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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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an explosion in new york city, injuries dozens of people and now police are investigating a second suspicious device they have found not far from the blast. also ahead the latest on shooting rampage in west philadelphia that left an innocent would hand dead and five others wounded, including two police officers, what we though about the suspect. one night later another close call for police new this morning how two other officers came under fire overnight. it is sun take september 18th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. the lots of news to get to this morning but first lets check weather. justin drabick joining us now. i had a chance get the out yesterday and it was beautiful. >> nice day. we will bring back some clouds and some rain on the way but good news it looks like rain
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will hold off until later today. that is a good thing. the it is weekend. people have outdoor lance. >> we have time to get out. >> but you we need rain and we will get it. that is a good thing. the later tonight, tomorrow we are talking about that chance before steadier rain which is great across the delaware valley. until then waking up, muggy this morning. that will increase throughout the morning hours in the afternoon. it will feel like middle of summer with high humidity levels and temperatures running well above average. the in the city right now partly cloudy skies. right now no problems as far as any precipitation. 70 degrees currently. south breeze at 7 miles an hour that will pump in that humidity. all across the region temperatures mid 60's in the the coolest spot to the lower 07's. seventy-one in allentown and reading. quakertown one of the coolest numbers here. sixty-two in mount holly. big jump in the dew point temperatures. the yesterday they were in the 40's and 50's indicating a dry air mass. now we are starting to feel that typical humid conditions dew points in the mid 60's, 07
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in millville. indicating more tropical air mass. couple of light showers, early this morning up in the poconos, but now that is where we will see the best chance for showers throughout the day-to-day but it is later on this afternoon into tonight, that is when we will see rain chances increasing for everyone's cross the delaware valley and potentially, maybe steadier rain overnight into monday morning. we will break it down, again, this afternoon through monday, we will have that threat for scatter showers and a few thunderstorms best chance overnight in, to early tomorrow morning, and there could be heavy rain possible. anywhere there a half inch to maybe up to 1 inch of rain before this system is out of here on monday. today's high warm 86 degrees. shore stay dries at 82. we will talk about warm temperatures continuing in the seven day when we check out that full forecast in a few minutes. new york city police have found a another cooker blocks away from the chelsea neighborhood. the explosion which happened late last night injured more than two dozen people, one with serious injuries.
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kenneth craig brings us up to date on the investigation. >> reporter: bomb sniffing dogs, searched for evidence, after an explosion, rocked the heart of the new york city saturday night. witnesses say the blast was so powerful, it shook buildings, and sent people running for cover. >> i heard boom. i thought it might be fire works but it was just so loud and it just went through my whole body. >> reporter: witnesses say the blast ripped this dumpster to shreds, resident live in the area posted pictures of shatter glass from their buildings on instagram. blood soaked napkins littered the ground. >> then we saw a guy who got injured he was bleeding. >> reporter: where from. >> his head. >> reporter: several streets remain shut down as investigators searched for more explosive devices. mayor of the new york tried to calm fears of terrorism but said it was an intentional act. >> there is no evidence at the this point of a terror connection to this instant tenth. >> reporter: the explosion comes less than a week after the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
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kenneth craig, cbs news, new york city. hours before that explosion, in manhattan a pipe bomb exploded in a trash can along the route of the marine charity race in sea side park ocean county this morning fbi has taken over the investigation. the explosion blew a pole and its plastic trash can, just as 5,000 runners in the charity race were due to pass around 9:30 yesterday morning. thankfully a heavy turnout for the race slowed registration and delayed the start. the race benefits marines and sailors. no runners were on the course at the time of the blast and no one was hurt but you so far this morning no word on any suspects. new this morning police are investigating a shooting that happened right outside a nightclub in the cities port richmond neighborhood. police say three people were robbed, and shot, outside of the castor club. it happened after 3:00 a.m. in the the 3,000 block of castor avenue. investigators tell us one man was shot in the head and is now in critical condition. two women were shot.
