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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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justin, what can you tell us. >> reporter: brooke and joe, good morning. as we mentioned we have one lane of traffic, that you can see traffic trickling south here past that chestnut overpass where this wreck appears to have happened overnight. two and a half hours or so ago. this tractor trailer here we understand apparently lost control, and skidded in the right side wall of the overpass. we have that ladder 16 truck that has back end damage that appears to have within struck as well. it has been towed. work is underway to toe this tractor trailer from this scene as well. but backup here north we have had traffic across all lanes blocked for more than two hours, lots of frustration here on the roadway but the relief has come. we know at least five people were transported to hahnemann hospital. all fire fighters. we understand the condition is stable at this time. now we also have heard of one other transport to jefferson
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working to find out who that person is and they are condition as well. this can affect traffic for some time here, lots of frustration here but they are getting relief. traffic is moving south and making progress from what we have seen here overnight. we will keep you updated throughout the morning but i'll toss to meisha watching it in house, meisha. >> we will take from it there. meisha is joining with us a look at these detours around all this mess. justin was giving you a view of what was going on the scene there we are talking about that accident, i-95 south between vine and columbus boulevard. what we are seeing leading up to where justin is, right now it is where it is still block. they are opening up a lane right now. these are vehicles taking the vine. i would still suggest getting on to the vine if you can. it will be very, very slow
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trying to squeeze by there on interstate i-95. i can tell you this right now when i came in at 3:00 o'clock in the morning already it was slammed with vehicles. this is a backup shot, all the way back to i-95 at girard moving in the southbound direction. the these backups extend beyond that as you can see almost as far as the eye can sianni it is only 6:00 o'clock in the morning. if you can avoid interstate i-95 you will want to. if you can't, i would probably take the vine until more than one lane is opened, in that area. but right now i want to give you an idea what it looks like at girard and beyond even though they have now opened up one lane there. one drivable lane for all these vehicles. still very slow. take an alternate you will want to i-95 south your best alternate right now take the boulevard southbound to broad street or the schuylkill eastbound it is still your best bet, over to you, katie. >> very difficult situation for commuters this morning.
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and to add to that unfortunately we have wet weather that is bringing more nuisance on top of it. it is not a deluge but we have pockets of steadier rain most noteably through new castle county. since our cold front passage that we have been tracking a couple days there is a distinct back edge to this and we could see a shower this is afternoon we are bearing brunt of that front currently. we have to turn our focus to the tropic. remnants of tropical depression number eight north of bermuda but focus on tropical storm hermine and still spinning and churning over northeastern gulf of mexico and that at the this point has a better chance to hug the coast more readily. that will lead to a downhill turn on our holiday weekend. right now we are back in the low to mid 70's regional wide, cooler in the mountains but as the day progresses it will warm up to a value of 84 degrees but it is not as hot as yesterday and it will start to turn gradually less and less humid with a
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lingering left over shower in the afternoon. we will call it quote unquote cooler start to the month of september and nice end to the week but we're watching hermine and that will have an impact on our holiday weekend. much more details on that as the show goes on, joe, back to you. police this morning are searching for the person who gunned town a 29 year-old father in west philadelphia. the man's 12 year-old son may have witnessed the shooting, police found victim laying on the steps of the mantua haverford community center on north 39th street just before 10:00 last night. he was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the hospital. police released surveillance video and it appears victim got in the argument with the man who opened fire. philadelphia police are closing in on the hit and run driver who killed a motorcyclist in feltonville. fifty-eight year-old raul perez was killed when his motorcycle was hit by gmc, this happened tuesday night near whittaker and loudon street in feltonville. victim's girlfriend said he
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had just left her before the deadly crash. >> unaudible. >> i cannot believe he passed away. what he to to him he didn't deserve. that he being a hand, human being, turn tour faith, come on. >> owner of the car was located but that is not the suspect. if you have any information call the police. philadelphia police are searching for person whom they say stole a church statue in port richmond. take a look at these before and after pictures coming up, a child statue sitting at feet of jesus was taken tuesday night from our mother of divine grace church at monmouth and east thompson street. the church says someone had to climb through a wrought iron fence to get it. they hope surveillance video will offer some clues. burglar hit another church and this was caught on tape a week ago sunday philadelphia police say suspect broke a stained glass window to get inside our lady of calvary church on knights road. suspect pride one box from the wall and then took money from another.
