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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a hit and run leaves a woman dead on her 93rd birthday and police are trying to figure out if the driver should face charges. a scare for students as a bus loaded with children crashes on the roosevelt boulevard. and, more on the christmas birth on a septa a train see the moment one mother was reunited with the officers who delivered her baby. today it is saturday december 27th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. 6:00 o'clock. lets check that forecast with carol. we have had a couple of really nice days, carol, hopefully we can continue this trend. >> we have another one today, too. fortunately, we could not get out yesterday and see just really magnificent weather we have another opportunity today. the temperatures will be even milder then yesterday. we will pick up 5 degrees today, over yesterday, 50-degree temperature. ocean city is still very, very
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quiet. we must whisper when we see that picture. otherwise we have a cold start to the morning and a number of locations. it is 33 degrees at palmyra cove nature park overlooking city of philadelphia and delaware bay. few cloud coming in right now but we should find some sunshine today and these temperatures in the middle 50's. i think you'll love this weather if you want to get out and do whatever it is. maybe you have taped down your decorations early. this is not a bad day to do it if you are so inclined because it will be mild tore day. decent tomorrow too but we have more in the way of clouds and some shower chances. thirty-four out at the airport in philadelphia. thirty-eight in trenton. 33 degrees in wilmington. it is 29 in allentown right now. it is 34 in willow grove as these temperatures continue to come up a little bit in many locations. our temperatures today getting to 55 degrees, lots of sunshine, as much as we would love to keep that going i think we he do end up having to change that up for tomorrow. now the future weather shows us that it is clear throughout
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this afternoon but we will see these clouds starting to stream in overnight and maybe even a chance of the shower overnight and a couple of spots. i'll finish out that time line and we will talk about the colder temperatures that follow today's very mild day, nicole. >> carol, thank you. a woman is left dead on her 93rd birthday after a hit and run driver crashes in to her home. police are working to figure out if that driver will face charges. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live from the news center with word from the victim's family, steve. >> nicole, last night the the owner of the pickup truck suspect in the hit and run voluntarily went to police. there are no charges yet. the district attorney wants to take a closer look at the case. lets take a closer look at this story. here's what we know. the driver of the pickup truck is 20 year-old. that driver went to police 12 hours after police found the damaged red dodge pick up, at a home nearby. police say the wreckage simply matched the damage on the truck. they believe it slammed into the victim's home.
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jeanie russo died on her 93rd birthday in the early hours of friday morning. police believe it was not the impact of the crash, but what happened next, russo had been in hospice care, the impact pushed her dress inner to her bed, leaving her room exposed to the outside elements. her son said that he had to move her twice to a warmer location in the house while emergency crews repaired the hole that was simply too much for her, the 55-pound body, and she died a short time later. we spoke to police about the driver in one of the victim's granddaughters about how the the family is doing after all of this. >> mr. russo told me that one of the family members of the driver responded to their home with an apology and they were very gracious to us him in accepting it. >> we expect to have her pass in her own bedroom and she unfortunately was not able to do that. >> her son says her mother
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has been frail for some time right now, and that cold air was simply too much for her. the the driver has been cooperative and remorseful. russo's family say they accepted an apology yesterday. during all this the the bucks county district attorney will review the case next week to determine if charges are coming. we are live from the cbs-3 news center, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so unfortunate steve, thank you. police are investigating a serious crash in delaware county. two vehicles collided at north state and gulf road in springfield last night. from chopper three you can see one of the vehicles overturn there we are told first responders pulled at least one person from that car, it is unclear if anybody else was hurt. one person was killed, after a motorcycle and truck collided in king of prussia chopper three over river road and mccoy lane friday evening. a second person was flown to the hospital, that person's condition has not been released, and the cause of the crash is under investigation. philadelphia police are investigating a crash
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involving a school bus loaded with children on the roosevelt boulevard. chopper three over the the scene near henry avenue and east falls friday afternoon, authorities say that the driver suffered burns from wires on the bus and that caused him to lose control. none of the students on the bus were injured, so that is some good news, they were also transferred to another bus. a hazmat scare prompts evacuation of the home in germantown. chopper three over 200 block of west street just after 6:00 friday evening when a substance leaked there a truck. once the spill was contain officials determined it was gas and allowed that family to return home. an accident at the cherry island landfill in wilmington leaves a worker dead. authorities say 42 year-old jose louise, garcia hernandez of newark was hit by a large piece of equipment. chopper three over the scene around 2:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. investigators tell "eyewitness news" a tractor was pushing trash in the large pile and then was backing up when it struck that victim. a 49 year-old woman who disappeared christmas eve has
