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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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dryer and cooler air, at the moment our temperatures are all over the place, we have got anything from the 40's to the 50's, and 60's to flirting with 70's at this hour and sun not yet up. we may not, knock another degree off these values here before the sun does rise but you can see how transition is taking over. autopsy cross state border of pennsylvania and upstate new york we are starting to see that contouring on the color map and that tells us that the cooler air is starting to move in. temperature toss move in, we have to do that balancing act once sun comes up it creates the balance we will to have live with here but it looks like a very nice day. the as you send the kids off to school they are just fine, wearing an extra layer probably but not chilly at all. we are in the upper 60's in many locations and topping off at best in the upper 70's, not too much rebound later today but cooler air moves in but we will expect more sun. >> seventy-four at the recess, katie, that is perfect.
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>> yes. >> relief. >> yes, heat stroke. >> thank you so much. >> looking outside boulevard, southbound direction approaching the schuylkill, starting to heat up here but overall we are holding steady on the boulevard. we are looking okay, fairly typical as we crack through 6:00 p.m. hour. this is schuylkill at boulevard, in the east and westbound side what you're looking at and we're looking okay but based on what we saw yesterday it will get busy. ninety-five south at academy pushing in the southbound side. northbound side i don't worry, looking over there. southbound side what i'm looking at. we are holding steady. i-95 we are okay. ben franklin bridge moving in center city, it is holding steady at both levels from the ben franklin bridge we are looking good. we have this accident, new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73. for those just waking up that will happen around 1:00 a.m. right lane still block involving two tractor trailers. six people were transferred to the hospital. the good news no serious injuries in and around this area this will slow you down,
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most certainly, jim, over to you. we're learning more hell information about the presidential candidates as hillary clinton makes her return to campaign trail to take. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live from the cbs-3 sat center with more on the candidates and their health record, jan, good morning. >> good morning. hillary clinton is in north carolina and d.c. today but for past few days her campaign has been trying to reassure voters she's physically fit to serve as presidents and now we're hearing from the candidate's physician. donald trump speaks with his health to a celebrity doctor. >> hillary clinton's doctor wrote that she's healthy and fit to serve as president of the you had. doctor lisa bardack said besides pneumonia clinton's recent physical exam was normal add ago this clinton is in excellent mental condition. information came just hours after dop old trump brought a doctor's letter to the doctor oz show. >> if elect, at age 70, you
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will be oldest person to ever enter the oval office. why do you think you have the stamina for the job. >> just about the same age as ronald reagan and hillary is a year younger. the just based on my life. i don't know if this makes sense i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: questions about clinton's health has given trump a fresh line, seeking in canton, ohio, trump noted pack room was hot. >> do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and to this? >> i don't know. >> bill clinton came to his wife's defense he stepped in for her in nevada as she recovered. >> beats the living daylights out of the driving a stake through the heart of our common future and our common humanity. >> reporter: this comes before hack e-mails were released, in them former secretary of state colin powell had critical word for both candidates. he called clinton a friend i respect in one e-mail, but
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then in another, hrc touches she kind of screws up with hubris. powell labeled trump a national disgrace. neither clinton nor trump has comment budd republican vice-presidential candidate mike pence defended trump in an interview with "eyewitness news". >> we will have a president who will up hold highest standards of integrity in the highest office of the land. that the is my message as i'm traveling across pennsylvania. >> pence tells "eyewitness news" that his health record will be made public before week's even. the clinton's running maim senator tim kaine release aid letter from his congressional doctor describing him as overall excellent health and we are expect to go learn more about trump's health today. he only released a summary when he told doctor oz he takes medication to lower his cholesterol and his blood pressure. we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, we are now just 53 days until voters cast their balance odds on election day, stay with cbs-3 and cbs
6:05 am, our web site for latest coverage of campaign 2016. in other news, house democrats are seeking a justice department investigation of the trump foundation. trump gave a $25,000 donation from the foundation to florida attorney general pam bondy in 2013, as her office was considering an investigation into trump university. her office did not open an official investigation, the new york attorney jennies also looking into the practice of the foundation. administrators are working with authorities today because police say a kindergartener showed up at school with 30 packs of heroin in his lunch box. investigators say the 59 year-old was playing with what looked like a candy wrapper monday morning at international academy trenton charter school. teacher came over for a closer look and realized it was heroin wrapped in waxed paper. police were called right away. >> i'm surprised, i'm very
