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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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e-mails, all together. >> thank you for being here. >> reporter: inside of the pennsylvania capitol, state attorney yen kathleen kane, spoke out for the first time, since being handed down charges, including obstruction and perjury. >> i am innocent of any wrongdoing. i neither conspired with anyone nor direct anyone to do anything illegal, or unlawful. >> reporter: last week the the montgomery county district attorney's office filed charges against kane for at ledge leak of secret grand jury, information to the the press which they then believed she then tried to cover up in court. >> that story is a as incomplete as it is inaccurate. >> reporter: kane decline to go into specifics, instead circled back to the investigation, porn gate, which led to the firing of the six and resignation of the two top level state employees. >> for it is not a story of the these investigations proposed, personal vendettas, or press leaks. it is a story that begins with
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pornography, racial inn sensitivity and religious bigotry. >> reporter: stopping short of calling it a conn peerscy, kane says current charges are part of a attempt to keep additional pornographic and offensive e-mails shared on state servicer under lock and key. >> for only a grand jury protective order stand in the way of releasing their names and their e-mails to the public. >> reporter: something that she said could not happen if she's removed from office. >> advised by her council, kane did not take her story. >> more of her story will be told. >> reporter: kane ended her speech with a by speaking to their children end ising them a message of love. she made informal requests for a why to release those additional e-mails. she says at that point connection to her case will be made clear and her appearance here today does not stop any calls for resignation. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. live from harrisburg, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage
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of the attorney general kathleen kane defend herself begins criminal charges. when we are not on television get the latest on the cbs we are following developing news right now in china where at least seven people have been killed after a series of massive explosions, at a port. that fireball filled the sky after the blast shook the port in northern china chinese media says the the explosions happened at a container port where flammable material was made and stored. in addition to seven people killed, at least 300 others have have been hurt. this just in former president jimmy carter revealed just minutes ago he has cancer. the 90 year-old carter underwent surgery to remove a small mass in his liver. now he says that the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. he plans to undergo treatment, in atlanta. chopper three over a deadly accident on route 347 and maurice river township cumberland county. accident involved several
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vehicles near mile post eight. no word how it unfolded but one person was kill. it is unclear if anybody else was injured. police investigation, continues tonight and the road was closed in that area but has since reopen. authority are revealing new details in their investigation in the deadly hit and run. a radio show host was struck and dragged by a tour bus near philadelphia police headquarters. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is in center city with the very latest, syma? >> reporter: ukee, police continue to investigate this city's eighth fatal hit and run of this year that took place yesterday morning, here at franklin and race. while this evening we learn a little bit more about the victim, his name is joseph heard and he was an internet radio show host and tonight we will speak with the station's manager. >> you can meet joe for the the most brief of moments and walk a away thinking that was a really nice guy. >> reporter: station manager jim bear speaks very highly of one of his, favorite hosts, joseph herd.
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>> his goal was to get a million-dollar in 30 days. >> reporter: he listened to herd's previous shows knowing he will never hear that voice on the radio ever again. >> losing someone, especially tragically like this and unexpectly, it kind of takes the wind out of you for a moment. >> reporter: police say the 46 year-old was walking in a crosswalk at franklin and race street tuesday morning, when this tour bus hit him. investigators recover the bus from washington d.c. the driver has been identified as walter jefferson, but police say has had a commercial driver's license, since 1996, with only one minor traffic violation. >> the driver is telling us that he was on that route. he does that route every day. he didn't realize anything had happened. >> reporter: the driver told investigators that he wasn't distracted but police are getting a warrant to retrieve his cell phone records. they also planned to speak with the buses, 19 passengers. >> the back of the bus doesn't have any windows.
