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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. scared about people shooting other people. >> back home after weeks in the hospital. a 6-year-old boy defied the oddses being shot ten times. first, developing right now, another brutal attack on young lives. police say a man stabbed two children before being shot and killed by officers. i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington, the violence started in the 6200 block of hazel avenue. two children were stabbed inside
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a home. moments later, and a few blocks away on cobbs creek parkway, police opened fire on the suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do picks up the story at the scene tonight. trang? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, a very active scene as police continue to process the evidence. take a look down here, what we do know about this man is that he was in his 30's. his 15-year-old daughter told police that she believed he was on drugs when he allegedly choked her, stabbed her younger brother and a young family friend repeatedly. police found him on cobbs creek parkway where the rampage ended with more blood shed. they shot and killed a man that was responsible for two children fighting four their lives >> he got his hand in his pocket. they tell him several times to talk his hand out he abruptly takes his out and they fire several times. a 911 call came in for a
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report of two children shot inside a home on the 6200 block of hazel avenue. they found an 8-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl bleeding profusely. a 15-year-old had also been assaulted. >> the 8-year-old has multiple stab wound to his chest. 13-year-old multiple stab wounds >> the man ran off to cobbs creek parkway where he/add 70-year-old woman in the face and assault add 42-year-old woman. when he came outside that home, he was shot by as many as six to nine officers. >> it's a violent rampage that did not end well. we're hoping at least the young kids will survive. >> reporter: and police are still searching this area for any discarded weapons, they have yet to find a gun they thought they were looking for. they did recover several knives. the children are in critical condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. we're live from west philadelphia, trang do, cbs3
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"eyewitness news." >> thank you. now, to a miraculous recovery. a little boy caught in the cross fire and shot ten times this summer is finally back home in east germantown tonight. the 6-year-old spoke to our natasha brown. >> haji as he's these moments are interrupted of a visit recollection of a shooting that left him riddled with bullets. >> we got caught in the gun fire. >> reporter: on august 11th, mahaj and his god feather were cut ca in a fun fire in the 5500 block of west clark son street in east germantown.
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haji was in the passenger seat in the car. he was shot ten times. after more than a dozen surgery and extensive rehabilitation at schriner's hospital, he's back home with his mother. >> i'm feeling better out of the hospital >> i'm happy that he could come home be able to start school and he be around his friends and family. >> reporter: he's learning to navigate the new wheelchair and adjust to a bullet shattered leg and arm. he let me sign his cast. a young life forever changed by minutes of senseless violence. >> he gives me courage like when i'm stressing or i'm ready to give up or ready to walk away from stuff, i just think about how strong he's bench >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: he's been the
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epitome of courage throughout the ordeal. he will continue rehabilitation here at schriner's hospital for knows come. he will at least be able to return to school next week to start the first grade. reporting live, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. community in south carolina is reeling after a shooting at an elementary school. a teenage gunman shot two children an teacher at a school in townville a community in the northwestern part of that state. one of the students was badly wounded and was flown to a trauma center nearby. police say a local firefighter helped subdue that shooter and take him into custody. the gunman's father was also found dead of a gunshot wound in his home about two miles from that scene. the father of the 2-year-old boy who authorities say accidently shot himself earlier this month is now facing charges in his son's death. nicholas wiley of bucks county was charged with involuntary manslaughter. authorities say the little boy was playing way a gun belonging
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his father when it went off striking him in his chest. he's also been charged with reckless endangerment and end dangering the welfare of a. police say a man killed by a septa train i was blind. it happened at the race and vine station. investigators tell "eyewitness news" the 53-year-old stumbled, hit a pole and fell on the southbound tracks. police have not released the victim's name. executive director of the philadelphia parking authority steps downs amid sexual harassment allegations. vincent fenerty resigned today one day after he was suspended from his position. fenerty had been under fire since two sexual harassment claims surfaced. one in 2015, the other in 2006. he was suspended yesterday after the park authority board learned of the 2006 complaint. for the first time since president obama took office, congress blocked one of his vetoes. law makers overturned the president's veto of a bill allowing families and victims of
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the 9/11 terror attacks to sue saudi arabia. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with a bucks county mother who lost her son in the world trade center about what today's action means for her. >> reporter: this is something we don't often see in washington, even staunch members of the president's part say they made the right move denying him and the mother of the 9/11 victim says she has been fighting for this specific day since 2001. >> i cried. i cry a little every day. i try to keep it under control. >> reporter: 15 years later, judy reese says the pain of losing her son josh inside the north tower of the world trade center continues to be unbearable and perpetual >> we just didn't know whether congress would could be bipartisan enough to really do the right thing. >> reporter: josh worked for fitzgerald and was above 100th floor when the plane crashed. reese got a phone call today and was happy to learn had she can now suit government of saudi arabia for what happened to her
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son. president obama vi towed the original bill, but the u.s. senate voted 97 to one and house 348 to 77 to override the president. >> it's a law now. feels good. >> reporter: one of the democrats breaking with the president, pennsylvania senator bob casey who told "eyewitness news" in statement, quote, this is a matter of basic justice for the 9/11 families. those who lost loved one on 9/11 deserve a full measure of justice and that means having the opportunity to hold any party accountable in court. president obama press secretary called the override empty embarrassing. the white house warned it would set up a bad precedent and damage a relationship with saudi arabia. judy reese is focused on the innocent victims of 9/11 and has no regrets about the new law. >> it's not going to bring josh back. it took me a long time to get to that point. it's not going to bring him back. but it gives him justice.