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numb. >> school leaders release aid statement reading they are following the procedure specified by law and working close with the local authority, looking into this matter. police are searching for two suspects in the robbery of a up are darby pharmacy. investigators say that the suspects, checked out the place, and then came back ten minutes later wearing masks. they stole thousands of pills, but they didn't take the strongest trucks. two pharmacy employees were roughed up in the robbery, they are recovering. police say they think that the suspect may also be responsible for other robberies at other pharmacies nearby. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the our region. >> front page of the bucks county courier times a bensalem man has been charged on leading police on a pursuit in which he crash in the school bus, two other vehicles, two trees, a mailbox and then drove the wrong way on i-95. twenty-six year-old michael
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christoph juneod was a rained in his hospital bed yesterday and faces a slew of charges, related to the car chase. from the trenton paper city councilman wants trenton to hire 30 more officers as part of his plan to combat violence. councilman duncan harrison says that his cousin and nephew were shot in two separate incidents recently and his best friend was shot in 2006. on the front page of the reading eagle uncertain future faces roadside america, the masterpiece of i87 in berks county has lured travelers for decades with you leaky roof has allowed rain in the building damaging wiring for model trains and miniature villages. go fund me has been set up to help pay for roof repairs. >> that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, going to court can be a stressful experience no matter what your reason for being there. >> but court officials hope to make it a little better with a court. delaware county court of common pleas introducing k-9
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therapy team to court waiting rooms. it is called paws for people, the goal, it is to ease anxiety, and fear, especially for kids. the therapy dogs will start out next week in the waiting areas of juvenile delinquency court and other courts. well, coming up, the most crazy video you will see today. >> a giant moon balloon is rolling through streets terrifying drivers. we will tell you where and why. fiery crash after a truck and school bus collide, find out what made it tough for good smart tans to jump in to action, to save the truck driver.) you'll need patients on the road this morning meisha has your time safer traffic next.
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body camera captured effort by police officers and bystanders rescuing a man from the fiery wreck. >> this all happened in winston salem north carolina up investigators say a school bus hit the truck head on and the truck caught fire while the driver was pinned inside. everyone struggled to get the man out before paramedics arrived. the man is recovering at a hospital. there was a fiery scene in port saint lucy, florida when a man says his samsung galaxy note seven exploded. >> take a look, this happened tuesday night, the man says he was charging the phone when it caught fire. he jumped out as car became engulfed in flames. there was one part that didn't burn though a section near
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back window where man said he kept his bible. the phone is, it is samsung galaxy note seven. >> that phonies subject of the voluntary recall. in other news storm known as julia is now a tropical deregulars. >> more than 5 inches of rain fell in the charleston south carolina area. in georgia, massive trees felon power lines and julia brought out surfers during high tide on tidy island. video of the morning maybe, a giant model moon, got loose on the roads of the chinese city just as that super typhoon blew past the province. super typhoon with wind of 140 d to be strongest storm of the the year and it was part of the decorations for china's autumn festival known as the moon festival. fortunately there were no reports of injuries. >> imagine seeing that coming down at you. >> i'm worried for people trying go through but i could never imagine, this is just
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not right. >> what would you do. >> take a picture of it. >> i'm not dying for a picture, get out of the car and run. >> that is a good idea. >> and, i would talk about that storm system and that is really a significant storm, guys, it the is now tropical storm merasi as they call it on that side of the world, typhoon, hurricane, same thing, just different name. this was strongest storm of the year, on planet effort. it had wind speeds up to 18 a miles an hour. that is not gusts but sustain wind with flooding rain. this is just phenomenal to me, over 2 feet of rain, in just one day. unbelievable. the kind of flooding this place will be sustained. talking taiwan, most of the eastern chine, massive damage with 100,000 homes plus, that
