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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> today is the day electors are gathering in every state to officially elect donald trump president. but some anti-trump advocates refuse to give up the fight. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon, jim donovan is off today. the constitution stipulates that college voters are the ones who actually elect a president and electors in each state are casting their ballots today. cbs news correspondent mikhail reports from the white house.
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>> voters in the electoral college are casting their ballots for president. >> all 11 votes have been cast for donald j trump. >> president-elect donald trump won 306 electoral college votes on election day it, takes 2370 to win. >> the campagne is over. >> this man is the president. but electric tore call college voters in some states have been inundated with pleas to not vote for mr. trump. >> the republican members of the electoral college there is message is for you. >> outside group unite for america paid for this television ad featuring celebrities, acting electors, to vote their conscious. >> it is about democrats that can't except the outcome of the election, it is about illegitimizing the american system it, won't work. >> twenty-nine states have laws requiring electoral college voters to vote the way their state voters. electors in other states are free to change their mind. so far texas elect tore chris suprun is the only one to
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publicly say he won't vote for mr. trump. >> i think the first time in america's history where we have someone clearly unfit for office. >> president-elect donald trump spoke out against those push pushing electors to change their mind. he tweeted: if my many supporters acted as to threaten like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. the electoral college is expected to elect mr. trump president. michelle, cbs news, the white house. >> hopefully they're here us, hopefully they're see us. >> tell us some demonstrators are being arrested as they gather on the steps of the state capitol in the capitol. the event is part of nationwide protest urging state electors not to vote for donald trump, trump, how much, is expected to win 306 of the 538 electoral vote. and, despite the electoral college protest president-elect trump continues to fill his cabinet, a mid a call from congress for new investigation into russian
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hacking. the president-elect has nominated vincent viola to be his secretary of the army. viola west point graduate and owner of the florida panthers hockey team. >> sylvester stallone apparently turning down a position in the trump administration. actor tells people magazine that he is flattered by reports that trump was identifying him to lead the national endowment for the arts. stallone said he would probably be better suited working for veterans he has been involved with charities for veterans before. well, back here at home, on the weather front, the sun is shining, but not helping much. it is a cold start to the week. let's get out to justin drabick live on the cbs-3 skydeck, with more on what you are headed out today. quite a change from yesterday for sure? >> big difference, up around 60 greeks today struggle to get back above freezing, at least the sunshine going for us it, won't help much. the colds he is day at least through christmas, as we set up the nice warming trend, headed into the official start of the winter season, but yesterday, at noontime, we were signature at 69 degrees, officially at the airport.
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today coming in at 31. soap, big drop in temperatures, and like i said, struggling to make it back up to freezing or maybe few degrees above that for the warmest spot. that's about it, upper 20's still in the lehigh valley, berks county, still machines in the poconos taking advantage, cranking out snow guns this afternoon, near 30 degrees now in palmyra new jersey, upper 20's in mt. holly. went chilled values better down to the mid teens earlier this morning, with warmer temperatures, and slight less, well, breeze, still have the windchills through the 20's, throughout the afternoon. and, then there is storm scan3, the clouds moving off shore, that's the colds front that's bringing in the cold arctic air, will settle in for about the next 12 hours or so. forecast high today up around 35 degrees, for the city, upper 30s at the shore, only in the 20's in the poconos, mostly sunny skies, each day gets little bit warmer. we have one storm system to watch later this week, we'll let you know what to expect coming up in the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> justin, see you soon, thank you.
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regional rail trains in montgomery country seeing delays up to two hours, because of the power problems. septa officials say the issue started near the jenkintown wynnecote station. the delay includes the west trenton, warminster, lansdale-doylestown, and airport line. septament rogue shuttle busses to help riders, no word yet on when service will resume as normal. chopper three over the smokey scene today 3 miles east of downingtown, the pennsylvania turnpike was closed around 8:00 a.m., as crews battled that tractor-trailer fire. police say no other vehicles were involved, no one was injured, and troop remembers investigating the scene. anarchs small fire broke out at assisted living facility in burlington county, new jersey early this morning. on 12900 block of church street in moorestown. this after 4:00 a.m., smoke started pouring out of the boiler room and the basement of the building. officials responded to the scene, they say the fire was minor, no one was hurt. really disturbing story here. police are offering a $20,000 reward for information in the shooting death of a three year old boy in little rock,
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arkansas. the toddler was on shopping trip with his grandmother saturday night when a driver opened fire on the grandmother's car. police say the shooter was angry because she wasn't moving fast enough at a stop sign. they rushed the three year old to a hospital where he died. a one year old child was also inside the car at the time. but escaped unharmed. well, following days of delays, a fragile cease-fire back on in syria and bus haves resumed, evacuating eastern aleppo. turkish officials say more than 3,000 people have left since midnight. thousands remain a mid freezing temperatures. meantime the united nations security council approved a resolution that would deploy un monitors to assist and oversee the evacuation efforts in aleppo. move france says is critical to preventing even morrow toss tis. hollywood mourning actress and social identify, zsa zsa gabor, the 99 year old former beauty queen had been battling health issues for years, passed a this weekend apparently from a heart attack a look back at gabor's rain
