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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 22, 2016 11:50pm-12:53am EDT

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police say a 19 year old man was taken to bailee hospital for a leg p hospital. the other victim, a 44 year old man was flown to pen presbyterian. speak no word on their conditions. those roads have since reopened. the latest sexual allegations against anthony weiner. a girl says he has sent her explicit messages. he resigned. an investigation involving the pit jolie divorce still to come on eyewitness. the reason the fbi could get involved. and 500 million reasons yahoo users have cause for concern. a data breach that could be put prognosis your information at risk. i was palpitations. i didn't know what they were. we don't blame her if her heart was pounding.
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this new jersey lottery winner opens up about her new fortune and why she's still working two jobs. > kate. fall began today and we're tracking falling temperatures once this front comes through. you can see it right here. big, big changes for the weekend. i'll tell you what spots can expect temperatures in the 40s and what to expect for the eagles game on sunday. football goes best with food. what's ahead tonight, philly favorite. chances are
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female teacher: wmale teacher:he and the largest planet?? male teacher: someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast.
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> an a alert tonight for yahoo users, p if you have a yahoo account you need to change your password. the company says hackers have accessed 500 million accounts. the data breach dates back to 2014. it includes stolen user names, telephone numbers, even birth dates of account holders. yahoo believes those hackers were working on behalf of a government. the company is recommending users change their passwords now if they have not done so in the last two years. the rumor million is churning days after angelina jolie filed for divorce against brad pitt. the fbi is deciding tonight if they will open an investigation
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to allegations that pit was abusive to one of his six children. an anonymous complaint was made to authorities. meantime the loss rang leukemia and lymphoma society police department shot down rumors they are investigating pit. the lapd maintains they have not received any reports or allegations of child abuse involving the movie stars. imagining winning a thousand dollarsva day for the rest of your life. that's exactly what happened to one lucky new jersey nurse. she has two children, two jobs and now has mills of dollars in her bank accounts. she bought the winning ticket in a food store in north jersey using the same number she's used since 2003. as for those two jobs? >> i'm still working the two jobs. > i plan to stay a muscle millionaire. >> i still have other bills. > she is on a mission to win again. she admits she still plays those same lucky within numbers every single week.
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> victoria white l is searching out food that's fit for sunday's eagles game. she's found it in a restaurant with many dishes they can't wait to get their hands on on. food so good there will be nothing left on your plate for a dog i bag. some good disafter a good game. we're here with good dog to see what all the bark is about. >> the burger stuffed with cheese. hands down one of the best things to eat. it doesn't make you sal investigate like a dog. at good doing bar in rittenhouse their food and drink is like looking into big puppy dog eyes. it has many taking their orders to calm, sit and stay. would you consider yourself a good dog or a bad doing. >> i am not a good doing. all dogs are welcome here. the best thing about us is that we are a spot for everybody,
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anybody. so who is the bark behind the bytes in this doghouse. meet jessica o'donnell that tell us that the name got from a price winning doing. >> it's called a good dog contest and his doing had won the contest. and they keep a good dog photo contest going each year for their customers. these are all local doings. let's just say their food has no competition. each dish will have you begging for more. like mussels and magic hat and capers and more. rose ted checken where the skin is chris pian stuffed with parmesan herbs and mars contact cone. you're going to need to pull the leash on me. next their good doing burger
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stuffed with rock ferret cheese and carmel iced on on. there's a picture of a sleeping dog in here. finally sticky sweat korean-style winnings. if you're hungry as a hound you'll leave good dogs full and happy. > all right. so we got the food for the eagles game. and if you would like to actually jump on the actual wagon you could do so this sunday afternoon at wip tailgate zone right across the from the link. torii will be there with don't miss torii and angela. mix it up about the eagles and other topics at wpiv sports radio at 8:30:00 a.m. torii and angelo mixing it up. i also like this weather. a little warm, but nice.
