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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> i got back on the train and i've been commuting to new york city for 30 years. >> fear, after horrific train crash in hoboken. live with what's next in that investigation, and a look at how commuters are impacted this morning. >> and flashflood watch remains in effect for most of our area. we're in for another day of wet and windy conditions. well, today is friday, september 30th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm nicole brewer in for brooke thomas. lauren and meisha joining thus morning, not the prettiest morning. you have your work cut out for you. >> okay. yes. we're all coming offer like detox now, because of the coffee yesterday, right? i can tell you right now that you will absolutely not only pacca extra large coffee, but pack your patience. you are going to need it. we've got accidents littered everywhere right now.
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yes. mother nature not being very kind to us over the last couple every days, we do need the rainfall, running about four and a half inches deficit in philadelphia. we didn't need it like all at one time, 24, 36 hour period, but that's how it is coming, checking in live, temperatures, generally in the 60s right now, and our reporting sites, which typically is above normal for us, but combine that with steady rainfall, the low clouds, and these windy conditions, it feels down right chilly. winds right in you in rohoboth beach at 34 miles per hour, gusting close to 50 miles per hour. and yes, it has been a rainy go over the last 48 hours, check out doppler radar estimated rainfall totals. the highest amounts, just incredible, across portions of delaware, where we've seen over a foot of rainfall, in this time frame, across parts of sussex county, where we do have numerous road closures, and still, a concern for flashflooding, flashflood watch in effect for large portion of the area, including philadelphia, metro, until 4:00 in the afternoon.
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today as the rain continues to fall, storm scan3, showing us, pretty widespread rain, light to moderate in intensity, continuing to move from south to north across the region, and again, filling in in sussex county, with some heavier pockets every rain, and in your day planner, yes, not too great. meisha, winds, rain, cool temperatures, only topping in the middle 60s. >> yikes. yes, i know we need the rain, lauren, but i don't want it right now. i'm over it, all right? good morning, everyone. all right, well, happy friday regardless. we will get to this one together. take a look outside. this is where we have an accident. i back out of the way. what we were looking at hard to see in the shot there it is right there we have an accident here 95 north near cottman, vehicle hit this wall and spun around, facing the opposite direction. so heads up on that, moving in the northbound direction because it is still dark out there, number one. number two, it is still very very slick out there, always have the risk of hydroplaning when it is this wet. schuylkill westbound before 202 pulled off to the right side. ten minute ago looking at some
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pretty significant backups right now the backups actually look okay, kind of holding steady there. take a look at this, talk about backups, 422 eastbound past trooper. right lane compromised, not only a lot of people out there, but you're going to have some major gaper delay here as well. give yourself extra time there. guess what? i've got about five other things we will talk about in about ten minute, jim and nicole back over to you. >> big mess out, there thanks, meisha. federal authorities are working to find the cause every deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. >> authorities have identified the engineer, he's now out of the hospital, and said to be cooperating with authority. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in hoboken with the latest developments this morning. hey, jan? >> reporter: nicole, jim, good morning. the historic hoboken terminal which you see behind me here this morning will remain closed today. it is unclear when it will reopen. of course this investigation had to happen. but even before that, crews have to go in there and secure that area because of the partial collapse and remove some of the debris. so a lot still needs to be done. as far as the investigation goes, crews are now securing
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the black boxes, the event recorders, also going to be reviewing out ward facing cameras and of course interviewing that train's engineer. >> the engineer was released from the hospital. >> chris christie referencing the engineer thursday's deadly commuter train crash. >> he is cooperating with law enforce. >> engineer now identified as 48 year old thomas gallagher, new jersey transit employee for 29 years. the train was packed with passengers, and reportedly traveling too fast, when it slammed into the hoboken terminal. >> i got tilted -- jolted out of our seats, very loud crash and explosion outside. >> the crash killed a woman waiting on the platform. the victim, 34 year old fabiola bittar de kroon of hoboken. she was an attorney and mother every young child. more than 100 people were injured, 13 are still in guarded condition, after the crash, images flooded social media, showing what looks like a partial roof collapse at one of the busiest transit hubs in the new york area. officials are now working to inspect the train's braking system, and determine just how fast it was going.