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royalty on and off the screen from cbs correspondent anthony mason. >> what is wrong with me? all the women trying to love and happiness. i find only ... >> you find it so often. >> zsa zsa gabor seemed to know exactly what she wanted. >> i am just a simple hungarian girl, real. >> i born in bought pass, she parleyed her beauty as a mid hungry to win over hollywood. >> darling, a girl can't make a success on inch sting alone. >> over 45 years, she a periods in more than 30 films, and 40 tv shows. she seemed most comfortable playing herself. on game shows, and in movies. >> it made me so maddie want to slap him. >> after slapping a beverly hills police officer during a routine traffic stop, in 1989, zsa zsa was sentenced to 72 hours behind bars, she proved she could still commands the world's attention. as she did with her nine marriages, her husbands, included hotel mag that the conrad hilton and oscar
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winning actor, george canser. >> i find many men attractive because i am one of the women who love gorgeous men. from a russian artist, whose name i can never pronounce. >> zsa zsa famous for being famous. by ac social butterfly, long before the era of social media. yet the last years for gabor were difficult. a car accident in 2002, and a hip replacement at 93 that left her in frail health. but this is the zsa zsa we'll always remember. a beauty who played herself so well, it became the role of a lifetime. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. well, another heart breaker for the eagles as the come back attempt with just seconds to go, and for fifth straight defeat. carson wentz and eagles were looking for their first win on the road since september, to the fourth quarter we go, birds down by three, ravens and the sixers force 16-yard touchdown, watch them go, giving baltimore 27 to 17 lead. all right, 122nd left.
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eagles down seven. takes off into the end zone, birds could tie it here with extra point, and one for two, and the win, wentz throws to jordan matthews, hits, and incomplete, eagles fall 27 to 26. afterward coach peterson talked about going for the two. i wanted to win the football game. and, the other thing is, you know, even, even our chances in over time were less than 50% of winning the game. so, you know, as an underdog going in, i was going to win the game in regulation. >> i thought it showed coach aggressiveness, and his belief in us. you know, i thought that we had it, we had it, they made good play, they got their hand on the line of scrimmage. and it just didn't go our way today. >> no it, did not. it will be a short week for the eagles, host the new york giants this thursday, at the linc. well, it is the ends of an era coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", first lady michelle obama, opens up to
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oprah winfrey in her final tell advised interview here on cbs-3 tonight. sneak peak next. plus pack your patience if you are headed to the post office today. we'll tell you how many packages are expected to be sent world-wide this holiday
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welcome back. today is expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. the us postal service is expecting to move about 750 million packages throughout the holiday season. that's an increase of 12% from
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last year. while today is expected to be the busiest mailing day, wednesday the 21st is expected to be the busiest delivery day. i have to make a trip myself. americans have little more time to sign up for healthcare in stores on healthcare due to high interest the deadline extended from last week to pacific time tonight 11:59. the obama plan hopes to sign up, for 2017. president trump vowed to repeal and replace the 2010 healthcare law. >> first lady michelle obama gives her final one-on-one interview tonight before hearing the white house, she sat down with oprah winfrey to talk about her accomplishments during her last eight years, and what's next for her. >> your husband's administration, everything the the ' sean all about hope. do you think that this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do. because we feel the difference now. see, now we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like.
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>> it caused a little controversy. see the entire interview tonight at 8:00 here on cbs-3. state legislature in new jersey plans to vote today on bill that would allow governor chris christie to profit from book deal before leaving office. the second term doesn't ends until january 2018. the bill would also grant legislative staff, judges and other officials, salary bags, reports say the salary hikes could cause taxpayers an additional $10 million. well, it is cold here in the delaware valley it, could always and lot worse, right? still ahead, where millions of americans are shivering, and below freezing windchills. justin? >> good monday afternoon, it is monday, but always looking ahead to the weaken here. something to look forward to. big holiday weekends coming up. temperatures saturday, sunday, good travel conditions, the upcoming christmas holiday, maybe some shower chances late christmas day. we will talk about it more coming up in eyewitness weather.
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welcome back, millions of americans are feeling a deep freeze, as arctic air and sub zero wind chills shatter records from coast-to-coast. frigid and icy conditions are blame now for about dozen deaths on the nation's roads and highways. correspondent jamie yuccas reports from minneapolis. >> the arctic weather paralyzed travel across the country, icy conditions caught the spirit airlines planes fly off the taxi-way at niagara airport near buffalo sunday. united jet skidded off the runway in chicago's o'hare international airport.
