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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:34pm EST

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delays for some, of more than three hours. this traffic jam on i-95, both directions, near highland avenue in chester. >> i pulled up, to check e-mails and i was at stand still. >> reporter: as a result of rush hour traffic but end of the 20-mile will police chase, involving a suspect who stole this black suv, and tried getting a way from the pennsylvania state police. >> the police chase. >> oh, high gosh i'm stuck. >> 12:15 this afternoon our troopers were conducting routine patrol when they observed a vehicle that came back stolen out of delaware. >> reporter: corporal slateon said trooper tried pulling over driver near aramingo avenue but driver and passenger sped off. >> during the pursuit the suspect intentionally began to ram our psp cruisers. we were able to successfully deploy spike strips at which time the fleeing vehicle became disabled, and the operator of that fleeing vehicle was taken in custody.
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>> reporter: passenger in the black chevy able to escape crossing i-95 northbound troopers rushing to the scene, guns drawn, searching for that second suspect. >> still one person at large we're currently looking for him now. >> reporter: despite some damage to the psp cruisers, no troopers seriously hurt. >> troopers are fine. minor injuries but they are okay. >> reporter: just frustrating midday delay for thousands on i-95, in both delaware and in pennsylvania. >> unfortunately it was a big mess but this person was so dangerous we had to get him off the road. >> reporter: pennsylvania state police have not yet released name of the driver, or that passenger, still at large, tonight. as soon as we get that information, of course we will pass it to you. for now we're live from the wynfield heights section of philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a massive chain reaction car crash in gloucester county , new jersey, sent eight people to the hospital and shut down a major road for hours. it happened around 9:00 this morning on the route 130 near route 44 in logan township.
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authorities say that a tanker carrying waste water failed to stop for a line of traffic in front of him, the truck collided with two other vehicles setting off a chain reaction loving four additional cars. despite the significant damage to the vehicles involved no one was killed. according to police driver of the tanker was issued a summons for reckless driving. the road has since been reopen police have identified and charged a man with murder in connection to the gruesome death of a woman in yeadon this past september. and now, they believe he may also be connected to other crimes. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live from media with more information on the investigation, anita? >> reporter: jessica, it is a blood trail, and along with dna evidence leading from yeadon to philadelphia that led police to the suspected kill shore has been arrested, arraigned and being held without bail. take a lot his mug shot now he is 37 year-old byron allen who has been charged with murder and robbery in the death of three two-year old natasha
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gibson. authorities say gibson was a random target as she walk to a friend's home from an upper darby home on september between the second. she made it to the steps on the 600 block of bailey road when allen allegedly stabbed her at least 20 times, and sliced her throat with the stake knife severing her vocal cord and trachea. he has been link to sexual assaults in kensington from april through october. jack whalen says these are crimes of rage. >> there is probably the most dangerous criminal i have ever seen in my years here in delaware county, as the district attorney. >> reporter: allen has a lengthy criminal record that spans more than two decade. i will have more at 6:00. live from the delaware county courthouse i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. driver had to be rescued after a car went off road and into the frigid waters of the darby creek in newtown square. chopper three over that scene near saw mill road and earls
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lane this morning. person pulled from the vehicle was uninjured, and investigators are still trying to figure out how the car got into the creek. chopper three over peddler 's village where you can see damage that sustained from the fire last night. today officials are still trying to determine what spark the fire, we do know, flames tore through the building, it housed two stores, and fire fighters, were able to get the fire under control in 20 minutes and despite the fire festive shopping community is opened for business. authorities are now offering a $100,000 reward to find main suspect in the berlin christmas market attack investigators say man on the run is arm, dangerous and has links to islamic extremist. europe's opened borders are under tighter control as officials hunt for berlin christmas market attacker. police say anis amri a 25 year-old tunisian nationalist still on the loose with the two day head start amri's id
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and asylum papers were found in the truck that mode down dozens of people on monday night, killing 12, and injuring 48. german authorities say amri was born in tunisia in 1992 and has used at least six different aliases and three different nationalities. his request for asylum was rejected in july. he was deemed a possible terror threat, and is to be considered armed and dangerous while authorities are stepping up security measures around germany, critics of the country's refugee ram, say that it was with only a matter of time until an attack like this one took place. outside government offices, far right protesters rallied to call for chancellor angela merkel to step down, more than a million immigrants have come to german i in the past two years. at the scene of the attack work crews used heavy equip ment to remove debris beneath strands of colorful christmas lights while across the city mourners remember the victims. islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack.
