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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  January 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. we have a pile up on the schuylkill expressway at gulph mills. this is video just from the traffic center. you can see on the screen many vehicles involved here and it looks very serious. it is all happening in the westbound lanes of 76, again these lanes all block all shut down between 476 and gulph mills. the eastbound lanes are also stop and go as emergency officials are responding to that scene. ann evans is following latest development and joins us live from the traffic center ann, good morning, what can you tell us. >> reporter: now schuylkill is shut down in both directions
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nicole east and westbound at gulph mills. schuylkill westbound shut down between blue route and gulph mills schuylkill eastbound shut down right at gulph mills and the westbound lanes, we have a multi vehicle accident here. it is a chain reaction accident. about ten vehicles are involved. so far, again details are still coming in but about ten vehicles involved in this accident the. icy conditions might have played a role in this. folks calling us saying that the conditions of the roadway of the the cue kill are a bit icy. that might be a possibility but once again the schuylkill westbound shut down between blue route and gulph mills due to an accident. the eastbound lanes are shut down at gulph mills because of the emergency vehicles you can see to the right of the screen. again just a mess here on the the schuylkill this morning. that is very ratees from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. >> thank you for the information. and we will stay on top of that. we're also looking at a storm heading our way packing a punch here. this is a live look at storm
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scan three that shows that moisture moving in. it will be a soggy sunday. of course, it is sunday, january 18th, good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. the it is 7:00 o'clock. we will send it over to carol. we are talking about the storm and icy roads that may have come into play. >> we were talking about the the freezing rain that can briefly start this morning as temperatures are colder, moisture is moving in and the levels of the atmosphere started even without the rain actually coming down, started to moisten up and just a glaze out there. let me show you on storm scan three, if we can go back, to i'll get to that in a second. i want to talk to you about icy road and they are out there, it is possibly in places and obviously with that chain reaction crash we saw on the schuylkill near gulph mills, freezing rain this morning can definitely be expect for you. a brief period of time. new is there a freezing rain advisory until 10:00 o'clock this morning issued by national weather service and that is for a very light glaze
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of ice but it the includes camden gloucester hunterdon burlington counties, lehigh delaware counties and basically our entire area just be careful. temperatures are near or below freezing mark. slick roads will be out there. this is storm scan three. this is just a little bit ago. you can see the the computer model picking up the pink coloring and that is a mix that is out there. so that is what we are he's watching for at this point. we're going to be also looking as we go on into time for more of this to be moving into the area. this is wider view of all of this. we will get closer and you can see rain to the south the with those temperatures warming up but as you get towards philadelphia area, that is where you can be finding that leading edge to the colder air, probably triggering a light glaze, of ice, with this and freezing drizzle freezing rain or even a mist or moisture in the air can freeze on these sub freezing surfaces. it will warm up and very quickly once rain comes in. these temperatures start to climb. until then we have seen some
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accidents out there so just take it easy. we will detail all of this in more detail when we come back. nicole. >> carol, thank you. new you this morning police are investigating a double shooting in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. a 28 year-old woman was shot twice in the chest and man in his 20's shot in the face. it happened in the 500 block of deal street after midnight. that woman is in stable condition, the man is listed in critical condition. also new this morning a shooting in juniata park send one man to the hospital. investigators tell us he was shot four times in the leg. the it happened in the 4300 block of north oriana street around 1:30. crews made quick work of the water main break in the tacony section of northeast philadelphia. this is video near i-95 southbound ramp at state road. the cold temperatures did cause what the tore freeze but we're told all is clear at this hour. another water main break this one at lowes hotel in center city. the water is back on after a 12-inch main broke. it shut down what the tore
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that hotel and surrounded properties for most of the night. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live outside that hotel with the details syma? >> reporter: good morning, nicole. it has been a busy morning for the water department, crews in the only had to work on the water main break that happened here on 12th and mark street of course, working overnight but they work on the irv is line great that you had just mentioned. water main break happened at 12th and market street just before 7:30, water has since been restored but 12-inch break affect the lowes hotel with many other customers. there is a construction site nearby but water officials have in the been able to confirm if the water break was caused by that. power had to be shut off for several hours, for safety reasons. >> pipe bursas well allowing water into our sub basement which is where our electrical emanates from. as a precaution safety is our
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priority, so we have alerted guests and brought them downstairs. >> reporter: there were no evacuations but lowestimated arrangement to get guest in other hotels. >> war trying to make it as pleasurable as possible. >> reporter: on to the tacony section of the city, service line break happened at state road and long shore avenue around 5:00 this morning. construction crews were working there when it happen. officials shut down the water off immediately and crews continued with their work. and that break may have been caused by the construction but no word on that, and so far no word on exactly what caused the water main break here on 12th and market street. we are live from center city syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thank you. authorities charged a mother with killing her new born daughter in new jersey. we want to warn you details are very disturbing. the prosecutors say that mother, set her child on fire in the middle of the road in pemberton.
