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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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julia roberts, the tv star. why so many oscar winners are making the jump to the small screen and everything we know about jjlia's first-ever tv starring role. then -- ♪ >> details on mariah's star-studded carpool karaoke. which divas were left out? plus ryan reynolds and blake lively's adorable daughter becoming an overnight sensation. why 2-year-old james is already turning into hollywood's next fashionista. goldie hawn's movie comeback with amy schumer playing her daughter. >> we are on quite a romp together, the two of us. >> e.t. with a look at their hilarious south american adventure. >> why are you dressed like a beekeeper? >> you put so much on.
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>> for december 16, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." did mariah eject j. lo from carpool karaoke? inside mimi's star-studded segment that left out jenny from the block. >> bbt first, julia roberts' surprise move to television. winner and why women are saying yes to tv. expect an all-out network bidding war over julia's just-announced tv project. the limited series will be adapted from the novel "today will be different." the hollywood reporter's rebecca ford has been studying the movie to tv trend. >> we don't know exactly what julia roberts is making for the project they're paying nearly $1 million an episode to get a big-name movie star on tv. meryl streep is getting a tv show and she's getting $825,000 an episode. >> julia and meryl aren't the only big female movie stars making the jump to tv.
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>> oscar winners reese witherspoon and nicole kidman star in hbo's big little lies which premieres in february. >> it was great working with those women. >> two-time oscar winner jane fonda recently shot her third season of the series "grace and frankie." >> you slept with her. what were you thinking? >> television is where a lot of the best writing there is now because of all of the cables and netflix you can be edgier which is very attractive. it's actually for older people. >> younger stars like emma stone are also part of the shift. the appeal is pretty obvious. high-quality projects, solid pay and an enviable schedule. >> the great opportunity with a limited series like the one julia roberts is doing is it's much shorter than a traditional show. so she can probably knock it ouu in a few weeks and still also do films and spend time with her family. so she gets to have all of the opportunities at once.
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>> as for julia, this will be her first tv series because she did star in the emmy-winning hbo tv movie "the normal heart." last night mariah carey took over the late-late show with james corden, but was there a diva diss in carpool karaoke? ♪77 ♪ >> call it the most epic chrissmas gift ever, but how did james corden make it happen? >> 13 stars, one mariah mash-up. ♪ ♪ >> well, we saw mimi and james filming their carpool karaoke on friday october 21st, just six days before her split from james packer was announced. corden had to get mariah's permission to use the song that made her an estimated $60 million in royalties. >> what's cool is this was a year in the making. first star of the film was adele back in january and then came chris martin and elton, gwen
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stefani, demi and nick jonas happened in may and the red hot chili peppers and selena in june and lady gaga shot hers four days after mariah. ♪ >> who was left out and why? first diva diss was j. lo. you might recall their feud was legendary after mariah was asked in 2001 what she thought of jennifer and famously replied -- >> i don't know her. >> we've met many times! >> we also didn't see madonna. she may have not so politely declined because of this comment mariah made two decades ago. >> i haven't paid attention to madonna since i was seventh or eighth grade and she used to be popular. slay, mimi, slay. >> can i tell you how much i love, love, love that? o, my god, he was just so cute! yesterday we showed you how ryan the hollywood walk of fame
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ceremony, but today we are screaming a big old happy birthday to his daughter who is turning 2 and how a few clothing companies are also ready to party. ♪ ♪ >> we're on cuteness overdrive. little jane is proving to be as big a fashionista as her mommy. that outfit she wore yesterday sold out, thanks to her. we are looking at the top-trendsetting looks. first her blue coach varsity jacket covered in kid-friendly patches set her parents back $200 and it flew off the shelves almost as soon as she grabbed that mike. then there's her navy square ballet dress from allison. it retails for $40. she layered a mustard-colored skirt and added a pair of polka dot tights. jane is practical as she is stylish. she rounded out her ensemble with a pair of reasonably priced converse, just $35. >> you've maae me the father of my dreams when thought i only
