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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fighters. person officials say sparked that deadly blaze, kate? and we have got heavy rain, impacting portions of the area this evening and moving from south to north through the overnight, hours, we will stay soggy right in the weekend we will time out heaviest rain and look at when the sun could come back out. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. a commuter train rams through a barrier, at full speed, crashing inside of a hoboken rail station. >> we felt the train, slamming or sliding into the station. >> it was sort of the shock. >> reporter: those who weren't injured work to save passengers trapped under mangled metal. >> regular commuters left the safety of where they were standing to rush to the train to help. >> we were a family. when you say americans man i'm in the lying. >> everybody creed and color ran and helped. >> reporter: not everyone survived and tonight federal investigators begin the search
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for answers to this tragedy. those investigators are on the scene, already working to uncover, those answers. good evening, i'm ukee washington. good evening, everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from hoboken, new jersey. that terminal just down the way here. we're a little bit away from the scene where that train came barreling in during the height of rush hour this morning, and you heard, the people talking about everyone rushing into to what they can to help everyone who had been injured. we know 108 people were injured when that train barreled in the station, we also no one woman was killed she was hit by flying debris according to governor chris christie, and thousands of people go through this terminal every single day and this morning was simply horrific. federal investigators are working to understand why and what caused this commuter train to slam in the wall at full force inside of the hoboken rail station around 8:45 this morning. mike larson was feet from the crash and watched it happen.
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>> it was horrendous exploding noise and concrete dust, electrical wires, and the train flying into the depot. >> regular commuters, left the safety of where they were standing to rush to the train to help first responders evacuate injured people off the train. >> reporter: passengers on board were stunned and confused. >> the car, felt like it was going off the track. it would bled. and then boom. >> lights went out, and then just didn't stop and people were falling over who were standing and then the roof came down. >> reporter: officials say station's roof partially collapsed on top of the train. mike says at that point they could not see what was going on around them. >> you know, stuck between pieces of metal or what but the first person in front of us had emergency window down. we pulled the window open. we climbed out of that. >> reporter: rescue crews climbed through crumbled train cars to reach passengers under
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mangled metal and dangling wires. injured passengers were taken to the parking lot and then turn into a triage area. >> some people were crying and they were sad, man really sad. >> there were folks, hobbling around, people holding their limbs, their backs, things like that, they were definitely some bad injuries. >> reporter: you think about how jarring that is, how so many of us every day commute to and from work just there trying to get to work in the morning and then this horrific thing happened, really just a sad day here at this station and it is not first time there has been a crash here in 2011, a pathh commute are train had a crash here that injured 30 people. just a little bit ago transportation officials updated everyone on the investigation, and where they stand in all of that. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is also here on the scene, and we will go to him with more on those details, greg. >> reporter: jessica, that is right, ntsb just updated us on
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their investigation and we her from the vice chair woman, bella, who has had some of the struggles investigators are having with their investigation, of course, train 1614 came in at a high rate of speed, caused structural damage. canopy here at hoboken station felon to some of that train, three of the cars right now according to the spokesperson are not able to be accessed by investigators. they are not able to get to them because it is simply not safe to do so. on top of that this is a very old terminal. there are concerns over asbestos. investigators are not able to get to the full wreckage just yet but this vehicle 1614 was being pushed by the locomotive at rear of the train so investigators have been able to receive and recover the train's recorder and they are looking into possible speeds and whether or not, brakes were applied either during or slightly before. that recorder has been recovered. we have learned that from the ntsb there are two outward
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cameras on train 1614, they have not yet been accessed, but they were recording, they could give us a better idea of exactly what happened, what led up to this fatal crash. now of course we are hearing all of this as investigators are here for just a few hours, tomorrow is their first full day of crash scene here in hoboken. once again, there is some hinderance to this investigation. take a listen as to what the vice chairman says is going on. >> we are working with new jersey transit, because that is to assess the safety of the scene. canopy of the building is on top of the controlling car and water has been hooking all take, and so there may be structural damage. our investigation will continue here on the scene, for seven to ten days and our mission toys not just understand what happened, but to understand why it happened so we can prevent it from happening again.