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church has been rob, three times. if you recognize the person in the video call police, they believe he could be responsible for several other burglaries. republican nominee for president donald trump delivered his speech on immigration. during the speech last night trump told supporters all immigrants in the u.s. illegally will be subject to deportation and there will be no amnesty. >> they will have one route and one route only, to return home and apply for reentry like everybody else. >> the speech follows trump's visit to mexico where he met with the country's president. he said two discussed building the wall. trump said mexico will pay for it but mexico's president said he made it clear in their conversation they will not. after his visit south of the border trump tweeted great trip today wonderful leadership and high quality people. look forward to our next meeting.
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democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton took to twit tore comment on that very meeting. she tweeted trump just failed his first foreign born test. it is not as easy as it looks. while campaigning, clinton called trump's trip a photo op that does not headache up for a year of insults. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon, you do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships. >> clinton has been out of the public eye recently to focus on fun raising. new poll shows 56 percent of americans had an unfavorable impression of clinton. trump's is worse at 63 percent but latest national poll show trump gaining ground on clinton. meantime her running mate tim kaine wrapped up his two day swing through pennsylvania. virginia senator rally with wednesday supporters in hanover township camden county. kaine will return to the commonwealth on machine for labor day parade in
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pittsburgh. we are now just 67 days from election. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign to 16. it appears the rumors are true, we expect to find out later today that the nfl draft is coming to philadelphia next year. details will be released at a news press conference with mayor jim kenney, eagles bosses and league and city officials. at the this year draft eagles select carson wentz, with the number two overall pick. fans are excited and business owners say the draft is a plus for the city. >> the dnc, i mean the pope came here, obviously this is a city where things are happening. the it is just fitting that now the nfl draft will be here. >> it will be a great shot in the arm for all businessness philadelphia. great greg gary just consume hours like to eat, drink and go out and that is what football is all about. >> temple university study show 2015 draft in chicago pumped more than 81
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million-dollar in the cities economy. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning we're continuing to monitor breaking news, we will update you on that major accident on i-95 involving a tractor trailer and fire drug. we know fire fighters were hurt and meisha is checking on the detours. plus trouble in the tropics, florida gulf cozies bracing for hermine and we will fee effect is here, katie will let us know what it means for the holiday weekend. the hit cbs soap opera young and restless airs its 11,000th episode today. i have talk to two stars about being on the number one drama co
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southbound one lane opened after a tractor trailer crashed with the fire truck overnight. it happened in the southbound lanes just before the columbus boulevard exit. authorities tell thaws fire fighters were on the scene of an accident when a tractor trailer rear ended their ladder truck. five fire fighters were hurt in the crash and we are told they are in stable condition. tropical storm hermine is gaining strength and taking aim at florida's gulf coast. >> people started to leave yesterday as storm brought rain and already some flooding to the area. florida governor rick scott declared emergency and more than 50 counties project to be in the storm's path. hurricane madeline was upgraded to a tropical storm as it hit hawaii. hawaii island public schools were closed in anticipation of the storm. flash flood warnings has been issued on the big island and maui county. people have than encouraged to stay inside. so lets go back to hermine. how are we looking. >> it looks like it will be a downhill turn in terms of the
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portions of our weekend forecast, big holiday weekend coming up, so here it is, latest on what is going on. i want to start by backing up to the here and now. we are looking at current frontal boundary where rain and damp conditions are coming from. off shore that bubble of satellite there that you see that is what is remnant moisture from what is left at this point of tropical depression number eight and then hermine sitting and churning over northeast gulf of mexico. the front that is crossing through right now should have been, what was going to nudge hermine out to sea. already moving through. we have lost that window of timing opportunity. so as high pressure takes the place of that, in tandem with the warm water we will have a system that is a weak category one hurricane before downgrading for the the tropical storm. it looks like a post tropical cyclone, but regardless this track is getting a little too close for comfort by the time
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we hit the weekend. specifically this sunday. rain and strong wind are possible at that point. for now we have a gray sky. certainly muggy outside middletown ship high school and every where else. rain is still currently falling in a handfull of spots. regardless we have damp roads as we travel this morning. temperature meanwhile hits mid 80's. not as hot as yesterday was. it is less humid. tomorrow and at least portion of the saturday is looking good. tomorrow especially lovely and by the time late saturday and especially sunday hermine is on the horizon or already here bringing in some strong surf dangerous rip currents and certainly some rain and wind as well, meisha. >> all right, katie. we are still tracking this accident on i-95 pushing in the southbound direction. good morning. just waking up with us, what i'm referring to is i-95 south and vine and columbus boulevard, this is leading up to that. all these vehicles are pushed on to the vine because all lanes are still block, about 20 minutes ago we were hearing
