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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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lounge on friday evening, when gunfire erupted down the block. at the time he had no idea that suspected gunman nicholas glenn shot 18 times into philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young's police cruiser or that he and a collogue would be next. >> it was fast. i got hit. then i was in the hospital. >> reporter: he wases shot twice in the leg and thigh and co-worker was struck in the ankle. five days later both are out of the hospital. washington credits the muscle in his legs for his swift recovery. >> i'm this is doing as bad as others think i should be doing. >> reporter: his real pain now comes from thinking of where the suspect began firing shots after he left the lounge. >> and then that young lady didn't think that, you know, sitting secure inside a car that she was, unsafe. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old sarah was sitting in a car with a male friend forty-ninth and sansom both were shot, she passed away later that evening. irony that is washington typically feared for his wife when it comes to gun violence
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lying sergeant young she is a philadelphia police officer. >> i would not be scared for her, you know, just being out on the street, as she does so when it happen on the other foot, she feels the same way. >> reporter: police that suspect nicholas glenn left a rambling incoherent note on the scene that night, explaining his disdain for police. reporting live from west philadelphia, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. developing right now two police officers were injured in the physical altercation with a man in vineland cumberland county. chopper three over the 700 block of south valley avenue. police say they were called to the home to check on the man's welfare around 2:00 this afternoon. when they got there this situation turned violent. man was eventually subdued but two officers were hospitalized with injuries. no word yet on their conditions. the fbi is asking for public's help to find two men in connection with the new york and new jersey bombings. they are shown on surveillance video apparently removing an
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unexploded pressure cooker from a piece of luggage just a few blocks from where the other bomb detonated saturday. men are eyewitnesses, not suspects. authorities say that they took the suit suitcase investigators wanted back for evidence. suspect ahmad rahami is facing at least ten federal charges in the case. scott pelley and "cbs evening news" will have much more on this story coming up at 6:30 right here after our broadcast. authorities in delaware county are trying to get to the bottom of the snake scare, a home owner found an 8-foot snake sprawled out on the family's driveway in springfield township. how it got there, remains a mystery. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live, with more on this disturbing find, joe. >> reporter: jessica, spring valley road is a busy one there are lots of children out here lots of traffic along this roadway and then throw in an 8-foot snake and things yesterday came to a stand still. all new video just obtained by
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cbs-3 shows waning moments of the freedom for one large springfield township snake. >> right here. >> reporter: twenty-four hours ago beth sparks and her children were in the spot sizing up that 8-foot cobra that dropped by their front yard. >> i saw it slittering, i said yep, that is a big one. >> reporter: experts say snake is a false water cobra indigenous to south america. it is capable of inflicting a nasty non-lethal bite on humans. snake on the front lawn and sparks family kept their distance. these young ladies at springfield high soccer team were on their bus returning from the game, when their driver slowed down to avoid hitting the slittering snake. >> everybody got up on the bus and looked out window and it was crossing the street. >> reporter: snake was crossing street. >> reporter: molly rod an called dave fitzpatrick who blankled snakes for a living. >> i knew to call him right away, he would know what to do with it. >> he told us what to do. got a trash can. got the snake in the trash
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can. he did see the hood. he you this it was a form of a cobra. >> reporter: we have learned that the snake syringe field township police called sneaky belongs to an out of town neighbor. in pennsylvania it is not illegal to have a snake like this for a pet. >> once we knew it was probably a pet, not may have it to here, because now i know that i don't have to go out and see a cobra in springfield. >> because of the case of the sneaky syringe field snake has been solved, police say it is back with the owner, and tonight no word how it got loose. live from springfield township delaware county, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. first witnesses took stand in the civil trial to determine if anyone should be held financially liable, for the market street building collapse in 2013. former salvation army store worker felicia hill testified that she joked with co-workers about all of the noise coming
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from the demolition next door. the next day an unsupported wall came crashing down on the store. six people died, three others were hurt. contractor griffin campbell and equipment operator sean benschop are serving involuntary manslaughter convictions for the collapse. today is the international day of peace and an event organize by the u.n. "eyewitness news" was at city hall where some gathered to mark the occasion. those taking part emphasized philadelphia as a welcoming city, and stressed the importance of having open arms to all cultures and communities. >> ♪ for the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> it kick off a naturalization ceremony aboard historic battleship new jersey today, big j, 44 people from 26 countries took oath of allegiance to be the nation's new citizens, for some it was a long journey. >> i came here, and did my