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>> once again back here live ntsb investigators will be here for 20710 days their first full day of the investigation continues tomorrow. one other quick thing we'd like to point out jim southworthies chief investigation investigators in this investigation and he was also chief investigator at two other crashes in the area. amtrak crash in chester earlier this year in april 2016, of course and conn rain freight derailment in paulsboro on november 2012. big investigation ahead in the coming days. we are live from hoboken new jersey i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, greg, thanks very much. according to the department of transportation, new jersey transit trains do not have, what is men as positive train control and you have probably heard us mention this back during the amtrak crash. amtrak does have positive train control now. what that does is it slows down or stops a train that is going too fast. it is an automated system. tonight our thick coal brewer
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takes a look at why widespread implementation of that has been delayed, she also has a dire warning from an expert about our country's railways. >> reporter: as investigation into thursday's train crash continues many are wondering if the cat trophy in hoboken could have been prevented through positive train control. technology that was not installed on new jersey transit rails. the line was where the crash occur. >> we have made progress but it is just not the urgency there should be in investigate nothing t p.c. that is a advancement that congress had ton sooner. >> reporter: despite being mandated in 2008, congress extended its deadline for ptc, to december 2018, a deadline new jersey transit appears to be working to achieve. it is expensive. nation's rails need approximately $2 billion to get things up and running and so far congress has allocated only 269 million. >> we have neglected our railroads, tremendously. >> reporter: doctor bucheck is
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public transport expert and former advisor to the department of transportation. he says that the system is design to automatically stop a train before certain types of accidents occur. >> the system will physically or electrically pull the brakes. >> reporter: while authorities have not determined whether ptc would have made a difference in thursday's crash if they were active, the doctor says a train exceeding the seed limit would have been adjusted before entering the station. a system that would have prevented the 2015 train derailment that killed eight people here in philadelphia. as well as the crash that claimed lives of two amtrak employees in chester, less than a year later. doctor vu check says today's crash proves the extension of the deadline was a mistake. in a statement u.s. senator bob casey says that this tragic crash in new jersey is a lee minder that the safety of our railways is absolutely necessary and implementation of ptc to make travel safer must happen. after the amtrak derailment in philadelphia i led a push for additional investments in
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these technologies and tougher requirements on servicers and i make that same case again today. in delaware county, nicole brewer, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, nicole thanks very much. we have continuing coverage of this train accident, in hoboken, both here on the air on "eyewitness news" and anytime for you at cbs coming up in six minutes we will be back, with more eyewitness account and what happened here this morning. ukee. jessica, thank you. we will see you shortly. we are covering this story, a woman is behind bars tonight accused offsetting the house fire that killed two wilmington fire fighters and injured four others. she's facing murder, assault and arson charges. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has that story from wilmington. >> reporter: city of wilmington prepares to lay two veteran fire fighters to rest there is a major break in the case. beatrice ruiz tonight is being held on six million-dollar bail, charged with setting the
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deadly fire in 1927 lakeview road the home owned by her father. in court documents obtained by cbs-3, ruiz was drunk and on anxiety medication when she went to the basement to get her things. police say that she confessed the lighting the fire in the the basement. wilmington fire crew as arrived saturday morning lieutenant christopher leach and senior fire fighters jerry fickes was on the first floor as the floor collapsed in the basement and both men collapsed and later died. four others were seriously hurt. beatrice ruiz is charged with two counts of murder, assault and arson. >> that same day we were here with her but she was fine but she was drinking. >> reporter: neighbors like gabby feel ex-said she saw ruiz drinking before the fire. gabby has two children. they live two doors from where the fire happen. she says fana ruiz seemed fine but admit they are confused about the details. do you think she's capable of doing this. >> i mean to tell you the
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truth i don't think so. she was a good mom. she would talk about her son. to me i don't think so but you never know people when they are drunk they do different things. >> reporter: we check with court officials a short time ago beatrice fana ruiz remains behind bars unable to post that six million-dollar bail. she will return to a courtroom to face a judge, next week. in wilmington delaware joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". first of two public viewings is taking place for fallen fire fighters jerry fickes junior. family ape trend are paying their respects to grace lutheran church in hockessin delaware. second public viewing will take place tomorrow afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00. a private funeral will follow. philadelphia police identified the father who carried out the a stabbing rampage in cobbs creek. it happened on the 6200 block of hazel a avenue last night. detectives say christopher soul choked his daughter and then stabbed his eight year-old son and his son's 13 year-old friend in the chest. both children are in critical
