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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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happening, the stage is set, the first presidential debate is just three hours away and the candidates are ready to face off, to make their case, for the presidency. hi, good evening i'm ukee washington. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from home steady, new york and hofstra, university site of the first presidential debate and ukee, it is fair to say that all eyes are on the don't tonight. what will happen? who will say what? how will they say it? earlier today, we talk to senior advisors. i spoke to senior aid advisors on both sides of the campaign and they said their candidate is excited to be able to speak directly to the american people for 90unfiltered, this is all coming out as new national polls show that we are in a virtual tie when it comes to this race, and trump has said he did no mock don't in terms of the preparing for all of this clinton has practiced all weekend. so certainly very different styles in how they have gotten ready for this night the but that is to be expected.
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we're also told in a new poll three out of four voters are expected to watch tonight, just imagine how many possible voters that is. this is interesting too, 87 percent of those it is likely not going to change their mind one way or the other. but no matter how you cut it, this is expected to be one of the biggest nights in television, all year, with people watching all around the world. we have bumped in to media from global networks. a lot have eyes on this to see just what will happen. this is first time that these two will be debating one another, in this election cycle that has been like, in other. i want to to go back to center city to our greg argos who talk earlier to a body language expert about how body language comes into play in a debate like this, greg? >> reporter: good afternoon, guess contact i can tell you those experts say depending on who wins this debate it will come down to body language and analysis of that body language starts moment both candidates come on stage and offer each
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other that handshake. one thing tonight watching tv you have probably won't hear first, but you'll hear first question. and experts say more than 100 million people, about one in three americans could tune into watch first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> they are calling it the super bowl of political events, will you be watching. >> i plan on it. >> reporter: you are definitely watching it the tonight. >> totally. >> we have a lot of riding on this for both candidates tonight. >> reporter: villanova communications director doctor susan macky says there is no clear favorite to win monday night's event. >> really either of the candidate. >> reporter: she believes clinton has to appear engaged, interested in what trump is saying avoiding the sighing and eye rolling that lost al gore the debate in the year 2,000. >> she has to be careful that she doesn't come off as being,. >> and missing the candidate. >> trump though is a different
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story. >> so, and, and. >> reporter: and, he will attack clinton but it is how's tax her that could, determine whether error not he wins. >> there gender dynamics. he cannot too aggressive but he cannot be so targeting her as a woman. >> reporter: even though, you mentioned, viewers tonight are already decided on who they will vote for there are undecided voters in all of this, and experts say that the body language on both of the candidates could determine, who they vote for, in november. we're live in center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it will certainly be very interesting to watch, greg, thanks very much for that, and we want to remind to you watch that debate ate 9:00 o'clock on cbs-3. immediately following cbs news coverage of the debate, we're going to have wrapped fire response on cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news" at 11:00. allison young a republican political analyst, and former george w. bush staffer will be joining us. democrat jonathan saidel a former philadelphia city controller, again, wrapped fire response, about what they saw and howie effective they thought it was, we also want to let you know we just heard donald trump has arrived here on site so layers are all getting in place, a lot more to come tonight from hofstra university. ukee. >> much anticipated evening, jessica, greg thanks very much. in other news we are learning more about how two fire fighters were killed in the line of duty over the weekend. forty-one year-old christopher leach and 51 year-old jerry fickes died battling a house fire on the saturday. cleve bryan is in wilmington right now at the burned out home, cleve. >> reporter: well, delaware state fire marshall's office is leading the investigation, so far they have not been able to give us an exact cause for this fire. they say because of the collapse, inside of there it was difficult for them to initially get into the structure but now, they are
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making progress. now meanwhile the fire fighting community is rallying around the victims and the injured fire fighters. with as much strength as they could muster weary members of the wilmington fire department honored their fallen brothers chris and jerry as their bodies were released monday morning to the medical examiner's office. >> it has been rough, rough on everybody. >> reporter: 3:00 o'clock saturday morning christopher leach and jerry fickes were killed in the row home fire after a floor collapsed. these were some radio transmissions. >> trapped in the first floor, fire fighters trap. >> mayday. >> clearance. when fire fighters arrived they were told someone might still be inside burning home. lieutenant leach fell in the basement during the collapse. fickes died trying to save him. >> jerry was, keeping to himself, quiet but just like any other firemen, prankster at heart, chris was a very
