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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live from police headquarters with the exclusive details, trang. >> reporter: police say officer was responding to an office's cyst call when this accident happened, but from there the police account and family's account of what happened are vastly different. >> love spending time with his three kids. >> reporter: now those three children will grow up without their father. on september 3rd curtis hopped on his motor psyched toll make a quick trip to the store. he never made it back home. >> my family is just broken. our hearts are broken. he is just gone. >> reporter: surveillance video captured intersection at chelten avenue and wistar street shows the collision of the motorcycle and philadelphia police suv with lights and sirens on. accident investigation is ongoing but police spokeswoman says officer had green light something attorney dahntay mills hoist representing the family strongly disputes. >> in the video it is clear that after the impact occurs,
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after the officer's vehicle struck the motorcycle the light then turns red for curtis. so he had right of way, no question about it. >> no one has talked to me about my brother. no one from the police department at all. >> reporter: ivory worrel, his only sibling is left to raise his three children. >> i want his kids to know that he loved them and that we are going to do everything to make sure that their future is bright. >> reporter: she wants to make sure that the police department takes responsibility for her brother's death. >> is what right is right and is what wrong is wrong. it doesn't matter whether you are wearing blue or whether you are dressed as a civilian, we're all one community and we live by one standard. >> reporter: the officer remains on full duty in the 14th district. meanwhile his funeral is scheduled for this saturday. for now we are live from police headquarters i'm trang
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do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> trang, thank you. police suv is involved in the crash in philadelphia's mayfair section. this happened at frankford and cheltenham avenues. officers from the 15th district were responding to a call when they collided with a gray toyota rav4. both officers in that suv were taken to the hospital and they are expect to be okay. two people in the toyota were also taken to the hospital, with minor injuries. today we have learn jurors in the eric frein trial will be selected from chester county in march. frein is accused of killing pennsylvania state police corporal brian dickson during an ambush in the poconos in 2014. frein then led authorities on a 48 day manhunt before he was ultimately captured. his trial will take place in milford pike county. atlantic city police officer wounded in the line of duty is heading to rehab. doctors released officer john, from atlantic care regional medical center today. less than two weeks ago he suffered a gunshot wound to the head when police say he and his partner interrupted an
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armed robbery. the team of doctors who performed emergency surgery on vadell says the survival is remarkable. >> it is, i mean gunshot wound to the head are generally don't have a good outcome. >> it will take sometime but we're very optimistic he will make a full recovery. >> his partner shot and killed one of the alleged robbery suspects. two others have been since charged with attempted murder. police have made a sixth arrest in the shoot-out on atlantic city expressway last month. this is suspect 25 year-old wilbur, of pleasantville. police locate aid black pickup truck believed to be involved in the shooting and blood inside that truck is a dna match for demostein. he has been treated just after the expressway shooting. he is being held on $250,000 bail. tonight new developments following last month's fbi raids across philadelphia. an official targeted by agents has stepped down from his powerful position. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has details.