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>> we are going to be pulling that event recorder from the locomotive. there is also a recorder in the cab car, the controlling car, and we will be get that as soon as we can access that. >> meantime neighbors of the engineer say they're shocked and concerned after hearing about the crash. >> when i heard it, or actually saw you come up, and heard that there was a case, coy not believe it. it is just tragic, in terms of what they're going through, or what they're going to be going through. >> reporter: now again, the train's engineer was injured during the crash, taken to the hospital, to be treated for those injuries. but he has since been released. he's now cooperating with investigators. now, as far as this crash goes, again it, raises concerns and questions about possibly whether the automated braking technology or positive train control would have stopped this crash. this train did not have ptc. we are reporting live in hoboken, new jersey, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back into you.
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>> jan, thank you. now, as january just said, many are wondering if it could have been prevented from positive pain control. >> it helps control the speed of trains, on the new jersey transit rail line. despite be mandated, they extended implementation to december every 2018. >> made progress, but just not the emergency that there should be -- a you are enjoy is in investigating in ptc, advantagement that congress had expectations to be done much sooner. >> new jersey transit says it is work to go install ptc. >> meantime, septa says, all of its regional rail lines will be updated with ptc by the end of the year. the transit agency started installation back in april. about half dozen of its lines have positive train control right now. >> the train knows where it is at, knows what the allowed speed is in that territory, and it will enforce that speed. there is an on board computer on the train, and so, if you're going too fast, it
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will, you know, put you in a emergency brake condition. >> now, for septa installing the new system, has been a 328 million-dollar endeavor. well stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow development on the deadly train crash in hoboken. you can find the very latest any time on >> new this morning, a man is gunned down right outside his hunting park home. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside police headquarters, with the very latest on the investigation. hi, justin. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. key to cracking this case, police say, are the witnesses who told them they saw a man running from that scene, moments after those shots were fired, and also, saw a possible get-away car. as you mention, this victim, gunned down, just feet from his front door. >> a crime scene investigation spanning the 700 block of west andsberry street overnight, here close to 11:00 p.m. thursday, 25th district police got calls of a man shot. >> one projectile was actually
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found right where the victim was laying. >> the victim, age 42, was found lying on the sidewalk, with at least one shot to his head. investigators say, it is likely at least four shots were fired, some at very close range. he was taken to temple hospital where he died. witnesses report a man in a gray hooded sweatshirt running from the scene after the gunfire, and this white sedan speeding off. those details went out over police radio, and what white sedan was found virtually around the corner by eighth and winghocking streets. inside police found two men and that gray sweatshirt. what they're after now, a motive and an account of the victim's final moment. >> he was on the sidewalk, just inches from his front steps, just a few inches or feet from his front door. >> now, the suspect rather the victim at this time has not been identified. those witnesses were brought here for questioning, with homicide detectives, that is
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after they positively identified that white sedan. we're live here outside police headquarters, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", nicole, jim, back into you. >> thank you, authorities charge a delaware woman with setting the fire that killed two wilmington firefighters and injured four other. authorities say beatrice was drunk, and using anxiety medication, when she start that fire in the family's lakeview road home on saturday. lieutenant christopher leach and senior firefighter jerry fickes were killed during the fire when a floor collapsed. two injured firefighters are recovering at crozer burn center. >> well the first of two public viewers for firefighter fickes was held last night in hokessing, head their final respect recalls at grace lutheran church. second public viewing this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00. private funeral will follow. lieutenant christopher leach will be remembered today at saint police bet catholic church in wilmington. the viewing is from 10:00 to noon followed by the funeral mass. >> then a joint memorial service for those firefighters at the chase center on the
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wilmington riverfront beginning at 1:00 saturday. >> well, just within the last half hour, former israeli president and noble price winner peres laid to rest. israels national cemetery, called mount hurtful. peres died wednesday at age 93 after 60 year career in israeli government. hundreds of people including dozens of international leaders, traveled to jerusalem for the services. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning. little girl is pulled from the rubble following a deadly bomb attack in syria. find out what helped rescue crews finds her under all of that concrete. >> plus, geathers galor, alligators are common site in florida, but this many? finds out where dozens were spotted right near a popular bike trail. coming up.