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"eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has details from burlington county. >> reporter: unspeakable crime in the most innocent of victims, officials say that it was just after 11:00 p.m. friday that 22-year old hyphernkemberly dorvilier did the unthinkable she set her infant daughter on a road doused her with flammable liquid and set her on fire. >> you see a sight like that it the puts life in perspective. >> reporter: dave joseph saw the a small fire ignite from his front window just down the street. he raced to see what happened, nearly unable to comprehend what he saw. >> we actually didn't think it was a baby but a fire somebody dumping everything down there and when we found out what it was, it was just a nightmare. >> reporter: joseph called 911 and said he restrained dorvilier who tried to flee, police took her in custody at the scene as fire fighters tried to save her child. the infant was air lifted to st. christopher's hospital for children, where she died a few hours later.
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>> there is nothing that can go through your head, i don't care what the situation is, for to you harm the baby. >> reporter: 22-year old dorvilier lived on this block with family members just over a mile from the crime scene. in one came to the door when we first approached but a short time later a family friend came out and described the family as loving and said they have no idea what prompted the crime, the suspect's family just trying to understand the tragedy. >> they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. that is a a lot of people praying for them we're praying for them my family is praying for them. >> reporter: meanwhile at the scene neighbors set out a small memorial for a child that they never knew. investigators are still trying to determine the exact age of the child, bail was set for the suspect in this case 5900 you this dollars and she least mains in jail at this time. we're in burlington county, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police now say that a two-year old boy was kill in the car that collided with the
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river line train in riverside burlington county. this is video from the scene at new jersey and chester avenue on friday. investigators say that grandfather was behind the wheel and attempted to cross tracks despite signals. the grandfather and several riders on that train were injured. authorities are investigating the cause of the serious house fire in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood. flames broke out on the 7900 block of lor receipt owe avenue around 5:00 o'clock saturday morning. one person was injured in that fire. victim was treated at aria health torresdale hospital. pope francis celebrates outdoor mass in manilla on his last full day in the philippines. >> god bless you. >> millions gathered in punchos and cheered in the rain as pope stopped at various points to greet worshipers. pope francis dedicated the service in part to victims of the typhoon which devastate
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that had country in 2013. happening today super sunday. members of the local jewish community will spend the the day taking part in the the phone-a-thon sponsored by the jewish federation. hundreds of volunteers are expect to take part with the goal of raising more than three million-dollar. money raised goes to fund health education social programs nationwide. it is 7:10. gunfire breaks out inside a florida mall sending shoppers scrambling for safety. we will have the latest. then embattled comedian bill cosby continues to perform but not everybody is happy to see him. hear from protesters gathered outside his latest show. also ahead remembering amber long one year after he was shot and killed her mother speaks out about the the horrific crime that she saw first hand. plus how she's honoring her daughter. we've got an eye on the storm, if it is in the raining where you are, it will be soon carol's forecast is
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you can see gulph mills is closed, there has been a major pile up here somewhere around ten vehicles involve in the chain reaction crash, again, lanes are closed eastbound lanes are also stop at well as emergency officials respond to that scene. there is no cause -- there is no word on the cause or injuries at this time but ann evans will have more in just a few minutes.