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been reunited with her family. stella meninger was driving from her home in lansdale to gilbertsville montgomery county when she lost her way. her concern family called police. well, yesterday afternoon detectives found her 50 miles from home, at the the wawa in south church street in mount laurel, new jersey. her neighbor says that she's known for her independent. >> i see her almost every day, but normally she cut the grass, and she care the to the yard. she's a very nice lady. >> reporter: stella was disoriented but otherwise unhurt. it is unclear where she was all those hours in between. i love this story coming up here. the baby born born on the septa a train has been name chris in honor of his birth on christmas day. on friday septa released this photo of the two officers posing with the baby they helped to deliver. the baby was born on the market frankford line train 15th and market in center city. mom and baby are resting
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comfortably at hahnemann hospital. but hey, the baby was ready, right. 6:07. a very sad day awaits officers in the new york city police department, coming up next we will go live to new york as family and fellow men and women in blue pay their final respects to a police officer gunned down one week ago today. plus are you planning to avoid the malls and do on line shopping this weekend? three is on your side with the five mistakes that make it easier for hackers to steel your information, we will
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every year volunteers do their west to make holiday season special for those in need. chosen 300 ministry provided help for dozens of families and homeless in west philadelphia "eyewitness news" was there at 3900 block of lancaster avenue. hundreds of toys were also given out to children in the community. all right. the looks like we are having trouble with that sound. we will get back to that in a few minutes here. but first let's let you know chosen 300 distributes 100,000 meals per year to homes in the philadelphia area. so, a nice thick to do around the holidays and pretty much all year long. all right. carol 6:10. lets check on that forecast, it will be a nice day. >> it is. we have got terrific weather shaping up, temperatures in the middle will 50's today.
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our weather watchers what do they say? first thing this morning i have been talking bit and delores lee, hello, delores, glad you are up, she has a comment that is very valid. partly cloud which frost on the grass and cars and in wind and one of the reasons we are finding frost is we have no wind out there. so it lets any kind of warmth that was built up just disappear and there you go. we will end up with that frost and i think we're also finding somebody else who has got some frost, robert stewart in clementon at 28 degrees and his comment is some clouds. i wonder why humidity is so high. doesn't look so bad out. he is right on all counts. i will show new a second why humidity is so high. why don't we walk over and see what is had happening on the bridge? there you go, as we cross ben franklin bridge, and we will pay our i don't know $40 toll? it just seems like it is so high but whatever. ben franklin bridge, it looks great out there, this morning.
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not a problem, at all, the sky is fine, the weather conditions are fine, we have in precipitation out there. we do have some colder temperatures though. 34 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-eight in trenton. thirty-three in wilmington. if you were watching about an hour ago notice these temperatures were a lot lower then. they are starting to come up a little bit, some cloud cover coming in. the then one of our weather watchers asked why is it so humid? look at the dew point. they are close to those temperatures. there is a lot of moisture in the air right new but it is cold enough you will find it turning into frost on those surfaces. so expect to find that dew .31 in philadelphia. 28-degree dew point in trenton and 30-degree dew point in the wilmington area storm scan three, no problems, notice that the cloud come in here earlier during the the overnight we had clear skies, that has started to fill in but we will find some sunshine with very comfortable temperatures. high pressure is here but it moves off north carolina coast
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and as it it does so we will see weather change for tomorrow. not so much the temperature, they will still be in the 50's but as the front comes through here we will have have a chance of picking up rain showers and a couple of those might start as early as overnight time period. but, lets not get ahead of ourselves. it looks like we have some sunshine and although a minute later, just about every day we will see clouds coming in here, by overnight to the north and west a couple of showers, do we see a couple of showers scattered around, even at 6:00 o'clock in the morning, maybe. and then tomorrow at noon north and west, clouds and a lot of locations, some showers moving on through our area as well, and then by monday, it looks as if we could be find something showers maybe later in the day on monday. travelers, let me get out of the way of the three board at the airport? no problems whatsoever at this point. we have temperatures that are also in problem. fifty-five in philadelphia 50 at the the shore. poconos 48 degrees. we've got sunshine in all locations. it will be cold for new years