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you can't complain. it's nice p. it's in the 8 20s. sunny, it still feels like summer outside. i know everyone is reedy for the chill in the air. it's been a very who the september, a very who the summer in general. in can pennsylvania, september is on track to be a top ten warmest september which would make it three months in a row of top ten warmest peaks on the heels of august, which was the warmest august ever here in philadelphia. let's talk about how warm it was outside now. it would be sun down early as the sun goes down earlier and earlier much it's actually pretty come if i outside. the temps dropping quickly through the 60s. skies are clear. a beautiful look at sent city right now. we've got some changes on the way. it's going to change even cooler once we get into the weekend. clear skies across the region.
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there are a few showers well off to the south. but that pesky system that has been impacting the carolinas has been starting to fizzle. this one right here is moving into new york state and will eventually get here tomorrow evening bringing the risk for possibly a stray shower but that's really going to usher in that fall feel. temperatures right now, pretty comfort allocable at the northeast airport, 65. freedom high school in bethlehem school 65-degrees. our weekend cool down is headed this way. you see that cool air kind of locked up over earn canada so the jet stream just plunges southward on saturday. the heat doesn't really go away for the deep west. the cool air only permeates into the northeast. it set also in on sunday. some parts across new england will be down right chilly. we'll get a little moderate version of that cool air. it's going to feel fantastic t. tomorrow looks like a sunny cool
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day. lit more humid. tomorrow evening is when the front starts to move through. there may be a shower here or there overnight. it could be a slow clear. may start the day with a couple of clouds sat, but if the transition day will turn out posely sunny and l cooler with humidity dropping through the afternoon. sunny, cool and crisp. 65-degrees. for your friday, that should be friday, head past midnight to just hit midnight right now. that is friday, friday down the shore, 78-degrees, mostly sunny and warm. sat, turning cooler and then sunday down the shore, 69-degrees. let's talk about the eagles forecast because this is perfection when it comes to football weather. 67-degrees at kick off. a little chill in the air by the time the game is over and the sun is setting it's going to be a little chilly outside, the perfect weather for a tailgate. if you're watching the program, make that big pot of chilly, curable up on the couch with a
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blanket. it's fun to talk about a blanket. you may need one. i'm excited. fall is here. it's nice when it gets seasonal. > feels right, talking football we've got cool weather. let's talk about the eagles. wentz finding love on facebook and surviving a zombie
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more of your interview with malcolm jenkins, you guys really covered all kinds of p topics. >> we're all over the map.
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we are. that's how we role. i'm sure you heard the derogatory phrase dumb jock. malcolm jenkins is the opposite of that. he is pretty much an intellectual july parading around in an athlete's body. we talk about the business of football and much more. here's jenkins in his own words. when i heard sam got traded i was concerned. i know carson hadn't been preparing to be the starter. i know he's been working. he's taking reps, but i think everybody in the building kind of assumed that he was almost taking a third year. a week out before the season opener and he's our starter. > wentz, end zone, touchdown. the biggest thing i see in carson and i've said it since he showed up in the spring it has nothing to do with his arm strengths and intelligence, it's completely his confidence is
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unwaiverring. that's the first thing that goes usually when you wake a mistake or you're trying to make plays and you don't and you get frustrated and it's a snowball effect. he's throwing the best corner on the other team. he's making throws in the coverage. he's scrambling. he's trusting his decision making and i think that is the most impressive thing him. i can see as he makes more and more plays you can see the confidence growing day in and day out. the way i was raised, i've had somebody along the way that's either given me advice, mentored me or just been an example for me and that's who made me who i am so it's my responsibility to give p my experiences, my resources and knowledge to some kids that might need it. a lot of times that's the only thing they need to have that spark, to send them off and have success, just somebody giving them the vision. she actually poked me back when