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meanwhile two kentucky teens suspect of the crime spree across the south are arrested in florida avenue two weeks on the run. this video is just in of the arrest overnight. eighteen year-old dalton heyes and 13 year-old phillips was taken in custody in panama city beach, florida. investigators say heyes and phillips were found asleep in the toyota a tundra stolen from georgia. teen couple are suspect of stealing three cars, two with guns inside in various states. officials are trying to get them extradited back to kentucky to face multiple felony charges. police in central florida say two people are dead and within injured after a shooting at a mall. authorities say the gun man targeted his wife yesterday morning at melbourne square mall. investigators say one of the two who died was the the shooter. the surviving victims are gunman's wife and another man. the mall was closed for the day following that shooting. bill cosby will perform his comedy tour in front of the sold out crowd later today in northern california. the his show, last night, in denver was met by hundreds of
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protesters upset over his sexual assault allegations. but that didn't stop his fans from pushing through the demonstrators to see the the comedian. adriana diaz has that story. >> reporter: demonstrators in denver held signs outside of bill cosby's show, a familiar scene for the comedian who has faced continuous protests during his comedy tour. >> i just don't think he should be performing or people should be seeing him. >> reporter: growing number of women a accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting him. bet h far user was in denver on saturday to tell her story. former model says she had an affair in the early 80's but have after she broke up she claims he drug her when he came to perform in colorado in 1986. >> i cannot tell you how horrific of a feeling that is, it is like you're right before you're having surgery, you are tote thely out but your brain is still working. >> reporter: cosby's team denied all accusation as begins the 77 year old. many go back decade and fall
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outside the the statute of limitations. but earlier this week model chloe goins claims cosby sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion in california in 2008. cosby's attorney says it never happened because the comedian was in new york at the time. demonstrators are calling for cosby to quit performing but there are in plans to cancel the tour n a recent statement cosby thanked his fans and said he is far from finish. adriana diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 7:16 right now. talk bay storm and some rain that could be icy at this hour, right carol. >> we have been talking about it this morning and it is freezing rain chance. notice when rain starts, temperatures will go well above freezing mark but for that very, initial period, it is coming into areas where the temperatures are at or below the freezing mark and that is why we have the problem. we've got the problem outside on the schuylkill expressway.
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that is right here near gulph mills near the blue route that is shut down that chain reaction crash because of picking up some of that we don't know the cause buzz there is precipitation in the area we know freezing rain advisory in effect now until 10:00 o'clock. with the chain reaction crash like that coming in during that time of the kind of time per we have to say fuzz are about to walk out the door maybe you i will hold off. until these temperatures warm up and they will quickly dover, came up 8 degrees in an hour. once the precipitation really starts it the is just that initial on set where the temperatures are cold and precipitation is very light and that is where we're going to be finding these problems. we've got temperatures that are below freezing mark north of the city as well, mount holy is 30. thirty-one northeast philadelphia doylestown 25. quakertown 27. as you start to see precipitation rise in your area your temperatures may not have listen enough to get you out of the problem area. you can see here that the
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areas shaded in pink through the the philadelphia area and it does include areas of the schuylkill and that sort of thing, we are looking at freezing rain advisory from the points north and west. after it starts to rain the temperatures warm up rather dramatically and it end the problem but it only takes as you know that one step, that one tire skid and there you go. so we've got the rain coming in but we have also got cold enough air that some of that precipitation is falling and freezing on contact. these are the areas of the the freezing rain advisory and it does include burlington county camden county gloucester county philadelphia delaware counties, all the way to the north and west and that is until 10:00 o'clock this morning until these temperatures warm up enough. if you can delay any of your travel untreated surfaces would be the ones that would be most likely to have a problem but the schuylkill expressway, i don't know whether it was treated or not but that is where the big accident was. future ice amounts, .1 of an