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so, as we speculate anybody heard or felt something to look through the back there is no windows there. >> reporter: officials say heard was on his way to his kidney dialysis appointment when he was struck. bear said heard never talk about his health issues, he instead focused on getting people excited about science. >> the world would be missing out on someone who cared. >> reporter: g-town radio plans to hold a tribute for heard later this month. as for police they say the driver is cooperating but the investigation could take weeks, even months, to complete. we're live from center city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. a beautiful, pleasant summer day but you we know it business to get hotter. lets look first at the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck, kate. >> reporter: in the meantime it feels fantastic out here, warm but not too humid but that will continue tonight and testimony but then temperature begin to creep up each day. lets look at storm scan three
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which is showing a few scattered showers off a to the north and west and mostly dying before they reach the area we cannot rule out a stray one in the lehigh val ill or poconos, it is cooler with the showers and cloud. zero seven in mount pocono but 84 in philadelphia. seasonal. eighty-three in million will. eighty-two in trenton w dew points in the mid to upper 50's, it feels very comfortable outside as well at the moment. and that will stick around through tonight, it will drop nicely that temperature throughout the overnight hours with clear skies, 74 by 11:00. we're on our way to the 60's and then talking about potential heat wave in the weekend. i will have your seven day forecast, later on, back inside to you. well, prior to shell out more for your commute across the delaware. burlington county bridge commission has proposed increasing rates for some drivers crossing tacony palmyra and burlington bristol bridges. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos tells us when this decision could happen, greg. >> reporter: ukee, commission is planning on casting their
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final vote tonight, at 6:00 p.m. if passed the tolls that follow accounts will be paying are not justin creasing by a few cents, but rather they could double. take a look, customers using cash pay two bucks to cross either tacony palmyra or burlington bristol bridges. that would increase to $4. if you use e-z pass you will pay an extra dollar from two to three, larger vehicles will pay higher tolls. is first .50 for buses and rv's, to $9 for six axle vehicles. we are talking things like big rigs. so why the the possible bump up in toll? the the commission says this could generate an extra 12 million-dollar a year, in revenue, which is needed to help finance a proposed 110 million-dollar capitol improvement plan. those improvement include redecking the burlington bristol bridge, repaving the steel and replacing the mechanical equipment on both bridges. regardless of the reason, as you can imagine, mess drivers we spoke with say they are not in favor.
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>> what does that mean for your bottom line. >> it is two more dollars out of my pocket. >> burlington bristol is also going to raise? >> don't do it. don't do it, police report report a $2 increase might not seem like much, but triple a did a study for commute hours use these bridges on a yearly bases, five days a week, their commuting cost could go from $500 a year up to 1,000. a lot of folks really upset tonight. once again, the final vote by commission, set for 6:00 p.m. in just about an hour in palmyra. live from palmyra new jersey i'm greg argos for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> greg, thank you. just a short time ago three new a accusers came forward claiming they were victimized by entertainer bill cosby. lets get details from our todd quinones in our satellite center, todd. >> reporter: three women all came forward for first time
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all claiming that bill cosby victimized them. the women with their attorney gloria alred held up pictures of themselves depicting the time in their lives that they encountered cosby. seventy-eight year-old has been a accused by more than 35 women of sexual misconduct, last month, newly released testimony revealed cosby admitted under oath the in 2005 that he obtained sedatives with the intent of giving them to women to have sex with them. one of the alleged victims today said she was in the drugged but contend that she was sexually assaulted by cosby while waiting for a job interview. >> he growthed over my humiliation. he planned it. even to this day i'm still a ashamed that i went into shock, i wish i tried to kick him, but i felt like my heart had stopped. i could not catch my breath. >> these new accusers are coming forward now either because they want to support other allege victims or they feel that they could no longer hold secret within them.
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>> reporter: cosby's attorneys have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing on his part but in the meantime cosby is set in october to give a sworn deposition in connection to a lawsuit that had been filed by one of his accusers. reporting live tonight from the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. still to come, keep an eyes to the skies tonight. >> kate will let you know about a display happening after dark. pennsylvania beauty queen stripped of her title, the elaborate conn she's accused of pulling off. also this. >> i will get you out of here, i promise. >> heroic uncle to the rescue see how he saved his young niece after a car plunged off of a cliff, vittoria. momma my a, we are live in bristol boro at the italian festival and carnival and we are getting ready. it doesn't start until 6:00. let's test the ride. stay with us, that is all
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coming up next on "eyewitness news". blank per
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a man rescues his niece after a car accident and it is all captured on camera. tyler blake was following his sister when her car crashed and went off a hundred foot cliff in alabama. would the man was eject from the car and turnout to be okay but condition of her 11 month-old daughter was questionable. using his cell phone's light, kimball freed the infant from the car. today the little girl is happy and healthy.