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germany's foreign minister says we will not let them destroy our way of life, whoever is responsible for what happened here. german prosecutors say that the the suspect was under covert surveillance for several months this past year and was involved in drug dealing in a berlin park. surveillance was called off, in september. well, we are getting our first look at mexican fire works market that was leveled by explosives yesterday, ash, ruble and charred metal is all that remains, market was well stocked for the holidays, and bustling with hundreds of shoppers, when a powerful chain reaction explosion ripped through its stalls. twenty-nine people were killed and dozens more were badly burn. authorities are still investigating what triggered the explosion. winter officially begins, pretty mild note and it looks like one bump in the road before christmas. meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck with the first look at the forecast, kate. >> we didn't see a ton of sun outside today but still temperatures warmed up, above
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average for the first time in a while. we were above average on sunday but or than that warm day a head of the cold front we have had a stretch of very cold weather, to finish out autumn but today right about how it is supposed to feel for winter. here's storm scan three showing flurries moving in the poconos tonight as system approached from the west. this clipper will be moving through great lakes tonight and could clip portions of the poconos or lehigh valley with the stray snow shower overnight or early tomorrow morning. the rest of us, and, and, tomorrow afternoon. temperature wise not feeling too bad outside right now, 42 here in the city, 40 in trenton. thirty-seven in allentown. the these thumbs way higher then this time last night when it was about a full 10 degrees colder. you can see here, we have been in the 30's for past two days, today, again more than 10 degrees warmer. thirty-four on monday. thirty-four yesterday, and today our official high is 45, that is 2 degrees a have above average and it looks like it
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will be even milder, through the end of the week. coming up we will talk about temperatures continuing to climb, chance for some rain this holiday weekend and we will have your christmas forecast so stick around when i join you inside, back to you thanks, kate. tis season for family, friend and heart attacks, yeah , find out why they are on the increase, this time of the year, and three things to avoid during the holiday to protect your heart. are you looking for a last minute gift? we have some ideas and you might not even have to go to the the store. tori. it is sickness and in health extraordinary love story finally gets a happy ending, thanks to an incredible act of
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at least one person is dead, after an 18 wheeler fell from a freeway in houston, texas and then burst into flames. this was the smokey scene this morning after crew where is doused, trying to douse the flames, authorities believe, and, elevated ramp from the lanes below all northbound lanes were shut down for better part of the morning
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creating a rush hour nightmare all lanes have been since reopened. just a few more days until first night of hanukkah and christmas are you still in search of the perfect gift or gifts? well, lots of stores are offering sales but as three on your side jim donovan explains a new trend, can make your gift giving a little bit easier. >> i forgot to get presents. >> reporter: stores are counting on last minute shoppers, you can see it in commercials. >> hey, sears is target the place to get last minute deals >> well, yes, radical. >> reporter: national chains from macy's to nordstrom and wal-mart have sections on line devoted for last minute gifts but many millennials are taking a different option. >> millennials want that story to tell, they want that much more than a product or service >> reporter: according to some research, insights and customer experience company, a quarter of spending by millennials this holiday season will be on experiences. >> so you will see more trips, you will will see more big dinners, you will see more events that people will go to
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and the people will also give, as part of that experience, because they can tell that story, on social media. and they can learn about those products and also experience those, with other people, and that is where this trendies toward experience as well as gifts will be even bigger this year and continue i think in the trend far in the future. >> reporter: if you need something right now, get tickets to a future concert or movie on line, in many cases, you can print, e-mail confirmation of your purchase even on christmas day. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> it is good. >> i don't want to give too much away to anyone of my family members who might be watching. >> nothing much, easy, easiy feel like there is something there. lehigh valley build a bear workshop stories getting national attention. >> under cover boss is coming to town. >> it is total $75.26. you know, what had happened, it looks like that rang twice.
