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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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blue it last? >> i'm rahel solomon in for brooke thomas. katie, as we just heard from that very excited fan, already looking ahead to superbowl. >> oh, come on, okay, now, i'm a big a fan of carson wentz on the next guy, but we need a break from superbowl. >> speaking of breaks, how's traffic so far? >> well done. >> we still have few accident out there, so we will be talking about all of that coming up. >> of course eventually sun glare becomes an issue, yes, sun coming up now, every day little later and later but still is going toned up being absolutely beautiful day. >> headed eastbound, grab your shades, you'll be fine but looking at storm scan, you can understand y no storms to report. so, high pressure hook hooking us up with what we like to
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coin practically perfect day. looks phenominal outside. checklist, you have sunshine, you have the warmth, comfortable want no less, low humidity, light wind, all of those boxes able to be check on a day like this. so looking to be just one of those perfect fall days. currently, though, off to bit of cool start frankly in our live neighborhood network. couple of spots where you're in the 40's, kutztown one of them, sinking spring is another of them, and franklin 50 in blue bell is enough to require a sweatshirt if you ask me >> start off with extra sweatshirt, fleece, able to get rid of it later in the day, top off at 28 degrees, can understanded why. really does promise to be very very nice day with full sunshine, but here is the thing. all really great things eventually have to draw to a close in the weather department as we know, so transition as we head into wednesday, the humidity does begin to build, and so does
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the temperature, so we will explain why and have your full forecast little later in the show. meisha, over to you. >> sounds good. happy monday everybody, this is why you're looking at interstate 95, southbound at cottman, you can see coming around the s curve a lot of brake lights starting to off. starting to slow down little bit, maybe get out little earlier than what you were anticipating probably new jersey 42, you can see, a say satisfy of headlights out there, looking pretty, still traveling around 56-mile per hour, blue route tail light moving in the northbound direction media swarthmore, what you are looking at here, taillights, headlights, overall everything kind of holding steady where we are, as we push deeper into the 6:00 hour we start to slow down. overturned vehicle here in new jersey, new jersey turnpike southbound past height town, right lane blocked right now for repairs. give yourself couple of extra
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minutes, accident here new jersey as well, another investigation from an accident that happened little earlier. route 47 delsea drive closed near port elizabeth cumberland wrote. a lot going on this morning, and getting busy jim over to you. >> thanks, meisha a the talk of the town carson can't miss wentz. >> rookie quarterback comes up big in his first ever professional game. pat gallen, you and i talk about this, definitely first recorded place was rocking. >> start to finish, that's it exploded every time he came on to the field e kevin cobb, michael vick, vince young, nick foles, mark sanchez, sam bradford, since donovan mcnabb left town that mothly crow of quarterbacks has been task with becoming the man in philadelphia all fell short. but worry not eagles fans, may have finally found our franchise quarterback in carson wentz. the rookie dazzled in his first career start yesterday wednesday's teammate called him poised. beautiful day buyer together
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with pederson. his powerful arm on full display throughout the game. here he finds jordan matthews for career touchdown. number one, a 19-yard strike, hopefully the first of many between these two, matthews had 114 yards receiving on the day, as well. nelson agholor had terrible first rookie year, but he showed up yesterday. i find golds at the ends that far rainbow from wentz, pristine 35-yard touchdown pass, wentz, 22 of 37, 278 yards, he scores, the birds win 29-ten it, doesn't get much better than that start. >> i really don't get nervous, before the game, kind of calm my nerves, you know, just go out, have fun, it is a game and i try to enjoy it, and i have a lot of fun today, turn out was good. >> young kid, really excited, he has the energy, at the same time, there are mistakes made or something doesn't go right, quick to put that behind him
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and get on to the next play. >> closer look at the great games they had overall after a terrible 20-15 season. matthews had seven catches, targeted 14 times pie wentz. zach ertz targeted six times, he had six catches for 58 yards. agholor who we mentioned four catches for 57 yards and that touchdown he had, still few hiccups as receivers dropped few passes but all-in-all, fantastic development as wentz will need his weapons to be short-handed. speaking of those wide receivers, they had obviously great game after all, that 2015 year. so it is a good first game good first impression with wentz and those wide receivers. for gotten part is the defense, allowed just ten-point holding the cleveland browns to under 300 total yards on the day, last year couldn't get off, well rested as the eagles offense held the ball for 40 minutes, but they'll need to be even better against better competition. but, so far, so good.