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>> say hello to the camera. say hello. i think people should just love other people. i'm just really happy that it touched so many lives and i can't wait for this little girl to see when she gets older. >> reporter: although his niece appeared lifelessee knew there was hope. he said wow do this for anyone including a total stranger. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a u.s. army hell cooperate tore crash during a training mission off the coast of japan. seven people were hurt when that helicopter made a hard landing on a navy ship this morning no one was hurt on the ship but the helicopter was badly damaged. a airlines plane goes off a taxiway in orlando and end up stuck in the mud. boeing 737 went in the grass last night. no passengers were on board. there were two mechanics on the plane, and it is being moved, it was being moved from the gate to a hanger for maintenance. no one was injuries. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a terrifying computer scam how hackers can hold your computer for ransom.
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and this cardboard cut out of the pope helping to raise awareness for the homeless before he arrives in town? we will tell you about the plan for the homeless in the parkway during the pope's visit. eagles preseason opener just five days a away, how much action will 40 million-dollar mandy marco murray get this sunday? million-dollar mandy marco murray get this sunday? we have details later in introducing longhorns steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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all part of the fun out door activities and festivals throughout the area. >> yes, it does.
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vittoria woodill is live at saint ann's carnival and festival, and i would imagine that vittoria there is some good food there. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: jessica, ukee, if we had smell-o-vision, right now what you can smell all of these tables are a homemade. there is no processed food here. all a homemade, and italian food, straight from the italian girls and guys themselves. can i get the a wave, guys and girls? straight from italy or really from bristol boro we are live as the the saint ann's carnival and italian festival. such a pleasure to be here, well, a little bit because i'm half italian myself, i'm from my dad who is irish but my mommies italian. anyway. we have a lot to talk about here because what you can find at this festival every single year for past 18 years, this festival has been happening and has been organized, by one of its organizers, i want you to be introduced to ralph
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deguess sip i, thanks for having us. >> thanks for coming to bristol tonight. we appreciate it. >> we are so happy to be here. ralph, can you tell us about the the saint ann's carnival and how you play a part in it each year. >> well, 19 years ago we decided to bring back carnival that they started years ago to benefit our schools, to try to keep our school open, and it was very successful. now that the schools closed and things like that, we're merged with another church in bristol, but we're still doing it for the kids and it is a a great event, throughout bucks county. we have people from all over bucks county, new jersey, philly, south philly, that come here every year just for the food. >> just for the food, fun and one of the things that you can only get here is this guy right here. what do we have here. >> it is called pizza a freak in italian, fried dough, we get the dough. >> and stick it in the friar. >> yes, powdered sugar whatever you want to do.