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>> reporter: good evening, doctor jim boylen's resignation from the zoning board came out of the blue and it also comes three weeks after fpi agents swept through his home and medical office. in a nutshell mayor told us earlier today that he stepped aside to avoidancing reporters questions. when federal agents swarmed the offices, residents and city hall last month, this south philadelphia home and rick i can office were also targeted. doctor james moylen owns both. >> six detectives and they looked pretty serious. >> reporter: activity caused a stir and caught a lot of attention. >> boxes and boxes of files. it seems like, i guess it seemed like they were taking everything out of the house. >> reporter: jim moylen a friend of the ibew union leader john dougherty was chairman of the cities zoning board of adjustment. moylen abruptly resigned yesterday from the board. we caught up with mayor jim kenney yesterday, he appointed moylen. >> he was good for zoning board and city and he stepped
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aside while this played out. >> reporter: did you ask him to stay on. >> he made the decision. he made that decision. we had a conversation about it. >> reporter: we tried to talk to doctor moylen but he was not commenting. meanwhile mayor kenney says he supported moylen's decision and in essence we were told he didn't feel like dealing with the news camera. >> as long as there is tv news and reporters they are going to continue to ask the same question about something he cannot talk about and don't know about it would distract from the process. >> reporter: once again doctor moylen declined to answer our questions, as far as a replacement on the zoning board the mayor has yet to name one. outside city hall, i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". man at the top of the philadelphia's powerful electricians union is also under the microscope in the fbi investigation. tonight, after the game, johnny doc opens up only on "eyewitness news". >> they have a job to do. i have hired some of the best and brightest over the years. a few additions the to the
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team for this specific case. we will let the government and the smart lawyers and accountants that i have get together and try to figure it out. when i tell you we are transparent, everything and anything that we do is public information. that is why so many people converse about it. >> reporter: in this exclusive one on one in depth interview johnny dock doesn't just speak to me about the federal probe but he talks about johnny dock the man and speaks passionately about the importance of family. >> my father worked for the city. never made $32,000 in his whole life. my mom never worked until it came down to send me to the prep. >> st. joes prep. see my fill exclusive interview with johnny dock tonight on the "eyewitness news" right after thursday night football. authorities in two new jersey counties are asking for the public's help in finding a man connect to three bank robberies. police say yesterday morning the suspect robbed two banks in camden county. they say he entered banks, pulled out a gun and demanded money. it got an unknown amount of
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money and ran away. authorities say same suspect is wanted in connection with last week's bank robbery in gloucester township. anyone with any information is urged to reach out to police. firearms industry are looking for those responsible for stealing firearms from an area gun store. authorities say that a series of burglaries at locks philadelphia gun exchange over the past few weeks led to the theft of 17 firearms including 12 handguns there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. philadelphia based lobbies at forefront of the fight to find vaccine for zika virus. the pharmaceutical company has teamed up with philadelphia's wistar institute to create a zika vaccine. it was created in this lab and being tested on 40 people, some here in philadelphia. >> they don't always do this so sort of the same thing we are rehearsing immune system so when they do encounter real pathogen they would be prepared. >> early results seem promising, these black dots
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show samples of t cells which grew in vaccinated patients. same cells that would fight a true zika infection. still to come on "eyewitness news" du pont makes its largest investment in the delaware valley outside of delaware. our alexandria hoff takes a look inside the brand new ne shores du pont pediatric facility in south jersey, kate. today was 14 degrees cooler then yesterday, humidity dropped quite a bit, and it feels like fall out there, full week before the season officially starts. coming up we will tell you when clouds moved in, and then some rain could impact your weekend we will wait and make any weekend plans, until you hear this forecast coming up, done ton. protecting carson wentz not the from a brian side blitz, but from glitz and glamour what doug pederson is doing to help his young quarterback after a week of headlines later in sports.