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>> of course it will go to the one and only, giant game ball, one and only carson went, 278 yards, no turnovers, poised, calm, it was exceptional debut, only gets tougher from here. next week, it is a monday night showdown with the chicago bears. so let's head over to the touch screen, shall we, last night i asked fans overall grade the performance cents of the philadelphia eagles just throw this thing over here fans spoke, felt very highly of course of the philadelphia eagles. gave b66% every you gave a b to the philadelphia eagles, great reactions on twitter, this is tom d he says a win is a win, but they need better defensive play, lucky it was the browns. the browns are really bad team. we can't sugar coat that. very bad football team. but a wayne is a win. jason says it was great to see the futurement good game, but tons of improvement can be made and that's exciting.
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>> obviously on defense, it will get tougherment finally, matt says, how quickly can we cannonize another saint? mother teresa is about to have some company. we had great reactions to the eagles victory, and great reaction from cbs-3 cameraman kyle hall. he will forever be linked to carson wentz and the first touchdown because my man took a huge shot. kyle hall got destroyed in the back of the ends zone as wentz hit jordan matthews who then hits kyle hall with his helmet, sending our photographer flying. we of course talked exclusively with kyle after take that monster shot to the mouth. >> corner of the ends zone, waiting for him, you know, i hope the ball kind of comes near me, will make for good shot. there goes, coming ten, 15 injuries pardon right to matthews, i see matthews grab it, both his feet in, and then keeps lunging forward, like he's coming right at me, okay,
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then keeps oncoming the next thing i remember is being hit in the face. i go backyard about 10 yards into the barrier. >> kyle is okay, as you saw, he got a fat lip. he was not con curbs orthopedics, he took a heck of a hit. malcolm jenkins said the eagles aren't going to get too far ahead of themselves, but one game, awesome game, guys, i can't wait to see what more he has in store. >> definitely. looking like a good season. i have to say about kyle, i worked with kyle couple of times, he'll always go above and beyond for a shot. >> and here is your football back. >> thanks. >> took a lot of money. don't just toss things. kyle hall should get a football. >> i think kyle deserves it. >> well, prior to the game, the eagles owned the 15th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. players joined with first responders, military personnel, and vice president joe biden.
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holding a field size american flag for the national anthem. fighter jets flew over the linc as part of the tribute. the message from president obama was played in the stadium. and players from the seattle seahawks linked arms in unity during the national anthem yesterday. flag ceremony and moments of silence at century link field. meantime, four miami dolphins players took a knee during the anthem including running back aryan notesser. >> new england patriots tight ends martellos bennett and baxter inch, raised right fists after the national anthem during last night's sunday night football game. kansas city chiefs cornerback, marcus peters did the same before his game. and a cease-fire in syria goes into effect today, at sundown, the deal brokered by the ss and russia intended to slow the deedily violence, allow much needed humanitarian aids to reach neighborhoods during the five year long war. in it holds for a week, russia and the us will carry out
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coordinated air strikes against isis. >> a bought of pneumonia side lined hillary clinton. she is resting for the next couple of days, and diagnosis only came to light hours after clinton stumbled while leaving a september 11 ceremony. >> reporter: clearly unsteady on her feet, hillary clinton stumbled trying geeta van as she left earl fry a 9/11 memorial service on sunday. clinton would appear outside her daughter's apartment couple of hours later looking and apparently feeling much better. >> she posted for photo apparently feeling much better. not until much later sunday did clinton's doctor release a statement saying clinton was actually diagnosed when pneumonia friday. donald trump skipped a chance to comment on sunday. >> hillary clinton's health incident this morning, her health incident this morning? >> and runningmates handlers gave governor mike penned at a distance.