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>> beautiful. >> you eat it. >> i will definitely eat that. i know that jessica, ukee, back in the studio can i get creative with this real quick, ralph? okay. if you are not salivating you are not italian. >> um, um, um. >> boot full. >> what does it taste like, come on. >> bravo. nice work. the nice work, ralph, it is so crispy, and just decktent, fluffy and then you have that sugar on there. >> food tv, go ahead, girl. >> sound amazing thank you. >> yeah, really. >> she is enjoying it. >> look at that, show off. >> thank you. it is steaming down there. >> it is a great day out there, and meteorologist kate bilo has been tracking the the weather and she's joining with us more, kate. >> well, thank you, ukee and guess contact that looks like a huge funnel cake without the
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funnel portion of it. i could go for. that we have talk about the sun and keep an eye on the skies after dark because you can see a spectacular show, tonight is peak of the perseid meteor shower. here are shots over the past couple days where conditions have been good. you can see meteors dotting the sky, you can he up to a hundred if you look at any given time frame here overnight tonight, meteors just streaking across the sky there and could be very, very good viewing conditions outside tonight, to see the perseid meteor showers. this is debris from the comet swift cut will that is moving through overnight tonight and this is when it peaks. viewing conditions are perfect, for the perseid. lets talk about what you need to know if you want to sit outside and take a peak at perseid meteor shower. sunset 8:02 p.m. look toward the northeast sky and good news is it is virtually a new moon. it is a very, very small crescent moon tonight and that should keep skies dark. in the area a away from light pollution and city you will
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have a better chance of seeing this. if you see photos, videos we would love to share them here at cbs-3. send them to us by facebook, twit error cbs i will there been tonight, looking in the sky and catch maybe a light show, as of right now we have a few showers moving through. few more cloud off to the north and west. you can see here in philadelphia, everything clear as could be but up in the poconos a few scattered showers. one just north of mount pocono, a few right along interstate 80. a couple light sprinkles could move down in the lehigh valley before the evening is through. that is why you see that cool pool of air. do you see that green here indicating cooler air is, and cloud are and where showers are. further to the south, nice and warm. eighty-four in philadelphia. eighty-four the atlantic city airport. with the wind off the water, land breeze keeping it very warm down the shore as well as temperatures in the 80's along the coast. we are warm are over next few days, mid 80's, yesterday, today and tomorrow and then we will start to spike. upper 80's friday and saturday and then we're talking about
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90's by second half of the weekend as high pressure moves overhead. on the east side of the high that is cooler side of the high with northwest flow i should say, so comfortable for next few days, boundaries to trap through here friday and saturday, stray shower or storm saturday and then we will move to the west side of the high and that is warm side of the high and temperatures will be on their way up through the weekend and into next week. overnight mainly clear, comfortable, great viewing conditions for those perseids, 66 will be our overnight low. for your thursday i have been talking all week about this. this is winner of the week. 48 degrees. sunny, low humidity. thanks to the northwest breeze. down the shore looks amazing as well, mostly sunny. 80 degrees. lets look the at eyewitness weather three day forecast. we will warm up each day. eighty-four thursday. eighty-eight friday. eighty-nine a saturday. then coming up in the seven day i will tell will but a potential heat wave that starts on sunday. ukee, back over to you. thanks, kate. we are following breaking news from montgomery county a water main break forced shut down of
5:24 pm
the flourtown road in white marsh township. chopper three is live over the scene near thomas road. you can see discoloration, muddy mess. authorities say road will be closed until aqua water completes their repairs. they will be working on it. look at. that we will take a short break we will be right
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back at the my desk i have a big slide on my calendar a few days left until first preseason game of the year. >> "eyewitness sports" reporter pat galleys here to show us what to expect out of new running back demarco murray, lot of people with a lot have eyes on him. >> fingers crossed that he can
5:27 pm
stay healthy this year as well because somewhere out on that practice field has been star running back demarco murray. through first two weeks of camp murray has been held back as team monitors his work load and likely a good thing, he is coming off a season of 500 total touches with the dallas cowboys. the 40 million-dollar man has been held under wraps by coaching staff during early stages of training camp but eagles offensive coordinator pat shurmur doesn't see it that way. >> he is in there working. we will have that question, later in the year how come you don't have him on the field all the time. >> reporter: murray says there is nothing to worry about he will be ready when it matters. >> i think i have a lot of strength, playing big games, and i get ready mentally, physically. >> reporter: after a season where he rushed for over 1800-yard shurmur feels he knows what he has in murray. >> certainly we have a good strong feeling about what he is able to do.