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well, a fire broke out at a recycling center in montgomery county earlier today. >> just before noon chopper three was over smokey scene of the trash fire at a recycling center. no injuries or structures were damaged, in that fire. fire has been since placed under control. one person is in the hospital after an suv flips over in cherry hill. chopper three over route 38 westbound near mall drive-in haddonfield road right here near the cherry hill mall, you can see damaged vehicle on the roof there. no word yet on the condition of the victim. today, nemores du pont pediatrics opened a brand new 65,000 square food building in deptford, new jersey. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was there for the grand opening. >> reporter: it the is du pont's largest investment in the delaware valley outside of delaware, and now nemores du pont pediatric has opened up its doors in deptford. >> we can reach children of
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south injuries any their own community. >> reporter: forty-five million-dollar project provides 65,000 square feet of pediatric outpatient care, and poised to treat about 500 non-trauma patients a day. >> so we have the multitude of clinical practices, from cardiology, pulmonology, allergy, neurology, behavioral health, developmental medicine. >> reporter: facility is equipped to perform kid friendly x-rays, mri's, concussion therapy, ultrasound and outpatient surgery. check this out, they also i have fully functioning rehabilitative therapeutic gym designed for growing individual. oh, and they also have an adjustable depth therapy pool, only one of the kind in new jersey. >> we have brought all these services in one area and we have done tonight a thoughtful way with family, and these advisory. >> reporter: construction began in april and kid help with the design both inside and out and it seems to have
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earned the kiss of approval. there deptford township, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a big celebration at the criminal justice center to day. >> philadelphia common pleas court held its seventh annual mental health gola collection therapy to day. court recognized 38 individual for achieving milestones in the reentry program. the court identified the defendants with mental health issues and works to get them help instead of sending them to jail. all right. kate joins us now. what a great day to day, a little pinch of fall in the air. >> this is one of my favorite kind of days. >> me too. >> i love it. >> low humidity. warm days. >> tells you what is coming. >> hopefully we won't go from hot to cold. >> thank you. >> that sometimes happens where it has been a hot september so far. sometimes you get just 80's and 90's into late september and 50's and 60's. the lets hope we have more 70's where today came from. what a beautiful day. nice crisp start to the
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morning. tonight will be even cooler, then last night. last night was a transition night for us, when front was coming through, temperatures began to drop last night but really tonight that you will feel a chill in the air, possibly even too chilly for some to leave window opened while they sleep. leave windows crack on a night like tonight but north and western suburbs could drop in the mid 40's in a few spots tonight. the center city looking beautiful. it will be a gorgeous sunset, predict ago this so make sure you get a chance to get outside and take a look about those high clouds that you will see forming over the sit think evening. when sunsets it start to reflect off those we will see amazing colors out there tonight. storm scan three shows not much going on, just clouds drift nothing here this afternoon, after just a clear, blue, deep blue sky, earlier, as we zoom out you can see where cloud air long that front that came through yesterday, mainly off to the south. that front swept in that cool canadian air and keeping moisture from what has, now become once again tropical storm julia off to the south,
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downgraded to a depression has restrengthened as of 5:00 p.m. update into a tropical storm this system here over northern plains is next one to watch as we head into sunday, or monday with the chance for a stray shower or thunderstorm. right now 77 degrees in philadelphia, feels amazing, only 69 in dover. sixty-nine in atlantic city, just 64 in mount pocono, feeling like a fall afternoon outside and only going to get cooler tonight. lets look at future weather because you can see sunny skies tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., heading in to saturday when front approaches from the west. if you are sitting in philadelphia watching temple penn state game saturday afternoon you'll sit in the sunny living room watching the game play out and probably a cloudy, showery state college. that is how front is moving in. it will stay way from frustrates saturday but as we head into sunday clouds increase and there could be scattered showers at anytime. one point it looks like mostly late sunday but now we cannot rule out a shower anytime during the day sunday and
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humidity will increase as well, dew points in the low to mid 40's, tomorrow pretty close that. dew points around 50. still feeling amazing tomorrow. as we head in the weekend dew points rise. sunday feels steamy, cloudy day, couple pop up showers anytime a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. any shower could produce localized heavy rainfall which we do need. the not a total wash out sunday but we need rain. that is good news. monday starts to clear out. here's latest on jewel, yeah tropical storm once again, wind sustain at 40 miles an hour moving east at 8 miles an hour and watch how this goes no where. when your cone of concern is shaped like a circle you know you can have some problems, this is just going to sit, spin downgraded to a depression. heavier rain will stay off short which is great news. overnight we are dropping down in the the 50's. tomorrow is a a beautiful day. seventy-nine. that is right on target for this time of the year. seventy-nine is our average high. it will be a beautiful day for