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inch it does not take much. we all know you can slip on an ice cube outside your refrigerator. we know how easy it is to skid on icy surfaces. allentown could pick up .2 of an inch of ice. even a trace of ice can be a problem. now our future weather says as this precipitation moves to the north into the colder air we will get that leading shield of the chances of freezing rain. so just watch for that. you can see it hit poconos at 10:00 o'clock this morning that the chance is there everybody else has warmed up but as they say, the damage might already have been done. if you can delay your travel this morning try to do so this rain moves out some of the rain gets heavy today, that is not nearly as big of an issue as a tiny bit of ice is as we a all know by now and then tomorrow the day looks fine. blustery and in the a problem at all. now as far as the amounts go of the rain probably around an inch three-quarters to maybe an inch and a quarter of rain out of this entire system but
7:20 am
temperatures today eventually getting to 44 in philadelphia 52 at the shore. poconos 38. your shore areas right now just all rain and been all rain but 44 and raining, take it easy on the roads, keep yourself dry today, keep your pets dry today as well and then tonight we will drop to 32 degrees. precipitation end by probably well before midnight and then tomorrow just a windy day. the another chance of wet weather, that is coming on wednesday with the clipper system, should be light but chance of rain or snow but just take it easy and these cold areas first thing this morning, nicole. >> thank you. 7:20. we are following breaking news on the road. lets get out to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center ann. >> good morning, nicole. the schuylkill expressways as you can see is shut down in both directions between blue route and gulph mills. it is all due to the chain reaction crash in the westbound lanes to the left of your screen and again this crash involved ten plus vehicles. we cannot even count them all at the traffic center here
7:21 am
where we are trying injuries are involve in this crash, we do have word of the injuries as of yet. you can see emergency vehicles in the eastbound lanes blocking those lanes and it is just a chain reaction crash. we have word that icy conditions might be involved. carol just spoke about the forecast. she spoke about some freezing rain especially initially as the rain starts. you can see to the right the eastbound lanes that the police have put down some actually some salt or brine in that roadway, in that portion of the roadway, to actually just clear it up a little bit to clear the ice. icy conditions could have been involved. the schuylkill expressway shut down in both directions between blue route and gulph mills due to this multi vehicle chain reaction accident involving ten plus cars. another problem morning is on the blue route this is blue route northbound at exit number five route one in springfield, blue route north bounties shut down due to an accident, all lanes are blocked and yet another accident in claymont delaware 495 southbound shut down
7:22 am
between 95 and philadelphia pike route 13, and again icy conditions might have been involved in this particular accident as well. so again this is 495 southbound between 95 and route one philadelphia pike, it is shut down due to a very serious accident. once again schuylkill expressway shut down in both direction this is morning. it is shut down in both directions between gulph mills and blue route, that is latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans.
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would be of the cat paws has been working on to make them a much better pet and far more adoptable a. it is a great thing this morning. doctor jerry geffen, you have done your had share of helping animals in the delaware valley in the just in your own practice, boulevard animal hospital but also when you come on tv and talk about other peoples pets all the time. >> it is a lot of fun, thank you. >> this is jerry our little dog, available for adoption. hopefully he is in a home watching this right now and loving home. he deserves it. well we're talking about anxiety, in dogs. now, it seems that everybody, all my dogs are anxious are dogs becoming increasingly anxious or is it the owner's fault for not paying enough attention to them. >> there is a combination of things. i think sometimes dogs get so attached when they leave they don't understand that they are going to becoming back and dogs get overly anxious and sometimes act out by chewing up furniture or papers or soiling in the house, doing behavior that the owner
7:26 am
wouldn't like to have happen. >> so do you think people should routinely medicate their pets for anxiety. >> if they are having a major issue with it a temporary medication for anxiety for a few weeks to a couple months will allow them to get their dogs attention span to the point where they will train them to not have separation anxiety. there is no magic pill. it does require some owner behavior modification as well. >> like not getting too excited when you leave, kneeling down when the dog comes over and you initiating the contact and don't reward the dog for yum pink on you and things like that. there are little pamphlets they can get that describes little training procedures. >> a biopsy was lost on a dog, what happens then? how common is that you take your pet in for a biopsy and oops, we cannot fine biopsy and we have to go through this whole thing again. >> it is not very common and it can happen. i know a lot of places sometimes it may not seem a prep great but if you have a large mass a lot of times we