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lost their power from this storm. even though it is downgrading, it is still providing just incredible amounts of rainfall right now. it is more quiet on our side of the world. we have a frontal boundary that pushes through. it did leave behind a couple showers. even still look closely you have to rub your eyes to see it but it is out there but regardless dryer, much cooler air is taking over. we will have, so beautiful outside, and cool too. 56 degrees at kutztown area middle school. i love this shot. it is just so, calming. it is just silo in the distance and beautiful view facing east every morning. one of the favorite sunrise shots. it will be a cooler day, every where, mid 70's at the shore, still some nice weather, more breezy at the shore points but with that said we will rebound back in the mid 80's come this weekend and sunday is our next chance for much needed rain, meisha. >> katie, thank you so much and good morning everyone. what we're looking at is live chopper one over an accident
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in new jersey. this happened around 1:00 a.m. involving two tractor trailers, as you can see does not look good. six people transported to the hospital. good news, it is no serious injuries, were involved, in this crash. new jersey turnpike southbound, past route 73, and certainly will start to slow you down right the now trying to squeeze by there but also you'll get gaper delays. a lot to look at. we know people will be slowing down taking a peak what is going on. we have crews out there on foot walking around. just use extra caution. just a heads up on that. new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road, looking pretty busy. still traveling around 55 miles an hour but we know it will be dropping sometime soon with vehicles out there. 422, this is what you are looking at, beautiful sky, take a look, katie just mentioned this, looking serene as it looks a little blue, pink out there, nice thursday morning to wake up to offer all you're looking good. just slowing down in a few
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spots out there. we had some fun in northeast philadelphia. >> yes, we sure did. >> jim and i were keynote speakers for naval command multi cultural special. >> meisha and i said a few word to the audience. terrific example to see great contributions various cultures lend to the philadelphia area naval support group has been doing festival for almost 20 years. >> yes good it was toasty. >> hard to see that we were saying some funny words, you had to their. >> translation in sweden. >> two people that will make you feel lazy. >> what an inspiration, pat. >> indeed, some despise it, others enjoy it, coming up we will tell but two people taking running to the extreme like a week through desert extreme all for a good cause. you have to see this race
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well, welcome back. if you have ever done five or 10k race you are probably say it feels like the greatest accomplishment in the world when you hit the finish line. >> pat gallen is here to introduce to us a couple run hours can tell us about a race you have to see it to believe
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it. patrick? >> good way to put it. only way to describe this race is insane, two princeton area extreme athletes are running with a challenge that few would dare to attempt and it is all for a good >> only self supported foot race in the united states from the north of of the grand canyon in arizona to the grand staircase in utah. >> reporter: race covers 170 miles over seven days. it is so extreme that on day three alone participants will do equivalent of the two marathons in the desert. how does one get in the competition as crazy? it began in africa. >> difficult a race like this
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in madagascar, it was 155 miles and some of the participants had done the grand to grand. and they shared their experience. >> reporter: while climbing mount kill man jar owe susan pick up teammate mark a retired navy seal. they will deal with intense conditions, temperatures will plunge in the 30's at night and hit triple digits in the day and racers will carry everything that they need. >> i have sleeping bag on the outside but you have also your sleeping pad, you have all of your food for seven days, you have your emergency supplies, you have your clothes, only thing they provide you is water. >> you have your lap top, apple tv. >> my ipad. >> we have trained up to 2,000 t on. >> already. >> that is before we even get to the race. we have run with this pack honor version of this pack for almost a year. >> reporter: they let me join them on a short run on kelly
6:22 am
drive. >> my baggies much lighter then your bag. these conditions are nothing like what they will soon encounter. >> it is mental game you play with yourself throughout the whole race. you have to go to your happy place, you have to, focus on something other than pain. >> reporter: greg and sees an will have to be prepared for everything when it comes to the 170-mile trek. but with their race and job experience they should be just fine. the great cause there, the little warriors which provides outdoor adventure to the children, fallen navy seals and navy warfare personnel. if would you like to know more go to navy seal little guys, not only are conditions and course brutal but they will be forced to eat pouterd food, they will burn about 5,000 calories a day. if you want to join them september 25th at grand canyon. >> i would have to go to my happy place first and then sign up. i mean it is something amazing
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watching these extreme athletes. >> it is all mental focus to be able to do that. i'm not doing it. i don't to have worry about it. >> a few more years. >> thanks, patrick. still ahead on "eyewitness news" if you take a daytime nap it could be a warning sign of a dangerous disease. we will explain in the healthwatch. plus beatles mania new documentary takes a look at untold story of the beatles and part of that story includes former channel three anchor larry kane. hear what he says about being part of history, stay with us.