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condition at children's hospital. soul ran from the scene and was shot and killed during a conn fronttation with police. still to come on "eyewitness news" continuing coverage from hoboken. >> it was so shocking people just ran and just stared at first like you don't believe that just happened. >> shock and awe, more emotional reaction from eyewitnesses who saw the deadly crash in north jersey first hand. it was a holiday hit and run that left the family heart broken and two years later a break in the case and possible closure, for family members. kate? our soggy stretch continues as heavy rain continues to fall especially off to the south but drifting to the north i'll tell but a flash flood watch in effect we will time out heaviest rain hour by hour and latest on potential tracks of hurricane matthew next week all coming up
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back on "eyewitness news" with the very latest on this deadly new jersey transit trash in hoboken. we are learning 34 year-old woman was killed as she was struck by debris standing on the platform. more than 100 others were injured. rail service in and out of the, and, and, it was on the scene. now about a being to hoboken jessica dean, jessica.
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the. >> and suddenly beast come heroes. they are rushing in and helping people they do the in the know they may never see again and we certainly saw that from people here today. we have the chance to hear some gut wrenching eyewitness accounts from people that we talk to throughout the day, and the destruction is evident, in the video, and the photos, and the aftermath we have seen, the debris, all through that station. we will see what the force with which that train came through that station. passengers on the train and eyewitnesses recalled these perfect filing moments this morning. lets take a listen. >> it was like a big crash, and, everything from dealing with it. >> the light went off, and people started screaming, and like it wasn't a jolt like that, it was like being thrown from one area to the next. >> i hear this really loud
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bang, it sounded like nails on the chalkboard you know what i mean and then just followed by the deaf silence and then i hear all these screams coming and terror like noise and everything. >> just incredible stories coming out of this train station this morning. again, one person we know is dead, 108 injured, that investigation continues, you heard greg argos reporting earlier in the broadcast there are many pieces that will go into piecing together exactly what happened here and why this train just did in the stop, when it got to the last stop here in hoboken. we will continue to follow all of the development and we will have the latest, for you back to you. >> jessica, thanks very much. police make an arrest in the deadly hit and run nearly two years after the incident. four three-year old christopher cook was taken in custody wednesday facing several charges including homicide by vehicle. cook allegedly struck and killed three three-year old teresa pose i as she was
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crossing the street on the 8100 block of state road in holmesberg december 232,014th. an anonymous tip led them to cook. kate bill other joins us now with the forecast and system is moving from the south. >> it is a lot of rain from south to north this eveninges specialry heavy at cross southern delaware. today all day long but now starting to invade city and suburbs. we have in the seen all that much today but now rain has moved in, and you can see it is a very glummy damp night in center city. live look there showing road spray and some glummy conditions, low clouds and fog leading to slow downs on area roadways tonight. here's storm scan three which shows us heavier rain off to the south but it is moving north and it is light to moderate from philadelphia and points on north but heavy downpours across kent, sussex counties in delaware. it does look like it is pushing slightly to the west. would i expect this area of rain to eventually move into portions of maryland, possibly heaviest missing philadelphia
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over next couple hours but we will get in on heavy downpours overnight. scattered across the area, not everyone receives heavy rain but we will see that start to move further north and start to get rain amounts we have seen off to the south, further north tonight. rain amounts, over delaware, harbison, 9.69 inches of rain, milton 7.44, 6 inches in stockily, 4.57 in harrington and three and a half in lewes. that number increased. get updated totals and we will have them at 11:00. flash flood watch goes right through friday afternoon and it includes philadelphia, delaware county, all of south jersey and all of delaware. downpours have been enough to trigger risk for flash flooding. here's what it looks like heavy rain from the city on south through remainder of this evening. that is heaviest right in the overnight hours. then as we get into your friday morning still soggy with scatter downpours during the morning commute, afternoon, still looks wet but does look a little bit more scattered here friday afternoon and that will be the case saturday as well.