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will save a piece of it just in case that does happens so we have a backup. >> is there a new cruciate repair technique that is going on and it could be good, bad or when you fix your dog, their kneecaps. >> it is in the the knee. >> is it an easier one. it is modified something procedure, mmp. >> there is different procedures for cruciate. they are all pretty successful as long as the person who is doing it is competent at the the procedure. >> are people actually coming into get the their pets blood tested toe whether they need vaccinations. >> some people don't. we don't do a lot. we offer it if they want to have it done but most people choose to vaccinate yearly or every other year sometimes every third year but titters are on the available. i don't measure to make sure they have antibodies against the disease that he is they are protect for. >> if somebody comes in and said i skipped vaccination for
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last two does the vet judge them for that. i know human nature. i know i'm missed appointments and things in my day. i don't judge people. i really don't. >> jerry, you don't judge anybody unless they are good to go. and, i hope everybody always is. if you have got questions you can let me know on my facebook page carol erickson's pet page on facebook trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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another look at the schuylkill expressway westbound lanes at gulph mills, shut down really on both side of 76 right there as you can see a major pile up ten plus vehicles involve we're still working to get more information on cause and injuries but again, these lanes are closed eastbound lanes, also shut down, at the emergency officials respond and ann evans is following latest developments live from the traffic center, ann good morning. >> reporter: good morning nicole. a multi vehicle accident on the schuylkill expressway. the schuylkill expressways i shut down in both directions between blue route and gulph mills. the multi vehicle accident chain reaction accident is on the left-hand side of your screen, as you can see, it looks like 12 plus cars new involved. there is cars on the guardrail as you can see it looks like either a tractor trailer a and huge truck involved as well in this accident. word is there might have been some icy conditions on the roadway, you heard carol's forecast before and she talk
7:32 am
about rain starting out as some frozen precipitation, and that is what we're seeing on the area roadways. right now you can see in the ease bun lanes they have put down some salt. apparently icy conditions did play a part in this multi vehicle chain reaction crash once again, the schuylkill shut down in both directions between blue route and gulph mills because of this chain reaction crash and emergency vehicles for westbound accident are in the eastbound lanes. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans. >> thanks, ann we will continue to follow that breaking news on 76 this morning. it is sunday january 18th, good morning thanks for joining us. we did want to check on storm and conditions. we will talk about the icy road that could have been a possibility and may have been a possibility in that crash. >> fairly good likelihood when you see the way those cars are twisted and turn and so many at within point in an area where some temperatures, all of those temperatures through
7:33 am
the schuylkill and gulph mills below freezing mark at that point light precipitation coming down atmosphere with more moisture so as you know dew can freeze on the ground and that can be a problem. while we are not accident investigators we are the weather people and we can tell you we have seen freezing rain out there. it is light but it doesn't take much. center city road are wet and if you can delay your travels, if you are through our immediate new jersey suburbs and areas north and west until 10:00 o'clock this morning further north you go that would be the the most safe. just be careful. you can see temperature profile right here it is 31 in philadelphia. thirty-two in wilmington. thirty in trenton. areas just to the east are probably also just about that same level so that is why as you go through north western burlington count camden and gloucester counties be very careful there because your temperatures could be below freezing and you have a problem with precipitation come down. it is not heavy but enough.
7:34 am
twenty-nine in allentown. twenty-six in reading. it will take longer for precipitation to get there and for to you warm up. storm scan three shows what you we are dealing w notice to the south, delaware, south jersey, it is all rain but toward trenton and philadelphia and wilmington you can be looking at that freezing rain. the lets get in closer here. you you can see it through pemberton, washington township. be careful out there. it is certainly without on the schuylkill. you can find black ice very easily on areas especially any roadway that is elevated. is there a freezing rain advisory until 10:00 o'clock this morning areas shaded in the purple and that is philadelphia included and areas points north and west and just to our immediate eastern new jersey suburbs for possibility of picking up a .1 of an inch of ice in philadelphia, .3 of an inch of ice through allentown area. it can be slippery this morning until it starts to warm up and it will warm up, quickly with a lot of rain. we will talk more about that and time the rest of that out