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dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. it is asthma peak week. >> doctors say it is time when levels of the germs and irritants are high, for school age children and asthma sufferers. more than 6 million children and teens suffer with asthma, recent study shows increase necessary pediatric asthma attack and doctor visits happen during september. experts say it is critical that kids use their inhalers at school, when necessary. new allergen in the air called ragweed pollen and that triggers asthma attacks in children. on top of that there is a certain viruses. >> doctors say that it is important that parents have an asthma action plan with the
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school so teachers know the signs and how to react. parents should make sure their children's prescriptions are up to date. daytime naps, of an hour or more could be a warning sign for diabetes. researchers in tokyo found that long daytime naps are associated with a 45 percent increased risk of developing type two diabetes. there was no increased risk for shorter naps. researchers stress their study does not show naps cause diabetes the but instead that naps and diabetes could share a common cause. >> i take short naps so i'm safe. >> i'm not the safe. >> well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we're talking life insurance who need it and who is not. see who interrupted donald trump during a speech and hillary clinton returns to the public eye. we will have the latest from campaign 2016, justin. there is a bitter battle brewing over philadelphia's soda tax.
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i'm justin finch with more on where that battle will be for the most likely in court, newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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(f♪ot steps) (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road)
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♪ well, what a difference a day makes. yesterday, the heat of summer. >> and today hall lou use it feels like fall, katie will let us know how long these cooler temperatures will stick around. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. 6:31 already. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> reporter: hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today. >> hillary clinton's campaign spent last few days trying go to reassure voters she's fit to serve as president. >> donald trump is talking about the state of his health. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> i'm surprised, very numb. >> shocking find in trenton, a
6:32 am
kindergartener goes to school with 30 packs of heroin in his lunch box. controversial soda taxis in the center of the lawsuit. >> although some oppose this tax many support its cause, this taxis set for a january roll out but this case could change that. >> serious now, go. >> my goodness. >> man. >> i'm oprah winfrey. >> allen i've son. >> that is hall of famer allen iverson lose to go stephen colbert in paper ball basketball. >> losing? losing? >> well, we will hear more from the sixers legend coming up in the broadcast, katie. >> i guess he needs to have the actual basketball, and the court to win a game like that.
6:33 am
>> yes. >> exactly. those little touch that he is tend to make a difference, all right. so we have a few things with the weather that are noticeable and courtesy of the passage of the yesterday's cold front which is trying to make a full retreat. transition is actually still happening as we speak, when we start off by looking at storm scan three you will find a couple speckles on the area radar. for the most part this isn't verifying at the ground level. looks can be deceiving, bark worse than the bite. we do still have clouds, but still a gray start to the take here on the cbs-3 sky deck but you see how things are clear in the lehigh valley for example. that is reflected when we look at the temperatures. we are at 68. pretty comfortable at philly international compared to the solid 20-degree drop in mount pocono. so very clear where cooler air has begun to move in. but that transition will be taking place with everyone with time there is only so much that can come from the
6:34 am
day ahead. we are in the upper 60's. we will only rebound about 10 degrees give or take from here. at best we're talking 78 degrees. back in the sunshine, and that will continue to thin out. but later in the show we will talk about the fact that we do warm up from this and we will eventually have wet weather return to the forecast. i'll tell you when to expect it coming up, meisha. >> katie, thank you so much. we have live chopper three over an accident at new jersey turnpike this accident happened at 1:00 a.m. involving two tractor trailers. six people were transported to the hospital, the good news, no serious injuries were reported. new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73, the right lane is compromised so as it passes through headache note, yikes, take a look at this live picture, and you can see how slow moving everybody is traveling by, very good that they are traveling that slow moving by, we have crews out there especially walking around out on foot but as what
6:35 am
we're also driving at is gaper delay. it can slow you down even more. make note in that area new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73. looking at i-95 pushing in the southbound direction that is what we are looking at, brake lights and we are holding steady here not looking too bad. headlights moving in the eastbound direction pass past the curve, jim. beverage companies are still trying to block philly's sugary drink tax. >> new taxis set to start in january. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live on it side a wawa in somerton where some people are mixed on the soda tax, justin? >> reporter: brooke and jim, if all goes the city's way you will pay more for sweet drinks in the city come next year. as you mentioned this new lawsuit does aim to ice that tax but city says it will be fighting back and expects to win. but lets get to you video here, the american beverage association and others filed suit on wednesday, they are over arching complaint is this
6:36 am
so-called soda taxis akin to the double tax a duplicate of an imposed state sales tax on soda and sweetened drinks. suit argues this new city tax will require new permission. back in june city council passed a revised version of the mayor kenney's sweet beverage tax proposal key to his prom toys raise millions for youth, education and city programs. and then by january 2017, the city is set to charge 1.5 sent per ounce tax on sugary drinks sold in philadelphia. which for example add 18 cents to a single 12-ounce cans of sewed a now months before the new tax rolls out, some philadelphians say they are not ready to pay up. >> i think that soda taxis high enough, already as it is, and i believe that they should find another way. >> whole lot of or different ways to get money. i don't know if a soda tax would be, you know, the appropriate thing to do.