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>> not taking any questions? not taking any questions. >> the silence is perhaps surprising from the trump campaign who surrogates at times tried to stir up questions from the past. but sources inside trump campaign say surrogates have told to be respectful, staff members told to keep quiet and not say anything negative about what happened. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> as the countdown to election day goes to 56 days, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. and when you're not near a tv, fee friel to visit >> still ahead, see how hillary clinton had a big impact on one designer at fashion week. >> plus, new miss america is crowned, finds out which one of these lovely young ladies won, and how the pageant made history this year. >> and a nine year old who just got signed for the harvard football team. his heart-warming story and the program that made it all possible coming up.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is monday morning. meisha stop dancing over there. >> she is dancing on a monday, on tuesday, on wednesday, thursday, and friday. dancing fool. stay with us, everyone, we'll be right back.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> there she is, new miss america this morning.
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savvy shields, crouds miss america, the 21 year old beat out 51 other contestants, who vyed for the coveted title after her run as miss america. she will plan to return to the university of arkansas to finish studying art. shields wasn't the only contestant making history last night. missouri urie erin was the first openly gay woman to compete in the miss america pageant. the 23 year old said she was excited to represent the lgbt community. >> beak being every beautiful and poised women? >> katie? >> oh, well done, jim.
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>> i feel like i'll make a lot of people's day with the forecast. looking still area, take a look at the gorgeous shot. live neighborhood network, just cup. clouds out there, live look for you overlook interesting middle township high school cape may courthouse, just fiery red start to the day, with the sun now coming up. and, okay, about 20, 25 minutes, the sun will officially rise, in for just beautiful weather because of it, you can still see few clouds rolling in, high pressure is anchored overhead, winds nice and light. the humid it very low. and we're in for gorgeous fall day. i turn our focus very briefly here to atlantic hurricane season, the fact we just hit the peak on september 10th, over the course of the week edge, hit the peak of hurricane season. and we are certainly seeing some activity out in the tropics, and as we put things into motion here, there is area of low pressure that's starting to show some very significant signs of formation, within the next five days, as it has 09% chance to form, into at least depression, and very likely the next named storm system, as long as it happens next
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name on the list is ian, good news it, appears as though the system stays well taught sea, very likely not a concern for bermuda, definitely good news. now we have good news in this forecast for sure. obviously heating things up, today, tomorrow, looking gorgeous, by wednesday 90 degrees, hot, steamy when it comes to humidity too. that's because of the cold front scheduled across. pretty obvious it does its job right, can't even hit 08 degrees on thursday, friday, but back to beautiful fall weather those days. meisha? >> absolutely, all right, katie, thank you. and we are kicking off brand new work week looking outside delaware county guys. actually looking pretty good in delaware county but a little bit heavier than what we were half hour ago. also, schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, this is past montgomery. see working with both moving in the eastbound and westbound side, but, beautiful skyline, we are certainly starting to heat up on the schuylkill now. same story on intestate 95.
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just absolutely gorgeous skyline, a a lot of traffic here on interstate 95. we can expect that. quarter past 6:00 on a monday morning, you bet. septa regional rail schedules, new schedules for fox chase lansdale doylestown, manayunk norristown, media, he elwyn, check schedules on line, also disable tractor-trailer pa turn peak pike near virginia drive, center lane block. a lot more coming up. first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are.