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outing prankster and they were both firemen this he were both family men. >> reporter: friend say leach leaves behind a son and two dates, fickes two sons. while their families mourn two others are praying for healing, fire fighters artin hope and brad speakman are in critical but stable condition. >> my fire fighters in the city of wilmington are hurting. we want to thank all of the surrounding volunteer fire companies, who have help us. it has been rough. >> reporter: city is planning to have a joint service for leach and fickes on saturday. we don't know timing yet. then they will have individual funerals. those details have not the yet been released. if anybody wants to make a contributions go to wilmington fire reporting live from wilmington i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, tonight the sports world is mourning the loss of a sports legend. pennsylvania's own arnold palmer passed way at the age of will seven. his amazing career was
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rivaled by his qualities off the course and his impact that is felt all over the country. but his local links are evident, in our region as well, palmer designed three courseness our area laurel creek country club in mount laurel, blue bell country club in blue bell and commonwealth national golf club in horsham. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden found out the loss is hitting close to home tonight. >> reporter: in arnold palmer's hometown of le trobe, pennsylvania, flowers for the king. tributes and stories are pouring in for palmer a common man endeared by millions. it was his way, his style, that main streamed the game of golf. the president writing in the statement, with his homemade swing and home spun charm, arnold palmer had swagger before we had a name for it. from the humble start working at the local club in his beloved latrobe pennsylvania, to superstar dumb as face of golf around the globe, arnold was the american dream come to life. palmer's grandson, sam saunders, talked about
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arnold's impact and legacy in western pennsylvania. >> it is flattering that people want to come, and tell me, that arnold palmer story and maybe as a kid, i got a little tired of hearing them but i have grew to love each and everyone of them and i can see it in their lives. i can see that he touched them. he made an impact on them. >> that is a good one. >> reporter: one of the stories right here in commonwealth national golf club, horsham course was designed by palmer. we found people handing out palmer signature drink, remember, a pinch more ice team then lemonade. >> he brought golf into the lime light, people that didn't necessity that much about it, and knew about it because of him. >> reporter: some new information about arnold palmer's charitable works. i was talking to a state trooper just a short time ago from palmer's hometown and he tells me last christmas during their shop with the cop program, palmer, quietly donated $50,000 to the
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program, so that it could keep going. palmer, told the trooper, he preferred not to have any recognition at all. in horsham, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, arnold palmer. well, tonight eagles fans are still smiling after a huge win, not many people gave bird a fighting chance against the steelers but that is why they play the game. you play to win, the game. >> they play to win good herman edward said that. >> don bell joins us. bird dominated on both side. >> funny you say smile it is like ear to ear, people hopping around the streets today. the great drive, determination, eagles were masterful. this is a long season. in fact they have only played 18 percent of it but so far, so good. rookie quarterback carson wentz threw for 301-yard, two touchdowns, offense was crisp, once again, big play after big play and zero turnovers. defensively they held steelers to just three points, while sacking big ben, four
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times. it was a complete team win. however, they now have a bye week. doug pederson is pleading with his team to stay hungry and humble. >> you think you have arrived, you think you are all that. when that creeps in, that is when you get beat. it is my job not to let that creep in. i have got to keep the guys focused and grounded, and i told them this week they are going to travel, go home, people will pat them on the back and say how great they are but next monday, i will tell them, hey we're back to work. we're 00. this is game one. let's go. >> that is attitude you have to have. next up a match up with the detroit lions this detroit on october 9th, of course, later in the show doug pederson, by the way, compares wentz to one of the all time great is really. >> all time. >> all time greats. >> you don't want to miss
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that. >> i know coach reich. >> we're going above that. >> all right. >> find out who. >> see you in a little bit. still to come on "eyewitness news" caught on cameras would be robber gets quite the a surprise reason he left a fail grocery store running and why police need the public's help finding him. he has covered elections since 1960's, jessica dean is talking to bob schieffer about what you can expect to see, during tonight's debate, katie. definitely feeling like fall out there with cool temperatures and lots of cloud cover as this front approaches from the west i'll time out these showers and more showers later in the week as well as the system over the great lakes swing south, we will break it down when we come back in just a
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more on the debate ape we are going back to my partner jessica dean live at hofstra university. jessica, one hot topic has been how to handle, fact checking, um. >> reporter: that is right, ukee, the moderator's position how the moderator will play into all this has become a hot topic. earlier today i had a chance to talk with bob schieffer of cbs news. bob has seen so much of politics, over the last several decade.