5:28 pm
he has been able to execute our basic runs and just display a running style that fits what we want to do. he has very good vision. i think by having good vision you know when it is time to hit the hole or time to do something else. >> reporter: while fans want to see more of murray, he is fine with how chip kelly handles the reps. >> he keeps me out here, he sees some things i need to work on constantly and some things i'm more comfortable. so i think, the whole coaching staff has good grasp on how to utilize certain players and really, know what they are doing. >> we won't see a ton of demarco on sunday but that is probably a good thing. bird will make it slow and make it count when it comes to the league's leading rusher from a year ago. a lot to look forward to. >> demarco murray, ryan matthews, dangerous running combination. >> yes. >> it won't be licensing now. >> yep. >> coming up next, more issues for hillary clinton as her
5:29 pm
e-mail troubles haunt her campaign. this pennsylvania beauty queen posing for a mug shot after being accused of pulling off a cancer conn for years. we will let you know how she was finally caught. plus we are couple hours away from the grand opening of the area's new outlet shopping center. workers putting finishing touches on it as we speak. what to expect if you are looking for some
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i'm ukee washington. here are the the day's top stories. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane declares her innocence while speaking publicly for the first time about criminal charges against her. kane blame her legal troubles on enemies trying go to conceal their involvement in pornographic and racially insensitive e-mails. philadelphia police say they are checking the cell even if records of the tour bus driver that struck and killed a radio host near the round house on tuesday. joseph heard was on his way to kidney dialysis when he was struck in the crosswalk at franklin and race. and at least seven people are dead after several explosions, rocked this port in china at least 300 other people have been hurt. blast happened in sugar containers at a warehouse for hazardous materials. scandal allegedly involving a pennsylvania
5:33 pm
beauty queen. >> she's accused of faking cancer and scaming money for fundraisers. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao tells us more about the alleged cancer conn. >> reporter: beauty queen crown miss pennsylvania u.s. international is no longer riding in parade and making public appearances, but instead she posed for a very different picture. twenty-three year-old brandy lee weavergates find herself behind bars facing felony charges. police say she scammed thousands of dollars from her family and friend by telling them she was diagnosed with stage two leukemia in 2013. since then the the investigators say benefits were held in her name, latest in april. bingo for brandy raised $4,000, investigators first caught on through an anonymous tip. >> there were inconsistencies such as miss gates hair was always there and never falling out. she did not know the the name of her doctors, and other things like that. >> reporter: investigators
5:34 pm
also contacted centers including johns-hopkins in baltimore where weaver-gates claimed that she was under going treatment. >> in speaking with all of the locations, it was discovered she never received any type of treatment at any of the locations. >> reporter: instead police say it was all part of the east lab break plan, weaver-gates they say shaved her head to fake treatment trips and duped her own sister. >> her sister would stand in the first floor while miss weavergates with go to the second floor and receive her cancer treatments. >> there is many people out there that has family, friend, neighbors, that are affect with some form of cancer, and unfortunately we have people out there who take advantage of that. >> reporter: jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we prepare for pope's visit to philadelphia advocates for home less took a big step to change the conversation. they brought pope francis to rittenhouse square. pat ciarrocchi has this story. >> reporter: edge of the rittenhouse square became pope francis territory, jason is
5:35 pm
leaning in. >> there is a lot of struggle out there and pope coming gives people hope. >> reporter: jason knows struggle, for two years he was home less. >> pope francis is about moving us to action. >> reporter: sister mary skullion philadelphia's renowned advocate for the homeless brought pop up pope to center city to invite people to contribute to the francis fund, it is supporting 51 groups in camden and philadelphia that will expand their capacity to touch the lives of people that are hungry and home less. >> reporter: with concrete acts of mercy, a francis message that is to resound in the corners of the ben franklin parkway where philadelphia's home less find food. >> many of the people are concerned about where the meals will be served. they are asking about the security, will they be welcome. >> reporter: for two weeks carol thomas and her outreach team have been canvassing places where people who are homeless gather. >> i was homeless for 11 years
5:36 pm
and i used to be here for two years straight report report now samuel vasquez is helping to tell people what project home has learned. on the papal weekend overnight for security reasons the the apron of the parkway will have to be cleared. people will be able to return in the morning but like others, may have to pass through screeners. gloria blake who isn't catholic is still eager to see the pope. >> he just seems to be a very loving person and i think he will do a lot as far as changing the outlook for homeless and for some of the people struggling right now. >> reporter: in the days to come those who live on the parkway will learn where they can find meals regularly provided to them by volunteers. to help support francis fund you can make a $10 donation by texting the word francis to the number 20222. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right pat, thank you. are you looking for a lift to see the pope? another septa lottery is happening right now.