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>> build a bear's president and ceo sharon john joins the sales force as part of the season premiere of under cover boss here on cbs-3 tonight. she put on a wig, some glasses , to kind of disguise herself and helped children build stuffed toys and learn more about her company and the workers. >> you can watch allentown in the spotlight tonight on the season premiere of under cover boss, it all starts at 8:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. >> all right. kate bilo is inside now and joining with us more fuller look the at the forecast. you were saying i could have golfed today. >> i could have teed it up. it was no wind. the nice dayy was telling you on my my friend in minnesota said it was 12 degrees, and it felt good, that is like today, for us, with 45 and it felt nice. >> beautiful. >> in comparison to 30's and 20's.autiful. >> not too pad at all living with the cold, and take it back to more seasonal weather. temperatures were very close, to where they should be for
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the first actual official day of winter. it is only going to get milder through christmas holiday and then even toward the new year. so lets take a peak outside, we will have one speed bump, so to speak as we head in the weekend, having some who will take travel plans, further up, and pay attention but right the now it is fine, outside on the road in bethlehem the christmas city all lit up, lots of beautiful christmas lights, along main street there in bethlehem and taillights as well, it looks like some traffic, downtown, the flags are blowing a bit, there is a i breeze and that breeze will continue to pick up through the day tomorrow. so today might feel a little bit cooler, thanks to gusty breeze in the afternoon. quick look at our live neighborhood network at palmyra cove nature park you can see cloud hanging over the city, sun didn't pop out as much as we expected it to today. that did not keep temperatures from rise in the mid 40's, and still a comfortable 39 degrees , there at palmyra cove. storm scan three shows us again decent conditions, we have a couple of flurries trying to make it in the poconos region but this system
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clipper back a cross the great lakes that will move in overnight and could bring a better chance for stray snow shower up in the northern lehigh valley and toward pocono region. future weather shows you that there and you can see clouds moving in tonight, anything falling right now not really reaching the ground, a few flakes here and there but set the clock tomorrow morning that is when clipper head by to our north and there will be a chance for a couple of snow showers in the poconos, maybe a stray flurry in the lehigh valley, this system does not have much moisture at all and it is out of here quickly. by midday tomorrow it looks like the sun will peak out, and just in time for tomorrow night's eagles game here in philadelphia. and then as we head into friday lots of sunshine another great day, no problems for travel, you can see right through 5:00 p.m. everything is quiet but notice a few clouds starting to filter from the west here friday evening, coming up next half an hour we will take future weather out further into the christmas holiday weekend and show you a system that could bring a chance for showers maybe even a snow shower for some of us on christmas eve.
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overnight mainly cloudy, not as cold as recent nights. thirty the low. still cold. still below freezing but not talking about teens and lower 20's. feeling better tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon a mix of sun and clouds, 48 degrees, wind picking up a little becoming northwesterly ten to 15 miles an hour, as we head toward eagles forecast looking good 39 degrees with just a few clouds and gusty breeze at ten to 15 miles an hour, kick off time at 8:25, p.m., quick peak at your holiday weekend cloud, showers around on the saturday, christmas eve and start of the hanukkah it does look like it is mainly early through midday but time that out with future weather coming up in our next half an hour. sunday, christmas sunshine, 50 . you're witness weather three day forecast, not looking too bad in the upper 40's, so a little bit warmer then today, mostly sunny friday, saturday 48 degrees, and saturday, of course, christmas eve, traveling ahead of the christmas destination, santa will be traveling as well, we
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will see santa's sleigh get wet the saturday into sunday? we will talk about that with the full who will take weekend forecast at 5:45. switching gears here on cbs-3 we are dedicated to bringing you store business science and technology as a part of our partnership with einstein health care. right now in our area, u.s. air force is turning a toxic landfill in burlington county in to a site for harvesting clean energy this 98-acre stretch of land that joint base maguire dixon lakehurst will be home to the largest military solar installation in the north east. housing more than 50,000 solar panels. >> so, solar power is one of the most efficient affordable energy alternative today. >> reporter: air force teamed up with star wooden joy on the solar project which is expect to pre dues enough renewable energy to power 2500 homes. >> it really is a great example of a private/public
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partnership for everyone has something to win. >> reporter: in return for housing the solar panels on this military property the air force will get $250,000 per year for the next 40 years to reinvest in energy resilience. >> this is a great example of a cleaner more resilient project and we will be doing more of them. >> reporter: very cool stuff this project which should be completed in 2017 is also expected to substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions that is equivalent of about 3,000 cars from the road. jessica and ukee, back to you. >> i'm telling you, kate, thanks very much. still ahead, facebook tries artificial intelligence. >> find out what famous voice is working as mark zuckerberg 's virtual assistant and what the facebook founder hopes to do. leslie. >> we all know doug pederson wants for christmas wow like a win but what do fans think doug should get for christmas? i'm leslie van arsdal and i'll have that story coming up.
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coming up later tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 an emotional reunion, just in time for the holiday. little girl meets the man who saved her life when she was a new born. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how her wish came true at 6:00. lets talk about the holidays, in sports, and the eagles. >> the eagles. >> they could use a few things under the tree. >> yeah, good surprises. >> yes. >> they would be surprises. eagles will be home for christmas, unfortunately they will be home for playoffs. but holiday right around the corner leslie van arsdal decided to get in the spirit with eagles fans. >> bottom line is we want to win the game. and, my question is. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
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>> what do fans want to give him. >> offensive lineman, stat. wide receivers, cornerback. >> agholor right there with the lapse in concentration. >> i feel terrible for him. carson wentz has no receivers. we can't go down the field. >> running back. >> it is a long list. >> cornerbacks. >> maybe he needs a sweater. and a play book. a play book. >> come on, now, that isn't right. >> definitely first and foremost two corners, hopefully and two wide receivers. >> play calling. do it. >> what does he need. >> i think he needs a lay book >> i get it, you lose five straight games there will be b ahumbug so my gift for doug pederson, ear muffs, don't worry, doug, it will be just fine the. leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> leslie, thank you. that list go about, ya long.