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they are in stable condition. philadelphia police say for a second night in a row officers were shot at. this shooting happened in south philadelphia. police tell us two officers were on patrol along south street just around midnight when they saw two men smoking what appeared to be marijuana. the officer's approached and they went running. while chasing the men one shot at officers. >> it is a miracle that the police were able to arrest these two suspects without firing, discharging their weapons. >> police say both men in their 20's have been arrested, officers also recovered the gun. and we now know identity of the gunman who went on a shooting rampage friday night in west philadelphia killing one woman and injuring five others including two police officers. police say 25 year-old nicholas glenn ambushed the police officers and then led police on a chase shooting several people on the way before being fatally shot by
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officers. "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live at penn presbyterian medical center where those injured are being treated. you were there yesterday morning. you're back this morning. what can you tell us object their conditions. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. we know that one man is still in critical condition while those two police officers shot the are in stable condition and they are expect to recover here at penn presbyterian but this was an incredible violent rampage. police say these officers and civilians are lucky to be alive, police say nicholas glenn fired at least 51 shots across four crime scenes. now all this started around 11:30 friday night at 52nd and sansom street where glenn fired into a patrol car that started sylvia young was sitting in. she's a 19 year veteran of the philadelphia police department. glenn fired at her close range at least 18 times and also shot her service weapon which kiss able it. police say that she may not have been able to return fire.
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some rounds suffered in the the left arm but a bullet-proof vest ended up saving her life. during this rampage glenn shot in the bar injuring two people. he also shot into a random car one of those passengers later died at penn presbyterian. police shot and killed glenn between sansom and walnut street. first to ebb gauge was eddie miller a penn police officer also recovering from gunshot wound at this time but police say thinks far from glenn's first brush with the law. >> again, we do not know why. we have no indication that he has ties to anyone or he has been radicalized or anything like that but we know that he carried out one of the most violent acts that we have seen in philadelphia. >> reporter: back out here live police also found a note on glenn titled doomed people which detail his hatred with police. authorities say they found three magazines with up to 15 live round, on his body,
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again, one person, along with the gunman, were killed in this shooting rampage and they say that glenn has a hatred for police. live from penn presbyterian anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we want to dig deeper in to the gun man nicholas glenn. as "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden tells us investigators say he was no stranger to police. >> stay behind, cover. >> reporter: nicholas glenn a known west philadelphia drug deal's cord go to his family dislike law enforcement. thinks audio from philadelphia police radio revealing moment just before midnight when alleged glenn was hunting down officers and others with his 9-. >> he was just quiet, cool, didn't bother nobody. >> reporter: family of nicholas glenn the first sign something was wrong was when a reporter showed up at their door in the 2200 block of west venango. glenn's cousin d id i ask that
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we not show her face. does he have hate for police. >> no, no. >> reporter: he was involved in. >> he was in the streets, you know. >> reporter: heroin. >> i don't know what he sold but i know he was in the street. >> reporter: obviously he was helping. >> he was hell benton hurting peeping. >> reporter: commissioner ross told reporters that glenn that had issues with police and his probation officer. details, were contained in the rambling note found at the crime scene. >> envelope was titled doomed and he was referring to anybody in his path. >> reporter: police say glenn has a lengthy criminal history. he was accused in 2009 of a vicious gang rape, charges were later dropped according to a court documents. take cover. >> reporter: police officials say it is miracle officers rains killed an attack on police and people that nicholas glenn's family doesn't believe he could be responsible for. >> i don't believe this could be him. >> reporter: glenn's family could in the point to anything specific that may have set him
