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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  December 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we have breaking news this morning an air asia plane with more than 162 people on board loses contact with ground control and remains missing this morning. we are following latest as frantic search and rescue mission is underway, and distraught family members wait for word on their love ones. plus, tearful good bye to one of new york's finest friend, family and fellow men and women in blue pay their final respects to one of two police officers shot and killed last week even. and dry for now but some showers are moving in carol is tracking timing coming up. today is unday december 28th good morning, thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer at 6:00 o'clock. let's check that forecast with carol. possibly some rain. >> yes, we have seen some already. >> we will see more as we go
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through the afternoon. the not a big deal system but just hurleds an end to the great weather we have enjoyed yesterday with that spectacular? today is still mild but we have those showers to contend with. we will look outside. 44 degrees. that is the temperature looking at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey overlooking philadelphia. a as we move on to storm scan three you cane these showers in the area. you cane them, in a lot of places well to the north some of them have crept over into new jersey as well. this is just kind of what we will be dealing with today. rainfall amounts should not be happy on order of the tenth or quarter inch have of rain and thinks tighter view, seeing that not everybody is seeing these showers, right now but they are out there and there are, there are a few more coming. just not a great a day as we saw yesterday. our temperatures though not bad. it is mild they are morning then it was yesterday morning when we had frost on the
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windshield the this morning it is a rain drop. forty-three in philadelphia 42 in wilmington. forty-two in trenton. everybody in the 40's. then we should be able to get in the 50's, lower 50's with the clouds and afternoon showers, also expected as we go through the day. then this computer model not starting a all that great but we will put it into motion and maybe it catches up with itself and it does want toably a a few showers moving through the afternoon and maybe even into the evening hours. so we will continue to follow that time line and talk about the colder wet ther to follow, nicole. >> carol, thank you. more on our breaking news air area air bus has went on a flight from indonesia to singapore. airline officials report that the flight disappeared off radar shortly after the pilot requested to change the flight plane because of the weather. syma chowdhry has details live from the cbs-3 satellite center. good morning. >> reporter: we know plane lost communication about 40 minutes to to the flight this happened last night when
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pilot requested a change of route due to weather. there were reportedly, heavy thunderstorms over the ja va sea, there was no distress signal from the cockpit. both indonesia and inning pour launched a search and rescue operation. it was heading to inning pour with more than 160 people on board. plane had two pilot, five cabin crew and 155 passengers, including 16 children and one infant. most of the passengers are indonesia. now loved ones began gathering at an airport in indonesia waiting to get an update. air asia is a malaysia based airline and this is second time an airplane in asia has gone missing, this year. back in march malaysia airlines flight 370 went missing soon after taking off from kuala lumpur for beijing. it remains missing until this day with 239 people.
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live from the sat center syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, syma, thank you. new this morning two people are rushed to the hospital after a car accident, in northeast philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. it happened in the 700 block of kare in street the just before 3:00 this morning. investigators tell us that the car was traveling fast when it hit a pillar of the house and flipped over. one person is in critical condition, the other is stable condition. well, thousands lined the streets to honor new york city police officer rafael ramos. many officers from our area made the trip to queens to pay their final respects to their fallen brother. dignitaries, including vice-president joe biden were also there for the somber services. tony iel o from our sister station in new york has more. >> reporter: the flagged drape coffin of rafael ramos and just behind his widow marisa bearing that grace who must be strong for others especially sons jayden and justin.