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>> little girl could be heard screaming as workers drilled through concrete, worked for four hours before they could create enough space to free her and lift her to safety from aleppo. covered in dust, carried away to ambulance. the air strike killed at least 24 people. >> well the wells fargo scandal is igniting bipartisan outrage. law make makers from both sides of the aisle agree the bank messed up big time n its
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second appearance before congressional committee, yom stump grilled over the illegal sales practices, more than 2 million faked deposit and credit cards accounts were allegedly opened without customer's knowledge. the apology from stomp did not go far with some lawmakers. >> i am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our response to our customers, to our team members, and to the american public. >> you think today's tough? it is coming. when the prosecutors get ahold of you, you will have a lot of fun. >> us and california regulators hit wells fargo with fines totaling $185 million. >> part every maryland are under water this morning. >> yes, residents in this apartment building, take a look, were awakened by firefighters evacuating them. now, they've been told to prepare to be gone for days. and in saulsbury we're told parts after road buckled and collapsed because of all of that rain.
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>> i mean, we are getting inches and inches of it, lauren, even yesterday, a lot in delaware. >> absolutely, yes. bucket every rainfall, and such a short amount of time. and there have been road closures reported across parts of sussex county. we'll have that for you coming up in just a bit. check out rain totals. throughout the duration of this event, over foot, in harbison, sell delaware, stockily picking up well over 9 inches every rainfall, dover over 4 inches, and the rain continues to fall at this hour. storm scan3, showing us, again, socked in with the rainfall, continuing to move from south to north, pretty widespread in nature. also, some heavier pockets every rainfall up toward the lehigh valley and then delaware, you are getting filled in once again, across portions every sussex county back into the delaware beaches. got little bit of a break earlier this morning. but now the rainfall intensity starting to expand. and also, little more heavy. this morning on the roadways, light to moderate rainfall with some pockets of heavier rainfall, do watch out for the ponding and road spray, also, poor drainage flooding,
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definitely want to drive with caution, so leave yourself that extra time. winds speeds contends withing kind of blustery conditions as well, winds speeds up around 15 to 20 miles per hour, with higher gusts, gusting near 40 in ac, right along the immediate coastline, seeing winds gust reports in the 50-mile per hour range. and talking about strong winds, we do have hurricane matthew, now category two hurricane, winds at 100 miles per hour, movement off to the west, becoming major hurricane, and then potentially crossing cuba as strong category two hurricane, eventually, moving off to the north, so it is something we'll have to cope close eye on as we head into the ends every next week, start of next weekend. but for today, cool, winnie, periods every rain, 56 degrees, then tonight, need the umbrella, cloudy, breezy, scattered showers, low at 62 degrees, then we start some slow drying, as we head into the upcoming weekend, lingering shower possible sunday, but then dry conditions had into monday and tuesday much better for those morning commutes. >> good, lauren, music to our ears, because guess what?
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ladies and gentlemen, you are waking to up some very messy roadways. 309 north at norristown road. that right lane is compromised right now because after accident. that's not the only one. so just bear with me here. also, talking about 95 north near cottman pulled offer the vehicle, hit that wall, spun all the way around, causing slow downs around the northbound side again that's 95 north near cottman. schuylkill westbound before 202, right side compromised with slow downs, don't look that significant. we just got to have wet roadways. we can hydroplane in that casement take it easy out there. also isn't here 422 past trooper all lanes temporarily blocked right now, all temporarily block. trying to get that cleared out of the way, causing you real slow downs. also another accident lincoln drive northbound off ramp to city avenue. not causing too many slow downs. then also because of what happened yesterday, new jersey transit take a look at this, no service in and out of hoboken. however, past service is restored, in and out of hoboken. hudson bergin light rain also restored. we will get to a lot more
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>> racially offensive video created by two albright college student posted on snap
6:21 am
chat has a stern response. video features female student dong black face make up and includes disparaging remarks about the black lives matter movement. >> from the intelligence err, red light cameras seem to be driving down crashes in abington. police say accidents where red light cameras have been placed are down 30% in the last two years. 79% of the violations are issued to non-resident. >> in the delaware county daily times, a ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court could leave chester facing a drastic short-fall in revenue from harrah's philadelphia casino and racetracks. a law requiring casinos to pay at least 4% of slot machine revenues to their host communities has been ruled unconstitutional. that is nearly quarter of chester's general funds revenues each year. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, we're getting a look. look at amazing site that may freak some people out. >> amazingly scary i guess it how you feel about alligators. i think most people are afraid of them.
