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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are continuing to follow breaking news this morning where a fire in delaware county left an elderly woman dead. it happened in her home in the 1800 block of providence road. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer picks up the store friday that scene nicole. ukee and erika if you take a look behind me you can see crews are not here on the scene of this fire on providence road in yeadon, delaware county. they have just cleared the scene. the restoration people are here on site but you cane what is left of this fire that took about 20 minutes to get under control. unfortunately there was one fire fatality an elder liz woman did not manage to get out of that home. she was found deceased in the front porch area of that home. fortunately three other elderly relatives inside at the time of the fire did make it out okay. we're told there were working smoke alarms so that alerted
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them to this fire. it was just too late for that one elderly woman. we did speak to the deputy fire chief when we first arrived here on the scene. he said freezing temperatures made for a difficult scene here for fire fighters with slippery conditions, and threat of freezing lines. >> we encountered a lot of ice and crews are walking gingerly, as you can see, on the ice. we were able to get salt down right away but we're waiting for the major salt trucks to get here to help us out. >> reporter: i did speak with the fire marshall a short time ago and tells me they are still working to find the cause of the fire. meanwhile we're told it started in the front porch/living room area on the first floor of the home. the elderly woman who died in this fire was living on the third floor. it appears she may have been trying to get out once she
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succumbed to her injuries in the front porch area that is latest live, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you for bringing us up to date. also this morning search is on for one of two burglary suspects led them on a brief car chase in bensalem bucks county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at the scene with the township police department with more jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these burglary suspects did not give up easy. they crashed their car in the ditch and took off on foot sparking a search that required k-9 units and heat seeking equipment. hard to believe anyone could runaway from the crash like this. a car up ended in a bensalem ditch at the corner of state road and tennis avenue. the impact so strong the the front end was torn off and smashed n2 burglary suspects did make it out and ran off in the woods. they sparked a police chase around 1:30 wednesday morning.
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after the crash authorities searched the wood and apprehended one of the suspects. the other they say is still on the loose. at this point it remains unclear where this burglary call originated but apparently they were after electronics a large device spotted nearly falling out of the back of the car. police have have searched the immediate area here in bensalem this morning and that area did include the grand view apartments nearby. we do expect an update from bensalem police later on this morning. again, at last check still that second suspect, on the loose. we are reporting live jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 53:00 36789 lets head outside to kate i. 20 degrees. burr. >> the wind isn't quite as noticeable. although i can see my breath in front of my face i do feel more comfortable then yesterday because of the the breeze isn't out there to make it feel that much more worse. the at least in the as noticeable. we have a storm system on our
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hand very quick to develop. there it is, just out of the blue. we knew it was coming about there wasn't much to see on the radar at this same time yesterday but now we have got plenty to sianni it is just a system that will be barely clipping us, so if you will notice there is moisture creeping in across kent sussex counties in delaware, cape may county that is where you'll find the slick travel best potential to see any kind of accumulation with any snow that may fall. we are not talk ago lot. the winter weather advisories are posted extending up to those counties i just mentioned and then down into north carolina that is where the brunt of the system will be but again our region is just on the northern fringe of it. here's how it feels. more like single digits at philly international but wind is just not as harsh. it is feeling sub zero in allentown where it is expected to stay dry but it is feels like values and air temperatures in those count that is will be in the zone of