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he has seen it all. even he says he has never seen anything quite like this election but we have talk a little bit about the role mod raider should play. clinton campaign saying he should be the fact checker and trump campaign said let moderator ask questions and see how things go. here's what bob had to say. >> it is a lot of, you know, working the refs right now. trump saying we don't need a moderator, clinton campaign says maryland later has to run in and tack check everyone of his lies. the cam paper, the candidates should be the first fact checkers. people want to know if something says something blatantly wrong is or she know the answer to the question? >> that is cbs news bob schieffer who had so many interesting things to say about that. we are being told donald trump was inside debate hall. we told you that earlier. he is out of the debate hall. have one moving toward that 9:00 o'clock hour when we kick off debate coverage here on
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cbs-3. watch the debate live with millions and millions of other people, tonight on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. ukee, of course, we will be right here on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 to wrap it up this evening, ukee. won't be long now, thanks much. tonight police in south jersey are searching for two masked gunman wanted in connection with the deadly home invasion. it happened just before 10:00 o'clock last night in the trail are park community in the browns mills section of the pemberton township. authorities say that the suspect shot 37 year-old nor hand mostly inside of hissal tread drive home, and he died a short time later at the hospital. police say a second person in the home was not hurt, it is unclear what motivated the violence. philadelphia police want your help locating this man dahntay high man seen in the surveillance video and wanted for two armed robberies. first at a store on the 5200 block of market street where he held a clerk at gunpoint and demanded money. moments later he entered the store in the 5400 block have of walnut the street and held
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that clerk at gunpoint. that clerk drew his own gun and chased him out of the store. if you have any information, cat philadelphia police. kate boil owe joins us now. you say we are heading that way more. >> it will stay cool this week but it will turn a little steamy. it will get humid late inert week because we have a system bringing moisture and it will not only steam things up but bring chance for rain every day, of the week. every single day through saturday we have at least a chance for some rain in the forecast. it the is not all day, every day, we will time that out, and some in the evening or just in the morning we will head toward end of the week you have to be prepared for a shower at anytime. so make sure that umbrella or rain coat is in a good location, maybe by front door or leave it in your car because you'll need it this week. looking outside right now shows how it has turn glummy, this morning, beautiful this morning. deep blue sky, nice cool conditions out there but things have changed, the cloud have rolled in, with the cloud cover, and decreasing in temperatures this afternoon.