6:22 am
but take a look, these are all alligators in a lake in florida. community officials have commissioned an expert report on why so many of them are gathering in this one place. in the meantime, they're washing residents to steer clear. >> i would not go outside. alligators, they run fast when they get -- i've seen them on those shows. >> coming up this morning, meisha takes us on another dream drive. no alligators. >> plus the royal family in canada and princess charlotte carries out her first public engagement with brother prince george. we'll tell you where they went coming up.
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>> all eyes focused on the weekends ahead. it will be kind of wet one, specially saturday, across the region, showers still in the forecast for the poconos, the city and down the shore. temperatures will generally be in the low to mid 70s, from south jersey, up into the city. little cooler in the poconos, as we head into the upcoming weekends. high tomorrow only of 06 degrees. we start to dry things out as we head into sunday, with jim, maybe even few peaks of sunshine. >> that's nice to know, thanks, lauren. well, welcome back. donald trump is responding to accusations he violated us embargo with cuba in the
6:26 am
1990's. news week magazine reports, trump hotel executives visited communist nation in 1998 for business meetings, trip that cost around $68,000. well the report is suggesting that the trump delegation may not have obtained the proper u.s. treasury license to spend money in cuba. trump denies the claims. meanwhile, hillary clinton says the report is evidence that trump puts his own interests before the nation. >> well, prince william and his wife, kate, continue their week in canada. they're taking tour there. the royal family has some fun yesterday, attending party for military families. prince george and princess charlotte played with balloons , and bulbs, children and parent invited to the party have family members who are currently deployed in the military. but, how much do you love these kids? >> dow like them, they're a very nice family. >> and so cute. could look at them all day. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", jan is live in hoboken following again that deadly train crash.
6:27 am
jan? >> reporter: the nnsb is here on scene for the first full day of their investigation. i'm jan carabeo reporting live. coming up what we are learning about the train's engineer. >> thanks, jan. also, weather watcher friday. take a look. we've got an extra person in the studio this morning, meet our special guest next, hey, bill. >> hey, bill. >> hi, bill. >> there you
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>> heavy rain will impact your commute this morning, flashflood watch is now in effect. >> we'll take a look at the weekend to see when we'll dry out. tgif. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm nicole brewer in for brooke this morning. here's what you need to know in your morning minute.
6:31 am
>> like we were a family. you say america, man, i'm not lying. everybody, everybody ran to help. >> first full day for ntsb. thirty-four year old hoboken woman standing on the platform was killed by falling debris. >> no service in and out of hoboken right now. >> police say a man was shot to death right outside his hunting park home. >> philadelphia police tell us alert witnesses helped them nab two suspect. >> world leaders in jerusalem today to former israeli president shimon peres. >> understand it is better to live until the very time hon orders with longing not for the past. for the dreams that have not yet come true. >> the rain is just steady. >> prolonged miserable, draining. >> having fun on friday, despite the weather. >> just going to leave me like that? >> no, i wouldn't.
6:32 am
just for little while. i was going to go get something to eat? >> all right. well, i'm glad you're here, always sunny in our studio. >> that's the good news, having fun this friday morning. lauren hat some company in the weather center, so, it is a party today. >> rainy outside, but sunny in the werth center. because we have one of our cbs-3 weather watchers with us this morning, bill from cardington, thanks for being with us this morning. what got new weather watching? >> i work outside, outside every day. >> that's a good reason. >> so i have to stay in tune with the wetter. >> awesome watch do you do for a living? >> landscaper. i work tree work, shrubs, everything. >> all across the delaware vale? >> mostly upper darby. >> okay, nice. >> what's the landscaping tip that you gave everybody? >> green, green side up, good. >> awesome. what's your favorite type of weather to watch? >> probably snow. >> snow? >> yes. blizzards. >> blizzards?
