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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. trapped 10 feet underground, a man is safe from the sewer. what it took for crews to rescue the man who had been stuck therefore hours. and the dnc is over. so what does hillary clinton think of philadelphia? we spoke exclusively to her. and, quiet right now on storm scan3, but heavy rain and storms return to the forecast. justin is ahead to let you know when exactly to expect that wet weather. >> today is saturday, july 30th, good morning to you, i'm rahel solomon. let's sends it over to justin, a check on weather. i was telling you earlier compared to last week, i feel like anything relatively feels better than that. >> casino of laughing at the seven day last weekends, seeing upper 80s will feel good. eighty-nine, so the heatwave did ends yesterday.
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it was sudden heatwave, but still humid this weekend. >> we'll take what we can get. >> we'll run the risk for showers, some storm, rain in any of the showers that do develop. severe storms on the lower side today. but still i will get pounded by some downpours, especially later this afternoon, because you can just feel the moisture in the air. this morning for the most part quiet. we take a look outside, center city, little fog developing right now, so it may reduce visibility little later this morning, 74 degrees country east breeze coming in 3 miles per hour, and again, you can feel the mugginess in the air. couple of light showers across northern lehigh valley, into the southern poconos, at this hour, will continue to move off to the north and east. scattered showers and some under this earl storms developing to the wells. with the daytime heating today, some will fire up especially during the afternoon hours into the evening. seventy-four at the airport, 64 up in the poconos, low 70s in parts of interior south jersey, similar numbers in the suburbs at this hour, little
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cooler in doylestown, checking in at 69 degrees. there is the dew point temperature running high once again, back to the lower 70s, gives thaws tropical feel to the air mass, and that's what helps fuel the showers and storms, and we're in a bit of unsettled stretch. we can use some rain, we'll get it today, tomorrow, into early next week, forecast high up to 86 degrees today, somewhat on the cooler side what we've been the past couple of days, 83 at the shore, shore points hold off until late in the day, i think beach plans pretty good, better chance of showers in the poconos, high upper 70s. talk about next chance for some storms, and when the humidity finally lowers coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> new this morning, police involved shooting is under investigation, in cumberland county new jersey. state police called after midnight to a home in center ton road in bridgeton. state police exchanged gunfire with us is expect shooting the suspect, the suspect was taken to the hospital. this morning, no details on their condition or what led to the shooting.
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we do know that no troopers were hurt. >> a man recovering in the hospital this morning after falling down into a sure, now police are trying to figure out how he ended up underground. fire crews pull him to safety, rushed him to temple university hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live there with more on this daring rescue. good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, police say that man opened up the great and then somehow jumped or fell into that sewer. then got stuck in a 18-inch drainpipe. it happened around 5:00 last night in hunting park. that man is thankfully now recovering here at temple university hospital. pgw crews had to use underground maps, rescue cues also had to shoot up and go in after the man and to cheering and applause eventually able to get that man out of the sewer but officials say it took more than two hours to rescue the man in very challenging circumstances.
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>> environment filled with sewer and water, very dark, so they have to deploy all of the specialize dollars techniques, all of this specialized equipment. very challenging incident, very difficult rescue. >> and at this point, it is not yet clear why that man jumped into the sewer, if drugs or alcohol played a factor, but the rescue crews say they were very thankful that they could get the man on safely. no praise needed, simply what they are called to do every day. live at temple university hospital this morning, anita o. >> anita, thank you. five people are hurt after a truck crashes into magee re happen -- lab in center city at the parking garage. thirty-eight year old woman crashed the vehicle into the reception area sliding glass doors. three women and two men were taken to hahnemann university hospital. one of the men in serious condition. the others are in stable condition. no word on what caused the crash. the search underway for
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police impersonators in monday begin are you county. springfield township police say this unmark van was flashing lights, stopped a car tuesday night, near church and brent roads in orland. police rana license plate and the van came back registered to charles grossman of whitemarsh township. police say he is full time locks smith and part time officer with the spca, police calling him person of interest. >> when we have vehicles driving around with emergency lights, then similar to a police vehicle, that is a concern for us, and that's a concern. >> police have not identified the victim of the phony traffic stop, they do say, though, that they want to hear in which one else who might have been a victim. >> now that the dnc is over, clean up from the big event is on. renmant of confetti rained down on crews. the convention stage take a look, now just shell of it former self. it took years of planning and month of building, workers will have the venue back to normal in just a few days. at post convention news
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conference, mayor jim kenney, they say the city watts shining in the national spotlight. >> i want to thank philadelphians for being such wonderful hoses, i had so many people stop me on the streets to tell me how friendly and fun philadelphians really are, and that's the best advertising in the world. >> police say out of the more than 13,000 demonstrators only 11 protesters were arrested. that was for breaching the security fence, and 106 people were cited. >> as we just heard from mayor kenney, words of appreciation are pouring in for the philadelphia police department. over their performance during the dnc. they are being congratulated for a job well done. videos like this one posted on the department's facebook page show officers singing and playing guitar with bernie sands err supporter in south philly. it was posted with the caption, here is the ppd. we do it all. safety, service and sing.