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eve. are you getting outfit red i get one ready for 28 degrees. that is how cold it will be at midnight. but today 55 degrees, light wind, beautiful. tonight, 42. slightly milder just because of the cloud and then maybe a stray shower out there, tomorrow is looking at 51 for the high with some showers in the afternoon, monday maybe a shower or two at night, 42, and then tuesday, 38, it looks halfway decent but cold, and last day of the year, 33 degrees with sunshine and we will start new year dry and cold, nicole, at 35 degrees. >> carol, thank you. 6:14 right now. a somber day in new york city think morning. fallen police officer rafael ramos will be laid to rest one week after he and his partner were ambush in their patrol car. janel burrell is live outside grace tabernacle church in glendale, queens where today's services will take place. janel good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. we are expecting thousands of
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police officers from not only here in new york city but from around the country to line these streets in just a few short hours for their services set to begin at 10:00 o'clock this morning. there will be a number of dignitaries including vice-president joe biden who will be speaking to the congregation and last night we heard from ramos eldest son who spoke on behalf of his family. >> he was my rock. he was a beacon of wisdom. he was my absolute best friend. >> reporter: heart broken son preparing to say good bye to his dad, justin ramos was in the middle of his sophomore year at body even college in maine when his father rafael ramos was gun down. teen's image watched on the jumbotron waiting in line outside ramos wake friday in queens. >> my dad was there for everybody else and to see so many people here for him is a testament to how he is as a person, and it has been so helpful in this difficult time. >> reporter: the ramos family
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leading on that support not only from friend but from countless officers, community members, and, even strangers. >> thank you for coming. i said there is no need to thank me. i feel duty bound as a citizen. >> reporter: for more than seven hours a steady crowd came to offer their condolences, among the guests mayor deblasio and governor cuomo who asked for continued support for the family especially ramos two sons. >> to lose their father, this way, in such an unexpect way, at this time of the year is truly difficult. >> reporter: even in their pain they managed a few smiles. >> i will keep this short and sweet just like my brother. >> reporter: reflecting on the man they say truly lived not only for his family but for his city. >> and in having you as my brother, it is the highest honor that i could have ever bestowed upon me. >> dad, i'll miss you with
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every fiber of my being. >> reporter: those jumbotron screens as you saw there are expect to be back here again this morning for people not able to fit into the church. of course, there will be height even security as well with the vice-president here, and the threat that we have seen in recent weeks against new york city police officers. for now we are live in queens, janel burrell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also killed in saturday's ambush officer ramos partner wenjian liu, any idea when his funeral arrangements will be set. >> reporter: so far those arrangements have not been announced. right new nypd and federal government are working with liu's family back in china to arrange them to have visaes expedite todd bring them back here so that they can be here for the funeral but we are still waiting for details as far as that is concern, nicole. >> just a sad day, janel, thank you, we appreciate it. hundreds gathered on the boardwalk in atlantic city to
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honor police officers. rally was organized by local physician and radio host and in response to the murders of the two nypd officers last week even. speakers included mayor don guardian and police chief henry white. all right. 6:18 right now. it is a big weekend for shopping. many stores opening up early for people returning unwanted gifts and receiving those gift card. and, if you plan to do on line shopping this weekend well, there are some precautions thaw need to take. julie watts has a few tips to keep hackers from getting your information. >> reporter: good place to grab a coffee but you might want to think twice before shopping on line at the place for public wifi. >> if someone can find a way to compromise that connection they can see what you are doing as well as everybody around you. >> reporter: internet security expert jeff parto says shopping via public wifi is one of the top five cyber security mistakes people will make this holiday season. if you have to shop on the go turn your wifi off and use
6:19 am
the cell phone's data network. >> they need to encrypt voice communications therefore they encrypt data connections too. >> reporter: mistake number two using an old version of the browser. it is icon you click to hit the internet, explorer, fire fox, chrome, most update automatically but to check if you are using most current version go to www what other mistakes clicking on pop ups and searching for anything with the word cheap. the results could leave you to sites run by counterfeiters and without proper security protocol. that brings to us mistake number five forget to go look for the s, never enter your credit card number or personal information unless the web site starts with https, that s stand for secure and could mean the difference between checking off your holiday list and letting the crook use your card to check out yours. julie watts for cbs news, san francisco. well, if you have a gift
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card you don't want to use, don't let it sit around your house, because wal-mart will buy back your unwanted card and exchange it for wal-mart gift card. you won't get the the full value though. amount of money thaw get back depend on the merchant but good option there for you. if you prefer returning gift you may find more retailers asking for your id and imposing certain restrictions because stores want to crackdown on fraudulent returns which will cost retailers almost $4 billion this holiday season, according to the survey by national least tail federation. so have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. we will take a short break. we will be right back.