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had fun uncle potential. so thank you. i love you. >> this is the first time blake and ryan have showed off their adorable family in public. we can't get over how much little james looks like her mom. so maybe she's got a future in showbiz? >> no. there will be no showbiz in her future until she's 30, i think. it's a safe time for her to enter the game. >> oh, i don't know, ryan. she definitely was a scene stealer yesterday. making. you've got a star in the is there another romance in the making for christie brinkley. the supermodel split from john mellencaap in august, but now it looks like she could be moving on with another familiar face. christie was spotted on a date last night with 16-time grammy-winning producer david foster in ralph lauren's polo club restaurant in new york where they ran into hillary clinton. david and christie are longtime friends and this photo is from august. he's 62, she's 57 and both have been married four times. christie's most notable was to pianoman billy joel, and she
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lz three kids, a lexa ray, jack and sailor. she most recently daded john mellencamp and that year-long relationship fizzled in august. >> hi. i'm christie, and i'm free this saturday night. >> david and wife of four years yolanda foster and mom to gigi and bella hadid split in december of last year. their divorce isn't fiial. a sourre tells "e.t." david and christie's night out wasn't serious. it was just a date. >> all right, look. i know it was just one date, but i like this pairing. >> he's handsome, she's beautiful. make it work. >> this weekend you can take a date to see rogue one. >> the newest franchise is expected to get disney $7 billion in ticket sales. cameron matheson sat down witt the secret weapon. move over r2d2 and c3po. there is a new droid in town. >> congratulations, you are
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being rescued. >> we're hearing k2so steals the show in the newest installment of the franchise, but to at an who provides the vvice, it's not all it's cracked up to be. >> we'll talk about the pros and cons of playing the emotion capture charrcter. >> if i go to a restaurant i'm, like, i know you don't have any tables, huh? i'm k2so. >> but -- i'm k2so. that's close, but get out. >> why does she get a blaster and i don't? >> i know how to use it. >> k2, as he's knoww to his rebel friends is pretty sassy and opinionated. >> the captain says you are a friend. >> thanks. rogue one takes place right before the original movie and basically sets up the rest of the intergalactic saga, for allen, being a part of the iconic universe is sinking in. >> just last yeer we did a panel gentlemen, the cast of "star
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wars." i was,,like, where? >> up next, family talk with michael jackson's son prince. what he's telling "e.t." about his sister paris and about his brother's name change. >> schlameal, schlamazel. >> laverne and shirley 40 years later. >> penny and i see each other all the time. revealing what you never knew about the show. >> we're at home with bachelorette star emily maynard and her three kids. >> the third has been hardest baby. >> first, we teamed up with roku for tonight's "e.t." holiday gift list. ho, ho, ho. the holidays are just around the corner and if you're in need of a gift, we've got one for you.& check out roku premiere plus. download thousands of channels and even listen with headphones. it's under $100. for your chance to win one and for official rules
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i had everything, and i was absolutely broken inside. >> speaking truth to power. selena gomez got very emotional at last month's amas revealing why she took a break from music this fall to focus on her health well, now it looks like selena is back to work. last night her collaborator posted gomez getting glam in a recording studio. we like that. and we like this, too. michael jackson's oldest son prince michael is working hard in the industry as a producer but i was there last night as a 19-year-old took time out to give back. >> prince seems to have that jackson family star quality. he helped organize a holiday party for deserving kids. >> where does this come from in you?