5:37 pm
now this lottery is for three day passes for norristown high speed line and trolley routes 01, 102. these passes will work for saturday september 26th through monday september 28th, and the lottery is opened until 11:59 tonight. enter through a lincoln septa's web site and winners will be notified by e-mail on friday. the pope isn't the only important religious leader coming to town this fall, dalai lama will receive liberty medal in october but before that he will be speak agent lasalle and temple. tickets are on sale and we have put a lincoln cbs, tickets to the liberty medal are expect to go on sale next month. new poll find bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. 44 percent of the likely democratic voters surveyed in the franklin pierce university boston hurled poll said they back sanders. that is compared to 37 percent of support for clinton. poll revealed that 9 percent of those surveyed, backed
5:38 pm
vice-president joe biden, who is contemplating a run. e-mail troubles continue for hillary clinton tonight, former secretary of state has turn over her personal e-mail server to the the justice department, despite saying in the past that it would remain private, and the fbi is now investigating. as cbs correspondent craig boswell reports some e-mails on the server contained top secret information. >> reporter: fbi will begin looking at hillary clinton's private e-mail server she used during her term as secretary of state. clinton had been resisting the move for months but changed course after the state department revealed portions of at least two of her e-mails contained information that should be upgraded to top secret. >> these e-mails were not marked as classified at the time they were sent and both of which they were received obviously by secretary clinton they weren't sent by her. >> reporter: e-mail controversy has followed clinton on the campaign trail. monmouth university released a a poll wednesday morning that
5:39 pm
shows 52 percent of participants believe hillary clinton's e-mails should be subject to the criminal investigation. >> obviously thinks a huge problem. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate carli fiorina is critical of clinton's decision to use her own server instead of the state department's. >> we have the chinese hack nothing to the office of personnel management and stealing the record of over 20 million americans and yet she was so confident that in of her e-mails were being hacked. >> reporter: fbi maintains that the case is preliminary and secretary state clinton is currently not the target of the investigation. craig boswell will for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". frightening computer scam is sweeping the nation this one holds your computer and its data his stage for ransom. it is called ransomwear. experts say one of the ways it starts is with the pop up alert telling you there is corrupted files on your computer and then it asks to you click yes to fix it. >> usually 99 percent of users
5:40 pm
click on that yes and then the the spy wear or the wires into your p.c. >> some people have paid but no surprise here their computer is still infected. the experts recommend anti virus software to mitigate the threat. wonderful wednesday outside, kate will let you know how long this perfect summer weather will be with us. also, get up and get active, fellows relatively short amount of time men need to work out every day to cut their risk of heart disease. also summer vacation is coming to an end and that means it is time to send the kids back to school. we have surprising new information about the heavy work load, after children get home from classes. we will be right back.
