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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 29, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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working. >> the citizens are safe the city is stable. we hepp to maintain it that way. >> now, new jersey state troopers, they are helping to keep baltimore in peace. >> will philadelphia's finest or pennsylvania state police be the next to go. jan carabao joins us in center city with more, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and erika good morning. well philadelphia mayor michael nutter says he does not intend on sending philadelphia a cops to baltimore. more in just a minute. the as you jersey state police already have feet on the ground including one hundred troopers and 50 other personnel. the these are photos posted to twitter overnight posted by new jersey state police and these troopers prior to patrol the streets of the baltimore. governor chris christie pledge his support after speaking with maryland's governor on monday. he said these troopers will be in baltimore for 72 hours at first. the a as some unrest continues pennsylvania state police have offered it assistance but has not yet been called upon. the request was made in
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pennsylvania and surrounding states to provide help and response to the state of emergency declared in the city. last time pennsylvania state police responded to such a request was when troopers were sent to new jersey following hurricane sandy. a as for philadelphia cops mayor nutter says there is already a serious police presence on the ground so he will not send philadelphia police at least for now. >> there are certainly a significant number of resources, on the ground there, already. if we get a formal request, then you know, we will do our best to assess, what that request is, how can we possibly be helpful but it is certainly in the our role to somehow, jump into a situation where you have at least, four different local state and federal agencies in addition to the justice department. >> and mayor nutter goes on to condemn the actions of the rioters, he want everyone to refocus on the issues, that is the the quest he says to find answerness freddie gray's
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death, as well as, becoming better with police, and community relations. we are reporting live jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one of the most talked about moments a mother caught confronting her son with tough love. we have showed you this video yesterday, that is toya graham pulling her son from the crowd confronting police. she smack him several times and read him the riot act. graham spoke to cbs news explaining what was going through her mind that very moment. >> he said when i seen him my instance was to run. i'm a no tolerant mother. everybody knows i don't play that, you know what i mean. he knew, he knew he was in trouble. that is my only son and at the the end of the day i don't want him to be a freddie gray. >> hear more from toya graham about that moment with her son, she speaks to cbs this morning at 7:00 o'clock here on cbs-3 right after "eyewitness news" this morning. new this morning a freddie
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gray protest overnight in ferguson missouri turns violent. this video was posted to twitter overnight one person was shot in the leg. ferguson has been vocal point of police violent demonstrations in recent months. the the shooting vick them was taken to the hospital, police at the the scene took one person in custody a and recovered a gun. right now it is 53:00. already. 55 degrees. nice start katie. pretty decent start. we have upped our daytime high a little bit here and we still expect this beautiful day that we have been forecasting to unfold for you out there. storm scan three is so quiet that we barely have a a cloud in the sky. the as we look at sky cam three in atlantic city everything lit up beautifully here, down the the the shore in ac and every where else we have clear skies to work with. so already we are about a half an hour away from sunrise. you can see some of that light
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of day popping up over the horizon. the here's storm scan. i have radar and satellite coverage. is there nothing to see at all. if there is nothing good but what that does is up your uv index. medium to a high or low call it high range here. sun block required. please remember that one thing that you know i'll bug but all season long, because again even though it the may not be scorching hot that sun angle is still high enough and still not going to protect you from any kind of dangerous uv rays. 57 degrees, current temperature at the airport even milder there. forty-seven mount pocono. forty-six in atlantic city. on pace to end up with gorgeous conditions. pair of six in the poconos and we should rebound to the mid 70's with that sunshine and light wind too here in philadelphia justin, over to you. >> people will be outside enjoying that sunshine today. you think 75 is warm. record high is 90 degrees. it can get hot this time of