6:33 am
>> white-out, yes. >> blizzard conditions, yes. bill likes the tough weather. thanks so much for being with us this morning, and thanks for all you do as a cbs-3 weather watcher. you can sign up to be a weather watcher, all you need is a rain guage, thermometer. not too hardy requirement. radar estimates over the last 48 hours, showing us, the trends of the last two days. and that is wet weather. seeing some of the lowest rainfall totals across portions of the poconos, generally less than an inch, but across portions every delaware, over a foot, a foot of rainfall, especially across portions of sussex county, and we do have the road closures, harbison, delaware, several roads closed and washed out, route five washed out. also bethany beach delaware route one closed and dagsborough route 113 closed, and milton, delaware action as well. we do have more rain in the forecast, that flashflood watch is in effect for much of the area until 4:00 this afternoon, the rain will
6:34 am
continue to fall. kind of steadily at times throughout the day. >> all right, lauren, is thank you so much for all of the guidance heads up this morning, because we will need it. we've just seen string of problems, ever since 4:30 this morning, so the first one we are looking at, nine the a north past cottman, vehicle hit pole. spun around. and now you are seeing the product of that. northbound usually isn't very slow. specially on early friday morning. but you can see, it is slowing down, because that far accident. even in the northbound side. we look at the southbound side, it is actually kind of mirror what the northbound side is doing, and that's typically not what we see. but it is because of the accident. also, 309 north, at norristown road, that right lane is compromised, you have one driveable lane looks like, that's going to slow you down little bit as well. then another accident here, schuylkill westbound, before 202. that right side compromised, might just be clearing right now, eastbound side you can see how slow moving that is as well, because of the wet roadways. plus we have an accident delaware, 495 southbound before philadelphia pike, take a look at this, left lane block, that's absolutely going
6:35 am
to slow you down, plus, we have another accident, lincoln drive, off ram top city avenue pulled off to the shoulders. we are talking about hoboken new jersey transit coming up in a little bit. jim, nicole, back to you. >> thousands of people commuting through hoboken new jersey will be looking for another way to work this morning, after thursday's deadly train crash. >> right now, federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused that train to slam into a terminal, killing one woman, and injuring more than 100. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in hoboken, where that engineer is facing questions. jan? >> nicole, jim, good morning, that train's engineer was injured, but has been released from the hospital. we're told he is cooperating with authorities. more on that in a minute. a lot can be done on the scene by ntsb investigators. crews have been working hard to secure the black boxes or the data recorders. two of themment one little bit more easily accessible than the other located in back of the train, locomotive there. other part of the train harder to except because of course the roof collapsed here, a lot of the train still burried
6:36 am
under debris, but of course those devices are important, because they'll give how fast the train was traveling, whether any brakes were applied. but take a look at the video, these images are still fresh in people's minds hereof this deadly commuter train crash. now, when the packed rush hour new jersey transit train smashed through the station here, happened just before 9:00 a.m. yesterday, 34 year old hoboken woman standing on the platform was killed by debris. more than 100 others were injured. and now, the national transportation safety board, is trying to determine why and how this happened. experts will look at the condition of the train, track, and signals as part of their investigation. they'll also review the train's outward facing cameras, and of course, they'll examine the engineer's performance. he is now identified as 48 year old thomas gallagher, who had close to 20 years of experience as an engineer. gallagher was injured in the crash, but again, already released from the hospital. officials say he is cooperating with the investigation. >> our investigation will continue here on scene for
6:37 am
seven to ten days. and our mission is to not just understand what happened, but to understand why it happened. >> now, of course, this crash has renewed questions, whether automatic braking systems, or positive train control would have prevented it accident. this train did not have ptc. we will continue to update you from the scene. for now, live in hoboken, new jersey, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back into you. >> thanks for the updatement you can also learn more on this deadly train crash in hoboken coming up on 7:00 on cbs this morning. >> new this morning, police have two men in custody for deadly shooting in the city's hunting park section. police tell us 42 year old man was shot to death right outside his home. it happened just after 11:00 last night at seventh and andsberry, officers say an eyewitness describe the shooter and were able to track down the perm fitting the description and possible accomplice. well, police make arrest in a deadly hit-and-run nearly two years later. forty-three year old christopher cook faces several charges, including homicide by
