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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> overnight, president obama became the first sitting us president to visit the nation of laos. >> the hillary clinton holding rally this afternoon, the university of south flora. while donald trump holds private campaign event in virginia beach. >> even got pretty close to one another. video from cleveland international airport where you see clinton's plane and trump's jet on the runway at the same time. >> carson wentz will start the game on sunday. >> i was actually laying in the middle of the cornfield when that happened. so i got the call. i was obviously very surprised but instantly just real excited. >> eagles all day, baby. >> philly fans are always optimistic. >> carson wentz was hunting geese yesterday in new jersey when he got the call from coach doug pederson. katie, the eagles begin their season at home sunday. how is it looking? >> you know, right now, what's definite is that we're going to heat up. but there is the chance at least looking ahead to the weekend, that we end up with some thunderstorm.
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so much more on the eagles forecast, the weekend as a whole, how is that that is shaping up for you as we move throughout the broadcast, for now, got to tell you, real comfortable outside. lyle breeze on the cbs-3 skydeck, clear sky, and we are generally expecting some sunshine and little bit of warmer day to un fowl here. but, can you believe it? we're still talking about hermine. still. let's take you outside. at the moment thankfully don't have any wet weather to report here on the land areas. but out to sea that system still churning close enough, that it is bringing in some outer rain bands here, across at least some of the off shore areas from the jersey shore, the delaware beaches. could you see shower at the shore today, from this, but, overall, i expect some sunshine more than anything. but, that system is still going to be turning up the surf, keeping the dangerous rip countries being in place, even though any coastal flooding at this point is thankfully no longer an issue. looking to this area of temperatures, pretty stiff breeze atlantic city, northwest wind flow, 06-mile
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per hour, seeing the win out of the north northwest at 14 miles per hour. so you notice it, but it feels refreshing when talking temperatures in the 70s right now, little cooler up in mount pocono 62 degrees. as the day progresses we anticipate you will heed up easily, 87 degrees in philadelphia, that is above average, four, 5 degrees, meanwhile low 80s around all of the resort towns, like we mentioned, possibility that you see a shower at the immediate coastline. now, coming up: of course we continue to talk about hermine, but, at least in the city, and really most of the delaware valley, it is actually going to feel more like the height of summer in the days ahead. so talking 90 for couple of days, i'll tell you just how hot it gets, when that happens, also, we'll have to talk about kim of storm chan cents down the road, as well. meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. and good morning, everybody. happy tuesday, so couple of things out there, actually we've got about four accident coming up quick. here, the blue route southbound mid-county see pulled off to the shoulder, accident involving tractor-trailer right there.
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so as you come around the bend tap the brakes, wizzing by, not going to slow you down, not yet. but, with how many vehicles are already out there at 5:30, everyone jumping back on the roadways after labor day weekend you can bet it will start to slow you down. heads up also looks like they've changed the camera shot here, chalfont, what it was looking at was a truck fire, truck fire out at limekiln pike, moved it off to the side. heads up for those of you in the chalfont area. another accident cinnaminson new jersey, make note of this, again, riverton road near pomona road or wayne drive. letting you know you are still traveling at posted speeds, but you will start to slow down the more and more vokes that get on the roadways, which is exactly what we're seeing, a a lot of school buses will join this morning, another accident near trenton, 195 westbound at route 130. that left lane is blocked, so certainly whenever we have a left or right lane blocked that will slow you down. moving into the 6:00 hour really where i've got my site set.