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>> from our cross our region, in depth analysis by wiper reporter, every homicide in chester, revealed, that police have only closed about one third of the city's 323 slayings since 2,000. now the paper found that the homicide rate in chester is more than double philadelphia's homicide rate. >> and the news journal a head stone with a person's name was found during clean up at the delaware spca stanton location this weekend, the second time human remains, previously so people were burried at the property, in june closed due to financial issues. >> press of atlantic city unveils new 9/11 memorial yesterday. the memorial features two, 19-foot aluminum towers to symbolize worlds trade center, a 16-foot steel beam recovered
6:22 am
sit at the base. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, fashion week is underway in new york, and one, prayings is coming from the campaign trail. >> designer said he was inspired by the woman's president, last three models, inspired by democratic candidate hillary clinton. the designer says he would like to see clinton wear one every his designs, also drew inspiration from activist gloria stein up. >> very cool. >> coming up a little later in the health watch, a caution for kids heading to the soccer field. plus, harvard football, who knew a nine year old could join the team and enroll. why the teach said this one has something to teach his teammates. >> definitely looking ahead here to great weather as well. overall a week of stellar conditions. a few hiccups along the way, how much, coming in the form of heat, humidity, maybe bit of wet weather, too, i'll tell when you to expect all of that
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for senate, a clear difference.
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wild fire is cancelling today's classes at three schools in washington state. the fire has burned 500 acres near the grand cool i damn. firefighters from three counties are fighting this wild fire. the flames pushed by winds of 20 miles per hour, have prompted fire officials to tell homeowners to make plans to leave. the cause of this fire is under investigation. meanwhile, fire fighers have made progress on a fire
6:26 am
in california, up to 90% contained, at this point, fire officials blame the fire on a crash, they believe, intoxicated driver ran his jeep off the road, and sparked the fire. so far, the flames have burned 75 acres, and destroyed three homes. harvard football team has recruited a youngest player on the team. meet daniel, nine year old just signed his letter of intent. he will be spending his fall with the team. he has rare kidney cancer and he's take part in a program called team impact. life threatening illness was college athletic teams, helps to distract and also helps the team with perspective. >> i think it is great, number one, to make sure people understanded it is important to give back, but also it is great perspective for our kids. sometimes they need to see that the world is not an easy place. >> and the team coach says his
6:27 am
resilience makes him exactly the type of child they're looking for, one of thousands of children taking part in the program. >> good luck to daniel. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", carson wentz leads the eagles to victory. >> and fans flying high this morning. jan? >> it certainly was a big win for the eagle yesterday. i'm jan carabeo reporting live from sports radio 94wip. in old city this morning, coming up: fans react about the team and new qb, carson wentz. meisha? >> jan, thank youment looking outside, slowing down this monday morning. plus an accident in collegeville and in in new jersey, disable tractor-trailer on the new jersey turnpike, all every those updates coming up of the first we'll take a quick break. stay right where you are.
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fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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happy monday morning. we are waking up to gorgeous live view from boathouse row. >> and it feels just as good as it looks outside. katie calls it a practically perfect day. but she says, there is one steamy day in the forecast. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon in for brooke. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> touchdown! >> the carson weather a, has gun, with a bang. this is the future of philadelphia. >> carson wentz, yeah. >> hillary clinton is off the campaign trail. >> had to suddenly leave a 9/11 celebration because of a health scare. diagnosed with pneumonia. >> cease-fire in syria begins today at sundown. the deal brokered by the us and russia is intend today
6:32 am
slow the deadly violence. >> the nation's pause to remember the thousands of lives lost, 15 years ago. there were tears, poems, and pledges to never forget. >> and the new miss america is: miss arkansas. >> ♪ miss america ♪ >> and the new miss america, savvy shields, said her secret dream is to be a back up dancer for beyonce. >> well, secret no more. and katie is joining us now, katie after the beautiful day we had yesterday, no secret, in for a forecast this week. >> really looks like it will be a fantastic week in general. there always will be a couple of hiccups, as is so typical. but regardless, more than anything, we just got nice weather to enjoy. coming up here, folks, already off to a dairy say cool start to the day, especially through some of the outlying suburbs, you will want an extra layer. it is that kind after morning, where you need the layer and
6:33 am