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the year. lets go outside to the vine street expressway where we are starting to see improvement. they are picking up cones here. two left lanes were block. the center lane is opened eastbound from the schuylkill to broad. far left lane still closed down but that should be opened shortly. and then tonight they will close down westbound side of the vine from broad to 76. we will take you to 76 at montgomery avenue inbound and out bound right now still looking okay, volume slowly picking up. an accident in upper darby state road at land down afternoon. still looking good across the region we are at speed limit 55 in northeast philadelphia, i-95 south philadelphia looking good. new jersey, in problems just yet, even west toward blue route, pennsylvania turnpike looking okay. middletown township we have down wires from an accident last night this is business route one northbound at bristol oxford valley road from an accident earlier this morning or late last night so just keep that in mine,
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alternate route one or trenton road. now back to you erika. it is 5:36. in business news this morning a reminder, everyone mothers day is coming up. budweiser is catching heat for new ad campaign. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, hi jill. >> good morning,. >> good morning. budd light is apologizing over controversial marketing slogan. as part of the up for whatever campaign budd light labeled some bottles with the phrase the perfect beer for removing no from your vocab layer for the night. critics say it encourages sexual assault and rape. it is clear message missed the mark and would never conn down irresponsible behavior. federal reserve wraps up two day policy meet to go day vin investigators are looking for clues about when they could raise interest rates. they are at record low levels. they have not been raised since the financial crisis in 2007. here on wall street a mixed finish on tuesday, dow jones jumped 72, nasdaq fell
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five. mothers day is a week from sunday, americans will show they care with their wallets. average american will be spending a $172 on mom, that is up $10 from last year, according to the survey by national retail federation most say they will buy flowers, americans will be spending $3.8 billion a on brunch or other special activities, ukee and erika. >> we will go brunch route. >> something about mothers day a brunch goes hand and hand. >> good morning, mom. always do that on tv, hi mom. >> in surprise. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. just a frightening scene at philly international airport when a plane makes an emergency landing. >> one of the plane's two engines caught fire. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has more on this diverted plane nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the got news is in all this 75 people on board did make it off safely after that emergency landing. the as you can imagine a scary
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situation here. this is the scene at united express flight, flying from raleigh-durham north carolina a to newark new jersey with forced to stop down here in philadelphia after reported engine fire. call came in 4:00 p.m. tuesday and shortly after you can see emergency crews surrounding the plane on the tarmac. there were no injuries on board but one passenger with the history of heart conditions was taken to the hospital. passengers say aside from some nerves it was pretty calm on the plane. >> it dropped pretty quickly. then the pilot rhea shourd us and i could see the engine on the other side. we came down pretty smoothly. >> "eyewitness news" has learned that the plane which was brought off the the runway had made two previous emergency landings, both were in 2013. there were some backups associated with the emergency landing but by 5:00 o'clock airport announced all runways
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had been reopened and normal operations resume. live i'm nicole brewer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now, nasa is scrambling to fix a ship filled with supplies that is spinning out of control in space. the here's what it looks like on board the cargo ship. it is loaded with 3 tons of supplies and equipment for international space station. but the ship may never make it there because the antennas are not working. if they cannot fix the problem the ship might crash back in the atmosphere. well, huge honor for bradley cooper, we have the word on the the big first for the jenkintown native. he has already conquered high wire over atlantic city but nick wallenda is getting ready to take on a new stunt and this is one he has never tried before. a teacher risk is life to stop a student armed with the gun now he explains what was going through his mind during those frantic moments.
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bradley cooper has been nominated for a tony in the broadway's elephant man role are close to his heart. he wanted to play the part of the real life british man living with the severe deformity since he was only 12 years old. cooper researched the part for 20 years and transforms on stage with in help from make
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up or prosthesis is. actor personally financed the hit play. see if bradley wins when tony's are aired on cbs 36789 kristin chenowith anal even cummings are hosting the big show sunday june 7th at 8:00 p.m. we have seen nick wallenda crossing niagara falls on the high wire or riding a bike off a sky scraper but this morning wallenda will attempt his latest stunt. he will walk on top of this 400-foot ferris wheel it is orlando eye observation wheel in florida. wallenda plans to do this walk untethered so no safety net if he falls. he got the idea while on the wheel during vacation, with his family. i would be thinking, nice view. >> exactly. it is in his blood. coming up at 54:00 3a nice day to walk a ferris wheel.