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reports that one lane was opened, what that was, was one lane was opened for those vehicles that were stuck between where the road closed down. a lot of vehicles had closed around or reversed trying to get out of where they were pinned there to get on the vine. what we were seeing is they were all stuck, only let something people on to the vine and vehicle sitting there for two hours. now they will open one lane to let those vehicles pinned in there through but no one else can get through there. we are dealing with all lanes block. this is a backup, that extent all the way past 95 south at girard and all of these vehicles are heading toward the vine to get on the vine. you can imagine it is getting very busy there. this is another alternate boulevard southbound at broad street and schuylkill eastbound. probably your best betty can tell you that the congestion levels are significant on the vine. we have a lot more coming up, don't go anywhere we will take a quick break cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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emma ward winning cbs soap
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opera young and rest list is celebrating a milestone. today the 11,000 you th episode will air. take a look, hard to believe but daytime's thumb within drama went on the air in march of 1973. lucky me i got a chance to talk to two of the show stars doug davidson and steve burton, paul and dylann if you are familiar, they were in philadelphia earlier this month. lets take a look. >> i put dad to bed and then i went out. >> these two have a great relationship, doug davidson and steve burton have played father and son on cbs young and restless, since 2013. >> but, together, they have a combined 66 years working on soap operas and say it is a dream job because of the fans. >> they think we're part of their family. >> we're in their home every day. >> something that they bond over as a tamly. it is awesome. >> reporter: this afternoon we will watch y and r's 11,000
6:20 am
episode. he has been since episode 1311. he has been paul williams since the 70's. the his character is now the police chief. >> first he invented the wheel, then got on television, amazing. >> it is fun. >> i mean to be on the show, how long have you been there. >> thirty-eight years. >> i mean to have a job in television for 38 years that is amazing. >> reporter: remember when i say they had a great relationship. >> it was a totallitive rent era half april hour. >> reporter: things have change since davidson's first show but young and restless has been on top for decades. it looks to stay on that path too and davidson and burton say they want to be long for the ride. >> we were pretty good, dude. >> so much fun. don't miss 11,000th episode of the young and restless today at 1:30 right here on cbs-3 after our noon show. ukee was in l.a. and actually talk to the cast on
6:21 am
set about this major milestone, see his report tonight on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> having a lot of fun. >> a lot of fun. >> cool guys. >> i love funniest thing is they lay father and son on the show, and it is really continue i. >> awesome. coming up, local place where taxpayers can qualify for $1,400 rebate and why. plus let you know it is flooding, we will see here this baton rouge on another natural disaster. you never know when you need to be prepared for an emergency. september marks national preparedness month so we will talk to the red cross about how to make an emergency plan, katie. always important information to cover for sure. in the meantime we are tracking tropics, tropical storm hermine now expect to have an impact on our labor day holiday weekend, so you definitely need to stay tuned if you have outdoor lance pay attention to this weekend forecast we will have it on the other side stick
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now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the front page of the burlington county times township school resource officers will be equipped body cameras when students return to class last week. officials want to reassure
6:25 am
parents that students will not be recorded without cause. this is first year cameras will be used in schools. from the daily times, end is in sight for regional rail construction. septa will complete work on the media rail line this weekend. commuters have been forced to use shuttle bus toss swarthmore station all summer but regular services will return on monday. check schedules to see if arrival times had been revived. in the times hurled montgomery county judge is blocking a school tax hike, this is also what cbs one has been reporting. the lower merion school district raised taxes even though the district has plenty of cash. judge order hade .4 percent tax increase, reversed average taxpayer can qualify for a $1,400 rebate. >> that is a look at some newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. in philadelphia a debate continues over parking in the median on south broad street. >> um-hmm, supporters of the median parking gathered signatures for petition last night. they are working in opposition to another group that is
6:26 am
gathered signatures in hopes of getting rid of median parking which was banned during dnc last month. well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" an update on our breaking news. >> justin finch is live on the scene of the major accident on i-95, justin. >> we are looking live at remains of the crippling tractor trailer reckon i-95 south, crews working to remove that truck, we have an update on the fire fighters conditions who were hurt coming up, meisha. justin, piggy backing on that serious accident on i-95 have all lanes blocked and i'll have updates and detours you will want to know, coming up, pat. eagles and their preseason tonight are they ready to fly heading in to week one, we will talk to dave
