you make a list of everything that you
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didn't get. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live where there are a lot of deals to be had today, if you are willing to brave the crowd. justin. >> reporter: that is right, there is a logical progression. you buy a gift, getty gift and then today you come to the store, return gifts you don't want and buy things you want a as well. take a look behind me here, lots to guide us through the the same idea coming to the cherry hill mall to do that same thing, buy and get more gift. and a similar story, as many of our local malls. all friday, shopping bags were coming and going about the halls of the cherry hill mall. >> crowd are very big. parking lot is very crowded. >> reporter: because, this december 26th when shoppers show backup at local malls, with gift buying and getting now mostly over, the pleasure of receiving what you really want now, begins. that is why bob falconero got up bright and early. >> to return and get the appropriate size. >> reporter: who got you the
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wrong sizes? >> everybody. we had to return six or seven things but everybody did. >> reporter: are you tired? >> yes. >> reporter: tired because he says that his wife had him at cherry hill by 9:00 a.m. sharp. >> we were turning buying and bit of both. >> buying, buying. >> reporter: yes. byes in bags that include his new pair of shoes. although it all seems familiar from the sales sign to deal dealing, the day after christmas isn't quite the day after thanksgiving. >> black friday is crazy. more crazy. >> better deals after christmas from what i see. >> reporter: what shoppers are seeing ising about sales their eyes are not deceiving them. macy's rolled out a one day sale offering some merchandise at 65 percent off, and we're told they are not the the only ones. >> i got three shirts there for $20. >> reporter: that is the thing, there is always another deal and that means. >> we can go in a few more stores and then we're leaving.
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>> reporter: there is still time to get a few more stores, you are seeing customers coming in and going. that has been the same thing all day starting early and continuing late tonight, stores are extending their hours, to welcome these late shoppers, some stores staying opened as late as midnight and some folks say that they used tonight to start their holiday shopping for next year. we're live at the cherry hill mall i'm justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> those are prepared shoppers, justin, thank you. coming up later in the broadcast an important information about return policies, and three on your side jim donovan has advice thaw don't get stuck about unwanted gifts. protests nationwide against police brutality are compelling some to voice their support for law enforcement. this afternoon in atlantic city hundreds gathered on the boardwalk for a pro police rally. it was organize by local physician john baker and radio host harry hurley in response to the murders of two nypd officers last weekend. the speakers included mayor
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don guardian and white. >> i was overwhelmed at number of people here to show their support but in the just for atlantic city police department but, the men and women in general this means a lot to our men and women. >> reporter: organizers hope this will spark others throughout the country. meanwhile in new york mourners gathered at a queens church to remember one of the victims of last weeks ambush. officer rafael ramos. cbs news correspondent marley hall has this story. >> reporter: several officers from the new york city police department carried officer rafael ramos casket into his queen's church, as hundreds lined up to pay their respects at his wake. >> we love rafael ramos, he was a gift to our church. we loved his face fullness and the way that he served people and we will in miss him a great deal. >> reporter: ramos and his partner officer wenjian liu were ambushed last saturday near a brooklyn housing project. the shooter, is mail brinsley
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ran to a nearby subway station where he killed himself. officer ramos's funeral is saturday, here at the christ tabernacle church in queens. it seems about 800 people, vice-president joe biden, and thousands of police officers from across the u.s. and canada are expected. people who never met ramos are finding ways to honor the fallen officer. we appreciate the sacrifice and work they did for new yorkers. >> reporter: shootings raised tension between bill deblasio and city police unions. just a few hours before the wake a banner reading deblasio our backs are turned to you flew over the hudson river. officer ramos was 40 and on the force for two years. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the funeral arrangement for officer wenjian lou has yet to be announced. chinese restaurant robbed at gunpoint in fernrock.