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justin wore his father's nypd church to coat. >> our deep sympathies, my heart goes out to her, on, her whole family. >> reporter: nina ramierez joined her husband and young son in the massive crowd outside christ tabernacle church. >> ♪ land of the free and home of the brave ♪ >> reporter: report cops from connecticut to california came to show port for a man described as devoted to faith, family and the city that he he loved. >> a man who never had to raise his voice to gain the respect of the room because his character and his integrity out shined and shouted any word that could have he have been said. >> reporter: vice-president biden spoke representing a grateful nation and governor cuomo praised the grace shown by the ramos family. >> for ramos family i say we thank you we honor you please join me in giving the the ramos family a round of
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applause. >> reporter: at place echoes out side. behind the barricade at 65th and myrtle hundreds of every day new yorkers gathered in a show of mourning and respect. >> we are here to support them, let them know that we are behind them 100 percent. >> reporter: united in grief but not in support of mayor deblasio. >> we thank you. >> reporter: his crawling played on the jumbo tron screen thousands turned their backs, as i asked several for comment, they said gesture spoke for itself. lingering hard feelings over perceived lack of support for nypd at city hall. deblasio word about ramos included praise for the police force. >> and he was so committed to the nypd, it meant so much to him, to be a member of the finest police force in this country. >> ramos died just before he was to become a police chaplain inspiring this from commissioner braton. >> i'm appointing him an
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honorary department chaplain for the eighty-fourth precinct. >> reporter: outside people joined hand during the final prayer, more than a few tears flowed as helicopters flew by in missing man formation and then relentless drum beat as a hero was carried to his final rest. in queens, new york, tony aielo, cbs news "eyewitness news". a number of philadelphia officers were among those in new york to pay their respects afterwards they shared a few pictures from the funeral with us. you can see just how big the turnout was to honor officer ramos. somber ceremony served as a reminder to the sacrifice that he is they make every single day. >> unfortunately we do know what that feels like because we had our own tragedies here in philadelphia but we will keep them in our prayer, that entire department, it is a large department but as well as their extended family and we're a part of that as far as we're concern.
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>> reporter: they were joined by departments throughout the the region. these pictures were event from officers in gloucester county upper darby township camden county and berkley township just to name a few there. also, we will continue to see more protest in the wake of the grand jury decisionness ferguson and in new york. peaceful demonstration held here in center city which was organized by muslim groups to address what they call police brutality against the black community, a number of high ranking officers were also there to keep the dialogue opened. we have new information this morning on a hit and run crash, in bristol township bucks county. nine three-year old jenny russo died a short time after a truck slammed in her home and drove off. authorities now say it results from her autopsy indicate that he died of natural causes and there was no evidence of trauma a cause by that crash. the the driver did eventually turn himself in, at this time, no charges have been filed.
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police released the name of the motorcyclist killed in the crash in king of prussia. chopper three was over the scene at friday night at river road and mccoy lane. fifty year-old eric keither of conshohocken crossed over double yellow line and collided head on in the truck. he was killed instantly. the driver of the truck was flown to the hospital but is expected to recover. police say a man tried to rob a local sports bar, armed with nothing but a broom handle. it happened friday night at the chestnut sports bar in newark delaware. a manager was cleaning up when the man attack her and demanded money from the register. she for the him off with the help of the another customer. he ran away empty handed and is still on the loose this weekend. philadelphia police are searching for the suspects in two separate grocery store robberies. first happened tuesday at susan's grocery on south 13th street. police say two suspects demanded money, one pulled a gun. they got away with $500. thursday police responded to a robbery in progress at joe's