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poking was the thing. i scrolled through the pictures and everything. i said, okay, she's cute. i took the bates. we talked for a few months just on facebook and it just so happened that next springy get drafted to new orleans which is about an hour and 20 minutes from southern mis and we started hanging out and the rest is h history. when i first got here i was trick cold all the way. he was going to be my survival guy. now i need somebody because i'm a city boy. i'm learning this outdoor stuff. i need somebody who knows what to do in the outdoors. i might need fletcher cox. he's big enough if i get into trouble i can sacrifice him because i can run a lot faster. > good times with malcolm jenkins. some other news for you. for the first time in the chief's history someone not named schneider i should say
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will be the owner of the flyers. the schneider stake will be selling its 24 percent stake in the team to come's cast who will now own the team out right. the team's schneider died this year. last year forbes valued the franchise at $668 million. > some baseball tonight, phillies and mets extra in incorporation, bottom of the # first, drew car bear a with a walk off homer. they blow it in the ninth, they blow it again in the 11th and they lose 9-8. which you don't see in the highlights there is that ryan howard had a homerun. this probably is his last who are awith the phillies. >> going to miss him. special recognition for a group with quite a story to tell. still to come. celebration of longevity as nearly 20 people are honored for quite an
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> a special group of people is getting some special recognition right here in our area. eye witness news at holy redeemer lafayette in northeast philly today where a celebration was held for national
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centenarian's day, local honorees were honored for living to 100 and beyond. congratulations. quite a milestone. > let's break down your weekend forecast one last time because it is going to be a beautiful first weekend of fall. the poconos looking at pretty nice weather in the 60s. both day in the 70s. down the shore highs only in the 60s on sunday. we'll be right playing the new million in an instant gamethan with top prizes of a million bucks? winning. on the spot. (cheers) play million in an instant from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
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idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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> honor of the 120 birthday of author f scott fitzgerald the free public ted a day long celebration in philadelphia. well known for writing the great gatsby. a screen of the 2013 adaptation of the great gatsby. for don, kate and everyone here, i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer. the late show with stephen could he bear is next. thanks for watching, have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: anthony anderson , man, thanks so much for being back here. >> always a pleasure being here. >> stephen: i had so much fun with you last time, i thought it would be fun if you and i did a buddy cop movie. >> really? >> stephen: oh yeah, it would be perfect. i'd play the straight-laced guy who's two days from retirement, and you'd be the younger guy who's a loose cannon. >> why am i the loose cannon? >> stephen: because, i'll play the reasonable by-the-book kind of cop, and you're unhinged. >> so, i'm the crazy cop? >> stephen: yes! totally deranged! >> so again, why am i the crazy cop? >> stephen: it's obvious, i'm like the normal guy who has put his time in, and you're, you know, a complete nut-job. >> what do you mean, it's obvious!? good, a hint of menace.
12:18 am
>> what!? i don't know what the hell you're talking about! >> stephen: perfect! you're the kind of cop who can fly off the handle at any second! you're mentally deranged! >> i'm going to punch you in your face! >> stephen: that's good! >> thanks. >> stephen: perfect. i think we got it. >> got it? speaking of that, did i get it? >> stephen: what? the part. >> stephen: oh, yeah, yeah, you're in. thank you very much. >> okay. hey, have your people call my people. >> stephen: what do you mean "your people"? >> you know, the white people who run hollywood that give the black guys a job. >> stephen: oh, i'll have them give you a call. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight stephen welcomes anthony anderson, mark consuelos and the kills and jon batiste and "stay human." now from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ♪
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>> stephen: hey chris! hey paul! hey mark! what's going on? ( cheers and applause ) >> whoo! >> stephen: whoo! good to see you, jon. >> jon: good to see you. >> stephen: hey! welcome to "the late show." i'm so glad you're here. ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much. thanks, everybody. welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. i'm so glad you're here in the studio. you're here in the audience watching from home. it's great to be with people you like and with friends. the news for the last 24 hours has been pretty bad. angry people in the streets, some of them in riot gear.