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a man entered asia chinese restore rant on the 5900 block of north broad street just before 2:00 this morning and aimed a gun at a worker and then got away with an undetermine amount of cash. philadelphia police say the suspect fled in the blue minivan. police say a serial bank robbery suspect wanted in fail has struck again. investigators say the latest heist happened at wells fargo bank on 52nd street in park side this morning. this suspect is wanted in three other bank robberies and one attempted robbery all in the city in the past two weeks. if you recognize the suspect please call the police. a germantown cab goes 35 feet up an embankment and london train tracks. this happened near the germantown station. services on septa's chestnut hill line was suspended for an hour until they could get that scene clears. in one was hurt. we are getting our first look at the baby born on the septa subway train on christmas day. septa released this photo of
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mother, baby and two septa police transit officers who helped deliver him. the baby boy is named chris in honor of christmas. chris was born on the market frankford line at 15th and market in center city last night. the mother and baby are in good condition at hahnemann hospital. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", the incident at a new jersey showing up the interview leaves the audience stunned and confused. find out what happened inside that theater. too much food packed away from christmas, well, coming up we will have help for heating up those holiday left overs. carol? and it is a winter scene out here at the river rink but temperatures are almost spring-like, this is also where the fire works will be, what about temperatures, then, we will talk bit coming up.
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on the healthwatch today, all of those holiday party left overs might not be safe to eat, if they weren't stored properly you could risk food born illness. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham has what you need to know. tis season for turkey, trimmings, cookies and pies. we often end up with enough left overs for weeks but that does not mean you should eat them that long. registered dietition lindsey malone from the cleveland clinic warns bacteria can grow
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on food that can make you sick. >> general rule of thumb is if something is in your refrigerator for longer than three to four days you want to toss it. >> reporter: also on the toss list anything that is self serve like chips, crackers, dip, and nuts, and anything left sitting out. >> for that longer than two hour period bacteria is growing, and it doubles every 20 minutes. >> reporter: when it comes to reheating holiday left overs experts say the the microwave is not the best option, warming food in the oven is recommended because it heat more evenly and thoroughly. >> you want to make sure that you are reheating them to an internal temperature of approximately 165 degrees. so what that is going to do is kill some of the bacteria, that could have had an opportunity to grow, when it was, you know, sitting out on your table or in the cooling off period. >> reporter: just because the the left overs still looks good or smells good, doesn't mean that it cannot make you sick, if bacteria is lingering
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you won't be able to see it, smell it or taste it. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is hard to look at the that after th s holiday weekend. and, good afternoon, everybody. we will go outside and start things off where we are in the doing too bad but we will start off on the schuylkill which always does poorly at anytime really 567:89:15 though. we have a disable vehicle on the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill. you can see crews on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way, so eastbound toward center city area you can see slow going there and brake lights westbound toward king of prussia area as well. in or out of the city you should have no problems, all lanes opened from the philadelphia side, heading in to new jersey from philadelphia, eastbound no problems there and no problems heading in to the city from new jersey and toll plaza as well. otherwise everything out in new jersey, nice and clear on 42, 55 and new jersey turnpike southbound, no problems, on 422 westbound we have an accident just outside
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pottstown be careful out there. and bald more pike just in springfield at route 320 another crash in the shoulder there. ninety-five northbound off ramp there is a disabled vehicle heading toward commodore barry bridge and will have small problems there. jessica, back over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" millions of shoppers are back at nation's mall today, many are exchanging, returning gifts but beware, there are hidden traps with some return policies. three on your side's jim donovan has advice coming up, rob? jessica, we will tell you which eagles starter could be out verse giants and may have played his final game in midnight green and penn state fans did in the think they would be witnessing a season a bowl game, we will preview in sports next.