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actor known as a generation as screech on saved by the bell returns to the screen but this time it is in a courtroom. dustin die mopped is facing several charges including recklessly endangering safety. the authorities say diamond and his fiance were involve in the stab be inside a baron christmas night. diamond says he was defending his girlfriend while eyewitnesses say he started the scuffle. the the victim was stabbed in the armpit but not seriously hurt. okay. well, 2014 was year of big celebrity weddings, late night shake ups and hollywood sign's tacks. susan marquez has a look back at the year in entertainment.
6:24 am
>> ♪ >> reporter: taylor swift shook off her country routes in 2014 and launched a hip pop album and was named billboard's women of the year. iggy azalea had a break out year with her smash, fancy. >> matthew mcconaughey nabbed a oscar for his role in dallas buyers club and followed it up with an emmy nomination for hbo's true detective and box office hit inter stellar. ellen degenerous temporarily crashed twitter and set a record of the most retweets with this selfie of hollywood a listers at the oscars. hackers leaked new photos of the jennifer lawrence and other celebrities on the internet in one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals ever. photos were stolen from the star's i cloud account. hackers targeted sony pictures revealing up bar racing e-mails about adam sandler to leonardo dicaprio. beyonce's sister made
6:25 am
headlines after tmz posted hotel surveillance video of solange physically a ultimate is aing jay-z in the elevator. bill cosby, gets pulled the plug on by nbc after a dozen women accused the comedian of drugging and molesting them over several decade. cosby denies allegations through his lawyers. there were several shocking deaths, suicide of robin williams, death of funny lady joan rivers following complication from his surgery, and the heroin overdose of acclaim actor philip see more hoffman. thirty rock star tracie morgan was critically injured when a wal-mart truck slammed into his limousine. changing of the guard in late night tv, jimmy fallon took over the tonight she from jay leno. >> network has been great but i'm retiring. >> reporter: david letterman has announced he is retiring, next year, steven colbert will take over the late show. in august, after nine years and six children together,
6:26 am
angelina jolie and brad pitt got hitched in the top secret ceremony. the world's most eligible bachelor george clooney tied the knot can amal alamuddin in an a lavish star studded wednesday nothing venice. susan marquez, cbs news, los
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today, it is saturday, december 27th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer at 6:30. lets check that forecast with carol, a nice one ahead, um. >> yeah. >> that is an under statement. >> yes, we have got temperatures cold in some locations, cold enough that people have been finding frost this morning but we really, rebound temperature wise. we will be in the middle 50's maybe at least we might be able to get a couple degrees beyond that. center city philadelphia looks just lovely, this morning, storm scan three looks fairly lovely as well. we have a few clouds but it will be a beautiful day and hopefully one you can enjoy. thirty-four in philadelphia right now. thirty-eight in trenton. thirty-three wilmington. still below freezing in a number of locations, 31 in millville. thirty in atlantic city. twenty-nine in allentown but warm up is on the way. by the time we hit the noon we should be at 50 degrees. beautiful afternoon shaping up. by 3:00 p.m. 55 degrees.