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food market at 1900 east passyunk avenue. the suspect ran off without getting any money. if you can identified either suspect please call the police. founder of the philadelphia charter school will says that the doors will close for good this week. in a letter sent home to parents at a message on the school's web site walter palmer says that the leadership learning partners charter school will close wednesday, december 31st. "eyewitness news" spoke with walter pal will more over the phone. he said this will affect 675 students who recently won a lottery to stay at that school. >> it was back in october the that the school had to shut out hundreds of students, for exceeding their enrollment cap. meanwhile, spokesperson for the school district of philadelphia released this statement saying they are quote ready to assist parent and students with transition to publish schools. the school district has he set up a dedicated web site for walter palmer parents to assist them with the transition process. it is 6:10. the sony hack attack is
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getting heated and very personal. coming up next north korea insult president obama with offensive word. and when a home owner put this christmas tree up in 1974 it was alive he still has not taken it down. coming up why it is still sitting in the corner of his house four decade later. attracting showers for the end of this who will will day webbing end, will cooler temperatures ahead carol is
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recapping our breaking news this morning an air asia plane is missing. the the the flight with 162 people on board was coming from indonesia heading to singapore. airline officials a that the plane went missing after the pilot asked for permission to change course due to bad weather. the plane lost communication with indonesia's airport 42 minutes after take off when it is believed to be over the ja va sea. the plane under gone it last maintenance check. in long beach california will there were tense moments, a jet blue flight was delayed for two hours because of the bomb threat. someone tweeted the threat the to the airline as plane was a arriving from seattle officers searched the jet but didn't find anything suspicious. the the incident remains under investigation. north korea issues a statement denouncing sony pictures release of the movie
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the the interview. it included a racial slur about president obama and called him the chief culprit who forced even i to distribute the film. statement denounced u.s. for blaming north korea for hacking attack on sony pictures earlier this month. it said u.s. should produce evidence of its claim. the white house has declined comment. meantime 750,000 people stole digital copies of the the interview on, christmas day using file sharing software according to a pirate blog. the it scored a lot of legal purposes as well. you tube's number one most streamed movie, own christmas day. amazon is giving us a glimpse that what gifts were popular this year. items related to the movie frozen a big hit, not surprisingly amazon customers bought frozen dolls watches, music, underwear and frozen duct tape. interesting. taylor with the 1989 was one of the best selling cd and top
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digital down load. as for clothing, sweaters were popular for both men and women. so, perhaps folks gearing up for winter ahead, carol, not that you are looking forward to it. >> no, unfrozen i would have bought. >> yes. >> but 45 degrees, that is in the bad this time of the morning, nicole and we are looking a at a couple rain showers but it comes with a slight price. you can tell by the lights, glistening on the roads up here in reading that you may find that same situation where you are because we have these showers around here, and we're going to be keeping them around a little bit. we have 41 in the poconos with wind west at the 14 miles an hour. forty-three in philadelphia. 6 miles an hour wind. lovely yesterday. average wind speed was only 3 miles an hour on top of all that sunshine and then 47 degrees down in atlantic city. the morning is extremely comfortable with all of these temperatures every single one in the 40's this morning. that makes it very to comfortable start. then we have this you can see
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light showers and they are out there, we have them in wilmington, new castle county we have a couple through burlington county, also i think probably primarily at this point they are to the north and west of philadelphia, but this afternoon as this front comes through here we are likely to be finding those showers moving in our area as well. but the temperatures at least staying in the 50's, barely in the 50's but at least in the 50's. rainfall amounts probably not impressive which may be impressive all on its own just hundreds of an inch expected according to this computer model by the time we hit 7:00 o'clock through philadelphia, just slightly more, through wildwood and about a tenth of an inch of rain up through the poconos. by the time this whole thing is basically shut off, .3 of an inch through wildwood. so not a big system, traveling today and so many people are getting back home after the christmas holiday or going where ever they are going we do have clouds over us and as you go he through this morning a couple of those rain showers