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a beautiful day, sunny, temperatures in the 50's a perfect day to lays up those ice skates. meteorologist carol erickson is at blue cross river rink in penns landing live at the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, hi carol. >> i cannot think of better wet tore skate when it is warm. they had to close here christmas eve and christmas day because the the weather was so warm, it is cooler today. but not by much. we've got a temperature in the weather lab of 48 degrees. this is ideal wet tore get outside, people are every where. we have got a group of very well behaved children. i want to talk about this river fess area. winter fest is unbelievable,
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they have got lighted tree, people are skating roasting marshmallows. in the tent they have people sitting around fireplaces. it is an unbelievable experience down there. it is very, very comfortable. you can see the the people may be out there skating but they are out skating and eating and they are just having a phenomenal time and these really comfortable temperatures. the let me show you what the temperatures are going to be tonight, because it will remain mild all night long. by 7:00 o'clock we are looking at a temperature of 45 degrees, and by the time we get to 9:00 o'clock 42 but by the time we hit 11, 42. things will get colder. do you want to talk about new years eve? we do cbs-3 will be down here. the the temperatures on new years eve night the the way it looks right now will probably be about 28 degrees. as mild as it is now we really start to lose these temperatures, and, another thing i want everybody to
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remember, do not forget to join cbs-3 on new years eve because we will be broadcasting live here at penns landing, and winter fest, it is just great down here and we will bring you the the spectacular fire works show as the stroke of midnight, and you can be part of our special by sending us your new years wishes, just go to new york wishes or use hash tag cbs-3 in. ye which i know kate stand for new years eve. this is pretty impressive down here oi penns landing. i know more so then we have fire works shooting 800 feet in the sky at 4 tons of explosives going off. it is going to be something. nothing beats mild weather. >> unfortunately it can't be like tonight on new years eve, that is even better but they have fire pit, fireplaces and all that out there. >> yes. >> thank you so much carol. it looks great at the river
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rink. it is pack tonight. carol says perfect night to be out and about. take the kid out, not all that cold. you don't need park, fleece, gloves, hats whole 9-yard you just need to enjoy this night. the take a look outside you had can see sunset winding down but still beautiful outside on skies cam three. looking live across ben franklin bridge in campbell's feel. this is down the shore and thinks actually atlantic city and beautiful all lit up in atlantic city, casinos bright but the sky is show stopper here what a gorgeous shot of the sunset down the shore here on skies cam three. lets look quickly at storm scan three where we are sweeping the area not finding anything at all, quiet, as can be outside and as we zoom out it is still not showing much of anything at all. we have some cloud that are starting to move n we will tell where prevailing wind are coming from the the south and west and that will continue throughout the day tomorrow. that will bring us nice warm air for late december, 46 degrees right now at the the airport. forty-five in trenton. forty-one in allentown. we are at 39 in mount pocono.
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not too bad for this time of the year especially and after sunny skies today high pressure hangs on for one more day and inches further east and as this storm approaches we will get more pressure gradient create that had southeasterly flow around the western flange of the high and that wind will warm us up even more, thought today was mild. tomorrow is better, but then this storm scan will bring a few showers and we have to watch a front sinking and another wave will track along it. the lets see what that looks like on future weather. i want to alert you something for monday. saturday looks great. 8:00 a.m. no problems. same were 4:00 p.m., sunny bright mild, beautiful day from start to finish tomorrow. on sunday by 6:00 a.m. we will see some showers in western pennsylvania, but by noon time showers all across the philadelphia area. then this moves out. front still stays. pretty much draped across our area keep an eye on this we will see another wave of moisture up along the front and mixing here mainly in the
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upper will elevations, higher elevationness western virginia but imagine if this precipitation shield shifted just 50 to hundred miles farther north we could get in on a little bit of snow as this system moves through. it is not out of the question. not a huge deal. mainly monday morning. we will start to see that subside throughout the the course of the day but we will keep an eye on it. indication of how much cold they are air will be. mainly clear and cold tonight, 35 degrees. for your saturday, sunny, mild, you can't beat it. this is late december and it feels more like thanksgiving then christmastime 567894 is the high, wind southeasterly and generally light at 5 miles an hour. here's your three take forecast throughout the rest of the weekend and sunny and bright for your saturday, midday sunday and then monday here comes that colder air. 42 degrees. mostly cloudy. few mixed showers around. rain and snow cannot be ruled out. but for now stay tuned we will be right back.