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he does deserve justice. >> reporter: it's interesting to note two u.s. senators did not vote, one bernie sanders. the other is hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine. he was on the campaign trail. reporting live in the stat center. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. 40 days until election day and first lady michelle obama is the latest political heavy wait to come to philadelphia. mrs. obama rallied you don't wanting democrats at lasalle today. she urged him to get out and vote on lashings day and blasted republican nominee donald trump. the first lady said the u.s. needs an adult in the white house. >> we know that being president isn't anything like reality tv. it is not an apprenticeship. and it is not just about fiery speeches or insulting tweets. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders presented the united front at a campaign rally in new hampshire today.
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the former rivals joined forces to urge trump criticized clinton for her comment labeling half of his supporters as quote, deplorable. >> how can hillary clinton try to lead this country when she has such a low opinion of its citizens? how can she lead this country when she thinks americans are full of racist, deplorables and erie deemibles, you're not irredeemable. >> trump running mate visits york pennsylvania tomorrow. a program that made parking free in currently you can park for free every wednesday and first friday with the month. these coincide.
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free wednesday parking will end october 5th and free first friday parking ends two days later and the city is trying to make center city parking easier through its new ap meter up. declaring bankruptcy. we'll tell you about the popular restaurant chain that's closing dozens of location. a local father of five in desperate need of a liver transplant. 35 percent of the people waiting for transplants don't make it. >> a family faced way life or death decision. health reporter instead of stefanie stahl. who ended up with the match and how it's created an unbreakable bond a deer tries to climb in an suv. find out what happened right before the driver's bizarre encounter. a slow moving storm system bringing heavy rain to the area tonight. you can see it lifting into delaware and south jersey and may get into philadelphia within the next few hours. and this is not the only night of rain. we'll be tracking it through the
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week. i'll have the info on when
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. protests in a san diego suburb following the fatal
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police shooting of an unarmed black man. the officer involved shooting of alfr alfred lango ignored police. one officer respond wanted any stun gun. the other fired several times. a deer hit by a car in north jersey and tries to get into the vehicle seconds later. it's all recorded on police dash cam. this happened in howell township monmouth could you. driver kicks the deer out of her car as it tries to enter and the animal staggers away. officer nicholas austin responded to the call and got the thing on video. he says he's never seen anything like it. >> i couldn't even have time to process it. by the time i put the car in park and got out, she already kicked the deer out herself and the deer was on the ground. >> police say the driver who works for the local parks department was not hurt. the deer later died.
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the soup and sandwich change cosi is filing for bankruptcy. it closed stores like this on 15th and locust. five more of its stores in the region also closed. it will keep 76 to stores open nationwide during the bankruptcy process. cosi has not reported an annual profit since 1998. on it's cbs3 health watch, a life saving transplant operation using one organ for two patients. stefanie stahl has explained created a special bond for one area family >> mine were stitches >> comparing scars isn't something most fathers and daughters can do. it's not just scars, party of katie fitzpatrick's liver saved her dad's life >> we've always been close and
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but just fact she was willing to go through all of this >> i didn't like to see him getting sick. >> tom fitzgerald has been living with hepatitis c for years. then his liver failed. during katie's senior year when she was is a star on the basketball team. she was setting records on the court. her dad couldn't wait anymore. >> living donor transplantation is a way to provide a liver to a patient that may not be able to get a deceased donor transplant >> the chief of transplant surgery at penn medicine. >> it's the only solid organ in the body that has the ability to grow and region rate >> katie was the only suitable match for the transplant. her four brothers were tested along with other family members >> i was hoping it would be somebody else. >> the retired truck driver was worried about his 22-year-old daughter having major surgery and losing part of her liver.