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>> sure. >> nice day to do something outside. okay guys, lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers. they have been out and about reporting for us. we will go to a couple of these 40 plus degree temperatures. barbara lane send nothing clear skies at 46 degrees with virtually no wind. we will go to one more 49 sent in from lynn springer. the nice clear sky in cherry hill and she did have a comment lunch outside, you said it, my goodness. we have absolutely beautiful weather unfolding. the let's switch gears here. this week is air quality awareness week. while air quality is totally fine here today let's talk briefly about how the ground level ozone can form. we have good ozone but that is way up in the atmosphere. what that will do is protect earth from uv rays. the ozone layer hole we had a couple decade ago. meanwhile here at ground level if you get ground level ozone that will lead to smog and pollution based together from heat and sunlight to create
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that smog. that is when it is very dangerous and unhealthy for us. meanwhile we do have a a nice week dome of high pressure in place to keep us who can up today. but it does not appear as though air pollution is at all an issue with this weather pattern but we have nice weather. storm scan is totally empty. that will change as we look forward in the forecast. come tomorrow we will start with sun but clouds do start to build. we will hit upper 60's a and we will see scattered showers later in the day. friday is dreary hurt will will we have to get over at best talking upper 50's, breezy conditions, chilly breeze, in less from the northeast and with a coastal storm system just barely bypassing us some rain and mist is also in the forecast for us, somewhat scattered in nature. weekend looks up. we are flirting with 70 degrees on saturday and sunday looks nice. look at tuesday 80 degrees, in the forecast. first one so far this season. >> i'm liking it.
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little something for everyone. maybe you like cooler temperatures. we could use rain. we will get that thursday and friday n rain this morning that is great news for travel, skies starting to brighten up nicely, vine street expressway back opened now all lanes opened from 76 to broad street heading east. tonight they will close broad to the schuylkill westbound at 7:00. they will take out one to two lanes. one lane will get by. i-95 in both directions looking good. north and southbound. we will take to you bustleton where we have an accident involving a police car. krewstown road is closed between rising sun avenue and bloom field avenue alternate is bustleton avenue. still dealing with the water main break in bryn mawr, new gulf road, morris avenue, one lane blocked due to that gushing water and middletown, township we have down wires from an accident late last night, this is business route one at bristol oxford valley road and alternate route one or trenton road. good news for new jersey river line we are back on normal service.
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when on the road get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs philly traffic app. down load it on itunes and google play. we're following some breaking news right the now in the cities bustleton section where a philadelphia police officer is hurt after getting involve in an accident. we're told the officer's reek will was the only car involved in that crash the at krewstown road and rising sun avenue. the the officer is in stable condition right now and we do have have a crew heading out to that scene. once again a philadelphia police officer is recovering after a single car crash in bustle will ton. there was less violence in baltimore last night but police launched tear gas at demonstrators to defy the cities 10:00 p.m. curfew. new numbers just in show 14 people were arrested. curfew fired at 5:00 this morning. south park avenue in lower providence montgomery county is opened again this morning. clean up is complete after monday's deadly tanker accident. even though the death toll has now surpass $5.000 there
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are inspiring stories of survival coming from the earthquake zone in nepal. a baby a and young man were pulled from the ruble yesterday after being trapped for days. 5:47. hillary clinton will face at least one democrat in the race for the the white house vermont senator bernie saunders will kick off his candidacy tomorrow. he is listed as an independent but he describes himself as a democratic socialist. he caucuses with the party. ted cruz, rand paul and marco rubio are also running for president. it is 5:47. the supreme court is expect to decide in june whether same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. just advertise zest are reviewing casees from four states where a federal court upheld bans on same sex marriage. during yesterday's arguments chief justice john roberts say definition of marriage has always been between one main and would be woman until recently. the justice anthony kennedy the the potential swing vote in the case agreed.