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it is possible eagles fans have seen the the last of bradley fletch inner a bird uniform. fletcher is questionable for sunday's season finally verse giants with the hip injury. twenty-eight year-old soon to be free agent has allowed over a thousand yards to opposing receivers and nine touchdowns which leads all starting corners in the nfl. well, two years earlier than expect but penn state will play in the bowl game tomorrow at yankee stadium. pinstripe bowl to be exact. six-six lions will take on the seven-five boston college eagles in the bronx tomorrow at 4:30. penn state was due to survey four year bowl ban but it was lifted earlier this season by the ncaa. currently in progress right now rutgers taking on north carolina in the quick lane bowl in detroit, right
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now rutgers leading 14 to nothing in the second quarter. more bowl action, the heart of dallas bowl, yes, louisiana tech taking on illinois, this was all la tech, 35-18. blake martin, the 28-yard run right there. that sealed it, for them. you finally sixers fresh off a 23-point come back on tuesday, will travel to portland next to take on the blazers. that team is tied for most wins in the nba at 23. real challenge. >> i love all these bowls at the end of the year. we have the the marquis games. >> it is tough to keep track. >> yes. >> you know do i. >> every year. >> rob, thanks. what happened at a new jersey thief their sent some movie goers, running from the showing of the interview, that is next at 5:30. it is gift that keeps on giving and drivers sure are grateful, coming up gas price dose something they have never done before. and the trauma and heart break can still be felt ten
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years after a tsunami killed more than 227,000 people, see how survivors are marking the anniversary, next.
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i'm jessica dean, here are the day's top stories, police are questioning the driver of the truck suspected in the hit and run, that ended with a woman dead on her 93rd
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birthday. that truck slammed into the victim's home in levittown this morning. hundreds of uniform police officer say good bye to new york city police officer rafael ramos, he and his partner were ambushed and killed in broad daylight last week. school bus loaded with children crashed on the roosevelt boulevard this afternoon, authorities say the driver suffered burns from wires on that bus and that caused him to lose control. now other students on the bus were injured. kate? jessica, look the at these temperatures behind me on this friday evening, we're still in the mid 40's in philadelphia and wilmington because of the clear skies, it will get cold tonight. as temperatures drop to the mid 30's but for now, and, beautiful wet's head, grab some dinner, you won't need heavier of your coats the but as we head toward end of 2014, more cold air moving in, i'll have your full forecast coming up, jessica. >> kate, thanks. a 94 year-old woman missing since christmas eve was found today. she was driving to gilbertsville montgomery county to meet family christmas day but as
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"eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson found out she ended way off track. >> reporter: family tonight relieved to have their loved one and grandmother 94 year-old stella back safe and sound after police say she went missing and wound up near the the 50 miles away at this wawa, in mount laurel, new jersey. police in new jersey telling cbs-3 that she was found on south church street in good health but disoriented this afternoon. the police say she was last seen at her home the night of christmas eve and was speaksed to come to the family event at a home in bill getsville around 3:00 o'clock christmas afternoon. when she didn't show up the family grew nervous. neighbors told me at 94 this was a very independent woman, she cut her own grass, read newspaper every daze and kept the same routine for years. >> we spoke to the woman who said she knew her for more than a decade. >> she lived by herself, yes but i see her almost every
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day. >> she cut the grass ape trimmed the yard nice lady. >> reporter: all things considered police say this was a happy ending. she did not seek any medical attention instead heading back a across the bridge to pennsylvania with her family. the reporting from mount laurel, new jersey, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today a somber anniversary, ten years since an earl quake triggered a tsunami in the indian ocean killing 230,000 people. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh show us how countries in asia paying tribute to the lives lost that day. >> reporter: ten years after a massive tsunami killed nearly a quarter million people in asia, survivors in india mourning lost loved ones saying they still feared the water. whenever we see the ocean we are reminded of how it took away all of these people, says this woman. a powerful earthquake triggered the tsunami that
5:35 pm
sent crushing waves across the indian ocean. tsunami struck more than a dozen countries hitting indonesia coast the hardest and claiming lives of visitors from more than 38 nations on thailand's southern beaches. a decade later, in indonesia, still devastated by a 33 high wall of water has boon rebuilt. agencies say they are proud of the least coverry. >> we have always try to make sure that out of the devastation and destruction of an emergency, something better, can emerge. >> reporter: in indonesia, sri lanka, thailand all across the region officials, residents and tourist came together to remember those who have died. someplaced flowers, at a mass grave where thousands, of unknown tsunami victims were buried, all shared a loss, from one of the worst natural disasters ever recorded. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". at least a dozen american nationals died in that tsunami