12:20 am
and the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency in charlotte. the shooting of african americans by police officers and the community outrage that follows seems to keep happening over and over again no matter how many times we do nothing. at times like these, it's hard to know what to say. but it's easy to know what not to say. unless you're "u.s.a. today" columnist and psychic you hired from craigslist, glenn reynolds. last night, he tweeted a picture of protestors in traffic with the caption, "run them down. ( audience reacts ) wow! that is such a terrible tweet that it made "u.s.a. today's" worst tweet infographic. ( laughter ) now, these protests turned violent last night, and i just wish there was some sort of respectful, silent, civil protest that people could engage in that wouldn't enrage the other side. yeah. nope.
12:21 am
that's not gonna work either. in fact, since colin kaepernick started the trend of taking a knee during the national anthem, he's become the most disliked player in the n.f.l. a second-string quarterback hasn't been this hated since, steve "hurtlin' hitler" rhineheart. pretty good player, though. >> jon: could run the blitz. >> stephen: i understand why some people are so angry at kaepernick: they watch football as an escape from the harsh realities of life, unless you're a cleveland browns fan. well, in the face of continued heartbreaking racial strife, all eyes turn to civil rights icon, the reverend doctor donald trump. ( laughter ) yesterday, reverend trump reached out to the black community at two events in ohio. both were at black churches. well, one of them was technically a black church filled with white people.
12:22 am
i haven't seen so many white people replacing black people since... brooklyn? and last night in a town hall, -- lovely community. last night, in a town hall, trump offered a solution to black on black violence. >> there is been a lot of violence in the black community. what would you do to stop black on black crime? >> one of the things i would do is stop and frisk. i think you have to >> stephen: that's a bad idea. not only has it been found unconstitutional, if trump's doing the frisking, it'll take him hours with those tiny hands. ( cheers and applause ) there's been a lot of racial unrest recently, and you'd have to be an idiot to think you could pinpoint a single cause for all of it.
12:23 am
and luckily, one trump campaign chair in ohio is just that idiot. >> if you're black and you haven't been successful in the last 50 years, it's your own fault. >> i don't think there was any racism until obama got elected. we never had problems like this. >> stephen: that's right, there was no racism until barack obama was elected! martin luther king didn't just have a dream, the whole thing was just an hallucination. ( laughter ) an illusion! by the way, look at the interviewer's reaction to what she's saying. yeah. that has to be the world's worst "that's really racist" poker face. ( laughter ) miller thinks she knows the root of the black community's problems. >> we have three generations all still having unwed babies. >> stephen: shameful-- unwed
12:24 am
babies! babies who aren't married! ( laughter ) you should always marry your baby to another baby on the day it's born. that way, they always remember their anniversary because it's the same as their birthday! come on! ( cheers and applause ) now, say hi to jon batiste and stay human, everybody. ♪ ( cheers and applause ) ♪ happy birthday ♪ oh happy birthday >> stephen: we have a great show for you guys tonight. please, also, when you're home and you people watching now, please join us for tomorrow night's show because my guest will be the one, the only mr. bruce springsteen. ( cheers and applause )
12:25 am
>> stephen: legally i could not continue with the show till you yelled "bruce." thank you very much. folks, it is officially fall, when the leaves change color, my diet is 95% pumpkin spice, and the world series is just around the corner. we're coming up on the start of the 2016 m.l.b. playoffs, the world series of not quite being the world series. and since i'm from south carolina, i'm rooting for my home team: the chicago cubs ( cheers and applause ) now, if you've followed baseball for the last 108 years, you know that the cubs have long struggled to make it to the post season. in fact, when i lived there they were like that awkward dork you knew back in high school, because it's a miracle if either of them gets to first base. but now the cubbies have the best record in baseball. and it's not just the talent on the field that's responsible for their success. it's also the men and women in
12:26 am
the stands: the ticket takers, the ushers, and the vendors. and last weekend, i was invited to come to chicago to give one of these brave weenie slingers the day off. jim, let's play ball. ♪ i headed to wrigley field home of chicago cubs where i met veteran rocco. pushing hot dog beef. >> it has the sterno to keep the hot dogs hot. >> stephen: flames in there. yeah, there's a sterno in front of it. >> stephen: like this? right, right, and hook it up. >> stephen: like i'm hooking on a machine gun, basically. >> right. >> stephen: i'm going to fire the hot dog straight into their mouths. >> if you can do it. not your back. use your legs. okay, use your legs. ( laughter )
12:27 am
>> stephen: how many dogs are in here, 1500? >> there is 15. >> stephen: these are heavy. this box is warm and it is resting right up against, shall we say, my vienna beef. ( laughter ) how many hours have i had this on? about 90 seconds. ow often will i be able to take a break to get arthroscopic surgery on my spine? >> you're wearing it all day. don't lean on it. >> stephen: rocco. don't do that. i'm ready to start selling. i just have to do one thing first. >> all right. m♪ >> stephen: my name's donny. let's go sell some dogs. first i hit the field to work on high speed hot dog delivery with cubs outfiledder kyle schwarber.
12:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: now i was ready to press the flesh and move some meat. hot dogs! ♪ everybody's a weiner! c'mon, step up!
12:29 am
who wants a hot dog? get your hot dogs while you can. life is short. who wants a hot dog? come on, just cstch it. oh! that's $6.50! okay. you got it? >> get ready! >> stephen: hey! you guys want some meat in your mouth? come on! hot dog. all i have is hot dogs. literally, that's all i have in my life. i've driven away everyone who loved me. ice cold hot dogs! >> the contest? >> stephen: give me $6.50, i'll give you a hot dog. >> ain't hot dog. >> stephen: take this dog down to intestine town. it's what it's made of! >> hey! >> stephen: what do you mean? you guys are cute. you guys party? >> a little bit. >> stephen: a little bit. what are you doing after the game? >> hanging out with you. >> stephen: i got my cousin's
12:30 am
panel van parked on lakeshore drive. want to come with me? >> yeah. >> stephen: great, maybe we'll make a donny sandwich. go>> hot dog, prewrapped. >> stephen: there you go, man. chicago owes you a lot. sthats $6.50. take a little bit of the dog, between your cheek and gum. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: i'm sorry. would you hold that for a second? thank you very much. that's $6.50. can't take it back. you touched it. two for $15. thanks very much. ( laughter ) thanks, man. thanks very much. perfect. want some whipped cream on that?
12:31 am
( laughter ) there you go. all right. all right. let's go, cubbies! how are ya? everybody wants to hug and kiss the hot dog guy, all right? we're having a party. want to come? >> yes. >> stephen: i'll bring the beef, you bring the buns. a hot dog joke! who needs a hot dog? ♪ ♪ >> stephen: that is nice. i could paint a fence with that. ♪ ♪
12:32 am
>> stephen: get your hot dogs right here! hot dogs! get your hot dogs right here! >> you've done a great job but you're done man is that don't take me out. i'm not tired. i can do this. >> i know, but you've done a great job. appreciate it. thanks, brother. thank you. >> stephen: go cubbies! ( cheers and applause ) i want to send a big thank you to wrigley field and the chicago cubs-- check them out in the playoffs! fingers crossed-- it could be their first world series in over a hundred years. or, roughly, the shelf life of one hot dog. we'll be right back with anthony anderson. ( cheers and applause )
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♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, welcome back, everybody! welcome back to "the late show" already in progress. my first guest tonight stars in one of the "black-ish" shows on television. please welcome anthony anderson! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ >> appreciate that, big man! appreciate you getting up for me! thank you very much, sir! >> stephen: of course i'm going to get up for you!
12:38 am
>> sometimes husky brothers don't want to give it up for husky brothers. husky to husky, i appreciate you! love you! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: well, they're a thursday night audience. >> hey, hey, thursday night audiences are the crazy audiences! you have been here all day! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: now, you were nominated for an emmy this past weekend. >> do we have to bring that up? >> stephen: well, we don't have to. i just wanted to talk about it. >> okay. >> stephen: you talked to your mom, your daughter, that was fun. >> yes, it was. >> stephen: i assume you did not win. >> everybody can't be a winner like you, stephen. >> stephen: i wasn't even nominated, my brother. >> hey, hey, brother, how many peabodys you got? (whispers) >> stephen: four. yeah. >> stephen: the emmys, when you don't win, why do you do that.