then you can get rid of it later in the day. let's take you out to storm scan, totally empty, devoid of any storms at the moment. high pressure hooking us up. not looking at the temperature rather the dew point temperatures. that's what's measuring amount of moisture in the air, the more crisp it feels and the drier it will feel as well. and it is really, really dry outside right now with the dew points, almost exclusively across the board into the 40's, so it is not even a level that we can even put on our scale when it comes to the comfort index, just feels awesome. but again, i dressed in layers. make sure the kids are doing the same. if you have to be outside in this, maybe waiting for treanor waiting for bus, we eventually will warm up to the 80s later today but only 62 degrees right now in the city. sixty-one the current temperature in atlantic city at the airport there, only 44, yes, that's chilly, up in mount pocono right now. a lot of the most outlying suburbs also feeling that chill as well. now, looking forward, this is just anis day, we hit 82 degrees in the full sunshine later this afternoon, low humidity, light winds,
6:34 am
again, it is practically perfect outside, and just one of those days that i want to save or, make the most of. good news, meisha, a if you can't get outside today you'll have few more opportunities to enjoy real nice wet they are week. >> so great to hear, especially for all of our joggers who like to hit the path and hit the trails. looking nice outside you guys. but i will say your morning commute is certainly starting to slow down. take a look at the boulevard, you push southbound, just a sea of headlights right now, a lot of these places reporting right now you are no longer traveling at around 55 miles per hour, we like to keep it there until at least 6:00. looking like a lot of the areas starting to slow down now. for the boulevard, what you are looking at approaching the schuylkill, then once you jump on to the schuylkill, this is kind after birds eye shot of what you are looking at both moving in the westbound side, you can see, ton of brake lights going off certainly not anywhere near 56 miles per hour there. also, pushing in the eastbound direction, very, very slow moving there, as well. so if you have to jump out to the schuylkill, know you give yourselves extra time there. going to need it.
6:35 am
same story for interstate 95 push in the southbound direction, kind of a jumpy shot here. but 95 south past the betsy ross, see how many vehicles are on the roadways now, two of the hot spots they are all looking pretty busy but we have a fire, body shop is on fire, and in cinnaminson, route 73 northbound before route 90. two lanes are block there, and this most certainly will slow you down with two lanes blocked there at this time. you bet you want to give yourself extra time. jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a well the eagles carson wentz era is underway. and so far, it looks like it is a success. >> now, only one game. but, wasn't it a god one. went through for 248 yards, and two touchdowns in the game. including the first of his career to jordan matthews, there were no turnovers, no interceptions, no fumbles, eagles beat the browns 29 to ten. next up the chicago bears in prime time a week from tonight. >> now, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at wip sports radio where fans are calling in this morning. >> morning, jan, not much to complain about.
6:36 am
>> reporter: jim, rahel, not at all. a lot of happy fans today. a lot of positive activity, why not? carson went as you mention led his team to his first nfl victory ever. some fans here this morning, making big bold statements, like possibly superbowl? possibly future hall of famer? those are grand statements, aren't they? some other fans though are reeling it back just a little bit saying they're just optimisticment finally about this team's future. take a look at this, it was all smiles yesterday for the second overall pick as you walk off the lincoln financial field. carson wentz led the eagles to a commanding victory. and even though it was over the cleveland browns, fans are pumped about his performance. we checked in with 94wip host angelo cataldi, tough critic, but even he is impressed by wentz. take a listen. >> i can tell that you was as good a debut as i've ever seen by a player, and i'm ready to say that carson wentz area has gun in philadelphia because he
6:37 am
came out and he did everything you could have asked about vet can quarterback. >> had one pre-season game. that's an amazing debut in philadelphia. >> mike tweets: they should be able to contend for the division, wentz is major up great over bradford, but, there will be some growing pains. >> let us know what you think on facebook and twitter could see the common on air, and head coach doug pederson will be calling in at 8:00. a lot of good discussion coming. for now, reporting in old city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", rahel, jim, back to you. >> jan, thank you f wentz can win over the phillies fans. >> exactly. >> well, in other news this morning, the proposed mariner east two pipeline gets attention at tonight's middletown township council, the meeting is at 7:00, plans
6:38 am
call for the pipeline to go through delaware county. the middletown coalition for community safety is concerned about the route which it says goes near schools, parks, residential neighborhoods. supporters say the pipeline which would carry natural gas liquid would create jobs, and help the economy. >> philadelphia police are looking for who ever shot a man and pistol whipped a woman. it happened near 23rd and norris, around 9:00 last night, man was shot twice in his left hand, both he and the woman are now in stage condition. police have not recovered the weapon. and, new this morning, shell casings litter a street in philadelphia's overbrook section. police say someone fired shots around 12:30 this morning on the 6400 block of haverford avenue. don't believe anyone was hurt, but now looking for black ford crown victoria. well, new york city observed the 15th anniversary of 9/11, with two towers of light in the night sky. beams represent the twin towers. the first tribute in light was six months after the terrorist attack.