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then also some construction we will bring out in new jersey, route 42 northbound and southbound, 295 northbound, this one is between route 42 and route 168. just heads up, a lot going on this morning, busy, give yourself some extra time. >> now sprint to the finish in campaign 2016. hillary clinton holds a rally in florida, while donald trump reaches supporters in virginia cents as hena daniels reports, both candidates spent labor day courting voters in the can i call battleground states in ohio. >> hillary clinton, enters the final stretch of the election season, promising the media greater access to her campaign. the democratic nominee traveled a boards her new plane to illinois and ohio on labor day yesterday. this time, with reporters eager to ask her about the fbi investigation into her e-mail scandal. >> the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings, doesn't in anyway affect the commitment that i had and
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still have to the treatment and classified materials. >> clinton thought to keep the focus on donald trump and his alleged ties to russia. >> he urged the russians to hack more, in particular, hack me. >> didn't have the energy to go to louisianna. and she didn't have the energy to go to mexico. >> trump also invited reporters on board this private plane while in ohio, where he row fuse today rule out amnesty for millions of undocumented -- and denied his foundation made a political contribution to florida attorney general, pam bondsy in 2013 when considering joining an investigation into trump university. >> i have a lot of respect for her. never spoke to her about that at all. >> the republican nominee said i'll participate in all three presidential debates against clinton. first of which takes place at the end of the month. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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well, if you used a lot of gas over the long holiday weekend, and have to fill up on the way to work, here is good news, gas prices are at 12 year low. the national average is about 2.20 a gallon, that's 20 cents lower than it was this time last year. now, we've enjoyed low gas prices this summer which is meant for big savings, drivers say almost $19 billion compared with last year. and here is a look at gas price frost around our region. in pennsylvania, the average gays prices is about 2.31 a gallon, in new jersey, it is 1.96. the lowest in the region. in delaware you'll pay 2.13. >> well, it is now 5:36 in the morning. in business news, we'll let you know how we all know it is almost fall. >> big problems faced by flyers on british airways. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the stock he can changes, good morning, jill. >> good morning, brooke, jim. the markets reopen today after the long holiday weekend, on friday, the dow gained 72 points, the nasdaq added 22, and futures are pointing to
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bit of higher open. it is now a waiting game until the feds next meeting at the end of the month. most investors think the somewhat disappointing august jobs report makes it less likely that the fed will raise interest rates this month. so everyone of course, that meeting in about it week. british a wears is trying to fix computer glitch that has shutdown it check in system around the world. passengers are now dealing with long lines, delays. it is unclear how many flight are affected. and ready or not, it is beginning to taste like fall. starting today, starbucks is selling pumpkin spice latte. also, new for fall, a mocha drink made with expresso steam milk, whip cheap, chilly mocha topping, and has kian chilly pepper, brooke, jim. >> chilly pepper? okay, he'll not a big pumpkin fan but i would try that. >> like mexican hot chocolate you. >> don't like pumpkin spiced
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latte? >> no neither do i. i thought i was the only onement look at that? >> we're together on this. >> thanks, jill. >> all right, new this morning, president obama is on historic visit to laos. he's expected to announce the $90 million package to help clear the country of unexploded bombs the us dropped during the viet nam war. president obama supposed to meet with the philippine president while in laos, because the white house canceled after the leader publicly cursed the commander in chief. the cursing happened as a reporter asked the philippine president how he planned to explain the philippines' expert judicial killings of drug dealers. >> phyllis fly schlafly died. would have outlined gender discrimination, she was 92. >> well, coming up, you may need to sit down for this one. unexpected news in the entertainment world. >> i'm already sitting down, beyonce has to post.
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>> this is a big deal. jim, i appreciate your frustration. >> yes. >> we will tell you why she is being ordered to do it, what that means for queen bee fans here in the delaware vale. hey, pat? >> good morning, jim, and brooke. well, summer over, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but time to go back to school. here with the riley family here in sicklerville, all ready, we come back, talk to these guys, and how excited they are.
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>> many today are headed back to school. >> pat gallen is live with a family inside their house, and the kids that are already up, are they ready to go? >> reporter: yes, you know, what i just knock on a random door in sicklerville, they opened up and they started cooking breakfast for us. this is the riley family, jim and lori. how are you? >> doing well. >> so, first day of school, everyone like nervous? everyone ready to go?
