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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, a major data breach. >> the one front runner who has just confirmed it's not him. but first. >> a rash of burglaries outraging those in one chester community. thieves are targeting houses of workshop. in one case they got away with thousands of >> reporter: hi jessica. police want to get this message out there. i'm not talking about three or four. i'm talking about five different churches hit over the past two weeks. tonight coatesville police behind me, they want the public to help them solve this mystery. coatesville police detectives tell eyewitness news someone or
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several people broke into the holy ghost ukrainian orthodox church early monday and stole $5400. >> it's a disgrace. it's a shame. >> reporter: carp ral paul antonucci says this church is just the latest in a strong over the past week and a half is good this time of year people become desperate and it seems to be a vulnerable spot which goes against everything i stand for. >> police say break-ins happen late evening or early morning and usually church custodians make the discovery. >> there is e-i church down the street from my house. >> reporter: nicole says the news is troubling. >> there's no need to steal especially from a church. churches do a lot of outreach for people and it's like the lowest of a low. you steal from a church. >> at this point authorities do not have surveillance video or
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suspects but they hope to solve the mystery with your help. >> we're going to be every church we have multiple times a night as much as we can. >> reporter: detectives believe the cases are related. if you have any information give coatesville police a call. reporting live tonight from coatesville in chester county, i'm david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> comedian bill cosby will be back in court tomorrow for a pretrial hearing. prosecutors are expected to argue assault allegations by other women should be included. he is charged with drugging and assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand in january of 2004. >> quest diagnostics the lab company says it's investigating a big data breach. it exposed the personal information about about 34,000 people. eye wetness news reporter joins us with more. good evening. >> reporter: well, yukee, good evening to you. more than 30,000 people as you
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mentioned have been compromised. their personal information is somewhere out there and right now many are left to wonder if their information is ever really secure. on november 26th, the data security breach at quest diagnostics compromised the information of 34,000 people. >> i think it's unfortunate but it looks like we don't have a foolproof way of guaranteeing everybody's cyber security. >> quest diagnostics has discovered an unauthorized third party accessed the internet application and obtained protected health information. information like name, date of birth, lab results and some phone numbers. the compromised data did not include social security numbers, credit card information or insurance information. the news is raising some concern among folks we spoke with. >> it's happened among health insurance companies. it's happened with retailers. it's happened with payment systems. it's happened in a lot of different places i guess that when you put something online,
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there's no way to necessarily know the information is protected. >> i went to quest some time ago but i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: quest diagnostics serves one in three adults in the u.s. they released a statement which reads in part, quote, when quest diagnostics discovered the inclusion it immediately addressed the vulnerability. >> they don't believe any personal information has been used just yet. they have also provided an 800 number if you would like more information about this incident and you can get that information on our website. we're live in center city tonight, natasha brown, cbs3, iit witness news.
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>> president-elect donald trump is delaying his first post election news conference until january but he does have a major announcement planned for tomorrow morning. late tonight mitt romney helped shed a little light on what that announcement may be. he confirmed on his facebook page that he will not be trump's pick for secretary of state. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump tweeted about saying he will announce his choice for secretary of state tuesday morning. cbs news has announced exxonmobil rex tillerson will be tapped for the job. on monday the president-elect with at least three of his former rivals. >> we had a productive meeting. it was an honor to meet with the president-elect. >> reporter: the trump team said building the president-elect's cabinet is a top priority and to focus on that they postponed a major news conference set for
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thursday. that first post election news conference will detail how mr. trump will step away from his business empire bb pushed back to january. meanwhile the cia is russia tried to influence the election to favor mr. trump and now a bipartisan senate group is calling for an investigation. >> we need to get to the bottom of this in a fairway. >> there's no doubt that russians and oertion have hacked. now the question is the intention. >> reporter: election recount efforts in pennsylvania and wisconsin ended monday with both states certifying mr. trump as the winner. the president elect and vice president elect are holding a rally in wisconsin tomorrow night as part of their thank you tour. they will then be in hershey, pennsylvania thursday. and you may have noticed former pennsylvania senator rick santorum among those who met with trump today. it's unclear what the
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discussed. he was found guilty on 18 federal corruption charges including money laundering and bribery. >> this is a circumstance in which now that the court has made a determination, this phase of this process has come to a conclusion and again i want to thank my legal team and i want to thank the support of my family and staff and friends through this very tough time. >> the judge is also requiring him to pay back more than $6 hundred,000 in stolen funds. the former congressman has 14 days to appeal his sentencing. today new jersey state police held a funeral for trooper frankie
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williams was traveling. police were all around the country attended today's service. >> he had been a trooper for almost one year. he was also a newly wed. >> eye with marshals serving a warrant killed a man after he ran out a back door. he was wanted for shooting a man in july. philadelphia police and the u.s. marshal's office are now
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investigating. >> new jersey governor chris christie is reportedly talk to go state lawmakers to change their law which would allow him to write a book. according to the record newspaper, christie has been talking to top democratic and republican lawmakers about a bill which would allow the governor to cash in on a book deal while in office. new jersey's current law prohibits a sitting governor from earning income from any source other than the office he or she holds. it's the bombshell that left fans of home improvement television speechless. >> the husband and wife team behind "flip or flop" are separating. but they say the show will go on. nicole brewer will look into what it really takes to work with a spouse or partner after splitting up. >> also captured on camera, a woman is dragged off a plane by police. why the airline says she couldn't stay on the flight. >> after a frigid weekend a second even more intense arctic blast arrives by week's end.