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your friday. nice down the shore as well as at 74. just 07 in the poconos after starting out the morning in the lower 40's. mountains, saturday just a little more humid still a nice day. sunday we could see pop up showers. someone on twitter asked me which days should i golf? saturday is your day for golf. >> sunday you'll be dodging showers but then next week fall begins thursday and it looks beautiful. >> done ton, call me. >> ukee golfs until it is like 30 degrees. >> the weather means nothing with ukee and golf. >> let's play. >> speaking of playing lets talk about this guy entire nfl is watching carson's every move how doug pederson is protecting wentz from the bright lights. flyers are taking their shots on the baseball field, those stories coming up next
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we are closer to eagles in action again. >> yeah, we have an update on two critical eagles, not named carson wentz. >> there we go. >> how about that. >> it vice critical. >> fingers crossed at novacare complex starting tightened zach ertz and mckelvin both missing practice with injuries. so far they have not been ruled out, for monday night's match up with chicago bears. meanwhile, the carson craze
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continues. since sunday wentz has number one selling jersey in the nfl this week barack obama dropped his name while stumping for hillary. one chicago bear was quoted assaying dude has a cannon. today doug pederson talk about sheltering wentz from the all of the hype. >> this is where i can step in, help him, protect him, keep him out of that and keep him focused. as long as i stay in the building, we will be okay. listen, i necessity is there outside influences, and, you know, the more success he has on the football field all that off the field stuff will take care of itself. so last few days he has handled it well. >> true indeed. >> in two hours thursday night football returns to cbs-3. jets travel to upstate new york, to buff lose, in particular to take on the bills. kick off at 8:25. now have after the game catch my one on one with eagles all world tackle fletcher cox. we will talk about his 100 million-dollar contract, the art of the photo bomb, and the
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offense. creepy. everyone is on the wentz wagon and so phillies have been an afterthought. bird don't play until monday so get a chance check out phillies and rookie roman quinn. he had six hits in the last three games and making a great first impression. phillies/pirates at 7:05. highlights at 11:00. and, orange and black, hosting their training camp at skate zone in voorhees on the 23rd. it will be interesting to see their training schedule because prospects have a chance to actually headache the team out of camp. as for here and now wayne simmonds winning the teams batting practice competition. >> i just want to be with my teammates a lot of them, a couple of them were talking, brayden schenn said he will win. so i have to prove him wrong. >> all about those bragging rights man. >> good to see those guys. >> thanks, don. >> right around the corner. >> "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley has a look
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ahead, scott the? >> hi ukee and jessica, great to be here in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight. new cbs news poll in the presidential race in a tie. most americans think those either candidate is a risk. was a marine recruit hazed to death because he was muslim. and it hasn't happened since 1908, could this possibly be the year of the cubs. we will have those stories just ahead, on the "cbs evening giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who
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threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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a construction is complete, on philadelphia's new museum. >> history bufs gathered at museum of the american revolution at third and chestnut in olde city today and they celebrated official opening of the museum's outdoor plaza, and dedicated the building to jerry and margaret lenfest. philanthropist financial support made that museum possible. it will open to the public, april 19th. well, tonight after the game it is taste with tori. >> vittoria woodill has a solute to the new football season. if you need something different for your next game
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day beverage meet local guys who are pouring themselves in the craft spirits. check out the brews between these two buddies, where you can buy a bottle tonight after nfl football. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 after thursday night football. >> up next, "cbs evening news", tonight a u.s. marine recruit was dead was a hazing incident based on the recruit's religion to blame. david martin has important story. an ducked woman's 911 call leads police to the kidnapper and remains of two missing women. anna werner has this incredible story. scott pelley is next with the "cbs evening news". take care family we will see you after the game.
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>> pelley: she's back. ♪ i feel good >> pelley: hillary clinton returns to the trail as the race tightens to a tie. also tonight, the death of a muslim recruit. the the marines call it sued. the family's lawyer thinks he knows why. >> all evidence that have been provided so far indicate that his religion may have had a major role. >> pelley: a desperate call to 911 from the home of an alleged killer. >> pelley: and the wrigley field of dreams transplanted. >> see how my grass is doing today. >> reporter: am i supposed


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