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>> i think they're excited, excited and ready to go. >> fun you i you say, that we walk in, you have james, brady, lane y, all ready to rock. i figure all right, we have to wake the kids up, weaver to throw them out of bed. that was not me, not me ac kid. >> normally laney, especially dragging her out of bed this morning, but the boys are pretty good. they get up at 6:30, but it should be interesting. >> so you're the one who has to get out of the house earl. >> i right. >> lori does all of the heavy lifting? >> all of the heavy lifting, yep. >> that's the way it should, right? you're like all right, breakfast, i'm out of here. >> she does very nice job. >> she does a nice job. yes, so we have little french toast cooking, let's eat, i'm hungry. let's do it. >> lets that's talk to you guys. so james, what grade are you going into? >> third. >> third grade. so you're what like 14? how old are you? >> eight. >> oh, eight, okay. are you excited about third
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grade? >> yes. >> you are excited. grade i what grade are you going into? >> first. >> you told me second earlier. >> what? >> you were just joking right? are you excited? >> yes. >> are you excited for this french toast over here? >> yes. >> ya. how about you, laney, going into kinder garden. >> ya. >> ya? how excited are you? you were running around like crazy. >> really excited. >> were you helping your mom with the orange juice and the french toast, right? >> yes. >> you are a great help. so my guess is, lori, it is not really going to be like this every morning, that you have to be like -- >> yes. >> you have to be yelling and screaming most mornings? >> probably yelling and screaming, yes. >> all right, so we will eat breakfast, come back in the 6:00 hour, get the lunches red ready, get these guys off to school. first day, i'm excited. you guys excited? we're all excited so we'll eat, see you guys in a little bit. >> thanks. that's awesome. >> you know when i was a kid, i was a kid for a short period
5:45 am
of time. >> were you a kid? >> we had hot breakfast every morning, not allowed to go out to school without a hot breakfast, my father used to make us our breakfast. >> what did you have i? >> opinion cakes one day, french toast another, waffles, another day eggs, the only day cereal was on saturday days. >> i had hot breakfast every morning, too. >> i didn't. >> no? >> no, i got my cereal if i was lucky. ya, absolutely. well, you know, as a lot of people are getting back to work and school, starting to heat up here. will feel a lot more like summertime. nice crispness in the air, feeling a lot more like fall, felt like we should be sharpening our pencils, now sort of getting back to what feels more like summertime. we get out there, start with a view, high atop the studios here in recalled if, we call this our engineer set this up, our cam, just beautiful nice wide shot of center city off in the distance there, skyscrapers, nice clearview of all of them, beautiful
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beginning to the day. but, we do have a couple of hiccups along the way we need to discuss, we'll get to those. quick check in with the eyewitness weather watchers low 70s around pretty much the whole urban corridor here, zero in on couple of these if we can, 711 degrees from kerry, nice clear sky in mt. laurel, pretty modest breeze, but we say pretty good back to work weather. i would definitely concur, little bit of the breeze out there, comfortable outside, and not terribly humid. further off to the south here into kent county we go 63 from jays son, also seeing nice clear sky, his comment, just plane anacine nice start to the day. we switch gears, out to the maps, look at the nice wide zoom on storm scan, yep, there she sits. still tracking what's left of this point of hermine. post tropical cyclone, perhaps, that bridges shower to the immediate coast. but generally, the eastern seaboard and all way out to mississippi under the influence of high pressure at least for now. frontal boundary that is crossing through with time here. but, it does nothing to cool
5:47 am
us down rather we actually will be heating up with time here, and also steaming up over the course of the next couple every days, notice, how those left of humidity climb ever higher and higher. so friday is looking awfully steamy, to wrap up this first maybe not full week of school but the first week back. now the eagles of course have their home opener sunday, browns coming into town, and looks as though there is potentially going to be couple of showers or thunderstorms around. not a given. it is still all dependent on the final timing after front. but will be frontal passing through this weekend, game time kick off temperature about 82 degrees, as we start to see some cooler air nudge in. meantime, three straight days of 90 plus degrees, friday actually flirting with a record there, but by the time we hit eagles game tie high hit 84, perhaps with lingering shower or thunderstorm, we keep an eye on the timing but temperatures a lot closer to where they should be by sunday and monday. >> good morning, everybody, what you are looking at right now is a live picture of over brock train station, on city
5:48 am
avenue, and the reasonable why you are looking at this, i have to say, gorgeous shot actually. almost looks like you see little out in the middle of no where. overbrook train station, right around in this area, one of the areas talking about today, because a lot of changes. new city and suburban schedules, new regional rail schedules starting today. take a look at this, these eight lines are affected. media elwyn, norristown, paoli thorndale, trenton, west trenton, warminster, wilmington, newark. make note of that again, new city and suburban schedules, some started sunday also new regional rail schedules as well in addition to this map another one that we have got for you is added bus service to alleve ate interest train crowding, norristown media elwyn jenkintown and he will wins par steaks. i'll be tweeting it out for you for those every you taking mass transit in any form, make sure to check your schedules on line, certainly want to do. that will also, you guys, we have an accident involving tractor-trailer blue route southbound at mid-county pulled all the way off to the
5:49 am
right shoulder. see the flashing lights, around the bends tap your brakes, you can see how many vehicles are out there now. >> this will start to slow down little bit in the 6:00 hour. heads up. give yourselves extra time, brooke, over to you. >> i have to tell you i have some bad news for between bee fans. she's tired and needs a break. >> oh, my. >> met life stadium in east rutherford new jersey postponed tomorrow's concert, officials say beyonce needs a rest. here is good news for beyonce fans here in philly. her concert still a go later this month at the linc. i know you're getting us all here tickets. >> alleluhia. >> the rock is one of the best at social media. the instagram, adorable picture of his baby daughter and his post about labor day. the highest paid actor in the world says labor day is one of his favorite holidays, you know, jim, he let us in on little conversation he had with his baby about the value of hard work and respect.