12:39 am
the ceremony. it's ridiculous. it's like, we need to get together. >> i believe the hype. i always think i'm going to win. >> stephen: you get in a tuxedo. >> i got into a tux to give a speech that night. >> stephen: did you get a taste of anything? >> nope. i can tell you how upset my mother was. my mother cussed on camera. >> stephen: like, she was sitting next to you? >> no, after the emmys, we left and went to the hbo party, right? and i was being interviewed by bun of the news outlets and they were asking me how the evening went and how did i feel? they were, like, anthony, we thought you were going to win, too. and my momma jumped in said, i did, too. i thought he was going to win, too. me and amy schumer were sitting there talking about why my baby didn't win. we were at the hbo party and she said, that (bleep) ain't even funny.
12:40 am
i said, momma! you can't say that! we're about to go in and drink free alcohol on veep! you can't say that! that's a great show! >> stephen: she was hanging out with amy shiewmer? >> yes, they started a womance. >> stephen: does she have a lower back tattoo now? because -- ( laughter ) -- amy's fun, but amy's trouble. >> yes, she is, but so is my momma. >> stephen: really? o amy should watch out. >> stephen: you got in a little bit of trouble or rather people tagged on you a little bit because when my friend john ol'ler was going up to get his emmy for winning for this week, okay, we have a little clip here. they can see you in the background in the front row and there you are, you texting in the front row. >> yeah. >> stephen: during the ceremony. >> yeah. >> stephen: what was more interesting than the ceremony you were in?
12:41 am
>> well, at that point, i had lost -- ( laughter ) -- or i should say i did not win. >> stephen: sure. and i was responding to a text message from samuel l. jackson. >> stephen: i am familiar. that said, (bleep) look interested in something you're not interested in. ( applause ) and my response to him was, i guess i better work on my poker face! >> stephen: he and your mom ought to get together. >> yeah. >> stephen: let's talk about "black-ish" for a second. congratulations on the second nomination anyway. >> thank you ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you're real proud of it. >> i am, i am. >> stephen: last time you were here, you said because of my fantastic band, i had a contact black and that i had a shot at blackishness. >> yes. >> stephen: but i had tracy ross on here last week and she
12:42 am
said, no. >> yeah. >> stephen: what happened? i getless black? >> i don't know. tracy is a hybrid. you know, she's mixed. >> stephen: i've got to write this down. >> yeah. tracy is a hybrid. she's mixed. so i don't know what side you were talking to. i don't know if you were talking to the diana ross side or the stein side. >> stephen: okay. o, you know. >> stephen: perhaps you should hold up a little card ( laughter ) season three which was yesterday premiered last night. takes place in disneyland. >> world. >> stephen: my poll jiz. orlando, not in california. >> stephen: you are take you can family on a very special trip. >> very special trip for very special people, vip. >> stephen: so you can get a special pass. >> not just a pass. i bought a white man to take us around disney world. >> stephen: you can do that?