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we are in the 60's and lower 07's but clouds act the opposite way at night. during daylight hours we have cloud cover it cools you down. overnight the air surface cools, that cannot escape and acts like a blanket. tonight will be milder then recent nights thanks to the cloud cover. storm scan three does show that front approaching from the west, here it is, it has no ton witt. not expecting severe weather with this but scattered showers and storms on and off throughout the overnight hours it this but really actual center of low pressure associated with this front that will cause us some problems. that is what you see here sitting and spinning. front goes through. we have to watch this upper low which will dig down and then just sit and spin right over our area. so that is as we head into the upcoming weekend. what happens with the closed low like that it cuts off from the main flow of the jet stream. jet stream stays to the north that system has this where to go no driving medic is in tomorrow get it out of here. so by 11:00 just a couple syringe also here and there showers back to the west but it is after midnight we will
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see showers and storms become a little bit more numerous, with some heavier downpours em bended at times. 3:00 a.m. still raining. by 7:00 still some shower but we will see clearing to the west and by lunchtime tomorrow it looks sunny and tomorrow afternoon looks beautiful but wednesday is opposite kind of day. we will start off with sunshine, by wednesday evening and wednesday night here comes rain and cloud, again, wednesday evening's commute could be messy. so several rain chances all thanks to the upper level low digging south and bringing shower and storm chances right through the end of the week and into the weekend. split is. you can see it cutting off from the main jet stream up here and just had in where to go right into the weekend. rain chances this week early morning tomorrow, wednesday the showers are in the evening and then anytime thursday, through saturday. we are looking in the next front coming through tonight and tomorrow, about a quarter inch to a half inch of rain for most of the the area again overnight tonight we are down to 63 with showers around. tomorrow morning showers, and then clearing in the afternoon for sunshine, wednesday, starts with some sun, and rain
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returns could be wet commute wednesday evening. the thursday and friday scattered showers even saturday, maybe some sun but chance for shower, sunday looks like our next chance to clear things out and get some sun back. cool, feels like fall, have that umbrella hand think week. >> will do thanks. we will talk eagles football time to get hoops in the action. >> um. >> did you miss it very much so. >> yes, definitely do especially because we have big young players. joel embiid speaks why is this news? we have never heard him speak before. >> never heard him talk. >> latest from sixers media day. its wentz wagon following path of the all time great, hear what nfl star doug pederson is comparing his rookie quarterback too next
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if this were little league we would have to see carson's birth certificate. you cannot believe he is 22 no way he is a rookie, really. don't play that way. yesterday's blow out with the steelers he became first rookie, in nfl history to throw more than 100 passes without a interception. he that is good. 301 yards passing, two touchdowns, wentz has been so good, he has worked so hard that his head coach is comparing him to one of the all time greats. >> i hear him, just even in the building, talking to guys about plays, routes, protections, you know, that is, it is payton manningish and you hate to put labels on
6:24 pm
guys but that is how payton prepared. that is how these top quarterbacks prepare each week and, you know, he has that now. >> manningish. >> wow. >> that is big. >> from one rookie to another, we know what carson can do, we just heard about it. we have a sneaking suspicion ben simmons is basketball wizard kid. sixers holding media day at their multi million-dollar training facility. that means simmons was front and center with center, joel embiid. he finally is healthy. spoke to the media for first time since being drafted third overall in 2014. >> i'm really excited, and i'm going to go through a lot. it has been three years. the fact that i'm healthy now and ready to get back on the court, i just can't wait. >> yeah, neither can we. meanwhile, everyone is happy to have joel back, fellow
6:25 pm
center nerlens noel isn't exactly thrilled with the log jam in the middle. if you count jahlil okafor sixers have three centers. there were rumors of the trade but nothing ever happened. >> i cannot say i do really understand we do have a group of players, i just don't think it makes too much sense to still come in the season, you know, with such a heavy line up at the center position. i don't know what there is to do here. >> but i'll tell what you, sixers, flyers, get ready. get ready. it is on. we will be right
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eagles fans are still flying high after yesterday's big win with the steelers and we just caught up with nba legend charles barkley who says he is hitching a ride on the wentz wagon. >> he has been fantastic. i live in philly during the summer so i have seen every game. he has been fantastic. i root for the eagles. even they i'm just a summer resident i always root for eagles going back to randall cunningham, ridge white and jerome brown and these guys. >> much more coming up later tonight. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station wpsg and cw philly and we will be right back here on cbs-3 after tonight's debate. you next, the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley from hofstra university. take care family we will see
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hofstra university. take care family we will see you i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: campaign 2016's biggest night, the candates meet for their first debate. >> we asked our panel to describe the campaign in one word. >> distasteful. >> messy. >> pelley: also tonight, what's driving a big jump in the crime rate? we'll remember a rising star in baseball. >> got him! >> pelley: jose fernandez killed in a tragic accident. >> he watched kids play little league. that's the joy jose played with. >> pelley: and one of the legends of golf, arnold palmer. then we'll end tonight with first family ties.


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