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saturday scattered showers at anytime and then sunday maybe by the last frame here we will see a lit built of sun peak out what to expect on the road, showers windy for rest of the afternoon drive tonight. heavy rain overnight and downpours for your friday morning. latest on hurricane matthew brings this storm takes a sharp turn near cuba and most models have it in the bohamas but where does it go after. that it could go out in the atlantic or make a turn closer to the east coast still a lot of variability. we will keep you posted on that system. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, again rain tonight, rain tomorrow, scattered showers, saturday getting better on sunday and then we will start to clear out next week. if we did get impact from matthew it would be next thursday or friday but is there still so much variability it is impossible to say. >> thanks for the heads up. >> don bell has sports and we're talking about fresh nan phenom. >> absolutely a lot of promise coming his way. more award forbidder, one on offense and defense and
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fletcher cox becoming the latest eagle to get honored this month. more on the bird after
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he is a very talented kid, very smart, sees things, i was very impressed with him from day one. guess who said that about carson wentz? the answer? sam bradford, your boy, sammy
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sleeves. a former bird talked about carson today as vikings get set to take on vikings. the classy comments by sammy. meanwhile wentz was named the nfl's rookie of the month, he is first player in history to win at ward, the eagles are ranked second in offense and the only team in the nfl without a turn over. so a lot of props for carson and merrill easies in isn't afraid to heap more praise on the kid. >> i'm not afraid to say it. he is the real thing. you cannot give him too many accolades. it doesn't bother me that doug pederson says that he prepares like payton manning or that frank re c h says he is tough like jim kelly or that brett favre went on his show and said carson wentz is far more polish then he was, after he got to the packers in a second year being traded by atlanta. >> but to the other side of the ball, fletcher cox was named nfc defensive player in
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the month, 14 tackles and three sacks, so far, cox is first eag toll win at ward since connor barwin since november 24. eagles have a weekend off, they play lions on october 9th, in detroit. there are only four games left in the season and phillies are no where near playoff spot but that doesn't mean they have to quit or play like stiffs. that is why ryan hour and veteran catcher aj ellis called a players only meeting after last night's beat down in atlanta. the message finish strong. phillies lay braves in less than an hour and try to recover there last night's 12-two loss. they have allowed 63 runs, in their last six games. that ain't good. share with us your favorite moment, by using the #thanks ryan. on facebook, instagram, and twitter, or our web site cbs ryan. just our way of saying thanks, to the big piece. we will be right back.
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captioning sponsored by cbs a deadly crash in the the morning rush. >> everything shook. just shook, and everybody got quiet. >> pelley: a train packed with commuters plowed into a terminal in the shadows of new york city. at least one person is dead, many are injured. >> i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we were going to get out. >> pelley: also tonight, a plea for prayers for a first grader shot at school. >> he's a hard little fighter, and you gotta continue to remember that. >> pelley: it's 40 days till the election, but the voting has already begun. fraud at wells fargo, the c.e.o. under fire. >> something is going wrong at this bank, and you are the head of it. >> pelley: and nearly half a century after two black


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