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>> oh, my. >> much longer then that. >> tough year for dougie fresh >> yes. >> always next year. >> yes. >> thanks, don. coming up next half an hour how to protect your heart this holiday season. the associated press names the the entertainer of the year, we will tell you who he is. north carolina's bathroom bill is on the table once again, lawmakers decide to scrap it. we will be right
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online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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the news continues at 5:30 good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. twenty-nine days until inauguration day and today president-elect donald trump is focusing on national security. he is holding series of meetings with his transition team while onvation at his that estate. >> president-elect donald
5:29 pm
trump met with staffers including national security advisor general michael flynn, to discuss terror attacks overseas. >> unaudible. >> mr. trump did take today's daily intelligence briefing on national security threat, something he said in the past, he doesn't need to do every day. meantime, the trump transition team is distancing itself from a party planned for the day after the inauguration. a brochure for opening day party, lists his sons, donald trump junior and eric trump as co chairs for the event. at first, access to president trump was promised for people donating a half million-dollar or more to the sponsoring charity. that promise has been since deleted and trump spokesperson says details for the event were merely initial concepts that had not been approved or persued by the trump family. mr. trump sons say they will not attend the event. the presidential inauguration committee has unveiled
5:30 pm
official schedule of events, festivities begin with the wreath laying at arlington that the cemetery the day before president-elect trump will be sworn in and will conclude with the national prayer service the day after. president-elect trump also met with the ceo's of boeing and lock heed heart inn today. earlier this month mr. trump criticized cost of boeing's contract to build the next air force one. law makers in north carolina are back for a special session, aimed at repealing house bill two, known as bathroom bill. nine month-old law dictates which bathroom transgender people must use. the controversial law has cost the tar heel state jobs and millions of dollars. law is still on the books and legislators continue to meet. the for and against the bill of gathered at the state capitol. >> i don't think that with us here, with governor mcrory getting house bill one off books with governor cooper's leadership to make it happen that we can afford to leave
5:31 pm
here tout day without repealing the house bill. >> the way they are trying to overturn this i won't have any privacy. i have not want to be using a rest room or a shower room or locker room with a man. >> republican lawmakers say they have passed the law only after the city of charlotte expanded non-discrimination protections, to include sexual orientation and gender identity. charlotte city council voted this week to eliminate that ordinance. fire destroys a large furniture store in north jersey, heavy flames ripped through kennedy furniture in north bergen this morning. it started in the back of the store and spread to the trent. investigators say hundreds of pound of wood, and combustible material, inside, ignited very quickly. there were no injuries, the cause of the fire has just yet to be revealed and investigation continues. after spending a decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit, tonight philadelphia man is going home for the holidays, as a freeman prosecutors say that they will not retry donte rollins for
5:32 pm
2006 shooting in strawberry mansion that left a six year-old boy paralyzed. >> rollins was convicted with two other menendez spite the fact that he had an alibi. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio has more. >> reporter: emotional rollins face says it all, her son daunte is finally free. >> thanks to my lawyers and my family, and they supported me through everything, it is finally over. >> reporter: he was 18 when he was arrested, today he is 29. >> i don't have no emotion. i'm happy to be out. >> reporter: rollins was one of the three men quick in the january 28, 2060 shooting of jabber wright, who was shot in the head during a hail of gunfire and left paralyzed. rollins was arrested for the shooting that same night. >> i was than the there. >> reporter: surveillance video, cell phone record, witness accounts uncovered by ava offered an alibi, rollins was shopping near south street at the time of the shooting.
5:33 pm
but jury that convicted him heard a sliver of that evidence. the if it had all been described we don't believe daunte would have been quick. >> reporter: earlier rollins attorney from innocence project submitted post convictions motions claiming his original defense was ineffective. full scope of the evidence, in view, the d.a. reevaluated the case. >> in the interest of justice, and doing the right thing, the charges against mr. rollins have been withdrawn. >> reporter: now, rollins is freed, finally and woman that worked so hard to make it happen, can rest easy. at the criminal justice center , cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still to come on "eyewitness news" a common bank practice that may be causing you more, overdraft fees. tis the season for heart attacks? one man increased three things to avoid during the holidays to protect your heart. also finding your place in life, and in family, a new movie explores the real life
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journey of a lost boy who decides after 25 years to find his way home. i'll have a preview of lion in 15 minutes. kate? getting closer and closer to that holiday weekend so lets take a look at your weekend watch. there will be a chance for couple showers on christmas eve, especially in the morning , and possibly even north and west a stray snow shower but it is quiet on christmas day, looks like we will see sunshine and it will turn milder and it does look like saturday will clear out for start of the hanukkah at sundown to go off rain


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