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i'll let you know when high temperatures will struggle in the 20s and your full forecast coming up. >> and comcast customers will soon see their bills increase. how much more you'll be paying for tv and internet when eyewitness news continues.
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back on eyewitness news now with a community teeterring on the edge. a huge sinkhole opened up over the weekend in california shutting off access to the beach there. today workers pumped sand and concrete into the sinkhole to try and prevent erosion if a storm that is expected later this week. a woman is dragged off a delta airlines flight and it's caught on video. according to detroit metropolitan airport it all happened this morning.
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delta airlines claims this woman was not complying with boarding and baggage check procedures. when airport police asked her to leave the plane she allegedly refused and was arrested. one of television's favorite couples announced they're separating after seven years of marriage. >> but they plan to continue working together on the show. >> is that realistic or just awkward or maybe both. nicole brewer joining us now with the story that a lot of people are talking about. >> i'm leaning toward both. even diyers aren't sure how to fix this one. it's kind of a sad story really. after one of hgtv's most popular couples announces they're in need of a marriage makeover. >> what do you think, honey? >> it's going to be super exciting. >> reporter: from being popular faces on hgtv to becoming
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headline news. they say they'll continue to renovate homes. >> everything is chipping cracking. >> reporter: the couple who have two young children decided to seek counseling six months ago when police were called to their home when n. what they describe as an unfortunate misunderstanding. despite the drama, hgtv says the show must go on. >> sometimes people are into that. they might get more ratings. >> reporter: but could you work with your spouse after splitting up? >> me personally i don't think i could. >> if a divorce couple can raise a child they can probably work together. >> i think you can make it happen. >> i've worked with a good amount of clients where they have separated or even divorced and found a way to work together. >> reporter: dr. george james is a licensed and marriage and family therapist. he says it's all about communication and setting boundaries. >> conversations. what are things that we can't
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talk about. what are things that we're dealing with. >> reporter: he says you have to keep personal and professional matters separate. >> it's so easy when you are really close with someone to know what their hot buttons on. >> we're all humans with emotion and maybe that could get the best of you sometimes. >> she wants to spend more on something. >> reporter: only time will tell if they can transform their marriage with the rest of the world tuning in. >> everybody wants a happy ending. >> dr. james admits it will be an uphill battle for this couple especially considering their jobs. he says money and power struggles could hinder their progress so they should do their best to keep everything equal. i'm sure it will be tricky. >> it's hard for the children. >> they're very young. >> comcast cable customers are going to be paying more come the new year. comcast announced plans to raise television an internet bills by 3.8% starting january 1st. the average customer already
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pays nearly $150 a month so the hike would tack on about $6. comcast will also boost the monthly fee mor regional sports networks from 3 to $5 per month. >> new data from the center for disease control shows most americans have not gotten their flu shots this season. doctors say there's no reason not to get it, especially because flu activity is on the rise. they recommend everyone over 6 months old get one, even pregnant women. and while the shot isn't 100% effective, doctors say if you do get the vaccine, you may not get as sick if you end up with the flu. >> much of the country tonight is dealing with a blast of winter, including subzero temperatures. heavy snow and freezing rain cause treacherous driving conditions from the great lakes to parts of the northeast. over the weekend icy conditions contributed to a 30-car pile-up in michigan. and in minnesota, dash cam video
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showed a pickup truck just missing a state trooper's patrol car as it skidded out of control. and a plane carrying 70 passengers and crew slid into the grass at detroit metropolitan airport. >> lauren casey is in for kate tonight and lauren, we've been talking about the arctic blast that's headed our way. >> yes. we just got through one this weekend and another is en route. winter is no longer coming. winter is a live look over center city philadelphia, pushing that temperature down to 35 it was a messy start to our monday, snow, sleet and freezing rain across parts of our area this morning and accumulating freezing rain in some areas picking up about .10 of ice in allentown,
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mount pock know, trenton all had measurable ice this morning. but storm scan 3 showing us quiet conditions right now, just a couple of passing clouds and our closest precipitation well off to the north. we stay quiet into the next couple of days as we wait on our next arctic blast. temperatures today after that messy start rebounded up into mild territory. up to 50 degrees in philadelphia after our coldest day of the season yesterday. a high of only 35. temperatures have taken a step back we're at 41 degrees right now in philadelphia, mid 30s in the lehigh valley and some low 30s in the poconos and checking in live on your neighborhood network, 37 in newcastle, dover air force base reporting 39 degrees and we are at 41 in lumber ton. pretty quiet, 29 degrees not too much of a wind chill impact and for our day tomorrow, quiet once again, partly sunny near average. our average high temperature near 46 degrees.