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>> official say computer hack discovered by private investigators hired by the campaign, forces tell cbs news it is not yet known who is responsible or whether this attack is related to the larger breach of the democratic national committee, but wikileaks provided the e-mail. >> hillary clinton and runningmate tim kaine hit the road for three day pus trip. they kicked it off right her in philadelphia. nicole brewer has more on what clinton had to say about our city following the dnc. >> the dnc may be over in philadelphia, but hillary clinton wasn't ready to leave at a rally inside temple university, the democratic nominee told "eyewitness news", the trip was everything she had hoped for. >> my son-in-law grew up in philadelphia, and so he came from a big family, and i have lot of friends from philadelphia, i love coming to philadelphia over the years. and it was just so wonderful to be here in this beautiful city.
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it was so gracious, so hospitable, we had a wonderful convention. >> but today it was back to business telling supporters at her first 100 days in office she will make the largest investing in a good paying jobs since worlds war two. >> we have to make this economy work for everyone not just those at the top. >> over the next three days, clinton and vice presidential nominee tim kaine will tour parts of pennsylvanian ohio to talk about jobs. at the connect factory in hatfield, kaine kane said manufacturing is not dead. >> often these family businesses just like connect keeping it alive. >> after praising the toy company's made in america approach, clinton took aim at her rival, billionaire businessman donald trump, and his slogan, make america great again. >> everything he makes he makes somewhere else besides america. >> the only thing he makes in america are bankrupcies. of his own and of the people who do business with him.
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>> later friday night the democratic ticket took to harrisburg as part of the campaign strategy to reach out to republican voters and introduce kaine the country. nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> donald trump focused his efforts out west in colorado, gop nominee helped two in the battle ground states including nun denver last night, at both stops he went after clinton's acceptance speech. >> she mentioned me 22 times, 22. the truth is, it was a little bit on the boring side, wouldn't you say, as a speech, like taking sominex? >> trump talked about the friendship between his daughter ivanka and chelsey clinton. he said he wished they weren't friends because it would be a lot easier, but they are, so there is nothing he can do. >> are you dreaming every quitting your job or paying off some debt? maybe you should play the powerball. tonight's drawing up to nearly half billion dollars.
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it is $478 million to be exact. nearly three months had passed without a winner which is why the jackpot is so big. the cash pay out will make you an instant millionaire with little more than $330 million in wings. the powerball numbers are drawn tonight. ticket the cots $2. good luck. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, door-to-door warnings about zika, as florida becomes the first place in the country where mosquitos are now spreading the virus. and, you know it is so important to stay hydrate in the this dangerous heat. but some doctors say, there is an unexpected side effect for kids who are not getting enough water. stephanie stahl explains what you can do to keep your kids healthy.
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the zika virus spreading across latin america and the caribbean has arrived in the united states through infected mosquitos for the first time. health officials identified four patient in southern florida. david begnaud reports from miami. >> reporter: ten teams from the florida department of public health went door-to-door in a north miami neighborhood friday to warn people about the zika virus, and to test them, to determine if there are more cases. florida's governor confirmed friday three men and one woman likely contracted the virus through mosquito bites in early july. got sick the next week, and were diagnosed a few days later. interviews with patient and their friends ruled out travel and sex as a means of transmission. the patients all worked within
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a 1 mile area called wynnewood. disease detective have tested more than 19,000 mosquitos in the area. stepped up effort to kill them. health officials do not expect that this virus is going to become widespread. instead, they believe, we may see small outbreaks. just like the one here in miami. we don't have in the continental us in most places a conducive environment for widespread transmission. >> still resident and tourists in this artsy area are concerned. >> it is really terrible news, that's coming so close to home. >> zika linked to birth defect, it causes babies to be born with a abnormally small head. health officials urge pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant to avoid mosquito bites by wearing long sleeving using insect repellent, staying inside. david begnaud, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thousands turn out for a free fair in montgomery county, elmwood park zoo for the eighth annual kids fair.