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>> two hours, then got pushed up four hours, now canceled. >> a stranded driver shot this video of deadly fiery tanker crash on icy i-95 saturday, in baltimore. at least two people were killed. and dozens were injured in the nearly 70 vehicle pile up. this drone video shows the intensity of the cold blast, turning this light hughes off lake michigan into an ice castle. the frigid weather didn't stop football fans from their tailgating traditions. >> by far the cold. >> in minnisota viking fans had the answer to tailgating in weather well below zero. >> how do you prepare for a day like today to come out and tailgate? >> you don't really. >> lots of layers. >> layers, layers. >> when those viking fans were tailgating yesterday it felt like 35 degrees below zero, with the windchill, that means, frostbite can set in in less than ten minutes, but there is a warm up on the way the next couple of days, today's high in ann almost
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will be a balmy 23 years. jamie yuccas, minneapolis. >> oh, 23 degrees? sounds so warm. >> sounds pretty good. >> meisha was telling me she had travel plans this weekend that went through minneapolis, she said it completely ruined her trip because of the snow, all of that. >> right. we got little bit of ice over the weekends, now bit of warming trends coming at us. every time you think about cold temperatures, sometimes get out there, now, we're not that cold, but out in the midwest, especially souix falls, check this out, meteorologist had fun with freezing temperatures yesterday. he blew bulbs onto a frying pan. it quickly froze. then he shattered it like glass. a lot cooler out there than it is here. minus 24. yes, that's cold. yes, not even factoring in the wind. not that cold. we can't freeze bulbs, so rahel, sorry, break your afternoon plans, i know that's just what you wanted to do after the show. but pretty cold out. >> i have to get to the post office, justin. >> i think you will be okay. things could be a whole lot worse. check it out in the poconos,
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live look big boulder, cranking out the snow guns all day today, temperatures below freezing, getting folks ready for this afternoon, big boulder opens at 3:00. they'll thrown down good base, next several days, at nighttime, ideal, snow making conditions. here is the current ski report, all of the major resorts are in business, jack frost, big boulder, nine trails open. 2 feet of snow in camelback, and blue mountain, up to nine trails open. we had the rain, wasn't good for ski conditions, but now we dry things out, nice quiet weather mat earn in place. we made it to 606 in philadelphia. seventy in saulsbury, maryland. then the front came through. so today we struggle to get to the mid 30's, see glancing below of arctic air. look at the past 24 hours. 28 degrees colder right now than this time yesterday. 30 degrees colder in wilmington. thirty-one in mount pocono. so another cold night ahead. right now sitting a degree below freezing in philly, at freezing wilmington, upper 20s still reading, and allentown. like i say, could be whole lot
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worse. 6 degrees, current air temperature, not factoring in the wind in chicago, 50 in des moines, actually won't get that cold. arctic air will start to lift out tomorrow. clouds off the shore, no precipitation, quiet weather pattern the next several days. travel plans look great. compliment of high pressure dominating the eastern half of the us. great news, sitting up to the holiday weekends, leaving town early, from the roads or skies, pretty good shape for the most part. will be weak system comes in our area thursday. not a loft moisture with it, maybe couple of showers, that's about it. windchill values, still on the cold side the rest of this afternoon, feeling like mid 20's in a lot of locations on exposed skin, then tomorrow morning, once again, windchill values dipping down into the lower teens, so cold start tuesday. now, winter officially arrives, a 44:00 in the morning wednesday, when we see our shortest amount of daylight, nine hours, 19 minutes, 58 seconds at sun further to the south, with the tropic of capricorn. how about the overall
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temperature outlook from december 26th through the start of the new year. looks like we will be at or above average for the temperatures, as far as the eastern half of the united states goes. so winter weather lovers, won't see any true arctic air returning, probably at least for the end of the month, maybe not even until early january. but today, it is chilly, 35 degrees, mostly sunny skies, 9:25 clear, cold, suburbs little colder than that, lower 20's, and here is the extended forecast, overall quiet, throwing in the rain chance late in the day thursday, but really a small chance. not a loft moisture with the system. keep it mid 40's friday, more sunshine, holiday weekend, christmas eve, looks dry, getting close to 50, christmas day, i think good shot at reaching 50 degrees, maybe some rain, late in the day, i think, christmas morning, stays dry. no white christmas here. >> and all things considered compared to minneapolis we are doing a-okay. >> that's right. >> thanks, justin. well president-elect trump will forever be preserved in wax. cup your at the madam tussauds wax museum working tirelessly
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to complete four identical figures of the president-elect before his inauguration day in january. process began in june, but for justin, has wrapped up since election day, trump will be the first american president to already have a wax figure in madam touseux's having the figure made in 1997. >> well, santa is already delivering some toys, coming up, hundreds of area children get an early christmas present from the jolly old
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>> buyers beware on hop day shopping, keep the big ticket items out of your hands. santa claus get to go work little early, more than 1,000 students, got visit from the jolly guy today, take a look, santa stopped by the school to hand deliver some gifts to lucky students, the visit all part of the school's 17th annual santa brigade holiday program, for the $17,000, donated by the school's management company to funds. very sweet. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm rahel solomon, for justin, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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