6:39 am
it is now a yearly tradition. >> well, maybe you saw this, a special hot air balloon flew over chester county to remember the victims of the september 11 attack. the us flagged balloon, america one, took to the skies in uekland township upper uekland township. many in the community came out to see volunteers inflate the balloon along little connestoga road. the balloon 78 feet long, 54 feet high, and more than 70 feet tall. >> as we're flying over houses, people salute, people clap, people cheer. you know, the american flag, whether it flies by, people are proud. i mean, we can all argue. we can be republicans, democrats, and independent, but all have to come together as americans, that's the most important thing, when that happens. >> america one fries all across the country, so be on the look-out for it. >> this morning, we are following breaking news out in burlington county, new jersey. chopper three live over michael's auto body in
6:40 am
cinnaminson where you can see huge fire there. >> now the build something on fire, on the 2500 block of route 73, firefighters tell us that several automobiles are on fire right now inside the building. and again, you can see, firefighters hard at work on this fire in cinnaminson so far fortunately no report of any injuries. of course we'll keep you updated on that throughout the show. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the nfl season opens with 9/11 patriotism and protest, a look at what happened across the nation, and how some celebrities are reacting. >> and it is this morning's health watch. the alarming number of parents who make mistakes when it comes to giving medicine to their children. one of the top reasons why coming up next. >> ♪ >> great weather in store, meisha has the traffic coming
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up february.
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>> water park is gone to the dogs! this is a look at its annual water park, pool pear, get it, bark? well, more than 250 dogs took over the water park yesterday, to celebrate it closing for the summer. pups and their owners. >> proceeds from yesterday's party going to the new jersey spc a and the cape may county animal shelter. >> good day to take a dip. >> well, welcome back, you can see all kind of things in the clouds. >> right. but this, this might and first. it is the philly phanatic, as tweeted hereby the very first philly phanatic, dave raymond. he caught the picture of the amazing cloud. right over the development where he lives. and speaking of the phillies, they play the pirates tonight in south philly, both teams have lost three in a row. now, here's what's one that.