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obviously a break comes in the rain showers we might be finding more of them as we go through this evening though, so just watch for that especially heading to the south and then we will keep these showers to the the south but they are out of our area thinks first thing tomorrow morning. the notice shore areas, they are impacted by that. a few more showers at the shore and then that even leaves and we're left with a really nice day tomorrow. we have some sunshine. temperatures are cooler because it is a cold front and by tuesday morning it still looks fine around here, might want to pick up a couple snow showers if you moved to the north and west, by tuesday evening, otherwise pretty quiet weather pattern especially today and 51 with a couple of showers some clouds, not a big deal this time of the year. 50 degrees. that is temperature at the shore. poconos 45 degrees. we have scattered rain showers especially this morning. wind not a big deal. yesterday there were only 3 miles an hour average. just perfection, yesterday. between five and 10 miles an
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hour wind today not that big of a deal. just showers just changing things and this is the warmest day that we will be finding for the rest of the year which sound like a lot more of a grand statement then it is obviously. 38 degrees for our temperature tonight. maybe an evening shower. because we end this year very soon now tomorrow temperatures will be in the middle 40's and then on tuesday, in the middle 30's. we should stay dry that whole time. wednesday and thursday we're also dry but cold, look at those nighttime temperatures. wednesday night we will drop down to 28 degrees for the midnight festivities nicole. >> all right carol, thank you. speaking of midnight festivities new years eve preps are underway in times square. every year thousands travel to watchman hat on's ball drop in times square. the ball, which is 12 feet in diameter will be raised 470 feet in the air and set to be largest crystal ball in the world. city workers are putting final touches on the ball and new
6:20 am
years festivities will begin on wednesday at 6:00 o'clock. and don't forget to join cbs-3 on new years eve. we will broadcast live at penns landing and bring you spectacular fire works show at the stroke of midnight. you can be part of the special by sending us our new years wishes by going to cbs or use the hash tag cbs-3/new years. celebration of kwanzaa fills the the halls dance forever studios posted their dance festival at west philadelphia achievement charter elementary school last night there were live performances traditional african marketplace and a kwanzaa candle lighting ceremony. some people called this next story sweet while others say it is disturbing. forty years ago a business son cinnamon put up a living christmas tree and to this day has not taken it down. neil olson has six sons two of which for the in the vietnam war. after he put up the tree in 1974 he made a packet.
6:21 am
>> decorated her up i said that tree will stay there until i get all my six boys at home one time at christmastime. >> one of olson's son was injured in the war and can't travel from washington state and that is why the tree is still standing after four decade. leaves are sagging and needles are brown but olson says the tree remind him of the importance of family. hopefully soon they will all get together. little sad. all right. 6:21. come up next latest on former president bush still in the hospital this holiday weekend. a look back at some store that is made international headlines. we will will take a
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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president george hw bush will remain in the texas hospital for now. bush, the oldest living president, was admitted just before christmas for shortness of breath. a spokesmen says the 90 year-old is in good condition and good spirits. the former president will stay in the hospital through the the weekend for observation. bush suffers from a form of parkinson's disease that has forced him to rely on a motorized scooter. fight against terrorism intensified in 2014 but world united in the name of sports at the most expensive olympics ever. cbs's alfonso van marsh has look at the biggest
6:25 am
international events of the year. >> reporter: president obama authorized u.s. air strikes against iraq and syria targeting islamic state fighters. the isis militants beheaded three americans and several other hostages. terror hit australia when an iranian a born cleric took hostages at a coffee shop. the suspect and two hostages were killed during a gun battle with police. in afghanistan u.s. and nato ended combat missions, 13 years after the the the september 11th attacks. the taliban and pakistan attack a military run school in peshawar killing 140 people mostly students. the israelis/palestinian conflict intensified when hamas militants murdered three jewish teenagers and israelis extremist burn a palestinian teen to death. israel invaded the gaza strip. more than 2,000 palestinians and at least 70 israelis died. pope francis made a pilgrimage
6:26 am