6:30 am
did i hear 56? yes, like an option, maybe we can keep these numbers going up but i think weather changes after that, not so much temperature wise at least tomorrow but sky condition wise on sunday. future weather, it did rightly put those cloud we are finding over us right now clears them out, leaving with us a beautiful day. brings a few cloud back as we move into the the night time hour and by the time we get to 3:00 in the morning when we see green blob heading in to allen and reading, you may be finding allentown and reading you may find a couple showers out there do we see a few others by 6:00 a.m., maybe, maybe not but generally later by the time we get to the noon time hour we will see more in the way of these rain showers coming in here. not everybody getting them at that point but they are off to the west associated with a front and they are scattered around as we move into the afternoon time periods. then monday looks pretty nice, much of the day but there is precipitation to the south of us, and that is why i think,
6:31 am
later monday we will find some showers. for today another beautiful day. cloud, showers visit us tomorrow and then winter chill makes a definite come back by the time we will get to that eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we will find last day of the new year and new years eve getting chilly, nicole with temperatures for new years eve night around 28 degrees and it will be dry the way things are shaping upright now. we will check that full forecast just ahead, nicole. >> well, millions of gamers are in the middle of the blackout, sony's play station network has been off the grid since christmas morning. another system is willing having some problems. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt explains why you should care even if you don't play games on line. >> reporter: day after christmas in the devideo household means one thing: game time. but ten year-old olivia says she's out of luck at least for now. her sony play station is not much more than a paper wait. >> i'm frustrated because i cannot play games i want to
6:32 am
play with friend. >> reporter: lights also went out on the microsoft x box network on christmas day from the same hacking group. they called themselves the lizard squad, group of anonymous hackers announced on line that they wanted to prove a point that main stream networks on game consoles and every day computers are not bullet-proof. >> would i love to play games the the day after christmas that i get for christmas. pretty much what every kid wants to do. >> reporter: devideo's dad happens to be an expert on cyber security and a professor at drexel university. >> the bigger picture here is how a loosely connect group of individuals can attack major corporations, and bring them to their knees. >> reporter: doctor devideo says it is too early to see if any payment information was hack but he tells "eyewitness news" it is unlikely. >> this is not a problem that is going away, all right? you have to look the at the types of attacks and you can grade them based upon how they are going to impact the end
6:33 am
user, the consumer. >> reporter: so why should you the the consumer care, devideo says it is simple, gaming hacks are just the beginning, sony pictures is still digging out from a large attack and u.s. is blaming it on north korea just one week ago staples announced almost 1.2 million payment card are at risk. shoppers told "eyewitness news" that the list just continues. >> i think it should have raised some alarms that i think we have internet security issues in general. >> would i like to have more assurance every time i swipe my card, you know, are they looking out for me. >> reporter: doctor devideo says another great idea, buy gift card at a store, that way you don't to have type your personal information into a game console or a web site. he also says to change your pass word, frequently, and make pass word complicated, something only you will ren. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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sony's controversial comedy the interview did pretty well even though it wasn't in many theaters. film which prompted threats from hackers made over one million-dollar in ticket sales from 331 locations. many christmas day showings were act a you'll i sold out. the interview, is also being streamed on line but official viewer ship numbers have not been released. a fun raising web page started in the wake of the fiery plane crash that killed six people this month is surpassing expectations. the go fund me page for surviving members of the gemmel family has raised over $486,000. brick new jersey native marie gemmel threw her body on top of her young sons as pieces of a plane crashed into their maryland home december 8th. it will be given to raise their husband and their daughter. we have set up a lincoln our web site at cbs police say a serial bank robbery suspect wanted in philadelphia has struck again. investigators say the latest
6:35 am
heist happened at the wells fargo bank at 52nd street in park side on friday morning. the suspect is wanted in three other bank robberies and one attempted robbery, all in the city over the past two weeks. if you recognize this suspect there on your screen please call the police. to wall street now and markets wrapped up the holiday week on a high note, dow jones pick up 23 points on friday closing at another record high. nasdaq added 33 points. well, wall street's strong day was fuel in part by positive consumer spending reports. the national retail federation says holiday sales could hit more than 617 billion, that number bolstered by sales this weekend as shoppers return and exchange holiday gifts. cbs news correspondent chris van cleve spoke at shoppers in the queen center mall in new york city where they are fining pretty deep discounts. >> reporter: just hours after santa park his sleigh for the year shoppers were back at the queen center mall in new york city waiting for stores to