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priest sip here today that you will be looking at wintry mixing going on. what we are looking at the day planner is the philadelphia day planner. , if 28, 32 chilly day for sure but nothing more than a flurry in the the city. meanwhile further south you travel, that is rule of thumb, more likely it is you'll find a little bit of the mix of snow, sleet and rain. it could get slick out there to say the least. victoria. >> not pumped about that at all, katie just being honest sorry. good morning. traveling out and about right the now you will notice that the the majors aren't anything to be too much worried about. lets take a look. as we jump outside at ben franklin bridge in delays in either direction. all bridges are moving well. it is ben tack betsy commodore barry it is burlington bristol, it is all of them. we are moving very well, in the only on the bridges but even on the majors. we are not seeing any signs of the rush hour just yet. it is still early for. that looking the at the vine street expressway heading westbound toward the
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schuylkill people are floating by, eastbound no delays a at all between 76 and i-95. that is really case for i-95, 476, 422, 202 just a lot of good news out there. now, nicole was on the scene of the fire location not too far from yeadon that was compromising the area of east providence road between lansdowne and wycomb. if you are traveling in this area they were blocking the road. they have been doing so to attend to this incident. bailey road would be a good alternate at the this time. in delays for mass transit. things at the airport are just fine ukee. 5:36. in business news this morning which beer is coming out with a gluten free brew. >> and which company has its set on the action camera market. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. she has those stories and more good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. apple could be going after go pro. they submitted a patent for a camera similar to go pro camera. apple camera can be mounted on
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bike helmets or scuba masks and operated remotely. go pro shares fell 12 percent on the news. yesterday stocks rallied at the open soaring more than 200 points but falling oil prices once again, dragged down the the market. the the dow jones ended the day down 27 points the nasdaq fell three points. chipotle has stopped serving pork in the third of the restaurant. fast food chain says a supplier violated its standard. it is unclear what the problem is but chipotle demand pigs are raised in humane conditions. still in the clear when the issue will be resolved. one of the nation's largest beer makers is brewing up, a gluten free blend. coors light is launching its first gluten free beer in february. it the is call coors peak available in portland and seattle. coors says it will have a malty profile off set with
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spicy hops. >> you have to try it to see if you can stomach it or not. >> yes. >> spicy hot. >> i like that. >> carmel color. >> right now 5:13 a group of muslims go to the philadelphia courtroom hoping to reverse a ruling that allows new york city police to monitor their activities. surveillance reported started following the 9/11 attacks even though they were in the suspect of crimes. lawyers for plaintiffs claim their clients suffered harm once the public learned they were being watched. >> a few business where is surveilled, have fewer customers, and a couple whose house appeared in the nypd report suffered the loss of the value of their property. >> lawyers for the city of new york say nypd surveillance was a legitimate law enforcement tool and that the plaintiffs claim of injury consist of subjective fears. lawyers for the the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev wants a
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judge to suspend jury selection in this case. they say recent terrorist attack in france will prejudice jurors. lawyers say jurors have been instruct to avoid media reports about tsarnaev's case but in the reports of the french attack. a grand jury indicts a bar tend inner ohio for threatening to kill house speaker john boehner. >> authorities say michael hoyt spoke of poisoning boehner who is a member of the country club where hoyt work. hoyt called police in act after he was firing from the club and blamed boehner for his problems. hoyt also say the congressman was responsible for the ebola virus. the 44 year-old is under going a psychiatric evaluation. protest in chicago are over whether to build president obama presidential library it in the windy city. the problem proposed locations are in washington park and jackson park. that is valuable real estate and demonstrators say it noise place for a presidential library. they think land would be better served as a trauma center for adults.
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coming up this morning over "eyewitness news" pope frances making headlines. find out what he gave to the people of sri lanka that they never had before. who is playing this years grammys. we will give you a sneak peak coming
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police hope video can track down the gun man who shot and killed a woman in the north philadelphia bus stop. murder took place in broad daylight at 12th and jefferson. police charged a mount laurel man with killing his wife. kyle crosby was arraigned by video in mount holly. he is charged with the murder of his 26 year-old wife erika crippen and endangering lives of her two children. crosby was apprehended in brooklawn machine night driving crippen's car. investigators are searching for her body. she has not been seen for two weeks. the family says closure won't happen until they can bury the young mother.
