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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 9, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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is >> now at 11:00, bundle up. it feels like middle of winter and it's only going to get cold. kate will let you know how frigid it will get when the frixing id arctic air blows into the region. >> my son, he was just a boy. >> a mother's anguish remembe remembering her son killed in a horrific crash. her careful tribute to the state trooper. but first a mother
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murdered in her home, how police found her and the chil chilling confession her son made to officers. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. >> ukee is own assignment. >> we begin with developing news. a murder investigation is underway in lower make field, bucks county, it all began with a 911 call for suspicious person. arriving officers encountered a partially dressed man they say confess todd murdering his own mother. police made a grim discovery when they investigated the man's claim. >> police officers tracked him back down to 23 lower hill top road where the police entered the home and they find his mother dead in the kitchen floor. >> reporter: the victim was identified as 52-year-old rebecca cope, her 30-year-old son zachary cope is behind bars tonight charged with her murder. tonight, outpouring of love for a new jersey state trooper killed in head on crash. hundreds gathered for a
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candlelight vigil to remember trooper frankie williams. david spunt was there as family and friends played tribute to the rookie trooper♪ >> reporter: on a night dipping to low 30s. trooper frankie williams on the only thing on the mind of hundreds who came out. >> my son was a hero from the day he was born. he was born february 14. he was my heart from that day. >> reporter: the late trooper's mother victory williams thanksed the round. he was killed in a head on crash earlier this week. >> i taught him the most important thing is to love and share, love everybody. and do your best. >> reporter: williams was responding to call of erratic driver on 55 and cumberland county. that driver later identified as 61-year-old lloyd ruudly, crossed the median killing williams and himself. >> that trooper is in heaven
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looking down upon us and saying, don't worry, i'm okay. >> reporter: williams grew newspaper florida and later called new jersey home. >> it's absolutely sense isless and terrible report ruth and fox and her husband didn't know trooper williams but felt kol peld to come out and learn about him and the tragedy. >> i think it's a lot of questions, why did this fella cross over the median strip? >> we may never know that answer. but those that came out thursday night are focused on honoring trooper frankie williams and important impact he made in just 1 years. >> i love you and i love the way you cared and appreciate my son and i appreciate what you have done for me and every imi fall down you pick me back up. >> reporter: trooper williams was a newly wed and leaves behind a widow and next month
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would mark a year on the state police force. from cumberland county, david spunt eyewitness us in. >> the perhaps for trooper williams there's a viewing boardwalk hall atlantic city 8 to noon on monday. those first two hours are for friend and family and second two hours are for law enforcement. his funeral bin noon at boardwalk hall. an early blast of winter is making a messa cross the country tonight. this is the scene outside eary where 13 vehicles got tangled in a chain reaction crash on snowy stretch of i 90. 50 people were taken to the hospital and the highway is shut down tonight. that bitter blast is coming our way. kate, how cold are we talking. >> coldest air we have felt so far this season nicole, coldest air since last winter and temperatures headed for the 20s tonight. you can see it's dry outside. maybe a few flurries to the poconos. but can really tell where the cold air is coming from. west, northwest wind moving
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over comparatively warmer waters of the great lakes and you see the lake effect snow narrow and heavy band of lake effect snow north of the new york through way and snow to the south of there as well. we showed you that accident in eary caused by the lake effect snowfall there. current winds. look at the numbers. these are not gusts but sustained winds. 14 wilmington and 16 in millville. and that is making it feel frigid outside. right now feels like 21 with wind in philadelphia and 10 mount pocono and 19 in lancaster. coming up i'll tell you how cold it will feel when you head out to work in the morning and chance for rain and snow in the forecast when that gets here as well, jessica. >> kate, thanks so much, john glenn the first american astronaut to orbit the earth died at the age ever 95. in hours after his death america mourned a true pioneer. >> john gleneln he traveled