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poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. breaking news, several
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fire fighters are hurt after a fire truck collided with a tractor trailer on i-95. part of the roadway rehaines shut down at this hour. we are live with the update and meisha has a look at your detour. weather can impact your commute, katie is tracking morning showers on storm scan three but there is a bigger threat this weekend. good morning and hello i'm joe holden. >> i'm brooke thomas. the it is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> tractor trailer and fire truck crashed overnight causing miles of backup. >> we are in the middle of i-95 south north of chestnut street. >> there will be no amnesty. >> donald trump delivered his much much anticipated speech on immigration. >> call not smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends. >> she tweeted trump just failed his first foreign test. >> donald trump went to
6:31 am
mexico. >> quick, build the wall. >> off the coast of florida there, that is now tropical storm hermine and that is what is expect to potentially mess with our holiday weekend. nfl is expected to announce this morning that philadelphia will host the next nfl draft. >> ♪ >> it has been a busy morning but it is time to get up. >> that is right. by the way that was, the performance on last night's late, late show. the katie, how sit on the sky deck. >> very, very muggy. even though they have transitioned and will be gradually getting nicer with time it is still certainly a damp, and steamy start to the day for us out there. we might run into some fog but damp roadways to go with that. thankfully we have not needed the umbrella here for sky deck hits that i have had. if you have to wait for a train or us about it is not worst idea. we have gotti would say
6:32 am
three-quarters of the radar covered by some green, some rain is coming down steadily through places like salem county, new castle county and back towards the berks and lancaster county borders there. depending on your location you might get hit right now with a little bit of soaking rain but it is very well defined back edge to that frontal boundary. we have to talk tropics, guys. tropical storm hermine churning over north east coast of mexico. anticipated track is definitely northeast. how close will it hug the coast? this is all of the different models, slapped on to one graphic. we call it spaghetti plot because it looks like noodles of the spaghetti streaming toward the map here. a couple models bring it a little closer to the delaware valley and delaware beaches, new jersey shoreline. so we will be touching much more on that subject, later in the broadcast but for now you'll be running into some steamy conditions. you can see that fog in the distance outside broadheadsville in the live neighborhood network.
6:33 am
day as a whole is transitions from this mugginess but regardless still expect a couple showers even by the afternoon as front pull is a way completely. as i mentioned we are watching tropics for the holiday weekend. much more on that later in the show, meisha. katie, thanks very much. happy thursday, so if you are just waking up with us good morning by the way. we have all morning been talking about a very serious accident on i-95, between vine and columbus boulevard involving a tractor trailer and fire truck, 26 collided and all lanes still block for those in and around that area. what we are looking at is as you head towards the vine, the only place you can drive once you get past a certain place you are all exciting on the vine and causing some very significant slow downs now on the vine. we have a couple other alternates and i'll get to that in a moment. twenty minutes ago we were talking about a lane that had opened. lane wasn't opened for drive through traffic but lane was only opened for vehicles
6:34 am
pinned in between where that accident was. what you're looking at right now very, very heavy construction leading up to the vine and let me show you a map quickly of alternates. these will be your best bet and back out of the way to see roosevelt boulevard to broad and schuylkill, otherwise aramingo to girard to broad or use schuylkill that way as well. see sensor map how much readies around interstate 95 between the vine and columbus boulevard. that area is still closed. then we have an accident still out there new jersey turnpike northbound before the pennsylvania turnpike that right lane is block. we had another couple accidents out there some of which are starting to clear upright now. another one new jersey turnpike right there and one in flourtown where a pedestrian was struck, this one has also now cleared, brooke, over to you. now an update on that breaking news we have been following all morning. tractor trailer and fire truck crashed on i-95 creating miles of backup. >> one lane gets by after more than three hours, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is
6:35 am
live in the middle of the highway with the very latest information, justin bring us up to speed. >> i want to show you progress we are seeing here, that truck is thousand being towed away damage to that truck is very severe. it had been knock off the frame so it did complicate towing efforts but we do have some fog right here on the ground. those cars park here for some time are now gone. they were cleared earlier. one lane was made available. so traffic could go through. now also at this time we do know that the condition of those fire fighters, who were injured, they were taken to hahnemann. we are told their injuries are non-life threatening and they should be okay once released in short order. we do know of one other person a passenger not related to that crash who was taken to jefferson. here is how that person was involved. about 3:20 this morning we are told by fire official that is a fire crew was responding to a call here, on 95 south.