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>> well, my father, of course. >> kids from the boys and girls club of los angeles harbor were entertained by tv characters and received giftssfrom santa at the prince co-founded the organization at his school at loyola marymount university. >> what's been the best thing about this tonight? >> i think it's because when i was younger my dad always told me how disney was such a happy place and i know that was because of my dad and it's good to know that i'm doing that for the kids. >> he's planning to spend the holidays with his family. over thanksgiving 18-year-old sister paris posted this pic. >> i think she called you a studmuffin. >> did she? i don't know if i saw that. maybe she blocked me for that picture. >> it was very sweet. i'm so ppoud of my big brother. >> oh, thank goodness. yeah, i remember that picture. >> he's doing big things, studmuffin. -p>> we have a funny relationsh. >> and remember his little brother blanket, earlier prince told me he's changed his name. >> so what do you call your
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youngest brother? >> we called him b.g. and he came up with the nickname himself? >> did he come up with that? >> yeah,,and it just stuck. >> sttll ahead. >> laverne and shirley back together. >> she taught me schlameal schlamazel. stories from the set you've never heard. >> then -- >> at home with former bachelorette emily maynard, her daughter and two baby boys. >> give him another kiss? >> plus goldie hawn and amy schumer kidnapped on vacation. our exclusive sneak peek. >> we don't do anything fun anymore. that's not true. i've been taking sculpting lessons. ta-da! >> i told you i would not acknowledge that. >> closed captioning provided by --
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this summer we saw shots of amy schumer hanging out with goldie hawn sunning themselves on a boat in hawaii and it looked like they were having a lot of fun. actually, they were working filming an absolutely wild new mother/daughter comedy and we have your first look at "snatched." >> you don't do anything fun anymore. >> that's not true. i've been taking sculpting lessons. >> ta-da! >> i told you i would not acknowledge that. >> the fun started for the duo after heading to south america. >> here, put this on. >> what is this? >> a rape whistle. >> this is a dog whistle. raped by a dog? >> we spend the whole movie together so we're on quite a romp together the two of us in the jungle. >> that was true in the off time, too in hawaii shooting
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this sendoff of beyonce's formation. ♪ ♪ do you want to go swim with the dolphins and i was, like, okay. i grew up trash. we didn't grow up doing things like that. >> "snatched" is goldie's first film in 14 years. >> it had to be funny and it had to be with the right person. >> ggldie and amy's good time quickly comes to a screeching halt. >> where the hell are we? >> the scenic route. >> oh, my god! we're in liam neeson's "taken." >> i'm going to get us out of this. >> come on! >> priceless. by the way, this movie opens appropriately on mother's day weekknd. >> kev, i am definitely here for that. now on to a reality star mom emily maynard. the bachelor and bachelorette star didn't find lasting love on either show and two years ago emily tied the knot and in september she gave birth to baby
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number three. our jennifer piro is headed down to north carolina to check on emily and her crew at home. >> just had a baby three months ago. the third has been the hardest adjustment, i'd say. they're 14 months apart. jennings took his first, like, consecutive ten steps in the hospital. like, right after i'd had gibson the day i went to the hospital he, like, starts walking and i'm, like, no! i'm not ready. >> life after the bachelorette is basically a handful for emily maynard with 11-year-old ricky, 17-month-old jenning and newborn ggbson. >> can you give him a kiss? >> yes. >> he's allowed to kiss him and it's more like a head butt so i have to make sure. i worry about gibson's safety sometimes around jenning. >> baby. yes. >> spending time inside the nursery of the north carolina home, it ssems the 30-year-old
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has finally found her happiness after heartbreak. >> emily's fiance died in a plane crash. a month later, emily found out she was pregnant with their child ricky. on the bachelor and bachelorette emilyygot engaged, but neither lasted. now her forever love is tyler johnson who she dubbed the hot guy from church, and yeah, tyler even braids ricky's hair. tyler wants two more and he comes from a big family. is a next one, we'll space it out a little bit better. >> emily says she's always wanted to be a mom, but never a contestant on a reality tv show. >> my girlfriend wrote in on the website and they called me. they read me this letter that d. >> my girlfriend wrote in on the website and they called me. they read me this letter thaa s. >> my girlfriend wrote in on the website and they called me. they read me this letter thati show. >> my girlfriend wrote in on the website and they called me. they read me this letter that she wrote and it was the nicest things anybody's ever said about me, and i started crying immediately and thee were, like, we have to haae her on the show. she cried on the first phonee call. like, she is on the show. >> emily, you look gorgeous. she confessed sse's actually going to tune in to see nick viall in the new season of the