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service, and it has been 17 years now so finally, yes. >> i already was a citizen by heart but now i'm officially a citizen of this country. >> reporter: after a special shown i am of the newly that arized citizens told "eyewitness news" their next stop was to register to vote. well, teenager from wayne is breaking in the music industry with a new cd and upcoming concert. on the healthwatch tonight how hughes i can has help her battle depression and bullying. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with her inspiring story. >> reporter: she is, depression and bullying are serious problems for millions of teenagers. experts say it is widespread and something that many are often reluctant to talk about. but one montgomery county teenager says music saved her and she's hoping that it can help others too. >> ♪ >> reporter: it is all about
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teenage troubles. written by 18 year-old liz forbes, from her debut cd chronic. >> ♪ >> i hope that it brings a, distraction that i needed, that i was just looking for. >> reporter: her life was filled with agony, fever, seizure in second grade started a series of medical problems including chronic pain. >> there are times where entire body feels like it is on fire. >> reporter: then mental hardship of being bull mid school. >> i guess i was just easy to pick on, abe i had a lot of depression, anxiety at a very young age. >> reporter: livei said high school was a disaster there were therapist and her parents tried to help but she was lost. >> it got so bad you thought about killing yourself. >> yes, oh, high god, yes, all the time. all have of those years of just having this tree hen us pain and agony, and having to
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deal with these kids that were so mean. it to a number. >> ♪ >> reporter: then she found music, and songs like gangster's paradise how did you find music and how dit free you. >> it was a distraction, because it would drawn out the self deprecating thoughts i would have and the terrible things that people would say to me. >> reporter: now with her voice coach, ready to perform at world cafe live hoping her music will not only be heard but help other trouble teens. >> the fact that i can make people happy with my music is so fulfilling and it is so rewarding. >> ♪ >> reporter: big smile on her face there. live's message to other teens struggling, emotionally is to reach out for help and be patient, she says life can change and it height just take sometime. she will be at the that
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concert at world cafe live on september 29th. >> wow, what a voice she has, my goodness. >> so many levels. >> amazing. >> thanks, stephanie. four legged competition in camden county. >> still to come see some of the best dogs from around north america but their skills are put to the test, kate. it is another warm day outside, system, moving to the south bringing just a couple clouds to the region but once this next front moves through it will cool down considerably as we head in the weekend. i'll tell you how cool it will feel as we head toward that eagles game on sunday, don. carson wentz is defying all odds but is his luck about to run out against pittsburgh steelers. don't miss disturbing stat that he faces coming up later in sports.
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ing ago above and beyond the call of duty, 66 philadelphia police officers were honored for doing just that. "eyewitness news" at merit commendation ceremony at fop headquarters in the northeast. officials say these officers made outstanding arrests on
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the job, and 16 civilian police personnel were also recognized, including a 911 dispatch shore helped victims during the amtrak train derailment. >> the first calls and at the time i took the phone call i didn't understand what i was dealing with, it wasn't until later when i saw on the news, i was like my goodness this is what i was just involved in. from the first call to the even result, everybody had a major role, in what had happened. >> reporter: officials say civilian police personnel had demonstrated outstanding professionalism and special initiatives in their assignment: thank you. dozens of north america's best police dogs descended on camden county for a unique competition. >> photo journalist alan wheeler takes to us gloucester township for an up close look. >> group. >> so many k-9 teams coming from across the united states, coming here gloucester township to show how important k-9 and their teams are super
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smart. it business apprehending dangerous chemicals and locating lost people. >> stay, stay. >> this is high first dog a belgium dog. everybody here can pet him. he will let you pet him. he will love you. he doesn't care. if he came to work he will do it the same way as if you were beating him. >> heel. >> their sense of shell is incredibly better than others. that is what they offer that is nose. >> i got mine help i was six months old. been competing for a few years now. he has done pretty well. >> up, up, up. >> at home he is very good and at work, you know, he separates the two very well. >> he ace narcotics dog and patrol dog. he does all of the tracking, he does biting, criminal
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apprehension, he is a good dog. we will see how we to. this is his first time at the national level. >> is there competition, everybody wants to be a top dog. you get a trophy but also get bragging rights. >> up, heel. >> imagine you just came out thumb one in the country. if you are in court for a reason my doggies topo lease dog in the country, there is no question. >> wow. >> you may recall seeing him on the schuylkill river about a month ago, it is back, brighter than ever. duck weed return in the usual harmless and beneficial fashion. it serves as a shelter for final mosquito eating insects and thrives in stagnant water. another benefit is its built to act as a sponge and clean out that waterway. i notice that had duck weed back, driving down, we're back to green again, all right. and a lot of people were outside today. little warm, little bit above average.