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off. they did tell me they tried to have him committed for a mental healthy valuation, but police apparently told them for that, to have happened, he would have to hurt himself or somebody else. in west philadelphia, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so much more to come. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, on the deadly rampage in west philadelphia we will bring you new updates on tv and on line at cbs stabbing attack at a mall in minnesota leaves eight people hurt. man who cared out knife attack was dressed in a private security uniform and made a reference to allah. this happened at a mall in saint cloud, minnesota 07 miles northwest of minneapolis. the incident ended when an off-duty officer shot and killed a suspect. >> there is an awful day, honestly, for, you know, we've got eight victims that were assaulted here in our mall and so, guess what, starting
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tomorrow things won't be the same here. >> all of the victims are said to have non-life threatening injuries, police say suspect asked one person during the course of the attack whether they were muslim. the eagles are preparing for monday night's big game but some members of the team are thinking about more than just football. coming up next more on the bird planning a game day protest. also a head police investigating a deadly bus crash, what may have caused this accident, coming up. and an amazing story of planes slamming in the home but everyone survives the crash, but first here's justin. good morning everyone. it has been a dry stretch but we are tracking needed rain returning to the forecast. we will let you know when it arrives and moves out coming
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deadly charter bus crash is under investigation this morning. four people were killed and more than 40 others were injured when the bus struck an overpass near rockingham. bus was carrying college football layers from the academy in south carolina investigators say crash may have been caused by a blown front tire. a fiery plane crash in gilbert, arizona after it slammed in the home there. a pilot and all four sky divorce survived the crash. fire officials say everyone was able to escape before the aircraft hit a house and fortunately both people inside the home, also escaped injury. >> the homeowners were inside the house, and they, they did not receive any injuries or anything at all, so, that is
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amazing in itself for it just to hit one house, you know, that is also pretty incredible. >> incredible indeed. police say pilot was transferred to a hospital for burns. you know, justin it is one of those things that some, me, and we want but need tracking some rain. >> yeah, you don't want it on the weekend all the time but the good news is majority of the rain will hold off until overnight tonight into tomorrow. making it tough to get back in the swing of things when we deal with some rain but we do need it. we are down almost 5 inches of rainy cut my grass the other day it was like a big included of dust. i felt lying pig pen, walking all around with dust all over him. let's time it the out. maybe poconos where we find a couple light showers but rain comes in later on today. center city just waking up to patchy cloud. we will see some sunshine this morning even in the afternoon. that will quickly warm things up. humidity levels on the rise.
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feels more like middle of summer. summer finishing off strong. we have a stretch of 80's in the forecast. like i said in need have of rain. look at that, we are down four and three quarter inches here for philadelphia normal is just over 30. we're not going to break this deficit but hey maybe we can get an inch of rain out of this next system. that would help things out with the grass very dry, water levels running low so we will take anything that we cap get. reason is a cold front to our west, very slow moving, not a whole lot of steady rain, scattered showers in the poconos right now in most of those showers should hold off around philadelphia until later this afternoon into tonight. phillies game in good shape. heading to the shore we should stay try, throughout the entire day along new jersey coast and delaware shoreline. we have showers moving in north carolina that is what is left of julia. that moisture may get tracked up along that cold front which enhances or rain. we could see heavier rain tomorrow morning. that is partially from julia.
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that is a good thing. good timing with that front and that left over tropical system. warm though 60's to 07 degrees across the region. it stays warm and muggy throughout the entire north east and mid-atlantic. we will sit in this warm, humid air mass for next few days. dew points running high. yesterday felt good. dew points's in the 50's. now in the upper 60's to near 70. that is steamy to oppressive. it stays like that for 48 hours until this front can pass on through. so, hey, it is september, some people are awaiting those cooler days. i feel you there good beach day. partly sunny skies. 82 degrees. ocean still warm. tomorrow better chance for cloud and some showers around. throughout the entire day along the coast, upper 70's. we will clear out gannon tuesday we will keep it in the upper 70's but overall we will be lock into this warm pattern. lets take you through time through 2:00 this afternoon not much activity as far as future forecast model showing with the rain. maybe up toward poconos, the scattered showers, not raining all day long.