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on december 26th, 2004. falling gas prices are the gift that just keeps on giving this holiday season. for the first time ever they dropped 92 days in a row. "eyewitness news" was in cherry hill as gas pricees were lowered at a gas station a along route 70. the nast average now sits at $2.39 a gallon the lowest level since may 2009 according to triple a. a drop in the price of the barrel of crude oil is behind the gas prices. oil producer are not cutting production causing crude oil price toes fall. lets look the at average gas price necessary our area these are also from triple a. drivers are paying $2.36 in pennsylvania. $2.32 in new jersey. 2.46 in delaware. it wasn't in many theaters but controversial comedy the interview did pretty well at the box office. the film that outraged north korea and prompted threats from hackers made just over one million-dollar in ticket sales from 331 locations, and many of yesterday's showings
5:37 pm
actually sold out. some movie goers said it was their patriotic duty to see a comedy about the plot to kill the the north korean leader. the the film is streamed on line but official viewer ship numbers have not been released. a power outage during the showing of the film at a clifton, new jersey theater stunned and confused the crowd there. theater went dark and some people ran out of that theater fearing the worst. officials say outage though was cause by a down power line. african americans nationwide are celebrating the first day of kwanzaa, "eyewitness news" at a kwanzaa a presentation at the garden state discovery museum in cherry hill. the holiday lasts seven days, each day highlighting a different principal. day one, celebrates unity. other days are dedicated to creativity, self determination, responsibility, cooperative economic. in london shoppers lined outside of stores for boxing day sales. it is a a tradition in the uk, can inadequacies, australia and other british commonwealth
5:38 pm
nations. stores offer after christmas discounts, and boxing day dates back to the middle ages, european church is will open direction boxes and contribute their contents to the less fortunate. and, we still have problems outside on the schuylkill expressway, where a disable vehicle is taking out right-hand shoulder crews on the scene right around conshohocken. eastbound toward kenter city in backup and even in the westbound lanes that is just typical volume toward king of prussia area. out in new jersey everything looking okay but little bit of volume in the southbound lanes here gathering just autopsy head here. heading toward city or 295, abe surrounding a area bridges there you should have no problems doing for the northbound lanes are doing just fine. now the rest of the majors are pretty clear this friday. so i-95 from the blue route to delaware southbound about eight minutes no problems on the the blue route. no problems on 202 northbound from route 30 in the schuykill. that will take but 13 minutes but we have a down pole out in
5:39 pm
berlin, new jersey on route 30 white horse pike from the eastbound side at the roadblock out the right-hand lane. the crash in upper merion route 23 at mccoy lane. be cautious around there. 422 westbound at kind street another crash outside pottstown, jessica, back over to you. jessica, thank you. still to come a new f.d.a. approved weight loss drug. then what you may not know about return policies, three on your side jim donovan has advice so you don't get stuck with unwanted gifts. plus a christmas surprise, one set of triplets, arrived three months early on christmas we will introduce to you this growing family, kate? and it was a beautiful friday outside with lots of sunshine and we have another gorgeous day to come for tomorrow but then changes tracking some showers on sunday and then maybe you'll see a few snow flakes to start next week, we will have the full information day forecast when we come back.
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another possible hack attack left a lot have people disappointed on christmas morning. the it appears that sony was hit again this time on play station network and microsoft's x box as well. at tax caused issues with connecting and also signing on, a group called lizard squad is taking responsibility for this hacking and many kid were disappointed yesterday morning. >> just realized that all the new x boxes got block off. >> kind of like blowing my mind. >> kept getting the same screen that said trouble down loading, trouble down loading, trouble with the update. i assumes that is something i'm doing wrong. >> x box network is backup and running but the play station network remains off line tonight. jeep wrangler was just named number one but not in a good way. consumer reports called it hard riding, uncomfortable and unreliable. it dubbed it the worst value. best value according to the same group toyota camry hybrid. newly approved weight
5:44 pm
looks drug could help some people win their battle with the bulge. the f.d.a. proved drug is an injectable weight management tool, clinical trials help 62 percent of the patients lose 5 percent of the body fat. it is only approved for overweight people with high blood pressure, cholesterol or type two diabetes. we will be right back.