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>> this definition has been with us for millennium and it is very difficult for the the court to say oh, well, we know better. >> justice kennedy left little doubt during people court arguments that a part of the anti gay marriage law was doomed. teacher in washington state is called a hero after tackling a student gunman in school. >> we told but brady olson yesterday but now talking for the the first time. the student opened fire inside a school just outside seattle will on monday. olson tackled that gunman who had fired two shots in the ground and ceiling. >> i reacted to a situation and i don't know, being portrayed one way i think maybe i should be portrayed as dumb guy who didn't runaway. >> brady says he tried to comfort the student telling him he was going to get help. in word on a motive for that shooting but student did tell
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police he never intended to hurt anyone. time is now you 5:48. trouble on twitter. see controversial tweet that forced an nba team to apologize. >> pretty surprising what they sent out. you have to see this a car slams in the the gas station how a worker says he was saved by a slushy of all things. we will explain how. but first here's what is ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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it is going to feel like we're in paradise you cannot ask for a much better forecast katie is saying about 75 degrees, it is so fabulous. she will that have in just one minute ukee. nba playoffs bring out best in basketball players but led to an ugly situation on twitter because of the controversial tweet as houston rockets eliminated their in state rival dallas mavericks. let's show you tweet from the rockets official twitter page just before the game ended it shows a emoji at a gum point had at horses head shh, just close your eyes, it will be over seen. mavericks took the high road, took high road in all of this and wrote not very classy but we wish you guys the best of luck in the next round. just a few minutes after that rockets apologize and they said a few things. there is first tweet just close your eyes, it will be all over soon. simple as that. our tweet earlier was in very
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poor taste and in the indicative for the respect we have for dallas mavericks and their fans. we sincerely a pol guys. we'll if that intensifies that rivalry next season. not good to see. erika. 5:53. katie, going into this story just beautiful weather today. >> absolutely, we will start off on a comfortable note. wind eased up, sun popping up, we'll all day to day. the here's sky cam three light of day visible here. 57 degrees at the airport. we have light win for you low humidity beautiful day another, yet another fine day for grilling. seventy-five with sunshine. who is firing up today, of course, chef von tiehl and i'm told she makes a mean homemade mcrib. >> she sure >> that is her favorite. >> yes. >> does she like to fire them up her early is. >> yes. >> all right.
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>> yes mcrib homemade. we will take you out to the blue route looking good at mid county right now but this will stack up as we are heading southbound approaching 76. let get to 76 just past 202 both directions looking good. sunrise coming up in ten minutes. we will battle the sun glare. accident in bustleton closing down cruztown road loving a police accident hitting a pole between rising sun and bloom field avenue. alternate bustle will ton avenue. stay with us more news w
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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a new york man says a slushy machine saved his life. >> and we think you'll agree when we see this surveillance video too. we have a car there crashing through window of the convenient store just narrowly missing the the clerk behind the counter. that clerk walked away to make a slushy, localize i treat known as slushys. when the clerk saw how close he came to being hit he laughed and he said he had to
5:57 am
notify his boss about that big mess. >> it sounded like he was sleeping. i said is this ken. i'm like yeah. i said a car just crash in the cash register. he have is like what? i'm like, i don't know a guy came gas on and smashed right through front windows. >> the driver was okay and there only was a scratch the store manager has ordered new windows and fixtures but hey just wanted to have that slushy save his life. >> isn't that something. >> incredible. >> we will be right back.
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good morning everyone thanks for joining us, in the news this morning despite a mandatory curfew protesters clashed with the police in
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baltimore. >> violence did in the last long with thousands of officers patrolling and curfew in place it is a better situation than monday night. lets get out to edward lawrence who joins us in baltimore with the very latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning ukee and erika. people are starting to move around on the streets of baltimore. take a a look, folks are boarding up the cvs pharmacy burn during these riots. you can see beyond police there ready to take action if needed in this area they are expecting demonstrators to come back to this a area. so there is still a level of protection here. national guard troops in armored hum vees are patrolling empty streets of baltimore. >> citizens are safe. the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way. >> shortly before 10:00 p.m. tuesday police in riot gear backed by community members moved in on crowds of mostly peaceful protesters instruct


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