7:35 am
coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. meanwhile guests at lowes hotel in center city of running water again. 12-inch what the are main break shut down what the tore that hotel and surrounding properties for most of the night. it happened at 12th and market streets around 7:30 last night. water filled up in the basement of that hotel and as a precaution tell temporarily shut off office power and brought guests down to the lobby area. there were no evacuations and again that water is back on. well tomorrow marks within year instant is the murder of amber long a young woman we got to know in the most tragic of circumstances. twelve months ago, her loss remains raw for her mother who still is waiting for answers while working hard to keep her daughter's memory alive. our steve paterson has their story. >> she is worth talking about and worth remembering. >> reporter: one years ago 26 year-old philadelphia university architecture student amber long was shot and killed, murdered right in front of her best friend her
7:36 am
mother stephanie. >> as long as i'm a alive she won't be dead. >> reporter: on january 19th, 2014 amber and stephanie were walking side by side after a party. the the rest plays out on surveillance video. pair on their way to pick up amber's car from front street in northern liberty confronted by two men, one grabs and steals stephanie's purse when a second tries to to the same thing to amber her daughter holds on. amber was shot once at point blank range in the chest testify knee watched as her daughter laid dying in her arms. one year later the case remains unsolve. >> i have my special investigative unit working it and as they get lead and tips they run on it. >> reporter: philadelphia police captain james clark says all these have led to deadened. >> i have taken it personal we want to catch the killers but we will need the public's help. >> reporter: still stephanie says a year without answers, without leads, without justice, is very painful to wake up in the morning on your
7:37 am
daughter's birthday and know that there is in where in the world that you can call her and wish her a happy birthday it is a horrible horrible feeling. >> reporter: despite all of the pain stephanie stays active in her daughter's legacy, she spent the year raising money for scholarship fund established by philadelphia university in part by selling some of amber's paintings at her jewelry store in harrisburg. she says it is what amber would have wanted. >> even that day all she ever really wanted for me was to make me happy. i'm not happy. but on the other hand in her memory, you know, i can't be a puddle of tears. >> reporter: amber's discarded purse was found a blue blocks from here the scene where she was murdered. detectives used the purse to try to collect dna, ballistics
7:38 am
evidence but they he could in the tie to it any suspects. report aring from northern liberty i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". undocumented immigrant who won perfect fight against deportation is leaving her sanctuary church in north philadelphia. a celebration was held in honor of angela navarro at west kensington church on sunday. she spent two months there. earlier necessity var owe was grantedded a a stay of removal from the federal government allowing her to stay in the country with her husband and children who are u.s. citizens. necessity var owe does moth the speak english well but says that she's thrilled. >> really, really happy because now i can do go out and -- i don't know how to say. >> navarro will be soon applying for work permit and a green car. the philadelphia fire department is making history,
7:39 am
commissioner derek sawyer swore in the first fire service emergency technician cadet class saturday. they graduated at fire training academy. they will go on to serve in medic units throughout the city. and a important history lesson on this weekend, free screening of selma. screening were hell at pearl theater in philadelphia, they are for philadelphia youth ages 13 to 21. mayor nutter says he want as many young people as possible to watch selma to understand what it was like during the civil rights movement. >> people just gave it a standing ovation and so it is so important and i'm so glad this movie was here so our young people here can see what happened. >> it teaches us a lot about why it is perfect to vote and why we should all stick together. the screenings were funded by citizens bank park. you can expenditure day off tomorrow honoring legacy of doctor martin luther king. for a full list of event go to
7:40 am
our web site at cbs 7:39. gas prices continue to fall, the average cost of gas in new jersey fell 13 cents in one week. lower crude oil costs are behind that trend. here's a look at gas price necessary our area, gallon of gas in pennsylvania will cost you 2.35. in new jersey the average is below $2 at 1.98. in delaware prices are 2.11 a gallon. president obama delivers his state of the union address tuesday night, sources in the administration say the president will impose increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans, that includes raising capitol gains rate and eliminating tax break on inheritances. supporters say those measures would help the the middle class. you can see the president deliver his state of the union address this tuesday night at 9:00 o'clock here on cbs-3. american lawmakers are in the middle of the three day visit to cuba two countries work to normalized relations.