6:36 am
their ladder truck ladder number 16 was used parked parallel to that scene. at that point here on i-95 south near chestnut is when that tractor trailer here, crashed into their rear of the fire truck injuring all five of those fire fighters and then again that person who was in the the car, that fire crews were responding to was taken to jefferson at this time and they are all expect to recover in short order. however, as meisha mentioned throughout the morning you'll fine closures heading to i-95 south so make arrangements. we are told by state troopers here on the scene they are working very quickly to get this tractor trailer from the scene and get it away from this location in hopes of getting this area cleared in time for this morning commute. we did hear from fire officials at hahnemann about the condition of the fire fighters and what happened, please take a listen. >> unfortunate for him, just for this reason, who are
6:37 am
taking care of this accident scene provided a buffer between them and traffic and it struck that tractor trailer. >> reporter: perhaps you can see the processing is underway. as you look to your right there we believe that man on the sidewalk there sitting down is indeed the truck driver. we saw him exit the cabin there earlier and he was seen by medic and treated here on the scene. work is underway to get this area fully recovered, fully opened again to traffic, that will take sometime but they are hoping to get this taken care of before, the rush of the morning traffic time. we are live on i-95 south, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", back inside to you. turning to sports now tonight will be the final warm up for the eagles before nfl's regular season kicks off next week. >> there are so many questions and concerns about this team and to help clear up some of them, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has a special guest.
6:38 am
>> good morning, guys. eagles preseason end tonight with the bird taking the on the jets. regular season right around the corner. to discuss what we have seen so far and what we will see in week number one is dave spadaro of the philadelphia eagles. good morning. >> quickly the draft looks like it will be here in philadelphia, it is big. >> i want to know is it 2017/18 because we know eagles don't have a first round draft pick next year. eagles fans deserve the chance to greet the first round pick in philadelphia. >> totally agree. >> what have you seen during the preseason that stood out or surprised you a little. >> defense has been outstanding. they really get to the quarterback. offense the way they use the personnel, tightened with celek and ertz and tray burton. this rise hail upon are part of eagles offence. they will not beat anybody with great talent but they can beat people with scheme, not turning football over and executing to the tightened. >> how about lane john son there was talk about lane john son being suspended due to performance enhancing drugs,
6:39 am
nothing has happen as of yet, i think and that you agree they are better off if he's not suspended. >> really issue is not if he is suspended because eagles are anticipate ago this per lane he will be suspended but as you go into cutting roster for 53 players you have to anticipate lane will be with you. you have to keep him on the active roster and prepare for game one next week. word can come down at anytime, eagles don't control that. you have to prepare for both scenarios. >> how about wide receivers, nelson agholor has not been very good. last year was a struggle in his rookie year. he is in line to be a starter. what do you make of him. >> we will see about the starter spot but he is in line to play a lot. he has in the played well. to me it is crisis of confidence. he has not been able to consistently catch the football. sound like it should be easy for a receiver. it has been a struggle for nelson. they are counting on him. he will not play tonight. he will play a ton in the
6:40 am
regular season. he toss get back in feeling good and confident catching the football consistently. no question, wide receivers are an area of scrutiny and they have not perform at a high level here. dario green beckham will be a big part of things tonight and really big part starting next week. >> quickly regular season starts in more than a week what are your thoughts. >> my thoughts it is eight-eight team. there will be close games in the fourth quarter do they convert that first down or score that touchdown or get that take away, do they stay on the field on defense or get off field. eight-eight team to start with if you execute you you can go to ten-six, maybe 11-five. >> we should see. >> jim and brooke, season starts right around the corner. >> wow. happening today, subway riders can ride broad street line for free, mcdonald's is giving away free tokens in honor of tonight's eagles game. >> estimate $5.000 tokens will be distributed at walnut and locust broad street line
6:41 am
entrance. there is a story trending on line this morning. take a look at the this picture of fsu wide receiver travis rodolph. he was visiting a school tallahassee florida when he noticed sixth graders beau sit ago loan for lunch. he has autism and often has lunch by himself. so rodolph asked to join him and beau said yes. since this happened beau has become incredibly popular, no doubt, and doesn't eat by himself anymore. >> football player contacted his mother and said i want to stay in contact with him, i'll give my cell phone number to him. >> isn't that crazy. >> i love this. >> awesome. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will have an update on breaking news, fire truck accident on i-95 and we will let you know what that means for your commute. preparing your family for an emergency whether it is something like flooding you see in baton rouge on another natural disaster we are talking to the expert about how you can make sure you're prepared for an emergency coming up.