6:38 am
vehicle. investigators say, cook struck and killed 33 year old theresa pozzi as she was crossing the street on the 8100 block of state road in holmesburg 2013. police say anonymous tip led them to cook. this sunday marks ten years since the unspeakable violence errupted inside an amish school house in the heart of lancaster county. on october 2nd, 2006, charles roberts enters the west nickel mine school in bart township and took ten young girls hostage. the delivery man from nearby town shot the girls as police tried to enter the school house killing five and seriously injuring five more before taking his own life. it was an attack on innocent lives that brought a deeply faith-based community to it knees, and yet, forgiveness was immediate. >> see the conversation my dad had with them outside. to hear him come back in, tell us, they came because they were concerned about you and your children, they wanted you to know that they had forgiven charlie, and they were ex
6:39 am
standing grace and compassion over your family. >> now tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 more from the wife of the killer. she opens up about the amazing act of kindness from the amish hours after the murders and even now ten years later. our alexandria hoff travels back to lancaster county annex mores how this tragedy has change add community that strives to romain unchanged. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning: how carli lloyd became a soccer star when nobody was watching. that's the title of her new member or. get personal about talking about her road to the worlds cup. do you know she almost quit soccer at one point? my interview with the soccer star is next. >> intriguing. meisha's dream drive. taking us to family-owned farm there is becomes an eating destination. so if you're hungry, listen up. their most popular product is made right on their shelves. we'll be back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> wake up, september sending. >> yes, you better be up by now. start your friday morning with us, we're so glad you're here. we will be back. >> ♪
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it is friday, you know what that means? >> time for another dream drive. >> my favorite part of the week. >> where are you sendinger? >> this week, i found beautiful store in chester county where they make their most popular products, my favorite, right on site. not it mention customers get great view. special behind the scenes view
6:44 am
and educational tour. take a look at this. >> i'm driving to a spot in chester county, right off horse shoe pike. we are in honeybrook, on our way to a cheese farm right now. and i hear that everything in there is homemade. september harm has been chester county cheese favorite for 11 years. the family owns it. >> we live on a dairy farm. and the milk is brought here from our farm to make the cheese. >> cheese maker vernon brewbok err takes it from there. today he's making monterrey jack. >> how much cheese do you make a day? >> probably about 600 pounds a day. >> 600 pounds a day? >> yes. >> once the milk is pasturized, he adds the cultures and some yeast forming curds and whey. >> what we're doing right now, we're draining the curds and whey. >> eventually the cheese all gets packed. >> then the next morning it will be a block of cheese.
6:45 am
>> general manager, nelson martin, gives me the scoop on their holland style guda. >> we make our guda cheese, we put it in the press, press it into the mold, and wheel we see here. >> this is the this is the brine tank, thick salt water. we put an edible coating to seal it. when it dries, we stack it on our shelves for aging. >> what happens to it? >> these boards are boards from holland, and it absorbs the flavor of the board in the humidity with the cheese, which enhances the flavor. >> brr, cold in here. >> and the temperatures at 56 degrees, and the humidity is 83% humidity. it is like a cave age cooler which allows the cheese to breathe as it ages. and as it ages, the cheese gets better. >> some cheeses are here only for few weeks. others stay for six years, before they hit the shelves. >> the farm store resembles a little village.
6:46 am
selling ice cream, baked goods, treats, hot sandwiches. >> i think i may have to try something here. >> yes, speaking of that, weaver some food for you here. we have a grilled cheese sandwich and fried cheese curds. >> oh, i can't even tell you. one of those things you don't want to do on camera, but you guys, this is so good. it is better than what mama used to make, you know what i mean? >> yep. i know what i mean when i say that. not only is the cheese delicious there, but they make a very mean pumpkin spice latte, as well. a great place to visit with a homemade family feel. thank you so much, september farms, for their wonderful hospitality, you guys, and i tried one of those aged cheeses, what a difference, trying an aged cheese, six to 15 years out versus one kind of thrown on the shelves right away. >> aged to perfection? >> guda is gooda. >> oh! >> there goes my traffic flicker, sorry, i can't do traffic, i guess?