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into space and returned an american hero. >> 2, 2, 1, 0. >> february 20, 1962, glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. the historic trip came in the midst of the cold war. >> he understood the importance of the mission and if successful t. would put america back squarely in the face race tow to tow with rush toe to toe with rush ranians. >> i i would say he is definitely what i would regard adds a space exploration pioneer and icon. >> fwlen later ran for u.s. senate from home state of ohio winning on his third try. >> i declare my candidacy for president of the united states. >> he ran for nation's highest office in 1949 and his bid never picked up steam. his political career took a hit in late 80s he got caughtp in
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savings and loan scandal one of five senators accused of corruption for accepting 2 200,000 campaign contribution from finance ear charles kei keiting. fwlenn was cleared of wrong doing but senate commission found he used "poor judgment" after retiring from capitol hill, glen yn n made history again becoming oldest person in space at the age ever 77 fwlen joined crew ever space shuttle discovery to research aging process. >> we help older people here on earth escape frailties of old age. that's the purpose of why i'm here. >> glenn's other great love besides space was wife autopsyy they were married 60 years and had two children. >> president obama paid tribute to glenn saying he reminded us with courage and spirit of discovery there's no limit to the heights we can reach together. president-elect trump praised the former astronaut calling
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him a hero who inspired generations of future explorers. police need your help identifying the driver that hit a2- delaware and never stopped. take ald on welme monday is a red 2004 to 2010 crisis her 3 0 0 and the driver side mirror is missing and passenger side mirror has yellow tinted glass with chrome back. if you have information call new castle county police. >> well, shouts of joy could be heard across the city as the children's scholarship fund philadelphia delivered early holiday gifts in the form of education. eyewitness news was there as one family unwrapped a lifetime of possibility. >> your family has been selected for a scholarship -- >> oh, yes oh, yes! oh, yes! >> when they dreamed of high quality education for her girls she never thought a quick phone call would make it come true. >> this is awesome.
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>> you can guys give them a big clear on the fox news. >> on thursday, pennsylvania speaker of the house michael terzi joined parents, donors and volunteers from the children's scholarship fund philadelphia to personally call the families of philadelphia students select todd receive four year scholarships top tuition based k to 8 grade schools of choice. >> their future is bright and with them having an opportunity top go to great schools sky is the world. >> 6-year-old and 4-year-old are one of 2,000 students from low income families randomly selected from a pool of 6500 applicants. on this night jackie robinson was among those making calls. but remembers what it was like to receive one. >> i had gotten parent on a phone crying and the same way i cried when i got this call. so, it makes me feel amazing. >> the organization which focuses on k through 8 grades aims to build critical, academic and social skills earl early on. something soon to be first
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grader kiana doesn't take for granted. >> i'm excited to go to a new school and play and learn. >> children's scholarship fund gave me an opportunity for my children to grow and be great and do great things. >> give mommy a kiss. >> tonight marks the end of organization campaign for 1 10,000 children which raised 62 million and awarded 10,000 new four year scholarships in just five years. >> incredible. >> those girls are so cute. >> aren't they? >> a popular actor from our area march arrest after an airport confrontation and plus a heart-stopping rescue for philadelphia police officers. >> my adrenalin was pumping and whole focus was just to get the child off the platform. >> the quick-thinking move that helped save several people from a burping building. >> and then breaking done the barriers of one of the last n no-phone zones. how new technology could eventually allow to you make phone calls on an airplane.
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plus, it's a holiday decoration you can sink your teeth into. one of philly's best pastery you chefs has tasty tips to make your gingerbread house into a masterpiece in tonight's taste with torrey. >> and you'll want to grab an extra layer. maybe two, before you head out the door tomorrow morning. kate will let you know how cold it will get when the arctic air kate will let you know how cold it will get when the arctic air invades the region
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tonight we're hearing from the heroic philadelphia police officers who rescued two children from a burp ago apartment build agoen some residents were forced to jump through windows ty morno espeg. >> responding officers kevin ward and thomas willmer jumped into help and they caught two young children dropped from a third floor window and officers spoke only to eyewitness news.