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residents within the 17th senatorial district which includes parts of delaware county, montgomery counties, treated to food and fun while learning about community resources. the family event co-hosted by pennsylvania state senators, and suburban community hospital. >> and justin joining us in the weather, looking real nice there. feels so much better than it did -- >> it does, not dealing with upper 90s, dealing with mid upper 80s, nice little break. still humid. and that does bring the chance for some showers and thunderstorm, typical summer like stuff, depends where you are, key word, it will be scattered, this afternoon watch out for maybe heavy rain. >> also might need the hair spray? >> i won't need it. you will need it. surprised you're not complaining yet. >> really. >> well, we will catch a break in the humidity later next week, we'll get through this weekend, again there is morning, look pretty dry in center city just little fog trying to develop right now with the humid air mass in place. but still, we can see the tops of buildings. should see little sunshine around this morning, but expect more clouds to build up
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this afternoon, then we run the risk foreseeing some heavier showers and even few thunderstorms developing, looks like we put an end to the 90 degrees days, for the time being, so far for the month of july, and this season now up to 23, yesterday, we did not reach 90, 89 degrees officially last year, 37, 90 agree days for the entire sees son, average is 23, so there right now, july hasn't even finished, but looks like we may be done for the month every july. but look for signs every heat building again coming up in the seven day forecast, talk about that in just a bit. not much happening on storm scan3 right now, little light rain activity far northern lehigh valley into the poconos this morning, not a big deal, then we catch break out across central western pennsylvania, little clearing going on, more clusters of some showers developing out over the ohio valley, just sitting in the warm and humid air mass, with the daytime heating today see the showers and storms firing up again, because so much humidity out there, there could be some brief heavy downpours depending where up.
5:17 am
not everybody sees these showers, but just keep your eyes to the skies if you're outside this afternoon. 60s to low and mid 70s for most part for the temperatures this morning, 72 voorhees, mt. holly at 71 degrees, similar numbers north and west up in reading, checking in at 70 at this hour, 74, in lafayette hill. if you feel the difference in the humidity once again, on the rights, dew point temperature, showing us the past several days, up to 71 degrees this hour, it makes it feel oppressive out there. it will stay like that through this afternoon, tonight, certainly again tomorrow. finally next week, we start to lower the humidity levels just a little bit. and now we will talk about that, as well, but today, not a bad beach day. partly sunny skies for the most part, late afternoon and evening you could run into that scattered shower or storm at the shore. i wouldn't cancel the beach plans. 83 degrees for the high temperature, ocean water looking comfortable right now in the 70s, so, basically, this weekend, we had this frontal boundery sitting just to the south every us, it keeps things unsettled, every now and then a passing shower or storm especially into the afternoon and night.
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today, tomorrow, even into monday. never finally later on monday into tuesday we start to bring some drier air in here. so 06% chance for showers and storms today, tomorrow, 40% chance on monday, looks like finally tuesday we should get through the day, with no threat of any rain. we show you the future weather model through the morning not much happening, clouds start to build back up again, here come scattered showers and storms, specially north and west, look at the northern lehigh valley poconos could get heavy rain specially but the threat continues. this evening, into tonight, pretty much anywhere, has a shot to see the wet weather. tomorrow morning, still some left over showers, early, and then we see more showers and storms firing up during the afternoon hours. temperatures today, close to average, mid maybe some upper 80s in the warm spots, tonight it does stay muggy. we tape in the 70s over most locations, a lot of humidity around, then repeat tomorrow, mid and upper 80s once again, forecast high today for philadelphia, 86 degrees, partly sunny skies, and tonight stays muggy, showers, storms, at 72. here is the extended forecast,
5:19 am
mid 80s next several days, tuesday finally we dry it out, lower the humidity, but rahel by the end every next week looks like we're making a run at 90 degrees by friday. >> by now sweet relief, justin, thank you. for the lip, a break-in temperatures, but with miserable heat we've had many people have had a lot of concerns about the hydration. but doctors say even when weather isn't a concern, many people specially children don't drink enough water which can increase the risk every kidney stones. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on that. >> chris place sports, but excrutiating pain has side lined him for years. >> on a scale of one to ten probably a nine or a ten. probably the worse pain you could ever have. >> the 14 year old suffered through multiple kidney stones, and needed surgeries. >> believe me you would take that stone, pray to god that you could have the stone so that you never see your child in that kind of pain. >> doctors are seeing an increase in kids with kidney
5:20 am