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10 degrees above but still nice day. >> yes you cannot compare this to the heat that we have felt, so far this summer. we have had many days in the 90's. forty-five days in the 90's. you know, hid 80's now still above average but it is getting better. as we head in the weekend it will start dealing more like fall. looking outside shows cool cloud formation we are seeing this system just sitting, spinning off coast of virginia and north carolina bringing us a few cloud in the region, more sunshine then yesterday, and clouds are pretty cool looking as they stretch across the sky there. cool shot from the go row cam mounted from the cbs broadcast center. storm scan three does show that system off shore, you can see showers even if you were to stand on the beach down the shore or delaware beaches and look out over water you may see rain shadows in the distance in the atlantic but seeing more breaks in the cloud cover then we did yesterday, and focus of the wet weather is still well off to the south, down around southern virginia and northern north carolina this system gets pushed out as our next
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cold front moves through and that will be the front responsible for significant drop in temperatures as we head in the weekend and drop in humidity as well. temperatures right now still warm. we will drop off daytime highs a bit 80 degrees in philadelphia. eighty in wilmington. seventy-nine in reading. seventy-nine in allentown. the down the shore is cooler thanks to the increased cloud cover we are at 77 in atlantic city and 75 in wildwood. timing out future weather, you can see this system will stay in place through tomorrow, and it will not bring any wet weather but notice in southern cape may county, sussex county delaware you may see some cloud. mostly seeing mostly sunny day, dry day as well. next front here it is friday morning it will slip through here friday afternoon but coming through generally unnotice just a breeze and that goes south of here. so saturday lots of sun and cool breeze, moving in as that cooler air from eastern canada starts to drop south. friday we are still warm but on borrowed time that trent you can see bunching of the
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thickness lines. that drops southward saturday into sunday when cool air settles in. then possibly warming up briefly next week with this ridge in the jet stream before another cool pattern could try to take over later next week. from summer to fall is what we're feeling with temperatures well above average again today, tomorrow friday is when it peaks with temperatures 10 degrees above average and saturday our transition day back to normal. sunday and machine we're below average with highs barely in the low 70's and overnight lows saturday night and then again sunday night in some spots, into the 40's. overnight partly cloudy, warm at 65 degrees. your thursday mostly sunny, warm start to fall, fall begins tomorrow at 10:21 a.m. check the time. you can watch that transition happening, not really feel it at 85 degrees. friday 86. saturday traps situations to cooler weather, partly to mostly sunny and breezy at 77. sunday we will feel great and notice those overnight lows in the city, mid 50's, that means many of our suburbs will see overnight lows saturday night
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and sunday night in the upper 40's, you will want that jacket heading outside tailgating for eagles game. out early, bring your coffee, hot chocolate, big pot of chile, it is really nice. >> yes, it is. >> yes. >> there you go. >> all right. don bell has sports. >> we're talking about the eagles, protect yourself before you wreck yourself, trying to get carson wentz to avoid big hits on the football field. that and more coming up next in sports.
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tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, the areas in our area rely, on the power of observation and it realize, on can vittoria woodill and her team get out in time. see for yourself, at 11:00. >> pretty scary. >> did you see that. >> yes. >> that was creepy. >> that caught me there for a second there. >> speaking of scary, he cannot take anymore hits, man. >> no, are you ready for stats from earlier. >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> now wait. >> i'm ready. >> here's stat of the week, since 2004 pittsburgh steelers
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are 19-two against rookie quarterbacks. that sound like bad news for carson wentz, but so far, as you know, he is not your average rookie. eagles looking to improve to three-zero sunday when they host steelers on cbs-3. after two games wentz has no turnovers but however, the defense, they like to throw curve balls. studying this week will be key. >> they like to mix it up, keep your eye on the guard a little bit, and they will bring pressure looks fromtive rent areas, so biggest thing is we have to watch film, we have to study them, really game planning them and detail what they will do. we will have a good plan for them. while wentz has been good for a rookie one thing he has not done well is protect himself. 6-foot five, 240 pounder has taken hits, many could have been avoided had he slid. doug pederson is trying to coach him up. >> don't need extra yard right here. it is okay to throw the ball away. okay to step out of the bound
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or slide. just keep showing him over and over and over again because not only his longevity but for the team as well. you want to make sure that your quarterback especially your starting quarterback is guy protecting himself the most. >> yes, you have to stay upright to you help the team. here's line up on cbs-3 at 11:30 a.m. we will get you ready for game with toyota sunday kick off and at noon nfl today and followed by broncos at bengals, and then 4:25, steelers, eagles live from the link. we will wrap up action shortly after midnight, that is right after midnight on the hyundai sports zone. phillies rookie roman quinn was called up and appears to be a threat, to take odubel herrera's job in center feel. in the long after that herrera started to hit. he is sai 15 for 28 over his last seven games, we will see if he can stay hot as phillies host white socks this less than an hour. earlier today several phillies out in the community in celebration of the roberto clemente day, freddie galvis,
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miguel franco and caesar hernandez all made a special trip to the mckinley elementary school in north philadelphia. guys answering questions, students, and sharing stories of how, they made it to the big league. >> good stuff. >> never forget it. >> that is great. >> thanks, buddy. we will be ric3c3
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temple university hosted a music festival in honor of the john coal train. students and music tans walked in front of the bell tower as musicians performed his great music. coal train would have been 90 years old this friday. he lived in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood on 33rd street from 1952 to 1958. john coltrain. >> pretty good. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight police officers in one city take ative rent approach to community outreach, jericka duncan shows you what cab happen when citizens and police trade places, scott pelley is next from new york, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: racial tensions explode. a night of violence in charlotte after police fatally shoot a black man. there are conflicting accounts of what happened. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with handgun. >> he had no gun. >> pelley: also tonight, the f.b.i. is asking your help locating these two men, wanted as witnesses in the new york and new jersey bombings. congress grills a drug company c.e.o. over the skyrocketing costs of life-saving epipens. and cops and kids change places to promote understanding and peace.


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