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>> it was arms out and once she dropped down with the two arms like that just catch her. >> this is pretty good drop. 25 feet and you know he took the child to the emand just was waiting for him to sdrop the child and he dropped the child and i caught him. >> the mother of one of the children later jumped out the window as well. officer ward sprained his knee while catching her. >> president-elect trump will hold on to one hollywood connection which he heads to the white house he's have executive producer credit on new celebrity apren sis tv show when it debuts next month. the republican continues to tour states that helped him win election. earlier today he met with victims of last week's attack at ohio state university and wrapped up the evening in des moines, iowa for third stop on victory tour. and there the president-elect introduced his choice for u.s. ambassador to china iowa
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governor terri brandstat. >> china has been so tough and competitive and frankly dealing with people that deposit get it but i'll tell you what, we'll have mutual respect. we'll have mutual respect and china will benefit and we'll benefit and terry will lead the way. >> president-elect will bring thank you tour to hershey, pennsylvania, next thursday. >> after judge ryan hold arrested after confrontation in dallas airport he was arrested for recushioning a security screening. actor made it through security and his bag caused an issue when tsa workers took him in for a pat down he refused. beverly hills cop kak tore is accused of misconduct which carries a fine. >> a cellphone ban an air planes could come no an send. a new proposal with require air lines and ticket agents to notify you if hope to calls are
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allowed on the flight. they ban cellphone calls using radio freak sixt but quality of wifi is expect todd improve opening a way to make those calls. transportation department is now taking public input on that idea. >> oh, boy. >> it's a holiday decoration you can eat in tonight's taste with tori when of philly's best pastery chefs. >> vittoria woodill get in on the fun and learned to make the hardest part of this spicy treat. >> reporter: hey kid owes davios is throwing a house party just for you a gingerbread house party for the fifth year in a row you goat play with your food. >> this is when you really let the icing speak to you. >> edible and delicious decorations included. they're having a gingerbread workshop. >> and santa is here too.
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>> san acomes. >> yes santa comes also. >> to help guide the santa sleigh willen one of the most renowned pastery chef including candice colevich she made a gingerbread house with windows. >> she is giving us a few tasty tips for creating one ever a kind gingerbread houses. why should every house look different allow liliana to explain. >> how do the gingerbread people find their real house. >> that's a really, really good point. >> so we started piping frosting on the edges of our gingerbread. >> like layer is up so it's nice ape thick. >> after 0 minute of dry time it was time to decorate like a pastery chef. >> take a portion of the icing is that the in your bag and give it one twist around and always use the hand you write when with you try to pipe. even pressure and just keep using pressure with hands and then just add decorations.
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>> time to use our imagination. >> cap dishow do you do icicle. >> what you want to do is start with pressure on top of roof and as you go slide your bags down release your pressure to create like an icicle effect. >> that's like a real icicle. >> 'tis the season for having sweet fun and sweet lawvrs and making sweetest memories. >> i think this is the best day. >> it is the best day. >> it feels like it's actually the best day. >> it's the best day ever. >> georgey right? georgey the reindeer. and the cost for gingerbread workshop is 60 per child and begin ger bread all the fixings and buffer a lunch and santa will be there. reservations are necessary y. head to our web site cbs
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>> i love that little boy. >> the little girl too. >> how about her logical answers. >> yes. >> how would they know which is their house. >> kids thinking. >> visit toreia, thank you. >> we all have the answers. .> >> kate you know this. >> couple and one on the way. >> yeah, how cold it is there. >> if they know better what to wear out to the bus stop they may be a time to override, overrule, make sure they have gloves and hat on and coat heavy coat not light weight whipped breaker. if my son is still up you're in big trouble and tomorrow you're not wearing wind breaker. told, tomorrow morning in 20s with feels like temperatures in the teens when you wake up and this is only round one of a double blast of cold that will be impacting us into next week. here's a look outside now we'll take you out to a live -- actually had a time lapse from kutztown this morning what a beautiful sunrise it was and then our cold front come through and that brought a lot of clouds to the area this
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morning. and they did clear out through the afternoon hours and once the clouds cleared the temperature really began to drop. and the wind started to pick up and you see we had a gust there in kutztown of 27 miles an hour and temperature currently only 28. it has been lake effect snow party across the great lakes today. we've had some spots over new york state picking up a foot and a half of snow traditional snow belt near os week owe through the new york state freeway and they're getting dumped on near the pennsylvania ohio border eary and back to michigan as well. this supposed occasions of how cold the air is moving in north and west and we're feel it right now. temps headed to freezing mark in philadelphia. it's 33 right now. and 31 allentown and it's only 27 in lancaster and 3 millville and take a look at cold permeating down to atlanta and birmingham and temperatures in the0s and core of it is back across the northern plains, subzero temperatures in a few spots.