6:47 am
>> oh, look. it is friday. >> speaking of which, yes, spinning out every control here, i mean not only up at the anchor desk here but also on the roadway, take a look at this. so this is where we had an accident. ninety-five north where we had one, vehicle hit a wall. and then spun out, past cottman, that has now since been cleared. but what you are looking at right now, 95 south, before cottman, we have another accident there. so take a look, pulled all the way off to the right. doesn't look like the slow downs around this are too significant. however, make note of the fact that it is very wet out there. and no matter where you travel, it will be cause you some slow downs. another accident out there 95 south, girard point bridge. it is kind of hard to see. little bit of hazy camera shot for you. it is also visibility issues out there, as well, not to mention the fact it is wealth. another accident there. also, 309 north, at norristown road, we have another accident there, still trying to clear, all lanes block, looks like now you have to have driveable lane, far left lane, however there is will slow you down, so around here, on 309 north, norristown road, give yourselves extra time there.
6:48 am
then we have another accident delaware. 495 southbound before philadelphia pike. that left lane is compromised there. and we have more to talk about coming up quickly in about ten minutes. all right, we go to weather. so lauren, what can we expect? is this going to go away? >> it will eventually go away. but not for right now. we've been dealing with this persistent rainfall really over the last about 36 hours. and our weather watchers are up early with us this morning, giving some of us, getting some of the rainfall totals. they are significant in some areas. check out some of the rainfall amounts. lisa's house in wilmington, delaware, closing in on 2 inches every rainfall. gilbertsville, pennsylvania, eileen reporting about an inch and a half. dover, delaware, also, about an inch and a half. this likely just today's total from midnight, not even counting yesterday's totals, medford new jersey at andrew's house picking but inch of rainfall. mt. laurel new jersey my hometown about .8 of an inch of rainfall. see upward of about an inch, even surpassing that, in
6:49 am
places in delaware. philadelphia, pennsylvania, phil, hey, phil, .6 of an inch every rainfall as every midnight last night. we continue to add to these totals as we head through the day today. because storm scan3 is locked in with this rainfall. light to moderate in intensity, starting to see heavier rainfall pick up right now specially across portions of atlantic county. very slick commute that we are conned tending w future weather showing us projections headed throughout the day today intermittent periods of rain specially along the coast. we could see wet conditions for our evening commute as well. i don't think it will be as dicey as this morning commute. we head into the evening hours, pack along the umbrella if you are headed out on the town, even into saturday, you can see, scattered showers around, and then maybe even few thunderstorms, as we head into tomorrow evening. so, we are contending with wet weather. then the windy conditions on top of that, winds speeds right now, 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting even higher. gusting up into the 20 to 30-mile per hour range, along the immediate coastline,
6:50 am
gusting to up near 50 miles per hour, for our day today, cool, windy, periods of rain, 65 degrees. for tonight, down to 62, still, some scattered showers and breezy, then we eventually start to slowly dry things out. as we head into the upcoming weekends, sunday the drier day, then dry officially by monday. jim, back to you. >> so, who can forget that all-star performance on the 2015 women's world cup? now, soccer superstar carli lloyd can add author to her already impressive resume. her new autobiography when nobody was watching my hard fought journey to the top of the soccer world is out now. and south jersey's own carli lloyd joins us from the studio, to talk more about the book, thank you for being here. >> no worries. >> you have traveled all over the world, but your's ours. >> yes. >> we take credit for you. >> yes. >> what's it being a jersey girl with this much suck he is? >> this is is where my heart s home is home. i have traveled the worm. i've been to so many different places. there is something about the
6:51 am
philly-jersey area, the food, the people, crazy drivers, i love it all. >> it is unique in its own. >> yes. >> this book, i mean, what was the reason for writing an autobiography at such a young age? >> yes, pretty crazy. with the world cup, and everything that kind of transpired from that, i had the opportunity to, you know, put my inspiration and journey down on paper. and it has been a really long and tough process, but it is great. it is great for young kids to be able to read this, adults, anybody that's really want to go do something great in life. >> i mean, soccer has really grown. expediently over the past few years, i mean, and you're part of the reason why. i mean, when go out, you see young girls, and boys, i mean, what is that like? because you're such a role model? >> it has come a long way, you're turning on the television on the weekends, weekdays, and seeing games, epl games, champion league games, come a long way. the woman's side of the game
6:52 am
has come a long way, as women. i mean, we've added teams to world cups, so we're just seeing a big huge shift in change. >> but you're at the top of your sport. was there any time that you thought, okay, i need to just take a break or walk away, because, i mean, this is a really demanding career that you have. >> it is, it is not for everybody. it is a really tough and challenging just place to try to make it. when you are at the top, it is even harder to stay at the top. but actually when i was cut from the under 21 level, you know, i didn't know how to deal with it at that age, the criticism. i felt to myself i'll just finish out my college career at rutgers and quit. luckily i didn't. i met a train here changed my life, james goalanis, and starting to continue this journey on. >> it is interesting because you never know where that johnly take you. now this book, a lot of people would think it is all about soccer. but there are other things about yourself and your life and your journey. what are some things people may be surprised to learn?