6:18 am
most of the rain still well to our west, even into the evening hours and then pockets of steadier rain and thunderstorms coming in overnight into early monday morning. this disrupts the morning commute, especially around philadelphia right along i-95 look at that band of heavy rain setting up and threat for some showers will link inner to early monday afternoon. how much rain? half inch, maybe up to an inch in some spots if you get under one of the heavier downpours or thunderstorms possibly maybe over an inch, inch and a quarter, good thing there. temperatures mid 80's with sunshine around more cloud to the north, keeping temperatures down, 70's to near 80. and then tonight it stays warm and muggy 60's and 70's. tomorrow noticeably cooler because of the clouds and showers buzz it will still be humid outside. it feels like summer. today partly sunny skies, watch out for scattered shower late this afternoon, best chance will be tonight for a little bit more widespread showers, warm, muggy 72 degrees. here's the extended forecast, still in the 80's all the way
6:19 am
through the next seven days as we kick off officially the fall season on thursday morning, look at that even mid 80's on tuesday and lots of sunshine all the way, into next week even, rahel, back to you. thanks, justin. the eagles are preparing for tomorrow night's showdown with the chicago bears. several players plan on some type of statement during the national anthem at solder field. this has been happening since colin kaepernick renews todd stand during the anthem because of what says are social injustices in america. malcolm jenkins supports kaepernick's viewpoint but he and several players decided they have not decided what they will do eagles coach doug pederson says he respects their right to protest but does not want it to affect the team. >> malcolm and i have talk about this and, you know, it is going to happen regardless of what i decide or say and i respect the players decision on it and the biggest thing i just don't want it to be a distraction to the rest of the team. >> it is a fine line to walk,
6:20 am
talking about a team at months fear, but at the same time... unaudible. >> pederson says the team wants to lock arms in the solidarity he is all for it. penn state university honors joe paterno and 50th anniversary of his first game as head coach. members of the paterno's 1966 team participated in a coin toss before the game with temple. it has been five years since paterno was fired by university trustees for his lack of response in the jerry san tuesday can i child sex abuse scandal. leslie van arsdal will have highlights coming up in sports. road to the white house is bringing hillary clinton back to philadelphia tomorrow she will campaign at temple university, seeking support from millennial voters. the last night democratic presidential nominee addressed the congressional black caucus. >> it is not about golf course
6:21 am
promotions or birth certificates, it comes down to who will fight for the forgotten, who will invest in our children and who will really have your back in the white house. >> meantime republican nominee donald trump address remembrance project in houston, advocates for tougher immigration laws. >> politicians ignore your cries, for help but i never will. not one more american life should be given up in the name of open boarders. >> trump pledged to the families of americans killed by illegal immigrants he would shine a national spotlight on the issue. there are now 50 days until america elects a new president, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage on line at cbs president obama also addressed the congressional black caucus foundation gala and he jokingly a trusted the
6:22 am
birther controversy. >> i'm so relieved that the whole birther thing is i mean isil, north korea, port, climate change, in of those things weighed on my mind like the validity of my birth certificate n other breaking news the world is round, but not flat. >> the president, however did seem very serious when he urged democrats to register voters. he would take it as a personal insult if the african-american community failed to turnout for this years presidential election. still ahead, philly's own g love. >> ♪ >> just like george thoroughgood. >> ♪ >> we will bring some blues tonight to the handn.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i like to watch the cbs morning show when i'm back in philadelphia, yeah. >> ♪ >> yeah. that is philly's own g love giving "eyewitness news" a shout out. artist made a bid more than two decades ago but never forget his philadelphia roots. "eyewitness news" reporter pat
6:26 am
gallen talked to the musician on his latest return from home. >> reporter: last weekend one of the cities musical sons came home to play the mann center. >> one of the most chill guys around is guy that shows a lot have love for philly and philly sports. knows a thing or two about how special this town can be when sports teams are going well. that is g love. g love whose real name is garrett dutton grew up at second and pine and has been none for his last blues sound with hip-hop. when he does return home he comes hungry. >> now that i don't live in fill a get a craving for cheese stake. when you live here, you know. >> reporter: where ever he goes g love brings philly with him. he said it sound corny but a certain movie does sum up our city quite well. >> the movie rocky i really feel does embody the spirit of philadelphia, as the under dog town, it is a working man's town, it is a hard working town, it has a nitty-gritty feel to it and that goes from
6:27 am
the sports to the people on the streets. >> reporter: speaking of philadelphia sports g love is a diehard fan, tour busies complete with direct tv so he does not the miss action on the road. he remembers the good times including going to the spectrum with his dad to see the sixers. >> i was stoke because we would get to go to the sixers/bullets games whiz no one wanted to ever go to but i loved to see bullets play like the washington bullets who no longer exist play. >> reporter: and of course he loved his birds and badly wants a championship. >> it is carson sent city. we love hope in philadelphia just something to believe in because we all bleed green. as everybody knows, it is long overdue. >> reporter: path gallon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we are following latest on two officers shot in west philadelphia this weekend, a
6:28 am
live report on their condition and what we know about the suspect. we will also have the latest on the explosion in new york city that i left dozens of people injured, we will also have this. an explosion along the course of the marine charity race is being investigated by terrorist task force, i'm brooks silva-braga in see sigh side park new jersey, with details coming up. back to school means back to germs, allergens and asthma. what you need to know to keep your kid healthy. much needed rain is on the way. we will tell you when
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. thanks for spending part offer your sunday with us. lets get to justin drabick outside on the cbs-3 skies deck with eyewitness weather. the bad news is there is rain in the forecast. >> yes. >> good news is we're clear for first part of the day. >> it is not a bad finish. the best chance to see showers would be in the poconos but here around the city, it is probably late afternoon most likely towards evening hours and key word here will be scattered. if you are heading out later today just have that umbrella just in case. more muggy. feeling like little bit of summer. we have low clouds. we should break out in sunshine this morning and that will wrappedly warm temperatures up. big change compared to this time yesterday. we are 20720 degrees warmer.