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>> there is in way i am going to allow him and his family to leave us out there with nothing, no erika. >> crosby is being held on 1.2 million-dollar bail. well facebook has rolled out a new feature to help police find missing children. amber alerts will be sent out to people in specific search areas. the alerts will include pictures and other inportant details right on a user's news feed. authorities think it is a good way to access some of the 180 million americans currently using the social media platform. it is 5:43. here's traffic and weather together. >> i was looking forward to this segment ukee because we check with our eyewitness weather watcher network. we have a lot of folks reside south of the city and check in regularly with us in the early morning. we will take you out to a handful of them. 32 degrees is the temperature sent in the the last hour or last 45 minutes from tim mitchell. just cloud where he is located from tuckerton, new jersey.
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so far in precipitation from him at this point. we will go to delaware, 21 sent in from gonadal in -- john dowell, and just off to the south of that in kent county where jason sent in 23 degrees. middletown delaware, just clouds, he says not snowing just yet but getting closer and he is absolutely correct. the as we go to a hyper local view of storm scan three what you will find is leading edge of the precipitation keeping in mind a lot of times leading edge of the storms doesn't necessarily verify as precipitation on the ground. some of this, what we're finding here may not be falling just yet. but middletown is right about here. that leading edge is coming in where jason is located. we have a mixed bag here of snow, some sleet, some rain. it will all depend on the temperature profile where you live as to what you will see. now this system isn't a huge hitter. it is in the a major storm.
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it developed quickly and driving up moisture from the atlantic. that is why it looks as impressive as it does. this will rotate away out to sea. while it looks like it is making a beeline for flurry you might get a flurry in the city of philadelphia. what do you expect to see here? further south more likely it the is you'll find some of this here. from philly on north we are in the clear with cloud. that is it. light snow snow and sleet a mix with a little bit of rain. all to produce a coat to go an inch. it is a nuisance. there are winter weather advisories posted in the southern most counties but then it is out of here. we will go on the nice warm trend. 40 degrees sound so warm at this point but that is product of january. by sunday warmest day of the bunch, but it is a day we have an eye on potential for another coastal storm. right the now it would just be a rain producer, vittoria. >> thanks very much. interestingly enough we have report of water main breaks in different areas and i would imagine that has to do with the the pipes that we have in
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this weather. we will get to that in a moment. lets talk about the 42 free waste and majors. traveling in new jersey we are starting to see a few more vehicles on the roadway and this is about the time we will start to see more traffic approaching 6:00 o'clock and 6:15 the usual time rush hour is upon us. northbound 42 around creek road leaving the the house right now notice build up here. southbound you're okay on the 42. can't say the same on i-95. southbound we are seeing delays around cottman avenue and girard avenue and that has to do with the construction zones. speed sensors reflecting good news out there, however, this is one of our new water main breaks that we have in pottstown. this is at pine alley and north franklin streets. traveling in this area be mine full it could cause icy road conditions. lincoln or evans would be your best alternate in this area things like this happen all the time and to be prepared when you are on the road you can always get updated traffic information about backups and
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incidents in your area with the new your drive app. you can down load that app to the i phone or android by going to cbs drive. ukee. manhunt continues for an accused serial robber. police say he commit committed ten robberies. investigators identified the suspect as cartel wright, also known as kevin jones. two most recent robberies happened at mcdonald's restaurant on sunday and monday. all but two of the robberies occurred in the last month, erika. ukee, a dog rescued just in time from freezing conditions in chester county. i want to show you christopher robin here, roughly three-year old chihuahua mix with the spca officer who found him kelce beam. officials say beam discovered that dog outside a home in valley township on the saturday. he was motionless and emaciated and that wire cage. the dog had severe hypotheria. but he is already right now and looking for a home this morning. it is in the clear if the dog's owner will face any
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charges. pope franciscan onizes a in missionary during his highly anticipated visit to sri lanka. the holy father arrived well before mass to greet the crowd taking time to visit family and blessed sick and handicapped. franciscan onized the reverend joseph, who ministered during a time of anti catholic persecution by dutch columnist in the 17th century. the pope said st. joseph transcended religious divisionness to services of peace. on the healthwatch this morning researchers find race matters when it comes to breast cancer diagnosis, and survival. white women are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer but black woman are twice as likely to die from the disease. findings were published in the journal of the american medical association scientists looked at 375,000 women with breast cancer, but they say more research is needed. researchers also say it is less common for doctors in the