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tomorrow morning when you wake up here's what it feels like. teens across thend strong throuy tomorrow and our afternoon not feeling any better than the 20 20s. it's dry through most of the weekend and sunday night into monday our next system to watch could start at snow. especially norm and west of philadelphia. possibly in the city. mix changes to rain quickly in the city. delaware and south jersey. best chance of accumulation with this one in the poconos or lehigh valley you can see what that lacks like the best threat for accumulating snow sunday top monday would be in northwest suburb ushdz and there's a chance you can pickp a dusting in northwest suburb ushdz through sunday night to monday morning and we unleash this. this looks like black hole of doom the arctic air difficulties south ward and this second blast will be even stronger than the first one. so, all next week a stronger arctic blast temperatures may struggle to hit freezing one or two days. and we'll have multiple chances for light snow across portions of the area and coldest expected thursday and friday. so if you think this is cold we
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really have not seep anything yet. 40 tomorrow. 39 on saturdayen and sunday night to monday watch for mix to rain. tuesday is quiet. tuesday is nicest day of the week and about the only falls out and thursday's high only 31 degrees. >> no. >> there's a chance it stays in 20s all day. >> what? >> is that the not normal this time of year. >> no, no, >> today was shocking enough. >> and it get worth. >> kate, thanks. >> well, what do you have. >> i have sixers going for the first road win of the season and they had one since january and flyers are hottest team in hockey. wild one in south philadelphia as orange and black took
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the flyers going for seventh straight win with the oilerss down at the center. flyers down 5-4 claude giroux indicates in for the big goal and flyers tie it up at five.
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and of course still tide. flyers take the lead and they win 6-5 for longest winning streak since 2011. here's dave hax tall about the game. >> they kept battling hard and went out and played the next shift. i'm seeing everyone be in that situation where you have to battle back a couple times and that was the indicates tonight and just a rel good team effort all the way through. you guys stuck with it and we made plays at the right time and especially in third period. when we needed to. >> sixers on the road taking on bell caps and still looking for the first road win of the season. 3rd quarter pelicans up by two. anthony davees and joel embib all game and pelicans lead 6 65-64. to the fourth sixers up by 11 sergio to erson. with the three and sixers win this one 99-88. >> eagles preparing for subjec subject's rematch against washington this week we'll have a few weapons return together
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lineup. jordan matthews is expected to play and he practiced for the team the last to two days and running back mike annual us expected to be back in the rotation he's been out two weeks with mcl injury and he's ready to get back on the field. >> i'm good enough to practice and go and you know it's just getting back into the rinl up and timing do you and i missed two weeks and it's kind of hard you know, so, just trying to get back in the groove of things. >> imhotep and charter meeting in the 4 a khament peenship team. imhotep up 8 nothing and slim lead, 86, 2nd quarter two minutes top go cathedral prep to display. she's young bust through the line of scrimmage and 54 yards for touchdown and imhotep was leading and canal he'd ral pulls off the win, 27-20. >> close. >> yes, yes.
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>> okay. is there -- it really feels like the holidays -- let's call cold weather. >> now it's cold and looks like it too. looks like winter anyway, festive atmosphere as holiday tradition returns. festive atmosphere as holiday tradition returns. we'll be
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i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart cancer care is here. of how we fight cancer.thef learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. >> the cold weather couldn't chill the excitement for a holiday tradition in south jersey. >> eyewitness news for the annual christmas parade and tree lighting and vehicles were decked out in holiday light. festive events included live music and special visits from the big guy himself. santa claus. keep it a big hit with the kid kids. kate. >> the weekend i hope your weekend plans include maybe a fireplace and electric blanket it will be frinl thid weekend
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talking about below freezing temperatures both days in the poconos, sunshine highs in the 30s and down the shore saturday and sunday most of the day is dry and clouds build in sunday evening some spots could see snow mixing with rain and changing over to all rain definitely cold enough though to see a few snowflakes (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries. (alex) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. which brings us to number three. a medicare supplement insurance policy from colonial penn life insurance company can help you save money by helping to pay the bills medicare doesn't. so you have affordable coverage with the freedom to choose a plan that best meets your needs and budget. and no one chooses your doctors but you. you can be covered for visits to doctors, specialists,
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