6:36 am
open. christopher and maria solange were here 6:30 the morning after christmas snagging door buster gift card at h and m. >> we have a shopping spree. so we really are very happy. >> reporter: 62 percent of shoppers surveyed say they love getting gift card. national retail federation expects $31 billion in card sales this year, david, has $300 worth to start spending. >> what brought you out shopping today. >> well, the sales mostly. >> reporter: this mall expects the day after christmas to be among top five busiest of the year with around 100,000 shoppers passing through. the the after christmas crowd is a a mix of bargain hunter and people making returns, 23 percent of all returns for the year happen after christmas. jacqueline livingston has one to make but decided to find deals first. >> i really didn't miss anything under the tree this year so i'm extra shopping. >> reporter: final holiday sales numbers will come in the
6:37 am
first few days of the new year n queens new york chris van cleve for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". falling gas prices are the gift that keep on giving. "eyewitness news" in cherry hill as gas pricees were lowered in the gas station along route 70. national average is now at $2.39 a gallon, that is lowest level by may of 2009 according to triple a. average gas price necessary our area also according to triple a, drivers are paying 2.63 in pennsylvania, $2.32 in new jersey and $2.46 in delaware. every year there are about 11,000 tire related accidents injuring thousands and killing nearly 200 people. those numbers are alarming to the national transportation safety board. cbs news correspondent jeff fu gaze report they are looking to decrease tire safety. >> left rear tire blew out on crystal's truck, vehicle skidded off a texas highway and rolled over.
6:38 am
the 25 year-old loss nose of her right arm in the crash. >> we knew it was a tire you could hear the pop, it was unbelievably loud. so we knew right off the bat it was a a tire. >> reporter: tire that caused the crash has been since recalled. most recalled tires never make it off the road, they are not registered presently and as a consequence drivers are not getting the message. earl wayneer is a national transportation safety board member. >> the system isn't working as we see only about 15 to 20 percent at best of the tires that are marked for recall ever get actually recalled that is a potential safety issue. >> reporter: other issue tire aging. tires weaken year by year and cracks start to appear on the surface. some auto manufacturers recommend that they be replaced every six years regardless of use while tire manufacturers recommend ten years. they say life of the tire is more dependent on how it is
6:39 am
maintain and whether it has been exposed to heat or sunlight. dan is with the rubber manufacturers association. >> absent those types of exposures it shouldn't be expected that the tire is not going to perform simply because of the passage of time. >> reporter: ntsb is working on new tire safety recommendations but in the meantime experts say drivers need to educate themselves about maintain their tires properly. jeff fugaz e cbs news, washington. dozens of philadelphia taxi companies are suing uber. cab owners says the san francisco car service operates in bad faith. suit refers to ub are as gypsy cabs that have under mind the entire industry. it accuses the company of wire fraud because of the waiver drivers are paid. they say they will vigorously deeven if itself in court. 2014 is a year that scene unemployment go down and stock market go up. here with a look at the years biggest business stories is
6:40 am
jill blacknor. >> reporter: general meters recalled millions of cars after admit to go a defect with ignition switches. more than 40 deaths have been linked to the flaw which engineers knew about for years. >> i'm deeply sorry. >> reporter: at least five people have been killed by exploding air bags, from the japanese supplier, takata, that has led to nearly 20 million vehicle recalls around the world. uber became a house hold name, limo service expanded to 250 cities, despite safety concerns, and taxi protests around the world. it was a bitter sweet year in the cup cake business, crumbs bakery chain went bankrupt and reopened three months later under new ownership. >> our old customers are happy. >> bit coin. >> bit coin went main stream as a digital currency but by end of the year it had loss some luster. value dropped from a high of
6:41 am
1200 into the the 300. apple introduced the iphone six. >> gorgeous. >> reporter: few weeks later ceo tim cook made history coming out as the first openly gay chief executive of the fortune 500 company. retail giant home depot took five months to realize it had been hacked. the company says that account information was compromised for 56 million card holder. more americans, went back to work this year was the best hiring trend, since the 1990's, bringing the unemployment rate down, to 5.8 percent, but wages have lagged increasing by just 2 percent for the year, barely above inflation. janet yellin took over as first woman to head the federal reserve and the dow jones industrial average touched new highs. the market finish in record territory. >> taylor swift shook up the