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u.s. to perform a surgical procedure that widens the the canal. doctors studied american 2 million women. the use of the procedure has been declining since the 1990's over concerns related related risk and benefits. a british study find those who work longest hours are more like hi to drink too much than employees with the standard workweek. researchers looked at 300,000 people work more than 48 hours a week. that group was 11 percent more likely to drink too much. for woman that included more than 14 alcoholic beverages per week and 21 drinks for men. the word this morning is grammy the first round of the performers announced for 57th annual grammy awards. pop icon madonna will take the stage this will be the the material girl's fifth time performing at the grammys. she will share the spotlight
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with two time nominee ari ana grande. the the grammys air right here on cbs-3 on february 8th. after more than four decade after making films film maker woodial up is jumping to the small screen. amazon announced the oscar winner will write and direct a half an hour series shown on prime instant video. and hollywood glam's arrives in washington d.c. have movie stars milkled with lawmakers at u.s. navy memorial for premiere of american snipper. bradley cooper stars in the film about a real life military sharp shooter. he also held a private screening for a group of veterans at the the walter reid national military medical center. ukee, you just spoke to him yesterday. >> i talk to bradley yesterday about the film. we will share that with you on friday when the film opens. >> looking forward to it. >> he said hi to the family everybody, philly guy, jenkintown. >> your old rap around guy. >> yes indeed. >> 5:50. coming up next see what happens when a whale gets too close to comfort for a group
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at let's get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. our system off to the south is clipping southern most counties in the delaware valley a and very quick to develop and retreat too. it looks pretty, like it has got some pretty decent moisture, very impressive look to storm scan three but brunt have have that moisture is generally going to stay south. with that said we will fine rain, snow showers, perhaps some sleet as well through southern new jersey and delaware with amounts expect to be anywhere from a coating to an inch. there will be slick travel, if you are heading far enough south. in the poconos good ski
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weather, it is cold but we expect dry weather and for is to stay cold enough that you can keep fresh powder on the slopes. meanwhile in philadelphia we are shooting for right around freezing mark but nothing more than a flurry after that vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. traveling on the majors we are not dealing with too much problem but we are starting to see rush hour creep up. not so much on 202. this is 202 not too far from 401, we have a southbound construction zone narrowing the roadway but not causing a delay. the delay will be on i-95 even when we're not seeing schuylkill reflective here just yet. ninety-five southbound around cottman and girard.d. expect delays. we are dealing with the water main break at susquehanna and limekiln pike causing icy conditions, lots to talk about
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all you fans of herman melville, we have a story for
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you. >> a whale hits a boat in the pacific. 50-foot female whale makes a beeline by a whale watching company in hawaii. that whale sunk27-foot boat while cameras rolled. boat operators say he thinks the whale was protecting her babies. you want to see the whale but not that close. >> i don't know to be excited or frightened to death. >> no kidding, wow. >> monies worth in that. >> got that right. >> we will be rightt back.
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bensalem police search for a burglary suspect. authorities say they apprehended one suspect a a second is still on the loose after they crashed this car in the ditch.
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suspect was seen running in the wood in theapartment complex. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from the bensalem police department with more on the up investigation, jane good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. these burglary suspects certainly did not give up easy police say they crashed their car down the hill and they took off on foot near woods near an apartment complex and this sparked a search including k-9 units and heat seeking equipment. hard to believe anyone could runaway from the crash like this a car in the ditch at corner of state road and tennis avenue. impact so strong the front even was torn off and smashed n2 burglary suspect did make it out and ran off in the woods. they sparked a police chase around 1:30 wednesday morning after the crash a authorities searched the woods and apprehended one of the suspects. the other they say is still on the loose. at this point it remains unclear where this burglary call originated but appare


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