12:43 am
that's part of the magic kingdom! when they say, have a magical day, i was like, i guess so! i just bought a white man! ( cheers and applause ) and he took me and my black family around the most happiest place on earth! >> stephen: i mean, you're like a famous man, make a lot of money. are you able to provide v.i.p. situations for your children you couldn't have growing up? >> that's what "black-ish" is all about, first generation suction, giving your children a better upbringing than what you had. that's the american dream. >> stephen: what are the things they take for granted now? >> take for granted, well, i didn't get my first car till 25. both of my children got their first brand-new vehicles. i got a used vehicle that got repossessed two months after i bought it at 25. both of my children got brand-new vehicles off the lot
12:44 am
at age 16. >> stephen: i wouldn't mind being one of your children. >> oh, i can adopt you. >> stephen: really? i can. >> stephen: i'll take you around disney world. ( laughter ) stick around a little bit more? we'll be back with more anthony anderson. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ the bud light party is for everyone. men bar crowd:yeah! women bar crowd: woo! people of all genders! we don't care we'll sell you beer. we'll sell you a beer any day of the week. steel mill workers: yeah! ♪ it's peyton on sunday mornings you like football? it's directv nfl sunday ticket. i can watch every sunday ticket game live on any device. well i'm retired now. so i just sit here watch nothing. if i were you, i'd work as long as you can, son.
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♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, welcome back, everybody! we're here with our friend anthony anderson. anthony. >> yes. >> stephen: we have a clip here of a family reunion, i think. i'm not entirely sure what this is. this is you? what are you doing here? >> all right, you see the commercial with those things that you can go to the park, this is ghetto version of it. this is like plastic my family found. ( laughter ) >> stephen: who is that person
12:49 am
slamming himself against you at top speed? >> one of my cousins. >> stephen: is he okay? because he looks like he's knocked out cold. >> he's all right. my brother got me good. when you do that, you have to have a sturdy base. >> stephen: what's that called? >> ghetto games. ghetto gladiator, i think that's what it's called. >> stephen: okay. but, you know, it was crazy, my cousins put together a softball game. it wasn't really a family reunion but it felt like one. it was my uncle's birthday and my birthday the upcoming week. they got together, charged $25 for everybody to come together. it was about 80 of us there. >> stephen: some long green. yeah, some long green. they only had food for 12 people. so let's round it up. 100 people paid $25 each. that's $2,500. they had store-bought potato
12:50 am
salad, burnt baked beans and burnt hot dogs and hamburgers for 12. now, they had bread for 34 people. the bread was stacked up high but only enough meat for 12. i think my family, quanda, if you're watching, my cousin who put it together, i think she did this as a rent party and disguised it as a family reunion birthday party. >> stephen: that's resourceful. >> because the birthday cake they got for my uncle only was $8 and i knew it was because it said $7.99 on the piece of plastic that covered the cake. ( laughter ) >> stephen: uh, well... you sure you want me to adopt you now? >> stephen: i was just thinking -- you know, i was looking at that -- you guys bumping up against each other in those inflatable lawn chairs. i read someplace that you have gotten your ass kicked by the best. >> yeah. >> stephen: what do you mean by that? >> first off the best ass kicker
12:51 am
around is my momma. west side of chicago, she gets down with it. but jet lee and stephen segal, now, they kick ass differently. jet lee kicks your ass quick. stephen segal is a little older in age when we were working together. he can still kick ass but he's so old now he's got a thumb move. he gets your thumbs, that's it, you're done with. but if you hide your thumbs, he can't do nothing to you! >> stephen: put your hands in your pocket and kick at him. >> he can't grab nothing! >> stephen: speaking of kicking ass, i understand that you also challenged another great icon, not to a fight but to a contest, and i want to make sure i have this right, because i'm going to give you an opportunity to dispel a rumor here. >> okay. >> stephen: did you challenge stevie wonder to a basketball game? ( laughter ) >> i did. okay, see, what y'all don't
12:52 am
know -- >> stephen: you were going to dunk on stevie? >> what you don't know, stevie can see. it's just an act. >> stephen: he can see? tevie can see. stevie flew me to bag '01 time for a jazz festival that he was producing, and i'm on stage with chris tucker and johnny gill. stevie walks on stage, looks me dead in my eye and says, anthony, get me to a piano. i said, hell, stevie, if you can walk to me, you can walk to the piano. he called himself, had the play it off. but i took him to piano and he played. i challenged him to a one on one basketball game he did for charity for his son. he said, anthony, i don't want to embarrass you one on one so let's do it free-throws. he won. >> stephen: he won? honest, he won. st w


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