7:41 am
democratic delegation arrived saturday and being led by vermont senator patrick leahy. they are exploring opportunities for more cooperation with cuba while addressing concerns of congress and the american people. >> we have seen a remarkable change in relations between our countries and we want to talk with some of the cubans toe what they think bit see what will happen next. >> senator leahy says he hopes to see more freedom of expression among cubans the delegation will be in cuba through tomorrow. right now 7:41. we will continue to follow breaking news a pile up on the schuylkill expressway westbound at gulph mills. this is a live look here, many area roadways are slick at this hour, and ann evans will have a full report coming up next but right new we are looking at 495 another crash in claymont delaware. we will have the latest in the run down on the accidents happening out there this morning. we will
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well, we are watching for an icy morning this morning and ann evans has been talking about the accident outside on the schuylkill expressway which is also near route 476, the the plea route so be really careful out there. our weather watchers weighing in with what they are find nothing their neighborhoods. ed connor in chesterfield has 29 degrees at this point. a as we head up to the 28-degree temperature because
7:45 am
i think the temperatures are the key things this morning. and lewis saying that no precipitation here, just yet but it is on the way into these areas where we have temperatures below freezing mark and that is why we have got to be really careful with what we're doing out there at this point. so what does phil to have say a 3-degree temperature rise in the last hour. that is also the trend today, for these temperatures to rapidly rise but they are rising in his area only, what are they getting 29 degrees. he has away to go as this precipitation comes in, be careful of the icing. the lets take a look outside on the road right now and even through philadelphia at this point as you can see we have got gray skies and we also have some wet roadways. with temperatures in the philadelphia area right about the freezing mark, untreated surface can be an extremely dangerous, treacherous surface as well. center city looking glummy, we have a 29 degrees temperature as we head out on the neighborhood weathernet work
7:46 am
to the palmyra cove nature park, a temperature of 29 degrees and is there ice, floating around in the delaware obviously. we have seen some cold air out there and we're also dealing with some conditions that look at this, we are starting to pick up a degree or two but still way too close for comfort as precipitation comes into these temperatures right along that i-95 corridor the schuylkill, blue route, areas like that be careful. portions of 295 especially closer you get toward the philadelphia area notice areas to the south we have got temperatures that are safely above freezing any precipitation is just rain. dover pick up 8 degrees in one hour, that is how fast these temperature can rise but they are noting ago this fast just yet through philadelphia. just a mess out there on the schuylkill expressway, to the the north allentown still 29 degrees reading 26. we have 27 in quakertown. twenty-six in willow grove.
7:47 am
thirty in mount holly. that is why precipitation comes in your areas to begin with, we have a problem. here's a look on storm scan three, this is last two hours and see pink. this is particularly where we want to pay close attention and a lot of our major roadways are covered with this pink area of the freezing rain which is just regular rain that comes down on a sub frozen surface. that is the problem this morning. temperatures warm up. it becomes all rain. until then you are dealing with the pockets of the freezing rain. ann evans has been doing terrific job keeping us updated on is what going on the the schuylkill and several other road. freezing rain advisory goes until 10:00 o'clock. we will see it the through philadelphia, our immediate new jersey suburbs and to the north and west farther north you go it will take a little will while longer for warmer air to get there, as ukee would say slow your roll and try to slow your roll out the door as well today. your first step could be your
7:48 am
mess treacherous one. we will look at 10:00 o'clock this morning computer models believe there will still be enough killed air at the the surface through, allentown area and new york that you could be dealing with the freezing rain. philadelphia should have transitioned over to rain and we will get pockets of that heavier rain as well, coming in as we go through the the day. again, this is this afternoon with the orange indicating the even heavier rain that starts to push out as we get down to the sundown time and then this gets out of here and we've got a blustery day tomorrow but it is a better day because we're not starting with precipitation and we won't be dealing with any of what we're dealing with right now but note that is rainfall amounts, around an inch or so, you may be picking up a little bit more as we go along the shore areas and remember just that trace of ice, can be, the biggest problem that you'll encounter all day and it would be first thing this morning. otherwise this afternoon we will get to 44 in philadelphia. already well above freezing at the shore at 52. poconos eventually getting to
7:49 am
38 degrees and you might see me still looking up this way. i'm looking at traffic cameras going back and forth. we've got some problems on the the roads this morning so just be careful. 44 degrees. period of rain. some heavy. tonight, we will drop down to 32 degrees, keep yourself dry bring those pets inside get ready for a wet day that starts ice any on spots. tomorrow blustery 40. tuesday okay at 39. wednesday maybe a brief rain or snow shower as we pick up a clipper system and then it should be dry after that and in the 30's, a lot going on out there this morning nicole. >> there is, at 7:39. we are following breaking news on the road. we will get to ann evans in the traffic center. also hearing about some bridge closures, ann. >> yes, nicole at this point all delaware river port authority bridges are shut down due to icy conditions. this includes ben franklin bridge which you are looking at right now. you can see how icy and shimmering it is so ice a long with the walt whitman bridge