to the holy land ahead of that violence meeting with christian, jewish and palestinian leaders. the pope addressed a hot button issue in the church meeting priest sex abuse survivors. the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic ties after more than 50 years. health officials are struggling to contain the world's biggest ebola out break, the disease has killed nearly 7,000 people in west africa. the islamic extremist group boca horam kidnaped hundreds of school girls in april and threatened to sell them into slavery. the south african judge sentenced track star oscar pistorius five years in prison for shooting his girlfriend to dead. a malaysia airlines flight that disappeared over the indian ocean in july with 239 people was never found. another malaysia airlines plate was shot down over eastern ukraine killing 298
6:27 am
people. during the revolution in ukraine, russian troops took control of the the crimea, russia also a successful winter olympic games in sochi. the the british are getting ready to welcome another royal baby into the spring. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. well, we are going to continue that follow breaking news coming up in the next half an hour, right now a frantic search is on for an air asia plane after i went off radar yesterday, latest is straight ahead. it was a thrilling finish to the pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium, rob ellis has highlights the from a fantastic penn state win, coming up next. you may need the umbrella this sunday carol tracking latest on showers for the end of the holiday weekend. we will be
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hershey's miniatures. choosing is half the fun. because there's a little something delicious... for everyone. hershey's miniatures choose your own delicious. radar yesterday, with 162 people on board we're live following the latest coming up. plus, ribbons for shane how the missing college student will be honored on new years day. kicking and punching caught on camera a fight at a pennsylvania mall gets so violent, stores have to shut down early. today it is is sunday december 28th, good morning thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30. lets get a check on that forecast with carol and we
6:31 am
might need the umbrella this sunday carol. >> you just might but won't need a heavy coat, which is good news yesterday we hit 57 delightful degrees low wind, it was just a fabulous day. today we've got clouds and we have those showers out there lets take a look outside and you can see center city is in the dealing with any weather problems at all and at this point, we have not even seen much in the way of any kind of rain showers through center city but you can see on storm scan three that they are out there and some of them would like to fall in the philadelphia area. some of these most, you know most robust dynamics are to the north and west with this thing but still widespread showers cannot be ruled out. here's a closer view. lots of areas not seeing any precipitation right now and then we will put this even closer and sees what we have around the philadelphia area. you might see a light sprinkle or two but otherwise things are looking not that bad this morning. we have temperatures that are really pretty comfortable look at these 50 degrees in magnolia and we have got 42 in
6:32 am
lumberton, drexel hill 43. plymouth meeting 43 degrees with the cloud cover overnight and one of the reasons we are staying as mild in every single location from the poconos to the shore, 41 in the poconos. 48 degrees down in wildwood. we will warm up today not as high as yesterday, we will be 50 51 degrees or so with the cloud cover out there and just know that a scattered shower cannot be ruled out, this computer model which isn't doing a great job to begin with might, might be right by this point with a few showers but just a slight chance of evening showers. so i think you will get some showers, get a break and then a couple evening showers in a few spots. otherwise it is just turning colder and we will talk about that, coming up, nicole. we are following breaking news this morning, an air asia plane is missing. the the flight with 162 people on board was coming from indonesia heading to singapore. airline officials say the plane went missing after the pilot asked for permanent in mission to change course due to bad weather.
6:33 am
syma chowdhry has details live from the cbs-3 satellite center. same, what do you know. >> reporter: nicole air asia flight 8501 went missing 7:30 our time. the plane was halfway into its the two hour flight. now family and friend are hoping to get the some answers. loved ones gathered at an airport in indonesia an air asia plane with more than 160 people on board disappeared overnight. the plane took off from indonesia and was heading to singapore but lost contact about 40 minutes into the flight over the java sea. both countries launched a search and rescue operation for flight 8501 but there has been in sign of the plane after it lost contact with ground control. air asia is a regional low cost carrier and missing plane was on the submitted flight plan. but it had requested a change of route due to weather before losing communication. officials say that there was in distress signal from the cockpit. the the plane had two pilots,
6:34 am