6:32 am
that is a sign of the warmer air mass moving in and bringing in some humidity. seventy-one in allentown and airport in philadelphia. sixty-nine wilmington. seventy-two the atlantic city airport. we're clear west of the city but some cloud will roll in and further north and west we will go northerly high valley and poconos spotty showers this morning. partly cloudy skies, like i said, it is later on today and into monday morning, best chance to see some showers maybe a few thunderstorms and there could be heavy rain because left over moisture from what is left of julia may get trapped along this front. we could get half inch to 1 inch of rain is possible before this system is out of here by monday afternoon this morning, mainly dry, some sunshine, muggy 60's and 07's this afternoon. we will start inducing the chances for scattered shower or storm, chances increase later on toward the day. we are up to 86 degrees for the afternoon high. it should stay dry. not a bad beach day at 82. better chance for showers
6:33 am
around in the poconos with highs in the mid 70's. you if you like it warm you'll like the seven day forecast. still feeling like summer as we head in the fall season. we will talk bit the in a few minutes. rahel, back to you. >> looking beautiful behind you. turning now to new york where police there have found a pressure cooker just blocks away from the blast in the city's chelsea neighborhood. we know that more than two dozen people were hurt, one seriously and the explosion happened around 8:30 last night, in or near a dumpster. witnesses say the blast was so powerful, it shook buildings and sent people running for cover. >> i heard boom. i thought it might be fire works but it was just so loud and it just went through my whole body. >> i said my god i got injured and it kept bleeding. >> where was he bleeding from. >> his head. >> and police are still searching the area looking for evidence in the explosion.. >> it is always wise tore wait until you have information
6:34 am
before making decisions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened. >> a lot of answers, to be found, the explosion in manhattan of course happened on the same day as a explosion in the trash can along the route of the marine charity race in ocean county, new jersey. investigators don't believe there is a connection but as brooks silva-braga reports the fbi is on the case. >> reporter: the explosion blew a hole in this plastic trash can, just as runners in the sem per fi charity race were due to pass. >> i yelled to my neighbor and said what was that. >> reporter: heavy turnout for the race benefiting marines and sailors slowed registration, and delayed the start, no runners were on the course and no one was hurt. >> that was actually a very good thing because had it not been delayed, we would have been running by where the explosion was. >> reporter: law enforcement official says three small pipes were tethered together
6:35 am
all had explosives but only had one that went off. new jersey congressman tom mcarthur was briefed to the investigation. >> weights clearly intended to go off at a certain hour so there was definitely intent to hurt people. >> reporter: we know that because of the timer. >> i don't want to get in the details only because i don't want to get ahead of the fbi and compromise what they are doing. >> reporter: residents were escorted back to their homes just after 6:00 in the evening. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home we now know identity of the gunman who went on a shooting rampage friday night in west philadelphia, killing one woman and injuring five others, including two police officers. police say 25 year-old nicholas glenn ambushed a police officer and then led police on the chase shooting several people along the way before being fatally shot by officers. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is back live at penn presbyterian medical center where those injured are being treated, good morning, what ills the latest.
6:36 am
>> reporter: good morning, rahel, this was a incredibly violent rampage where police say gunman fired at least 51 times across four crime scenes, but police say those who survived are lucky to be alive this morning. we know that one man is still in critical condition here at penn presbyterian medical center while the two police officers shot are in stable condition and expected to recover. now all of this started around 11:30 friday night at 52nd and sansom street where nicholas glenn fired in the the patrol car that philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young, 46 was sitting in. she is a 19 year veteran of the force. glenn fired at close range at least 18 times and actually shot her service weapon twice which disable it. she took hits to the left arm but police say a bullet-proof vest ended up saving her life. during this rampage glenn shot in the bar injuring two people and then later in the random car. one of the passengers later died here at penn presbyterian.