stones. it is not clear yep. >> a lot of people think it may have to do with increased sedentary activity levels in kids. >> other possible reasons, obesity, and too much salt in the diet specially from processed food. and doctors say in general most people are under hydrated. that may be also contributing to the increase in kidney stones. >> good hydration will prevent stone formation in people who have had stones. and there is no reason to think that's not the case in people who haven't yet had a stone. >> doctors aren't sure why chase is prone to kidney stones. he is doing all he can to prevent them. >> when i go outside, when i practice for one of my sports, i would have to drink a lot of water when i come back in. >> he also takes medication and grateful he hasn't had a stone in nearly four years. and that was our stephanie stahl reporting. still ahead a sneak peak what's due in theatres this weekend. >> i'm nancy odel. coming up: matt damian back as super spy jason born, and
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>> there is something for the guys and something for the gals at the move thinks weekend, nancy odel from entertainment tonight shows you what is new in theatres. >> this week, matt damian shares how he got back in fighting shape for his role as mysterious agent jason born. and mil a and cast of bad moms let loose and open up on being moms on screen and off. >> i can't take this any more. >> i'm done. >> when hard-working mom mila decides she has had enough, she enlists the fellow moms to take on perfect mom squad. led by christine applegate. they have a little fun.
5:24 am
while they may be enemies on screen, motherhood united the cast in a big way. >> everybody in this movie is a mom. the first thing that happens at 5:00 in the morning, how did the baby sleep, who is was your night? that's the first thing you ask. >> will we see you there? >> no. >> bye. >> remember everything. and matt damian back as mysterious super spy, dodging enemies and trying to uncover the truth about his path. slipping back into the role wasn't easy for day man who had to give up a few favorite meals to get into fighting shape. >> i mean, i like to eat, man. you know, my favorite thing is, you know, big bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine, man, and my friends around. the director said like if the movie start and you look like you've been living well, we don't have a movie. >> this is jason born. i need to talk. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nancy odel, now, back to
5:25 am
you in the studio. >> and get the latest into us from hollywood. watch entertainment tonight week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news" news: an elderly woman from new jersey strand in the her car without food or her phone. how soldiers helped bring her to safety coming up next. ♪ ♪ you look at these things and you know
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning.
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>> well, democratic national convention is over. but what's in store next for philadelphia? next big event that could come to town. >> the general election campaign is in full swing. and both candidates are taking hard swings at each other. i'm weijia jiang in philadelphia with the latest coming up. >> plus, a horse neglected and left for dead. "eyewitness news" has been following this story for months, and now, the amazing recovery of clarissa the horse, we have got the pictures. >> good morning to you, i'm rahel solomon. let's get out to meteorologist, justin dray brick, out on the skydeck with weather. justin, unfortunately for all of the delegates, everyone had came into town, the weather improved just as soon as they left. >> as far as the temperatures go, we'll bring back more rain chances today. and really throughout the end too i have -- entire weekend, keep your eyes to the skies. feel the humidity out here now, so there will be heavy
5:29 am
rainfall again in any showers and storms that develop. but the key word here is scattered, so, not everybody does see them later today. but temperatures this morning, waking up pretty warm. mid 70s around philadelphia and wilmington, 73 degrees already up in allentown, suburbs, not much drop in the temperature, coolest spot, 69 degrees up in doylestown, 71 in mt. holly, new jersey, had little bit of light rain, northern lehigh valley, poconos, the past few hours, that's about it for now. just left with little bit of fog in some spots, otherwise, partly cloudy skies but with the daytime heating today, add little sunshine, see the showers and storms start to pop up especially during the afternoon again key word here is scattered. but just watch out for the potential for heavy rainfall, with all of this moisture in the air. so this will slow down any traveling, and could be quick inch of rain in any of the storms that do develop. on our way up to 86 degrees for philadelphia, i think the shore holds off dry for most of the day, it is later tonight some of the showers get in, there high of 83, and then upper 70s in the poconos, better chance for some showers and storms, throughout the
5:30 am
day. pretty much repeat tomorrow. and still, unsettled as we head into the upcoming work week, i'll let you know when dry weather returns coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, we'll check back with you then, thank you. now the democratic national convention is over, clean up from the big event is on. confetti rained down on crews, hard at work inside the wells fargo center, take a look, convention stage now shell of it former self. it took years of planning, months of building, workers will have the venue back to normal in just a few days. a lot of hard work. philadelphia has played host city to two major event now in less than a year. last september, now the dnc. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt looks at what is up next in philadelphia. >> reporter: just under 30 million around the country watched hillary clinton deliver her history making speech at the wells fargo center. the spotlight on philadelphia was a bright one this week. >> we made history again. that was the tag line of the convention.