five cab and crew and 155 passengers including 16 children and one infant. most of the passengers are indonesian ans. they are a malaysia based airline. this is second time an airline has gone missing this year. back in march malaysia era lines flight 370 went missing soon after taking off from kuala lumpur to beijing. it remains missing until this day with 239 people. again, search and rescue operations are underway, right now, and the pilot of air asia flight 8501 requested a change of course due to weather. there were reportedly heavy thunderstorms over the java sea. that is very latest from the sat center
6:35 am
syma chowdhry for c with bs3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thank you. thousands lined the streets to pay tribute to new york police officer rafael ramos. he is being remembered as a devoted family man, chaplain and hero. he was fatally shot in an ambush in broad daylight last week. police officers from across the country pack a queens church for his funeral yesterday. they were joined by dignitaries including vice-president joe biden. >> he was so committed, to the nypd, and it meant so much to him to be a member of the finest police force in this country. >> ramos died just before he was to become a police chaplain. yesterday police choir inner william braton appointed ramos a honorary chaplain of the eighty-fourth precinct. police in arizona say a suspect in the domestic violence case the shot ape killed a police officer before killing himself. officer tyler jay stewart was looking for the suspect a at the time of the shooting in a housing development. investigators say the suspect shot at the officer multiple times and then shot himself. the 24 year-old officer, died at the hospital. a businesses in ferguson after weeks after being boarded up for protection during the the unrest,
6:36 am
business owners are taking the the board down. a number of shop owners, they say sales have been down since the the death of michael brown in august and protest that filled that grand jury decision. residents are hopeful businesses will pick backup and the area will be busy once again with shoppers. back here at home dozens of bikers hit the road to honor one of philadelphia's fallen heroes. the warriors watch riders traveled to the the city streets, paying tribute to fire fighter lieutenant joyce craig. the lieutenant craig died while battling a fire in west oak lane earlier this month. the the ride took the group through neighborhood that she helped protect during her 11 years of service. this weekend marks one month since the disappearance of shane montgomery and as his family continues to hold on to hope, some of those marching in the new years mummers parade will honor the the missing college student in their own special way. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more. >> reporter: green is shane's favorite color and for his family the ribbons symbolized hope reminding people that
6:37 am
shane is still out there. >> we are just trying to get these ribbons to every club. i want to see a sea of green ribbons coming down broad street. >> reporter: a message that the jester's in south philadelphia want to help spread so they are asking all mum tours wear green ribbons in the new years day parade. the the response has been so far been large with many clubs signing on. >> i'm trying to help the montgomery family and everybody is behind me. a couple thousand people behind me, it makes you feel good. >> reporter: shane disappeared early thanksgiving morning after leaving a manayunk bar. an investigation into where he went has lasted for weeks. the his keys were found in the river nearby, recently but shane remains missing. gestures like spreading the green ribbon meant a lot. >> i don't know any of these gentlemen but right now they are my brothers. when walking up the broad street there will not be a bigger yester fan then this guy standing right here. >> reporter: jay tells us is there nothing to report in the the whereabouts of the missing 20 year-old, as police
6:38 am
investigation continues. we are in manayunk matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". things got physical among hundreds of teens who packed a pittsburgh a area mall. police say large groups of teens started to show up around 5:00 o'clock on friday with crowd swelling to as many as a thousands. a fight broke out and two people were hospitalized with minor injuries. the chaos forced monroeville mall to close early. >> there was a all this commotion and there were, you just heard a stampede and a bunch of people screaming yelling, and then all of the people that worked at the store came running to the front of the store and shut all of the doors and lock you in. >> police say there was minor damage done to that mall. they don't believe it was an organized event or protest. all right. well, 6:38 right now. there is still much more ahead on "eyewitness news" coming up next, we will look back at the actors artists musicians and other notable people that the world has lost this year. also from snow and ice to heavy rain we will look back at the weather event that made
6:39 am
headlines in 2014. and as for our weather dry for now but rain is moving in carol is tracking the latest when we come
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back on "eyewitness news" it has within an actor year for weather events cross the country from too much snow to heavy rain that caused deadly mud slide. mary malone gives us a look back at storms that made history in 2014.