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and, need another reason to go shopping, well, chopper three over the the new, premium outlets in blackwood, new jersey. 370,000 square foot retail facility, opened up officially tomorrow at 10:00a m. bargain hunters looking for a great tiehl will have more than 90 stores to check out. tomorrow's grand opening celebration will wrap up with
5:44 pm
an evening of fire works. buy bell ice cream is heading back to grocery store freezers. let's show you video as the first ship. left a plant in alabama a company halted operationness april after potentially deadly listeria bacteria was found in the products. social media the company says it will soon let customers know when, and where they can buy, the ice cream. always like ice cream. be right
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i have sent the dog out with me today and thinking this is pretty good, summer weather, and, really pleasant outside. >> it was just puffy clouds that popped up this afternoon but what a great summer day. >> great day. >> and he was loving it. >> out here forever. >> yes. >> yes. >> and what a beautiful day, to be with the dog or kid or anything you wanted to do, lets take a look outside and see how evening is shaping up. it looks great here from campbell's field looking out over ben franklin bridge no problems. blue skies. just puffy cloud, outside this afternoon. we did have a few showers popping up near poconos for most part those have stayed by the poconos and then maybe lehigh valley picks up a
5:48 pm
shower but mostly missing us to the north, and then therefore, nice, clear sky tonight, lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they are seeing outside. eyewitness weather watchers are reporting a bought full day across the the entire area. 86 degrees. he is in hatboro, horsham area, kyle's house, great family there better weather then yesterday's storms. get out there and enjoy it. do what kyle said get out there and enjoy it. lets head toward reading. temperatures there at michael's house in reading at the 80. we have sunshine at his house, light breeze, dew .58. that is fantastic. dew points in the 50's in august, you just can't beat that. as we continue down into portions of south jersey we are looking at 80 degrees as we check with margot. it is beautiful weather in the neighborhood, low humidity, sun, nice and warm and can't forget delaware, lets check in with our report in delaware with walter in newark and he event us a photo of this day,
5:49 pm
and this looks fantastic if i do say so myself. these are cloud you want to lay on your back and point out what they look like this one looks like a frog to me or maybe looking at that backward but this is the upon, spectacular day at the pond state park. thank you, for that shot. lets look at our live neighborhood network sites. you can see puffy, cumulus cloud, cotton candy clouds at the junior senior school in bernville. kutztown area middle school a few cloud drifted overhead. these are cloud that could drop a rain drop or two. this is not a big deal. if there is a sprinkle just a couple drops from a included like that one. 79 degrees at kutztown at the moment. clear blue skies, down the shore. look at this shot, middletown ship high school, where it is currently 78 beautiful degrees. here are showers in the pock necessary. right around mount pocono down in the portions of lehigh county just a few sprinkles here and there, not a big deal, rest of the region is clear tonight. lets give you tips to see
5:50 pm
perseid meteor shower. you want your best chance of seeing meteors fine most open sky possible a void building and streetlights. far outside city better chance to see them. give your eyes time to adjust. allow yourself at least one hour. later between midnight and 5:00 a.m. better chance we have to see these meteors. awesome temperature and humidity wise tomorrow. it creeps up throughout the weekend. we're talking about a bit of the heat wave on sunday, and saturday. mainly clear, comfortable. 66 degrees. tomorrow looks fantastic. eighty-four, gorgeous cross the board. nothing but sunshine. we will start in the 60's. we will finish in the upper 70's and peak in the 80's. in the city, down the shore 80 . in the poconos, sunny and gorgeous at 74 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast a great forecast for august. look at these numbers. eighty-four for thursday. we will warm it up each day. eighty-eight on friday. eighty-nine saturday. ninety sunday. you can see that trend. we are in the low 90's sunday right through next wednesday,
5:51 pm
bit steam any to next week. jessica, back over to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, maryland rate regular exercise, far out weighs rigorous work outs and lowering the risk for heart failure. health reporter stephanie stahl has new research. >> reporter: nearly every day you can find juan, circling this track. >> i walk and i run, one lap which business 1.6 miles. doctor says that is good. >> reporter: type of maryland rate physical activity new research suggest may lower a man's risk of developing heart failure. >> it helps the heart become efficient as a pump. >> reporter: doctor daniel, chief of cardiology at the temple university hospital says new research helps better define maryland rate physical activity. >> the study says that 20 minutes of walking or biking a day reduced risk of heart failure by 21 percent. >> there is probably a point at which the activity level may go beyond what is safe.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: study found both low and very high levels of physical activity could increase heart failure risk. patients shouldn't be, over eager. >> it is a pretty common phenomenon, right? well, if they are telling me a little bit of exercise is a good thing then a lot is probably a better thing. this study helps us understand that might not necessarily be the case. >> reporter: stud irv 30,000 men did in the include women but doctors say benefit would be the same. it is estimated 6 million people have heart failure and numbers are growing. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new study suggest children are getting way more homework then recommended. study says children in first grade was up to three times the homework load recommended. study asks hundred thousand parents to fill out questionnaires and compare them to standards endorsed by the national education a association. studied 45 years ago. >> we could have used that. i mean please. still ahead on "eyewitness
5:53 pm
news" a slight twitch of the mouse turns into a medical crisis. little boy is fighting a big disease but he is getting help from unexpect places. and story of brotherly love, when we come right back.