5:31 am
it was really true. >> reporter: karen snyder says the democratic national convention not only a success but another notch in philadelphia's ever growing belt. >> we had record year for tourism last year. we hit 41 million people. and what's amazing is that everyone is learning about philadelphia around the globe. >> she expect to break that record for 2016. this week's convention brought many first timers who loved the convention and the city of philadelphia. >> i thought the convention was very entertaining and well organized. >> i thought it was awesome. >> ten months ago the city swelled in lop because when almost a million people came to see pope francis during his visit to the united state. philadelphia is a greek word, while the the olympics may not be in the cards, believes the superbowl is. said the sit can i easily hands al superbowl and other big events. >> we always laugh that people say the media has been saying philadelphia is having a moment. and we say we're having an era. >> reporter: well, the
5:32 am
superbowl may and few years off, but officials are expected to announce next week that philadelphia will host the 2017nfl draft. reporting in center sit, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> very exciting. and now to the that the convention is over it is check out time. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport where delegates were checking in for their flights home. many of the visitors we spoke with had positive reviews for both the city and the convention. >> i thought the convention was very entertaining, and well organized. >> i thought it was awesome. i think it was a really good opportunity for folks to be here, you know, for fate and unity for the democratic party but also for people to see, participate in determine okras. >> i check this out. estimated ooh thousand people from around the country took part in the history making convention. >> meantime, campaign 2016, presidential rival, hillary clinton, and donald trump, are duking it out from different part of the country. trump visited conservative
5:33 am
enclave in colorado springs, clinic none part of our area the day after the the dnc. weijia jiang is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and runningmate tim kaine hit the road friday, kicking off three day tour. promise to go create and keep jobs in the united states. >> we're going to make big investments, in infrastructure, clean energy being technology. >> clinton also took a swipe at her republican rival, donald trump. >> the only thing he makes in america are but cyst. >> late friday clinton's camp confirmed computer system used by the campaign was hacked in the larger breach, targeting the democratic national committee. >> clinton and cain -- kaine are energized, it drew moreover all viewers than the republican convention the week before. but trump bragged to an audience in colorado springs that television ratings show
5:34 am
more people watched hits acceptance speech than clinton's. he offered his own reading on that. >> i watched her last night giving a speech. it was so average. >> seemingly scattered trump jumped from topic to topic, but made one thing clear. >> just remember this: trump is going to be no more mr. nice guy. >> the candidate have 100 days to win over voters before the election. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". zero six workers in michigan now facing charges in connection to the water crisis in flint. prosecutors say some of the workers tried to cover up or down play the high levels of lead found in flint resident who drink the city's water. water became contaminate in the 2014 when the city started pulling drinking water from the flint river to save money, and left from the pipes ended up in the water. >> water back on in camden, but a boil water advisory remains in effect for about
5:35 am
two thirds of the city. those who live west of the cooper river being urged to boil their weighter. advise advise due to water main break that happened thursday near river and delaire roads in pennsauken. >> the watt their goes into your mouth, into your body, at least for the next 24 hours, we strongly recommend that you do not use the pipe water. >> state mandated water quality tests continue. update this morning on a badly malnourished horse we first told but in january. take a look, video of clarissa back then just after rescued from a veterinarian farm. in such poor condition she could barely stands, well, take a look at clarissa now, she has been nursed back to health looking very good there basilica of saints peter and paul the last chance rescues in quakertown, so happy to report she was just adopted friday. we're told she is in perfect health and doing great and certainly looking great. >> and 87 year old new jersey woman survives after being stranded in her car for two days with no phone, no food,
5:36 am