6:42 am
>> reporter: rough start to the year for the deep south, in january snow and ice brought the city of the atlanta to a stand still. thousands of drivers were stranded on highways some for more than 20 hours. and hundreds of students slept in their schools. >> i was super scared. ways like if i don't get home to my parents i will freak out. >> reporter: while officials played the blame game georgia's governor later took responsibility for icy grid lock. >> i'm the governor. the buck stops with me. >> reporter: fast forward nine months to buffalo, new york. one of the most historic snowfalls. complete with thunder snow. two lake effect snow events in just one week dumped 7 feet of snow in some area. >> it is just too much. a lot of snow here. >> it is probably heavier then anything that we have seen in over 40 years. >> reporter: at least 13 people died in the back to back snowstorms. from too much snow to too much
6:43 am
rain, that is what caused a large landslide in march, that devastated a community in washington state. >> my hearties broken. it is broken. she was my best friend. >> reporter: grace smith's daughter was one of 41 people killed and two dozen homes buried in mud and debris. further south california still need rain, the golden state is in the third year of one of the worst droughts in the past century. >> nothing. >> not even a drip. >> not even a drip. >> reporter: some bad some people in this county are now living without running water getting help through donations. state lakes and agriculture are also suffering. >> it is dead. our product is dead. >> reporter: in december a storm system brought much needed rain but the the question remains will it be enough. i'm mary malone, reporting. >> 6:43 right now a lot of whack i weather this year carol but fortunately for us, the the last few days have been pretty good. we cannot really complain, can
6:44 am
we? >> no, yesterday was unbelievable to find that day in december, it was just such a gift. i want to show you the very first light of the this morning. look at this this is cape may courthouse. you can see just a sliver of light, the sunnies starting to wake up, temperature of 47 degrees, so this is a very mild start to the day, and finish will be finish, not as mild as yesterday but we will still probably be able to get in the 50's. temperatures are in the 40's right now in every single location. yesterday morning you might have been out with the ice scraper, i know i was but not to day, look at this these temperatures 41 in the poconos. forty-one in allentown. forty-seven in wildwood. very mild start. we don't go that much higher, we will get in the lower 50's maybe to the north you will stop in the upper 40's but this isn't bad at all. forty-two in pottstown. forty-four willow grove. doylestown 42. lovely county seat of burlington county, mount holly, 42 degrees. storm scan three, we have a
6:45 am
couple of impulses that come by. one comes by this morning. we will get a break. there is another one in kentucky but it will come by here this a afternoon along with the front moving on through, slowly, i think that the second half of the day your a's more likely to find these showers in the southern half of our viewing area verse the northern half where we're finding a lot of them. they are scattered in every location but i'll tell you that is pretty light whatever you are seeing out there and a lot of people are not seeing anything. a little break coming up, afternoon showers, evening shower, and then that system will pull away. i will show thaw on our computer model. cold front coming through here and temperatures do drop. this is the warmest it will be for the the rest of the year as i said doesn't go that much longer anyway but into the 50's today and then in the 40's and then the 30's for highs coming up after that. future rainfall amount computer models say don't worry about it just a .01 of an inch here. you could pick up a tenth of
6:46 am
an inch. in the right locations maybe a quarter inch but it looks like this has limited moisture to work with. traveling, i know everybody at least a lot of people are trying to get home. these are current airport delays. we are finding in of these select airports. i will get out of the way so you can see towns we're talking about. so not a big deal getting out there today at least at this point in the morning. now if you are driving, the same thing it is not that much of a problem. we have had some cloud, notice i mention that had break. here it is at the 10:00 in the morning we will see the break. i mentioned kentucky. you will see that moisture streaming over from there. by the time we get to this evening we have got some showers through delaware. maybe finding them along the coastal area we will see them running along the coast second central delaware, point south of that. that is right through tomorrow morning at 4:00 o'clock. we will clear out or we should clear out and get sun and clouds tomorrow and then by the time we will get to tuesday things not looking that bad but we have cooled
6:47 am
down. you can tell that by these streamers coming off of the great lakes with the snow shower. otherwise today 51. philadelphia shore, 50. poconos 45 degrees. we will get some clouds, and you better have your jackets ready for new years eve temperature of 28 degrees but it will be dry. it looks like a great kick off to 2015. not that bad on the wind today. northwest, between five and 10 miles an hour. 38 degrees for our temperature tonight. just a chance of still hanging on to a shower especially areas south. and then over next couple days notice the drop in temperatures. we will go down in the 30's for high temperatures over the next couple of days nicole. >> all right carol thank you. lets see at 6:47 let check on the road with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning ann. >> good morning, nicole. we have some construction to tell but this morning on i-95 what you are looking at southbound between bridge street and cottman avenue. no delays despite the construction there this morning. the highway of course