7:50 am
shut down. burlington bristol bridge shut down both directions tacony pennsylvania pal will my use bridge shut down both directions again, all due to the weather and icy conditions again, all delaware river port authority bridges are shut down because of icing conditions this includes ben franklin, the walt whitman burlington bristol bridge and tacony palmyra bridge. a ton of problems on our highways this morning unfortunately because of the weather conditions. among them you're looking at 95 northbound, which is shut down between columbus boulevard and the vine street expressway. it is closed as you can see due to a serious accident and traffic is stop from the walt whitman bridge, which is closed, again all delaware river port authority bridges hut down but i-95 northbound shut down between columbus boulevard and vine street expressway due to a serious accident. we have stopped traffic from the walt whitman bridge. this just into the traffic center southbound lanes of i-95 shout down between girard and the vine street what i did again due to a serious
7:51 am
accident this seems to be the queen of all accidents right here, this is the schuylkill westbound between the blue route and gulph mills, eastbound, is closed too. schuylkill shut down in both directions between blue route and gulph mills due to a very serious chain reaction accident okay. this is caused by icing conditions here. you can see we have about a dozen plus cars involved in the westbound lanes, in this accident, and there are cars on the guardrails, there looks to be either a truck or at this point we cannot tell fit is a truck or tractor trailer but it is involve in this accident as well. there are numerous injuries. we have police on the scene, along with ambulances on the scene as well icy conditions on this particular roadway as well as you can see they threw down salt to try to clear it so emergency vehicles could arrive and help people in the westbound lanes. we do have another accident this morning, if that is in the enough, in claymont delaware. 495 shut bound shut down between 95 and philadelphia
7:52 am
pike and this is due to icing conditions and it is due to a very serious accident as well. so once again, just to recap here area bridges all shut down all delaware river port authority bridges shut down because of icing conditions, ben franklin, walt whitman, burlington bristol bridge and tacony palmyra bridge all shut down because of icing conditions. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new back to you. >> so much to cover this morning, again serves as a great reminder if you must head out this morning please please, be careful. we will take a short break. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. ♪ the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. visitors to a academy of natural sciencees in philadelphia have a chance to see a rare butterfly half male ape half female. left and right wings are completely different from each other as you can see on your screen. volunteer discover the butterfly in the academy's butt are fly exhibit and turn it over to the museum experts for future study this butter filet will be on display through february 16th. all right. it is 7:55. we are following breaking breaking news on our roadways as we have been telling you all morning long weather is
7:56 am
causing major accidents. this is a live look outside if you are thinking of going outside, do not recommend it because as we said we're seeing some major icing conditions out there. right now delaware river port authority has closed all their bridges including ben franklin and walt whitman. in addition to that i-95 northbound also closed at ben franklin bridge. we have a major accident with a pile up on the schuylkill expressway. more than a dozen cars involved there. there are serious, treacherous and potentially deadly road conditions out there so please, use caution if you do have to go outside this morning. we will have a live report from ann evans after this break and we will check with carol on that forecast but right now you're watching "eyewitness news". we will have very latest when we re
7:57 am
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breaking news right now we're looking live at a multi vehicle accident, a crash on the schuylkill expressway right now it is closed in both directions there are slippery roads causing major problems every where lets get to ann he have a answer for the very latest. >> it is a bad day on the area roadways. we are looking at the schuylkill expressway westbound lanes to the left of your screen this is a multi vehicle accident that happened about an hour an a half ago a chain reaction crash, on the schuylkill expressway. schuylkill west and eastbound both shut down between gladwynn and conshohocken. the eastbound lanes you can see emergency vehicles on the scene there. they threw salt so vehicles could get by there. schuylkill westbound, look at this wow, it looks like a
8:00 am
cost even cars, a dozen plus cars on the the schuylkill westbound, involved in this accident, including what looks like a tractor trailer. there is actually, some cars basically on the guardrail as you can see up against a few against the guardrail and there are several injuries involve. we have in word on the injuries just yet but this much of the schuylkill is shut down between gladwynn and conshohocken both direction this is morning. we will move the traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge ben franklin bridge along with all of the delaware river port authority bridges are hut down because of very icy conditions. ben franklin is shut down burlington bristol, betsy ross bridge we have word is shut down, along the the tacony palmyra bridge and commodore barry bridge. again, all delaware river port authority bridges are shut down, due to icing conditions. good day to just stay home and not venture out identify for a while. that is very latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans ne


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