6:37 am
i'm definitely all forgetting this done with. >> mayor kenney, getting back here saying in a statement while it is repugnant that the multi billion dollar soda industry will try to take away these educational programs we were not advised by this lawsuit. now, many in the soda industry spent millions fighting this case philadelphia is first u.s. big city to have have a tax on sweet drinks. you can bet others are watching. brooke and jim back inside to you. thanks, justin. in other news this morning hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today. she has events in north carolina and washington d.c. she spent the last three days at home recovering from pneumonia, her campaign release aid letter from her doctors on wednesday, and it describes democratic candidate as healthy and fit to serve. donald trump talked about his health during a taping of the doctor oz show. he said he takes medications to lower his cholesterol and blood pressure, meantime, at an event in flint, michigan, yesterday trump was
6:38 am
interrupted by a pastor while seeking at a black church. >> everything that she touched didn't work out, nothing. now hillary clinton... >> i invited you here to talk about the the water, and not political. >> that is good. >> that is okay. >> for whose, the church had dispensed bottled water, toxic levels of led and water supply. after the speech the pastor complained her reason for the interruption. >> they had land to headache it american they originally said and i said no, we will stick to the original plan. when he asked to make a statement and the statement began to go beyond what he originally said i asked him to stick to what you said, and that is what he stuck too. >> republican nominee is set to deliver another economic policy speech in new york, today. it is national life insurance awareness month whiz can be a dreaded topic to talk about. >> dreaded but of course,
6:39 am
financially important. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is live in new york with some advice, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> jill, who needs life insurance and how much is enough. >> first of all i know you don't want to talk about life insurance, i get it, it is early, but it is so important and it is one of the easiest financial questions to answer. so those whose untimely death would cause a financial hardship for their survivors, or folks who are pretty well so you need to create liquidity, either of those types should buy insurance. you really need to buy enough coverage for survivor's living expenses, to provide for the future retirement needs of your surviving spouse or partner and maybe to fund future educational expenses. as far as how much there used to be a old rule of thumb eight to ten times your annual income but with the use of
6:40 am
technology so simple to determine your specific needs of a calculate or there is one provided by life receipt i ease toy use so i recommend that one. >> there are different types of insurance, right, jill. >> you know what for most people term life will be the most affordable option. way it works during the stated term of the policy, if the insured died the insurance company pays face amount of the policy. level term life insurance locks in for entire period of time you hold the possiblecy. cost reasonable for those in good health up to age 50. after 50 the term does get progressively more expensive. the other kind of insurance is permanent life, it is more expensive then term because the death benefit remains in place for your entire life and there is a savings or investment component. so, here's the deal if you need coverage for estate purposes or for your whole life you need to pay up to
6:41 am
affirmative insurance. to learn more, what could be more fun on a thursday go to jill on >> folks need to check out that web site because i find most people don't know what they are purchasing when it comes to purchasing life insurance. >> that is not good, thanks jill. still ahead a look at latest apple update ios10. see what is new and how to headache your texan mate. she's known for selfies but how much do you think she can take in a day? take a guess, jim, take a guess. >> i don't care. >> okay. >> way to lay the game. whatever you are thinking it is not enough. >> plus more from former sixers allen iverson who stopped by late show with stephen colbert hear what he says about being induct in the hall of fame up
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demand for i phone seven and seven plus is through the roof. t mobile and sprint, say, apple stock is up nearly 10 percent but if you just have. >> people all about apple, presales for iphone seven and seven plus are the biggest in t mobile's his there i. >> the demand around i thephone seven is incredible. >> at sprint presales are up more than 375 percent in the first three days, compared to the time they released the 6s last year. >> both offer row motion toss receive a new seven tree when you trade in an eligible phone and sign a two year contract. if you want to keep your phone or don't have an extra 650 bucks lying around, install new operating system ios10. you can see headlines, calendar, weather, pending amazon order without unlocking