and only rain water to drink. she said she was only hours from death when national guards men showed up. tone fry sister station cbs2 in new york spoke with the woman who was saved by soldiers. >> reporter: janet haskins didn't she would be alive today. >> i had resolved to the fact that i was going to die. >> saturday while driving from little egg harbor to baltimore, she somehow got stuck on a remote trail in the woods, used by tanks at joint base mcguire-dix lakehurst. >> i really don't have any idea how i ended up there. i wasn't really concerned because i thought somebody would finds me and help me to get out. >> haskins was traveling with her cat. she had no food or water and her smart phone was dead. two days passed, and no one came. >> it was so hot. it was really, really a nightmare. >> she grew dehydrated and started hallucinating. >> i got out of the car, i thought i saw a car going, and d i thought you would blow the horn and wave and holler, i
5:37 am
didn't realize there wasn't anything there. i knew that was a bad thought. we had heavy rainstorm monday morning, and i had some bowls i had brought to feed my cat. i set those out on the hood, and i got water in those. so i drank those. that's the only water i had. i was resigned to the fact by monday that i wasn't going to get out. and right after that was when the men came. >> the men, four army national guards men, from massachusetts, on a training mission at the military base. they stumbled upon haskins' car, gave her water and oxygen, and got her help. >> and i passed out, in the car, and i came to, and there were these men faces, it was just the best thing that ever happened. we had so much to be grateful for them for. i'm convince philadelphia they hadn't found me i wouldn't be here today. >> the stories, and haskins now everything from dehydration, un for the lip, though, during the ordeal her cat escaped and hasn't been found just yet.
5:38 am
she said waking up and seeing the soldiers was the best feeling of her life. the national gashed sewed ers will now be honored saturday at their home base near boston. job well done. welcome home ceremony for veterans in bucks county at the jessie american legion post number 148 in lan morning. the group a heroes welcome paid tribute to veterans, thanking them for their service to our country. >> we welcome home our troops, honor our veterans, show our families and our communities our military is supported. they need to know that they need to know when they come home they are not forgotten a he we are here for them. >> and the vet rant received a certificate as well as patriots i can beads and embroidered star from an american flag that's no longer flying. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news": first look at the new sandy hook school nearly four years after the deadly shooting. i'm marlie hall in newton connecticut with more on how
5:39 am
officials plan to keep student safe. >> and the sweet story behind this little girl's tea party. such a special bond she shares with a police officer. >> and our weather is about to get stormy. whether we can expect drier conditions and drop in humidity next. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" well, first you start what makwith this.n meal? then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these.
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>> marlie hall has story from newtown, connecticut. >> the new sandy hook elementary school, was designed to appeal to children and to keep them safe. >> the safety and security measures that are in this billing are second to none. the $50 million, 86,000 square foot building, has impact resistant doors and windows as well as state-of-the-art video monitoring, the grounds floor elevated making it harder to see inside classrooms from the outside. >> anyone entering the front of the school must use one of three pedestrian bridges. all who approach can be seen by those inside, and the doors will be kept locked. >> the olds school was torn down after a gunman fatally shot 20, first graders, and seven faculty and staff in 2012. the new one stands on the same property, but not in the old footprint. no on site memorial for the victims, and and decision was made to keep the school's same
5:43 am
name. >> we are proud to be sandy hook school. we are part of our sandy hook village community, part of newtown, and the fact that a horrible thing happened here does not erase the wonderful things that have also happened here in our 300 year old history of our community. >> school begins august 29th. officials hope all of the colorful details and thoughtful touches that the community had a hand in designing will make the new sandy hook school a place of learning and laughter. >> marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". picture of little girl's tea party in texas are going viral. here's why, last year she choke on a coin at home, corporal patrick ray helped her breathe again. mom wanted to mark it with a special event, decided to hire a professional photographer for a tea party photo shoot with the hero officer. corporal ray said he expect some teasing from his fellow officers but doesn't mind. how cute that? looks like really enjoying it. >> good for him. >> absolutely.