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we'll get close to that with a high of 44 degrees. so we're doing all right tomorrow. we're doing all right wednesday and the jet stream comes into play. we start to rebound into saturday but with more moisture moving in, that could present a chance of a wintry mix as we head into next weekend. but it looks like this cold air will arrive just on time. our average first high temperature of freezing or colder typically happens on december 18th. our first low temperature down this the teens typically happens around december 18th as well. and we usually see our first measurable snow in philadelphia in the month of december as well. so as we head into thursday and friday we will in fact have high temperatures well below freezing. highs in the 20s and on top of that we'll have winds at 15-25 miles per hour, lows down into the single digits and teens thursday and friday night. the worst will be felt friday morning with windy conditions and this cold air feels like
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temperatures down to near zoer row and subzero in some locations. so tomorrow not is not going to be feel too bad. mostly sunny down the shore. wednesday looking all right and thursday here comes that bitter blast. actual air temperatures drop down to 12 degrees actual temperatures on friday morning. >> all right. don is up next with sports. >> plenty to talk about tonight. how a trio of eagles have lost their season to injury. find out who will not see the field again until next year.
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>> it's monday. >> it is monday. >> we were hoping for better news. >> we did this four weeks in a row, so we continue. >> it's sad. >> why not. >> unfortunately. season's greetings, unless you're a trio of eagles. bad news for the birds
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no chance to make the playoffs with three games left to play. what's their motivation. doug paiderson answered that question today. >> i want the guys to go out and play hard every week. spoiler or not, technically if you look at it mathematically we're not out of it. >> we can do things that we can come out and practice hard and prepare hard and you know nothing is going to change. >> meanwhile malcolm jenkins once again showing why he's a leader on the field and off the field. today his foundation teamed up with philadelphia police to provide christmas dinner and toys to 140 families. malcolm says the holidays are all about >> family is the main part about the holiday so this is just an opportunity to give back. >> well done.
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switching gears now for the first time in 21 years, the flyers have won nine in a row. they're the hottest team in hockey. meanwhile the nhl first star for his play last week. that means the flyers have back to back first stars. villanova-determine tuesday at the pavilion. the wildcats are looking for their 18th consecutive big 5 win and fourth straight city title. it would also give them their 17th straight win dating back to last season. that would be an all-time school record. but it won't be easy. >> if it happened i think at the end of the year it's something that you're really proud of but we're trying not to think about it because it's not going to help us with temple. we've got to concentrate on
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temple what we need to do to beat them. >> we will be coming to you live tomorrow from that game. temple is 7 and 3. you can't sleep on them as well. >> thank you, don. >> well, it's the holiday par
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>> the most stylish holiday party in town. >> several hundred people sported their finest attire located in the wits carlton on the avenue of the arts. guests got to try dishes from his latin menu, they sipped some festive cocktails. philadelphia style winter issue is out now and as you see it features christie brinkly. we hope you will pick up a toy for a child in need. >> after a wintertory mix across parts of the delaware valley this morning to kick off our monday another chance of our wintry mix as we head into the upcoming weekend. that will be early in the day on saturday as temperatures will warm up above freezing as we head into saturday afternoon. that will change that to rain and rain chances continue as we
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head into sunday as well. temperatures chillier on saturday.
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coming up next it's the late show followed by the late late show. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for everyone here i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. remember we're always on at cbs >> thanks for watching. have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now the "late show" exclusive interview with president-elect donald trump. >> stephen: president-elect trump, thank you for joining me. >> thank you very much. >> stephen: you're welcome very much. let's get right to the heat of the meat -- do you believe russia intervened to help you win the election? >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why ... >> stephen: you don't know why they would want you to be president? well, possibly because you can be easily manipulated by flattery. >> no, i don't believe that at all. >> stephen: you're a handsome fella. i bet you do all right with the ladies. >> well, i get it when i need it. >> stephen: okay. see what i mean? let's stay on the topic. even the c.i.a. has concluded the russians intervened, why do you disagree with your own intelligence agency? >> every week, it's another excuse.


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