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your phone and speaking of unlocking, no more swiping. just press home screen. messages get a big upgrade, with bouncing text bubbles, animations and more all to make messages more expressive. you can filter through, to search for faces dates and locations. similar to google's photo. may want to wait to down load ios10 until first minor update so you miss a few known bugs but if you need this know, go to settings, general, software update to get the new software. there has been a glitch with the ios10, some phones shut down but apple quickly fixed that glitch. new iphonies out tomorrow. >> you never update first. >> never buy the first new car, you wait until everyone else has a problem. >> yes. >> we learn this over and over every time an update comes out and people still don't listen. reality star kim kardashian west claims she set a new record for taking selfies. this was touring her recent
6:47 am
mexico vacation she snapped 6,000 i like that bathing suit 6,000 selfieness four days. do the math. that is 1500 pictures a day. >> while snapping yourselfe she donned nine different swimsuits because that is what you do and list toned a play list that contained 19 songs to help her get in the right pose. i'm sure you are tying to know play list includes hits from brittany spears, janet jackson and jennifer lopez. i can deal with. brittany spears would i cross on that and i'm not taking 6,000 selfies. >> katie, is what going on outside. >> we were doing math on that, 1500 per day, account if you go she slept for eight hours like you are supposed to get. she's taking a selfie every 38 seconds. >> wow, exactly. >> so meisha would take selfie
6:48 am
s all the time. those are fighting word. >> take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network and see gorgeous shots this morning from the folks out there phil sent this in. you can see clouds. it is darkened as we are's facing, generally south here. but this is taking at 6:15 this morning. we had a couplers here, another just beautiful move shot coming in. john sent this one in still with the clouds out there right before the sun officially rose and then taking out in the olney section of the city. lets go next to the maps, take a look at area temperatures in the low to mid 60's across the game. couple out liars here. we will show them to you. 58 degrees from jason. he has more cloud still out there in middletown. a front is still dropping south. fifty-eight meanwhile, lot will cooler by comparison coming from chuck. welcome back, chuck, we have in seen your reports in a while. great to see more reports from folks, lots of sunshine for him. he again in the sunshine, but cooler just to start the day
6:49 am
off and that is simply because we had a front crossing through. further are north cooler it is but nice and clear, the further are north you go. eventually everybody gets in on that, clear nice for phillies once more. zero seven at first pitch. very comfortable out there at citizens bank park but more sun as day goes on if we are not seeing. that bear with us, a couple hours from now you'll see it. mid 80's saturday and sunday and sun take is when our next shot returns. meisha. >> looking gorgeous, katie, thank you. lets see we have an accident boulevard southbound at broad street and you can see door open letting us know someone is getting out of their car. whenever we have people outside their vehicles you really want to take a heads up. people coming around this car. this can sneak up on you. it is not so dark but i can guarantee this will slow you down boulevard southbound at broad street make note we have april accident people outside on foot and traffic is moving by. we will get gaper delay and
6:50 am
slow down around that air contract. period eye shot take a look at how busy schuylkill at boulevard moving in the east and westbound direction overall, guys we are starting to get busy, jim, over to you. 6:50. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, charlie. >> good morning, brooke and jim. doctor karen takes a close look at health reports on hillary clinton and donald trump. we will visit the security firm investigating the dnc hack. we have asked this question is what being done to protect america from a similar cyber attack. this is how wife of the late apple founder steve jobs is helping reimagine the future of education. also this, an inside look at beach boys lead singer mike love revealed the band's struggles. the news is back in the morning. see new ten minutes. >> thanks, charlie we will be watching. well in, germantown hundreds of young people living on the streets find a
6:51 am