5:44 am
justin, formally break in the temperatures, still got this humidity, still possibly some rain. >> exactly, humid, that will help fuel showers and storms specially in the afternoon and night, both days this entire weekends kind of like yesterday morning, do you have watch out for some heavy rain. if you are traveling just be aware of some brief down tours pretty much anywhere across the region. scattered, possible not everywhere see the showers later today. big boulder at the lake here, a loft clouds over us, light rain up in the pocono region, don't expect sunshine in the mountains throughout the weekend, and the mountains are the best chance to see the heaviest rainfall out of the next couple every days, heavy rain stays well to the north and west. check it out. for the month of july it has been hot specially over the past week or so, so ravaging over 3 degrees above average for the month, but at least rainfall getting close to the average. only about less than half inch below average from all of the recent rain we h so could use some more rain or parts of the delaware valley, we hit 97 degrees, twice for the
5:45 am
month. lowest temperature 56 degrees, looks like we may be done for the 90s. not much happening on storm scan3, right now, see partly cloudy skies over philadelphia, part of south jersey, delaware, light rain in the poconos, but more klaus ers -- clusters of showers and storms out across the ohio valley, daytime heating today, sunshine, we get the showers and storms popping up. mid 70s right now around philadelphia, 73 in dover, delaware, 64 up in mount pocono, little breeze off the ocean right now, keeping air temperatures somewhat cooler at the shore, upper six 60s to low 70s, the ocean back up to 73 degrees off atlantic city. dew point temperatures on the rise, starting to see the low 70s break out once again, so that's warm humid tropical air mass in play. that's what will help fuel that heavy rain if we get these showers developing. so how is it going to feel over the next several days? call it oppressive. today, tomorrow, even into monday, then finally on tuesday we start to get a break from the humid i, as we clear our weather pattern out.
5:46 am
it will stay little unsettled for the next few days, i wouldn't cancel the beach plans today at the shore. looks like storms should hold off until later on during the day, we will see sunshine, high of around 83 degrees, better chance with afternoon showers and storms tomorrow. once again low 80s, still on monday, remains humid, with some scattered showers and storms along the jersey shore and delaware beaches. highs on monday up to eight a degrees. then tuesday, we bring back that dry weather. i mentioned well north and west, that's the heaviest rain, watch when this model put the heavy rain from the lehigh valley up north and west it, doesn't mean that philadelphia and part of delaware south jersey can see the heavy showers but really any time this afternoon through tonight, we will see the threat for some showers and storms, and still tomorrow maybe couple of sprinkles in the morning, then more scattered showers and storms popping up during the afternoon, but i think today has has the highest chance to see those thunderstorms across the region, overall rainfall amounts from this model shows that maybe over an inch, 2 inches by the time weep head
5:47 am
into sunday night, lesser and the the further south you g like i said it really just take one thunderstorm could drop quick inch or two of rain over small area. today showers, storms, mainly in the afternoon, eight # 6 degrees, tonight still run the risk of some showers and storms, muggy, low of around 80 degrees. repeat for sunday, 86 degrees, still humid, monday could be another shower or storm around in the afternoon. once again, mid 80s. actuals, we start to dry out, humidity drops little bit. nice little stretch of weather tuesday and wednesday, comfortable highs in the mid 80's, and looks like we bring back the 90 degrees temperatures by next friday. but all-in-all, i think, we are happy to see this break from the 90s at least for few days. >> extactic, justin, last week your seven day i remember every single day, something in the 90s. >> couldn't wait for that 88-degree day. >> cbs-3 is committed to expanding its horizons whether it comes to education. meteorologist lauren casey
5:48 am
catches up with some folks who turned worrying about science, technology, engineering and math into something truely fun this summer. >> i am phones, ipads, gaming consoles, kids usually for familiar with today's technology than most adults, now, a local partnership is turning tech savvy kids into tech creators. >> your typical summer camp. these kids taking their love of smart phones, gaming consoles, one step further. here is he new foundation charter school, they're getting the total tech experience. >> geek squad academy, bridging the digital divide, giving kids the opportunity things they wouldn't normally be able to. >> teamed one best buy to provide the camp from lower income families in philadelphia. lasts two days, and held throughout the summer. 125 student attending this camp are learning lesson that could lead to carreers in
5:49 am
technology. >> the whole idea for us partnering with geek squad to really give student the opportunity to have to applications, so the whole focus is stem based. >> sessions engaging and inter-active providing hands on experience with range of tech savvy subjects. >> they get to learn different thing like free printing, get to learn circuits and logic, build their circuit boards, get to make their own music. >> skills that can turn the young technology use near a creator. >> it is being able to be more after creative entity rather than just consumer of things, that actually build and create things. >> the new foundation's charter school has been holding summer camps for ten years. if your school or organization has a great science technology engineering or math story to tell you, let us know on facebook, instagram, twitter, using #cbs3 stem. from the einstein science center, i'm meteorologist, lauren case. >> i still to come: checking out a local brew. south jersey coffee spot that
5:50 am
has fans going totally nuts. look at some beans by the beach. >> and eagles offensive star get a new deal, coming up next right after this.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
first, all the way from first, phils staying one-nothing lead. now in the bottom of the third, tied at one, nick, doing damage, right centerfield one run is in, allows two runs, 6 inches, but the phils had just five hits, and they fall two to one,. eagles will put pads on for the first time today, do some hitting at the nova care complex. meanwhile, yesterday, the eagles signed pro-bowler darren sproles to contract extension through 2017. even though he is a dinosaur by nfl standards, he is 33, he is still one of the best return guys in the league. he's also a dynamic pass catcher on the backfield, and eagles are happy to have him. >> going out there, catches punt, we don't even put an age on him, that's all relative. he comes every single day, great role model not just for the running backs but for me, when i see him making plays, shoot, i need to.