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bachelor although she'll be watching while doing laundry. >> now to a tv classic. ♪ >> laverne and shirley's cindy williams and penny marshall got together to tape a special odd couple episode to honor the late garry marshall and so nice to remember him and while i was on set with them i got cindy to reveal secrets about her hit show 40 years after its premiere. >> one, two, three, four -- >> that famous opening was an idea of garry. he said, penny, teach cindy that little dance you did on the way to school with your chums. me said, action! i didn't get it. the up and down, schlameal, shlamazel. and the second take, he said that's good. we're out of here. >> laverne and shirley's very ffrst tv appearance was when they guest starred on the show as fonzi and richie's dates. >> when he first offered the show penny and i were writing together and he called
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the office and said i've got these two characters on "happy days" who date the fleet. >> so, shirl, what do you think of this kid? you've been with worst. >> he's nice and a tie, too. >> their ownnseries ran from 1976 to 1983. the two were roommates who worked inna milwaukee brewery, but shirley didn't sound like a midwestern gal in the beginning. >> if you watch the first 13 episodes which i refuse to watch now, i've got this hideous kind of new york accent that was terrible. >> i'm going to this party and i'm going to meet some nice gentlemen. >> garry asked her to lose the accent. so one day after about 13 shows he came down to the set and said come over here and talk with me for a minute, and he sat me down, and he goes it's about the accent, and i said should i lose it? he said yes. and so i did and i was so thankful for that. >> over the years, "e.t." has been there as cindy and penny have done reunion specials.
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>> we were want totally aware of what was happening at the time. >> we were locked on a sound stage trying to figure out funny things. >> they even re-created that famous opening. >> schlameal and schlamazel -- >> the reason for the tribute to garry on the odd couple wws he also had created that original series and today, 40 years after becoming tv icons, these two still remain close. penny and i see each other all the time and don't tell me that laverne and shirley really are laverne and shirley. >> yeah. >> we watch tv together. yeah. >> can i tell you how much that made my day hearing that. i love that they're great friends. >> we watch tv together. >> not together and never the same shows ever on the same day. >> we'll be right back.
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just go to her! >> watch at primal consideration provided by -- all right. before we go, cameron matheson gets into the holiday spirit sunday on "a christmas to remember." you knoww cameron is a real-life movie star. >> he really is. >> it's hard to work with him. >> mira sorvino is also in the movie and mira had her young kids on set so they might have seen their mom locking lips with cameron. >> what? >> how did they react to that?
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seeing mom smooching with another guy. >> it's my husband i worry about, the kids are fine. >> ooh! matheson! kev, look, i'm always spilling secrets and i'll do it again today. he told me he was really, really nervous to shoot this with mira because she's an oscar winner, he's big time. >> was he nervous because he knew he had to kiss her. he's a happily married man. that's a joke! >> you can't get enough of holiday cheer and check out the star-studded holiday christmas parade tonight. >> cameron's wife is beautiful. >> so beautiful. >> ooh!
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the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. we never really tried out the whole family for this way in anything. in 20 years i regret not having my family here. >> they make their walk of fame ceremony a family affair. why is hugh jackson raining on
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their parade? >> how can i guy who failed his high school drama class be this talented. then blake sheldon's late night confessional. >> everything we can say to embarrass blake. >> the three things we learned. and number three, michael phelps' wedding video is pure gold. ♪ the inside details of his island i do's. your insider bonus, nicole kidman opens the door to our national crib. why keith's hometown was love at first sight. >> i so hope he asked me to marry him and i can live here. and is will smith out to topple christmas? >> put it back. i don't like that. now, the insider, tracking hollywood from the inside out. hello, everybody and welcome to the insider, we're track


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