6:37 am
police shot and killed glenn between sansom and walnut street. the first to engage him was eddie miller a university of pennsylvania police officers who is also recovering from gunshot wound at this time. before starting with penn police two years ago miller was a sergeant in the philadelphia police department. commissioner ross commended officers for their bravery. >> this was a horrific night, police did an absolutely fantastic job. the restraint that they used during the foot pursuit down sansom street is nothing short of just miraculous. this guy is firing at everybody. >> reporter: authorities say they have found three magazines, and up to 15 live round on glenn's body. they say they also found a letter titled doomed that details his hatred of police officers. the within person killed in this shooting, gunman also dead. at this time one man remains in critical condition while
6:38 am
those two police officers shot are in stable condition and expect to recover. live from penn presbyterian, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a candle light vigil in memory of the eight year-old camden girl as search for her killer continues. family and friend gathered to remember gabriel carter. carter was shot near her home on south eighth street august 24th, on friday, police announced the arrest of the woman accused of providing a false alibi for a person of interest, and there is a $76,000 reward for information leading to carter's killer. on the cbs-3 healthwatch more than 6 million children and teens suffered from asthma in the u.s. doctors say the time of the level of germs and irritants are high for school kids and as health reporter stephanie tall tells us family sees lacks about medication. >> reporter: josephine menendez isville length when controlling her daughter valerie's asthma making sure she always has her inhaler. the four year-old need a nebulizer treatment before school to keep her asthma in
6:39 am
check. >> literally 24 hours around the clock i'm monitoring it. >> reporter: for josephine and many parents september is a in of anxiety with kid back in the classroom, a recent study showed increases in pediatric asthma attacks and doctors visits during this month. >> is there a new allergen in the air called ragweed pollen and that triggers a lot of asthma attacks in children. on top of that there is a certain virus. >> reporter: doctors say it is important that parents look forewarning signs and symptoms and make sure that kids use inhalers, when necessary. >> typical systems of an an asthma attack are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain. >> reporter: it is important had parents have an asthma action plan so that teachers know the signs and how to react. asthma flare-ups can mean many missed school days for kid, something that this mommies trying to avoid. >> he says mommy, my inhaler. mommy, i need my medicine. >> reporter: philadelphia has one of the highest rates of childhood asthma in the country.
6:40 am
doctors say the biggest problem is often with parents, not keeping up with their medications and treatments, which allows the asthma in their children get especially bad. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come this morning do you have a plan for your pets after you pass away but it can become disable. not things you want to think about but we have options you might want to consider before it is too late. and rain this weekend with some of the heavier rain moving in our area we will be right
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those are sacrifices?
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happening to take, the rocking roll half marathon. race starts in an hour. course begins and end at eakins oval. we will have live music long the 13.1 route, followed by a concert. proceeds go to the american cancer research. families had fun at 2016 eat yep yan day celebration. live music and excitement was part of the forty-fourth chestnut in west philadelphia there was lots of good food, that, i can personally attest to and as you can see there i had pleasure of speaking and honored with a a award. very good events. there is my mom, ashley, on the left, she has the flag face painted on their cheeks there. my mom's friend meme.
6:44 am
that was yesterday. my family also attended, here's a photo that we will show you. oh, actually such a cute girl. wearing traditional ethiopian clothing and the priest of the and really cute girl. and there, there is my mom again she's on the left side of the screen, my brother, who is hard to believe looking at that picture is 13 years old. he is in eighth grade, but quite a guy. he is on the right side of the screen. it is a fun event. the justin, i've got to say the weather was beautiful. i was out there a couple hours. great. >> very nice september weather. >> very cool to hang out with mom and brother. >> good stuff. >> thank you, justin. >> weather was great, but today goes downhill but not terrible. we will talk about rain coming back in the forecast but mainly later this afternoon and certainly tonight into tomorrow morning. if you have out door plans, don't cancel them, it is late in the afternoon just have an umbrella around just in case.