6:42 am
music industry. >> ♪ >> after releasing her new album the pop star pulled all of her songs off have of spotify saying there should be a value on art. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. all right. 6:42 right now. looking to renovate your kitchen count are tops, well, coming up next angie's list explains what is trending and useful ape is what a waste of money. stopping for students, the the cast of a local performance group gives a lesson to teens in return for some goodwill. a mild holiday so far but winter is making a come back when like it or not, carol has
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welcome back. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday, anthony mason and vanita nair join us live from new york with the preview, good morning, guys. >> good morning, nicole this were hot holiday gifts this year but many new drone owners have not read their owners manual. we will look at why those first flights are in the going so well. they were under appreciated, under rated films of 2014, a look at the sleeper films you can watch right now. it is hottest whiskey in the world but does not come from britain or the states, the the story behind the brand. >> all that plus your eye opener, the dish and music from ryan add also in our
6:46 am
saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> vanita, anthony, thank you. have a great day, guys. 6:46. updating your kitchen count are tops with the late lease might seem like a great remodeling project but it is important that you choose wisely, otherwise, you could waste your money. in this weeks angie's list report jim donovan shows you what you should consider before giving your kitchen a make over. >> reporter: countertops can transform the look of your kitchen whether you want something more traditional. >> we still see most people in that granite and quartz world. >> reporter: or something more trendy, first thing you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend or how much you should spend. >> count are tops nor different than any other type of of project, it is important to assess the value in your neighborhood. you don't want to over invest in your house because you won't get the return. >> reporter: you will need to determine how you will be using your count are tops. do you spend time in your kitchen in do you do cooking ? are you worried about stains,
6:47 am
scratches? >> sometimes people will satisfaction i want to be able to put hot pans right on my count are top, then these people really generally speaking need to go toward a granite because it has a heat tolerance of 900 to 1200 degrees. >> reporter: something like heat or scratch resistant isn't that important to you you may get lou you want without a big price tag. >> i can take a couple of laminate samples and set them on our grand it and show people they look exactly the same. >> reporter: for more advice on deciding the best countertop for your kitchen visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. african-american nationwide are celebrating kwanzaa, on the first day of the seven day holiday garden state discovery museum in cherry hill held a kwanzaa presentation for children. each day highlights a different principal, day one celebrates unity, other days are dedicated to creativity, self determination, responsibility, cooperative
6:48 am
economics and faith. well, cast of stump is teaching the next generation. take a look. >> ♪ >> for the cost of a canned good, fans were given lessons by the performers. students from the philadelphia performing arts charter school were among those who travel to the kimmel center to support philabundance. you can see stump the at miriam theater through tuesday. ♪ do you want to build a snow man ♪ >> such a cute show with the great message, iowas there with the family yesterday, and, of course, lots of folks turning out to see the hit disney movie frozen coming to life. see elsa, ana and all characters at wells fargo center new through january 4th. tickets are still available. somebody who doesn't like things frozen, carol erickson
6:49 am
you prefer summer. >> i really do prefer summer but we find ourselves in the winter season and it feels more like spring out there our weather watchers are up early and we are so glad you are, as well, we have a 37-degree temperature hidden here and lets see who this is. this is dean, and karen, 37 degrees, for them in philadelphia and they have the comment after all, it is, winter, yes, so, i guess we can expect some frozen and it will feel colder on that eyewitness weather seven day forecast as well. lets see if we get out to west goshen and find out what we have out in that part of the world, in that part of the world. i repeat. steve johnson says that 33 degrees, slight breeze from the north/northwest and feels humid out there. there is enough moisture in the air. some people have been finding frost on their windshield this morning. the lets take a look and see how pretty it looks out there. look at the sky how
6:50 am