5:54 am
you know, he is a beast. >> after all sproles is 5-foot six. former eagle lesean mccoy had heart-to-heart with buffalo media yesterday. in the off season he was investigated for fight in a philly night club, but was not charged. he talked for the first time about the situation. he says that incident changed the way he goes about life off the field. >> sitting back and viewing the whole situation, you know, as a leader, a guy that i want to be for this team, you know, things like that just can't happen. ain't no excuse for it. you don't hear about other guys like payton manning, or, you know, tom brady getting in incidents like that. >> second round of the pga championship, delayed about 45 minutes, because of rain overnight. phil nicholson, way left, like way leftment like way, way, way left, like out of bound on the street left. triple bogey. left did i recover. shot an even par score of 70 on the day. robert shot seven under 63,
5:55 am
tied with jimmy walker for the lead. he is the 28th person to shoot at 63. final two round this weekend right here on cbs-3. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> we want to take you will now it a shore destination that's getting more and more popular. on "eyewitness news" friday morning, pat gallen went to the ocean city coffee company on the board walk, check it out. they have 85 flavors of coffee in regular and decaff. how about chocolate, even cranberry coffee? sounds like a place for meisha. the owner showed pat how they infuse flavor into the beans. >> vanilla, like vanilla extract you would get at the shopping center, grocery store. >> sure, sure. >> what we use. comes in gallon just. and then we mix it around, and let it sit there, and see how they're wet, that's the extract, eventually absorbs that, until they come come to
5:56 am
look more like that. >> ocean city has eight flavors brewing at a time, rotate flavors twice a week. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, a police involved shooting in south jersey sends one person to the hospital. with a we know about the investigation coming up next. we'll also have this. >> the roaring 20's are making a come back, big party on the delaware today. i'll show you how local estate is celebrating the jazz age, how you can take part coming up. >> and, your saturday could get a little stormy. justin is back with time on the best chance for wet weather. whether we come back.
5:57 am
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this is the last one i'm getting for her. -no, it's not. -no, it's not. back to school or back for more? staples has low prices... period. staples. make more happen. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> trapped 10 feet underground, a man saved from the sewer. what it took crews to rescue the man who had been stuck therefore hours. >> democratic national convention is over. so what does hillary clinton think about philadelphia? she spoke exclusively to "eyewitness news". quiet right now on storm scan3, but heavy rain and storms return to the forecast. justin ahead to let you know when you can expect that rain to hit. >> today is saturday, july 30th, good morning to you, immure hell solomon. hard to believe but the month
6:00 am
of july is over. let's turn it to justin drabick, and justin, certainly felt like sum they are week. >> yes. >> little cool off. >> yes, we had few nice stretch of some 80s coming at us. so putting an ends to the 90's. still humid though, so i know i'm going to get to complain. i know on social media, still humid out there. >> not me. >> you have been good. i'm surprised when the hair thing and all of that, impressed. but next week we drop the humidity. got to get through this weekend, still muggy showers and storms coming in this afternoon, so humid so run the risk of heavy rain, it is possible not everybody sees it, term here scattered, i wouldn't cancel your plans just yet, keep your eyes to the sky, especially this afternoon into the evening, and then again tomorrow. for the potential for some strong showers, and thunderstorms. right now, waking up, little bit of sunshine depending on where you are, we do have some clouds, some fog, trying to develop around the city current temperatures, 75 degrees. calm winds, still a lot of humidity around, so that will lp


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