6:45 am
sixty-eight in kutztown right now. live look from kutztown area middle school. light breeze out of the west at two. we have cloud, north and west of the city but we should see sunshine around especially during the morning hours. but we need the rain. it will get here. it has been a dry september, last day we had measurable rain was, september 1st, where we had that just shy of a half an inch of rainfall and that is our total for the month. here's the reason we will get the rain. cold front. very slow moving. still to the west. you can see broken showers along the front in the mainly poconos right now this batch of rain should move out through the morning hours and then we're in the break and more rain to the south. we have a little bit of moisture coming in from what is left of tropical storm julia. that will track northward along that front enhancing rain chances specially tomorrow morning. it is warm and humid ahead of the front. mid 60's in mount pocono. seventy-one in allentown and philadelphia shore temperatures, nice little south breeze, right now, ocean still comfortable, mid 70's, that is where our air temperatures are, it is not a bad beach day at all. we should have sunshine around
6:46 am
in the morning. it looks like rain hold off for the shore until later on tonight. it is humid. still feeling like the middle of summer, not mid-september, so it feels steamy today, and tomorrow, the humidity starts to back off on tuesday and then it drops, drastically on wednesday where it starts to feel pleasant again. it should stay like that through the end of the week into the fall season. poconos forecast, again, we will have scattered showers, thunderstorm around, mid 70's. tomorrow best chance of the showers will be in the morning. we should see a few peaks of sunshine by the afternoon. low 70's. tuesday is a thighs day in the mountains, it is warm. 81 degrees in the the sunshine. looking at the tropics, again, in the heart of the season right now. the here's is what left of the julia. tropical depression. still off the southeast coast and it will stay there over the next several days, and drifting off to the north and, and, karl. the fear cast is a hurricane over the next five days bye staying out in the opened waters of the atlantic no threat to the mainland. over the next five to seven days.
6:47 am
keep an eye on that system. back home again we have a front moving from the west remnants of julia. julia tries to move further north. front comes together. we will get the a couple showers developing especially later tonight. possibly steady rain along the trent early tomorrow morning. not good timing for the commute. notice julia. pretty close to that front. that front tries to push julia back out, again, this is a remnant storm but enough moisture to bring in rain which is gay thing. overall pattern, stays warm, if you like it warm you'll like this forecast. jet stream still well to the north this time of the year we will see the jet coming further south. it is not happening just yet. we're stuck, with temperatures at or above average for the next several days. fall arrives officially on hearst but still feeling like summer. some signs of cool air over the north east on saturday. the don't know how far south that will get, temperatures probably still hanging up around lower 80's by the weekend. so fall officially arrives, thursday, on the 22nd at 10:21 in the morning. our temperatures should be in the mid 70's. they are above that. eighty-six today. scattered shower or storm late
6:48 am
this afternoon. better chance for the widespread showers, overnight tonight, and, warm, muggy 72 degrees. the here's that extended forecast. once we get through monday we're back to sunny skies but it is warm. mid 80's for temperatures for the middle of the week and then by next weekend still hanging on to the lower 80's with sun and crowds. so warm forecast. rahel, that is the trend through the end of the month even into october. >> interesting. >> lots of games today too. >> okay. >> you have no choice. >> justin thanks. 6:48. lets check on those roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there ann. >> hello rahel, good morning. this is ben franklin parkway, looks busy, doesn't it? not with traffic but for preparations for rock and rel role half marathon that will take place in an hour at 7:30. ben franklin parkway is shut down between 16th street and art museum circumstancal long with martin luther king drive and kelly drive, in the area. the falls bridge also is shut down between martin luther king drive and kelly drive. that is very ratees from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann
6:49 am
evans now rahel, back to you. ann, thank you. you treat them like a member of the family but have you have ever considered what will happen tour pets if you cannot take care of them any longer? as jim donovan explains there is something called the pet trust that could help you protect your fury family members. >> reporter: thinks mischief his owner set up a trust fund before he died to ensure his five cats stayed together in his house. but home alone, their health started to fail, so trustees enlisted the help of a cat rescue group looking for one person to adopt all of the cats. >> it the is going to be vetting these people and then go to their homes, routinely to make sure that the cats are being treated just how we want them to be treated. >> reporter: the but a pet trust is not for every pet owner. >> we use a pet trust if you had a larger group of animals or a particular very valuable animal that will live a long time. >> reporter: there are other ways to make sure your animal is cared for if you die first or disable. >> if you sit down and sit
6:50 am