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>> he told me 1,000 time, i didn't have to do it. that wasn't an option, once i knew i was an match, a ready to go through with it. >> she never listened to me. >> you can see that we actually measure the size of our livers. >> in june, the doctor received 60% of katie's liver and transplanted it into her dad. >> the operations went very smoothly. and now, they're back outside shooting hoops, with that special connection. >> that's my dad. it wasn't really a hard choice. that i was a match and we'd be able to work out. >> the latest imaging from here at penn medicine shows katie liver already grown back to its normal size in just three months. and tom's is functioning perfectly. i'm stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news." . wow. >> special connection indeed >> she said it's my dad. >> no other choice, wow >> kate joins us with the forecast. i just talked with am i dad
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before the show. there's rain and thunder in delaware. >> that's where the heaviest rain is right now. it's coming our way. if you wake up in the middle of the night and you hear a rumble of thunder you see a flash of lightening don't be shocked. you'll hear the heavy put iter patter of rain drops. this is not the last of the rain i want i want. a soggy stretch. we'll take you to the shore. the ocean city boardwalk, damp got rain at the shore and also you see the camera moving a little bit. the winds really picking up down the shore. and it will be quite windy as we head through the day tomorrow. here's a live look at stormscan 3 which is showing that heavy rain to pushing through success county delaware in kent county. very heavy stuff indicated by the yellow shading over portion of eastern maryland and this is all lifting to the north. you can see just recently we've had a few flashes of lightening reported around georgiatown delaware, seaford and is this
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again lifting from south to north. i'm concerned about all this rain you see right here notice how it's lifting to the north and west. that will get into philadelphia overnight and could produce heavy downpours. we do need the rain, so that's kind of a good thing, we do need this to come through. overnight mit gates traffic problems which is a good thing, it could impact your morning commute tomorrow. rain so far on our live network network, .2 inches, dover air force base picked up half inch and still raining steadily more to come as we move through tonight. winds picked up gusting to 20 miles per hour at the airport. wind at 25 miles per hour down in dover, delaware. what to expect through friday? showers at times, a thunderstorm possible, some heavy downpours imbedded within the system. slow travel and flooding or ponding possible in the heaviest downpours. again, the heaviest is overnight into early thursday morning. 6:00 a.m. we wake up to rain. through the day tomorrow, it's more clouds and scattered
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showers. that will be the case for friday with localized downpours. it keeps oncoming. the heaviest will be off to our south and west around dc, down into amateur or some spots could see over three inches of rain. here in philadelphia, i think we'll wind up with an inch or so. we now have the latest track from the national hurricane center, a category 2 hurricane by monday at 8:00. from there we have to really watch the track. florida will be on high alert and the eastern sea board we'll keep an eye on that. showers at times tomorrow with the heaviest overnight into the morning hours. scattered showers on friday. couple of showers on saturday. we may try to clear things out and sunday look like we have a better chance of it next week looking good as well. but definitely have the rain gear handy. get stuck in downpour any time. >> thanks kate >> don up next with sports.
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five games left with ryan howard, check in on the phils. carson wentz does something no eagles rookie quarterback has ever done. former nfl quarterback tim tebow swings into action with the mets. see what he did in his
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i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. . 25 days ago, the eagles traded sam bradford. think about how much things have changed. carson wentz went from third to started and to national prominence when president obama dropped his name in a speech. here come the awards. he was named the offensive player of the week for his
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performance against the steelers. the birds won 34-3 pcarson through 301 yards. he becomes the first rookie quarterback in team history to win. next game is october 9th at detroit. we now know what would be the game of the week this friday and the friday football frenzy with 51% of the vote abington at neshaminy is the game of the week. thanks everyone who logged on to to vote and we will see on friday. carson enjoys the lime light another local star is in the twilight of his career, ryan howard's time with the phillies will come to an end. with five games left, big fellow trying to make the most of it. the braves not being very gracious as host. what up with that? get it back to the people left center field. 9-1. 0 for three with the rbi ground
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out. the phillies get crushed 12-2. they've given up over 60 runs in six games for the first time since 1937. what? you can share with us your favorite rain howard moment by using the #thanks ryan on facebook instagram and twitter or go to the website ryan, just our way to say thank you. doubles in flyers and preseason arkansas travis konecny, all over the ice a goal and an assist for the 24th pick and a 2015, flyers win 2-0. tim tebow's first professional baseball at bat. the first pitch he sees, he swings and it is gone. a solo home run.
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it was his first organized gam since junior year of high school. >> let me ask you this. is that him being an athlete or luck or? what's going on here. >> also, not the major leagues. it's hard to hit 91 miles per hour fast ball. >> instructionnal league >> he's living the dream. appreciate it. fishtown
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a look at the new entertainment center in fishtown. "eyewitness news" captured the ribbon cutting for revolution a 26 lane bowling alley on canal street. you can enjoy an arcade, a berger and beer restaurant and live bands and djays will provide music. we're talking classic and alternative rock. it opens to the public friday. kate? thanks, guys and your weekend watch not looking like the best fall weekend we've had as we head into october. we've got clouds and chance of showers on saturday. high in the poconos saturday 60. sunday a little more sun, can't rule out a shower. 65 in the poconos, 70s in the city, sunday better day, again down the shore, we'll start to see the low ease its hold on us, sun returning but can't rule out a shower either day this
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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s. it's the late show with stephen colbert. our morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for katie, don, everyone i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. thanks so much for watching,
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family. sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> founder of spaced x.says, yes, he says a colony of humans could be living on mars in 150 years. ♪ ♪


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