interesting that is, just nice, and we will find a few cloud out there right now but the clearing is also coming to see just a beautiful start to the day and it looks pretty nice, really in every single other location as well. do we have another location we will show? yes, all of them. 34 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-eight in trenton. thirty-three in wilmington. these temperatures were lower about two hours ago but they are coming up early. i think partially because of the cloud cover we are seeing over. it is warming us up a bit. we have 30 in atlantic city. just below freezing in millville at 31. twenty-nine in allentown. but these temperatures will all be climbing today and getting into the 50's. storm scan three, this is a loop over last three hours as clear skies that we had, for the the first part of the overnight are gone and now we have just a couple of cloud out there but it will make for a beautiful looking sunrise this morning. high pressure is in charge, large and in charge a apparently but it leaves, head
6:51 am
off, into the ocean, and, says good bye and a maybe sees a cruise ship or two. we have a cold front. low pressure might form on. that that sound like a big deal but it sun. tomorrow we will get more cloud and we will get a chance of some showers tomorrow, especially in the afternoon but we cannot completely rule them out, a little bit earlier and then the rainfall amount, generally up, i'm sure under a half inch. more on the order of a quarter inch out of this. let's time it out so you know what we're dealing with. we have basically clear skies moving through this afternoon. overnight this is 3:00 a.m. a couple of rain showers, maybe, otherwise, by tomorrow morning we've got cloud over us, unlike this morning, and some chances of some showers, this is 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon but closer we will get to philadelphia and points south we will find those shower chances moving in later on in the day. and then monday during the the day i think we will get cloud, we will get sun, but also notice to the the south that there are some rain showers,
6:52 am
that are down there and so you may be finding some of those especially i think monday evening and monday night. if you are doing traveling today, you don't have any airport troubles at this point at all, zero delays in all of these locations, so if you are out traveling around looking the at the board and if you are driving around it is really easy to get around too so we have got fine conditions as we go through this evening. if you go well to the north and west and i mean out of pennsylvania maybe you'll see a rain shower and then tomorrow morning a couple of rain showers maybe through center of the state and also through pittsburgh but this is rain and then by sunday we will have some rain showers around but the at least it is in the snow and much eats year to get around and then we will get some shower chances especially heading to the south by the time you get to monday night. otherwise we have temperatures in the 50's. forty-eight in the poconos. beautiful, beautiful day shaping up. here's something else that is great, it fridays 10:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow, it is
6:53 am
the empty the act shelter event, the city animal shelter, free adoptions today and tomorrow between ten and 5:00. 111 west hunting pike. loving homes only i don't care fit is free, loving homes only, the act shelter to day and tomorrow. 55 degrees, temperature today, pretty nice, tonight, 42 degrees a few more clouds coming in here. we will get 51 tomorrow with the shower in the afternoon, monday maybe some evening showers and maybe even a snow shower after midnight but then tuesday 59, 38 degrees, just colder. wednesday 33, cold. twenty-five wednesday night into thursday morning the first day of the new year and 35 degrees and sunny on new years day. do you love watching the weather? well, you can be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs, nicole. >> carol, thanks. speaking of the cooler weather, winter fest at river rink in penns landing is site
6:54 am
to behold with the view of the river and light showers on the hour beginning at 5:00, a picture perfect setting for ice skating. when you get cold out there, as you will, you will take a break and warm up with a hot cup of chocolate. don't forget to join cbs-3 on new years eve, we will broadcast live at penns landing and bringing you expect spectacular show. it is a tradition. send us your new years wishes by going to cbs or use hash tag cbs-3
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6:56 am
let's get one last check of the weather, carol. >> we are looking at a great day, nicole, i know you will be taking baby yak outside in
6:57 am
this weather. 55 degrees. light wind. lots of sunshine. a few clouds come in, 42 degrees. tomorrow, cloudy a chance of the stray overnight shower into sunday morning. slightly better chance into sunday afternoon but should not be a big deal but temperatures are mile. monday 42 degrees. >> yes. >> slopes down from there. >> we will enjoy our 50's. >> absolutely. that is "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on television but we are always on line at cbs cbt this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekend. >> bye-bye.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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it's december 27, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." an emotional night in new york as the son of a murdered police officer eulogizes his hero father. plus, with threat against police spreading online we'll see how investigators determine rants from impending rage. first they were the holiday gifts but now drones are filling the skies. but the first flights are not going so well. and it's the pride of the uk and the spirit of the south with some of the best whiskey makers of the world aren't from either.


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