down and think about if i don't show up tonight, where and who should come take care of this animal and get talk to that person and provide them with the access. >> reporter: using an attorney to put this in your willis one option or there are do it yourself estate planning forms. another option humane society. they are friend forever program promises to care for your pet and find them a new home if you make a donation through your will. at very least make sure someone you want to care for your pets is aware of that and agrees they will step in, peace of mind in permanent care for your pets. the hood main society's friends forever program varies by state. animal groups say it is a good idea to carry a pet leather card in your wallet indicate hog to call if something happens to you. they suggest having a pet care list, posted in your home that provides information like your pet's habits, food preferences, vet information, and medical care. reporting for three on your side,
6:51 am
6:52 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
6:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. eagles will have a walk through this morning before leaving for chicago. tighten zach ertz and mccalvin will in the play monday night. the bird have a displaced rib bone, mccalvin has a hamstring sprain. this is first game of carson wentz as starter playing in solder field is not easy because of the wind and crowd noise. bird plan to use a silent count to help beat the noise, but carson's first time using it. >> it is expect to be a loud environment. we expect it to be an exciting environment. we will work on some silent snap count and different things and it will be monday
6:54 am
night football. everybody will be hyped, ready to go. so we will focus in and we will be ready. >> it has been a great work out, we work it from the shotgun and under center as well. sometimes it goodies to work it at home, home stadiums when your crowd is loud. >> and yes, bird play tomorrow night but we will get you ready for the game this morning on toyota sunday kick off. join don bell, merrill reese, pat gallen and me today at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. now to college football last year temple shocked penn state at a sold out lincoln financial field for their first win against tonight thely lions in 74 years. yesterday rematch at beaver stadium. owls, have not won there in 73 years. temple trailing by ten. owls with the punt, and off penn state player, both teams go for loose ball. temple recovers it on the 1 yard line. three plays later we have the hand off to jihad thomas. owls trailing by a field goal. penn state will get the ball
6:55 am
back, but barkley with the ball, by the big hole up the middle. nice cut. and he is able to out run temple defense 55-yard to the house and penn state with the the ten-point lead late in the game, owls down a score, philip walker's pass intercepted by john read, that is your ballgame, penn state the beats temple 34-27. >> i thought our defense played well, you know, really played well and we have to stop turning the ball over on offense. it puts our defense in a tough spot but i thought our defense played well. overall we found a way on grind it out against a good football team and something to build on, to go into next week. on the main line villanova wildcats started conference play against towson and game and big game for nova quarterback, 20 for 26, three scores, including that 21-yard strike to phillips, giving nova a 27-point lead. cats defense tough late in the
6:56 am
game, rob roll with the pick in the end zone, rob got some blockers and he rolled, 100-yard for the score. villanova won the conference opener 40-21. phillies will go for sweep this afternoon against the marlins. andrew cashnor on the mound for phillies. last night phillies had 11 hits to help jeremy hellickson win his 12th game of the season. phillies took control in the first inning no score, odubel herrera in the line drive, caesar hernandez motors home from first, and it is one to nothing. still in the first miguel franco with the line drive in the left field corner, herrera scores easily on the play. phillies with a two run lead. later bases loaded for aj ellis, he clears them with another line drive-in to the left field corner, tommy joseph, miguel franco and freddie galvis scores. plenty of run support for jeremy hellickson. he through a three hit complete game shut out. they win eight to nothing. union start paying game road trip in portland.
6:57 am
union in the playoff hunt, jim curtain's team down one to nothing, on the attack, chris pontius, shot from 20-yard out, find back of the net. that will tie up the game, six minutes later, portland responds, fernando adid with the pass. to beat andre blake. the defending chapel beat union two-one. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we have more coming up at 7:00. nypd tries to pinpoint hoist responsible for explosion that injuries dozens of people in manhattan and who planted a second device. a law maker promises to help wills eye hospital in a bureaucratic fight why he says it is a personal fight for him. and, something we have not seen in a while, rain, justin drabick's eyewitness weather forecast coming up this sunday morning in two
6:58 am
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explosion rocks a neighborhood in new york city dozens have been hurt and police are investigating a second device not far from the blast. new information on the friday night rampage in west philadelphia that left an innocent woman dead and five people wounded, including two police officers. what we now know about the suspect. it is a miracle that


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