safe place at covenant house on east armac street. >> they get foot shelter and support they need but something once missing at covenant house. as "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean report some local businesses brought over some brotherly love. >> yeah. >> reporter: red ribbon hashing milestone at covenant house. >> this is a room that feels warm. >> reporter: here's what the cafeteria and kitchen looked like before, not really a warm, welcoming place for 500 homeless young people who come through their doors every year, now it is a cozy place they wanted. local businesses banning together to renovate the space. covenant house executive trek or john dukoff says it is transformational. >> we will see staff sitting and talking, there will be jokes, laughters. >> reporter: kitchen has new plainses, renovation was sponsored by brown super stores which brought several local businesses, together on
6:52 am
the project. >> it is about coming together to help organizations like covenant house. >> reporter: now they are having food with the soul for every meal. if you have a story for brot arely love go to cbs i'm jessica dean, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". from the rise to the fame to the toll it took beatles are in a movie spotlight once again. >> "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington reports a new documentary is set to be released and it includes a very familiar face to our area >> ♪ beatles are back and now thanks to ron howard a whole new generation will get to experience what they were all about. >> i got chills. >> reporter: former channel three and philadelphia veterans news anchor larry kane is a major part of the project. >> the actual scenes of them performing on stage proves once and for all they were the greatest live entertainment live band ever.
6:53 am
>> reporter: kaine was chosen by group's manager to be there during touring years in his early 20's a reporter out of my am any 1964/65. guess what. >> i didn't want to go. i said we have war in vietnam, we have racial revolution, this america, the president had just been killed, the ford house tank was being introduced. >> reporter: he ultimately changed his mind. larry introduced himself to john paul, george and ringo and this film takes you behind the scenes in so many amazing ways including interviews with the fab four from back in the day and now from the two surviving beatles. larry interviewed beatles not only about music but turbulent times that were 1960's. kaine experienced a few light moments especially while talking to john lenon. >> who by the way called me a nerd from the 1950's. he said what planet are you from. >> ♪ >> beatles took the planet by storm and in this documentary it gives the viewer a great
6:54 am
experience how they dit and how it all came to an end. >> what they did was show why they were tired. they entertained every where they could. >> reporter: it caught up with them this various ways. film goers can expect fascinating new material and research that reveals audio and video never seen or heard before. truly a project for everyone especially for those who were not there but larry kane had a ticket to ride despite a warning there his father. >> world war one, tough guy and he said larry, i'm telling you, watch your back these guys are amen ace from society and that is how most of the adult felt. >> a feeling that quickly change and rest as they say is musical history. the beatles eight days a week touring years opened up tomorrow, i'll see you tonight i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> history indeed. sixers legend on late night tv. >> newly minted basketball hall of famer allen iverson
6:55 am
sat down with stephen colbert last night. iverson came from backstage with the basketball in hand to perform his famous cross over move on colbert. they discussed many top innings emotional hall of fame induction ceremony. >> it was special to get that feeling. i remember being up on the podium and felt like my legs were shaking, i felt like i was going to faint i said please don't let me faint you know what i mean. >> two played a game of paper ball basketball. iverson six to seer. >> wow. >> whatever. >> don't forget thursday night football is tonight right here on cbs-3, tune into see jets take on the bills, kick off at 8:25. we will be right
6:57 am
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well, cbs this morning is next. >> join us early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 at 4:30. don't forget thursday night football, right here on cbs-3, this is a live take of new era field in buffalo. >> bills take on the jets. coverage begins at 8:00. have a great the day everyone.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump statistically tied. both candidates released new information about their health histories. children visit the dentist and leave with a potentially life-threatening infection. this morning, doctors fear hundreds could be at risk. and the wife of late apple found steve jobs takes us inside owner mission to reimagine education. how a meeting with gang leaders helped one principal revolutionize her school. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> in this


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