6:48 am
reduced to those three lanes because of construction there were some delays earlier but now everything is moving along fine. ninety-five here and through the suburbs. moving the traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge mid span no delays or problems on the ben franklin further up no problems on the the 42 freeway or 55. ac expressway and garden state parkway look okay as well. on to the schuylkill expressway let's visit that this morning. this is schuylkill at vine expressway, dark wait if you go that are sunrise this morning n delays or problems on the schuylkill at the top of the screen or the the vine in the middle of your screen. both of those highways in good shape. taking mass transit honor close to schedule. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new nicole back to you. in 2014 we will say a final good bye of legend of comedy movie fashion and politics. here is a look a at those who are gone now but whose legacy, has moved on. >> ♪ turn, turn ♪
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:54 am
the cloud were part of september when ncaa lifted bowl ban yesterday afternoon they went bowling in the bronx, pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium penn state p.c. u take it up 202nd psu down three. the 45-yard field goal. clutch kick. game tied at 24. bc first possession in overtime tyler murphy the great throw, eagles go up by six but the extra point right here is missed. that is huge. nittany lions down six instead of seven. penn state ensuing possession, christian hackenberg with the throw, great catch in the end zone by kyle carter, gain tied at 30. now the extra point and the win. he nails it. penn state fans rejoyce, he dressed pregame in derek
6:55 am
jeter's locker room stall. hackenberg named the all-star. peter lafayette was fired last year just three games in the regular season. last night he took on his old team nashville predators off to a 22-nine-two start. flyers were 14-14-six. flyers down one to nothing. claude giroux great steel controlling the puck and the finish but wrister with the game tied at one. later nashville two man advantage, ray emery the save but mike fischer puts rebound in. two-one predators. thirty-eight seconds later it is colin wilson this time, nashville, great screen no chance for ray emery right there. they took a three -one lead and flyers lose the game, four-one. for a beleaguered eagles secondary the site of odell beck ham junior is not one for their sore eyes. rookie out of lsu in 11 games has 1120 yards and 11 touchdowns while making highlight catches. he did have have just two
6:56 am
receptions of 28-yard when eagles blew out giants october 12th a game he has not forgotten about. >> definitely excited this being a game that i was just kind of getting back into. we didn't come out. we didn't play well. they came out and they played extremely well. they did a lot of things right. we didn't: not revenge but you know, 27 to nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth. >> and we will get you ready for eagles foot the ball for the final time on toyota sunday kick off. join beasley, leslie and cast have of others as we get you ready for eagles/giants at 11:30 on cbs-3. i'm rob ellis. have a great day, everybody. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00. the here's what we have coming up at 7:00. we are following some breaking news this morning, the the disappearance of air asia flight 8501. we will have the the lateness a live report. plus it has been a busy year in washington for scandals resignations and we
6:57 am
will look back at the year in politics. carol has your holiday forecast, all that and more when we continue at 7:00 o'clock.
6:58 am
6:59 am
it is breaking news we have been following all morning long search for missing air asia plane with more than 160 people on board, we will have a live report coming up. good morning to you it is sunday december 28th i'm nicole brewer.
7:00 am
it is 7:00 o'clock here. let get a check of the forecast with carol maybe a little rain. >> yeah, couple showers scattered around but these temperatures are mild and that should be where focus goes, this morning. we had a gorgeous saturday today, in the quite so much but still fairly comfortable temperature wise because we will get in the 50's. ben franklin bridge area you can see a few clouds, otherwise we are looking at a sun starting to wake up a little bit, we like that look as we move on over to our neighborhood weathernet work and you can see we have a temperature of 46 degrees down in cape may courthouse and more of the yellow on the horizon which means the sunnies waking up and not going to have an ease i time with these clouds today though. it may remain hidden for most of the the day with chance of showers and speaking of which storm scan three you can see showers moving over and some of them once they have gone to the east of allentown they will start to get heavier. but they are fairly quiet around philadelphia area, and they are not heavy, not


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