6:45 am
only the phanatic's head. it took me a wheel. >> so look as it as if he's looking toward the sky. >> exactly, see the long nose, beak. >> like interpreting clouds, 6:00 in the morning. >> 101, right. >> it is, but, i totally see it. i love that. yes. and i like how we wrap it up by saying by the way, and they lost the last three, got to twist the knife a little bit sometimes. the eyewitness weather watchers are checking in this morning with some really pretty pictures. this one just came in to us from ed, if you recall, he was with us this past friday, as our in-house weather watcher helping us produce the show, sent this gorgeous picture of the amish farm sunset, must have been from last night. we are certainly in the midst of some really comfortable air now in the wake of a front that crossed through. >> we go to one more here,
6:46 am
this, just before sunrise, coming into us from philly, you can already see lights popping with the horizon, beautiful beginning to the morning for us. in fact, lock at a couple of area lows that came in this morning, all on the cool sidement down in the low 50's this morning, from william in levittown, kyle in hatboro at 51 for the over knit low, phil at 57 early this morning, here is one of the cooler spots in martins creek, definitely remote from philly, john hall sent in only 49 this morning. yes, quite the cool across the board, looks like andy is the warmest of the pack at 60 degrees. meanwhile we have high pressure on our side. because you don't have blanket of cloud cover, because you've got singing air, clouds can dis pushes, high pressure sets us up with basically, the potential for any heat you build up from the day before to just go oops right back up to the atmosphere, we lose that heat, throughout the overnight. just like the blanket on your bed, traps in the body heat you have. keep you from getting cool. we had that very cool start. now see sunshine all day. and with very minimal cloud cover we warm one no problem. high pressure on your side tomorrow, as well, back to the
6:47 am
mid 80s, then cold front passing, comes along specifically wednesday night, may be a shower toward the end of the day, but generally, really just see sunshine, couple of clouds, bigger story how we heat up 90 on wednesday, and also feeling little steamier there, too. then the cold front crosses and we're left with seven day, that is back to believe it or not couple every days below normal. we struggle to hit 08 west the norm on both thursday and friday. it is overall really nice, meisha. >> yes, just going to say, no complaints. even i see 70s, on that right away. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction approaching the blue route watch we are looking at both in the eastbound and westbound side. certainly starting to heat up around the schuylkill, we have been for quite some time. take a look at the sun glare delaware county 95 north a 452, moving in the northbound direction toward the airport, it is looking actually okay in terms of volume levels. it is just you're going to have to skin your eyes, also, accident, northeast extension northbound. take a look at this you guys. past quakertown, all lanes are
6:48 am
blocked right now because of this accident. you will have to use alternate 309 is probably going to be your best bet, in fact, it is going to be your best bet when all lanes are block, we know specially at this time this is really going to slow you down and will slow you down quickly. cinnaminson, before route 90, two lanes are block here, and again, this is really going to slow you down, look at the censor map around the area, you can see, how much red is out there. overall just very busy morning. you certainly want to give yourself extra time, jim, over to you. >> slow going, thank you, meisha. in this morning's health watch, alarming number of parents are giving children the wrong dose of medicine. new study is suggest eight a % of parent are making mistake when giving liquid medicine to children. most are overdose, the dosing cup, linked to more error compared to oral syringes, and usually kitchen spoons can crib to mistakes, as womenment nationwide children hospital
6:49 am
report dramatic rise in soccer related injuries from kids seven to 17. researchers found about 300 children are treated every day in the e.r., they looked at 25 years worth of data and found sprains, strains, and fractures, were the most common injuries, and that the rate of concussions has significantly increased. well, sully lands the top spot at the weekends box office. >> brakes for impact. >> really enjoyed this myself. tom hanks stars, chesley certainly burger, you may remember, sully landed his plane on the hudson river in 2009. after a birth destroyed the plane's engines. all 15 passenger survived. sully earned, >> justin timberlake is bringing sexy back to tv. fans soon catch the 2020
6:50 am
experience world tour on netflix. the streaming service pick up justin timberlake and the tennessee kids by oscar winning director jonathan determine knee las vegas, it was final stop of the two year tour will be on line starting october 12th. >> well, sunday wasn't just a time for football. >> that's right t marked 15 years to the day the september 11 attacks, it was also a day the patriotism. hena danielle live in new york for thus morning. >> reporter: good morning, players, coaches, politicians put on display of red, whitt and blue, there were also signs of racial divide across stadiums during the nfl season opener. >> solidarity and tribute to victims of the september 11 terror attack, seattle seahawks stood and linked arms during the national anthem before their season opener against the miami dolphins. >> we want to honor those
6:51 am
lives lost, 15 years ago, and also honor though who have sacrificed lives. we want to ensure that freedom and the security for all. >> during the same game, for miami dolphins kneeled on the side line with hands on their hearts, as the star spangled banner played. their coach, talk after the game. >> you know, it is their opinion their right. my job is to coach the football team. >> have followed the lead of 49ers colin kaepernick, who have chosen to sit out the national anthem in order to bring attention to racial inequality. on sunday, the kansas city star reported that team cornerback, marcus peters, raise add black glove fist during the song. and before the game, against the arizona cardinals, two new england pea tree at raised their right fists after the anthem was played. one show of patriotism bio del become help and crust could have then paying up.