6:42 am
>> ♪ i was just making sure september 1st ladies and gentlemen happy to be here with you you. >> stay with us.
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but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. updating our breaking news all morning on i-95 southbound a tractor trailer crash with the fire truck overnight, this was the scene earlier, traveling southbound just before the columbus boulevard exit. >> authorities say fire fighters were on the scene of the accident providing a buffer to keep those involved safe. when a tractor trailer rear ended their ladder truck. fire fighters five were hurt
6:46 am
in the crash but they are expect to be okay. atlantic city is watching storm activity in the atlantic ocean. >> life guard are keeping beach goers close to shore, but about half of the cities life guard are now back to school, society i says they are getting help for some upcoming events this holiday weekend. >> it is wicked today. it is like you have to keep them on you. >> it will be a challenge, because we are, diminished staff and we have three beach concerts. we have a lot of college age kid coming home to help with that. >> during the weekend concerts, live nation is paying to have extra life guard on hand. as for huge stage it is designed to withstand hurricane force wind. because the roof can slide to the ground. >> katie, you have to wonder the timing could not be worse with everything that is going on and summer's last hooray. >> unofficial, final farewell of summer and we are tracking possibility of hermine hugging
6:47 am
the coast a little bit more tightly here this weekend. the possibility remains that we will end up with some rain, strong wind as well. much more on. that quick check with the eyewitness weather watchers all reporting steamy conditions. jerry's in blue bell at 71. seventeen there andy as well as jason in dover ape middletown delaware. it is a mild, pretty muggy start. peter is in lawrenceville with 72. not too much variety coming in here at minimum we're into the upper 60's in these spots. thanks to the watchers for sending those in. atlantic hurricane season start to peak about this time. here's where we stan with the calendar and peak of hurricane season is september 10th. so we have got lots of activity churning out there in recent day. hurricane gaston well out to sea but now hermine a tropical storm. quickly checking rain that is currently out there we are finding it coming through steady across new castle county into salem and cumberland counties but regardless damp roadways are a
6:48 am
concern. here's hermine still sitting and spinning and this is what is expect to basically ride the coastline and then just get a bit too close for comfort. that is the weekend forecast does go downhill. i want to he shower lates and most up to date track on this as it migrates in the northeast it is very likely hermine has a chance to be a weak category one hurricane an but then will lose its strength as it ride up the coast. do you see how it goes out and comes back again. that the is because an area of high pressure will be steering this. that is why it looks like it will get closer to our shoreline, potentially just as's post tropical cyclone but regardless it is out there and so many have of you will want to be as well, for the upcoming holiday. sunday is main day for this. now looking at the future rain amounts, florida is likely to get hammered with multiple inches of rain. this is a very low bus model picking up on multiple inches this model four plus inch's
6:49 am
cross del marva and southern new jersey, convicting the seven day. sunday is day we are keeping an eye on the possibility of the steady rain and strong wind, otherwise it is clearing out and it does look very nice tomorrow. >> katie, thanks very much. what we have been talking about that is accident on i-95 between the vine and columbus boulevard. what we are looking at is interstate 95 around the vine and this is significant slow towns that you have. the great news is that where that accident was, and where all lanes have been block all morning the truck that is been moved out of the way and the sound like lanes on i-95 will be opening sometime soon. for right the now just heading out there this is what you're running into. you will still have to take the vine hopefully within the next handfull maybe 15 or 20 minutes those lanes will open backup. alternates rest wealth boulevard at broad or schuylkill probably not a bad idea aramingo to girard or broad and schuylkill not a bad idea until that is officially
6:50 am
cleared we have an accident on the new jersey turnpike all accident have been now since cleared. joe and brooke back over to you. it is ten before 7:00 a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live with the preview, good morning, nora. >> hey good morning to you, brooke and joe. we have a lot of news. we will start with donald trum hospital reaffirmed his hard line stance after a quick trip to mexico. john dickerson will join us for what last night's speech will mean to the campaign. we will talk to democratic vice-presidential nominee tim kaine. plus there is a retired general in charge of the wounded warrior project, he will be in studio 57. he has plans to refocus a charity after a cbs news investigation uncovered lavish spending. from a chance to travel around the world to the trip down memory lane how senior communities are experimenting with virtual reality, news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes from now. >> thanks, nora.