6:53 am
>> yes, this book is a reflection of my career, but it is also a reflection of things that i have ' had to go through, the obstacles, and things that i've had to overcome. obviously a strained relationship with my family since 2008, which hopefully we can kind of put the pieces back together again. so there has been a lot. i mean, this is a book for everybody. this is something that you can pick up, and be inspired, and know that against all odds you can make it if you put your minds to it. >> what got you through? is there a word of advice that you can give to aspiring sports superstar? >> i mean, james and i have made this amazing unique team together. we respect one another. and to have somebody in your corner, to be able positive push you, motivate you, make you better, and then me put in all of the work, it is, you know, it is worked. if you can have somebody, an outlet, that believes in you, i think that's real key. but do you have work really really hard. >> love you on the good days and the bad days.
6:54 am
>> yes. >> what's next? when we look down into the crystal ball, and look down five, ten years from now, where will you be? >> i want to play another cycle so 2019 is world cup in france. 202 is the olympics in tokyo. and then after that i'll be about 38. so need to start trying to have a family, getting married this november. >> congratulations. >> yes, so exciting times, and then, you know, who knows what the future will hold. i want to stay involved in the game somehow. maybe in the mental part of the game or do camps, as well. >> we're so excite that you're here today. but you're also one of us, one of our members. thank you so much for being here. and the book is when nobody was watching my hard fought journey to the top of the soccer world. we will be right back.
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well before you lever the house here's three to go. >> investigators are on scene, work to go recover event recorders from the new jersey transit train that crashed in hoboken. the train's engineer is out of the hospital, now cooperating with authority. >> a woman is under arrest accused of set that fire that killed two wilmington firefighters last saturday. investigators believe, beatrice ruiz was drunk and using anxiety medication. >> septa plans to resume regular regional rail when they put 50 rail cars back in service. that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic? >> all right, rain, rain, and some more rain. wind on top of that, too. 65 degrees, do watch out for the potential for some flashflooding, that flashflood
6:59 am
watch in effect until 4:00 this afternoon, misty conditions, then as we head into saturday, scattered showers, still in the forecast, up into the 70s, 76 degrees, by sunday, with few lingering showers, and then dry, finally, by monday. >> lauren, few accidents out there, this is what we've got. blue route northbound ramp to the schuylkill westbound, 309 northbound near norristown road, 4995 delaware, southbound before philadelphia pike overall very slow commute, string every problems on the roadways, give yourselves extra time this morning, if it were me i would give myself at least 30 minutes this morning, as you're traveling about. >> thank you so much, meisha. cbs this morning more on the hoboken train crash, what may have caused the tragedy. >> have a great day everybody. happy friday. >> ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." what caused a packed commuter train to slam into a station during rush hour? we are getting new details on the investigation in new jersey. and witnesses describe how they pulled injured passengers from the wreckage. >> one of the country's most read newspapers urges anyone to vote for anyone but donald trump. they launch an attack against hillary clinton and a former miss universe. >> we are on top of the world's highest and longest glass bridge. china hopes the breath taking view will do more than shatter world record.


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