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5:56 pm
friend and strange's like are throwing a barbecue fund raise they are weekend inspired by a little boy with a big spirit. >> it is this weeks story of brotherly love. in early june, jackson buttcuss celebrated his first birthday as he seemed to be doing great. but a few weeks later, something was wrong. >> one morning he woke up, and he was, almost had a twitch, of his mouth. >> reporter: it didn't happen all the time, doctors could not figure it out so jackson's mother took video of his symptoms and brought him to chop. >> they were picking up that he was having continuing seizures. on his way down to icu they gave him a cat scan and they saw mask.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: surgeons removed a rare brain tumor, that strikes only 30 children a year. jackson will have to undergo months of chemo and radiation. >> you don't want to see anybody with cancer but when you see 13 month-old little boy it touches people. >> reporter: scott whiteys one of the people pulling together to help. they call themselves, team jackson, sunday afternoon they are hosting a barbecue fundraiser and auction at the day cam in williamstown gloucester county. >> we sent invitations out, and it went from our group to 1700 invites. >> people as far away as florida are buying tickets, $20 for an adult, $10 for children. kids under three, free. team jackson hopes it can cover bills as well as gas, tolls for those frequent drives to chop. >> we want to do what we can do. go team jackson. >> reporter: through all of it, jackson keeps smiling. >> he is a special baby, actually. >> reporter: jackson has no idea there is a team jackson but rest of his family will never forget.
5:58 pm
>> we're forever grateful for what we're doing and we can never repay them. >> reporter: special child for sure. >> i love that. special baby, a actually. >> yes, no doubt. >> barbecue kicks off sunday at noon, there will be activity, like swimming, horseshoes tournament, kid games and visits from the phillies fanatic. go to cbs for more information and hopefully you can help out. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, pennsylvania attorney general breaking her silence, alex. >> attorney general kathleen kane speaks out for first time against criminal charge's filed begins her. she says this is first side of the story, one that begins with the so-called porn gate scandal, i'm alexandria hoff in harrisburg with more, coming up. "eyewitness news" television exclusive a new jersey mother claims she was fired because she needed time to pump and was not allowed, the the iteam went looking for answerness burlington county, kate. this is a perfect summer evening in philadelphia, i
5:59 pm
don't know what is, sunnies shining, low humidity, comfortable breeze, it will stick around for a couple of days but then a heat wave, perhaps in the seven day forecast, i will have details, coming up. and will the toll hike hold up, after two days of public meetings, just moments away on whether to raise tolls on two area bridges. the attorney general's defense, kathleen kane, speaks publicly for the first time, since being criminally charged. she says she's not going down without a fight. kane took to the podium in harrisburg to tell her side of the story. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is joining us live from harrisburg with more on what kane had to say today, alex. >> reporter: good evening, last week attorney general kane was indicted on charges, including obstruction and
6:00 pm
perjury but that was not focus of the address. instead, twisted political power play, that she believes, led to this point. story is incomplete and inaccurate attorney general kathleen kane said to a roomful of reporters in the capitol. >> for it is not a story about sting operations, proposed personal vendettas or press leaks, it is a story that begins with pornography, racial inn sensitivity and religious bigotry. >> reporter: she's talking about the so-called porn gate scandal where under the correspondence bet administration crude e-mails sent on state servicer were found and led to the firing of several top state officials. kane believes that charges against her are an effort to stop more inappropriate e-mails from being released. >> trying to misdirect people and a answering questions. >> reporter: while she spoke while towering capitol calling for resignation. >> we have start aid public campaign to send her


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