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did you end up with a holiday gift that is not exactly a perfect fit? you better pay close attention to those return policies, otherwise, you could get stuck with it. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan is here, you always have good tips. >> this year i didn't get stuck with any crummy gifts either so i'm happen bye that. national retail federation says customers return an average of nearly four holiday gifts so it is not over the mall just yet it is now time for holiday return dash. >> not every gift is a perfect fit and stores understand that. >> we're returning some gift that we got that we love but want in a different color. >> reporter: many retailers adopted less flexible return policies that consumers encounter once per year.
5:48 pm
you will want to read fine print on the gift receipt before heading to the store. be aware certain items may carry a least stocking fee such as tv and other electronics and be mindful that video games and movies cannot be return once open. tarring, toys-r-us and wal-mart have a 90 day return policy with some exceptions. most electronics and computer must be returned in 15 onto 30 days. that return count down starts december 26th. at best buy almost every purchase made throughout november and december can be returned through january 15th. with the exception of items purchased with a third party contract like mobile phones or satellite services. kohl's and macy's have no return deadline. items shipped by between november 1st and december 31st may be returned until january 31st. i suggest you have a state issued id handy. more and more stores are. and one step toward are taking
5:49 pm
to identify repeat return offenders and also, curb shoplifting. so far didn't to have return one thing. >> hot streak. >> few more visitors this weekend. >> we may see you lining up. >> we will see. >> colorado's christmas snowstorm left behind beautiful scenery there. denver metro area was coated with 4 inches of snow, mountains, received a lot more. it was great news for tourist at ski resorts. beaver creek, and veil got eight. no snow for christmas for snow lovers across our area, we have got beautiful weather, as we head toward the rest of our holiday weekend. first i want to show you a photo sent in by one of our weather watchers. lets check here to see if he can pop up. there we go. got him up there. this is peter in trenton, new jersey. he took this shot of the moon and it is stunning. that is a you'll in shot of what was a beautiful moon last
5:50 pm
night and what ace a beautiful moon tonight. lets take a look at it if you have a chance. we will head into portions of pennsylvania where jonathan block is reporting 43 degrees in philadelphia pennsylvania. he has a comment. skies clearing and sun has set, temperatures, are indeed increasing trend. they are as skies clear, temperatures like to drop. take one more look at jim swinedell's report, 41 degrees and we will head over into new jersey, at 46 degrees this is from fire marshall joe any somerdale, new jersey at 46 degrees. a few clouds. just a typical day for this season. actually a little bit above average today but not that far off the the mark. hey if you are interested in being a weather watcher you can sign up now by going to cbs today was above average wye a few degrees. we should be in the lower 40's. we ended up in the lower 50's in the area colder in the poconos but that is to keep people off the slopes. it has been busy all day this looked like a class here. snow board class.
5:51 pm
figuring out how to use jumps and things like. that really fun to watch that he is guys out here on the slopes. it looks like so much fun on a friday night. it is not all that cold. certainly not as cold as it could be in the mountains this time of the year. look at this time lapse from the bay head elementary school in point pleasant beach, new jersey, watch the sun go across the sunshine. just sunshine all day long, blue skies, no problems, and then the sun went down and we were treated to a beautiful sunset here. it is 45 degrees, in point pleasant beach. so, a great the day all across the board and tomorrow looks to be more of the same, clear skies here on storm scan three. no problems. we have cloud. starting to push from the west, and we are seeing an indication of where the wind are coming from. southeasterly flow and we will be seeing that, tomorrow, that will help temperatures once again, get back above average. we are sitting at 46 degrees at the airport. that is a normal high for this time of the year is 42. we are ahead of the mark here. 46 degrees in wilmington. forty in millville. down to a chilly 39 in wildwood. notice wind are light out of the southwest and that
5:52 pm
southeasterly flow brings the warmth in. so future weather shows us what is happening here, storm off to the west and it will stay there throughout the day tomorrow, that is bringing in that southeasterly flow. tomorrow looks great, 5:00 p.m. still seeing some sun or sun will have just set a beautiful sunset tomorrow night. cloud rolling in. 7:00 a.m. sunday we are dry. midday sunday we have a few showers and then watch this next wave of low pressure that will track along that stalled boundary. northern flange could see snow mixing in. mainly just showers monday morning but cannot rule out snow flakes. we will keep an eye on. that that starts to move out as well. doesn't look like a big deal but we will keep an eye on it, keep you up to date. clear and cold at 35 degrees. for your saturday, sunny and mild at 54 degrees. here's you're witness weather three day forecast, we will have the seven day in a bit 567894 on saturday. fifty-two on sunday w a shower monday, it is cooler and then cold, start to new year of 2015. i will have more on that in a bit. jessica? thanks, kate.