6:51 am
september marks national preparedness month and while no one anticipate major disaster officials say we should always be ready in the event of the the emergency. >> would you be red i well, katie has a special guest to make sure you and your family have a plan. >> yes, thank you. i'm with judge renee hughes, ceo of the american red cross of the eastern pennsylvania. we love you coming in. such great information. you have some advice on how we can prepare ourselves and family in case of an emergency. thank you for coming in. >> thank you how should we set up an emergency plan. >> most important thing is to sit down and have a conversation with your family about your unique home, where exactly if you had to shelter in place would you go, basement, attic what would you do. if you to have leave your home talk specifically with your children about where to meet during a head count who will take care of the pets. the don't leave that to question. actually practice getting out of the house, as well as meeting in your safe place in the house.
6:52 am
>> it is so important to have that plan ahead of time and practice it. you did bring some props as well. we have an idea what we should be putting into our kit. what is this. >> it vice important to remember in an emerge somite be in your home for three days before first responders can get to you. you will want to be prepared. you want to have a gallon of water, per person for each day. so that is 3 gallons of water per person. you want non-perishable food. i love peanut better and rice cake. you can eat and mre, it is nutritious but not delicious. peanut butter, tuna in the packs, cans of fruit that don't require can openers, you may not have electricity. so you want thing that don't require electricity. >> non-perishable. >> you need a flashlight, keep battery separate from the flashlight so it doesn't wear down. good powerful flashlight, first aid kit, blankets. put sweat shirts in your kit
6:53 am
because it may be cold in your house. these are punchos if you have to go out you went get wet. it is really important to have a battery operated or hand crank radio because you may not have power. like wide you want a power charger for your cell phone. >> digital good that is such an important point. we are so dependent for our technology it is so important as far as getting the information we need. >> so critical. >> because that is where you need to be able to text first responders to tell them where you are, you need to be able to get information about the storm but you want to keep your family calm, so put non-electronic toyness there coloring books, games, board games, puzzles, books things that will keep your children calm and take the child hand wipes, toilet paper. >> all of those basic necessities you cannot do without. >> we're running short on time 30 seconds left best way to stay informed during an
6:54 am
emergency. >> red credits to the organize. >> we of course are always here at cbs as well. thank you so much judge hughes, for being here, great information, we are coming right back with three to go. >> you
6:56 am
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before you hit the road it
6:58 am
is three to go. >> progress on i-95 southbound after an accident involving a fire truck and a tractor trailer. we just heard the road just reopen. five fire fighters suffered minor injuries in this crash. we will get an update later this morning on progress of repairs to septa's fleet of regional railcars. >> essential announcement is expected today that the nfl draft will be here in philadelphia next year. that is three to go. >> yes. >> lets get a check on weather and traffic, finally. >> yes, one final quick check before we go and we will focus on sunday as we are watching now hermine as a better chance to strike our coastline here or at least bring impact strong wind, dangerous rip currents and high surf as well as coastal flooding and heavy rainfall. main day for that is sunday. in the meantime we are clearing out for some showers now so tomorrow does look very nice, meisha. >> katie, thank you. looking at i-95 in the southbound direction at girard, so very busy but great news is as brooke pointed out earlier that road has just been reopened where that very
6:59 am
serious accident was on i-95 between the vine and columbus boulevard. switching gears tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. i'm on a dream drive and take you on a shorter drive to meet these beauties. where you can see the giraffe as we can see the zoo trying to teach the zoo valuable experiences. plus i will get special introduction to a few more darling animals such as a hedge hog. >> look at that face. >> hi, sweety. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is right. >> and well, we will show you tomorrow on dream drive at 6:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> interesting, yes. >> adorable. >> you bet. >> next on cbs this morning retired general who now lead wounded war your project talks about changes after questionable spending by the veterans charity. >> remember to joyous early, each day morning on cbs-3 at
7:00 am
4:30. 4:30. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump and the president of mexico contradict each other on who will pay for a border wall. the republican nominee later doubled down on his hardline stance on deportation. florida will likely be struck by its first hurricane today in 11 years. hermine could impact millions along the east coast. >> 1980s nostalgia. the twin brothers behind "stranger things" what is making it a hit after being rejected by hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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