6:52 am
could face fines by the nfl for wearing unsanctioned footwear as they played in commemorative cleets showing the american flag and tribute to the fdny. >> the nfl could fine those players $6,000 for wearing those patriotic cleat. but police unions have vowed to pay the fine if they are enforced. jim, rahel? >> before you go, how are celebrities react to go these protests? >> reporter: well, rob lowe tweeted to the nfl yesterday saying any player want to boycott the anthem on 9/11 should be asked to remain in the lockerroom until kick off. it is not their moment. while during the seahawks versus golf fins game, kate upton tweeted this is unacceptable, you should be proud to be an american specially on 9/11. but again, on social media they got a lot of support, too, so definitely interesting what some people are saying this morning. >> always a talker, thanks so much, hena. >> we want to get back now to our breaking news in burlington county new jersey,
6:53 am
take a look, live over huge fire at michael's auto body in cinnaminson, if you live in that area, you may be able to see smoke. >> the building is on the 2500 block of route 73, we now know what is fueling the fire. several automobiles are burning inside that building. so far, fortunately, there are no report of any injuries. but this is causing major traffic problems during the morning commute that meisha just mentioned. two northbound lanes of route 73 are blocked, approaching route 90, again, if you are joining us now, looking live at fire at auto body shop along route 73 in cinnaminson. more live pictures will be available on we'll be right back with three to go.
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the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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and here is three to go. >> hillary clinton is cancelling events in california today to get some remembers. her did he revealed she's suffering with pneumonia. here she leaving a 9/11 in new york. >> powerball jackpot winners are announcing the winners go on profit plans for the money today. ticket sold in new hampshire on july 30th. >> and here is good news, dunkin' donuts giving awe pre cup of coffee if you have a dunkin' donuts app. they do it every time the
6:58 am
eagles win. >> that's three to go. now a last check on weather and traffic. >> the weather is absolutely wonderful. monday, let's take all news we can get. look at this shot, so beautiful. tell you what, very cool outside. not cloud out there. look what it is doing to the temperatures out in reading right now, only 54 degrees, pair of four's currently mount pocono. do you have cool start. one of those classic days where you dress in layers, meisha, a sweatshirt in the morning, shorts in the afternoon. >> all right, katie, good news, thank you so much. northbound past quakertown guys, look at this, we do have an accident. an accident northeast extension northbound past quakertown all lanes block, alternate 309. body shop fire in cinnaminson route 73 northbound before route 92, lanes are blocked there. >> thank you, meisha a1 of the greatest 76ers ever, still giving back. the philadelphia community. >> that's rightment the beloved dr. j is in town. julius erving passed a glass to benefit the salvation army. fellow basketball legend and
6:59 am
hall of famer shaquile o'neil, just two of the celebrities celebrating the good cause. >> salvation army has been a life-long friend every mine. so i would like to do something fun, you know, it is an inspiration for young people. >> the gala was part of the second annual july just irving golf classic cents shows off the best if philadelphia and lifestyle, sport, style. >> smithsonian national museum of african-american museum. >> remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
this special broadcast of "cbs this morning" is being brought to you with limited commercial interruptions by target and toyota. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." welcome to the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. we are giving the extended look into the national mall's extended treasure and a century in the making. >> we will show you key moments of history that are on display, including a cabin that held more than a dozen slaves and a lunch counter stool from greensboro sit-ins for civil rights and


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