5:53 pm
lebanon county family got a larger family on christmas morning. they welcomed three more members, courtney cash went to the hospital on saturday with early labor pains. she delivered triplets, two girls and a boy yesterday at hershey medical center. courtney and her husband justin already have two children. >> i'm excited. i just want to get them home. after courtney had them so long carrying them around, i just want to get them home and have her home since they are all healthy. >> the family is from myerstown about 80 miles northwest of philadelphia and now these triplets weren't due until february but doctors say that mom and all of the new babies are just fine. still ahead on "eyewitness news" on the same day comedy at center of the sony pictures hack garnered national attention for its opening, a drama with the history lesson also hits theater, we will take a look at thelma and how movie goers
5:54 pm
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movie at center of the sony pictures hacking hit theaters same day as drama with the history lesson on civil rights. cbs news correspondent craig boswell tell us movie goers are struck by the relevance of what is going on in today's world. >> reporter: film selma details struggle to end voting discrimination in the alabama city that became front line in the nationwide battle. >> it is important for everybody to see, youngsters, teens and adults: it is a history lesson. >> reporter: while many are familiar with bloody sunday, the day police beach marchers on the independent bridge, some movie actors learn more about the attempts to cross the bridge. >> what i learned through the movie and filming the movie, this is something that actually takes place three times, three attempts were the last one being successful. >> reporter: march from selma to montgomery helped force passage of landmark civil rights legislation.
5:58 pm
2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1955 voting rights act. judge us last year supreme court struck down key provision saying it was unconstitutional and outdated a and that has given some states that had history of discrimination more leeway to inact new voter id laws. >> sometimes recent history is something that people just don't know as much about. >> reporter: some movie goers say while selma is a look back, its scenes have relevance today. >> it is certainly important for things in ferguson and all of the racial tensions between police, law enforcement and some community members, this is vital. >> reporter: many see selma as a chance to engage larger a audience in that conversation. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" there that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 a driver new being questioned in the bucks county hit and run that left a nine three-year old woman dead, we are live with new developments. scare for students as a
5:59 pm
bus loaded with children crashes on the roosevelt boulevard, kate? and jessica, it is a chilly friday night here on the sky deck but not as cold as it could be so how does rest of the weekend look? we will have your full forecast, coming up. they jumped in to action to deliver a baby on the septa train, tonight see happy reunion between mother, baby and these officers. family of the nine three-year old woman wants answers, a driver crashed into her home and then sped off that woman passed away following the crash. good evening, i'm jessica dean. the chris may is off tonight. right now police are questioning that driver, after locating the truck just a short time ago. the crash happened on red brook lane in levittown bucks county. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is tracking very latest from police headquarters in bristol
6:00 pm
township tonight, matt. acting police chief told reporters just minutes ago that the 20 year-old suspect, being questioned in this case is cooperative with investigators. he will be released later on tonight but that does in the mean he will not be facing any charges in this case. bucks county district attorney's office will decide if this young man will be charged in this case sometime next week. red truck was spotted 2 miles from the the police station damage in the crash police say to the man driving it, last night, jenny loose owe's family has a message. >> how can you live with your self could go something like this. you caused damage, why don't you just stop and admit to it. >> reporter: the nine three-year old was asleep in her bed at 2:40 when a truck burst through her bedroom wall. it veered off the road leaving deep tracks in the yard. >> the whole house shook, right. so i quick got up and looked out that window. i seen taillights go out this road right


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