5:50 am
he told her to get out there when she grows up and hard work and sweat, how did she respond? he said by pooing on him. >> that's what babies do. >> that's what they do, ya. >> i do like him. that's a great photo, as well. >> yes. i like him a lot, too. >> you've been waiting for this. >> ya, great news in the animal kingdom. beloved giant panda now off the endangered list. >> beloved by the world and brooke. stephanie galeheart has the story from the national zoo in washington dc. high panda. >> i found a panda? panda pandemonium. we've come straight to the panda exhibit. our two year old is super hyped about the pandas. even got a panda hat, a panda toy. so this is our first stop, make sure we see the pandas before they take a nap. >> the chestnut's timed it just right. they were full of energy.
5:51 am
for many of these folks, today's visit to the national zoo takes on greater significance. a conservation group reports the population roast 17% over the last decade. thanks to increase in available habitat. as a result, the giant panda has been downgraded to vulnerable. >> i think it is great news, any time you find that there is something that we're doing right to help keep these animals growing, and i'm excited. it is great. >> great news, that has even the smallest visitors smiling. >> we have baby bryce and skyler, jackson, and taylor. >> this is the first time the family has been to the national zoo. >> most looking forward to, relaxing with family. >> we live in frederick. and supposed to be a full day, and long weekend, so just decided to come out and see the animals. >> making memories with the animals on this unofficial end of summer.
5:52 am
>> now she's up and rolling around. >> i think this is my first time to see the pandas, yes, and i love, you know, the most beautiful creatures. i love it. >> this is really great news. i know you're excited probably going to go-go a panda hat like that little girl. >> i would like to own a panda. >> anybody that can help brooke with that, thanks to conservation effort, now more than 1800 giant panda's in the wild and in china. >> woman gets a stomach ache so bad she has to go to the hospital. >> that's normal. but, this is not. she left with a baby. we have the unbelievable story of how the woman went nine month without realizing she was pregnant. >> stay with
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5:56 am
husband noticed and did the one thing husband also never supposed to do, he said something. >> i was gaining weight, but i thought others things i am worried about, not a baby. >> family of four now family of five. her facebook page has exploded with shocked congratulations and questions, like, wait. you guys didn't know were you pregnant? >> a happy story. >> i -- i -- >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", katie sass the temperature is on the rise. >> and in health watch, we'll show you how early bed time can have lasting effect on kids. we'll tell you the ideal time they should go to bed. plus this. >> sick boy who made headlines after florida state football player travis rude offer sat with him at lunch got another big surprise monday. i'm hena daniels, more on this heart-warming i have asthma... of mlife.ieces in my so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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6:00 am
and where it is headed next. and the rookie's in charge. hear what carson wentz has to say about being named the starting quarterback, for the eagles. well, today is tuesday, september the six, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. wake the kids. it is back to school for a lot of them this morning. katie and meisha telling you what you need to know. >> the commute will be busy because everyone is back on the roadways, this epp we have four accidents out there. a lot of changes to mass transit so we will get into all of that coming up in a little bit. >> all morning information to cover. thankfully weather looks pretty good at least on dry land. still of courts have hermine to discuss, and maybe bring the shower to the immediate shore line. overall, i think you are looking at sunshine today guys. main weather headline at least moving forward now is the sunshine and heating up, actually start to feel more like it is the dead heat of summer, as we hit the tail end of the work week and school week. for now storm scan at least locally pretty quiet because you see the outer bands from rm


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